thread seems to be a large delegation from beoing visiting
work today. We've still got this at the front of the research building (from Friday)

plus several more A 350 posters. Oops.

hmm, give me a chance to fix this
permalink Nice!
Oh well, makes them feel less overly important, I guess?
permalink I'd have thought it also reinforces the idea
that the A350 showed them up at the Paris Air show, and orders for it are rolling in substantially faster than they are for the 787 at the moment, and thus they'd better get some of that technology for themselves.
permalink I like this.
Good for me.
permalink What's wrong with that? Did it all go wrong or something?
Edit: This CQC cover-up is interesting stuff. I've just been chatting to MrsJam about it. I reckon if I get put in charge of health and she gets put in charge of social services we can sort it all out.

: I went for a walk to look for a cash point and found a Vulcan bomber. linky
permalink I've sat at the pointy end of one of them
It's surprisingly small for such a chuffing massive aircraft.
permalink you want to try
the pointy end of a B52 Stratofortress
permalink Do you mean it's small on the inside cf the outside
or that it looks small on the outside cf the room on the inside?
permalink What I mean is
that it's really blood tiny up front. Cosy. Once the first person's in, it's a real squeeze for the other member of the flight crew to get into their seat.

I rather suspect it's only as wide as it is because, being four-engined, they need the width to get the extra sets of instruments in. If it had less engines, the cockpit would be narrower.

Granted, this was me and my mate, neither of whom are particularly lithe...
permalink Right. I thought it was quite spacious inside
considering it's not all that big and carries a payload, but I was much smaller when I was last in one.
permalink I love them.
They used to be the best bit of the air shows when I was a teenager.

I've just watched that interview with Iain Banks in the company of my mum and I had to explain who he was. She was in love with him by the end of the programme.
permalink as far as I understand
this year is definitely the last year one will ever appear at airshows.
permalink was thinking of going to Leuchars this year
for that reason
permalink Hmmm... I feel a plan coming on...
Hello from Geneva, btw.
permalink Hello!
I just googled and thought I could make it, but I'm booked elsewhere that weekend.
permalink Good stuff
Fuck the Merkins!
permalink you didn't have to start with Gandolfini ):
permalink I've never
seen the Sopranos.
permalink 3rd best TV series ever
after The Wire and Bodger and Badger
permalink I have seen only the last
permalink you've watched Taxi and M*A*s*H
they're the best american shows
permalink Even I've seen
permalink I fucking love M*A*S*H
Especially the first two seasons.
permalink it's good, and the way the beginning and end match
is second only to quantum leap.
thread The new Danny MacAskill video's out...

Lovely. He had the use of the empty former Glasgow Museum of Transport for a year and shitloads of money from Red Bull to do whatever the hell he wanted.
permalink I've not watched his video, but will try and remember to tonight.
All of this afternoon's 'board related distraction has been taken up with the research of monorails.
permalink MONORAIL!
permalink is there a chance the track could bend?
permalink Not on your life, my Hindu friend
. .
permalink Mrs jam is taking me to Alton towers for my birthday

And this is relevant because they have a monorail from the car park to the entrance.
permalink My extensive research tells me there are, in general,
three places that have operational monorails:
1. Japan
2. Germany
3. Theme Parks

edit: depressingly, there is a monorail in Syndey, but it's due to be decommissioned and demolished, and is only operational for another 10 days.
permalink I've never been on a non-theme park monorail.
Where in Germany are they?
If the Transrapid Maglev counts, then China has a pretty fast one as well.
permalink Well the Wuppertal suspended railway is a monorail,
there's one at Dusseldorf airport, the university of Dortmund, and the maglev does indeed count.

Accordingly I will expand my list as follows:

4. China
5. Airports

edit: my "extensive research" is here: http://en.wikipedia.or...
permalink Suspending it is cheating.
Not that I'm not fancying a ride of the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn. It's been on my bucket list for ages.
permalink I sort of agree, but I suppose it's only got one rail, so it's a monorail.
I fail to understand the advantage of suspending it though, it seems like a lot of extra effort for no significant benefit.
It does look like fun though. I note there are other Schwebebahns of various types about the place: perhaps a cycling tour of suspended monorails is in your future.

