thread I feel quite strongly that this is not okay:
permalink you'd be right
non-medical circumcision is barbaric.
permalink So is female excision
And it still goes on today
permalink yup
more so, even
permalink i think they should murder every other child
at birth
permalink if i as being done
I think I'd like the chopper to have practiced, bit odd selling it on Amazon though.
permalink There is the bit about infection
I did read recently that they had developed a rubber bad instead of surgery technique to use in some third world countries but this is taking self sufficiency too far
permalink they do that with baby rams knackers
and when they drop off call them mountain oysters.. and eat them
permalink As someone who had it done
I think practicing is a good thing. I'd hate to have been someone's first.
permalink *flashbacks to whichever Peter Greenaway film had the young lad trying to cirumcise himself*
possibly Drowning By Numbers?
permalink yeah drowning by numbers
that was a pretty fucking weird film.... the bird from drop the dead donkey was in it as well i recall
permalink as it was a Greenaway film
fucked-upedness is a given
permalink i thought it was his most accesable
and lovely
permalink I never said his films
couldn't be accessible or lovely...just that they were generally odd

I really should watch some again
permalink just saying that people unaware of his work might see
odd = interesting / thought provoking
fucked-upedness = human centipede / Martyrs (which is probably the best film of the last decade)
thread Huh, Photoshop?
I just got this error in Photoshop. Never seen it before, don't understand it.

permalink There seems to be a bug that gives a similar error
that's fixed in a recent patch, but in general it refers to the 30000 pixel limit for PSD files, I think.
permalink I'm patched up-to-date
First time I've ever seen this. I'm only trying to use a 1800px brush on a 5000 by 3000 canvas, which I was doing quite happily on Tuesday. Grr.
permalink Then, as expected,
I am no help.
permalink Photoshop is my friend!
I am unhappy that it has decided to be a twat.

If it was an Autodesk product, I'd expect this sort of shit.
permalink That's fair enough.
I criticise Adobe stuff as much as Autodesk stuff, but normally it's because it's horrifically unintuitive, and persists in using bizarre and non-standard keyboard shortcuts, and UI paradigms.
permalink Well... I've been using photoshop since version 1.0 beta...
So I'm OK with it.

All you mention applies 10 times over to Autodesk stuff though.
permalink Same here,
except the other way round.
permalink :)
permalink Your tools too big!
. .
permalink Does it hurt?
permalink Hardly touches the sides
permalink I suspect I have the largest bank balance
I will ever have. More importantly my phone updated and now I have to press space after each word.
permalink What phone?
that sounds incredibly inconvenient
permalink Samsung S2
Further to this annoyance it turns out that you can't pay off your mortgage by phoning them up with your debit card in hand. They're sending me something out.
permalink When you say "updated"
do you mean that there's a full-on Samsung ROM update, or just the recent "Google Keyboard" update?

If it's the latter, I think it's tweakable in settings.
If it's the former, install another keyboard - that's the beauty of android.
I recommend Swype, but that costs 99p, so that may mean you're unable to pay off the mortgage.
permalink the cog and it allows all kinds of new shit
EVEN I worked that one out :)
permalink a new version of android.
Looks like it might have been the browser playing up. It stopped letting me click reply too so I've installed opera and its all fine.
permalink surely there was a time your bb had £XXXXX whatever you paid whoever for the house
that was the time to leggit to laos to live in confused luxury
permalink The amount I had for a deposit
was an order of magnitude less
permalink oh crikey
to mark tommorows first A350 test flight (9am our time, planespotters) there's a commerative hoarding being attached to the front of the research centre here. This is visible only to people on this site.
permalink Where from/to?
Duxford sort of way?
I'm remarkably handy for East Midlands as it happens.
permalink Toulouse
we just make materials, we don't make the planes. But the A350 is built entirely from our materials. Wings are built in Broughton (North Wales), other big bits in Germany, France and Spain, all the bits get taken to Toulouse and assembled into a plane. How all Airbuses are made.

There's online coverage. Details here

Hopefully it'll be as dull as possible.
permalink I would have been surprised if it had been in this country to be honest,
but the idea of putting up a special hoarding seemed to suggest that it might be, if only a little bit.

