thread Why do Americans wear really stupid looking jumpers a lot?
permalink I'm all for stupid looking jumpers
this Christmas I plan to actually buy a proper shit one instead of just talking about it.
permalink to distract from their horrible trouser/socks/shoes
permalink This is not my experience, having mostly spent time on the west coast.
There they wear t-shirts or open necked shirts, until the temperature drops below 25C, at which point they put on a "windcheater" or go indoors.
Also, in California, a man wearing a tie is as unlikely a sighting as a unicorn, and significantly more rare than bigfoot.
permalink I do not know, but I found a gif of The Bear fucking a raccoon.

Clearly NSFW, as it has a man who looks a little bit like a fatter Rupert, fucking a racoon.
permalink Get some miconazole cream on your Tinea Cruris, Rupert!
permalink jebus!
permalink feckin hell
thank jebus that turned out to be a soft toy
permalink I love the way people are shicked
AFTER clicking the clearly labelled link.

Yes. Shicked.
permalink well, I did shave not long ago
but not with a Schick
permalink it's hardly nsfw you dolt
it's more thebears 300ib twin brother that is the freaky thing
permalink so any of you lot that live/work next to air fields seeing a boost
in military activity?
permalink there was a Spitfire flying about yesterday
I hope the bally hun haven't invaded.
permalink I saw one on Sunday too
(in Somerset whilst driving home)
permalink Third time lucky,
 That's what I say.
permalink Now that I come to think about it
I don't think I have ever seen a WWII era plane in the air. Either you guys are very good at plane spotting or the vintage plane scene is much bigger in the UK.
permalink Er.
I think there may be different cultural attitudes towards WWII in our respective countries...
permalink Not by me, obviously.
permalink I live right under the flight path
of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, they're always flying things in and out.
permalink Shush you.
permalink Witchy, new_matt and Al
all live/work here
permalink well... close to it
Although I suspect that Al and Witchy would quite enjoy living and working in it!
permalink fuck
yes! It's a good half hour from home but I drive past it regularly for work. Pity its so huge you can't just pop in just to stand under the B52.
permalink and call yourself little boy
or fat man?
permalink as Amy says
I work a mile from the Duxford branch of the Imperial War Museum, which is a working airfield home to a lot of active preserved military aircraft. There's something like ten Spitfires based there. It's not uncommon to walk around site at work and see a 70 yr old war plane doing aerobatics.

next time you're over we could take you there? It's a big place, full day out. There's even one or two german planes (non active).
permalink Next time he's over, and you take him there,
can I come too?
In all my time in Herts I never made it round Duxford.
permalink I can't make any promises for 2014,
but if the NSA hasn't shut down the internet completly by then I'll let you know when I'm over. Sounds great.
permalink Cool
permalink yup
a big PLANES (and tanks) day out is a superb idea.
permalink and me!
permalink TANK!
permalink On Saturday,
a Vulcan bomber (I think) flew over my house.
On Sunday, I saw the Red Arrows.

edit: I'm confident someone like Al will be along any second to confirm whether there was a Vulcan flying in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire on Saturday.
permalink Both of these flew right over my house last weekend,
within 50' of me.
permalink I have just posted pictures on FaceBook -
The Vulcan was HUGE!

Does this work?


There were other things to, including a Lancaster.
permalink I'll take it that it does not work then
permalink I don't know, but I have seen the pictures on bacefook. Very nice.
It seems that the Vulcan (there's only one airworthy one) was flying at Rhyl on Saturday, and is based at Finningley, which is not far off me. It would seem to be about right for it to have taken off from Finningley, flown over me to Rhyl, then back home again afterwards.
It was at the Bournemouth Air Show on Sunday, along with various other things, so I assume that's what you saw, as in flying terms, I guess Bournemouth isn't all that far away.
Unless you meant the preceding weekend.
permalink The preceding weekend.
Look how often it flew past!