Actually, all except the Dresden suspended funicular are fairly close to Osnabruck...
permalink I believe the suspended railway was build for topographic reasons.
As the name implies, Wuppertal is a linear city in a rather narrow tal=dale=valley of the river Wupper. The soil is too rocky for a subway, so they figured the only space they had to build a local railway was literally on top of the river.
permalink Those crazy Wuppertalians!
Also, "Wuppertal" is a wonderful word.
permalink I had some sort of 'visions of the future' book when I was a kid
it had Wuppertal in, it made a lasting impression. IT WAS THE FUTURE. and still may be for all I know. I'm voting it in for Cambridge.
permalink in fact, fuck this shit
let's all move to Wuppertal.
permalink I have been reliably informed
that it's a shitty town apart from the Bahn and the Modern Dance Theatre. It's more of a visit-for-a-weekend kind of town.
permalink don't spoil it for me!
permalink I mean it's the dog's bollocks.
Please give me heads up when you moved so that I can crash at yours for a weekend.
permalink I suspect
it's not pronounced how I pronounce it in my head, so I'd get just be laughed at/beaten up all the time.
permalink I just investigated the cost of ferries to Rotterdam
in order to undertake the German Monorail Tour.

My goodness, ferries are expensive.
Given that my fuel card is UK only, the GMT is now indefinitely postponed...
permalink But in the specialist shed department...
permalink I just bought a chum a book called
"beat your way to the top: masturbation as a technique for business success"
permalink You're doing it wrong.
London - Cologne in 4 hours start at 51£ by Highspeed train at Rent a car or get some trains from there.

I'd happily assist navigating the Deutsche Bahn website, it's tricky.
permalink But I've got to get to London as well...
I can get 300 miles out of a tank of petrol, and I get free fuel in the UK, so I can get to Hull for free, and fill up the tank before getting on the ferry, thus the first 300 miles in Europe is free. This is why I was considering taking the car.
I'm sure train to London, train to Cologne, then either more trains or a car rental is going to work out much the same as the £200 they wanted for the ferry.
I am just not 100% convinced that a monorail spotting holiday is worth that much to me ;-)
permalink Okay, fair point.
Just in case you ever want to go to the Mainland with your car, check if the Harwich - Hook van Holland Stenaline connection isn'tn cheaper. They have some quite good deals if you book ahead.
permalink on the other hand
after watching 20 min of boring youtube footage I pobably should really go there at some point.
permalink It turns out that it's much the same price as Hull-Rotterdam or Zeebrugge,
I'd just failed to account for the fact that you're effectively paying for a night's accommodation as well.
permalink the only suspended monorail
to have unsuccesfully carried an elephant
permalink Now there
is a claim to fame . .
permalink Well... the suspended monorail carried the elephant OK
It was the elephant's decision to jump out into the river.
permalink Did it
permalink yeah, it's still running
tickets are €2.50
permalink bazinga!
permalink longest joke payoff
permalink Sheldon?
. .
permalink DINSDALE?
permalink whilst the incident happened
the picture is fake.
permalink I know nothing of this incident.
Is there some sort of account of it available somewhere?

edit: OK I googled. A clear explanation of the affair doesn't make it any less surreal though.
permalink I love the line:
"but the world quickly learned that pachyderms and monorails simply do not mix" from
permalink obviously
no sharks OR helicopters..
permalink I seem to remember butlins
having one.
permalink The Sydney one is shit though. Completely pointless.
Doesn't actually go anywhere useful.
permalink That's no way to talk about Sydney!
permalink Right. I'm off to the airport.
Edinburgh-Heathrow-Geneva today.
permalink Good travels, sir!
We shall expect to hear from you again when you reach the lounge at Heathrow.
permalink Or in fact the lounge at Edinburgh.

The automobile element of the day has been covered by the taxi, next it's two planes, then I'll be covering the train aspect by getting one into Geneva from the airport.
permalink Well at least that last part will go smoothly
and be on time.
permalink And now coming atcha from Heathrow over a lovely glass of free Chablis
permalink I just had a Mars
ice cream . . . nom + OW! (sensitive teeth)
permalink it really was pathetic
though i thought they'd already got rid of it
permalink there's one behind the strip in Las Vegas
althought now they've blown up the Sahara at the top I don't know how you'd get onto it.
permalink Wowee!
It's a massive, modern, expanding system.

However, I think Las Vegas falls under category 3 of my list.
permalink it was really handy when we were in Vegas a few years back
and could, potentially, be brilliant. But nobody sees it as a useful transport system.
permalink I was there last week.
The monorail is utterly pointless.
permalink monorails
don't integrate into other systems very well. They're also horrendous to design track switches (points) for. With conventional rail, things tend to be a bit easier- for instance, new London Underground trains can be delivered by rail in the UK as they use the same guage tracks as the mainline system and there are connections (indeed, there are parts where both mainline and Underground trains run on the same rails).

