thread Chinese people take a western first name for dealing with us occidental types...
One of my regular contacts in Guangzhou, for example, calls herself Claudia, although her real name (rendered roughly into phonetic english) is Fang-Fang. I know an Eddy Fung, a Rickie Wong, a Walter Wang, etc. The western names are usually something fairly mainstream.

However... I just got an email from a bloke called Omega Feng.

It is taking all my willpower not to ask him if he's a Transformer.

permalink does he make knock off watches?
permalink Maybe he does that on the side.
His day-job is as a design manager for massive curtain walling packages....
permalink It's not significantly worse than being called
Massimiliano Fuksas I suppose.
permalink fair point.
The latest thing we did with them is on designboom - http://www.designboom....

The lighting isn't set up properly yet, but it's a fairly mad thing.
permalink "Theatrical lighting" eh?
It looks great! Nice and mental.
permalink I wouldn't say "Theatrical"
No good lighting photos, but nice to see it finished as we haven't been able to get back in to focus and programme it properly.
permalink I'm sure you wouldn't,
modest and self-deprecating as you are, but the article says "theatrical"...
permalink it does indeed.
at least we get a credit, which is unusual...
permalink Haha
My Chinese colleague called herself Betsy when she went to university in the US, her real name is Mei-Mei (means Beautiful - Beautiful).
permalink We should do the same the other way round.
I shall be Dà Yīnjīng
permalink Panda Penis?
permalink Actually... I think I'll change it
Just found out that pandas have tiny cocks.
permalink I might just go with "Yīnjīng"
permalink Zhìrè de sūgélán rén
permalink Not bad!
permalink I used to work with a Chinese fella who did that
but the only person who used his Anglicised name was his partner, we all called him by his real name.
permalink I am hijacking this thread
and taking it here - http://www.flemingoutd...

permalink Wow.
Those guys really have an extensive range of piss.
permalink I wonder if they've ever been robbed?
permalink That'd be taking the . .
permalink Comment in our office:
"Does the cougar urine attract older women?"
permalink People who bought Wolf urine also bought:
Wolf T-Shirt
permalink local collectors.
permalink I worked with a Wilson woo and a guy who stopped using his 'western' name
when he came to study in the UK as it was something like quentin or justin or something.

permalink You can write the name Wilson Woo
without and exclamation mark, surely?

Wilson Woo!
permalink he was a very mild mannered type
So it never seemed appropriate
permalink I hope he met and married someone called
Susanna Yay!
permalink And they named their firstborn
permalink I don't think Susanna Woo
is any better our worse than Susanna Yay.
permalink I was hoping they'd
double barrel themselves.
permalink The kid would be Woo-Yay, Houpla
permalink I used to work with an Indian fellow
Who when looking for a British sounding name decided on Clive Sinclair
permalink That is indeed a very
British sounding name.

edit: this reminds me of a tale which is probably apocryphal, but an ex of mine claimed to have gone to school with another girl whose parents' family had escaped Nazi Germany, and whose surname was Wunderland. As the first girl born in this country, the she had been give a very British name - Alison...
permalink Must be apocryphal...
I don't think that Wunderland is actually a name...
permalink Wunderlich


permalink I am from now on going to sneeze the word apocryphal whenever someone spouts bullshit
permalink Isn't it only apocryphal
if it's widely thought to be true?
permalink define "widely"...
permalink Indeed, but I got it from here:
permalink Depends what dictionary you ask
thread so my week is looking pretty odd

then going to manchester on saturday

complicated by the fact that the only flights form paris to glasgow stop in Cardiff.
permalink now that's just not true
is it

if I'd got off in Cardiff by mistake I think I'd have noticed by now
permalink who do you fly with?
my travel people may be spinning me fairy stories
permalink Ah yes easyjet do but only at noon which doesn't work for me
permalink Flybe and BA do it too.
Check skyscanner.
permalink no BA on the days i want to go
... it seems.
permalink bugger
permalink You have travel people?
Alistair, you've changed...
permalink He means Amy
permalink well there is a lady in the office who deals with the
company's travel agent
permalink It's a slippery slope,
you'll have a gentleman's gentleman and a woman who does next.
permalink and eunuchs
Not sure what for, but definitely eunuchs.
permalink they sort and organise my lego
permalink There's a gag involving studs here, I'm sure...
permalink If a 'woman who does' is a cleaner rather than a hooker,
then we already have severeal.
permalink I of course have no room to criticise,
as I have a woman who irons.