My cousin works (or at least used to) at Broughton, last time I spoke to him he was doing A380 wings I think.
permalink They've gone up at
all Hexcel sites that have anything to do with the programme, apparently. It's a big deal for the company.
permalink there's even a
hexcel corporate video about it
thread just saw the 10 oclock show on c4 and they went into
which is a little bit worrying for freedom of speech and may mean sickopedia is fucked http://www.sickipedia....

oh and Gozu is on flim4 right now.. which if you haven't seen is an odd fantistical yakuza film
recommend as totn even if you're not watching
permalink You may like
my TOTN - Year of No Light - Abbesse -

A rarity - a decent French band
permalink haha.. yeah the french are weird when it comes to music
but likey (too much symbal natch)
try some oh NOtechNO 20 bloody years (feels like 50)
kicks in round the 10 min mark
permalink I don't normally like The Sun
but this is utterly superb work on their part
permalink I am conflicted on this subject,
because on the one hand I am fervently in favour of freedom of speech, but on the other, the sooner people learn to stop being dickheads on Twitter, the better.

I think I'd get more shouty about the subject if the joke were actually funny. I also think that if it were more obviously funny, prosecution would be less likely.
permalink the fact that it wasn't particularly funny is the whole point here
isn't she allowed to be unfunny?
permalink jas CJ seen this
permalink I like the sound this "jas CJ"
Does he wear a black turtleneck and smoke gauloises in the back of basement music clubs? Nice...
permalink I thought that there was a working group set up
after the Robin Hood airport thing to create new guidelines for the CPS and police with respect to online speech

because it's not so much that this sort of thing is illegal, it's just that the only applicable law we currently have treats tweeting someone/thing as identical to shouting it at someone through their bedroom window in public
permalink But tweeting something is exactly the same as standing in Trafalgar Square shouting it,
or publishing it in a newspaper, and as such it needs to be done with a mind towards the response you'd expect to get if you said the same things in those forums, both from the point of view of hate speech and libel (Sally Bercow is an idiot, nothing more to it).

Where the law is potentially fuzzy and problematic is places like Facebook, where you are likely talking to a restricted group of people with whom you are acquainted, more akin to speaking at a house party - not an entirely public audience.

We need to be aware of where we're posting and how public and/or anonymous it is, but at the end of the day I just wish people would be a bit more traditionally British about things and think "is someone likely to take offence?" before posting.
permalink i'm not sure if being
a bit more traditionally British about things and think "is someone likely to take offence?" is the case.. think of all the diana and 9/11 jokes.. this is probably more a case of 'too soon'
permalink You're probably right,
but I wouldn't dream of telling a Diana or 9/11 joke at Speakers' Corner myself.
permalink I also wonder if we ought to have a bit of a serious think about the status
of this 'board, as it is essentially completely public, and we are fairly easily traceable, even if we are superficially anonymous.

We're not normally directly offensive about particular people and or groups, but we probably do occasionally commit libel...

Should we consider putting it behind a login, so it's not publicly viewable?
/doesn't know what's involved
permalink I did consider this when taking it over
and putting it behind a login would be very easy, if that's what people wanted

but I think this place is so far below the radar that it's very unlikely to get any attention, and if we do that then there goes any hope of new members.

The only permanent store is the database, and that's always been purged by necessity every year or so, and I doubt anyone is storing this elsewhere, bar the odd google page cache and

this was the core reason why I didn't want to move to reddit though - guaranteed everything posted in there is logged by the powers that be in perpetuity
permalink and not only is it below the radar
if someone did somehow fuckoff 'the powers' a court defence that it was broadcasted to a 'club' of 25 people would seem pretty strong

i'm sure we get fuckall anon traffick
permalink As long as someone has put more thought into it than me,
that's all good.
permalink i don't use twitter much but as long as you don't use a trending hastag
aren't you just broadcasting to people who are following you?

in that case it's more like having your bedroom window connected to speakers corner
permalink Every tweet is essentially public, the hashtag just makes it more likely to be seen.
Your analogy is a good one though.
thread I'm going to Slough today
how are you spending a day unexpectedly?

[edit] my exhaust pipe fell off on the M25, the AA rescued me, I'm glad I didn't cancel the membership...
permalink I shall
Eat cake.
permalink I am also unexpectedly eating cake.
It's chocolate and beetroot cake, and it's utterly fantastic. Who knew?
permalink You have my curiosity.
Do you have a recipe?
permalink I will see what I can do.
Bear with me.
permalink Tada!
permalink Awesome!
Thank you very much!
permalink that looks quite interesting
and funnily enough, we've just picked the last of our beetroot from the garden
permalink i've had it a bunch.. it's really lush
and the best of all cakes/desserts containing vegetables
permalink nothing unexpected
just a desire to burn every single wind pollinating plant
permalink I'm hopefull
that I won't burn anything today
permalink I don't expect to do anything unexpected
of course.

