thread yeah, I jokingly tried to lift my rather petite girlfriend
and pulled my back.
Second day of lying down in pain. I thought my idioticy might amuse you.
permalink Oh Mike/Manley/Tino!
permalink Girlfriend!
permalink Yeah, that's new as well.
Turns out I'm not the incurable loner I thought I was.
permalink that was his first lying day
permalink You are just jealous
because you've got the hots for me.
permalink that is the kind of thing
that i can't really deny in any way
permalink Have you tried drugs?
I recommend drugs.
permalink not so far
I'll try and see a doc tomorrow. If no mirracle happens this will result into drugs and a sick leave.
permalink You numpty
the doc will just tell you to take the drugs. Anti inflammatories. I can't believe you spent two days lying down and didn't take any.
permalink You are right,
I've got some goods injected in my buttocks and am told to take 3 800mg Ibo's a day. They are enormous and only availiable on recipe. I've never had anything like it so I had no clue what to do.
permalink recipe=prescription
Also, idioticy=idiocy, but I rather like the sound of idioticy.
permalink Thanks.
There is surprisingly no difference between recipe and presciption in German. This will be a hard one to remember.
permalink Google translate begs to differ
Recipe - Rezept
Prescription - Verschreibung
permalink Give him a break,
he's out of his tree on pain meds, and in a pit of despair because his girlfriend thinks he's weak, feeble and prone to catastrophic failure at the merest provocation.
permalink :o)
. .
permalink Nobody uses Verschreibung
It's one of these words that makes it obvious you used a dictinary and aren't a native speaker if you use it.
permalink Maybe
you could start a trend
permalink should've asked the internet ;)
sounds like you got the really good drugs though!
permalink When I had Torticollis
they stuck me on diazepam . . I can totally understand why people get hooked on those
permalink this explains alistair
and a fondness for wool produxts
permalink The idiocy of having a girlfriend,
the idiocy of attempting to lift her up,
the idiocy of having emasculated yourself in front of her,
or the idiocy of not having sought out pain medication prior over the weekend?
permalink All of the above
. .
permalink Yes.
thread Who wants to see my penis?
permalink what, from here?
thread tune of the day
is clearly by Kraftwerk

And will be the same for three weeks, obviously.
permalink and a supplementary one
by Queen. NSFW, what the naked ladies.
permalink pushing the theme a bit
but this Chemical Brother's tune was perhaps the best bit of music commissioned for the Olympics last year
permalink i would like to suggest a track that should cover ALL bases here
from cowjam to tabz
enjoy (and you ALL will)

though it's pretty hard to dislodge kraftwerk
thread it's Friday, I'm working from home this morning
I've got a meeting with my old firm later,
followed by a pint with a mate
maybe a nice lunch on the way there.

and it's payday, I just got an extra £1k net, for recommending someone for a job at my company. I might spend it on a bike,

permalink I'm thinking about selling my
fully-boinged GT moontain bike and getting an XC like Al's or possibly just a good ol' road bike. Trouble is I've been out of the bike loop for so long (bought the GT in 2002) I've no idea what's out there apart from the cheap shoite made of scaffy poles the local bikeshop sells.
permalink Pendleton has a new range . . .
permalink yeah,
ta for that ;)
permalink all snobbery aside
if you're going road, I got a Boardman Road Comp, it is very good. I am led to believe his crosses are very good too.

If money is no object, get this


I covet it greatly.
permalink yeah that's on my list.
permalink I almost, almost got one of their road bikes
but in the end went for the Boardman as it's got one lower gear and the top gear goes up to 11.
permalink METAL!
. .
permalink \m/ \m/
Speaking of going to 11 I'm compiling a heavy list of tunes for BrewDog as they launch 'dog b' tomorrow.
permalink it does look like a surprisingly narrow range
i don't see why a cx would not have a triple
permalink Hoy has a range of road bikes
coming out as well

permalink wonder how long
I'd have this before it got nicked :)
permalink Not a bad price though

Also - How much? - http://www.evanscycles...
permalink sweet tittyfucking christ,
*falls off chair*

