thread phew.
Underground to euston
high speed javelin to stratford intl
underground to london bridge
(stuff face with cakes and scones)
thames clipper to north greenwich
emirates Dangleway to Excel
DLR to stratford
(beer and burger)
Bus to home. (E17)

Tomorrow: Science museum with a 10 year old
I'm knackered
permalink too many forms of transport
not enough pubs!
permalink too many 10 year olds and parents.
. (we did have prosecco with the cakes and scones)
permalink I have been following it on fb
The dangle berry way looks good.
permalink it was good, (and cost much less than the eye or the shard)
i only r4eally freaked out when we i turned around to see the massive pylon supporting it come up (and the cabiin shake) I had to look at the floor a lot.

Actually looking at the phone while taking pictures was also helpfull

/scared of heights
permalink link
permalink which bit?
permalink I think having been on loads of them
whilst clutching skis, it holds much less fascination for me
permalink Snowboards for me,
But yes.
permalink ugh snowboarding
you chav
permalink 3 days in the mountains, total. Never been on snow before.
I wanted to be able to actually go somewhere with my friends, so whilst skiing is less painful by a long way, I thought I would go for the sport with the steeper learning curve.
permalink this one is fucking high above the thames
.. and works on oyster card
permalink went cycling yesterday
glad I did it then, dreich today.
permalink Great day yesterday to be up Sherrifmuir.
Old stamping ground round there.

Fcking shite out today.
permalink coming down the road to Logie Kirk
was rather testing on my brakes/bravery. Don't reckon I could actually ride up that; combination of lack of fitness/talent and a gear set that suits Cambridgeshire. Don't think 39/28 would be low enough
permalink i forgot to ask
did you manage to get a massive top speed on the way down?
permalink no
on the bits that weren't cliff like, I was too scared of the potential road surface/lack thereof hidden round the corner.
permalink or sheep of course
I was being wary of the sheep I was warned to beware of by the sign
permalink mother wants an ipad
father's going to buy her one for her birthday next month. Any buying advice?
permalink not really.
they're the same price everywhere aren't they? You might get a deal where they throw in a cover or something. Get a cover of some sort. .. That I do recommend. She presumably doesn't need 3g, so the only real decision is full-size or mini.
permalink 3G is one she's still umming and ahhing for
she is after going big on memory to somewhat future proof it, so that it'll still be fine in a couple of years when they've bought a yacht in Greece.

Where actually 3g might be useful
permalink I've found it cheaper to just tether
from my 3G phone.
permalink There are the usual rumours about a new model (iPad 5)
to be released in October.
If true, that might mean lower prices for existing models, but I wouldn't bank on it.
permalink are there...
that might make Christmas presents easier.
permalink Just rumour:
permalink buy from john lewis so they can take it back without bothering you
permalink notes
I won't be involved in the purchase. But still sound advice
permalink Ah but lewisssss
Only honour a 1 year guarantee on all apple products, not their standard two years. To match what apple give.
permalink It also depends
whether there's a John Lewis close at hand, or whether there's an Apple Store near. If the latter, I'd have thought that might be preferable, as that's where you'd want to take it if there's a problem.
permalink my default
for most expensive electronicals is John Lewis. There's a lot less fucking about if it goes wrong, and Apple will still mend it if you've got a receipt. We've got both within about 100 yards in that Cambridge
permalink I generally agree,
but some parts of the country are distant from John Lewis, or an Apple Store, or both.

Here it's about 30mins to either, but you have to pay to park at John Lewis. On the other hand, the Apple Store is at Meadowhall, so shopping there is like pulling your brain out through your nose with a fork. Twice.
permalink my nearest John Lewis is at the Trafford centre.
I've no idea where my nearest Apple store is.

Obviously I mean when I'm at home, I'm not altogether sure where I am so don't know what's near
permalink stand up and wave
if anyone can see you, we'll be able to narrow it down
permalink I was somewhere near nottingham
so JoS would have been closest.
permalink Nottingham used to be called
permalink It's not the nicest city I know.
It's also not the nastiest city I know.
permalink So which are?
In both cases?
permalink If I limit it to this country,
probably Edinburgh for the nicest, Cambridge if I limit it to England.
Nastiest is trickier. Coventry is unpleasant, but close to my heart. Leicester seems quite nasty, but I wouldn't say I "know" it. Stoke would definitely be a candidate, but I've not actually been there. so it'd be based on hearsay. I also don't know Birmingham well enough to condemn it.
I guess Derby or Chelmsford are the two worst English cities that I am sufficiently familiar with to judge.
permalink Birmingham - not as shit as you think it is, as the phrase goes.
Places I dislike tend not to really qualify as cities - more towns. Trying to think of cities that I consider shitholes. Even Dundee I can find some redeeming features in, although it really isn't a favourite at all. (Manley will disagree vehemently).
permalink I referred to this list:

If we're including towns, it's a whole different world.
Basildon, Stevenage, Bedford, High Wycombe, Guildford, the list is pretty endless.