I probably will though.
permalink finally killing and wearing the skin of the guy
who loudly slurps cereal at his desk every day from 9:15 to 10:00
permalink He must be the least efficient cereal eater in the world,
either that or he eats a vast amount of cereal.
permalink I don't know what he does
as sadly he's on the other side of a partition, so I can't fixedly glare at him

but I doubt his eating method is very efficient with the noise he makes
permalink Perhaps he is
an anteater.
permalink How could you resist?
permalink Come at me bro!
permalink Anteaters have very strong claws,
designed for breaking open ants' nests.
I suggest resisting would be quite sensible.
permalink but imagine being immortalised in the national accident statistics
under 'Miscellaneous' as the 1 death as a result of baby anteater hugs
permalink I like this!
permalink assuming, of course,
said baby anteater does not subsequently go on a murderous hugging rampage
permalink " the workplace"
permalink Of course.
That sort of thing is happening in the home all the time...
permalink 7/10 of all aardvark related injuries
happen in the home

be careful out there people!
permalink it could become the new gerbil craze
and a messy one at that
permalink Throw paper planes over the partition

set them alight first
permalink paper bomber planes that could drop
weetabix on him
permalink Flaming weetabix!
. .
permalink containing ricin with chewing gum on the tip
so it sticks to his face
*waves to prism*
permalink well not today but tomorrow
I shall get the train into Birmingham for a meeting at 1 and getting the train out of Birmingham at 2.
permalink I'm off to Oldham tomorrow.
permalink This has set off the
Russ Abbott Pun Alarm.
permalink my deepest sympathies
oldham is like wigan but with more hillbillies and squalor
permalink the nhs IT training room I was in
didn't have floppy drives inn the computers so I was happy
permalink looking on Facebook
I see your day has been full of surprises!
permalink yes
very much so. The hard shoulder smells of wee.
permalink your wee
permalink got a meeting
to do with a merger or some shit
permalink Well?
Which is it?
permalink bit of both
permalink gonna try and get these guys
to work with our guys
and make the world
a better place
for you and for me
and the entire human race
permalink that looks like it's coming on
permalink SYNERGY
permalink one cup?
permalink two girls?
permalink ssg and his
permalink I just spent two hours in hospital.
I can sympathise with van Gogh. My right ear is infected again.

I think it has happened every year for the last ten years, even after I gave up poking cotton buds in there.
permalink soak your earphone buds in honey
you may have to run from wasps but your ears will feel glorious (if a little gluggy)
permalink we nearly overdosed on red wine and jamon
but we are on holiday in spain so that's far from unexpected
thread I'm on holiday, have I mentioned this before?
In other news the new CD from massive 80s gofficks the March Violets landed on my doorstep this morning. Not only am I chuffed to fuck but they're also good mates of mine now, which strikes me as odd :)

Also, I'm on holiday. Wheeeeeee
permalink Are you on holiday?
You really should have mentioned this before!

2 weeks to go...
permalink I was genuinely unaware that you were on holiday.
permalink I was on holiday last week
did i miss anything here?
permalink did someone say holiday?
work until Thursday and then off until the 1st of July wohoo.
permalink work until Friday week
then holiday until July 30th

permalink Mind you
I've got about 3 weeks of work to do in the next week and little I really shouldn't sound so smug
permalink When you say they're "massive 80s gothics"
do you mean they are from the 1980s, or that they are in their 80s?
And are they physically massive, or simply popular or influential in the sphere of gothicism?
permalink Or . .
This lot - http://fatgoth.bandcam...
permalink they were the only other band
to be on Merciful Release, seriously influential particularly Tom Ashton's guitar playing. They surprised the living shit out of me a few years ago by forgetting to tell me they'd got my gawjus mate Jo on bass. Biggest dancefloor hit is 'Snakedance' which is still epic to this day.
permalink So, what's going on, on your holiday?
permalink I'm in Bromsgrove.
permalink One of my colleagues is selling
a house in Bromsgrove.
Go and view it, she'll get all excited and then her hopes will be dashed again.
permalink i would
but that'd involve being on Bromsgrove longer than necessary.
permalink Some of us have been on holiday
for 4 years
permalink :o(
. .
permalink I usually keep 80s Gothic types as far away from me as possible
I hate the smell of Rosary oil for starters. Or is it patchouli? What ever it is it's usually best practice to avoid hanging about with goths. They are all cunts after all
permalink It's patchouli
and it smells of Masters of the Universe figurines.
permalink You mean that plastic smell?
My new floor smelled like that before it was laid. Sadly it doesn't smell like that any more.
permalink Well, it's not just plastic.
It's this Stinkor smell.
permalink had a minor
"oh, where's that smell of smoke coming from" incident today. Put a heat proof-but-not-to-500°C-glove down on a bit of steel that was at around 500°C.
permalink after that subject i was
quite re-leaved to discover the body
permalink next time pay for a garderner and sit on the room sipping beer
and throwing the empties at them