thread yay,on,a,train,to,edinburgh.



permalink Still fancy a beer later this evening?
permalink indeed.
Drop me a text when you are free... does the oxford suit?
permalink indeedy

permalink I reckon I'll be back in town by about 8.30 latest.
Oxford or Cambridge would be the sensible options.
permalink cool
permalink That's hard to read
It's like you're hiccuping between each word.
permalink To be honest
it really isn't much harder to read than most of his posts
permalink I don't have a problem with them normally
but I suppose I'm more used to it.
permalink I think the problem
is when people dont read in my tone of voice
permalink or spell in your tone
of dyslexia
permalink either works for me
can you let me know when you've all sorted it out
permalink You're not dyslexic
just lazy
permalink or lzay
permalink internet seems to think you need to check your input language
I hope you're in first class.
permalink unfortunatelynotthistime
permalink Right, that's better,
got the Dell Beast(tm) laptop and weightlifting trainer out. now regretting not taking the table earlier
permalink I quite like it with all the commas
and in marvellous news, the NZ parliament has just passed the Marriage Equality Bill 77-44...amazing!

Gay marriage for all!!!*

*well, mostly for the gays!
permalink Well done

edit: did some more work on that track, I think it is pretty much done now . . the mix is a bit off though I think, the drums are coming on far too strong
permalink i keep waiting for robert smiths lyrics to kick in
circa Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me :)
permalink I could think
of worse :)
permalink nice one
(are sheep included?)

but with the other hand they taketh away
permalink hmm, I happen to actually agree with the marine protest one
as there has been some downright dangerously stupid stuff done by protestors...that and working in the industry, it's actually be good if they like shot some seismic and drilled some wells.

Also importantly yesterday, this:
which the bastard National Party utterly refused to help with. The cunts. No more stealing our bank holidays!
permalink speaking of gadgets any recommendations on the best camera on an android phone
and not a new phone maybe a year old or something so it's not too pricey

i remember seeing thebear's upload with his kids painting and the quality looked pretty good to me
permalink Why not just buy a fucking camera?
Staples were recently selling a Canon a800 for £40. It's a fantastic camera, especially for the money. I bought two.

permalink calm the fuck down.. it's not for me
and it's for streaming live video
permalink It's probably going to be either Samsuing Galaxy S4
or the HTC One (as opposed to the One X, which is older but also good)

The One goes the route of low megapixelage, but larger sensor pixels, so better low light performance. The Galaxies always have good cameras, but may trade low light performance for higher megapixel counts.
Avoid anything over 8mp on a smartphone for this reason - there simply isn't enough room for decent enough optics to make this worthwhile, and it usually makes matters worse.
permalink excellent that's exactly the kind of detail we needed
permalink As a used phone
the Galaxy S2 will take a lot of beating
permalink weird that they're cheaper in a shop than on ebay
permalink That's also ed zackery
what Rupes is using I believe.
permalink yus indeed
I really have no desire to upgrade mine any time soon...tis a marvellous phone
permalink My Samsung keyboard dock sometimes does similar things
in web-page forms in Chrome.
If you try it in the other android Browser, you may get different results.
Or, you may not.
thread As satire goes...
this is pretty bleak:

but kinda hard to argue with.
permalink Yup
Although I did wonder about all the articles stating these were "the first terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11"

So none of the gun toting nutjob killings (such as Sandy Hook, Denver cinema etc) count as terrorism? I would have thought that was exactly what there were, or do Caucasian Americans exercising their right to bear arms not count?
permalink It's only terrorism if it's non-merkins, surely?
Otherwise it's just an unfortunate case of one or two psychotic gun-wielding loons giving all right-thinking psychotic gun-wielding loons a bad name...
permalink well, I'd imagine this is a lone loon Merkin (or maybe 2)
my money's on the Westboro Baptist Church branching out
permalink god hates joggers now?
Who knew ?
permalink Surely something is only terrorism if it is done on an agenda.
nutjob shooting sprees shouldn't be classed as terrorism as the purpose is not terror, it's body count.
permalink it's probably bad, but that immediately made me think of this

[edit] which is much more rubbish than I remember.
permalink TJ:
More progress on that new track of mine -
permalink listening now
liking the new fisherman's jumper, bobble hat and pipe look though ;-)
permalink Cor, that's a bit good! Like it a lot.
Quite heavy...not the usual Lycopaedia may need a new artist name for this!
permalink I was thinking that myself

Now I need a new artist name and a name for this track!
permalink If that kind of shit were commonplace then it wouldn't be news.
At least 33 dead in bombings in Iraq on Monday isn't news because it happens so often. A bombing in the US is massive news because it's so rare.