I've just been zooming all over that Hoy bike, matt blackness reminds me of my first MTB back in the early 90s.
permalink full carbon
with electronic 22 speed Dura Ace. Cheap.
permalink FSV cheap
you could buy a nice car for that price
permalink aye
that group set is about £2500-£3000 on its own isn't it?
permalink the review on that page
is hilarious
permalink the electronical ones don't come cheap
I'd worry the battery would run out though.
permalink where does one put
ones testicles?
permalink In a basket
on the handlebars
permalink in that case
where does one put one's onions?
permalink Around ones neck
like everyone else
permalink and what about the baguette?
wait, no, never mind
permalink fwar.
permalink full suspension bike in Cambs?
I'm guessing it's still in pretty good nick....
permalink It still looks like
I just got it from Halfrauds even though it's 11 years old. Never really used in anger, I bought it to commute then got made redundant and ended up working on the house instead. Gnarliest stuff round here is Thetford Forest, hardly demanding.

Shame really, considering it was worth £1500 when new, though I paid less than half that :)
permalink why not just keep it?
permalink I don't actually
like riding it far, and today I discovered it's too big for me which could explain things.
permalink in what way is it too big
leg length?
permalink yus. I've never really
looked into why I was never truly comfy on it. In the 90s I had a Dave Yates that was also too big for me, when my gf at the time had one made for her (an FAS*) I could chuck it around like a goodun.

*a mixture of tubes, or Fucking All Sorts. Dave was great, his top frameset was called the DONKIS NOB.
permalink and she never did
permalink I like my audax road bike

basically all the main manufacturers are turning out very good bikes, The new Shimano Sora stuff is actually very decent, tiagra a bit better looking.

the Boardman bikes are apparently pretty good.

if you want something for commuting / looking cool there are lots of new options (a really good 8 speed interna hub gear) and people like Charge bikes.

Disc brakes seem to be getting more and more common.

other than that, bikes haven't changed much
permalink Do you want to drop me some sort of PM
with details of it?
I'm in the market for a mtn bike, but I was planning on getting a newer hard tail one. Nevertheless, I may be up for taking it off your hands, depending on the spec and size.

edit: phil hat surdigital dotty co dotty uk is probably best.

edit2: I looked for this post yesterday and it had gone. Now it's back. I think i'm going mental.
permalink I didn't see this
last night either! I'll send you the details sah.
permalink I can recommend a ribble similar to mine
though the white frame causes vanity issues.
permalink there's now
this version, in a less white paint scheme and with mounts for mudguards
permalink *looks at cost*
yow, that's serious stuff. I only want summat to chuck around the roads and trails on an evening, maybe along these lines
permalink Giant do good value bikes in that price range
e.g. http://www.shopgiant-b...

though bear in mind phat tyres are an absolute dog to cycle on tarmac, something like this would be a lot faster but wouldn't die on a trail

permalink I like the look
of that Revel, put some skinny tyres on it and POW.
permalink the Revel 2 is only £25 more but out of stock, could shop around
Giant makes multiple versions of each bike, where you get slightly better or worse components - the lower the number the better

I recommend them because they buy in such bulk from Shimano etc that they get good supplier prices, so you generally see drivetrain/brake components on Giant bikes that you would have to pay an extra hundred or so on other brands - they're hard to beat on value in the £300-£800 price range
permalink this looks a decent spec for less
permalink hmm, nice, but
I doubt that'd like hoofing around Roswell Pits though.
permalink I am thinking of a XC
to get me round Epping forest and canal paths and stuff.

permalink I forgot to ask
did you get the Campag gears?
permalink yes
They're entirely lovely. "Only" the Veloce, but still. Mmmm.
permalink a wise choice
next time...
permalink I got paid far less this month.
but then I've only done 20 days. Bah.

New Pixies though.
permalink oi you!
pick silverstone as your track if you're still playing the F1 game
permalink the bonus race thing?
I had Melbourne, it won't let me change it.
permalink that's weird.. email them why you can't (they actually reply)
be great if we do a one two
permalink I am down this month, due to company car tax,
but will be way up next month, due to not working in private practice any more.
permalink in my first year of company car tax and leaving my old practice after it went into adminstration
I think I had 12 different tax codes, 1 refund and notice of underpayment of tax.
permalink I've cunningly paid no car tax for the last year,
as I've had three different cars and sorting it out would have been chaos, but is quite simple at the end of the financial year with the P11d forms.
Thus I owe a whole year's tax, but they're not taking it till next year, for some crazy reason, and event hen they'll take it in instalments monthly.
Also, interestingly, the Audi A3 2.0TDi I had cost 50% more in tax than the petrol Polo I have now. The list price is barely different, the Polo is much faster, and uses nearly 50% more fuel, but is taxed at 12% BIK, whereas the Audi was 20% BIK and carried a higher percentage for private fuel, being diesel.
I reckon that to run the Polo myself for commuting could cost me in the region of £10k per year, yet I'm taxed on about £5.5k. The system makes no sense whatsoever, but I appear to be playing it well.
permalink 1K could get you one of these babies:

