thread So. Friday, huh?
It's not crazy squid tits day today, but it is Mythical Cephalod Awareness Day.

permalink Original or 3D remake?
permalink If it were still Mental Health Awareness Day,
I'd be kraken up.
permalink It's not really my cuttle of fish
permalink Is the logic behind this
that after cancer awareness week other invertebrate sea creatures felt left out?
permalink I sea
what you did there
permalink Monitor update:
I have a new monitor. It's not HP, it's Viewsonic, a 27" IPS LED panel, at 2560x1440. It's quite nice.

They were obviously waiting until it was raining before delivering a pallet of them into the car park.
permalink TJ
after years I found a picture of my first completed building, I designed this minaret/belevedere.

'designed' in 1997 when I was 21
permalink Hark at you!
I'm not sure anything I've actually designed has been built yet, but the frame on my 10 storey east london edifice was well out of the ground last time I went to look.

Shall we call you Mr Belvedere from now on?
permalink lovely.
permalink not exactly my finest hour
I mean what the hell is going on with that balcony on the right.

but I must visit some day.
permalink where is it?
permalink soma bay
permalink Who amongst us
experienced out finest hours when we were 21?
permalink A very good point.
permalink I was working on this when I was 21:
amongst other things, but I can't really claim to have designed any of it, just drawn it.
permalink I was working on this
permalink Stuart Law seems exceedingly
pleased with your work.
permalink did they make you put a wig and a swimming costume for the photos
permalink I would have readily done so, obviously,
but I had left before it went on site.
permalink you're all very industrious
I was still smoking Galoises and inciting the worker's revolution as long as it didn't interfere with my student loan cheques
permalink We do a year out placement thing
In my case halfway through 3rd year
permalink I had just (barely) completed my degree,
decided not to carry on with any education, and had got a job with an interior designers.
permalink And such nice shades of pink...
permalink that wasn't me
it's probably faded a bit as well
permalink outside shot but if anyone here happens to be in cardiff next friday
i'm doing a fundraiser

there, i think i've now told every single person i know
permalink mmm, cake
permalink jigsaws with Vishnu
permalink it's all kicking off
and no mistake
thread Just unloaded
An old red crate/box in the spare room to make a temporary bed side table... Unearthed the husbands ancient porn. Just one book, and a playboy comic. Much giggling.
permalink ah
the old decoy stash trick
permalink by ancient porn do you mean that it is an old edition of a porn mag
or that he is into pics of proper old ladies?
permalink if the latter do you have any scans?
asking for a friend.
permalink youporn, redtube,
xhamster. Fill yer boots. Not literallly, obvs.
permalink a true 'bodian
always turns to his hat in such circumstances
permalink Or Neon Blue's hat
permalink should just use an old sock
permalink as in
a comic... yes, playboy comic from 1995. I have not taken it out of its plastic wrapper.
permalink The stuff you'll want to avoid
is on the outside of the plastic wrapper, but it's probably dried by now.
permalink Oddly TOTN is
These Arms Are Snakes - Horse Girl -
permalink I must have missed the memo
explaining what TOTN means.

Now I have to shame myself by asking. Comedy responses welcome to lighten my idiocy.
permalink Tabazan's Obligatory Tit News
A compulsory nightly update on all things mammary.
permalink I like this.
armish snakey horse tits.
permalink psst...
"Track of the Night"

or Transgender Oligarch Twang Nodule
permalink "Come on darling, show us your TOTN"


permalink Terrible Old Tortuous Number
permalink Normally . . .
thread It's cephalopod awareness week!
Today is specifically squid day.

Might go to the fishmongers.
permalink my mate runs 2 posh fishmongers in glasgow
... just for the halibut**

** and earning a living (it's called fantoosh fish by the way if you are across)
permalink for cod's hake,
not fish puns again.
permalink on multiple channels, it would seem.
permalink I'm in turbot mode.
permalink Like a
Laser Bream
permalink Sweep breams
are made of cheese.
permalink who am I to

*it's an NZ fish, honest
permalink lived just opposite there last year
it's good, a bit expensive but not silly so
permalink fishmongers are my fourth favourite kind of mongers
permalink I'm going to guess

