thread Special night tonight,
Mrs W is getting her hair done so she's off work. Best of all, so am I! In the afternoon anyhoo. Just bloody nice to have her in the pub, yay. School night normally innit.

Nowt else to report, carry on as before. Stat.

*edit* have some Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, soon to be seen at the Garage, Islington, Oct 4th:
permalink I'm still waiting for some of the people what were videoing
the Amanda Palmer gig on Weds* to shove some of it up on Yowtyobe

*did I mention it was fecking brilliant?

In other news, work, meh. I fucking hate writing papers.

[edit] fecking awesome!
permalink I've tried to get into Amanda Palmer, I really have
but I just can't.

Also, you're at a gig, put your fucking ipad down.

[edit] and I don't like bands/singers who spend so long talking to the audience. Play your songs and stop banging on. I'm looking at you Bragg.
permalink time to give up on the roses and chocs and go for the ryphonol then
but yeah she's annoying as are people videoing gigs.. but a good blab between songs can be great.. bragg & E smith are great for that
permalink Don't forget
Jaz & Rollins
permalink a bit is fine
if you've got something to say, or just to connect better with the audience, Black Francis was always very good at it; short, sweet, hello, say something pithy, back on with the music. but going on and on and on and on is just boring and breaks up the flow of the gig. in my humble opinion of course.
permalink rollins is the worst for it
not funny clever or insightful and just breaks up the gig/flow.. and yes i've told him this TO HIS FACE
permalink Oh come on...
Billy Bragg's banter is're there for that as much as for the songs, surely?

And as for AFP, I think it is horses for courses. A bit of rambling repartee with the audience is fine, as long as the audience are enjoying it (we were). It's not like the whole gig was like that
permalink That is awesome.
She is too cool for school.

permalink Nice.
In our personal news, Scotty has cunted that cancer in the Murray.
We will never be rid of it, but the scans have shown its not growing anywhere near as fast as they first thought. So, instead of living month to month as we were... We now have been told his next scan is in 3 months. Huzzah! We can relax until December! As long as he feels well that is. So happy.
permalink i think i'll put this in the good news pile

permalink I saw him tweeting something about it
sounds like truly excellent news
permalink well that's some good news at least
it's going to cost you a fortune in Lego and lenses mind.
permalink That is
jolly bloody good :)
permalink news fantastique!
permalink This is awesome,
and something to be rather pleased about!
permalink Yay!
permalink Holy shitballs!
Good news, everybody.
permalink This officialy qualifies as a GOOD THING
permalink What a fucking great end to the week!
I have finished my five hours of "robust" discussions here in Oslo and have hours till my flight. So having a beer by the sea. Raising a glass to Scotty and his excellent cunting.
permalink I had a happy day down at Victoria Quay today
when I say happy, actually incredibly dull, but a day out is a day out.
permalink Fantastic!
permalink great news
thank heavens for medical advances in murray cunting
permalink In-murray cunting surely.
The murray is not the subject of the cunting per se. More the medium.
permalink Really?
I think that one cunts in the Murrays. This, the Murrays are cunted.
permalink Cycling bollocks
Tour of Britain provisional start list

I suspect OPQS are going to be untouchable in a sprint finish. Meanwhile Garmin-Sharp are bringing the man with the best name in the pro-Peloton, Steel Von Hoff.
permalink nice to see Alex Dowsett getting a ride
permalink aye
he doesn't get enough rides in big races. His Giro showed that he should get more.
permalink current noisy buggers appear to be
Patrouille de France getting in some practice ahead of this weekend's air show.

Tommorow includes flypasts (says multiple) by a 747-8F. Which is a rather big bugger to be coming over low.
permalink If I had a pound for every time
I'm come low over a big bugger,
I'd have very little money.
permalink ah, not the red arrows
an easy mistake to make from where I am. depending on when I go/get back from a ride this weekend I'll sit int he garden and have a look.
permalink I saw it, it was
it looked like it was so bloody low over the back field/Pampisford that I ducked.
thread Airport again...
Edinburgh en route for Oslo. No guessing since I told you earlier.
permalink Gardermoen? :-)
It's a lot easier since they closed Fornebu!