I'm actually reasonably keen to spend a day in Birmingham, I want a look at the library, and as you say, I'm told it's not as bad as you'd think.

I didn't like Inverness very much.

Doesn't the Oxford English Dictionary define "Manley" as the "act of disagreeing vehemently"?
permalink Inverness is pretty crap, yes.
If you talk towns, Cumbernauld takes some beating.

Looking at the city list makes me realise how many in England I haven't been to...
permalink Am I allowed to be contraversial
and say I don't like Brighton very much?
permalink I don't think I've been to Lichfield
or Chelmsford or any of the welsh ones. Other than that I'm covered :)
permalink I am told Lichfield is not unpleasant.
Chelmsford would be alright if it weren't for the people.
permalink wait, it's Chichester I've not been to.
Picked up some old Memotech kit from Chelmsford a few years ago.
permalink Now... I'd say that about Brighton.
permalink Homophobe!
permalink bolton is worse than basildon
In fact, bolton is exactly what I'd expect from a northern town that had had its industrial heart ripped out. Its only redeeming feature is Scan.
permalink My uncle lives in Bolton.
It is pretty grim, but I'm not sure it's worse than Basildon, is it? Really?
permalink I've not explored either really
But it's rather visit basildon
permalink I'm in stoke on Trent today.
permalink Leave
permalink Can I just say that one of the things we really miss out in NZ
is John Lewis (and we'll include Waitrose in that too)

We may have spent quite a bit of time in both when we were back
permalink I have discovered the limit of power over network adapters.
My main one is on an extension, on the upstairs sockets ring of the fuse box.

The one that's not working is on a different ring, which has its own fuse box, and is on a power surge extension which itself is on a spur socket. It works fine if I plug it into the socket rather than the extension.
permalink network over power rather?
I'd have expected power surge things to fuck most massively with those.
permalink I'd agree
With this, the point is they should have point to point wire connection yers?
permalink yes
surge protectors will typically involve a filter of some sort.
thread I decided to splash out on an expensive broadband router
and use the superhub I got with my connection only as a modem.

There has been a mild improvement in my wifi:
permalink after much discussion with my work IT boffins
I physically plugged my computer into the router, rather than use wifi. that made cock all difference.

[edit] I got stung by a wasp today, it still fucking hurts. Bastards.
permalink Were you bothering it or anything
or did it just come up and sting you?

MrsJam and I had a great time at alton towers laughing at people flapping and screaming because of wasps.
permalink I was cycling down a hill
I was going too fast and something lodged itself in my helmet strap, then the fucker stung me and flew off when I stopped. I am now re-doubling my attempts to kill all of the stripy fucks.
permalink I think that, should a massive animal hit me at speed and trap me in a web
I might punch the fucker and leg it.
permalink whose side are you on!
permalink it's been several years
since I was last stung by one and I still make every efforts to kill the striped cunts. Useless, with no need on this earth. See also politicians.
permalink rub raw onion into the sting
cub was stung yesterday and the relief from the onion was brilliant. Rub it for quite a while...
permalink onion
I'll give it a go.
permalink Photoshop CS2 is free.
permalink very odd
why woud they charge for elements but give CS2 for free
permalink Elements is a different kettle of fish.
It's simplified photoshop, not old photoshop.

permalink the router is a netgear n600
It has separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi networks, and a guest network for each.

It also has parental controls run by opendns, which is what I wanted.
thread Architects of the board!
I need to apply for planning permission to put a new roof on my garage. - I want to make some changes, switch from corrugated plastic slope to a pitched roof with tiles.Anyone got access to a map I can use to show the location?

More importantly, anyone able to help a man who is bound to fuck it up?

Non-architect persons - How do you like your eggs and what method of preparation fills you with disgust?
permalink you need planning permission to change your roof?
What about if one added an enclosed porch?
permalink I am in a conservation area.
permalink good, because I'm having a porch added
and we haven't sought permission
permalink free options are limited
1. does your local council have an interactive map website and screengrab it and adjust for scale http://www.islington.g...
2. look for nearby houses that have made recent applications and copy theirs with the aid of photoshop.