The Germans were going to build a maglev line, then realised they were better off sticking with conventional high speed as it means the trains can use existing stations and serve destinations not on those lines. The Japanese are much more relaxed about having distinct systems- the Bullet trains for example use an entirely seperate network to the other trains, using a different track guage.
permalink surely if you stick a 300mph train on the existing network
then you get a massive traffic scheduling problem?

permalink No
it's what most of Europe already does. Until HS1 was completed, all the Eurostars had to use the existing lines to get from the tunnel to London- used to be a little odd standing waiting at (say) Bromley and seeing a massive long high speed train come through the station (at less-than-high speed). Unlike the rest of Europe, our existing lines did mean the design had to be compromised- Eurostars are narrower and lower than other TGVs, and they had to be fitted (they no longer have them) with 3rd rail power collection shoes. As it is, they have multiple power collection system to deal with French and Belgian "classic" lines.
permalink I thought railway scheduling in the uk was more difficult
Than in mainland Europe due to the distance between points/stations
permalink Yeah, working fine.
HS trains can only do high speed on brand new tracks, that have been layed out with the schedule in mind. Not that I want to diminish the challange that is planning the train schedule for the european network
permalink replace it all with trebuchets and nets
I say
permalink Gatwick has one
doesn't it?
permalink I thought that,
but apparently it's not a monorail, strictly speaking, as it runs on rubber tyres in twin concrete tracks.
permalink thats lego that is
talking of which have we all seen the lego movie trailer
permalink I don't have the bandwidth for that and can't be arsed waiting for it to cache
but the plot synopsis looks good.
permalink The cubs
Can't wait
permalink it looks so silly
there's a fair chance it'll be shite. But I can't wait. I love the 1980's spaceman's authentic cracked helmet.
permalink It's what aviation folk call a TTS
Tracked Transit System. Most airport little-trains are done that way. Stansted's and Heathrow T5's, for example.
permalink Denver has one
that plays a yee-haw country jingle at each stop.

Sadly in one pier the the station is open to the main departure lounge area with the shops and eateries.
permalink Zurich has one that plays cowbells at you while you ride.
permalink would have been good
if he'd used the new one instead
permalink I watched that earlier
I especially liked:

The balls
His actual mum being in it
The Abbot 105mm SP Howitzer.
permalink Tank!
*scurries away, knowing full well*
permalink Wai-eye-otter!
permalink that is awesome
meanwhile, oh noes, the kiddies might get hurt!
permalink I can't be arsed clicking, is that in relation to
Stuart Hall's remarkably lenient sentence for kiddie fiddling, or some bollocks to do with cricket?
permalink neither!
apparently kids using scooters get hurt. Who knew?
permalink and up 25% just from walking
i blame these new fangled smart phones.. they've always got their heads down thumbing them and walking into lamposts
permalink On that front, I have looked at the case and it seems he
Put his hand up a nine year old's shirt (unlikely to have been much there) and kissed a 13 year old on the lips, mouth closed.

It appears that every other accuser was of age and that the 'gropes', whilst unacceptable, were fairly in keeping with an era where pinching the secretary's arse was expected behaviour.

Do not get me wrong, if someone touched my 9 year old I would be far from impressed, but YewTree does seem to tar everyone as a kiddie fiddler, where many of those arrested were only involved with adults (not this specific instance, of course) and sometimes seems to judge people by today's standards.
permalink To be clear, I do not think it is okay that anyone touched anyone ever,
Without their consent, but I worry that we will start burning witches soon.
permalink Note that those screaming about how short a sentence he received
have probably not looked at the details and sentencing remarks.
permalink that list includes the nspcc
Who emailed me about it.
permalink Any organisation which uses metrics around
number of prosecutions, rather than focusing on actually helping children, is inherently evil (see also RSPCA - although obviously with animals, not children).
permalink I think Hanlon's razor applies here.
permalink I agree.
They have decided what good is and go looking for fault - it is a sign of the times, but it must be rejected. Azimov's adage must be supported and we must fight this false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.
permalink Yep. I don't think recent repeated failings from organisations we should trust
helps with that. Banks keep fucking up, governments fail to do much about it or improve the economy, healthcare organisations fail massively and their watchdogs cover it up or fail to enforce improvements.
permalink Though there was a chap from CEOPS on the today program
Who seemed to question the point, or at least direction and efficacy, of the internet watch foundation given the lack of child protection they actually do.

