thread Elmore Leonard
has died
permalink i don't know I thought
Elmore Leonard was, but it's not who he is/was.
permalink Sounds like an old bluesman . .
. .
permalink he does
maybe that's it, I can't remember who I thought it was now anyway, but it started me reading aboue Millard Filmore for some reason.
permalink surprised to learn
he wasn't dead already
permalink I was quite surprised too.
I always got him confused with James Ellroy, for no good reason at all.

He (Leonard) has done some good stuff though. The current TV series Justified is based on one of his short stories, and is absolutely excellent.
permalink the first thing I thought when I read Tabz' post
was, "ah crap - I really must get around to finishing The Cold Six Thousand."
permalink Ah.
I've only read the LA Quartet I think.
It does sound like I'd enjoy the other trilogy too. Any good so far?
permalink I didn't even know it was part of a trilogy
it's very good, but so terse as to be a real effort to read
permalink It's the second of the trilogy...
permalink I was wondering why they didn't mention LA Confidential on the news
oh yeah...that's a different bloke, isn't it?

permalink You've started making people up on wiki
so that you can kill them off and get your cap. This has become a sinister obsession
permalink Hello.
I'm in Southend. I'm off to find some food.
permalink there used to be a good caff
near SAVS, no idea where either of those things are to be honest, I could drive there though...
permalink I'm in the restaurant in the hotel, then I'll be collapsing in to bed
Ta for the offer though
permalink hello
I am not in Southend

this thought pleases me

In other news, it's our division annual end of year dinner tonight. Memo to self: do NOT get really pissed
permalink I went out for a meal with colleagues yesterday
and it was lovely and I had a coke. I really like my new company and everyone seems really nice (except the web developer, but that's only because I've not spoken to him other than when we were introduced).

On the subject of work, I'm moving my office into the big shed. It's 6' x 12' (not the wrs) and I'm in the process of insulating it.
thread Marnin
I'm all achey and knackered after a couple of days gardening, using a 4.5 ton mini digger natch.

So......a question for those who are au fait with ohms law. If I have a battery that's rated at 100ah, how many watts can I draw out of it per hour for an 8 hour period.
permalink god
*has flashbacks to physics exams*
permalink Indeed
And my exams were a bit longer ago than yours
permalink multiply by the voltage
e.g. if it's 5V, that's a 500Wh battery, so theoretically 500/8 = 62.5W

however, you'd want to check your battery's spec as http://en.wikipedia.or..., and an 8 hour discharge might be too fast for a standard lead-acid battery

also as a quick rule of thumb, subtract 10% for every converter or inverter between the battery and load
permalink It's a 12v deep cycle battery
What I'm trying to fathom is how much stuff, in watts as that seems to be the only figures things quote, I can run off it for the periods of darkness during the winter months, 36w of LEDs should be enough to give him light in his largest room (the kitchen), but I'm going to wire up a car stereo as well so he has radio, CD and MP3 playback, he's also going to charge a phone and a tablet from it, those only draw about 1-1.5a over 4-5 hours each tops, but he can do those two at night when he's not using anything else.
permalink usb runs at .2a so if you're knocking that down to 5v usb sockets
charging devices will take next to nothing.

I've got one of those portable car starters and it kept two phones charged for a week without changing its charge status lights.

Audio depends on the volume, and not using cd will help as moving parts cost power, as do lasers.
permalink Both the phone and use 1.5a
You can charge them using the normal 0.5a usb power, but it takes bloody ages, especially the tablet as that has a 6000mah battery in it.
permalink I had jellyfish for lunch.
permalink Rubbery . . .
. .
permalink how much
did they sting you for?
permalink Sick
permalink That was what I spent at B&Q at the weekend:
I bought ten drills.
permalink I bought a hammer action cordless power drill
in B&Q at the weekend. This is not a joke
permalink I bought a nail gun.
permalink I bought a strimmer
permalink over a year ago a friend borrowed my strimmer
then in spring rather gleefully said "you're not getting it back till I've actually used it!" instead of doing something like apologising our giving it back.
permalink Strim his cock off
That is all.