paid options are about £30
permalink They do have an interactive map - I do not know what scale I need though
It makes me cross that they have the map and will not share it - They are the council - it is my fucking map.
permalink If it's just to show site location, scale isn't very important.
In terms of domestic sites in the context of neighbours, 1:250 will probably fit plenty on a sheet of A4?
permalink It's for location.
Would this do or do I need to go closer?
permalink Check with JoS or Alistair
But i think you need to be a lot closer - needs to show the garage clearly in relation to neighbouring buildings, your plot boundary, etc.
permalink It does.
permalink that is fine
put a red line round your property (the whole extent of ownership) and print at 1:500 and 1:1250

they wont check but try to get it right
permalink land registry?
It's £3 a go.
permalink interactive Mao?
little red book 2.0
permalink ?
permalink I believe you may have misspelt map as mao above
I merely riffed on that
permalink I am sorry
I have no idea what you are talking about, old chum.
permalink yes, well
that was predictable
permalink ;)
permalink if you zoom out until you see grid lines or look at an osm map you
will be able to get it to scale.

it's a bit fiddly but do-able.

you want 1:500 and 1:1250 so will fit on 1:100

look at the documents in some nearby planning applications for info.
permalink also if you visit their offices they will photocopy an A4 section for you
they just dont have the right to do it digitally, the Ordenance Survey being the cunts that they are
permalink Not sure how to do that
I am submitting as a PDF though.

Will that help?

What should I do about the plans? Tal photographs and 'shop a pitched roof on it?
permalink pdf? you'll need a kindle
permalink scrambled i reckon
but I like an omelette too. Why do you need planning permission for a new roof? All I know is, check what your neighbours have done.
permalink No neighbours near my garage.
I need permission for anything - I am in a conservation area.
permalink fair enough
they don't necessarily own a map, that's probably the OS. Photocopiers from the library?
permalink All I am being charged for it removing the TEIGNBRIDGE watermark, that I can see.
Here is the map - any ideas how I would rip a lot of it?


I need to lose the watermark and to get a reasonable area - the background image is a weird file I cannot understand.
permalink photoshop
zoom in and do 4 screengrabs if different sections then bung them together
thread I smell of very dead power supply,
or more exactly very dead mains filtering capacitor. LOTS of magic smoke blown out by an enthusiastic system fan, I've never seen cow-orkers run so quickly.

What do YOU smell of?

Also, weekend plans? We have Northerns descending again tomorrow. Much ale.
permalink I smell of ale
off to Ardnamurchan tomorrow for a week. weather looks to be shit, but happy to just sit in the cottage and read.

not taking anything internetty, so if this place falls over it'll have to wait til I get back
permalink Brilliant.
Ardnamurchan is wonderful.

permalink walking boots and bikes are packed
along with many waterproof garments, books and enough tea to fuel an expeditionary force
permalink You know you're allowed to leave Scotland, right?
You don't even necessarily need a passport.
permalink they don't have tattie scones
in abroad
permalink they eat their Mars bats raw too
permalink I do love
a good mars bat.
permalink The chewy centre is offset
by the crunchy bones
permalink I like that typo so much that I've left it :)
permalink a) Sainsburys sell them (albeit not quite as good)
b) take them with you
permalink this morning's breakfast disproves your point
permalink tablet
lovely lovely tablet. I've figured I need to take a lorry load home with me.
permalink Dunno if I smell of it per se
but I keep getting whiffs of the Thai food, cider & perfume from lunchtime.

Probably working tomorrow, then people coming round for a roast on Sunday.
thread Ladies, gentlemen, and internet wierdos:
I'm cutting my hair for charidee. Donate if you think this is appropriate behaviour.


AQ: what's your favourite AQ?
permalink this: my cable modem router can't seem to sustain
two vpn connections, after a couple of hours out needs a reset.

It's this likely to be the router element, ie if I use a different router will it improve, or its it likely to be the modem element which I am unable to change?
permalink I don't know.
However, I've had success separating the two elements in the past, not least of which it enables you to run a more powerful router thus enabling you to do more sophisticated things.

I am not 100% sure you're correcta bout not being able to change the modem though. May be worth looking into - you can buy cable modems, and I'd have thought there'd be no point in selling them if no one could use them...
permalink I'd presumed cable modems for sale
was for people in other countries and it just happened that they occasionally end up in stock over here.
permalink oi samson have a totd
(can't believe you have a ponytail.. haha)
permalink I can't believe you're not
a rogue AI.
permalink Have you tried the Turing Test?
Actually, I'm not sure how well it relates in riggers' case.
permalink I'm relying on the fact that some
amongst us claim to have met him.

I'd like some primary source evidence though.
permalink I have indeed met him.
No obvious signs of cyborg.
permalink I passed
and they chemically castrated me :(

too soon?

permalink TTIUWP
permalink I'll add some to the just giving page
and bacefook shortly.
permalink when is this hairectomy scheduled for?
permalink Probably next weekend.
i.e. before October.