Fuck. It would be really nice to wake up some time post 5 am, and even better, without a shitty tension headache...fuck this week
permalink Aye... I'll land there just before midnight local time.
You may here from me before that though, in what I believe to be a C4mbodifirst!
permalink having t'internet access
on the plane? Have BA introduced that for the posh folk?

permalink Not BA...
Norwegian! The classy no-frills airline, I must say.
Norwegian Air Shuttle (as I still think of them) have gotten a bit classier...
permalink COMING ATCHA FROM 30,000 FEET!
Muthafucking internet on a motherfucking plane, muthafuckers!

*puts awesome technical achievement to work for utterly trivial purposes*
permalink Crap bandwidth, and I think a lot blocked.
Doesn't seem to like Twitter, gmail isn't happy. the Bo is fine though! Might try work VPN in a sec...
permalink Ah... None of that allowed either...
permalink It is amazing how quickly WiFi on an aeroplane went from 'wowzers!'
to 'bloody thing, this connection is bullshit!'

Being technically fantastic is as nothing to the speed at which we become complacent and impatient.
permalink Of course....
It's still wowzers that it is there at all, but it is hugely crippled. I wouldn't expect to stream video, but sending email would not seem unreasonable.

Still... First time for me... Was cool!
permalink woo!
permalink Posting from airports is SO passe...
Wish I could tweet though.
permalink Oooh... Clever!
No individual screens for entertainment... A server on board and it streams to your device. Nice.
permalink click this

permalink or this
permalink I chose not to try either of these...
permalink JoS an i just had an enjoyable couple of pints in sheffield train station
... or rather the posh beer pub (umm you know what i mean) therein

I heartily recommend it if you ever need to change trains there
permalink Aww
for a second I had an image of you on a bench on platform 5, swigging from your tins of Kestrel
permalink Kestrel Super
I hope.
permalink Good to know.
Now in airport hotel in Oslo. Hilariously, the Bo was pretty much the only thing I got to work on the inflight wifi!
permalink probably because there's no websockets or ajax stuff here
whereas any mainstream website now seems to depend on that shite
permalink May well be.
But even gmail and my work email (owa) wasn't happy.

Interesting. It was still INTERNET ON A FUCKING PLANE!
permalink Try to get
an Al-Qaeda site up . . .
permalink webmail clients
especially depend on that stuff, so they tend to barf when you don't have a continuous connection

of course, they should fail gracefully in such circumstances, but they don't.
permalink gmail is the worst for ajax gubbins
permalink We did indeed.
I was particularly impressed by the fairly good beer, brewed less than ten yards from platform one, in the pub itself.
permalink Worst railway station in Britain.
I hate Sheffield station.
permalink I can only think
that you've never been to Wakefield Westgate.
permalink hey, Westgate is alright!
lovely Victorian building, shop, long platform.

Stevenage, that's a craphole.
permalink If you're reduced to using 'long platform'
as a selling point I really think you're scraping the barrel.
permalink Saying that Stevenage station is likely to be worse
than anywhere else is not scraping the barrel, however.
permalink I've only ever paused in Stevenage station
but it hasn't made an impact on me.
permalink awful place, no concept of people actually having to use it
hard to get between platforms, sod all information, useless staff. ever been to Birmingham New Street? (although I understand they've tarted that up), like that but bleak, windswept and outside.
permalink you forgot
NO BOGS. Me and Al were stuck there once after some selfish cunt threw themselves under the express at Ally Pally thus buggering up the trains as far back as Grahtham. Other examples of shit stations are Newark and Waterbeach, the latter is really only 2 lumps of concrete and a ticket machine.
permalink Every been to Winnersh Triangle?
permalink not on the train,
fortunately. It's bad enough in the car.
permalink wasn't it somewhere south of Stevenage we got stopped?
Seem to remember it being Knebworth
permalink st.evenage was the first
one, then pretty much every station after that. At least they opened the doors.
permalink Haymarket, Edinburgh
It's being massively improved at the moment, but for years waiting for a train there has made you feel like you're in Schindler's List.
permalink I see your Stevenage
and raise you Harlow Town . . . brutalist architecture without the heart
permalink don't think I've ever stopped there long enough to notice
there's a few on the transpennine route that are basically two concrete blocks, a light and some track.
permalink The advantage of Harlow Town
is the close proximity of the brothel, the wall of death and the camera obscura.
permalink last time I was on the train back from that london
we came through Harlow and I absent-mindedly made some throwaway comment about the wall of death to the missus. she had now idea what I was talking about obviously, then I really couldn't remember where it came from to explain as I assumed she knew what it meant. we sat in silence for a while after that.
permalink It originates with C_I I think,
but I can't remember the full story.
permalink yeah, that's about as far as I got
"oh, I can't remember, it was off the internet..."
permalink C_I's dad
back when Harlow was still a "new town" added those as suggestions on a What Shall We Do With Harlow form . . .
permalink that makes sense
alas, you weren't there when I brought it up on the train.
permalink Yup.
The question in the survey was "what leisure facilities would you like to see in Harlow New Town?"