not sure where I was going with this. Probably that more importance should be put on hunting evil people than brigading against people who are merely law breaking and not actually that bad.
thread I'm watching a film I didn't think I'd seen before
but I must have done as each scene is familiar though I can't recall what happens next. I've named this phenomenon deja view.
permalink all this without telling us the film in question!
Come on man!
permalink Invasion.
permalink I hope it's not anything like
Battlefield L.A: - World Invasion.
permalink it's a remake of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.
permalink I hate it
permalink I've seen it
you're right to. Much as I am in love with Nicole Kidman, I wish she would stop trying to act.
permalink Mr Craig is far more suited to being a state thug
Than a doctor, or whatever it was he was playing. It wasn't his fault though, it wasn't a good part. The film was entirely mediocre.
permalink its die hard
permalink it's human centidpede
and he couldn't tell what was coming because he was back of the line
permalink If you're back of the line
in a human centipede you KNOW what's coming . . .
permalink "hmpfhhh, hmpfhhh, urghhhhpfhhhh"
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
permalink TJ - TOTN
Rodan - Before The Train -
permalink I'm off to Southend on sea this afterning
but first more Durham.

Shame I've got a five hour+ drive, I'd rather amble through the back roads on my way down.
permalink My policy when attending meetings in Southend-on-Sea
was always to ensure enough spare time to sit on the seafront at Leigh and have a pint of cockles. It alwasy made the indignity of Southend more bearable.

Park here:
Walk east to here:

edit: also, don't attempt to travel west out of Southend on the A127 in rush hour, it's like plaiting snot.
permalink noted, thank you
permalink I say "noted", I'll go there
but I'm not having a pint of cockles. And I've discovered I'll be travelling along the A13 rather than the A127 in the morning.
permalink the holiday inn in southend is rather good
permalink Worth bearing in mind,
as an alternative to driving west out of Southend on the A127 in rush hour.
permalink that's why I'm going.
I'm working in Basildon for a couple of days and the nearest holiday inn was twice as expensive. Though that may be due to the a127.
permalink Yes, it is. Much better then the Washington (uk) one
permalink I quite like Thorpe Bay
(along towards Shoeburnyness), though mainly for the sailing club
permalink I used to go to Southend with work quite a lot
surprisingly often really. There used to be a really nice cafe on Alexandra Street (I think), let me google map it and see if I can find it.
permalink Cambridge are getting ever closer to building a monorail

what's it called? monorail!
permalink I'd hardly say
that some random guy posting an idea on his blog means Cambridge has moved at all closer to that.

Anyway, it is massively unambitious. If I was laying it out, I'd take the bus map, and replace routes 1-13, X5 (as far as St Neots) X8 (as far as Chattris), X13, 26, 18, Guided Bus Routes A-D (though not past Huntingdon with B) and the Park And Ride routes with something like what he suggests. Maybe even include the St Neots-Huntingdon route 66. basically, this is the map, plus this in town

Might as well go big, if you're suggesting entirely unfeasible transport plans. With it all underground, you could remove buslanes entirely from the city and turn them into wide cycle lanes. The current guided busway route could be used for a true cycle super-highway. Ice and snow would never touch the system.
permalink oh aye, it's bloody nonsense to say it's even remotely close
but it's not as if the CEN ever bother with anything approaching actual real facts/news.

there was a version previously where they extended it all the way out to Babraham (which makes sense, gets the southern villages, gets you within striking distance of Granta Park) and west to Madingley. So, put a station at the science park to meet up with the end of the sodding bus and go out to, the A14 there, North to wherever.
permalink my collosal network
goes hand in hand with my plan to convert the Cambridge-Liverpool Street line into an underground high speed line, with four tracks south of Stansted and six south of Harlow, built to European standards and via Saffron Walden. This would then free up the existing surface track bed as yet another cycle super highway.
permalink please could I have a trillion pounds?
I'd extend north, underground/water, to Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.
permalink I am not mad.
permalink right to the CEN
you'll get puclished.
permalink Has Alistair
taken over your login?
permalink fat fingers. had to type this over another keyboard.
permalink I need to set up a blog
and scrawl some maps first.