There's also bias - US drones in Pakistan have killed more children than people died in the Boston bombing. That's not news either because we don't care about Pakistan and drone strikes happen so frequently and kill so many civilians.

The news scaremongers. If you're outlook is bleak then you're watching too much news.
permalink It is the Onion...
I think that's rather their point.
permalink not exactly a new phenomenon though is it
blowing up bombs has been a favourite technique of the disenfranchised for years

if i'd been around at the time i doubt i'd ride the tube in the 1880's
thread Morning all
I like this resignation letter

It isn't arsey AND it gives people cake. Everyone likes being given cake.
permalink That's brilliant. I had to google for a resignation letter to use
as I was incapable of typing anything even approaching non-abusive myself.
permalink there's suspcion that it's a viral marketing stunt
but if so, the website is currently returning a 503 error. So most people will type it in, see that, and never visit it again.
permalink nah, not a genuinely planned thing apparently
but he's not stupid, so it'll have occurred to him. He genuinely does work on the border at Stansted though.

[edit] my wife works in the same office as the media guy at Stansted (he has an excellent waxed moustache), he's getting all sorts of calls about it; makes a change to the normal Theresa May fuck ups I suppose.
permalink Has he got good banter?
Grab your egg-and-fours and let's get the bacon delivered!
permalink I hope he has a whole drawer in a filing cabinet marked
"Theresa May Fuck Ups"
permalink write it in spunk
over a page from Razzle.
permalink 'sake
I hate it when events are listed as starting at 9am, then when you get thereiit's '9:00 - 9:45 : registration'
permalink If there are pastries
then registration is OK
permalink if there are pasties
then resignation is COMPLETE
permalink no pastries :(
not even a coffee :((
permalink No coffee at registration?
permalink meanwhile
photo what I took on Sunday in a street near my house:

permalink old skool
permalink your house is next to the 80's?
all that photo needs is a cnd sticker in the window
permalink Nuclear Power?
No Thanks
permalink Jebus
*flashbacks to dodgy Cambridge terraces*
permalink I know Mr Cake
my missus used to work with him. He lives down the road. He made me some fudge for Valentine's day.
permalink So he knows you've got a missus because he works with her
and he makes you fudge anyway? What a bastard! Did he ask you to pack it for him too?
permalink i don't understand why they insist on having F1 in bahrain
hopefully it gets put off again and the people get closer to some form of democracy
permalink I tend to agree, it's bernies fault I'd say
also if there was no F1 nobody would be reading that news story right now.

permalink it's kind of like bands playing suncity in the 80's
some said they were doing it to focus attention on apartheid.. though i doubt those are bernie's reasonings
permalink Like sport could ever bring about change...
permalink I am pretty sure
it is down to the solid fact that Bernie Ecclestone is a 100% gold plated cunt
permalink this
with bells on
permalink he is of course backed up
by the many, many other silver plated cunts in F1
permalink oh indeed
one of the reasons I can't be doing with the whole shebang these days
permalink I still enjoy it
for some reason
permalink I think living in a country full of bogan twats
has left me unable to enjoy motorsports
permalink I gave up last season
they're all prissy knobends these days
permalink the cycling
is taking more of my attention now, I have to admit.
Little things I do like: National (and World) champions wearing their national colours/the white jersey with rainbow stripes rather than team colours.
thread I'm off to Rogers Stirk Harbour for the day tomorrow...
Which tends to mean that lunch comes over from the River Cafe...

Happy Days.
permalink cool
permalink does it live up to the hype?
permalink Overpriced to eat there, but great for an in-meeting lunch!
permalink I've got a pastrami sandwich
with cucumber and lettuce

permalink Nice,
some guys have all the fun!
I might get to have a meeting with the new contractors on a stalled job by the end of the week which will be nice, but I'll be lucky if there is tea...
permalink nice
I've never made it in there.

