thread TOTN?
Mono - Pure As Snow -
permalink that is very nice
but I can't help but feel it won't end well for the small girl and the bear
permalink Thebear?
You rang
permalink Headline of the day
man dies in beaver attack
permalink I've just been working with some Belarussians
best thing that can happen to them.
permalink Did it go for his throat?
. .
permalink we seem to have somehow booked
a wedding ceremony venue, a registrar, a meal, a ceilidh venue and a band, all for the same day

hmmm something must be going on
permalink It is either
A - A Wedding


B - A very confusing birthday party
permalink or
C - A very elaborate murder mystery party
permalink or
D - A remaking of the Scottish bit in Four Weddings And A Funeral
permalink that was an A, wasn't it?
I'll admit to having seen the film
permalink It was a dramatic interpretation
of an A (with added dying Simon Callow)
permalink it's
E - a ceilidh with an excuse
permalink Is that where
you can't eat gluten but you can play a fiddle?
permalink Is this a subtly worded invitation for us all to come?
Oh, yes please... we'd love to!
permalink Subtlety? On this board?
Most of us can barely spell it!
permalink indeed
scottish 'bodians will be expected, sassenachs welcomed

it's April next year, details to follow
permalink oooh... really?
I was joking!

We'll bring limes, frogs and car doors.
permalink But no WRS,
due to portability issues.
permalink anyone got a camper van?
permalink We could just strap the WRS
to the back of a pick up.
permalink Yep.
permalink I always wondered what RV stood for...
permalink I have a split screen VW

It even has an engine and an MOT
permalink any van with a load of us in it
would be camper than fuck
permalink Nothing camp about a WRV.
Far from it.
permalink really really
we will also have the best named band ever
permalink Are they any good,
or did you just pick them for the name?

I heard of a tribute act called Amy Housewine the other day, which I enjoyed.
permalink they are good, usually play on BBC Scotland at Hogmanay
also have an optional horn section (not sure if I can afford that though)

if I was just going by name I'd probably get these guys
permalink moo moo
permalink Who is 'we'?
You and SSG?
permalink she does have long luxuriant locks
but I imagine looks rather better in a dress
permalink Well done.
permalink you'd be suprised

permalink there's only one way to find out
permalink I, for one,
have no wish to know.
permalink You know you do
permalink I have enough of a mental image already
to keep me drinking heavily for a decade at least.
permalink I'm reading wind energy trade rags
there's an article about this chancer, that seems to be trying to change the laws of physics
permalink I love the phrase
"It does not suck birds in"
permalink Yep,
those birds are difficult to convince.
permalink ooh wow
just found the bit on Betz' limit
permalink meanwhile
the raging bellend who sprayed "ISLAM" on the Bomber Command memorial in london would appear to be a bald, beardless, white bloke.

Not impossible that he's a moronic muslim, but balance of probablities points to a shit-stirring EDL-type.
permalink I've got a printer arriving tomorrow.
For work I VPN in to their network. Does this mean I'll have to wire the printer in to my PC rather than use its wifi? Or is there a way to connect to a printer on my local, non-VPN network when I'm VPNd in?
permalink should be OK, unless it's some mad VPN client
I can VPN to work and still access local resources... I use a different kind of VPN to access some control systems on projects all over the place too. Using one of those doesn't stop me using my LAN
permalink depends what VPN client
it is
permalink *blank face*
It's in the networking bar of win8, I click to connect. It looks like it routes all my networking through that connection, and my local connection drops to "limited".

Edit: Wait, I can get to my NAS box whilst connected so a printer should be ok
permalink That's the native windows VPN connection then
and yes, that should treat it as a second additional network connection, so you can still access local network resources.
permalink some vpn clients
route all traffic out to the remote network, also depends on how your local and remote network are configured in terms of IP address
thread Morning all
I turn 30 in one week and one hour(ish). Any milestones rapidly approaching you?
permalink 45 in just over a month
permalink 46 a week
friday :S
permalink cheers lads!
As Al had got me all depressed about being old...always nice to be reminded I am only a comparative whippersnapper at 40 ;-)
permalink child.
Honestly, when I was your age I was, er, meeting you and Al at strawberry fair!
permalink pfft
indeed you were!

