thread Morning all
Have a massive Airbus A380 meeting a little Airbus A318 at Shannon

though 318s are only smaller than 319/320/321s by dint of being shorter nose-to-tail- still same sized wings, same diatmeter fueslage, same undercarriage. Still cute.
permalink awwww
permalink "Will I grow up to be big like you?"
"Don't be ridiculous, you're an aeroplane."

Edit: I don't know how much extra it costs but I'm loving the two mars bars and two bottles of water a day.
permalink dun dundundundun der dundundun
dun dundundundun der dundundun
der der de der
diddly der der de der
diddly der der de der der de der der de der der der derrr
permalink Thread jack:
Due to a mildly interesting clusterfuck of events I'm off to a small Elektro Festivan called Nachtdigital this weekend. Not only on my own, but also without any clue who the acts playing there are.
Has anybody of you guys any clue who is not to miss of this list:

permalink I can honestly say
I haven't knowingly heard of anyone on that list
permalink I don't know, but Joy Orbison sound amazing
permalink I have heard of only one name on that list, which is James Holden.
He is shit.
permalink James Holden is also the only person I have heard of
But unlike Manley, I was under the impression he was OK
permalink It is probably worthy of note that
I find electro to be teenage wank at the best of times.
permalink to be fair though your opinions can mostly be
described as deliberately contrary idiocy
permalink I was going to say something like that
but I really couldn't be bothered
permalink Not at all.
I never select my opinions to be contrary, but I DO bring up elements of my opinions which are contrary in order to cause debate.

Electro is awful wank to me, this is pertinent to the fact that I only know one.

Your opinion does not count, you live in Wales and I am racist against beards.
permalink I read this as "I'm against racist beards"
and my first thought was "who's Tom Cruise married this time?"
permalink I like
permalink Good
for you!
permalink Thank you guys!
I guess, I'll figure it out an the go. Or maybe facebook knows more.
permalink 'clusterfuck'
is one of my favourite words evah.
permalink I've heard of
Joy Orbison and Portico Quartet. But I can't tell you what they're like.
permalink electro isn't really my thing
I have heard the name Portico Quartet though.
permalink very good
although the 318 has a taller tail than the 319/20/21 to counter its other deficiencies

and I used to know Malcolm Nason, back, as it were, in the day
thread Are we alive?
are we?
permalink Are we not men?

Also: TOTD - Sleepmakeswaves - What We Cannot Speak Of Must Be Passed Over In Silence -
permalink tune!
I'm alive though it doesn't feel like it Extra groggy after more extreme gardening at the weekend followed by a slog to Grim-sby yesterday.

permalink We have a holiday Inn Express project starting there
I managed to deflect that one to a colleague....
permalink Yes
Yes we are. Going back to work on Thursday. Bah. Has been a nice month off.
permalink tell me about it
Got to go to work for the first time in over six weeks in an hour and a bit. All jetlagged to fuck.
permalink Insofar as it is possible to tell, yes.
However, this could all be a dream, created by Leonardo DiCapriSun for the purposes of stealing all my intellectual property.

I have just remembered that I have tickets to go and see some sort of theatrical adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on the lawn at Chatsworth on Thursday night.
This is quite a nice thing to have forgotten and then remembered about, especially as the tickets include a picnic.
permalink How terribly civilised.
Well you be wearing appropriate regency attire?
permalink Um. No.
I will either be wearing shorts and sandals, or full head-to-toe GoreTex, judging by the weather this week.
permalink No Breeches?
permalink yeah, just about
having to do some work that would make Ben Goldacre swear under his breath.
permalink Have you proved
Homeopathy works?
permalink hiding clinical trial data
that would be better put on public display for all to see?
permalink well, I wouldn't go that far
[edit] just remembered, did you have a sponsor link for the London/Cambridge? If so is it still active and do you want a tenner?
permalink I've got a sponsor link for Ride London
London - Cambridge was a training ride... sponsor link is here
permalink Well... I've got a choco leibniz
Best of all the calculus-inventing biscuits.
permalink oh yeah, getting confused
right, remind me to remember tomorrow when I've been paid.
permalink well, that page broke firefox and chrome for me
but that's done.
permalink ta
permalink it is a horrible site
Just Giving is far nicer to work with
permalink I forgot to ask
presumably you managed London to Cambridge fairly easily?
permalink yup
legs felt fine afterwards. I spent the afternoon moving house.
permalink I should have done it really
just making excuses
permalink I'm drowning in snot
but still hanging on there
permalink The guard in this train
just made the great nmemonic, he said that the Buffet Car is in "H" for Hungry
permalink just about.
Rather busy.
permalink Rather busty?
permalink busty in basildon?
I think flan has a copy
permalink I think he has almost the complete set
of volumes 1-8. Apart from the difficult to get hold of Vol 6, of course
permalink vols 6 and 9
are difficult to find.
permalink ah yes, volume 9
really of course, the first in the somewhat lower quality Billericay Blowjobs series
permalink RICAY!
permalink BEE