Dawlish Airshow. You buggers should come - it is easy to watch from my garden or we could go out in a boat, it is not half bad and I like barbecues.
permalink a barbecue on a boat?
that sounds like a cast iron episode of "oh Manley!"
permalink Actually I have often had a barbecue on a boat,
but in this instance I meant in the garden.
permalink It only works
if one is friends with you on Facebook
permalink sshhh! he'll ask you!
permalink I never ask anybody.
permalink which ear
did they fly past?
permalink a massive (possibly Lancaster) bomber
was flying about from Duxford this weekend, came right over my house, huge motherfucker.

[edit] oh, there's an airshow this weekend, that would explain all the old things buzzing in.
permalink There's only one Lancaster still flying
There's nothing else like it really, so I guess you had the Battle of Britain Flight pass over.
permalink Mine had a
Dakota with it.

There was also a Spitfire, but that was on the ground.

I would like to see one with a Bouncing Bomb on the bottom.
permalink yeah
BoB flight has a Lancaster and a Dakota- also six Spitfires, two Hurricanes and for training, two Chipmunks. They have to retrain RAF pilots, even though they'll have started in prop aircraft, because all their planes are "tail draggers" and the RAF's propellor trainers aren't.
permalink I used to love going up in a Chipmunk
nothing like feeling the tin of the airskin flex when you press down
permalink This is disgusting!
Worse than rupert with the raccoon...
permalink I did Chipmunks in the ATC
I loved the gliding as well
permalink I prefer gliding.
I'd love to take it up, so much so that I keep contemplating hang gliding as an affordable alternative.
permalink ditto in the CCF
but failed to go gliding due to weather being shit all 6 times.
permalink Who are you on Facebook?
Friend on another forum *gasp* has a friend who is looking for 'science/energy types for a renewable energy project' and I rather think you fit the bill...
permalink I've sent you a message
to compensate for your low-quality stalking
permalink Cool, I have a blind spot on some names.
If someone called Rui gets in touch with you, it's my fault.
permalink where did you do CCF?
permalink at nob school
permalink mine was with my school,
We did chipmunks out of finningley (now Nottingham airport) and gliding out of leeming. I also did a gliding scholarship in north Wales somewhere and a flying scholarship out of Teesside airport.
permalink I find it amusing that Finningley is called Robin Hood Airport.
It's at least an hour's drive from Nottingham, and is immediately next door to Doncaster. East Midlands Airport is dead close to Nottingham, and much better established as an airport.
permalink I'd love a chipmunk
permalink I do not think I have ever flown anything
that was not a tail dragger.
permalink I don't know
I'm hardly Barnes Wallis, it was some big old bleeder with loads of propellors and a roundel, could have been anything.

[edit] doesn't help that they all look the same, big things, propellors, wings, that sort of nonsense.
permalink I doubt the BoB Lancaster
would have been around Duxrford the weekdn just gone. Could be something else entirely.
permalink as above
I'm sure it wasn't, but you could see the whites of Algernon's moustache as he flew past.
permalink so all old school
nothing heading towards syria then?
permalink not over my house
that I can see, mind you, Duxford isn't really used for refuelling/rendition.
permalink or may be the yanks have developed a squadron
of wonder woman planes..
permalink how does that work?
is she invisible when she's in it? I'm not really up with the Wonder Woman canon.
permalink her flight suit is pink and from afar makes her look like an elephant
anyone claiming to have seen her are immediately classed as drunk
permalink makes sense
I read somewhere that the story was being rebooted, this may or may not be of interest to people who like comics.
permalink who cares

this is more important
permalink that
is making my head hurt
permalink it is
permalink Oooo the power in the office has gone
unfortunately they seem to have plugged the routers and internet into the back-up power.

hopefully it's not going to last long
permalink is there any sort of free tool
where I can put in a photo of a room and start fucking about with wall, cupboard etc colours?
permalink photoshop

you might find an app
permalink I don't know.
I'm trying to clean a pc. It's quite boring waiting for stuff to load.
permalink hoover
permalink water pressure cleaner.
thread TOTN?
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving - Throw us to the Wind And Sever us from the Present -

permalink morning
wibbling about cycling: Chris Horner's press conference at the uelta today will ugly and pointless.It'll basically be
"Are you on drugs?"
"come, yes you are"
"no I'm not"
"prove it"
"how the fuck am I supposed to do that?"

