thread Excell Ass Key
If I have a column with some numbers in it, and a column with L M or H against each number.

How do I add up only the rows which have an 'L' Next to it. and then only the ones with an H and so on.

AQ: any plans for the weekend?

EDIT: I did =IF(L11="m",K11+0,"0")

a bit dirty but it works
permalink Is the letter at the start or the end?
Use a combination of a SUMIFS and LEFT / RIGHT to add them up

AA - I was supposed to be at Secret Garden Party but work things got in the way. However as consolation, I am drinking with friends tonight, seeing Henry VI, parts 1, 2 & 3 at the Globe tomorrow and having lunch with my old flatmate on Sunday.
permalink Pivot Table
would be my first choice
permalink this
hat of your choiice
permalink Trilby
permalink Fez
permalink I would use a succession of IF statements
to turn the two columns into and L column, an M column and an H column, then sum those.

edit: walking my chum's hound this evening, up to Baslow Edge I expect. Then Nottingham Pride festival tomorrow, Sunday is TBD but possibly Worlds End, or Venetian blind installation, followed by Grand Prix highlights.
permalink This is essentially what I have done
seems to work
permalink I did know how to do alphanumberic things like that
but that was many years ago.

I have to take down a shed and a fence, smash them into bits and take them to the tip. Then pray that the fence wasn't suported on massive lumps of concrete like last time, then re-do the fence. I don't know why SSSS said I should buy a house, they're a fucking nightmare.
permalink I'm in Bristol. I'm off to a static caravan with
MrsJam, her two sisters, their husbands and nine kids.

Me and the two oldest kids will set off when I've finished work, mrsjam is on her way from Wigan and everyone else is already there.
permalink presumably the fifteen of you
will be staying in multiple caravans?
permalink they have to try the all 15 down one end of the caravan trick
the kids will love it
permalink one caravan
Several tents. The caravan sleeps eight.
permalink pack up all possesions
do London Cambridge
Move house

In that order.
permalink riddle me this
why doesn't metal tubing have seams.. how the hell do they make it?
permalink there are several ways... depending on what is required.
extrusion in some cases, but mostly it's a process using an assembly of rollers to shape a billet of hot metal, stretch it out, and effectively a big spike to pierce through it.
permalink That was really badly explained
Search on YouTube...
permalink essentially thet roll it then weld it
depends on the metal and the tube
permalink Somtimes, yes... but a lot of metal tubing is seamless for various reasons.
Seamless stuff is rolled and poked.
permalink MAGIC
don't believe anything else
permalink =sumif(b:b,"=M",a:a)
where b is the column with the letters, a is the column with the numbers
thread Must be TOTN time . . .
North Atlantic Oscillation - Savage With Barometer -
permalink I was listening to Drum Club* yesterday, that took me back.
I spoke to my parents last night, they've been in Paris for a few days to catch the end of the Tour and that.

Apparently on the plane on the way over, my mum started chatting to the lady next to her, all 'why are you going over? what are you doing?', that sort of thing. My mum says "oh, we're off to see the cycling" and the lady says "oh, so are we, this is my husband Brian, he's big in cycling". Neither my mum or dad recognise him, so they just say hello and carry on chatting and think no more of it.

on Monday or Tuesday my dad picks up a L'Equipe or whatever and says 'oh, there's a picture of the fella from the plane in it', my mum doesn't believe him. they look, it is. Turns out they'd be sat with Mr and Mrs Brian Cookson. The head of British Cycling flies Jet2 from Manchester.

[edit]* "Everything is Now" album, I almost had to listen on tape, fortunately someone had put a copy on the internet to save digging through the pile of wires.
permalink There was an bit on the news last night
about how sport funding from the private sector was less than 10% of what it was last year.
They interviewed a gold medal winning rower who's on the verge of jacking it in as she can't get sponsorship and can't eat or pay the rent.
In comparison, flying jet2 is a mild compromise...
permalink I saw a similar thing about handball, participation has never been higher in the UK
but there's basically no money to buy gloves, so there'll be no Team GB in Rio.
permalink 5 hours to pick your bonus track in the f1 game (hungary has the most laps for the next Q)