permalink See also
Frinton Friggers, volumes 1-3
permalink Is that the one with the scene involving
Nina, in the back of a cortina?
permalink or the legendary 'beaver in the Viva' one?
permalink Three
in a Capri?
permalink ah, the trio in the Clio
permalink Not the banned "force her in a Corsa" one?
permalink Up the harris
in a Yaris
permalink Motorboat her
in a Toyota
permalink Bum her
in a Hummer
permalink Ménage à Trois
in a Ka
permalink Fuck Me Gently
in a Bentley
permalink Bending Over
in a Rover
permalink Going solo
in a Polo
permalink Make her choke
in a Mini Moke
permalink rusty trombone
In a seat Leon
permalink Spider Man
in a transit van
permalink good to see you lot
have had a productive afternoon while I'be been slogging around google hq.
permalink how were the bean bags?
permalink A watersports classic
Getting Pishy in a Mitsubishi
permalink Spit roast her
in a Toyota?
permalink Ok . . I'll say it
Fuck us in a Focus
permalink Fill all her holes,
in a Rolls.
permalink Angry pirate
in a Reliant (pushing it now)
permalink fellatio
in a renault?
permalink Fanny Fartin'
in an Aston Martin
permalink Getting Tarty
In a Maserati
permalink up the ass in a Renault Espace
covered in jizz in a Daewoo Matiz
permalink wife-swapping heaven
in a Caterham seven
permalink Deep Down and Dirty
In a Hyundai i30
permalink full of regrets
in an old orange Chevette
permalink The Wolseley is coolsey,
but a Lancia is fancier .
permalink Although probably only The Bear is old enough
to know what I am banging on about.
thread Monday Fred
forgot to take antihistimines this morning. Bah. Have none with me at work.

This was getting off the train on the way to the London to Cambridge bike ride yesterday.

At a guess, over 200 bikes on a 8-car train
permalink Did you cycle
past my house?
permalink Here's the log
of my route

Did I?
permalink Yep . .
right past my front door -
permalink pretty
permalink things I didn't know until today
there's a bike service on the Eurotunnel shuttle. Costs all of £16 one or day return, or £32 for a longer return. Bargain!
permalink Why would you want to cycle
through a tunnel? It'd be really boring.
permalink threadjack asky
Fax.... I still get faxes, maybe about 10 a year...I can close my fax line and us the other number for b/beans (I will get increased download speed by swapping line). Obviously I want to move it to email fax, but there are hundreds of different set ups, anyone had cause to do something similar or use efax? thank you

AQ edam or emmental?
permalink We used to use one
we found on teh interwebs.. it was good.

I cant remember the name

My company currently uses one but I've got no idea how it's operated

permalink we've had a block of edam in the fridge for months that's never going to be eaten
might as well use it as a doorstop
permalink As far as I can tell
Edam never goes off . . . keep it as emergency currency in event of nuclear war
permalink this came as part of a selection box type thing
and just never got opened. I'll leave it, might be able to bludgeon a burglar with it
permalink Seems a bit
severe . . .
permalink Whole edams
can also be used for crown green bowls in an emergency.

Add a babybel for a complete set of equipment.
permalink What sort of emergency this would be boggles the mind
permalink You've never been in an unexpected and stressful situation,
where a game of crown green bowls is called for, but you've no equipment, instead only being able to lay your hands on four full edams and a babybel?

permalink I think you mean a mini-babybel
babybel's are quite large
permalink Then they are mis-named,
and I am disgusted by it.
permalink we still send stuff by fax
even internally on site, because we can't be arsed walking.
permalink I have a box that I'm not using
that enables you to plug a physical fax machine into a standard network, and then use a virtual voip line to route stuff to the fax.
I never got it to work, and it's probably no sort of real benefit, you'd be better off with a fully virtual efax service.

/as you were

edit: oh, and: emmental, my dear Watson.
permalink Neither to be honest
they are both too waxy
permalink You're meant to take the skin off
before you eat it.
permalink Oh . . .
permalink Emmental.
permalink i've found neither fax very well

permalink meanwhile in Bath
how on earth does this happen?
permalink haha.. great loophole
permalink so where the bikes crammed between the seats or in cargo cars?
had some of the new watermelon tangtastic haribo which were all teh yum
so decided to get the real thing.. bloody expensive in london but definitely worth it
permalink in between seats
it was just the normal Class 317s used on Cambridge-Liverpool Street services. No luggage vans.
thread TOTN
Big Black - Kerosene -
permalink BOOM
permalink I want that
In reverse
permalink BANG!
and the chimney is gone. I'm Barry Scott!
permalink mick farren dead
and he did it on stage.. fucking hero

that's probably my favourite BB song.. check some of this out
i think you might like some of it
permalink top tune!
and what a strange little man Steve Albini is

Getting ready to pack for one last push back home (well, to Auckland, as the hour down to Welly barely counts). And getting used to being back in winter. Today's temps in Shanghai (high 37, low 28), tomorrow in Wellington (high 12, low 5). Eek.
permalink make sure you haven't put on too much weight
permalink I was listening to Big Black the other day
my favourite has always been Steelworker.
permalink If I were pushed
I'd have to go for Colombian Necktie
permalink I always like L-Dopa as well
thread Awesome day yesterday
Up and out early, brilliant day in the mountains, 2 Munros, the best fish and chips I've had in many a year...

Then a lazy day today while it pissed with rain.

What's everyone else been up to?
permalink i've been mooching around and seem to be coming down wiht a cold
permalink I've been trying to find my Gameboy Advance charger
and coming to the conclusion I could probably open a museum of kettle leads.
permalink I could stock a wing of it with power packs of one sort or another.
All belonging to devices no longer owned.
permalink It was one of our hotels
that had the jewels all knicked


permalink That'll be insurance fun all round then.

Well, Cannes, but not far off.
permalink gardening.
Trimmed Mrs W's lawn yesterday and took 5 bags of knackered vegetation to the tip with my flies open. Today I ripped the living shit (and dead shit) out of my own garden and it DOESN'T LOOK ANY DIFFERENT. Gah. Still, no visible weeds so yay.
permalink 7 75l bags of
'stuff' to the tip. Careful now folks, things not to put in said bags are gravel, big branches and gravy. Or sauce. Cambs council just motherfucking WHAT?
permalink "Trimmed Mrs W's lawn"
permalink I dismantled and destroyed a shed
then took it in bags to the tip. It was backbreaking. Then we spent some time at the pleasure of the NHS for no particular reason.