Pissed off with CLK airport here.
permalink If this kicks off a big thread of seafood puns,
you'll make anenome of me.
permalink clam down dear
clam down
permalink floundering already
permalink No need to be
permalink You're just
getting crabby in your old age
permalink Oy! Stirring things up won't help.
Sorry to mussel in.
permalink was it nice?
I like the idea of trying new stuff but I usually shy away from seafood for no apparent reason. Well, I suppose three reason is that I've had some horrid fish.

Still, at some point in the last year I decided to abandon all ideas of what I don't like, and its been great. I recommend everyone do it a couple of times in their life.
thread Back to bikes.
I'm still looking around for bikes and found this:

Whoever thought Raleigh would build a light-ish (13-14kg) bike that I actually liked the look of. The other one I've been spying is the Hoy Shizuko 1.0 at 10kg and a bit less cash for fewer gears. Not sure a fat bastard like me should have such a light bike :)

permalink Hyrdaulic brakes
is a good thing. Sora is about the groupset you'd expect at that price. Has bosses for both mudguards and pannier rack.
permalink I remember hydraulics
being massively expensive back in the early 90s, savage too until you got used to them :) *faceplants*
permalink I've only used them once
when I did the world's most dangerous road. In glad I had them
permalink On mudguards
you want these

ot least because white to match the frame is an option. But mainly because they're what I'd fit. I have them on my commuter.
permalink I haven't had mudguards on
a bike since I was a kid, apart from a slight nod to a crudcatcher in the 90s because it was free with MBUK.
permalink hydraulic brakes
are a pain in the arse to fix or maintain, I still think v-brakes are a great design. But hydraulics do seem to be the standard now.
permalink do they need any
maintenance apart from maybe changing the pads?
permalink not really
but you have to keep them clean of muck and any cleaning substances

it's more if they leak at all then bleeding and refilling them is hella fiddly.

they do work nice, I just think it's overengineering for something with not that much kinetic energy*

*passenger dependent
permalink I'm 14.5 stone,
I have a lot of momentum :P
permalink I've got cable disks on my commuter
in wet weather they make a huge difference, in that they actually stop the bike.
permalink Lacks
basket and bell
permalink it'll come with bell
has to by law.
permalink My bell broke
Sad times. Need to get me a hector Salamanca bell.
permalink actually, I don't have a bell at the moment
and the other day, I really wished I had one...

coughing politely at pedestrians on shared paths really doesn't cut it
permalink Ding ding!
permalink why did I hear that in a
Will Smith voice?!
permalink Cos I am
permalink *smells you later*
permalink the 1x8 is an unusual selection but if you aren't planning on any mountains should be fine
both look though
permalink looking at the Hoy's gearing
it looks like it would be fine on hills, run out of gears on the flat. Has a 38T chainring
permalink crickey yes
38x11 isn't going to be all that quick on the flat.

i see they do a 1x10 would be itneresting to try that
permalink this is exactly the
sort of feedback I was looking for, ta :)

I'm still internally going 'ick, RALEIGH?'
permalink nothing wrong with Raleigh
they're not UK made any more, but that's not necessarily a hindrance, Dawes got better after being shipped off to Korea. Raleigh do decent road bikes these days.
permalink anyone fancy
joining this on Sunday? Looks fun.
permalink that does look good but I cant on sunday I'm afraid
permalink Depends if you can wait a year
But I may have his going spare. Right now we believe he might be able to ride it again.
permalink the way I've been
promising meself to get out on mine I might be able to :)

But I need one that fits me and isn't all boing, pretty sure it's possible to get seasick on my current GT.
permalink *tries to imagine a bike that is ALL boing*
*imagines Witchy landing off a small bump and going Zebedee above the trees*
permalink there's one in asda for a little over 100 that I'm contemplating
As I'm not overly keen on cycling but I should have one for the odd occasion, especially as we'll have kids soon.
permalink Dunno
I have never needed more than normal brakes, but then again, haven't done silly off road stuff

In other news, apparently the sausage instructions said "prick with fork":
permalink if I was at home
I'd be tempted to use my Athens login to get the article. But I'm not and in tired ado I'm off to sleep.
permalink at least he seems
to have inserted the handle end...

