thread Suddenly... Heathrow!
A quick hour's eating and drinking as much as possible of BA's booze and food is in progress.

Paddington to wine-in-hand in the BA Lounge... 35 minutes. Pretty damn good.
permalink arse! boarded early!
I had to chug my chablis.

/first world problems
permalink pff
tomorrow night in c4mbridge: HMHB fun
permalink aw yus!
I'll try and leave work early.
permalink we are currently still in Ludlow
But will be setting sail for Cambs before too long. Plan was beers ib the Devonshire before (with Mr Bees)...not quite sure when we'll get there post checking in with sister in law
permalink I'll get to the station at around 18:45
so the question will be - turn right (dev) or left? (junction). *goes to tweet bees*
permalink anyone know if bees
has deactivated his twitter feed? I'm not following him any more and his last tweet was the 2nd last one I saw last night

*edit* found him, nothing to see here, move along the bus.
permalink what time are they on?
permalink dunno, they
never have support bands do they, doors open at 7 so maybe 8-8:30?
permalink cool
permalink Heathrow tomorrow for me.
Bloody travel sucks arse.
permalink I did a tour of this place

(and very nice it was too, but it bloody should have been given the cost)

then some drinks with an architect we work with a lot, it was at the building centre that has s huge model of london in it.. they have updated it with crossrail route and stations, it'd pretty impressive really, i think tottenham court road will be 22 minutes form heathrow or something
permalink jesus. that's stupidly expensive...
crossrail will be great for that.
permalink pity we had to lose the Astoria
for it though eh :/
permalink I think the Astoria was pretty fucked, to be fair
a loss for sure, however....
permalink astoria: gone
bull & gate: gone. Bah.
permalink did they every get the asbestos out of the Garage
in Highbury?
permalink I hope so,
it was pretty sweaty in there last time I was in a few weeks ago!
permalink good stuff
haven't been in for years, not since the pre-asbestos/re-building
permalink a video that shows
that the world's best road cyclist is someone that doesn't get rto ride the TdF due to being a woman

Marianne Vos, hitting a pot hole during a spint that would have seen 99.9% of riders skidding across the tarmac at 65km/h.
permalink that's not much of a "teaser"
it's the last 100m!
permalink Morning. The "Special Offers and Product Promotions" section
amused me on this page:
thread Birthday TOTD
Cardiacs - Day is Gone -
permalink Not my favourite.
Now I've got a VM running it's all seeming a bit silly.

I've got my work PC and home PC on and linked with a KVM. On my work PC I've got an XP virtual machine running and I'm signed in to a remote desktop.
permalink An OS
within an OS within an OS

Are you designing Russian dolls?
permalink I wonder how many you can nest
and if there's anything interesting you can do with it.
permalink it'll be limited by the available processor cores
each VM will reserve one or more

although there's no limit to the number of RDPs you can do, I've gone 4 deep without suffering ridiculous lag
permalink Filth!!!
permalink ah, I thought it was like an emulator
permalink well you can emulate virtual cores
which would theoretically allow you to have as many as you want, but I think performance would deteriorate rapidly if you had several environments with background processes (e.g. GUIs) running on a single core, and it would get very unstable very quickly
permalink if I'm outside work and need to
get to our datacentres in Guernsey I have to VPN in to work, RDP onto our terminal server, RDP to a box on the rock then I can get anywhere. Surprisingly it's not sluggish.
permalink I'm currently doing a bunch of development & testing
by remote desktoping into an AWS server, which is remote desktoped into a AWS VPC.

As you can imagine this is quite slow.
permalink Where does the ZX Spectrum Emulator come into it?
permalink spectrum emulator?
permalink Who needs an emulator?
*picture of a good condition boxed +2 that I'd take if I could be arsed moving*
permalink Enterprise 64 owners -
that's what that one is for ;)
thread Right then.
Have we all seen Matthew Syed explaining the reality if Chelsea yet?

permalink "reality if"?
and no, and can't see it right now

Happy birthday Tabz!
permalink Ta :)
I am officially old
permalink No change there then!
Happy birthday :)
permalink I didn't see that
happy birthday
permalink happy new year fella
and have a t-shirt (well a link to a t-shirt) http://wackywacko.bigc...
permalink 45?
permalink Yep
that is middle aged isn't it?
permalink firefox on my little notepad machine
is really having issues with the flash/shockwave plug in and won't update or correct it.

that is quite interesting, no denying. Syed is presumably expecting a horse head in the bed some time soon.