He had his moments, my dad!
permalink Broxbourne. a fucking
listed building that
permalink As is Harlow, I think.
permalink Stevenage
isn't too bad. I realise what I'm saying. I've had to change trains there a fair few times, and have even used Stevenage as somewhere a sensible distance I can cycle to and get the train back from.

At least when you're in/on the station you're relatively safe from the denizens outside the station.

The platform cafés aren't too bad, there's a Costa in the ticket hall on the bridge as well.

There's also definitely bogs
permalink It's not the worst station in the country, by a long chalk,
and I have no time whatsoever for your continual southern supercilious attitude towards Sheffield, which I think is a great place.

*much of post redacted*
permalink I have no real feelings about Sheffield.
Once one leaves the station there is a lovely water feature and some table-tennis to be played - I quite like that.

Inside the station is a counter-intuitive, poorly laid out, uniformed mess of shit platforms and no information, however.
permalink you've not been to crewe
I'm staying in the Midland hotel this weekend.
permalink Sounds like a soccer chant.
"You've not been to Crewe"
permalink while it's a lovely station
Carlisle is actually colder than the heat death of the universe
thread Only Thursday?
This week feels SOOOOO long. And I have to get on a plane to Oslo at 9pm tonight for a flying visit and a diffuclt meeting. I have very little motivation for this.

So I think I'm going to go and buy biscuits. What sort should I get?
permalink GARIBALDI
or, at a push, Jammy Dodgers
permalink Old Skool.
I like your style.
permalink Oooh... no need to pop out
There was a secret stash - Custard Creams and Choco Liebniz.
permalink This is an excellent selection.
permalink I was impressed
and grateful.
permalink I like a jammy dodger
but my heart will always belong to the custard cream
permalink It is long isn't it?
It's what comes of working only 2 days last week.

I have just heard that an eccentric friend of mine is coming to stay for the weekend. He's arriving before I get home from work on Friday, and leaving at 7.30am on Monday.
This means I have NO time to myself this weekend, which is unsatisfactory.
permalink fucked off with the idea
that people that repeatedly break the law in a short space of time can bascially get away with it by making sad puppy eyes at the magistrates.
permalink very fucking much connected to this idea
that you can pleade exceptional cirumstances with 42 points on your licence: the big fucking crash on Sheppey.
permalink the whole driving law business is nonsense
see also footballers etc who drink drive and don't lose their licence as it would 'prevent them from getting to work', when normal people are told that that's the whole point of banning them from driving after getting caught, and they should THINK ABOUT THIS.

if you drive badly/illegally enough, you should get banned. full stop. no matter who you are/why you need a car.
permalink and I'm not saying that just because I'm a cyclist
I drive too, and so do my family and friends, and I don't want them being killed in a car crash because some cockend magistrate doesn't know the law.
permalink aye
I drive ooccasionaly, and when I'm in a car I'm not more inclined to have serial and persitant lawbreakers on the same road
permalink 42 points would be pretty exception, right enough.
Christ, that's some pile-up!
permalink just reading
about that. Stopped SIX TIMES without insurance and not had his car crushed why? FORTY TWO points for not saying who was driving the car and no ban?

