thread Tech asky
a few sites are inaccessible to me, including (although I can see http://online.lloydsts... fine) and b3tards.

I have flushed my DNS and I csan get lloyds on IE - any ideas?

AQ: Chilli jam or chocolate cream?
permalink Do you get an error?
404: limes not found
permalink Nope.
"The connection to was interrupted."

"Oops! Google Chrome could not find"
permalink still could be insufficient limes, I reckon.
Seriously though, I assume you've tried turning it off and back on again...
permalink The Roy Trenneman technique was my first port of call.
permalink b3tards was down earlier on
so that's one possible reason.
permalink Is it still down?
permalink Yep. Not found from here.
permalink Bah!
thread Ahoy, the 'bodia.
How are we all? You've probably all seen this, but nonetheless:
permalink dogs
are fucking stupid
permalink Good to see you haven't changed.

permalink spare me you life story
permalink Hello Sailor!
permalink Ola, CI.
How's the world of lighting?
permalink Bright, but energy-consuming...
Busy as ever.
permalink blimey
they're all coming out of the woodwork now
permalink Do we have anyone signed up
who has never posted at all?
permalink 7 of the lurking
permalink The worst of all the Borgs.
permalink Like a woodworm with bad guts.

permalink *Waves*
. .
permalink *waggles bum*
permalink . .
permalink all flush with
the new qualifications and new house eh ;)

Hello sah!
permalink Not quite. Well, new house with the missus,
HND in marine engineering, just passed my oral exams, one more big engineering knowledge exam to do, and we're good for actually getting a job. All in all, looking up :)
permalink woop!
permalink Cripes
Like buses... Wotcha
thread Today I'm on watch
at A Big Research Campus. There's literally fuck all to do, as the man who's in charge of me said 'you're your own boss today'. Pity the weather's shoite - happy solstice hippies!

I'm stuck in the delivery bay next to a cage. Sure there's a metaphor somewhere. Thing is, I'm back here most of next week so unless summat happens in one of the datacentres I'll be asleep by monday aft.

Still, we have brand new steamer Tornado in the station around half 5 this evening, let's get steamy!

AQ: early I know, but what's for lunch?
permalink meats
all of them
permalink I'll still have to cook it
Cougarette & Onion stir-fry with Swiss Rösti potatoes.
permalink I had a Boost . .
I feel a bit sick now
permalink I've still not had lunch,
but Sloggis, quinoa, man's bum...sorry, channeling Pxy. Cheese and ham sandwich.
permalink popped out for Japanese
pile of yakitori, gyoza, nigiri, tempura and miso for a tenner

then a giant coffee and an overpriced nata, as is the trend these days
permalink oo get you!
I had a cheese savoury baguette and a packet of sorveega crisps. Livin' the DREAM man.
permalink I had Greggs
Monday to Thursday
permalink balance.
permalink he didn't sit next to Nile Rodgers though.
permalink Popped across to local bonkers arts venue Summerhall with a colleague and our new colleague
Had a pint of brewed-on-site beer each, shared some lovely tapas, and sat at the next table to Nile Rodgers.
permalink Hinxton?
permalink as for yon kettle
this I take it?
permalink yes,
and yes. I've got 6records in my ears now as the fire alarm panel is going BEEP despite there being no fire or indeed anyone to reset the panel. I COULD sit in the communal area but that would reinforce the idea I'm not doing anything and I'd not be able to leave lapdog to go On Patrol to see if anything has died in the preceding hour.
permalink Lettuce from the garden
plus other salad items and halloumi.
permalink copycat
permalink a nice salad and haloumi with lettuce and garlic from the garden
thread Tour fever!
Didn't get much interest in the early season, but who's up for a c4mbodia Tour De France Fantasy Cycling competion? instructions are here

League ID is 76111
permalink done
going to watch the national road race championships on Sunday, should be good
permalink I'm still going
but the Tour is a lottery, it's like the National, the first week could be anythone doing anything.
permalink and the first team to be disqualified en masse
permalink well, there's less Italian national teams
so that should help. Europcar are less likely to get caught than Vini Fantini. More practice.

[edit] spoke too soon there, Europcar have been warned because Pierre Rolland's cortisol levels are dodgy. Good lord.
permalink I'm determined to see more of it this year
are itv4 doing a show?
permalink live and hour-long highlights at 7pm
also will be live on itvplayer (ewwww)
permalink In other news, I'd love to do this but it's a lot of ££
permalink fuck that!
permalink mind you...
permalink you al alistair and flange (on a motorised cycle natch)
40 squids each.. GO TEAM BO!
thread I'm at Watford gap services, about to cross the vast no man's land
twixt north and south. I'm looking forward to decent quality roads which aren't full to the brim with arseholes. Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing my wife.
permalink what was Southend like?
or are you going there now? I can't keep up.
permalink it was ok. the hotel was nice.
The work bit went well to and the travel has been fine.

permalink I, unsurprisingly, am at Heathrow
permalink Typical, I revisit the day you leave my neck of the woods.
Somebody could've at least redecorated the place while I was gone...
permalink crikey
permalink Wotcha
Just thought I'd pop by and see who, if anyone, still hangs around here. How's things going?
permalink we're all still hanging on in here
more out of habit than enything I'd imagine...
permalink oooh... ello!
It's OK. A little bunch of us still pops in regularly.
permalink And some of
us still lurk about in the background. Watching. Plotting.
permalink waiting.
permalink Hello

permalink gasp!
Hello sah :) Some of us are still clinging on.

Hey, there's fresh carpet!
permalink That isn't carpet
it's mould . .
permalink There's cling ons
on the starboard bow, Jim!
permalink Crikey!
permalink We have a new fangled like-button now!
permalink Blimey
permalink hello!
permalink just before we leave the country
all hell breaks loose
permalink yes indeed
just confirmed that we had a wind gust of 202 kph on Mt. Kakau last night,..and one of 150 kph down in the city.