thread I may just get here in front of Tabz
Have a TOTM...everyone's favourite Iceland-based big gay bear, John Grant, now teamed up with Gus Gus, what's not to like?
permalink this is mine -

Part of this year's Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire, where there wasn't a single band I'd heard of. Wish I'd gone now.
permalink considering the lush music that comes from iceland
that is a ghost dump

p.s. jon gnarr for world leader
thread Here's one for the electronics geeks...
I've bought a 150w solar panel, charge controller for 2 batteries and 2 x 100ah leisure batteries.......

I want to connect the two batteries in series so I have one 12v supply that doesn't need to be manually switched from one battery to t'other, the problem is if I join the two then the charge controller will think there's just one big battery........

Is there any way you can think of to achieve this using relatively simple and cheap components like a couple of diodes to not confuse the controller or voltage sensing relays to auto switch when one gets low.

AQ :- Cheese and onion potato based snacks or corn based ones ?
permalink potato

to both questions
permalink This is a tricky one.
I am a big fan of Walkers Sunbites, which are some sort of corn I believe, and the C&O flavour ones are lush.
On the other hand, McCoy's C&O are similarly awesome.

As far as the battery thing is concerned, I reckon you need one of these:
permalink I thought that was going to be
a bigger boat.
permalink does the charge controller stop charging while the batteries are in use?
permalink It switches between charging whichever needs it
I guess I'll see what happens when I wire it all up
permalink I imagine it'll probably work fine at first while the batteries are identical
but after a few cycles it'll lead to one of them being overcharged each time, and then firey acidic doom.
permalink It's an intelligent charger
so should only charge up to what they need, as for the fiery's not going in my house
permalink so it measures and charges each separately?
should be fine then.

I was thinking if it was charging them as one unit in series
permalink Nah
2 charging circuits, even has an ambient temp sensor on it to control the charging, hence the fact it would get all confused if I connected the two batteries in series, was hoping to have a seamless switch between batteries, so you didn't have to get up and swap batteries should one get really low.
permalink cracking Peel session
permalink cheese and onion crisps
monster munch for everything else. except bacon hula hoops.
permalink Ask a caravan shop.
permalink Tried that
and the fella got all confused over what I wanted to do and was trying to sell me an uprated alternator and charge controller, caravans aint that popular over here, well not outside of certain gypo circles
permalink pop across the estuary to Rathkeale
they know everything about caravans...bunch of pikey bastards

d'ya loik dags?
permalink Funnily enough
There is a caravan specialist in Bunratty, easy commute in a transit van or sulkie
permalink give
this lot a call

(a good friend works there). They're helpful on this sort of stuff. If it's James you speak to, tell him Al recommend them.
permalink Oooh cheers !
I'll give them a tinkle later
permalink Get in touch with meepmeep
It's right up his street.
permalink not really
I'm electrical engineering rather than electronic. I know you need a charge controller but no idea what's actually in one.

if it was a nuclear power station and a pumped storage hydro scheme, then sure. Can't help much with DC or anything under 11kV.
permalink *likes*
But dahling, I don't get out of bed for less than 11kV!
permalink That would make your nipples
awfully sore
permalink but very popular
with certain South American dictators...
permalink if it doesn't have droop and sag
I'm not interested
permalink I suspect you're in luck
round these parts!
permalink I've already sorted out all the LEDs
permalink Potato.
I've been told that I have to stop saying "potato!" in a stupid voice as if any of the kids we know pick it up they'll get told off for racism.

I dropped a load of stuff off at the charity shop earlier and came away with a desk and a steam generating iron. I'm moving my office in to the shed.
permalink Anyone in need of a 3com 16 port 10/100 switch?
permalink parsnip
and fuck corn and fuck the merkins with it
thread Must be new thread time
I have buggered my knee :(

TOTN - Fat Goth - Creepy Lounge -
permalink I like that*
(a) cos it is a good tune
(b) as the drummer has a Domo t-shirt
but mostly
(c) Fat Goth is a fantastic band name

*the video, not the knee borkage. So what you do?
permalink Tom Ravenscroft last night
played a track by Cavern of Anti Matter called "Sound Magics Death Ray Destroys the Vortex And Has Union With Infinity".