(well, you'd still need a bike)
permalink shexy
permalink what a good idea
if I had infinite money and was able to build my own 'about town' bike, I would buy one.
permalink *has flashbacks
to the sturmey archer on his chopper getting stuck in 2nd - tick, tick, tick, tick*
permalink Mine is doing fine since 2005.
permalink do you have a grifter as well?
the gear change on that was through the handle bar which made pulling wheelies a bit awkward
permalink I have no clue what a grifter is.
I understand it might be some sort of gear changing device. Rohlofs only come with grip shift gear changers.
permalink A grifter is a performer of confidence tricks and other scams, often travelling to avoid detection,
or a type of bicylce (http://en.wikipedia.or...).
permalink Nah, I only had boring bicycles
up until I bought the recumbent.
permalink now those WERE
made of scaffy poles. Jesus they were heavy!
permalink i worked out recently that the grifter i had when i was 10
weighte 1.5times more than my current bike
permalink My former flatmate
managed to pick one up that was rusting away in the back of someone's garage.

We set about restoring it. It nearly pulled my workstand over.
permalink *has flashbacks of
slipping off the saddle of a chopper and finding out why that gearshift was NOT a good idea*
permalink haha,
permalink this
is the best Tour de France prediction you will read

It is long, but has a stage invasion by Pandas being seeing off by Hinault in it.
thread TOTN?

Thumpermonkey - Wheezyboy -
permalink I'm still on
Priaprism from last night. Epic.
permalink Beefheart meets Mr Bungle
whilst Sleepytime Gorilla Museum watch
permalink I've seen that before,
someone on the Cardiacs bacefook group recommended it a while back AND they got a mention in the top 20 prog acts or summat. Good stuff!
permalink I appreciate this falls under "banging on about sailing"
but this video of Oracle sailing both of their massive AC72 hyrdofoiling catamarans in the fog of San Francisco bay is gorgeous
permalink Those are fecking awesome...
and fecking huge
permalink they're also
fecking dangerous- British Olympic sailor Andrew Simpson was killed last month when the Artemis (Swedish team) boat crashed.

They're fecking quick- there's issues with the safety chase boats being able to keep up.

But yes. Though as usual there's legal wrangling going on about rules, racing for the Louis Vuitton challenger serires starts soon, to select a boat to race Oracle for the Cup itself. Should all be live streamed on YouTube.
permalink nice
though they look slightly like they are going backwards.

To what extent is the limit of speed set by the boat tipping over? and if so could they control the hydrofoil on the opposite keel to pull that side down?
permalink I think the limit of speed
is mainly drag. I'd reckon using the other hydrofoil, with it angled for a little bit of downforce, would cause catastrophically high levels of drag.

They will almost certainly have though that through though
permalink indeed, they seem like moderately clever sorts
while drag is what's limiting speed I guess the 'falling over ability" is limiting the sail size, whcih would give more power.

permalink mast height
is limited by rules, to keep things vaguely sane.
permalink They're small compared to what
won the last cup

That had the largest wing with moveable parts ever built (wind turbine blades are being built longer, but they don't have flaps etc)
permalink I am about to drive (via Cork)
to Flan's gaff...

I'm scared! Hold me!
permalink we'll hold you now
nobody will want to touch you after he's had a go.
permalink Damaged goods . . .
. .
permalink ew.
permalink will you be going over
the mountains? In Kerry as well?
permalink Kerry will not be involved
Unless we get spectacularly between Cork and Limerick
permalink Whack for my daddy-o
Whack for my daddy-o
permalink I'm supposed to fly to Derry Londonderry in august
the flights are making it look like i'll be staying overnight... joy
permalink UK City of Culture!
There's got to be something to do there besides listening to late-middle aged ladies telling you that the city "was bombed to bits during the troubles, you know"

I have specific and clear memories of Derry, as you can tell.