thread My new office has a wee chinese supermarket round the corner.
We're gradually exploring all the instant lunch options they have - lots of mad noodle things like Pot Noodle only much better. Usually with no english labelling, so it's a bit of a lottery.

The one I got today had three sachets of random gloop. I don't think I should have put all of the bright red one in.

It's so spicy I can't feel my face.
permalink I mixed up my jars of smoked paprika and extra hot chilli powder last night
resulting in potato wedges that even I, a lover of all things hot, couldn't handle
permalink I've had several ramen-type noodles
from Tesco and Asda that are like that. Bugger all English on the packet, thermonuclear soup
permalink Thermonuclear soup?
Good Peel session?
permalink nah
bit rubbish. All noise, no art.
permalink imported
far eastern noodle pots make pot noodle look like vesta curry.
permalink I am moving the Knob thread up here
as it is in danger of falling off the bottom:

Saving all my knob for you
permalink The things we do for knob
permalink I understand there's a recent Manilow album called
The Greatest Knob Songs of All Time.
permalink George Benson did a 'Knob Songs' as well
have we had Cud's 1992 single 'Purple Knob Balloon'? And indeed 'Strange Kind of Knob'.
permalink and I've just thought of another indie pop classic
The Family Cat's 'Remember what it is that you knob'
permalink Anything by
Arthur Lee & Knob?
permalink Knobbing you
is easy 'cause your beautiful . . .

(Orb version - TOTD)
permalink Fleetwood Mac is a rich vein:
Big knob
You make knobbing fun
Say you knob me
Bleed to knob her
Knob in store
Need your knob so bad
permalink Justify my knob . .
(something to do with making sure it is in the center I think)

That first Mac track is a classic:

"I'm looking out for knob
Big, big knob!"
permalink 24 hours late!

My knob is like a red, red rose
permalink And I responded!

Ah well . . . Knob will keep us together
permalink Knob is in the air
Everywhere I look around
permalink one for bongo..
a groovy kind of knob
permalink Have I told you lately that I knob you?
permalink I think I Knob You
The Partridge Family at their greatest
permalink Because the night
belongs to knobbers
permalink ouch!
knob will tear us apart

as opposed to knob me tender
permalink Oh, Alice Cooper did an album called
Knob it to Death.
permalink Didn't Leona Lewis do
Bleeding Knob?
permalink The National have an album called
Sad Songs for Dirty Knobbers, apparently.
permalink I had everyone
in the pub in tears last night reading these threads out :)
permalink When I first played on facebook,
I lost most of a weekend to it, either giggling uncontrollably when I thought of one, or frantically googling for fresh ideas.
It also makes me collapse into fits of laughter when listening to the radio, to the confusion and consternation of my colleagues.
permalink yup, big Robin said that,
I changed the way he's going to listen to songs. He also branched out into Shakespear - 'it's better to have knobbed and lost than never to have knobbed at all'
permalink Ah, yes,
the old matter of the star-crossed knobbers.

Which reminds me: Sade - Knobbers' Rock
permalink Mr Knobber Knobber!
. .
permalink Sea of Knob!
permalink Have we done
Lay all your knob on me?
permalink I don't know, but
Is your knob in vain?
permalink Knob on a farmboys wages?
. .
permalink Knob Comes Quickly!
permalink "You've got Knob
Knob on your side . . "
permalink Knob me,
knob my dog.
permalink Winner!
Ruby, don't take your knob to town
permalink When the rain is blowin' in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my knob.
permalink Knob her madly

Knob removal machine
permalink I'm just a knob machine,
and I won't knob anybody but you wooohoooooyeah!
permalink Friday,
I'm in knob.
permalink And they call it
puppy knob . . .
permalink my knob is your knob*

*it isn't, obviously.
permalink ahem

I heard your heart say knob, knob, knob
woah, woah, knob, knob, knob
permalink I'm guilty, guilty...
of knob in the first degree
permalink I did say Orb Version . . . .
To know him is to knob him
permalink Have we got anything by Jonathan Richman
and the Modern Knobbers?
permalink Radio 2 is currently playing
Crazy Little Thing Called Knob

I've lost track of whether we're duplicating now we've split the threads. Can't we create a separate database driven website that checks for duplicate entries and compiles a permanent database?

edit: also, my new post thing has gone all spangy, does anyoen have the fixing linkie?
permalink here
permalink Ta!
However it didn't work.
I hate Internet Explorer.
As I've now worked here a year, I sent an e-mail to IT asking if I could have Chrome. They've not replied.
permalink You could possibly run
Firefox portable from a USB stick . . .

I always make sure I have full admin rights on my work computer
permalink I like firefox very little as well.
I love Chrome like a little brother.

Full admin rights are hard to justify when you have no admin or IT responsibilities whatsoever...
permalink that slightly scary moment
where you see that a product you developed will be used for every single product that a customer makes.
permalink (skis, but
I can't say which brand)
permalink I thought you did glue
not yoghurt?
permalink It is glue he works with,
he doesn't understand enough about culture to do yoghurt.