permalink I tried that before, it wouldn't let me change Australia
or whatever I'd had from the first race.
permalink yeah because we didn't understand the rules
they only let you do it during a certain period.. which is now
permalink gotcha
done it.
permalink I am coming 2nd in our F1 league.
1st is 20 points ahead, but third is 24 points behind - I just need a couple of really good races.
permalink is it the hilton one?
i'm topping mine 70 points ahead of the_pope who's getting married today or tomorrow
so i'm guessing he has more important things on his mind
permalink No, it is
permalink hah, excellent
McQuaid would probably insist on a gold plated helicopter.
permalink WITCHY
do you have any involvement in this lot?
permalink I know Jay, aye.
How he managed to get that warehouse I don't know, but he works in TV production so obviously has the beans to do it. He's one of these weird Haverhill types who actually likes the town :)
permalink ooh, the location
is about halfway between my current place and the one I'm moving into this weekend.
permalink where are you
hoofing off to now?
permalink Elfleda Road
'nother shared house
permalink has anyone found a decent replacement for eztv?
the thing i liked was it was compact and highlighted what you'd already downloaded (if like me you forget what number of the series you need to catch up from)
permalink It's still there
permalink be wary
there is infections there or so my a/v tells me
permalink i'll get the tcp out then

edit: actually i might just use to watch hulu
thread Yawn.
Day trip to Hammersmith for me.

Can't really be arsed.
permalink Didn't we have a luvverly time
the day we went to Hammersmith...
permalink No Sleep Until . . .
permalink Stop! Hammersmith time.
permalink If I had a Hammersmith
permalink Maxwells Silver Hammersmith
. . .
permalink Sledgehammersmith
permalink I'm in Newcastle... it seems Its going to rain
hopefully I have an umbrella in the car.

I'm in meetings until 3 then drive to london

permalink looking at the radar
the earlier rain in the newcastle area has cleared northwards, the rain that hit London and east Anglia early this morning has headed out into the North Sea south of the Humber and is dissapating.
permalink I had a mental image
of you standing in front of a CG map whilst saying this . . . .
permalink now back to Susie with a story about a surprising little calf!
permalink slinky dress
with a deep vee at the front? or herringbone jacket with leather elbow patches and a kipper tie?
permalink Slinky dress
with elbow patches & kipper tie
permalink Newcastle looks relatively rain free today
permalink I can see why that might be the case, but maybe Mr Stirk will say something nice again.

I have chosen to celebrate payday by ordering a Raspberry Pi.
This is rather adventurous for me, as I suspect I may be out of my depth.
permalink I plan to order one, but have a work excuse...
good luck. what do ypu plan on doing with it?
permalink It's the first toe in the water of an elaborate plan
for multi-room audio, with the possible addition of some home automation.
This one will probably be my new XBMC media device, so that the current (not solid state) PC can become a media server and run the TV tuners in a cupboard out of the way.
permalink my current plan
is to make one into a retro gaming device (MAME etc) and make it work with my PS3 controllers

I've got the other at work as a data scraper, works nicely
permalink There's a firm in Sheffield
making a laser cut plywood case for the Pi which is designed for exactly that purpose.
It's on kickstarter at the moment, but I can't get to kickstarter from the office, so can't link it sadly.
Ah, this will do:
permalink pimoroni?
yep, I have 2 of their pibow cases. I really like the new timber one too

permalink Yes, them.
I've just ordered a black plastic Pibow, but the timber one isn't available until August 1st at the earliest, so I might have to wait for my second machine for that.
permalink ive got a full sizer
with a full set of new joysticks and harness for hooking upto a pc if you want it
permalink I don't have the space,
or at present the passion for retro gaming.

But I'd have thought meepmeep might be interested based on what he said above...
permalink I would be
but currently in a Getting Rid of Stuff mode sadly
permalink you'll be grand
the whole point of the device is to learn such things, it's impossible to break unless you start doing electronics, and the community is hugely helpful

