thread so, as of tomorrow
we will have been in NZ for exactly five years. Blimey!

This is easy to remember, as we arrived on ANZAC day (NZ/Strine equivalent of Remembrance Day), which is a public holiday.

Which means this is a strange 3 day, 1 day week. Tomorrow is a strange holiday, with nothing at all open before 12pm. Then in the evening, we are off to see an AFL game*, which should be quite entertaining.

anyone been to see any unusual sports lately? Played by convicts, or otherwise

permalink i'll have lived in cardiff for 24 years
i feel like i've done less with my life
permalink impossible to know
you may have done more interesting things in Cardiff than I ever managed in Dublin/Reading/Rhayader/Cambridge/Wellington

I mean, I've seen Torchwood, it can be a pretty weird place
permalink oh it is possible to know,
i've done fuck all in my life
permalink you're on wikipedia
you've been immortalised
permalink true,
plus i own a suit now so i guess it aint all bad news
permalink pinstriped?
permalink yup
howd you know
permalink Has it really
been that long?

Have a NZ connected TOTN - Shihad - Gimme Gimme -
permalink It has, scary, eh?
And Shihad, bloody good band live. And good Welly boys...

Really need to pull out finger and sort out what/when we are doing when we are back in Blighty and get a plan in action
permalink probably my favourite Shihad tune

nice story too...when they toured the General Electric a few years ago (which I missed, as I was back in the UK), at small venues, a colleague was at the Wellington gig...and there was this much older couple bopping next to the mixing desk. Apparently Jon Toogood's mum & dad...awww!
permalink what's the opener
on their first walbum? I think that's my favourite, but then I've only got that record :)
permalink This one?

that would be the first track off of Churn...they were a bit heavy for my tastes back in those days...
permalink They sounded like a mix
of Killing Joke & Prong back then (not a bad thing IMHO)
permalink indeed!
It's this one I'm thinking of - - but I also liked 'you again' as well.

*edit*. Ah, I didn't see your linky Tabz XD

*editer* I had to get my 1994 vinyl out for that hahaha
permalink aha
so, track 2 of their second walbum then?

And of course, their first (Churn) was produced by one Mr J Coleman, which could explain a lot of the KJ-ness

permalink that one you posted ^^^ was
very KJ Like indeed. Might have to have a bit of purchaseage.

Apropos of nowt itunes is currently blasting 'loosefish scapegrace' at me through my new audio gubbins and I'm covered in goosefish scapebumps.
permalink Nice!
I am sure that all the Shihad walbums I had could accidentally fall onto the interwebs at some point...although what the preferred method for doing such a thing would be these days, I am unsure
permalink the
box of dropness I guess.
permalink I guess so
it's a little cloudy to me...
permalink I'm up a whole half an hour early
for the joys of peak time train travel to London. JOY UNCONFINED
permalink tj
Wow, what a bastard
permalink I dunno. He's a fraud, alright.
But fuck the military idiots who bought his shit. THEY are the unbelievable part of this story.
permalink Boo-hoo-hoo
"A senior Iraqi official said that the useless devices had created a false sense of security - and that no punishment would make up for the blood that had been shed as a result."

Fuck this guy.
permalink Very much this
quite how a multi million pound purchase order gets signed off without someone actually getting the thing in their hands and checking it works is beyond me
permalink Bribes.
Massive, massive bribes.
permalink I was only offered
branded ball point pens and post it notes despite spending nearly £6m a month with Dow :o(
permalink it might well have been hundreds of smaller orders
I'm sure he offered very generous agent fees to his middlemen.

permalink I'm just shy of 11 months living in
what I previously considered to be The North.

I watched some ice hockey recently, and it's the Chatsworth Horse Trials* in a couple of weeks, but once the summer kicks off properly, it's all about the sheepdogs.