I can't see them doing any holiday inn expresses anytime soon
permalink In other news
a beautifully rendered pile of rubber cocks!

why, you ask? Who the fuck knows...
permalink indeed.
The sort of thing that the expression "WTF?" is meant for.
permalink the snakey long one at the end
is a nice touch
permalink Indeed
rather catches you by surprise
permalink I got 4 £5 notes form a cash machine yesterday
permalink student!
permalink The cash machines in Chesterfield do that.
It freaks me out, but I guess the point is that you can still buy stuff in Chesterfield for a fiver.
permalink the vice president of clinical operations
just referred to my job as "essentially cut and paste" in an email, and the fuckers wonder why I'm leaving.
permalink Charming!
permalink haha
what a cunt
thread The guy who took the time to assemble, pack and smoke up a bong today
If you are going to do this in the middle of the day outside the Manchester Arndale centre, don't look so surprised when a tramp stops you and asks for a toke.

Also lose the dreads

permalink Good lad
Did he get collared?
permalink no
despite the blatancy of it all
permalink Did you find out why he did it?
Why not just smoke a doobie?
permalink had to head home
couldn't be arsed seeing how it unfolded
permalink Bold... Mind you it was a nice day for it?
It hasn't rained on the Wirral....yet...
permalink hello new Mancperson.
I like you.

Where did you come to us from? Another board or a personal connection or what? Or are you someone we know?

Anyway... welcome aboard.
permalink I came from b3ta
but I am not a native mancunian
permalink well, we're delighted to see you.
new blood always welcome to our odd little world.
permalink thanks
permalink I agree,
it's only a matter of time before someone else throws a strop and our number reduces again, so fresh meat is great.
permalink alright dad
permalink Total TJ but
The Boston marathon has gone a bit 'tits up'
permalink what's that about then
permalink I think it's a news presenter
desperately trying to think of things to say in the absence of information
permalink right so what do we reckon al qaeda or another terrorist organisation
or one madman
or the government
permalink Fatties
Seeing people run is omg-discrimination
permalink it went off hours after the fast runners had finished
this was AIMED at the fat and the slow

(or they fucked up their timings)
permalink Possibly lone madman
doesn't seem to have killed many (not making the death of two people insignificant but it is a low casualty count for Alan Gaeda and his chums)

only time will tell i guess

[edit]although 3 devices would suggest some collaboration/organisation
permalink I'm just catching
up on that after a couple of snifters in the hotel bar, christ :(
permalink quite
*shakes head sadly*
permalink tradgic 31 dead 200 injured
permalink well yes, of course
that is bad too...obviously
that normally say little or nothing about the tragically frequent explosions in those countries.
permalink it's basically shorthand for a sean bean style 'brace yourself'
people attacked in amerikkka media blanket coverage

personally i'm suprised it doesn't happen more often over there with the amount of nutters they have
permalink The average intelligence of US nutters is quite low though,
so while their well stocked for them, they all tend to be incapable of actually doing anything significant, or they blow themselves up at home.
permalink they've had a good wack at it though
oklahoma bombing / columbine / waco .. what is it with april over there?
permalink Columbine was a shooting, Waco was shooting/fire
any dumb fuck can get hold of an assault rifle and go mental.
permalink so they need cia help to get a bomb off?
permalink Yeah, I knew about a dozen people that were racing today.
One of my friends crossed the finish line about 30 seconds before the bombs went off. Strange day.
permalink I was impressed in the footage
to see the dedication of one runner who was on the edge of the explosion, swerved round the wreckage/bodies, and carried on over the finishing line
permalink If you'd just run 42 km
I can't imagine you'd stop at that point (or even be terribly aware)
permalink I've seen a tale on reddit from a volunteer
that was by the finish line- apparently quite a few runners paused, then continued across the line. It would be such a weird situation to be in- and there's no way you'd be thinking at all straight.
permalink What else are they supposed to do?
Even those who would normally be capable of helping are unlikely to have been much use given that they'd just run a marathon, and the majority would have been able to do nothing of use even if they hadn't just run a marathon. Of stop and stare, wail, get in the way or finish the marathon I'd have gone for finishing the marathon.
permalink aye
the best thing you can do, even if you're an emergency medicine doctor or an army field medic, in that situation is to get the fuck clear as your brain will not be working right.