thread Ropey grid power supply
no UPS and backup and scientific and pilot production equipment is a poor mix in a thunderstorm.
permalink sun's out now
today I am involved in a 'oh, luckily I can work miracles and read minds' type project. someone remind me why I moved companies...
permalink Because you can
work miracles and read minds . . why else would they employ you?
permalink I was hoping I'd have someone else to do that shit for me now
might as well have stayed, the laptop was better.
permalink No sun here.
Mega deluges every half hour or so.

Still some determined people on the tennis courts outside though.
permalink Yes, similar here, but a wee bit of sun poking through at the moment.
It's (unsurprisingly) exceedingly muggy.
permalink We have that now... hot but still humid...
Still... got taken out for beer and burger at lunchtime. Can't be all bad...
permalink Just got home from a kids fun day at church
(where day = 10.30 - 1). It was thundering when I woke up, the bouncy castle man made sure I knew that bouncy castles and lightning don't mix and then the rain stopped just before we started and all had fun.
permalink You do know
you're a bit old for kids fun days now don't you . .
permalink rubbish.
thread Dammit, they've found

Thank ifni for Usenet
permalink whackamole!
permalink Surely there'll be proxies spring up.
My usage of the pirate bay has not been particularly impeded since they were blocked.
permalink I don't know much about these usenets thingummies
but would it contain a copy of ?
permalink Does this work?
permalink nope
goes to one of them subscription download services (which is probably a scam)
permalink Boo . . .
permalink alt.binaries.books.technical might well do
I was at the Proms last night but I can have look for you tonight
permalink it would be appreciated
I must say, your Brunnhilde was excellent
permalink Hojotoho! Hojotoho!

EDIT - not that I can find. There are 3 other books by the same author though:

Power System Harmonc Analysis
Power Systems Electromagnetic Transients Simulation
Flexible Power Transmission
thread I am back from my hols . . .
TOTN? - Gaye Bikers on Acid - TV Cabbage -

Edit: Bets on the baby name?

I'll have a tenner on Ethelred
permalink did you go anywhere nice?
[edit] I dug this out of the garden on saturday, it took three hours, I can barely move today.
permalink My back garden . . .
a week of heavy gardening unfortunately :(
permalink ooh, coincidental edit
permalink My neighbour decided the fence
was in need of replacing . . . this means I had to remove a metric fuckload of jasmine, honeysuckle and cut back all the roses . . it does mean we get a lot more light in the back now though

I'll try to get some before & after photos up later
permalink that concrete lump is from the original fence post we had
I've got to replace all ours, we're managed two panels at the side, the other four are still to do. I'm only grateful our garden is small otherwise we'd be at it until Christmas...
permalink I did stuff like
this on my holiday

(I'm the one sitting further out, not wearing a free LCL yellow cap)
permalink I also went to the TdF
Dave Brailsford, just after being refused entry to the "Club Tour De France" VIP area
permalink then there's
flexible lady promoting l'Equipe
permalink I'd rather be
here right now
permalink though
this sort of thing tended to happen

Yes, the arrangement is on purpose.
permalink I went sailing last night
And was sick as a dog for the second trip in a row.

Not happy about this.
permalink I am back too, after a weekend in Edinburgh.
Friday night's hangover had subsided by about 8pm on Saturday night.
I knew it would be a bad one when I stopped for a rest on a bench during the 400yd walk back to my room, and woke up in the same place at about 4am.
permalink Sorry about that.
A little fuzzy here on Saturday too. Cracking night though, with excellent company, fine beerage, splendid burgerage and skillful use of the loyalty card system. Go us.
permalink Indeed. We totally rocked.
Apologies not required in the least...
permalink That was a good night
the last train back to Glasgow was surprisingly civilised, and fine the next day after a reasonably sized pile of fried stuff
permalink I'm guessing that leaving in time
for the last train back to Glasgow ensured that you had less to drink than I.

I do have to say that the Uni includes a very fine all you can eat breakfast with the room, which consists of basically anything you can conceive of (except white pudding).
permalink I can also report that most of
my colleagues are not convinced by tablet as a type of confectionery, and disappointment is universal that the rock I purchased in Biggar does not in fact say "Biggar" through it.
Now I know why the rock was packaged in a box, so you couldn't tell that it was generic.
permalink tablet has its place
and that place is just before the final push to the top of a munro

but, yes, otherwise it is just calvinist fudge.
permalink I personally favour the kendal mint cake
in those circumstances, but I've not been exposed to tablet in quite the same way.