*I may have a couple of spare gratis tickets for Saturday 11th May if anyone is up for it. I imagine it's great fun if it's cracking flags, awful if it rains.
permalink I've always fancied sheep dog trials
they do them near my parents, but I always forget to check when they are (22/23 June this year it seems http://holmfirthevents...)
permalink We always go to the Bamford sheepdog trials.
It's a super friendly event, and the "guess the weight of the duck" stall is always a hive of activity.
permalink that sounds amazing, I'd go for that alone
permalink I think it's a swiz.
Last year I was out by about 8lbs, I think the duck was fed on helium before the weigh in.
Alternatively it could be my complete ignorance on the subject of ducks and imperial weights & measures.
permalink i'd say it was just big boned
and not a fattie
permalink Water retention
from it's back
permalink The ones in the Lambeth County Fair are always fun
Loads of wannabe & actual gangster types from Brixton commenting on the dogs and their control of the sheep in a cloud of weed-smoke.
permalink wow, it's that long? I've done 11 years in Cambridge now which is scary
I've been reading about cycling training, power output and that sort of thing. I found a thing online to help you train your power output and what have you, I found out that a) what I do is ok to improve my power output slowly and b) I can never be a professional cyclist no matter how hard I trained, and I probably never could have been!
permalink How are you getting on with your xbox?
I've just finished Bioshock (the first one), it was proper good.
permalink would you kindly refrain
from mentioning that game
permalink Why, what's wrong?
permalink *looks around*
nothing... it was a nod to your finishing the game. Now would you kindly comply
permalink sorry, I missed this completely
finished Halo 4 on normal and hald way on the next one up, done the first bit of Portal, now playing HalfLife 2, marvellous. I've bought loads of old stuff off ebay, thoroughly enjoying it all.
permalink I got bored with HL2.
I've not got round to halo4 yet, I started REACH and the HD version of 1 recently, but I've taken a break to get the two bioshocks finished with.
permalink I played HL2 on the origina xbox
so got the orange box to play episodes 1 and 2 and portal, thought I'd better play the first bit. I've got a pile of cheap stuff of ebay to play now, bioshock 2, some gears of war thing, red dead redemption, some other bits. oh, and it's pay day today. nice.
permalink i never get
past the first / second encounter where you are in some sort of drain in HL2. After coming to it late after playing other FPS' it seemed so clunky and old.. like going back to doom2 almost
permalink I loved halflife, and played it and the add-ons a few times
you're right about 2. Visually great, but nothing particularly new and with large open levels with not much going on.

I tried Perfect Dark Zero last night, a prequel to the n64 hit, and it felt well dated. It was a bit clunky, I was struggling with the controller and I gave up after a few minutes which was a totally different experience to that other game that I won't mention.
permalink hahahah, you *can* mention it
didnt you get my meaning?
permalink Just now. I feel like an idiot.
It's one of the best plots I've experienced in a game, certainly in an FPS.
permalink I think it shows its age
and jammers is right, there's lots of space in some bits with nothing to actually do, but it's a good story and there's plenty of gameplay so for a tenner for the orange box I reckon it was good value.
permalink I was considering actually putting together a proper training
programme for RideLondon. (4th August). Then I realised that spending the second and third weeks of July in France sailing would basically fuck over any attempt at that, so I'm just going to wing it with ore and more longish rides.
permalink I think that's probably the best way
but two weeks in France? take your bike!

[edit] off the top of my head, I think it's something like being able to do two-thirds distance at race pace just before, but I'll try and find my bit of paper with my plan for Sweden on tomorrow, think it's filed somewhere.
permalink I'm going to do
London-Cambridge, in the intervening weekend, which is 60 miles (3/5ths distance), at speed.
Planning on taking bike to France, but how much cycling I get in depends on how intense the sailing is. It is, laughably, a World Championships. I am of course taking this dead seriously.
permalink you'll be fine, 100 miles isn't that far relatively
and you look like you do plenty. whereabouts in France?
permalink where we had an expolartory Euro cahmpionships last year
Plerin, north Brittany coast. here, in fact
permalink nothern france during the tour?
permalink aye
taking a ferry that arrives in St Malo on the 7th, le Tour arrives there on the 9th (sprint finish)
permalink will you be here for the dunwuch dynamo?
perfect training

EDIT: also cycling in france is usually great
permalink no, I'll be on the ferry that night
back to Britain
permalink talking of Cycling
23rd of June the British Road Race Championships are in Glasgow. When I say "in", the entire course is in town. Here's the route map
For spectating, that's a superb course- plenty of spots where you can easly see the race twice a lap, for 8/13 laps. Reckon that'll be a fantastic day, especially if the weather behaves.
permalink I've been in Wigan three years and a month.
permalink ....
permalink I like this.
permalink I was explaining the Wigan Kebab to someone the other day,
and they said "Oh, you mean like a pasty barm, but with a pie?"

I despair of/love the northwest...
permalink Pasty barm sounds good
permalink 3 years and not had a pie barm?
good grief!
permalink I've been in Glasgow 10 months
and barely been stabbed at all
permalink have you washed?
permalink I forgot my umbrella one day
if that counts
permalink have you read
The Road to Wigan Pier yet?
permalink does it start with the legalisation
of gay marriage? ;)
permalink I think it's considerably more depressing than that throughout,
but there is a significant focus on people getting f*ck*d in the *rs* by The Man.