It was ten minutes long. And fantastic.
permalink Tim Gane from Stereolab if I'm not mistaken
I have loved his stuff since McCarthy
permalink Moving sacks of coal
I think I twisted my body and my leg decided not to follow . . feels like I have pulled a tendon or something
permalink oof
not so good...get thee to a doctor!
permalink you're slipping
the drummer out of off of The Charlatans has died

44 is a bit too fucking young.
permalink Blimey
permalink He wasn't well a while ago
First the keyboard player, now the drummer . . if I was the bass player in The Charlatans I'd be getting worried now
permalink In other news I've been looking at family filtering
Software solutions aren't really suitable due to the diversity of devices in this house.

OpenDNS do a DNS based solution, which would be ideal if only virginmedia's superhub would let me change the DNS settings.

If only the government would step in and do something...
permalink You could always set DNS locally to Open DNS,
and restrict user privileges so kids can't change the DNS.

Alternatively, can you set the virgin box to be a simple modem, and set up your own router running DD-WRT with filtering enabled?

The user solution seems best to me though, as it will easily allow you to be unfiltered, and the kids can be restricted.

Also, are you planning to adopt an older child, or is this for the neighbourhood kids?
Otherwise, this problem seems to be several years premature...
permalink Older.
I'm going to use a dd-wrt router but I had planned on using it elsewhere.

Local DNS isn't really viable as I've too many devices and can't restrict access to the DNS settings on all of them, nor can I be bothered setting it up for every new device that comes in or remembering that I shouldnt' change the DNS setting any time there's a network problem.

If I could change the DNS settings on the superhub this would all have been sorted an hour ago.
permalink I did consider suggesting a server box of some description,
that works as a gateway, then you can have universal user access control irrespective of device. I bet you could run it on a Raspberry Pi, but I don't immediately know how.

The DD-WRT router is a good solution. You could set up separate virtual WLANs if you wanted, so that you can log onto a separate access point temporarily if you wanted to override the filtering.

I think adopting (or fostering) an older child is a superb thing to do, I wish more people would do it, and I think you and MrsJam are all of the awesome for doing it. Just for the record.
permalink Thank you. I have trouble believing it's anything special
and am amazed that more people don't do it.

I'm fine putting a solution in place, what's bothering me is that I need to be a techie in order to do it. The idea of a government mandated opt-out filter is a bit big brother, but not only is VM's existing option entirely insufficient but their hardware makes it difficult to use a decent existing solution.

Porn filtering already exists on mobiles by default until you turn it off. I really don't see the problem in extending this to fixed line connections.
permalink Me neither.
As long as I can turn it off completely, I don't care one jot, and I actually think it makes sense (agreeing with government shocker).

The point is of course to ensure that they're not universally censoring the internet. If the "off switch" turns it off completely, I'm happy.
permalink i had a long reply written there
but, you know, 'arguing on the inernet..' and all that.
permalink i turned it off on my mobile
because it just wouldnt let me visit some none porn sites as the filters were quite wide ranging.
As to fixed line connections, no problems so long as people have to make the decision to opt-in.
and with both that the filter-list is available for all to see
permalink main issue with the government plans
is that it's not enitely clear whether or not the list of other categories that would be restricted was real or not.

Also, they were linking blocking legal porn to helping fight pictures of child abuse. Ie linking porn to paedophilia. Which is fucking nuts.
permalink Of course,
but so long as you can turn the filter off, who cares?
The problem is, that an ISP filter will prevent me from clicking lots of links on b3ta and here.
It is a perfectly reasonable idea, but is of no use to most people, as they want certain people to have no restrictions, while the children are blocked.
permalink Aye, the problem is that the government got involved
and it did so for the wrong reasons.