*remembers it all somewhat vaguely*
permalink I have vague memories
of there being good reasons for that afternoon being vague.

Strawberry Fair this weekend. And, now, an EDL march and a counter demo. Thank fuck I'm jetting off to France. Just got to get out before the railway station gets shut down due to wankers.
permalink How delightful
permalink i'm about to have a Watford
which probably makes it the latest ive gone for the first time this year
permalink You're about to move your bowels
for the first time this year?
permalink naw, the latest on a daily average
09:10 is normally about as late as it gets.

i know this as its not long after the missus goes to work so i take the opportunity to go for one with the door open and read and its after my daily 08:30 meeting
permalink Ah.
Well done.
permalink gawd bless the regularity of the 'chopsian bowels
that's all I'll say...

clearly some people have insides like clockwork!
permalink Here's me thinking he meant 'nap'
permalink me too
not sure of the etymology there
permalink Watford Gap
= Crap
permalink obviously cj and i have more refined minds and concluded
= Nap
permalink it is both
alliterative and true
permalink I have nearly lived in the nearly north for a year on Sunday.
I am buying a somewhat expensive barbecue to celebrate.
permalink That might be a waste of money
the weather up here being what it is. i wouldn't be surprised to look out of the window and see caribou and fucking* polar bears in the Yorkshire countryside sometimes. either that or salmon trying to swim up the floods of rainwater washing down the hills.
Central heating and a hat might be a better investment.

*meant as an expletive, not a comment on the actions of the polar bears.

permalink Ah, you see I've thought of that,
the barbecue has a lid, so I can stop the rain getting on the food.
permalink errr
nearly a year since I left the sticks behind
permalink You gave up
permalink I've tried
but I'm just a slave to the beat
permalink i need to power a device like a phone constantly in a remote location
we were thinking solar but maybe we need a storage battery and attach a windmill to it as well
any ideas?
permalink depends on exactly what you need to power
but you'll obviously need some kind of storage to get constant power from a variable source

if a 12V supply is suitable, then a car battery + solar panel + charge controller setup is relatively cheap and easy to set up

as much as it pains me to say it, SSSS is probably our resident expert as he set something like this up for his backpacker abduction vehicle
permalink haha!
cool thanks but being in the outback sunshine isn't really a problem while here in the uk how much juice could you get from say an a4 sized panel?
and it is for a mobile phone and i have no idea how much energy they use
i'll look up charge controllers but if you can suggest one that would be great
permalink A4 sheet has an area of 0.0625m²
In the UK the average solar radiation on flat ground is about 100W/m²

Typical PV efficiency is around 20%

So as a guideline that would be 1.25W, and would probably vary between a fifth of and double that depending on cloud conditions

as a comparison, iPhone 4 uses about 0.7W on idle, going up to 3W using 3G. It also needs 5V and 0.5+A to charge = minimum of say 3W input

I don't have any experience of actual devices, sorry (I only work with the big stuff). But I think that if you want something you can absolutely rely on then you need to charge some batteries and take them with you.
permalink Apropos of nothing,
they seem to run parking ticket machines with a panel not much larger than A4 (say between A3 and A4), and that's got to drive a little inkjet printer, the ticket dispensing whatnots, and all of the money counting gubbins.
See also, those flashing signs which tell you you're driving too fast.
I wonder if it's all a marketing exercise - the solar panels are just for show and the devices are all wired to the mains.
permalink The other way of looking at it is that my phone
can sustain 12 hours fairly easily with a constant 3G connection, and has a 2200mAh battery. The question is can you charge the battery sufficiently with a solar cell in the available daylight to ensure it lasts through the night. If so, it's game on.
You could even consider adding an additional battery jacket to the phone.
permalink so lets say you want 2 charge cycles in a day
you'd need 4400mAh in each 14 hours of daylight (summer time), which would be 0.314W average

but it might well be overcast all day, giving you solar radiation of say 20W/m² (possibly lower)

that means if you want to be sure of not running out of power you'd need a 20% efficiency panel (delivering 4W/m²) of about 0.1m², or a bit smaller than A3

however, to directly charge the phone it would need to be more than 10 times that size (with a suitable circuit to prevent reverse flow), so you'd need an intermediary battery. So that's two steps with efficiency losses, and I suspect the first would be very high loss due to the low trickle charging. I don't have numbers for these

I think the simple result is that if he wants to be sure of power in all conditions, then solar or wind aren't going to do it.