Not going to do it under my own name. Might use yours, for giggles.
permalink monorail

permalink 'areas outside the city could be overground'
what, like the one they lifted to put the misguided bus down? Madness.
permalink "over"ground
as in 'over the ground' as in....


or ideally a suspended thing like in Wuppertal, but monorail will do.
permalink I love those things but
it'd freak MrsW out as she doesn't like being suspended over anything that isn't a rollercoaster, bizarrely enough.
permalink Are you only posting mild innuendos
about Mrs Witchy today?
permalink yeah baby.
permalink Photographers
A friend just had thee done, she is exceptionally pleased:

permalink Is she a ghost?
. .
permalink Not that I know of.
permalink Is she in
a Meatloaf video?
permalink I trust she didn't
actually pay for these?

This is the problem though - people can't tell the difference between a good and a bad photographer, so there's a race to be the cheapest, which puts actual photographers out of business.
permalink just started trying to find one for mine
man, there's some bad ones out there
permalink Oh yes
and she is over the fucking moon about them too.
thread No new threads in 3 days?
what are you guys doing with/to yourselves?

We are on the last 3 days of the holidays, today may be the beach but it's only 25 so maybe just stay here by the pool instead, before Lunch at 2 of course...
permalink I'm in Durham.
In a meeting. Then after lunch I'm training s group of people.
permalink Day off in Brighton on Friday
Indoor BBQ on Saturday due to the weather, recovering yesterday
permalink You know about these things:
From a facebook page e.g. a band page, or a business page (not a personal profile) how do you post/comment on another facebook page?

(I know the other page has to have their privacy setting to anyone can post - that's not the problem as far as I can see)
permalink I'm not sure what you mean
You can change your username to a page you manage by:
- From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
- Select Use Facebook as [Page name]
permalink Weeping and self-abuse, as usual, all weekend.
Plus I watched Man of Steel on Saturday (poor, given high expectations) and The A Team on Sunday (excellent, given extremely low expectations).
permalink I watch les mis recently
And still have too many of the songs in my head. Ali G was surprisingly good in it.

Ialso decided that I need to adopt a signature tune and then sing everything instead of speaking normally.
permalink When I was larger,
I used to have a man follow me round playing a tuba.
permalink I've not really had anything to say
and spent a lot of the weekend DIYing, so am currently aching and trying to think of an excuse not to put a second coat of paint on the downstairs loo.

in a not unrelated manner. I need to a Transit van for a saturday morning. cheap. any ideas?
permalink That sonic boom was about
the most interesting thing that happened all weekend

Sixt were quite cheap for van rental the last time I looked
permalink You had a sonic boom?
Was it a love missile F-111?*

*probably not, as they've been retired for ages
permalink "He's flying high like a rocket in the sky . . "

In fact it was a Typhoon scrambled to intercept a flight coming in from the US that had dropped its communication . . . fucking loud!
permalink Cool bananas!
So they will go for it, if they think it is needed
permalink Are you in London?
If so there's a by-the-hour van rental scheme of some sort of nature I think.
permalink I think enterprise run
The b&q hourly vans
permalink Yes, I think there's someone else in London,
where the vans are just parked up on the street, and it's all run through a web or mobile phone app, and you never have to speak to another human.
permalink That is called
permalink I have an rfid fob for entry and disarming the immobilizer
and can book online. I'd only need to speak to someone if I want to report pre-existing damage, in which event they phone the van.
permalink This is what I was thinking of:
permalink well that's rather more useful
Than stating that something like that exists.

I'm somewhat under occupied until this afternoon's training begins. Then I'll be trying to go very slowly instead of my usual speed. I'm not quite used to whole days or several days of training. I'm far more used to busy people managing to fit an hour into their schedule then loving me for finishing in 40 mins. It's all a bit odd.
permalink ZipCar (as mentioned by thirdman below) also does the same thing.

I didn't originally link it because I've never used it, didn't know what it was called, and only had the merest inclination as to whether it existed or I imagined it.

When I got the opportunity to google "hourly van rental london" that was top of the list, so they weren't exactly hiding.
permalink I meant hertz earlier, not enterprise
I think. I don't really care.

Ithink I've just covered a day's training in a little over an hour. I might have to shape a colleague to see how he stretches it out.
permalink He probably checks to make sure they've understood.
Do this, and you'll be there till a week on Sunday.
permalink I do that.
He probably takes silence to mean 'no'. I take silence to mean that they're with me so far but if they stop concentrating long enough to answer then they'll lose their fragile grip on whatever it is I've just said.