In an ideal world it would be a man called Jeremy, or, as C_I says, a eunuch, but both of those commodities are hard to find in the former coal mining communities of north east Derbyshire.
permalink just call her jeremy
and ask if she has testicles
permalink a woman who irons!
that's the bloody dream. I'd love a cleaner, but as I work at home, I'd be really uncomfortable sitting here when she came.

or maybe it would end in Robin Askew style shenanigans...
permalink Everyone seems to think it's a ridiculous extravagance,
but it costs me about a tenner a week for all my work shirts and trousers.
Given the same amount of ironing takes me a couple of hours to do myself and is very badly done at the end of it, I think it's money very well spent.
permalink if I had to wear a shirt for work
I reckon it would be money well spent.
permalink Working nude again?
. .
permalink not with this cheap vinyl-covered seat
permalink does she do your cravats too?
and polish your codpiece?
permalink One can't trust the staff with a silk cravat,
and a man's codpiece is his castle.
Or something.
permalink see now there's your mistake
travel agents are spectacularly useless at organising travel
permalink we have no choice
it's a company wide deal thing
permalink last place I worked was like that
I got frustrated with redeye flights, 12 hour connections and inconvenient hotels, so instead I'd figure it out myself and tell them exactly what I wanted booked
permalink your internet skills are rubbish.
i haven't been out the cuntry for a year :(
permalink Edinburgh, London, Paris, Glasgow
everybody talk about pop music!
permalink Edinburgh, London, Paris, Glasgow
everybody talk about Tabasco!

(nearest rhyme I could think of anyway)
permalink I can't think of many more
just churrasco and fiasco
thread I'm in France
which is nice. Watched yesterday's Tour De France stage from a vantage point by the 50m to go marker- there were big screens to watch the stage on. Incredible atmosphere. The actual sprint was a very "blink and you'll miss it" blur. Crash happened out of sight of us.

Comedy moment of the day: Dave Brailsford appearing to find that his pass wasn't in fact "access all areas" as he got denied entry to the "Club Tour de France" VIP area opposite us.
permalink closely followed by
the big cheer when the Greenedge team bus made it through the finish without hitting the banner.
permalink I looked out for you on the telly
but didn't see you. They do go very quickly don't they, the tv said they were doing 65kph *before* they started sprinting yesterday.

And are you getting out to see the TT today?

permalink nice, I'm rather jealous
... todays will look pretty spectacular i'm guessing.
permalink I have almost nothing to say about the tdf.
However, Word Of The Day here is "gambole" which appears to be common Brum parlance for "forward roll".
What is wrong with the term "forward roll" I ask?
permalink Gambol, I think.
That may well have been its meaning when I was a kid in Brum.
Which was a long time ago. I had forgotten that, and would now say that the word means to cavort or jump about (possibly used about lambs, for instance).
permalink Or
an old comic strip in The Mail (not sure if it is still there?)
permalink The Gambols,
I think I still have a couple of books of those somewhere along with my Beau Peep gubbins.
permalink I don't think it's the same word, but I agree that was my first thought.
"gambol" is pronounced "gamble" whereas the word in question is pronounced "gam-bowl"
May be derived from the same thing, but seems to be quite different.
permalink The English language
is a tricksy bugger
permalink Tell me about it.
permalink whereas I imagine German
is perfectly straightforward!
permalink It's so simple
I literally learned it as a toddler.
permalink it's floorless
permalink or
"it is if you're Adele" who insists it's pronounced "sky-fow...l" &c
permalink let it crumb bowl
permalink There's more to France than Nice,
it's quite a big country.
permalink .
wah wah wah waaaah
permalink http://instantrimshot....
permalink I was expecting
a photo of trim
permalink ah.
permalink ?

[edit] I should have realised googling that would have led to surprising images.
permalink yesterday I travelled to Basildon
Aiming to arrive around half past midnight. It took me an hour later because they'd rolled the roads up in the south - motorways down to one lane and junction closures.

When I eventually arrived I was told that there wasn't a room for me but there was one at Southend. I eventually got to bed after 2.
permalink I tell you,
going to Essex is not the future.
permalink pfft about the bus.. the french have a sense of humour hew new
a streaker action from you wouldn't have hurt though
you know with something written across your breasts
thread Work moan
Has anyone ever had a good experience with outsourcing development? I've been involved with projects at 3 different companies with half a dozen different outsourcers, none of whom have ever delivered on time and always end up costing more to put stuff right than it would have taken to do in-house in the first place.