So the bike dynamo sounds good, or just charge it from a car. If he's dead set on renewables then camp near a river and set up a water wheel.
permalink You have The Science,
and I bow to your maths.

Given that Riggers is not piping up with any more details about what he's trying to do, I think it's just you and me care enough about it...
permalink i was afk but i'm really interested and meeps maths/science really helps
(i've also wondered if those solar panels were just for show)

we want to be able to set it up and leave it for a week at least.. so maybe getting a couple of car batteries would be easier or maybe a bigger panel.. i've talked to people who live on barges and they get enough leccy from a A0 sized panel to do pretty much everything

but thanks both.. and i really like the water wheel idea..
permalink Is it worth running a test?
Sounds like if it's just a couple of weeks, not continuous, then a battery based solution is probably best, as there's fewer variables to go wrong.
permalink the dude i'm working with really wants to see how long it can continue autonomously
we'll definitely end up running tests i'm just trying to not go down wrong paths due to cost

ideally we'd want it recording a live feed of video but just sound maybe ok if that uses less energy
permalink i don't know much about smart phones but i'm guessing uploading through 3/4G
uses a lot of energy
permalink the biggest problem will be
Getting it to record without the screen on (maybe there's an app for that). Screen will drain the battery in a few hours tops.
permalink what about something like this?
permalink there's stuff like that for 300 that broadcasts to your phone
it's not a spy thing it's more of how cheap can you go to broadcast 24/7.. we figured phone with solar
might not be that easy
i'm still really into the water wheel idea.. just have to make sure breaking news happens near a brook
permalink you could just slap
a small cam onto an openpandora (it has a 4200ma/h battery) and has a very good power comsumption. stick in a couple of large SDXC cards and you should be good to go for a couple of days per charge i would have thought
permalink Something like this?
permalink or if you've got a bike
permalink Which country?
Needs to be human portable?
Whats the phone power rating?
Do you mind a big lead acid battery?
Meep meep has done all the calcs for you.

If you're powering a phone then these regulators are probably as good as they get

Or if you want a real cheapo-double-the-standard-USB-charge-rating 5v controller, which things like iPhones tolerate ok, a 7805 is about a quid, and stick a fat heatsink on it.

And stick a big diode on the circuit too.
permalink Flexible CIGs panels are a bit more efficient than silicon
But they're pricey and my one has fatigued the interpanel connectors now after about 5 years.

These sorts of things
permalink 10 days till I go on holiday.
5 months and 5 days since I moved to Walthamstow.
8 years and 6 months and 5 days since I started at this company.
35 years and 2 weeks and 3 days since I was born.

So no, not really.
permalink How many toothpicks, Autisto?
permalink It's true, I can count.
Try it, it's fun.
permalink *likes*
permalink i quite like walthamstow
permalink Me too,
although it could do with a bit of a clean up and a bit less testosterone.
permalink V
(being lazy)
permalink raaar!
permalink Not you dear
permalink Pfft!
. . .
permalink I've got carpet fitters coming in about five hours
That's about as exciting as it gets. And to think I took an entire day's leave for this, too.
permalink I've got a new plastic floor downstairs, it's rather good.
It looks like wood, it came in panels and each panel is different, including slight differences in depth and they're all textured. It's really nice. And before they're stuck to the floor they smell like you're back in the 80s and you've opened a new toy.
permalink linky?
I need to do a floor
permalink It's called karndean

We've gone for the da vinci range and it's superb
permalink Presumably it's ideal for a quick clean up.
Have you had it put down in the WRS as well?
permalink Surely that's rubber?
permalink Plastic sheeting
Easy to bundle up & burn
permalink I did the usual
burn/bum confusion thing there.
permalink Nope. Stains add character.
permalink unlike
permalink Morning!
I got paid the other day. Not by my new employer. By my old one.