An ISP-level optional family filter as a fantastic idea. In the case of VM, whose superhub comes with multiple wlans, an option on the router as to whether the connection goes through the filter or not for each wlan.
permalink Indeed
I've no objection to there being a big obvious option on the sign up to an ISP saying "DO YOU WANT A FILTER ENABLED FOR YOUR FAMILY". I object to a law that bascially goes "so, you want to look at dirty stuff eh? Ask nicely. We're watching."
permalink Oh for goodness sake!
I am all for defending freedom and all that, but you have to be realistic.

They're proposing to put a system in place to stop the kids of parents who don't know jack about this sort of thing (most kids, let's be honest) from stumbling into stuff they oughtn't to be watching.
If in the process of doing that, your nose is bent out of shape because you perceive your liberties to be infringed, then so be it, I can live with that.

The government is watching everything you do anyway.
permalink Everything ?
*awaits the arrival of the dog warden*
permalink Maybe that should be the test for being allowed to breed
If you can't figure out how to set up the filter, you're too dumb to look after kids anyway.
permalink I saw someone say that they didn't want they're ISP keeping a list of everywhere they'd been to
like it'd be something new if the pr0n filter came in.
permalink but the reality is that, yet again, this isn't about porn, like it wasn't about copyright last time
it's the home office trying to find yet another way to lube us up to full-level packet sniffing and content control by corporate interest.

it's the thin end of a very big wedge - we accept the right of the govt to filter something by default, we basically give up net neutrality and the freedom to access information.
permalink well i'm glad i read to the end of the thread and didn't do my usual eloquent rant
^ this

i'm just amazed you lot don't see it
permalink who said we didn't?
clearly that was what it has always been about
permalink then why pull a manely
and muddy the waters?
permalink they really don't have a clue what
they're doing, it's just censorship at its finest. Those toffee-nosed cunts are pandying to the biggest payer.

I'm in danger of turning into a Spart here, and that's not good.
permalink Spart?
permalink hahaha no,
the Private Eye version, cont p.94.
permalink just go to

rude not to!
permalink aha
fairly muff
permalink It's ok
I thought it was a wet splattery fart
thread TOTN time -
Slipknot - Duality live at Sonisphere 2011. Fucking awesome gig, the day beforehand 60-odd thousand people did a 2 min silence for fallen bassist Paul Grey. I may have leaked a little during the gig itself, FROM THE EYES filthmongers.

It's the only metal song that makes me cry too, go me.
permalink I would have thought
any song about pushing your fingers into your eyes would make you shed a bit of a tear
permalink Internet question.
Is 10MBps down and 1MBps up good or bad? No point comparing to what we have in our office because we've got megalines.
permalink Depends what you want to do,
but generally good. If you actually achieve those speeds it's above the UK average.
permalink It's a client's server
and I want to upload all their data and files in less than a week. This is looking unlikely. It's looking unlikely I can do it in less than two weeks.
permalink Ahh.
permalink Legitimate -
we're doing a data conversion :)
permalink no, Sneakernet
was the old method of data transfer using floppy disks...
permalink Oh :)
That definitely seems more efficient.
permalink bit more prone
to zappage by static electricity though.
permalink Wikipedia reckons the terms is still correct.
It also includes a worked example of throughput versus latency that's relevant in Amy's case:
permalink depends on file size
permalink 34GB of files.
2.6GB of data which is mostly up. Sort of.
permalink i'd have thought
this was possible depending upon your up/down speed, though presumably hindered during office hours.
within a week that is
permalink Really
I want it within a day...
Could go courier to bring converted data here and get it online. Would require someone to be on site though, no way an estate agent would be able to do that.
permalink I assume you can't go on site and collect it?
It may seem counter intuitive, but the cost of your travel and time there and back twice may well reduce the time involved to such a degree that it's well worth it.
Obviously, it depends where it is...
permalink It's not where they are,
it's the fact they're cunts*. And I don't get paid for that shit.