I like that the sports pundits have no idea how to deal with him.
permalink I have always found firefox to be
slow, buggy and a general all round disaster.
Combine this with flash/shockwave, and a low powered laptop, and I expect trouble would be bound to ensue.

/not helping
permalink no, you're absolutely right
I just can't get on with chrome. In the olden days FF worked a charm.
permalink The olden days of pre-Chrome, it was the better option I agree.
I am totally Chrome addicted, as it natively syncs all manner of stuff across multiple PCs and android devices.
permalink FF still 'works' how I expect
chrome doesn't do what I want in quite the right way, so it's annoying enough to put me off. I should try Opera really.
permalink Opera as of the latest version
is just a wrapper around Chrome
permalink damn you google
permalink Really, this is A Good Thing, I think.
They've adopted Google's implementation of WebKit, and the more browsers there are out there using WebKit the more standardised general web pages can become around it.
I don't know the stats, but when you consider Chrome and Safari are both WebKit based, I'd have thought WebKit will soon overtake IE in terms of browsers in use, if it hasn't already.
This can only be good news, surely.

edit: it is already the dominant rendering engine in use, ahead of ie and firefox.
permalink Interesting,
it had never occurred to me that Flash might crash less on other browsers.. I might try that.
permalink I'm not sure I've got the evidence to back that up, but it may be true.
I was simply meaning that I find Firefox is prone to crash, and Flash is prone to crash, so using both together increases the chances of something going wrong.

Having said that, I have no recollection of Flash issues with Chrome, at least in recent memory, so it may be the the Flash build for Chrome is more stable.
permalink Yeah, the Flash plugin in Chrome is built into the browser,
and has been tidied up a bit by the Chrome team so doesn't have as much Adobe shite in it.

Of course, this occasionally introduces its own problems but they'd rarely be encountered by normal users.
permalink Flash on newer builds of Firefox
seems to be rather unstable

I may make the move to Chrome myself
permalink I do my work email and stuff on chrome (as we have gmail for work)
and ff for home stuff.

works quite well. Gmail in chrome is slightly better as you can do more drag and drop stuff
permalink I don't care enough to click.
I am not in Basildon this week.

I downloaded something that doesn't run in win8, so I'm trying to set up a virtual box with XP on it. Only I don't have an XP disk. I may just give up.

edit: Whoops: http://assets.virginme...
permalink I get the virginmedia site blocked flash page there
is that intentional?
permalink Yep.
First time I try pirating something in two years and I get that.
permalink The courts have banned all websites
accessed from basildon
permalink I'm not in basildon.
My boss spotted that I'd not have much to do this week so I'm at home. I'm off out for lunch so I'm going to get dressed soon, but I wore a dressing gown all of yesterday.
permalink Pirate bay?
Google for one of the many proxies that aren't blocked.
permalink Well that was a pain in the arse.
I found a proxy and a relevant file, but it was a magnet link only and my on-NASbox downloader didn't like it. So I've installed vuze
permalink Yep, Pirate Bay is magnet link only these days.
Have you tried the trusty technique of googling for whatever you want with the word "torrent" on the end?
permalink Yes, but I didn't find any I trusted.
All done now anyway.
permalink If you don't like the way Pirate Bay are going
Kickass Torrents are normally pretty good -
permalink Ta, but I only wanted tinyxp.
I don't want anything else and I've uninstalled vuze.
permalink Kickass
is good for TV you've missed as well as "dodgy" stuff
is the place for TV shirley?
permalink That one as well
(I find Kickass normally better seeded)
permalink I only watch stuff on the iplayer
(other than The Americans on ITVplayer).

permalink I do find extratorrent quite useful
Though I prefer Usenet for most stuff
permalink I have a copy of XP I no longer use -
can I give you it?

[EDIT: Actually did I not already do that?]
permalink You did. I didn't retain it
what with not expecting to need it again.

Ta for the offer but I'm ok, I've got TinyXP working. The LBi USB stick you sent the last copy on came in handy though.
permalink nice clip
permalink Hello all
London. Grrr. IT support. Grrr.