I got two at launch, they're great little things
permalink I'm really very excited, I have to admit.
There seems to be very little limit to what can be done, and it's nothing like as complex as anything involving an arduino.
I am initially going to limit myself to straightforward things, with OS images that are readily available and pre-rolled for use by idiots, however.
permalink cool
One day I'll find time to arduino again, then when I've completed my projects list I'll move on to a pi.
permalink Oh, and, as today is Thursday, and Thursday is Pie Day,
we're playing Pie Lovers' Songbook in the office.
permalink Smoke gets in your pies?
Betty Davis Pies
Pie of the tiger
Pie who have nothing . . .
permalink Pie will always love you
Pie will survive (not strictly lovers)
Once, twice, three pies a lady
permalink Swastika Pies
Pies without a face
We close our pies
I only have pies for you
permalink I like the last one particularly.
Other suggestions here include:
I'm in love with a wonderful pie (from the musical South Pacific)
Pie of the beholder (Metallica)
Pie in your arms tonight (Cutting Crew)
Great pig in the pie (Pink Floyd)
Fade to gravy (Visage)
permalink Wait - is this a lover's songbook,
or a songbook for pie lovers?
permalink I am now
syntactically confused.
permalink steak it easy
anything by Neneh Cherry(pie)
permalink i want to hear that last one
tabz get on it.. amy could do the vocals
permalink We need
permalink Always.
I say that most days.
permalink The pie who loved me
Bridge over the river pie
Love me love my pie
I spy with my little pie
permalink Live and let pie
Spirit in the pie
Mr blue pie
permalink Come on pie-leen
Pie, pie, pie, Delilah?
permalink Songs in the Key of Lime
permalink oooh... that's good!
permalink I reclined in my chair and puffed on my pipe with a wry smile
after posting that one
permalink Croissant?
permalink pie pie pie Delilah
(She's only gone and had her fray bentos)
permalink Went well, albeit a chaotic and badly organised meeting full of French engineers
Now at Heathrow, got ourselves moved onto a flight two before the one we were booked on... Happy Days.
permalink I did this week's stint in Bas Vegas
and as I was queuing to get out of the car park my boss emailed to say they want to extend my time there. I like the work and I'm pleased they've found me useful but I could do without spending half my working week either in or traveling to our from Basildon.

I'm now in Bristol, of away for the weekend with family and so will work here tomorrow (thasks to vpn).

My satnav took me round the north circular as the m25 looked a bit busy, which was interesting. I like how everyone is presumed to know what a low emissions zone is. There's signs to let you know you're entering but none to tell you what it is.
permalink You're not allowed
to fart in the LEZ
permalink oh dear
permalink Boris will now send you a bill
how many times did you break the law?
permalink i can just about drive round the north circular with my eyes closed now
i don't think i'm the only person who thinks this... they certainly seem to be trying.
permalink also on a boring work thing what's the Holiday Inn Basildon like?
permalink Not bad. showing signs of age but nothing to terrible.
I've had something on my bill that wasn't mine but I've met no objection when I say it wasn't me.

edit: For example, the tap in this week's room only stopped dribbling if it was exactly in the middle. If it was towards hot or cold it dribbled.

My main annoyance with Basildon, and I suspect it's a fairly common feature, is a towel rail above the loo with four towels on it. As soon as you try remove either of the larger towels one of the small ones throws itself at the loo.

Basildon is in what the locals refer to as Bas Vegas. There's a cinema, several eateries, a bowling alley and a lake with a waterski line (like a ski lift but going round a lake), and in to the left and right along the same stretch of land there's a lot of big retail (asda, b&q, halfords, tesco, etc) and more eateries.

the view from out back of the hotel is nice:
permalink That's what all of Basildon should look like.
Bring on the sea level rise...
permalink Nice, pretty
If you get an executive room in Southend they are rather plush.

permalink But
still in Southend
permalink I was hoping for an upgrade when I was bumped there from
Basildon, but only got the upgrade when I went back to basildon the next night.
permalink Also you must be nearly at Gold Elite on the rewards club by now
so free wifi awaits.
permalink really?!
i just imagined these big hotels would offer it automatically
permalink it's not cheap either
And films on demand start at £7.50.
permalink cheaper to go to a cinema
you'd probably get free wifi there too
permalink some do, some don't.
Free is getting more widespread in hotels.
permalink I heard a receptionist tell another guest
that the free stuff for gold members was 'normal' and not 'super fast'. Is that right?

Not sure how close I am, there seems to be a lag on points.
permalink it's supposed to
fine cars over a certain emissions rating so my Passat at level H is fine but an old gas guzzler wouldn't be. Nothing explains that however, and I don't know how enforceable it is as I've never seen a camera, unless they've got ANPR and can cross-reference.
permalink there were cameras over the top of the road
in some places, with at least one per lane. I presumed they were for emissions charging.
permalink they were for Boris to spy on people
they're pointed into bedroom windows
permalink anything officially classfieid as a "car"
is exemp, regardless of how dirty it is.
permalink muh? So
who are they trying to penalise?
permalink forrin truckers

permalink Dirty foreign truckers . . .
permalink they can truck off back where they came from.
coming here, stealing our pollution.
permalink commercial vehicles
thread woohoo!
something to look forward to..
or at least it is for me. Our 5th Wedding anniversary. I'm trying to plan a lazy knees up at a Norwich pub. Let me know if you would like an invite, it would help if you've added me as a friend on facebook. 24th August. Might be a last chance to see situation in his nibs case... we're none the wiser yet.
permalink nooo, I'm in
Salisbury for an overnighter :/
permalink gah.
much no.
permalink I should've said
when I was over, bah!
permalink FIVE YEARS?
How did so much time pass?
permalink we've
been together 10 years already. I struggle to understand that.
permalink Jim and I only met a few weeks ago
and we have a child which is nearly 12. This seems impossible.