I guess he thought he'd have the tine of his life!
permalink It took
Forktitude to get it all up there. *shudder*
permalink it also seems too be
A rather small fork.

I'm struggling to sleep. I'm very tired and it's dark but that doesn't seem to be enough. I blame being down south.

Today my boss asked me to deal with a support email because the chap who emailed was northern. He was from the Midlands.
permalink more bikey stuff
the USA Pro Challenge has a damn good livestream

Froome appears to be struggling with altitude on Stage 1. 10km to go today.

Coverage slightly ruined by it being Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen mangling all the pronunciations.
permalink commonwealth games tickets are open to applications for the rest of the month
if you're interested

unfortunately the velodrome tickets are fucking expensive
permalink as we're biking
Al, meep, alistair, the Vuelta competition is open on the fantasy cycling.

I don't really like hybrids, but they're right about the gear ratios being better being better on the Raleigh.
permalink ah yes, good point
better pick a team. As i'm around, I may even keep an eye and do transfers
permalink I've no idea who to choose
the Vuelta is a bigger lottery than the Giro.
thread Quiet here . . .
TOTN - Loop - Forever -
permalink not bad
but in a loopy vein...I am more in a Future Loop Foundation mood
permalink I've been in the pub not winning the quiz,
deliberately for once 'cos the prize was some tins of boddingtons :)

Currently playing is Sweet - Hellraiser which I'll not linky to 'cos you all know it.
permalink Fuck me, it's hot out there.
30 degrees C and 84% humidity. I just went to reccy the project site.. walked around for two hours, including up a big hill.

I am fucked.
permalink Could be worse
when we were in Shanghai a few weeks ago, it was 39°

unpleasantly hot and sweaty
permalink Did yoy climb a fucking big hill at noon?
This was a stupid thing to do.
permalink we went for a long walk along the Bund and through town
which was hard enough...especially as my gammy leg was acting up
permalink it' s the goddam humidty!
i have to shower 5 times a day over there.. revolting
permalink morning
a United B767 was sitting at the gate at Houston overnight. Seems it decided to have a bit of a lie down
permalink That's EXACTLY what I feel like right now.
permalink i'm sure it'll polish out
permalink It is quiet.
I spent the weekend with my godkids, who are time consuming, and ultimately unrewarding as far as conversation is concerned.
When I got back last night, I bumped into the cute checkout person from Sainsbury's I am inadvertently stalking, went for a bit of a walk, got trapped in an unsolicited conversation with a man in a hat, and fried some pork steaks.
permalink i liked this

let the games begin
permalink They were big
Suicide fans (their cover of Rocket USA may even be better than the original)
permalink the team?
permalink streams crossed ;)
i DO love their cover though
thread Edinburgh Airport at 7 on a Sunday morning, during the festival
It's inhumane.

Thank fuck for online checkin, fast-track security queues and airline lounges.

Also, world's chattiest taxi driver who just couldn't take the hint that I didn't want to talk about football or his holidays when half-asleep. Twat.
permalink morning
where this time? I'm trying to decide between swim or cycle
permalink Heathrow, thence to Hong Kong, then the ferry across to Shenzhen...
11.5 hours on Cathay business class. There will be booze.
permalink where do Cathay rank
in Business Class luxuriousness?
permalink My first time....
Supposed to be excellent.
permalink Even their Economy was very good when I flew LHR-HKG with them,
so I'd expect Business to be spectacular.
permalink It was ok
Weird seating arrangement and all a bit dated, but food was good and staff were lovely.