(for those unaware: Horner is 41 yrs old. On a long, steep climb yesterday he rode away from the world's best climbers to take the stage and the overall race lead. He's never been this good.)
permalink well, he's on drugs I'd imagine
and Nibbler can hardly be expected to maintain any sort of Grand Tour form this long without have the occasional slip up. I'm surprised at Roche though, he's been threatening to be good for a long time, but this is the closest he's ever got/likely to get.
permalink This question seem redundant,
[x] he's a professional cyclist
[x] he's on drugs

From a journalistic point of view it seems more interesting to ask the cyclists who came last if they are not on drugs, and if they thought about switching to drugs that work better?
permalink true
"Cav, I see you're shit at going up hills, ever thought about some of that EPO?"
permalink he's been instagramming photos of the Peak District
and making claims that he's enjoying training there
permalink That's because
The Peak District is where it's at, man!
permalink I wonder if he was struggling up the same hills as my dad
permalink Cavendish "struggles" up hills
rather faster than most amateurs "power" up them.
thread Monday starts well
splatted a large fly or bee whilst cycling in. Now got a swollen lip. This hurts.
permalink So, I started calling the doctor before opening time and,
after 21 minutes in a hold queue I get told, as always, that there are no appointments available.

I have rung every morning, starting on Wednesday, and been told the same. I asked what else I can do, can I see a nurse and I get told that I have to ring back tomorrow.

I pushed the boat out a bit and said that it could be neurological and I need to see someone and she said 'I can terminate this call you know' and hung up on me.

Is this a third world? How the hell does one get to see a doctor?
permalink Is there a hospital with a drop in centre?

then they could give you a letter for one of these types of places
permalink You should put in a complaint to your PCT
but as to the immediate problem, I can only think of registering with a different surgery.
permalink PCT's are gone :(
PALs for NHS England is his best bet now . . .

Please contact the NHS Commissioning Board at .

You can also contact the NHS Commissioning Board on 0300 311 22 33

(for some reason we're still seen as the Commissioning Board?)
permalink Done. Not well, but done.
I am extremely dissatisfied with the service offered by my surgery (Barton Surgery, Dawlish) and wish to register a complaint.

On Tuesday night I suddenly and completely lost all hearing in my left ear. I have subsequently called every morning before 0830hrs and then remained on speed dial on two telephones until one of them gets into the queue, then held for a time (this morning it was 21 minutes) only to get through to be told that all appointments are booked up, including emergency appointments and nurse appointments and that I need to call again the following morning.

This calling again malarkey is not working, I am still deaf and when I asked what alternatives were available, whether I could book an appointment in the future or similar the only response is 'All I can offer at this time is an 0830 call-in'. No doctor, nurse or emergency appointments have been available. I have specifically asked for all three.

This mantra has helped not one iota and I am left in a situation where every day is like the last. I call up every morning and I am told to call again tomorrow - I feel as though I am trapped in a poor imitation of a Franz Kafka novel. I have asked for pointers as to what alternatives there are and the same mantra is repeated. I even went as far to ask 'what if it is neurological, what if I need help?' and was told 'I can terminate this call if I want to' and hung up on.

There are two issues here - firstly I want to see a doctor or a nurse, but much, much more importantly, the system needs to change.

Staff who are not medically trained answer telephones and hand out appointments on a first come first served basis (although it is more of a lottery than that as it is not possible to call in earlier than I am) and those who do not win one of these coveted appointments just have to try again tomorrow - For me this has meant almost a week of constant calling, but I am no closer than I was before and theoretically this could continue indefinitely.