I emailed my old boss to let him know, unlike last time it happened when I didn't.
permalink I think I would just put it in a savings account and
pay it back when asked.
permalink but you're obsessed by money
i doubt cj's old boss gives a toss
permalink i love the front garden accessories of
mouldy old mattresses

edit: !boardquake? imminent.. that was a response to amy
permalink Aye, I thought
you might like that sort of thing.
permalink since you guys have moved there it's started filling up with hipsters
i don't know what cologne you wearing but can you stop?!
permalink Al's been there for two years,
it must be me.
permalink I thought that last time.
Then I bought two sofas, a telly, an xbox 360 and a surround sound blu-ray thing.

Turns out they're going to invoice me.
permalink that's better
I don't feel too bad about you beating my strava segments if you've got 10 years on me.

leaving this job on Friday, that's it I guess.
permalink hah, I did notice
that I'd been up some hills rather faster than you. Must revice my stated weight, I'm "only" 90kg now, not the 94.whatever I entered.
permalink that Hildersham to Balsham climb
is doing my head in. I just can't do it faster and I know it's entirely in my mind. I should weigh myself again, judging by the sudden appearance of ribs, I've lost quite a bit of weight.
permalink I don't mean to alarm you
but my worst (of three) times up it is faster than you, and on that occasion I stopped and took a picture of the wind turbines...
permalink I went for a walk last night,
and was impressed at the speed, distance and calorie burn shown in Endomondo, until I realised I had failed to turn it off before getting back in the car and driving home.
permalink the first time I showed my dad Endomondo
I was amazed as he averaged 40 mph for an hour. turns out he'd just driven to Leeds.
permalink I should probably
work out a gear and just Wiggins it up rather than hurling myself at it each time.
permalink you'll need
better sideburns!
permalink drive yourself insane
by looping back down the road into Linton and trying it over and over again.

It would be nice if it was possible to get from Sawston/Babraham to Abington without the near death experiences of the short stretches of the A505 or A1307. If they're not going to bother with the the idea of reopening the railway to Haverhill, the remains of the old trackbed would be ideal.
permalink yeah, I try to avoid the 1307 as much as possible
depending on how you come into Sawston, you can avoid most of the A505, you can cut all but about 500m out if you turn left at the lights and go out Babraham road then past Granta Park through Abington ( then cross the 505 and down through Hildersham.

i've not done that loop yet, but I keep planning too. Same as the climb from Linton over Hadstock to Little Walden. Then back.
permalink that's the way I went
on Saturday. The short stretch of A505 was mildly terrifying. On Sunday I went out through Chrishall and along through Wendesn Ambo, Safrron Walden etc.
permalink I imagine the A505 is far safer
now that I don't drive along it so regularly.

(having said that I'm usually obsessively kind to bicyclists, horse-riders and motor-bicyclists, to the point where someone behind me got quite angry with me at the weekend)
permalink the bit in question
is where it opens into a dual carriageway for about half a mile before merging with the A11. Consequently, twats abound.
permalink Yes, I know where you mean, is that called fourwentways, or is that the next bit?
You'd have thought they could fairly easily segregate off cyclepaths there.

I got a very unpleasantly expensive speeding ticket between there and Royston a few years back.
Completely illogical, while I was obviously breaking the law, it made no sense to prosecute - I was overtaking a slow moving vehicle, and wanted to spend as little time on the wrong side of the road as possible, although there would have been enough space to make the move at 60mph.
Sunny day, dry, empty, straight road, empty save for me and the other vehicle (plus, annoyingly, a white van in the layby that turned out to be a camera van), absolutely no danger whatsoever.
Luckily the judge accepted these factors and gave me the minimum penalty, but it serves to illustrate a problem with cameras - a policeman probably wouldn't have stopped me at all!