BA business is better.
permalink An old school friend of mine
flies 777s for Cathay, but based out of Hong Kong rather than Shanghai. He flies to SFO I believe.
Based on facebook, he appears to live some sort of absurdly charmed life, consisting mostly of crazy naked parties on junks.
permalink as far as I gather
being a pilot flying widebodies longhaul for a full service airline is a well paid life with lots of fun partying. Being a pilot for a budget airline or even just short-haul for a full service airline is a shitty job that barely pays the bills once the enormous loan you took out to cover your training is deducted, often on unpredictable hours.
And making the leap from one to the other is really fucking difficult becuase there's so many short haul pilots trying to become long haul.
permalink Indeed.
He's laughing somewhat, as he was trained by the Navy on helicopters, and after 4 tours in Iraq was in their fast jet training programme when they shut down the navy jets entirely.
He was made redundant, and there was some sort of deal with the civil qualification as a result.
Ex UK armed forces pilots are well regarded so he was quite sought after, and has a good ex-pat deal with Cathay in "Honkers" (as he calls it).
Because he can fly anywhere with Cathay or their partners for free, he spends off weekends surfing in Australia, and that sort of thing. Hard life.
permalink Bastard
I flew to HK and will fly back from there on Thursday night. I'm in Shenzhen now - you can geta ferry straight from Chek Lap Kok and not even clear immigration until you get off the boat here.
permalink In order to temper his bastardiness, he is quite short,
and we used to call him Bunny, for some reason.
permalink on the contrary
i think he bloody deserves it.. jammy cunt though ;)
permalink I'm thinking new PC
wouldn't mind something capable of playing Saints Row 4 on. And GTA V when it turns up on PC. can anyone find a better spec for the same or less than the £699 option here?

Self-build is an option; I do already have Windows 7.
permalink anything will be cheaper than Alienware
I would personally expect something much better than a gtx 645 in a PC at that price, that's really not a very good card

you could upgrade the card, but eurogamer point out the psu wouldn't take it

also, at that price, if you're only thinking of gaming (i.e. can live without much storage) I'd highly recommend speccing in a small ssd instead of an hd - it makes such a difference to game loading times
permalink had a poke about on, for £700 I got an i7-3770, 8gb 1600MHz, 2gb gtx 660, 120gb ssd, 450W psu and an ugly as fuck case
permalink does that include
permalink yes, and assembly and delivery
personally I'd go for something similar but self-build, that should save enough to up the gpu to a gtx 670, which is something of a sweet spot in performance/price, and means you'll be able to upgrade to a 4k monitor now they're starting to come right down in price

I'm also a fan of AMD processors over Intel for gaming, as you get almost as good performance for significantly less cost, but most people would recommend sticking to i5/i7. Only reason to take i7 over i5 is future-proofing, won't make much difference at the moment.

That's not to say that the Alienware isn't a nice piece of kit - but a lot of the money is going on the form factor rather than performance, and the 645 is definitely a low budget card. The x51 with GTX 670 is a lovely machine, but silly expensive.
permalink where would you recommend for self build parts?
permalink ebuyer is usually cheapest
but can be an arse to deal with if you have to return something

scan and aria are popular, but I've had good experiences with novatech. They also do good "barebone bundles" (case+mobo+psu+cpu already assembled and tested) which is a good self-build compromise, as all the fiddly/risky bits are done, just plug in whatever gpu/memory/hd you want
permalink went with
PC Specialist
permalink nifty
haven't used them myself, but others recommend them

I want a new gpu now
permalink *something about a macbook*
permalink heh
permalink also
blimey Emirates Team New Zealand had a lucky escape yesterday

Very close to going over completely, which would break a lot of the boat
permalink Holy crap!

permalink approptiate
permalink that was all over the news here yesterday
I am amazed they didn't break the boat...hell of a deceleration
permalink just turned on the live coverage
on here

I hadn't seen Lunna Rossa's team kit.

They have chromed wetsuits. Oh my.
permalink also
fucking hell. 17.5knt upper wind limit. Fucking idiocy.
permalink did you mention the tram?