/here all week, try the fish, tip your waitress.
permalink The Vietnamese supermarket near me will happily sell you
Frozen pig uterus. And lots of it.
permalink cracking Peel
session, etc.
thread Pimping time
Anyone interested in 2 tickets to the Stone Roses gig in Finsbury Park on June 8th?
permalink what made you think that was a good idea?
speaking of knobs viddy this

want but fear it'll haunt me...
permalink Nostalgia?
There's 6 of us going - 2 spares
permalink i see you as more
of an oasis fan
permalink bastard
i'd successfully forgotten they ever existed
permalink I'm in a travellodge in or near Havant.
I'm adding games console to my overnighter kit list.

Edit: and a radio. And shampoo.

Edit: and my boss loaned me a mobile wifi thing but i don't get signal here. Unless I'm outside.
permalink You're just down the road
from me.
permalink i didn't think there was anyone down this way
Or I'd have said something in advance. I'll be here fairly often though ass the company is based here.
permalink I work around Fareham way.
So a couple of junctions along the motorway.
permalink Any of you lot have a clue about the price of hiring radio mics for a conference/talk?
Had a quote from a recommended supplier, just wondering if anyone can quickly sense check it.
permalink how much and for what?
and for how long?
permalink There's a series of panel talks to (hopefully) 120 people over 2 days, plus music between events
So, 5 x lapel mics
1 x roaming mic for the audience
Enough speakers
A couple of stage lights
Any other equipment they need
permalink hey alistair
you still giving out discount codes for hotels? i need one in london preferably near old street
permalink as if by magic

you'll have to wait for him for the discount link though, he's doing a team day thing.
permalink cool thanks
thread architect and civil engineers of 'bodia
this will give you a chuckle
permalink I just read that
I know it's all about the laws and that, but is that really necessary?

Also, anyone want to buy a house just up the road from me?
permalink BARGAIN
permalink I like the living room
but the music room seems a touch underused.
permalink I could fill that
with guitars pretty quickly
permalink I was wondering
what I'd do with the chapel, what with having no use for it personally as it is.
permalink Something inappropriately
disrespectful, I should hope.
permalink it looks like it would be good
for putting in a big telly
permalink use it as a WRS
permalink I've managed to miss
what "WRS" stands for.
permalink This is probably
for the best.
permalink The W stands for Wigan
the S is for shed

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination
permalink Rutting?
permalink The first one's not too far off,
but there's additional nuance provided by the correct word.

We avoid mentioning it on the 'board in order to protect CJ from operation yewtree.
permalink rucking?
permalink Ah - I hadn't clocked what that was,
I thought it was a hallway. I don't think I'd take it out, unless I was in need of the space (which seems unlikely).
permalink The room with the benches
looks to be the chapel, there is also a huge (bigger than my house by the looks of it) ballroom/hallway that looks like the perfect place to set up the Scalectrix
permalink porcelain throne
right in the middle
permalink Satanic BDSM shag cave.
permalink nono,
that's SBSC.
permalink When can
I move in?
permalink oops.
I wonder what underlies the decision to pull the revised planning application and pull down and start again. There must be a really sensitive situation somewhere.
permalink I read between the lines that it's on
third party land.
I doubt the council would be obstructing such a revised planning application, and the guy says it "resolves the concerns of adjoining landowners"
It's not that hard to do if you're buildigg tight up to the site boundary.
permalink Probably.
permalink If I had a pound for every time that had nearly happened on a project I was involved with,
I'd have more than a pound.

There was one where a technician at a civil engineers moved the survey for some reason, and the problem only came to light when the piling contractor question whether there really should be a pile drilled int he middle of the school playground, which was at that point full of kids.

I also heard a story from a south african architect who turned up on site to find that a building was 50 % complete on entirely the wrong plot of land, all dimensions having been taken south from the boundary marker, instead of north.
permalink In the middle east
they'd have drilled the pile anyway
permalink Middle east as in Suffolk?
This was Herts/Essex border, so that's probably why.
permalink oh christ
that was probably some guy drivign a piling rig having a bad day and everyone following
thread Can we shrink the kitty now?
TOTN - Porcupine Tree - Baby Dream In Cellophane -

Edit: Did any other S2 owners update to Jelly Bean last night?
permalink only if we replace it
with this
permalink if only Jeremy Beadle were here
permalink but on the other hand
permalink I once saw him on the tube
(Piccadilly Line at Arnos Grove as I recall). He was highlighting jokes in a joke book. A shop-bought joke book at that.
permalink I always wondered where
he got his 'material' from
permalink Is it wrong of me to wonder which hand he used to hold the book,
and which to hold the highlighter?

Why would a figure like Beadle do something like that in public? It's just asking for someone to notice and put on an internet message board.
permalink I have a mental image of him holding the highlighter in his teeth
permalink I could watch
that all day :D
permalink You probably will
lazy bugger.
permalink hardly,
I'm in the middle of a VLAN configuration nightmare where customer has asked for things that don't exist and not asked for things which do. I don't have remote access.