Feel free to follow this post with criticism of my arrogant, unrepentant attitude towards what are clearly reckless driving habits...
permalink POWER!!
. .
permalink I haven't been out that way for a while
I met the man who was helping refurbish the windmill at Chishill/Crishall, he was called Andrew, his Spanish was terrible.
permalink 54 in a couple of weeks
permalink getting paid for the first time since february
also, returning to c4mbodia and b3ta for a bit, surely a cause for celebration
permalink welcome back
you've not missed much.
permalink Well, there was that thing . . . .

Welcome back Spacefish :)
permalink I thought we all agreed
to never mention that again.
permalink The people
need to know man!
permalink what goes in the WRS
stays in the WRS
permalink Well, not necessary stays in the WRS,
but certainly doesn't come out alive.
permalink damn you all
and you're northern shed based secrecy!!!

*shakes fist*
permalink we've missed
him though
permalink which one is she again?
permalink Is it the one that slept with flibz?
permalink hello everybody!
nice to see you again
permalink i really wanted to go to that boat thing in docklands
but ran out of time.. did you enjoy it?
permalink which one, the emw or the algorave?
either way: fuck yeah ms stubnitz
permalink the first one
yeah but what a beauty.. shame it's gone now
permalink BEST NEWS
permalink oooh... ello!
permalink wotcher!
permalink I was in edinburgh yesterday and today
we could have celevrated

in order to avoid this again, is anyone in darlington tomorrow lunchtime?
permalink that thing where you add up your oldest and youngest age difference fucks
i broke that

also i was given a meat cleaver and baptised as the albino riggers of woolwich

oh and i bumped into La Vie Ordinaire down southbank who i haven't seen for 6yrs 6days 6hours (she suggested we should have a bash)
permalink i'm 28 today!
take that
permalink Were you really that young
when we first (virtually) met?

Happy Birthday
permalink probably
permalink happy birthday young man
you're another one, how can anyone possibly still be that young?
permalink i had a head start
permalink Is this your first 28th birthday?
permalink he's been 21 ever since i've known him
(and yes i mean that in the biblical way)
permalink in recent memory, yes

permalink it's always your b'day
next you'll be telling us your a chef and like running long distances for fun
permalink in my defence, i run those long distances
very slowly
permalink i think if you attached a pie to your dogs head
and made it run in front of you.. you'd quicken the pace

edit: OK i'll fall for your fb propaganda.. happy new year handsome and have a track
permalink i hate myself for liking in any way
any music you post
permalink i know it's hard to understand (what with you being mental and everything)
but you actually have the best taste in music on this board

(cj is a close runner up)
permalink i don't take that as a compliment
from you
permalink i wasn't giving anything
and if you try to take it from me i'll proceed to slash you around the fucking neck till you are a wound with nurse

permalink ych a mych!

permalink happy birthday
happy is mandatory
permalink Anyone know of small/live linux distro
that'll run in portrait without me having to fuck around with it?
permalink I haven't tried it
but I reckon there's a good chance Crunchbang would be good for that?

edit: or even Lubuntu, as that uses LXDE
permalink and that's crunchbang!
permalink ta
I'm trying lubuntu, I'll give crunchbang a go if it doesn't play nicely.
permalink Crunchbang is a torrent
and I can't quite be bothered poking holes in my router for torrenting to work.

I'm currently installing lubuntu.
permalink There's a hole in the router,
that lets the torrent in,
and stops my mind from wandering?
permalink lubuntu worked, ta
permalink As for milestones, I've got my first solo client visit tomorrow.
My boss said "don't forget to try and sell them stuff." Eep.
permalink make some cookies
or dress the wife up in anne summers
thread Well played, the York mosque
well played.

How's everyone easing back into the working week?

I ache all over after volunteering to help a mate move her stuff into storage. 8 hours & 3 van loads, never known someone with so much crap - 3 huge boxes labeled fancy-dress and 2 just of hats...
permalink four day week
before I'm off on holiday
permalink I de-weeded the entire
front garden yesterday, now have a lovely shiny burnt head to show for it. Also I'm knackered...
permalink You should have
put on the red hat!
permalink Roooooxanne!
no, hang on.
permalink i just did a jimmy carr high pitched
ha HA
permalink There's a house round the corner with a george cross
with "WIGAN EDL" written on.