Will get semi-hammered on BA's booze at T5 tonight.
permalink Hello C_I
Any hotel recommendations for the fair city of Edinburgh? Central as possible, not too nasty, not too expensive, ideally with somewhere to park.
I have already struck out with the MrAlistair codez - either Dunfermline for cheap, or £250 for a double room in town.
permalink Hmmm.
When for? Edinburgh gets pricy as festival time approaches.

permalink The aforementioned weekend,
so the night of 19th and 20th July.
permalink ah. yus.
OK. Getting dangerously close to festival time, but I'll email you some places worth a go.
permalink Ah, there's some sort of "golf" on that weekend.
FYI, the venue we're supposed to be going to on Saturday afternoon is on the south side of Holyrood Park.
permalink Ah.. fuck. yes. The Open's at Muirfield
which is 20 miles away, but Edinburgh is the nearest city.

What's the venue?
permalink The John McIntyre Conference Centre
So far I've found a cheap room at Dalhousie Castle, which is not a bad option, although nothing like "in town"
I started a ring round of various guest houses near the place, but didn't get very far.
I've checked all the big chains, and found them mostly booked or insanely expensive (£135 for a travelodge, ffs!). I don't mind spending £135, but not for a travelodge.
permalink Hmmm.
I shall think on this.
permalink I am also quite tempted by a 1-bed flat in Lieth on airbnb
for £80 a night.
This would be not terribly convenient for the conference centre, but fairly handy for you if you end up with time for a beer or 8.
permalink I'd probably snap it up
Easy bus job from down there to where you need to get to.
permalink I shall discuss it with my friend.
She might be find it weird to be in someone else's flat.
permalink Our corporate booking system says £82 at the Ten Hill Place hotel,
but I think that's a BBC rate, and doesn't include parking. Otherwise £175 for Ibis Edinburgh! Eek.

Have you tried I've found a few good rates there in the past.
permalink Ten Hill Place doesn't have rooms on the Saturday,
Only the Friday. Nice try though!

I'll try later on.
permalink Ohh, didn't realise it was two nights.
Reading fail.
permalink Also, it's
Edinburgh, not Reading.
permalink Ba-dum...
thread Bad news . .
permalink That is bad news.
I second your internet hugs, the pancreas would appear to be about the worst possible place to get cancer.
permalink Yup :(
TOTD, in keeping with his tastes:
permalink Jesus
Very bad news indeed

permalink The survival rates for pancreatic cancer
make for grim reading.
permalink shit
permalink on the positive side the rash around my cock has cleared up
sorry i'm shit at jokes but i hope that got at least a smile from him.. fucking truely awful thing to happen
permalink oh fucking hell
permalink this :(
I'm going to see him next week so I'll charge up on good wishes to give to him.
permalink oh good
bite him on his little finger from me.. it's good luck
/a hungarian thing
permalink :(
permalink :-(
Stupid shitty shitfuck.
permalink fuck
that is bad news. :-(
permalink Christ.
There really isn't much to say to that.

Witchy - take all our love and regards with you.
permalink I will!
I'll also take limes.
permalink Probably best not to chuck him in the sea though.
permalink Worrying, not sure what's going on here
but I'm guessing Munkton is ill. Hope all gets better etc.
permalink Pancreatic cancer
been operated on. I'm guessing though from jiva's tweets that the surgeons were not exactly encouraged by what they found rooting around in him.
permalink you are correct
heading back to Cambridge shortly, as soon as my brother gets here. He does not remember being told anything yesterday so, we're going to have to go through it all again.
permalink oh and I'll keep quiet about here.
he does not know I've posted here at all. I doubt he'll find it. He's not fit for anything yet. I doubt I'll be putting any updates any time soon.
permalink I'm lost for words...
So sorry, Claire. Love to you and yours xxx
permalink *hugs*
can't imagine how difficult this is for you
permalink ^
permalink *hugs*
We're here if you need us.
permalink Oh, hell
That's awful
permalink thank you all for your kindest of wishes
and many fucks were given. Which does warm my heart.
permalink fuck that's awful
it does seem particularly shit to get a cancer of a thing that doesn't have an obvious function
permalink Like SSSS's penis?
thread Monday all

SFW link

oh the huge manatee
permalink BOING!
. .
permalink awww.. poor bugger
i was sailing solo on a small catamaran in new caledoinia and when i ran out of wind one of those fellas popped up right behind me
nearly shit myself
but i can see why they were confused for mermaids
permalink that'll have been a dugong
which is a different species. But sort of similar.
permalink Is that a manatee or a duBONG?
permalink What software is ok and free for making gifs?
permalink Gimp?
I'm not a big fan of its interface though
permalink I've been using PS7 until now
but it doesn't seem to work on win8.