Please either defend this third world approach to health care or explain to me what I am doing wrong and what I need to do. I am still clinging to the hope that the later is the correct course of action, as I cannot bring myself to believe that in the UK it is still possible to be perpetually unable to receive medical care. If it is the latter please also explain what steps will be taken so that the telephone operators can be trained to convey this sort of information to those in need of care.

Additionally I shall want to make a personal complaint about the telephone operator who hung up on me whilst I was pleading with her not to and asking her to help me - I am aware that, deaf as I am, I am a little harder than usual to communicate with, but I really was asking for help and hanging up after a 21 minute hold period was hurtful and unnecessary.
permalink Well done.
CC your MP?
permalink Yes.

permalink There we go,
I complained in writing to my MP, the surgery and to PALs for NHS England and I pretty much immediately got a call back from the surgery with an appointment for five to one this afternoon with a doctor.

Why should complainers get better treatment? The situation still stands.
permalink As a result of my lax posting lately,
I haven't commented on this scenario much, but I am 110% with you on this.
NHS receptionists are an exceptional breed of individual, generally without charm, guile, empathy or intelligence. Many of them seem to view their job to be to ensure as few people see the doctors as possible, in some sort of misguided attempt to weed out time wasters.
My previous GP operated exactly the same system you're describing, and I never succeeded in getting an appointment when I was actually ill.
My present GP seem to have a much more sensible system, and I've had no trouble whatsoever. Particularly, they run surgeries on Saturdays and late nights, appointments for which they will not give to retired people, or children. They have four surgeries in the surrounding villages, and provided you don't mind driving to one of the more distant ones (max 6 miles), you can always get an appointment of some sort.
permalink everything seems to be like that at the moment
let's hope it's all entirely innocent, but make sure you don't leave without a proper diagnosis/next step (not, "oh, come back in two weeks")
permalink my mate Tom
got that constantly. 'you've got shingles' 'you've not got shingles, we don't know what it is' 'you've got shingles' 'you haven't shingles any more' 'take painkillers and come back in 2 weeks'

He died of terminal cancer.
permalink I once called NHS direct and they diagnised me over the 'phone as having shingles.
turned out I had detached the bottom of my lung from my ribcage (or something - torn the muscle holding the pleuratic whatsit in place).
permalink i know people will roll eyes but
this seems to give an idea..

permalink Nice one
I agree with everything Mr Speed said above.
The only advantage my GP have is they offer advice calls from a doctor that you usually get within 30 minutes of your call. the doctor then decides whether you need to come to the surgery. every time I have asked for an advice call I have had an appointment the same day.

A lot of surgeries record their calls so it may be worth asking for a copy in an FOI request before they "lose" it.
permalink problem of being rural
is that there's a single GP surgery in Dawlish. Next nearest appears to be Dalwish Warren, then Teignmouth.
permalink Yup.
And you try moving doctors if you have one and live in Devon. I spent 6 years in Exeter at a doctors surgery a few miles away.
permalink Oddly, I am also fairly rural,
and there's a wide variety of surgeries to choose from.
I guess this is because there are lots of smaller surgeries, and not too much of the agglomeration of smaller services into a bigger single facility has occurred.
permalink I'm hardly rural
but there is one healthcentre for all the surrounding villages. and there is a constant flow of old people with season tickets booked up months in advance.

my missus had to wait two weeks for an appointment as the receptionist didn't deem her to be an emergency, I've just had my ongoing pills (gammy hip) changed because they think they are too expensive, despite the acknowledged specialist at Addenbrookes telling them to continue me on the ones I have been on for ages.

I can only imagine that privatising the fuckers is going to help.
permalink when I lived in a rural village
Our surgery had a drop-in every morning and appointments in the afternoon. This worked brilliantly.
permalink My surgery has
three bases in three separate villages and, if you phone in the morning, you will get an appointment that afternoon (or the morning if all the slots aren't filled)

I think, unfortunately, it is luck of the draw
permalink Ours is entirely luck of the draw.
Additionally they give out the appointments at random, so old people get early and late ones, when they would rather be at home, and working men get midday when they need to be in town.