Edit: I've just switched my monitor to portrait. It's amazing.

editedit: I just updated my nvidia drivers as they'd stopped working properly and I needed them to rotate the screen.

Windows thinks that's a significant change to hardware and so has insisted I revalidate my copy. That has failed. Looks like I've got a couple of days of xp left before I abandon it forever :(
permalink Twin widescreen monitors in portrait is an awesome way forward,
particularly if you do portrait page layout.

Given that Wigan is a mecca (no pun intended) for lovers of Northern Soul, I would assume EDL is a reference to the society of English Disco Lovers.
permalink try and sneak
a rainbow flag onto their premises somewhere
permalink i have a meat overdose
following a bbq where we appeared to have polished off 10 litres of vodka, 10 litres of schnapps, a dozen bottles of wine, 70 odd carlsbergs and numerous other odds and ends between 15 of us. the house is now dry.

in other news i met my best mans missus on saturday and she was apprehensive as to what may happen after hearing tales of our younger years. We put her in a taxi at 9am on sunday after a 3pm saturday start, she is still in bed. job done!
permalink oh and lunch at northcote manner was lush
there was a guy from IWI watches trying to get some reviewed by some hack. they are the most ugly watches i have ever seen, what is it with massive watch faces nowadays?
permalink It's not new.
As a man with slender, girlie wrists I've always been limited on my choice of watch as watches tend to have massive faces.
permalink ?
permalink nice drinking!
what kind of schnapps?
permalink dunno
the missus just winged bottles in the trolley and i drank some
permalink Saturday
was a long day of food and drinking. Started at lunchtime at the beer festival. Involved a BBQ in the evening.
permalink For the benefit of C_I:
I had a horrible weekend, the weather was dreadful, and I spent it all indoors abusing myself.

For others:
I had a cracking weekend, excellent weather, managed a good session climbing some rocks, a nice barbecue, and a trip up to my mum's. I also managed to persuade my neighbours to take over my veg garden in exchange for which they will give me the occasional potato.
permalink :)
I'm glad you had a good 'un.
permalink Hope yours wasn't too bad.
It's a shame you couldn't make it, conditions for what we had planned were absolutely ideal, we were climbing in t-shirts until 9.30 on Saturday evening!
Still, there will be other weekends, and half a chance that they'll not be rainy.
permalink just t-shirts?
Risqué climbing!
permalink Yep. I was climbing with girls,
and they didn't want abrasions on their breastingtons, hence the t-shirts.
permalink Guess it means you have a built-in piton available
permalink this is my last week at this company, and not a moment too soon
then i've got next week off. then I start my new job.

the weekend I did a load of shopping and that, then went out for a thoroughly miserable bike ride, then spent yesterday getting sunburnt digging the garden and putting some lawn edging in.
permalink one day she will be grateful she hung on to the roland rat costume
oh yes

my weekend passed with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. it's over now though, onwards and upwards
permalink Well it is Wednesday morning
so almost half way...full five day week this week, but long weekend coming up for Queen's Birthday. Gawd bless 'er!
permalink Why do colonials get
Liz's birthday off when we don't?
permalink Absolutely no idea
But I'll not look a gift bank holiday in the eye! Sounds like a good reason not to become a republic either (not unless we replace QB with something else, anyway)
permalink we had a seminar
at work today on what the current state of the carbon fibre research in the company is (as at Duxford we focus on the stuff that sticks it together). This was given by a colleague from our Salt Lake City site (visiting in person), so his presentation was littered with a repeated spelling error. Tsk.

Also, our research centre in California (Dublin, near San Francisco) were invited to remotely "attend", in an experiment for us trying to work together better. Of course, being 3pm UK time, this meant it was 7am on the west coast of the US, and it was optional. It was probably a poor decision to show us a live feed of the almost empty room...
thread I'm in Newcastle this evening as i have a 9am meeting tomorrow
appropriately I've left my jacket at home and so will be wandering around in a shirt.