*edit* yay for LogMeIn!
permalink are you talking about the galaxy?
why are they still so expensive 300 quid at john lewis
permalink They're still good phones
you could probably find one on contract for under £20 a month now though
thread make up your own byline

"i thought we'd share the milk"
permalink "It's SFW time"
permalink "NURSE!"
permalink *SPANG!*
. .
permalink ~HYPNOCAT~
permalink it's making the world gloomy!
kill it
kill it with sticks
permalink "Polishing the Turd"
permalink May I commend
permalink I think my favourite so far is "Grab Life By The Cock"
New strap(on)line adopted.
permalink you obviously need
permalink That's almost as much fun as the knob song game,
where you replace every instance of the word "love" in a well known song with the word "knob"
IIRC The Beatles "eight days a week" is a particularly fine example.
permalink See the Cock
Feel the Shine
permalink have a break
have a cock.
permalink Vorspung cock technik
. .
permalink The sweet you can eat between meals
Without ruining your cock.
permalink Ooh i need your knob babe,
Guess you know it's true.
Hope you need my knob babe,
Just like i need you.
Hold me, knob me, hold me, knob me.
Ain't got nothin'but knob babe,
Eight days a week.
permalink Ever fallen in knob with someone
Ever fallen in knob
In knob with someone
Ever fallen in knob
In knob with someone
You shouldn't have fallen in knob with?
permalink a friend of mine did this in kareoke
they guy in charge had no idea what to do.. i think i peed my pants a bit
permalink Knob Hurts
permalink Easy knobber
permalink What time is knob?
permalink Knob, knob me do
You know I knob you.
permalink Knob is a battlefield
. .
permalink Hand in Gknob
doesn't really work
permalink Sounds like Ikea furniture

Have I told you lately that I knob you?
permalink I lquite like Luther Vandross's
"Knob Supreme" which sounds like an unpleasant meal, popular in the 1990s.
permalink I've got a knobbly bunch of coconuts
permalink It's a knobbly day
permalink oh you bastard
i'm fucking crying over here.. i think you just found my kryptonite
permalink Was I right in saying this is a great game?
Or was I right?

It's addictive, you could even say that knob is the drug I'm looking for.
permalink it's the game that keeps on giving
permalink You can't hurry knob
. .
permalink aint that a lot of knob
permalink Knob Shack!
. .
permalink Knob action
permalink A Groovy Kind of Knob
permalink knob is a four letter word?
easy knobber?
permalink How deep is
your knob?
permalink It must have been knob
but it's over now.
permalink Don't forget the classic Whitesnake album
permalink Well that brings to mind a few other albums
The Knob Album (Beatles)
Hounds of Knob (Kate Bush)
The Cry of Knob (Hendrix)
Picnic of Knob (can't post the band nane from behind this webnanny)
Knob is the Law (The Suburbs)
Knob Bites (Buzzcocks)
permalink ouch!
permalink The Look of Knob - Gladys Knight
You don't have to say you knob me - Dusty Springfield
Knob to Knob you baby - Donna Summer
Head over heels in Knob
Knob is a many splendid thing
Knob Hurts - Everly Brothers
I knob Rock N Roll
permalink Whole Lotta Knob
permalink Everybody needs
somebody to knob.
permalink I want to know what knob is
I want you to show me.
permalink I don't know why I knob you
but I do
permalink Knob conquers all
permalink can you still buy Knob Heart sweets
permalink The afghan whigs recorded an album called
Black Knob, I believe.
permalink I would do any thing for knob,
But I won't do that...
permalink I bet you would . .
permalink Knob changes
permalink STOP
in the name of knob
permalink knob is all around!
permalink The Power
of Knob
permalink You've lost that knobbing feeling
permalink Ahhhhh
Knob to knob you baby
permalink Justify My
permalink Let me put my knob into you babe . . .

Wait . . that didn't work did it
permalink You're gonna have to face it
You're addicted to knob.
permalink This is not
a knob song.

One of Lydon's finest there, probably about butter.
permalink Silly Knob Songs

McCartney predicts the future . . .
permalink knnnnnnobbing yooooou
is easy cos you're beautiful
permalink "I'm all out of knob
what am I without you?"
permalink and of course there's
Carter USM-like indie lass Helen Knob.
permalink Courtney Knob
and Hole?
permalink Let me put my knob into you -

(I can't help but think that's the correct title :))
permalink You give knob
a bad name
permalink Knob in an
permalink Knob like
permalink Eww . .
. .
permalink Could you
be knobbed?
permalink Knob grows
(where my Rosemary goes)
permalink Knob spreads
as well.
permalink Knob is a many splendored thing
permalink Big hunk
o'knob (elvis, brilliantly covered by Killdozer)

*edit* no it wasn't, that was Burning Knob.
permalink Endless Knob
permalink What's knob got to do with it?
permalink What's knob,
but a sweet old fashioned notion?