*estate agents.
permalink encrypted portable hard-drive by courier
was our normal solution
permalink 34gb would go a USB key,
so make two or three copies and just take it there.
That way it doesn't bork when the courier drops it.
permalink 3 days 3 hours 33 minutes 20 seconds

Assuming from what you said, your upload speed was 1Mb/s.
permalink Have we seen Elon Musk's
utterly insane hover-maglev-monorail-vaccuum train thing?

Some idiotic highlights: linear acceleration of 1g. In 0-60pmh terms, that's 2.7s. Which is "you need a five point seatbelt" territory in cars.

Edit: blog post
permalink I was highly anticipating it,
but in actuality it's not quite as super clever as I'd hoped.
I don't really accept your point about the acceleration though, as they'd not use a constant acceleration rate like that, they'd slowly build up until you were accelerating phenomenally, and you'd not notice, much like a plane does.
permalink to do the distance he suggests
in the time he suggests, he suggests that acceleration
permalink 0 - 60 in 2.7s isn't that much faster than most bikes though
The fact it's quoting a time to reach 60 would imply a linear acceleration, if it was 0 - 60 in 0.5s then that's a diffo story.

Also when I first saw his name I thought it said Eltons Musk, which is a really really unpleasant thought
permalink I'm the one quoting a time to be fair
he simply quotes 1g acceleration.
permalink I don't think 1g acceleration is a big drama, really.
the requirement for 5-point seatbelts is for sudden changes in direction - i.e. braking, and corners.
He can manage the accel and deccel carefully to minimise the problem.
It's only a 30 minute journey, so spilling your champagne isn't an issue.
permalink You've never been on a flight out of Shannon to Liverpool
Where some folks bitch that the stewards don't get them a can of lager quick enough
permalink Plus the main advantage of the sort of magnetically propelled acceleration
he proposes is that it can be phenomenally smooth, and follow a very scientifically calculated graph, so that the effects are minimised.
Presumably accel and deccel will be on absolutely straight tracks, and be jerk free, so you're just pushed back in your seats.
Handling corners at in excess of 600mph is another story - does the capsule go up the side of the tube like a bobsled, (or mini cooper)?
permalink I think despite it being a tube
the tractive system means it still essentially runs along the bottom, so any "going up the side" would be like conventional railway banking- ie fixed at a value calculated according to the curvature and service speed- on railways this is then scaled back to allow for reduced speed running and emergency stops. There's a wooly bit about giving the passenger cabin some sort of tilt/pedulum ability.
permalink That makes some sense,
otherwise the passengers could move about and make it go upside down.
Which would be awesome, of course.
permalink having to listen to slipkot would make me cry
on a DIY note. say I've got 5 big fuckoff lumps of concrete I need to break up to manageable sizes to take to the tip. what should I hire/use?
permalink A 'Hilti" type SDS drill
with a spike chisel in it
permalink that's quite a thing
these are old fence post footings, they're about 2 foot by 1 foot. They weigh a fucking tonne.
permalink drill holes in
pour in water and then liquid nitrogent, water expands and cracks them

permalink 0.68 tonnes altogether to be exact
depending on the third dimension
permalink they're kind of conical
like you'd dug a hole then poured concrete in.
permalink Surely that would depend on
the ratio of cement, sand and aggregate.......and the type of aggregate used as well
permalink assuming it's not a special lightweight concrete
then it shouldn't vary much...just went for typical value of 2400kg/m³
permalink *points to kitchen floor*
You know that oasis stuff flower arrangers use ?
permalink does it muffle sound
from the basement?
permalink No need.
He has a specially designed IRG, not disimilar to CJ's WRS.
permalink Piffle.
No way is a 2 foot deep fence post hole half a ton.
permalink You can get them in Argos for 50-70 squids
I bought one nearly 7 years ago and it's still going strong, has been used to drill 12" into stonework, chop up 4" thick reinforced concrete and various other drilling/chiselling jobs.

The secret is with big lumps of stuff is to use the needle chisel
permalink ta
I will investigate.
permalink I concur
Buy cheap and often with SDS

That said, I'd say it is easier to pay someone £50 to take it away.