Getting away from Sheppey at speed I can understand however.
permalink where are you reading?
I saw the BBC news site piece but it didn't mention that...
permalink which bit?
The driving stuff is from the beeb and the Sheppey crash is southbound on the bridge with 'some incidents' northbound which means people escaping Sheppey.
permalink Ah! Found the driving guy thing. No connection between the two stories.
All is clear.
permalink at least no-one was killed.. obviously snake wasn't involved ;)
meanwhile in china..
permalink basically I'm linking a culture
that says that offences that get points are minor thing with the sort of driving attitude that leads to a 100 car pile up because people drive too fast in the fog with no lights on milimetres from the car in front.
permalink This does not strike me as unreasonable thinking.
permalink Well
'Computers', you see. Man caught without insurance, for example, could be caught by cameras and then get all the 36 points at once, then it turns out that he was not insured because of a failed direct debit. He has learned his lesson, glad nothing went wrong, not intentional, no advantage to a ban.
permalink that's
still 3x bans though.
permalink bullshit
I've been pulled up by a cop car because the ANPR system said I had no isurance. As far as i know no fixed/automated ANPR systems are running that can ping you for it.

The database was wrong, confirmed by the policeman, with me present, phoning the insurance company.

Now, if it was DD error, then I could accept the first time (6 points it seems). He should that day try to get the mistake rectified.
permalink But he may not have been contacted for the first offene until
After the last. Perhaps he drove to the Lake District for 2 weeks?
permalink I know this is far fetched,
But then we are talking about exceptional circumstances.
permalink I assume you never heard back
after your brush with the camera van the other week? You must be free and clear by now.
permalink No
permalink Unless you can prove otherwise
I'm pretty sure there's no force sending automated FPN for ANPR detected MOT/Insurance/VED violations.
permalink There is for tax, but you may be right.
My point is that such am explanation is definitely possible, you have almost no data and you are jerking your knees like Daily Mail subscribers.
permalink I'd reckon that in your fictional situation
f your lawyer was good enough to get the points ignored, he'd be good enough to get them struck off or at least reduced (say down to six, for a single offence(
permalink My opinion is that
you just do not know and reacting to a deliberately inflammatory piece like that is just idiocy.
permalink I've just realised
that I've been argueing against your strawman, when there's the persitant speeders. Excuse those, fucko
permalink Surely a man of straw would be
unable to get a license in the first place?
permalink Those who get over 11 points and keep their licences
do so extremely rarely and not because hey make puppy eyes.

You have read a few examples of people with lots of points and are angry about it, but I suspect you will find you are wrong.
Two tickets, 12 October at the Lowry on Salford.

Bonus: I'll not be there.

Anyone want them?
permalink I don't know who he is
but with a double-barreled name like that he's surely innocent
permalink I'll have a bit of that action,
if they're still going.
I like Milton Jones.
permalink Good.
Email me your address and I'll get them in the post
permalink Aha! Stalking information. Excellent.
permalink He cunningly excluded the end of the domain,
so that people who don't know his own e-mail are on their own.

I have sent him the appropriate e-mail, so he can now edit the post.
permalink It's cowjam@wrs.shed isn't it?
How do we campaign for dot shed as a TLD?
permalink on which
BBC 6music is currently coming live from Gideon Coe's shed
permalink I'm sure we could have a whip round
and buy it ourselves
permalink *whips it*
*whips it good*
permalink I loved Paradise Lost
but his recent work is rather different-
permalink Snappier gags
permalink Standup these days?
"Of Man's first disobedience, and the fruit
Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste
Brought death into the world and Have ye noticed, heavenly muse,
That you wait ages for death to come
The world into and then
Three deaths come at once?"
permalink dark chocolate kit kats
and i think you'd like one of these too http://www.wickedlaser...

imagine shining that out of an aeroplane window!
permalink Somehat illegal here, methinks!
permalink so if you were flying in an american owned plane
you'd be ok
permalink for that price
I'd want them to throw the safety goggles in for free!
permalink I was working till 4.30 am last night
and back in the office at 10

Brain is fried right now
permalink today is dragging
like a dog with worms on a carpet.
thread Has everyone gone home?
Did we find out what happened with Manley's ears?

The answers to these questions, and more....
permalink I've not gone home.
I went to the pub/wasp factory for lunch.