Working women, you ask? A woman's work is never done.
permalink blimey:
A: drop in centre is possibly your best bet
B: when you're feeling better, a complaint about that call (as long as you didn't get sweary) may be in order, because that sounds bang out of order from the receptionist
C: your surgery sounds massively over subscribed and poorly run. When I phone up mine for a routine appintment, that I'm happy to have the following week (I can book apppointments a couple of weeks in advance, there's also an online system that i've forgotten my login for) they often try to fit me in that day (despite my protestations that I do need to arrange the time off for non-emergency checkups).

Bascially, this sort of procedure is massively inconsistent, and you've got one of the bad ones.
permalink I did not get sweary - I really do get sweary a lot so I know I did not this time.
In fact I begged her 'please do not hang up, I need help'.
permalink I agree with C
when I've had to do similar, if they've knocked me back one day then they've held an appointment for me the next providing I phone in first thing for it

but yeah, receptionists. My favourite was when I got my emergency appointment with the GP, who immediately sent me off to A&E with a letter addressed 'to the receiving physician'.

I spent half an hour arguing with the receptionist at A&E, who was convinced that 'physician' meant I had to go across the road to the physiotherapy department, which was closed for the night. The idea, which I repeatedly communicated, that I potentially had a life-threatening condition of my heart/lungs which could kill me at any moment was of no interest whatsoever.
permalink I lost it in Bath A&E once.
Because my eldest was born there before Jim and I were married, her name was down for her only previous visit (her birth) as 'Baby Harrill'. As her actual surname is Manley these did not match. I was not allowed to take her through to triage, even though I had been sent there by a doctor, until after they had done the paperwork.

I started shouting and knocking chairs about until someone else came - that person (a matron) immediately rescued me and took me to a doctor.

My daughter had swallowed poison.
permalink Your family calamity index
is exceedingly high.
permalink do you have a brother in law
called Guy? or is it a common surname in your part of the world?
permalink No, my only brother in law is called James.
It is not that common though. What would the Manley be called?
permalink I'm basing this off your wife's maiden name being
Harrill. That side of the family.
permalink Aha!
Oh, I had not thought of that - that is very rare.

I do not think I know a guy though.
permalink same problem here,
if I want to see a named doctor I'm looking at the fat end of a 4 week wait. The others will deny medical help until I have another blood test because they're paid for those. Not sure if that's legal or not.
permalink I will take any doctor, any nurse, any time of day.
They have this lottery system for who gets an appointment, it is absurd.
permalink This makes me rather uneasy.
I'd send you a slice of my heath care, but that's sadly not how things work.
I guess in hard times like this, one has to rely on friends with a medical background. Or maybe try to catch a nurse at a hospital cart park and offer cash?
permalink I like the idea that one needs to offer nurses cash.
It may be different in Germany, but over here they just want sex.
permalink This is a difficulty with sourcing
all our nurses from eastern europe.
Sometimes the prostitute/nurse smuggling lorries get mixed up in Dover.
permalink GP surgeries are directly mandated by civil servants
to schedule appointments in the way you describe.

No leeway.

I'm sure that the combined attractions of massive non-dischargeable student debt, wage decline, reduced pensions and top heavy demography, and constantly being treated as though one were by default an uneducated, recalcitrant, lazy criminal until proven otherwise that the government will be ushering in a new era of vast numbers of highly motivated doctors any minute now.

Statistically, sudden deafness without barotrauma is likely to be wax, or Eustachian tube dysfunction, but further down the list are things like acoustic neuromas.