However, the wrapped-in-cling-film-homemade-tablet from the little cafe is much better than the manufactured tablet from the corner shop, so I appreciate there's more to the phenomenon than might initally be apparently.
permalink thi is always the case
proper café/corner shop "homemade" tablet is food from heaven. Mass manufactured stuff is a bit meh.
permalink ideally the source should be yer granny
or a local village fete

why would you buy it from a shop when there's macaroon bars right beside it?
permalink because coconuts
are the work of the devil.
permalink probably
but I did have a wee dram when I got home
permalink unsurprisingly... we were there until kicking out time at 1...
so JoS was only on that bench for a couple of hours...

permalink I went up to Grimsby today
to epically fail at replacing an old SCADA system because..... nobody knew the network password that let the controlling nodes talk to each other.

I am embuggerationed. Still, nice day to be in a sewage works eh. Didn't smell at all*

permalink ah Grimsby
the thinking man's Cleethorpes
permalink it still tickles me that there's an estate agent
there called LOVALL BACONS.
permalink and who doesn't*

*possibly Jewish and Muslim people, but WHO ELSE?
permalink It saddens me
that the Jewish invented the bagel, but will never get to have bacon and brie in one, which I believe is universally accepted as the finest bagel of all.
permalink Very much this.
permalink there was a place near where my nan and grandad used to live in Loughton
that did the greatest bacon and egg bagels in the world. It's almost worth going down there now on the offchance it's still there.
permalink jesus... SCADA!
You really do get dragged into the odd ones, don't you?
permalink telemetry is
as telemetry does, young padawan.
permalink and I'm back there
tomorrow, wheeeeee. *hold nose*
permalink You lucky
lucky boy!
thread Aaaah, Friday evening.
I'm sitting on the sofa with Mrs HP and the cats, drinking wine. Mrs HP fell asleep. And we all know what happens when Mrs HP falls asleep...

I decided to wake her, as it's far too early to be asleep. I did so by inserting a finger into her ear. Her response was to scream, sit bolt upright, and yell "It's a chicken!"

permalink well, was it a chicken?

I am doing my hackney to suffolk cycle ride today.. 114 miles startign a 9pm. it should be fun though i have a niggly tendon on my left ankle so that might be intersting.

/better start eating pasta
permalink I can recommend
not twanging said tendon
permalink I'll try
I expect with cycling it'll be a slow process rather than a twang.

permalink Starting at nine?
I hope you didn't miss it. There were crowds of cyclists going past the flat just after eight.
/lives down the road from the start
permalink yeah in the end we started just after 8 as it was heaving

The tendon was fine, the problem was that I twanged my back on the way to the start and could sit on the bike fine but could not stand up straight after 30 miles.

took me 10.5 hours including breaks in the end, the weather at the end was pretty shitty but it was still pretty awesome

permalink Tabz?
Mel Smith died
permalink blimney
permalink Hahaha
Chemtrails Awareness have blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page....must have been because I called them idiots and pointed out if they were poisoning us they'd hardly write it in the sky....
permalink you're kidding,
that's actually a thing? Are these people ment...oh.
permalink Sorry about that
I was after Griff . . .
permalink pfft...mind you
I think most people would react weirdly to being woken by a finger in the ear

so, of course, as we are away on holiday (currently Costa Brava)...all hell is kicking off back home in NZ:
permalink Are you back to the UK at all?
I am in the process of moving house but I should be able to take an evening off that
permalink Nah, a frayed knot
We are in Catalonia until Saturday (I think, must check)...then we start making our way home (via a night in Shanghai)
permalink bum
I guess I missed you then
permalink I'm back in the UK
been in France for two weeks. I like France
permalink cycling?
permalink Between the sailing
I was in Brittany for a World Championships. With a European Championships for a warm up. Also went to see the TdF stage finish at St Malo. Missed the crash, as 50m from the finish was too close to the line to see the action.
permalink random bits:
on the ferry home we used the Ouistreham (Caen) - portsmouth route, on a the MV Mont St Michel. Quite confused when we went to our two bed bunk cabin and could only see a sofa. The sofa flipped to become one bed, but it wasn't immediately obvious where the second bed was. A bit of head scratching later I found a handle on the ceiling- it folded away flush. On the Bretagne on the way out, the upper bunk folds lumpily against the wall and is dead obvious.
permalink I've downloaded photoshop elements
with the intention of paying for it. It's not quite got everything I want, but the missing bits don't justify the hundreds of pounds extra for the full version.
permalink No,
But photoshop is available online for free.