I wasn't sure that this was the case till I lost my class this afternoon, and there was a clear difference.

Tomorrow I'll start again, but they'll have a good idea of how it all interrelates so they'll actually understand. Hopefully. I might be in the wrong job if not.
permalink Everybody Hertz . . .
. .
permalink ZipCar
but you have to join & pay an annual fee as well as the usage cost
permalink b&q do one hourly for 14
But it's only good for low mileage runs.
permalink ah, do they, that might kill two birds with one stone.
permalink speaking of DIY does anyone know much about drills?
i need to cut various diamaters (upto 50mm) in sheet stainless steel
any special brands to look out for.. or just the usual suspects of makita hilti and bosch?

looking at this at the moment
permalink Entertaining ickleuminator and doing odd jobs for my mum all weekend.
I needed to get back to work for a break!
permalink When you say "odd" jobs,
do you mean occasional random tasks, or do you mean weird and unusual jobs, such as reupholstering the chaise for her giraffe, or putting up some inflatable pig anchors?
permalink I wish the latter
Just random stuff... sanding and painting back door and surrounding woodwork, painting fence, trimming hedge...

Inflatable pig anchors are an awesome invention.
permalink In particular because
it's not immediately apparent whether they are anchors for inflatable pigs, or inflatable anchors for ordinary pigs.
permalink The second, obviously.
permalink Of course.
They're designed to help you locate your pigs while they're grazing on the bottom of a lake, pond or reservoir.
permalink nigeria vs taihiti footie tonight
could be VERY entertaining..
permalink I was gardening most of last week,
lost count of the number of bags of grass/weeds I took to the tip. Mrs W's back lawn was over 3 feet tall and nearly destroyed my strimmer.
Today I unexpectedly got sent to Tunbridge Wells where I developed a severe case of the shakes which isn't much use when you're swapping processors and memory sticks, then I got the trots on the way back and had to stop at every services...

PS Hi!
permalink Mrs W's back lawn?
A less mature man than I might make a funny here.
permalink It nearly destroyed his "strimmer",
permalink A familiar
permalink I am drinking
A cool beer in Berlin
permalink I'm sure some hipster
was drinking a beer in Berlin, before it was cool
permalink I did think that myself
but given I was too tired/busy/couldn't be arsed...who I am to talk?

This week is all about survival and getting on a plane back to Europe on Sat morning.
thread Kim has
quit The Pixies . . . .

Edit: Seeing as I am still top of the pile have a TOTN -

Bo Ningen - Henkan -
permalink why...
permalink What?

my favourite memory of seeing Pixies live a couple of years ago was the entirely beatific smile Kim had throughout the entire gig (Joey just looked terrified)

and no Kim = no Pixies
permalink Man Of Steel is, well is very good
go and see it
permalink It does look like an actually not shit Superman film from the trailer
which is quite rare

they appear to have beefed Zod up a bit though
*kneels before him*
permalink You filthy bastard
supervillain cottaging! And on a Sunday too!!!
permalink :-)
I had to admit, that thought had not occurred to me, but now you mention it...there is a certain suggestion

permalink I wrote a big long post disagreeing,
But my phone failed to post it, and made me even angrier than the film did.
Anyway, happy birthday!

permalink happy birthday
permalink I'm in Washington.
I don't understand why people like en suite bathrooms. It's basically shitting in your bedroom.
permalink Potomac
or Wear?
permalink Wear. I'm working in Durham for a couple of days
and opted for the nearest holiday inn.
permalink would you prefer
shitting in someone else's bedroom that they may have just shat in?
permalink it's good in a hotel
but I'd rather not have it at home
permalink The whole point is surely to
be able to crap without your children or house guests knowing?
permalink firstly, everyone craps. I don't care if people know.
Secondly, I'm not a noisy crapper.
Thirdly, if the extractor fan doesn't mask the sound then being slightly further away is unlikely to make a difference.
permalink I wasn't think so much about disguising the fact that one crapped,
but avoiding any disturbance to their sleep by putting the extractor on or flushing if one is prone to nocturnal crapping, or perchance, drunken vomiting.
permalink I see.
most disturbing part of nocturnal wanderings inour house it's the loose floorboards, which we'll be nailing down before the new carpet I'd fitted.
permalink err
I think that's the cupboard
permalink miffed I didn't see them
at the portland the other week, bah.
permalink i thought they'd already broken up
looking forward to her next project