Now if you don't mind, I'm busy on my day off photocopying, and getting a JP to certify it as a true copy, my Australian Medical Council certificate for the Australian Health Professionals Registration Agency so that they can charge me another $600 to move me from Limited to General registration. The fact that the AMC certificate was sent directly from the AMC to the AHPRA office and AHPRA handed it to me on production of my passport and a letter confirming my identity, complete with photograph from the AMC, seems not to be seen as unnecessary and illogical bureaucracy.

I have the same feelings as Manley about being treated as an idiot by someone whose main career achievement has been to learn how to use a telephone with 'no' as a default mindset.

On the plus side, despite being lumped in bureaucratically with doctors who bought their degrees in Bangladesh and Somalia, in the name of equality, diversity and non-discrimination, I'm a scarce enough human resource to thoroughly enjoy playing this new game of hardball to the death with the didactically retarded.
permalink that's the most
sensible thing I've seen you post for a long while. That'll be £60 for the review. Ta.
permalink If they're mandated to schedule appointments that way
then why can I book a couple of weeks in advance, including online?

Though generally I don't go to see a Doctor, what with most of my GP surgery visits being for monitoring of an ongoing conditioning seeing a practice nurse is a far better plan.
permalink Probably depends on which PCT or whatever the fuck they're called now
I don't really keep up with Third World affairs any more.
permalink what have you done with your doctor?
it's been said before, but the UK should have accepted communism in the 1970s, we'd be mad for it.
permalink meanwhile
unintended downside (upside?) of kerrazy architecure- the "Walky talky" building melts cars.
permalink Hahahahahaahaha!
That is such a shit building. Shit architect, massively over-rated.
permalink very much this
permalink Vinoly is a cock.
Awful, awful buildings.
permalink well yes
the fact that it seems to be focusing light using the windows into a death ray is hilarious though.
permalink surely it's all part of some grand scheme
by an insane criminal mastermind?
permalink This is rather hilarious.
EDIT: Is it legit though ?
permalink apparently it's also been burning
a barber's shop. Obviosuly as the sun moves the death ray tracks round.
permalink now, I'm no structural engineer
but surely, SURELY, at some point in the proceedings, someone must have gone, "guys, has anyone else noticed that the plans for this massive parabolic glass building look funnily similar to one of those giant solar collectors they have in Spain?"
permalink other
superb gallery of action sport photography

You'll find yourself going "nope" a lot.
thread TOTN is unusually
permalink Excellent!
*steeples fingers a la Mr Burns*
permalink this is my choice
permalink Die, Kunst!
permalink blimey.. it's not often we get proper music on here
you might like this
permalink If we're going that way
TOTN would be -

Alas TOTN is in fact -
permalink we used have a laburnum tree in our back garden
where I lived as a kid. Fact fans.
permalink LOOK!
permalink Done!
permalink I went onto the house and said how nice the peas growing on the tree tasted.
I then spent the day having my stomach pimped.

Hehe! 'Pimped'!

I was 4 or 5
permalink Oh, Manley
The Early Years
permalink I like this.
permalink Must have happend quite some years ago.
Apparently he got treated at the same day.
permalink The Ear Ly Y Ears or
when he was but a child?
permalink Read some of your thing.
about 13% of it.
thread Sir David Frost's died
Statement from the family of Sir David Frost:

Sir David Frost died of a heart attack last night aboard the Queen Elizabeth where he was giving a speech. His family are devastated and ask for privacy at this difficult time. A family funeral will be held in the near future and details of a memorial service will be announced in due course.
permalink Gawd.
Didn't see that coming. He seemed pretty indestructible.
permalink tj: i expect they needed to get their car re-upholstered after this
permalink FFS
That's mental.
permalink as someone pointed out,
if you go to the start of the video you can see the rock fall off the top
permalink that is excitingly Wile E Coyote
permalink Nice one.
permalink shit
a brick
permalink crumbs
some excitingly moronic comments as well
permalink all i've seen of him was through the keyhole
and a sunday morning 'news' program where he asked wet questions inbetween having his tongue firmly wedged up his interviewees arse