AP: Moaning about the heat? Try Russia -
permalink At my last practice,
we experimented with outsourcing packages of construction drawings to various freelancers.
The problem we had was controlling the cost. You can get a competitive fixed price, but they either leave you with loads of stuff unfinished that's outside the scope of works, charge you extra for what was omitted from the scope, or include it all but do it shoddily and late.
We found that getting the "best price" was not the way to go, and that it was better to involve an outsourcer from the beginning, with them being paid a fixed price which leaves them room to make a decent profit. That way they want to be used for repeat business, so are prepared to be flexible and diligent.
In short, we found outsourcing for cost saving purposes rarely works, but if you treat the goal to be flexibility, scale and the ability to respond to clients quickly irrespective of workload, then it works better.
Still, different industry and all that...
permalink It definitely works
But needs solid onshore management, a good SOW and the onshore managers to realise that you wont actually save that much money if you're managing the work properly.

I've built a career out of offshore management and I've definitely seen it work. It's just not as simple as chucking the work over the fence and hoping for the best.

Edit: assuming by 'outsource' you meant offshoring of course.
permalink I guess I am an outsource
and the problem we always have, client, us, anyone, is lack of decent project management. decent PM involved from the very beginning, well set out project plan, sorted. being run by an arsehole, always bad news for everyone.

mind you, pay me to do something twice, I'll take the wonga.
permalink maritime climate ftw!
I'm at Watford gap services and am craving dandelion and Burdock.

I don't want to have to drive any more today.
permalink go and get us a chippy
permalink we got SSSS
to go under..what more do you want from us man???
permalink he's now working the
100 Bloody Acre
thread quick question for you all
does anyone else find that this place freezes up on a mobile browser? Was wondering if fixing this bug might help our dwindled numbers, seeing as everyone and their stabslab is surfing from new-fangled wifi-enabled skiffle bars these days.
permalink I haven't had it freeze for me
I'm using Dolphin for Android if that helps?
permalink Always been fine for me
on iPad, in Chrome.

Although keeping the read-post counter server side would be really nice so that it stays in sync between my work desktop and my fondleslab.
permalink I like this!
. .
permalink The page at says:
Good for you.
permalink I think you'll find that it's "The p...says:"
permalink I find three (approximately) things happen when I use
Chrome for Android:

1. text input is a nightmare. I'm not sure if this is the board or my keyboard (Swype), but I don't encounter it on any other sites. The behaviour in the lower input box (body) is very unpredictable, and it frequently doubles words, and so forth.
2. Following the nightmare of getting what you want actually written, the submit button offers only about a 50% chance of actually submitting the post. It typically either fails, and drops me to the edit page, as if I'd left a box blank, and blanks the body box, or it seems to log me out completely.
3. Turns out I don't have a number 3.

As a result, I tend to only peruse this place when I'm at work, or have the desktop turned on at home, so I agree, if these are in fact 'board problems, were they fixed, I'd probably post more.

AQ: I'm in Edinburgh on the evening of 20th July for a few ales. You anywhere nearby on that date by any chance?
permalink I think the javascript used here
belongs to a simpler time (i.e. it had to be complex and cutting-edge to be able to do these things) and probably could do with replacing with something a bit more compliant now there's a billion different devices and browsers out there

I shall tinker at some point, maybe make a second posts page in html5 people can test and elect to use instead. Not intending on changing the design or layout in any way though, just clean it up behind the scenes
permalink Sounds cool to me, good man!
I'm happy to test it as much as required.
permalink as for edinburgler
I shall probably be down in Galloway that day, but nudge me again nearer the time in case I'm not, as ales are good
permalink Roger
permalink I'm there on the 22nd
if you hang around for 3 days
permalink Despite the ludicrous cheapness of the accommodation,
I can't do this. Sorry.
permalink yes, i was going to say earlier, but I didn't
only on my phone.

[edit] heh, I've just seen something abbreviated as "BLERM", which is a rather nice word.
permalink Don't have freezing problems in Dolphin/Android
but I do have the text issue that JoS mentions in #1
permalink I'm glad.
At least I'm not imagining it then.
permalink I use Chrome on the iPhone
and I have no problems at all, except that sometimes the box moves around.
permalink Fuuuuuuuuuu.......
permalink what is it Skippy?
permalink Works perfectly.
Thanks for making your coding compliant with accelerometer inversion in the Southern Hemisphere. Much appreciated.
permalink Default Android browser stopped working after an o/s update
I couldn't click on any links at all, so I switch to opera which works almost flawlessly.

Occasionally the first work I type in the Body box will be replaced by the second word I type, but that's presumably a swype problem.
permalink This is much better description of the problem I experience
in Chrome on android, also with Swype (problem 1 above).