I might have to stop off in a shop tomorrow or my day in edinbrugh will be a bit chilly.

permalink there are a shitload or teenagers
All wearing shorts and with dayglow make-up. I've no idea if this is normal or there is an 80s revival rave somewhere nearby
permalink Shorts: Yes
Dayglo - not so much.
permalink you appear to have arrived at the Bigg Market.
do you turn left or right?

left (p87) right(p32)
permalink i merely walked past the blinky bridge
.. And if any regular Newcastle visitors are reading, I recommend the broad chare pub, very nice ploughman's. They obviously looked at the budget and decided the salad budget was better spent on moar pork pie and cheese.. Who can argue.
permalink you're in tha Toon.
"salad" is the wheat in the pastry of your pie.
permalink The Blinky Bridge?
I do hope this is an homage to the three eyed fish from the Simpsons
permalink i can only hope
but there is only one 'eye'
permalink I can see that bridge right now
from my office window.
permalink we lit that
although the colour-change programming has been changed and it's a bit gaudy now.
permalink ...
Well I was in the broad chare, we should have organised a pint
permalink I'm enjoying some rock from Newcastle as we speak, actually.
It's Irn Bru flavour.
permalink It's given me tummy ache.
Bloody girders.
permalink oh, the iron-y
permalink rust you to make a gag like that.

Move along now, nothing to see here
permalink You'd better steel yourself,
this pun thread is going to test your metal, and it won't just be cast aside.
There's no need to get over-wrought though.
permalink *girders loins*
permalink joist a minute...
thread Mrs HP and I have had one of our half-awake conversations
You know the ones, the type where she's not yet able to distinguish between the dream she's just had before waking up, and reality:

Mrs HP: "Where's Narky?"
Me: "What?"
Mrs HP: "Where is he? He said he was going for a walk around the block. Is he back yet? I don't want him to get run over."
Me: "Who is he?"
Mrs HP: "He's a giraffe. He lives under the floorboards, but only on Saturdays and Sundays."
Me: "Maybe he went to get breakfast?"
Mrs HP: "What do you think he got?"
Me: "Eggs benedict?"
Mrs HP: "No! He's a giraffe. Giraffes don't eat eggs; he only eats spinach. Maybe he went to Wetherspoons. I'm thirsty, can you make me a drink?"
Me: "Shall I send it up with Narky?"
Mrs HP: "No, he's not good at holding glasses, he'll spill it. When he comes back, make sure he doesn't dribble on the stairs - he's got a terrible dribbling habit. I'm not going to let him into bed, because he'll get dribble on the sheets. How does he get under the floorboards?"
permalink that is amazing
We have very random sleepy conversations but nothing on that scale, complexity and quality.
I can see the kids books now "Narky the weekend giraffe". although the episode where he goes to wetherspoons and gets drunk might be contraversial.
permalink "ciraffe"
permalink "grrrav"

permalink yes, well
my missus is enjoying the second (third/fourth) hand exposure to these. She is worried you're making it up though. Quite how/why anyone would make it up...
permalink I'd love to claim credit
but I'm afraid my imagination is nowhere near that good.

I have no idea how much my input steers the conversation, whether that causes Mrs HP to develop new details as we're talking, or what. But it would be a shame to not milk every detail, wouldn't it?
permalink Milk that bitch.
permalink those pesky underfloor even-toed ungulates
just been for my very first cycle ride since knackering myself 10 months ago. Just a half-mile or so alongside the Clyde, but it felt really good
permalink Ah Mrs HP!
Always useful when I try to explain my dreams to Mrs C, and have Mrs HP as a useful example to point out that my dreams really aren't THAT weird.

Although why I was being fingerprinted by Dublin airport security this morning when the alarm went off, I have no idea.
permalink i had an odd dream this morning
Where the social worker turned up with a load of kids for us to pick from. we picked a girl called Aiiiiiiniii (pronounced Roshine).

I was annoyed with the wife as she'd gone for a bath just before the social worker arrived and was wearing a parka in the bath.
permalink we're planning to make a dent in our pile of cheese later on
I will report back on any dreams.
permalink You need to blog these
add a twitter feed and reap the whirlwind