I would take them whole too, it is easier.
permalink If I can get someone to take them I will
i can't take them myself as, well, they weigh a tonne, and I've only got the use of two knackered small french cars to move them.
permalink or one of these
permalink If this were California,
the answer would be "half a dozen Mexicans"
permalink i was trying to
work out a way to make them into garden features, but that was a stupid idea.
permalink why would you want half
a dozen Mexicans as garden features?

/confused brain
permalink Mariachi!
permalink ........
permalink I actually approve this
I would go to the pub, mention them at the bar and see who volunteers to remove them for £30.
thread newt herd
My 2 day hotel opening thing isn't going so well. I expect I'll be working until late tonight and things might get a bit nervy in a bit.

it feels like thursday already.

How is everyone's week going?

AQ: Al_ are you busy on the 21st of sept for an audax 116km
permalink never done one of those
though I reckon that will remain the case, as I've plans to go to Southampton, get pissed and go to the boat show with friends
permalink meanwhile
have you seen this impressive lunacy- London to Istanbul, racing, unsupported. Includes a mandatory climb of the hard side of the Stelvio pass. Ferries across the Channel are allowed (obviously), as are ferries across the Adriatic if you choose to go down Italy.
permalink that is bonkers
7 days is pretty bloody speedy, I mean marc beumont took 3 weeks or something.
permalink Set fire to it.
All. I mean come on it's only Edinburgh.
permalink With all the flyers and posters around town
the place is like kindling.

permalink Exactly,
one carelessly dropped cigarette..
permalink There's enough beer and piss to put it out though
I took Ickleuminator to "The I Hate Children Children's Show" today... hilarious magic act with lots of gags for the grown-ups...
permalink New
permalink What kind of thing can go wrong
when opening a new chain hotel? I can imagine there might be staff training issues, but surely the systems and processes are all well-tested?
permalink ha!
yes right... yes of course... yes... absolutely... yes.

this is a conversion of an existing hotel that is having a load of work done, whilst full, so there are a load of changes and fire life safety systems upgrades to do and snagging and the rest of it.
permalink Sorry, that was a serious question, badly phrased.
I can imagine conversion without closing (especially during Festival season) being somewhat problematic.
permalink Even new builds can be tricky
as many designers and contractor do what local regulations require or local convention not our standards.

It's not always their fault as the designs can often be progressed without our brand in mind.
permalink Not bad.
I'm off to Worcestershire tomorrow, which is a last minute change. Next week I'm off to Havant then Basildon, whihc I was only told about today.
permalink I've got IT
Bigwigs coming in to discuss multi national tax software upgrades this week. So I had to set up the shitty network hubs for them when in two weeks we'll have a whole new wireless office available. Embarrassing.
permalink being back at work is still shit
but hey ho...

things have certainly improved this morning, thanks in no small part to this man:

permalink Slowly, nothing's working as it should
However, I have a half-day Friday for an afternoon date.
permalink I'm having Thursday morning off
for a prune.
permalink Back, sack & crack?
permalink Is your date and
JoS's pruning in any way related ?

Are we all going to have to go out and buy new hats ?
permalink Unless he's going to black-up
and change sex as part of it, I'm assuming not
permalink You'd be shocked
how far he is willing to go . . . .
permalink I thought the toilet graffiti
was just scandalous rumours
permalink No.
I always black up when I cross-dress.
permalink Under the mask?
permalink Jesus. That just bounced me off the office webnanny for
The HR Director is on his way up I expect.
permalink ....
permalink Dave?
permalink Or maybe Naegleria fowleri
permalink Or my wife's swimming shorts?
permalink Your wife
glows in the dark?
permalink *mumbles something about ginger girls lady gardens*
permalink She does under UV light,
permalink Jury still out on the week, as it's not even 50% of Tuesday yet.
I am doing a plot sub layout in Taunton, which is not very rock and roll, but it keeps me off the streets and in reasonable spirits.
permalink But is in
permalink Doesn't bother me.
I have to neither visit nor live there.
Sadly, I'm doing the layout in our office in Measham, which is probably a worse location.