Of course, I have always known Jim as well.
permalink maybe
is about as good as I can get right now
permalink I know banging on about the Mail
being a rag not worth wiping your arse on is a bit tedious, but this is superb
permalink Oooh... if I can possibly down south, I'll try to get across.
Would be lovely to see you both.

How are things?
permalink At the moment, fine.
He's tummy is healing well. No more dressings. We've got to go see the surgeon tomorrow and the oncology dept on Friday. Then I'm back to work next Thurs. all very upon the air still. He's had no proper cancer treatment yet. I'm ready as I can be for supporting him through that.
permalink So are we!
In our internet spacktard sort of way.

permalink *belms*
permalink SPANG!
permalink Oh and if you can get work to help with cost, flights Edinburgh
To Norwich are really easy.
permalink I can confirm this
assuming they're the same as for the engagement party...
permalink I have flown that once. It was great.
The £5 tax to get out of Norfolk again is a bit fucking cheeky though.
permalink sounds like a bargain
permalink I'd be willing
to pay more . .
permalink get some traaaa'ters
in yer blood boi.
permalink This user is in that Lodnon for a wedding that day,
but as I don't believe I have met either of you, my absence will likely pass unnoticed.

However this doesn't mean I am not thinking about the two of you and attempting to extend internet hugs.
permalink Completely understandable reply, and meetings
Are not necessary for Internet hugs to be entirely appropriate. :)
permalink Also, isn't a "lazy knees up"
called a "feet up"?
permalink Depends on what Mother Brown is doing
permalink I believe I'm away the last week in August
but let's be honest, even if I said I was going to turn up, I'd be very unlikely to :)
permalink unrel4ted 4sky:
Does anyone here use GiffGaff?
If so, do you fancy sending me a SIM, I believe there's a recommend a friend bonus of some description.
permalink Also unrelated, I was working at home the other day
when there was a knock at the door. A man told me I could have a new boiler for free if I was on benefits. I told him I wasn't on benefits and anyway had bought a new boiler recently. He looked me up and down and said"you're not on benefits??"

Cheeky sod.
permalink I'm on giffgaff,
I'll have a look.
permalink 'ere you go, click on this:

that goes for anyone else too ;)
permalink I'm afraid I already clicked on 'bees linkington, but I'll get you next time.
permalink BEES!
permalink unrelated
l'Arc de Triomphe lit up.

The prescion of this, especially as part of a video peice, is amazing. As is the clarity.
permalink I can't have been the only person who saw that all going on
and thought 'well, that was the Paris 2012 opening ceremony'
permalink hah!
surely they wouldn't have been working that much on it before the award to London?
permalink why does my mind
think that all thats missing is a couple of big red flags with a black motif on it?
permalink I'll check with her indoors but depressingly enough AUgust is booking up fast
I can get a 15% discount on the Holiday Inn there for anyone that wants though (the Norwich CIty one is the best)

permalink I've already got a trip booked for that weekend,
to Cambridge. It's in the right direction at least.
thread Ropey grid power supply
no UPS and backup and scientific and pilot production equipment is a poor mix in a thunderstorm.
permalink sun's out now
today I am involved in a 'oh, luckily I can work miracles and read minds' type project. someone remind me why I moved companies...
permalink Because you can
work miracles and read minds . . why else would they employ you?
permalink I was hoping I'd have someone else to do that shit for me now
might as well have stayed, the laptop was better.
permalink No sun here.
Mega deluges every half hour or so.

Still some determined people on the tennis courts outside though.
permalink Yes, similar here, but a wee bit of sun poking through at the moment.
It's (unsurprisingly) exceedingly muggy.
permalink We have that now... hot but still humid...
Still... got taken out for beer and burger at lunchtime. Can't be all bad...
permalink Just got home from a kids fun day at church
(where day = 10.30 - 1). It was thundering when I woke up, the bouncy castle man made sure I knew that bouncy castles and lightning don't mix and then the rain stopped just before we started and all had fun.
permalink You do know
you're a bit old for kids fun days now don't you . .
permalink rubbish.