I saw on the book of faces that Manley could hear, but I know not why, how or what.
I realised earlier that we'd missed the opportunity to tell him about ear candles.
permalink Fork Handles?
permalink That joke was made.
Ear candles are evil, but I pretty much made a bloody candle.
permalink Wax on
Wax off?
permalink Yarp.
permalink Yes.
permalink Right then young man,
what kind of knockers are you after?
permalink just looking at Vuelta times
permalink just looking at the times
Wiggles has got no chance at the Worlds
permalink Nibbles has apparently had a wasp
attack his face
permalink that's because I'm relying on the useless fucker
to see my fantasy team through
permalink he seems to have
shrugged it off
permalink wiggles? nibbles?
are we talking about cats here?
permalink just winding down my last day at work
till the 1st of october and pondering the weekend
permalink Gis a chance
I've only just got up!

*swans about in dressing gown*

Bloody amazing gig by the marvellous Ms Palmer last night...grinning from ear to ear all night. Good band too...and great crowd...
permalink Madness, or genius

i can't decide
thread I just realised that the architect of the
walkie talkie was the same guy who did the place in vegas that cooked passers by recently


i've always thought he was a bit of a cock, but that's pretty shoddy.
permalink either that
or he's got a sense of humour
permalink i think it's pretty funny
hopefully he redesigns whatever they do with the MOD building and points another death ray at parliament
permalink tune of the eve due to finding this site

permalink Maybe
he is an evil genius?

TOTN - Meshuggah - Swarm -
permalink Today, in honour of us going to see her later this evening
TOTM is Amanda Palmer telling the Daily Mail to fuck off. A sentiment we can all get behind...

[warning: somewhat unsurprisingly, contains nudity]

you can't help but love the "'s just a naked woman"
permalink NO...
He's a cock.
permalink you'd have thought he'd learn by now
I can't imagine architects get fixated with one design and stick with it no matter what.

[edit] does anyone still go on b3ta?
permalink ha!
that should win
permalink AAAAAAARGH!
permalink Teh FEAR!!
. .
permalink there are architects who have made careers out of building much the same thing over and over and ov
permalink Are there any that haven't?
permalink *shuffles feet*
*plots same house type again*
permalink on which
the Cambridge Cycling Campaign is having fun trying to make headway with housing developers who just tplonk essentially the same developments anywhere in the country, trying to get them to understand the needs (especially junctions) of a city with 25-30% cycle modal share that's aiming at 40%. EG if you're putting a primary school in that's at the centre of a development where every house should be within walking distance, let alone cycling, why does it need a car drop-off bit yet have no safe cycle route to it?
permalink 40% cycle usage doesn't exempt you from needing a car drop off point,
as there are still 60% of people who want to troll around in Range Rovers, but I thoroughly take your point.

CCC needs to be representing this to Cambridge Council rather than developers, that's the body that developers will have to listen to, plus if the council isn't enforcing this through development briefs and policy then it's failing.

At the end of the day, developers have a responsibility to shareholders and investors to maximise return wherever possible. When it comes to quality and appearance, they'll spend some money as it comes back in sales, but cycle paths don't really, so they have to be imposed upon them by the local authorities.
Having said that, some developers are better than others, I'm glad I don't work for a PLC house builder, where the bottom line and the shareholders dictate everything. Here there's a distinct drive to hit the market slightly higher and sell houses quicker and for more money through quality and good design. At Barratt its all about getting density up and construction cost down, and nothing else matters. "Good Design" is hard to quantify on the balance sheet.
permalink the council are encouraging the campaign
to contact developers directly; to try to get them to submit designs that are cycle-friendly in the first place. There was one development recenetly got thrown out entirely for poor layout; thanks to engagement with the Campaign the draft redesign looks far better (eg 3m shared use paths through the park areas repalced with 5m segregated) and thus stands a far better chance of being approved. The developer had tried a one-size-fits-all approach, and perhaps hadn't fully read the council's guidance 9expecting it to be the same as everywhere else). By having the campaign speak directly the unusual demands can be accomodated from the start, saving time and money for everyone.
permalink Do we know who he is?
Only I am meeting him on Saturday and I do not know him well.