permalink I no longer pirate.
I haven't for around two years.
permalink No, I mean there is an online photoshop
I will find it, later.
permalink Oh, it has changed and is not what it once was.
It is now a filter shop.

This is available:
permalink the video light show
on the Arc de Triomphe for the Tour de France podium ceremony jawdroppingly good. Unlike the cheesy dubstep that has been accompanying it. No Lesley Garret this year.
permalink I was standing atop l'Arc de Triomphe
precisely 36 hours too early for all the fun.

bad planning that
permalink aye
though for the light show standing atop it would have been the worst place to be. For the race it would have been EPIC
thread Hello all!
Back from 6 days off the grid in various interesting bits of Scottish wilderness. 8 Munros climbed in 4 days, some exploration of never-before-visited areas, 5 nights wild camping in lovely spots, much beer consumed beside the tent in the middle of nowhere, and only one night of pissing rain, balanced with much sun.

permalink Man, I'd love to do the Munros.
I haven't done a proper walk for about 2 years now (since Hadrian's wall).
permalink I don't get walking up hills
and it's not as if I don't enjoy minority exercise. I think it's being forced to walk round the Lake District so much as a kid.
permalink this is why I don't
like stately homes. Sherlock Holmes OTOH is ok.
permalink what about Eamonn?
maybe I should hiking another chance, mind you, not many hills worth it round here...
permalink I'm working on them...
Having not walked much in years, I reset the Munro counter last year to start over.
permalink Well... Shout
If you want an annoying tagalong
permalink don't forget
there's many a fine Corbett that the baggers would ignore
permalink Very true.
Including Beinn a'Chlaidheimh, which was demoted from Munro status last year and is therefore probably being woefully neglected now...
permalink hello! I've just got back from Basildon.
There was a coach fire not far ahead of me on the m25, fortunately my clever sat nav got the news just in time to take me a different way, adding a mere hour to my journey instead of four
permalink just booked a cottage in Ardnamurchan for a week in Sept
hopefully to do some of the same

permalink Ah... I assumed JoS was in touch.
I await contact from him to say he's en route, and we plan beerage this evening. I'm emailing you...
permalink speaking of wild camping (assuming c_i doesn't mean flouncing around vigourosly)
does anyone know good places near london (kent essex i guess)?
permalink There are no good places near London.
permalink There are websites for that kind of thing
permalink blimey i thought the people on
4chan were creepy.. but cheers
permalink inside the camera obscura in Harlow?
permalink round the back of the brothel
Good dogging spot, I believe.
permalink not wild but there are some campsites in / around epping forest.
permalink Great game:

Bear with it.
permalink clarke out australia
permalink indeed, this is most awesome
just having a wee siesta back at the hotel, as it is tres chaud en Paris, aujourd hui. And then some.
permalink are you staying in paris for the tour arriving on sunday?
permalink alas no
Very poor planning. We leave this morning for Barcelona
permalink the problem is
permalink I wish he'd stop doing that
very poor decision
permalink what I'd like to know is
how many lux is a day like today? Nice clear day, middle of summer, and that?
permalink about 100,000 apparently
given that an office desk might be 300 or so and street lighting might be 20 you get the picture

permalink blimminy!
I thought it was a lot, but was thinking about 5000 or something.
permalink 1 lux isn't much, and the sun is fucking bright.
There's a good table of examples in this: https://en.wikipedia.o...

Sorry I wasn't around to answer light-related questions!
permalink there's a place I visited on the west coast of south Africa
which was ridiculously bright. It didn't particularly look any brighter but my eyes could barely cope with the intensity, it was wonderfully odd.