in that order
permalink hate
permalink no.1 is there'sathiefa
cos i love detective novels
then it's hate then war then yeh, fish.
permalink The cost o'mongers
is out of control these days.
permalink fucking QS always fucks it up.
permalink what are the boards
that gutters on roofs attach to called?
permalink Fascias
or Fascia Boards
permalink spoil sport
he would have been down B&Q asking for flimble jiggets.
permalink They've got a special on them
at the moment.
permalink whereas now
he'll be attaching guttering directly to fascia boards?
permalink nowt wrong with that
obviously it's not the pvc covering we are talking about
permalink Even if it is,
you should just be able to screw through to the feet of the rafters, right?
permalink yes
permalink I thought you were meant to attach through the fascia
to the struts, not just the fascia itself
permalink It depends on the fascia material.
If it's 18mm timber (which is likely on older houses), you should eb able to fix to the fascia.
However if it's thinner, or is uPVC, you ought to line the fixings with the rafters behind.
permalink this is confirming my world view
that for everything practical you think you understand, there is at least another level of complexity, which if ignored, leads to catastrophe or death.
permalink or comedy.
permalink and/or
. .
permalink for example,
penis beakers.
permalink or Manley
permalink Synonymous, apparently

permalink you need
to go for a long weight. Don't forget the sky hooks.

then to the food shop for k9p food colouring, its yellow.
permalink and some tartan paint, a left-handed screwdriver,
sparks for the grinder and a new square bubble for the spirit level after I dropped the last one and knocked the corners off. Oh aye, and a bucket of blue steam.
permalink don't forget amps for the welder
an AC battery, a copper magnet, and hammer grease.
permalink and don't do a google image search for "long weight" with safesearch off.
permalink I'm fairly sure I know
exactly which pic comes up. Hahaha I said 'comes'
permalink flimble jiggets
permalink soffits.
Ignore this lot.
permalink the soffit is the underside piece
guttering is attached to the vertical piece, aka flimble jigget*

* AKA facia board
permalink Seconded, by another highly trained professional.
(albeit one who can spell "fascia")
permalink i also missed a G in Jiggget
permalink I'm sure I can find some flimble jigget uplights
he'll be needing some if he wants to meet building regs.
permalink thirded
by a loosely allied professional.
permalink fourthed
by someone else with a beard
permalink I didn't mean ignore because
of facts, just generally because internet weirdos :D If the shoe soffits....
permalink In fact...
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cephalopod Awareness Week, and Metal Health Awareness Day.

Yay for crazy squid tits.
permalink It's a day to make
demented octopodes start regularly checking their own breasts.
permalink I for one support this endeavour.
permalink cracking Peel Session,
permalink Crazy squid tits?
Is that Lady Gaga's new album title?
permalink I'm going old skool
so big it up for all the ammonites and belemnites in da house...especially for the Mid Jurassic posse!
permalink there is a Gok Wan acolyte
who has under her bed a collection of ammonites.

thread I know a few here have nice bikes or motorbikes
A few have gone missing round my way recently and a friend has recommended this kind of thing,


worth considering of you have a bike worth a bob or two.
permalink That's not bad value at all if you have a pricy bike
Meanwhile, I have been asked to be a judge for next year's International DALI Awards.

That's not melty-clock surrealism, but Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a standard control protocol for lighting.

Christ, that's pretty fucking niche as awards go...
permalink However niche,
one assumes that judges get expenses, booxe and a certain amount of jollying and toadying-to.
permalink It happens during Light and Building in Frankfurt next year
which I'll be at anyway. Must be able to get lunch out of it at least though.
permalink Guy at work had his bike stolen
on Tuesday from the office car park, right outside the window. No-one noticed.
permalink the police in Cambridge did a mock 'stealing bike' exercise to see what happened
people just watched them at it and there wasn't one
report of a theft. no one sees it as a real crime.

I mean bicycle, not motorbike, that's probably different.
permalink I have just had to use the phrase "anal seam" in an email
who says my job isn't glamorous.

I like the idea of that, but I bet I'd forget to turn it off and it would keep texting me when I was out cycling.
permalink it still amuses me when
I tell customers to ANAL DISK.

(VAX/VMS only needs the first 4 characters of a command)
permalink the hoovers?
permalink Nothing sucks like a VAX
permalink yes!

permalink Don't say that to the French
or you'll end up going over there to remove a server from their bum
permalink I want one for my cat
and house keys, and tablet, and shoes, and that bit of important paperwork i left somewhere

this looks like a cheaper alternative
permalink I need one
for the husband.
permalink that and a penis beaker, eh?
permalink I attach it to the beaker.
good thinking that man.
permalink Extra beaker functionality
I like your style.

For maximum bedside table efficiency, one could combine with a teasmade.
permalink cream with that?
permalink NO!
. .
permalink it just
needs a stir, care to assist? I don't appear to have the correct implement.
permalink go on then,
as long as munkt0n doesn't mind.
permalink that's pretty good value. you could make your own for about that
But it would be that small.
thread Stoner rock tonight
Red Fang - Hank Is Dead -

Even if you don't like the music the video is brilliant (as are most of their videos)
permalink preston coolio is all i've listened to this morning