(sorry, office webnanny won't let me put swears in web forms)
permalink No, I haven't.
I've been on the road to wigan pier if that helps.
permalink next week marks the end of
my first year in the 'new' house and the start of my 7th year in Ely, Where's the time gone?
permalink Today marks
mine 'n' 'is 2nd anniversary, such as it is.
permalink 2nd here this weekend
with Mrs Chops!
permalink Copycat!
permalink why did you pick ely?
i mean it sounds like a pretty place.. but i'd never heard of it before you moved there
permalink gorgeous little city,
fucking great big stone house to go 'wow' at, riverside pubs, 10 miles from work. Also it was the place with the first house I found that was big enough for me.
permalink Ely in Cambridgeshire
or Ely in Cardiff?

Very different kettles of fish.
permalink he said city.
love to make it there sometime
permalink I'll show you the sights!
the sounds! The smells! (it's pretty rural)
permalink It may be rural,
but it is never pretty.
permalink and you've been
here how many times?
permalink leave 'im Pike
it's a trap!!!
permalink Less a trap
And more textual diahorrea
turbo wrong.
permalink Ely is rather lovely
. .
permalink maybe we should do a bash round yours
once scoff rocks up?
permalink it's dead easy to get
to from that london as well. 72 mins on the train direct from kings x.
thread So Richie Havens died it seems
I went to see him at glasto once but he cancelled.

He was ratehr awesome in that woodstock thing

EDIT: Also Rick Mather died ... Oddly I was in the maritime museum on saturday
permalink my work printer is also dying
and it's making a hell of a racket about it too.
permalink Freedom!

permalink don't tempt me
bastard thing
permalink talking of "Freedom"
hardcore animal rights activists is "utter fucking morons" non-surprise
permalink Is that because of incompetent colleagues breaking it
or management insisting on paper that's too cheap and has broken it, or because printers are inherently bobbins?
permalink nah, it's the cheapo deskjet
they give me to use, it needs replacing, but I can't be fucked to drive to the office to get a new one when I'm leaving at the end of next month.
permalink That's a long notice period
permalink 3 months is pretty standard in the real world
once you have a few years experience
permalink that's what I said
permalink Yup
I think I'm on more than that, due to my seniority and general indispensability...
permalink Ah, it's the few years experience that I haven't got.
I've been here three years, that's the longest I've worked anywhere.
permalink Also... public sector...
permalink I'm on a minimum
of three months notice
permalink Yeah, but you're special...
permalink *licks window*
. .
permalink Given its public sector
the chance of a replacement being recruited is slim to none within one month or three, so it doesn't really matter.
permalink theoretically I'm hard to replace
but only because no one else would put up with this crap.
permalink "WANTED: Patient, tolerant doormat"
doesn't often get the applications rolling in...

Well done for getting out if it's that bad!
permalink Three IT chaps turned up at my desk earlier
to ask me about some stuff I've done that they've been asked to take over. They were less than impressed after they asked "Have you documented it?"
permalink that'll give you something to do
over the next few weeks
permalink Days. The next few days.
I finish on Friday.

The girl who will be taking on most of my work arrived today too, so I need to have her up to speed by the end of Friday.
permalink yup
Mrs C and I were 3 months when we left the UK...

amazingly here in NZ, it seems to be a month, regardless of who you are, which is bloody crazy.
permalink three months
pretty standard these days unfortunately
permalink I was on one month
they shat it when I actually used it
permalink A website I was using just spat a javascript error
on line 12, character 29,999. And I thought my code was sloppy!
permalink it's probably minimised
permalink I get invited to a lot of workshops and seminars
sometimes even symposia and colloquia if they're feeling old fashioned

but I've just received an invite for a 'concepts bazaar'
permalink BYOE*

*bring you own elephant
permalink I've sat through some bizarre concepts
but not a concept bazaar. I have spent two days in Abu Dhabi doing a Visioning Workshop though. Several times.

How about a "boot-sale of ideas"? A "Cogitational Swap Meet (Cogswap)"? An "inspirabang"?
permalink ThinkOrgy
permalink Oooh... I just remembered sitting through an "Ideation Session"
permalink Brainstorm Bring & Buy

. .
permalink Bring and Brainstorm, surely?
permalink a Group MindFrig
permalink I'm in That London tommorow
for a seminar/sales pitch at Imperial College. Finishes around fourish. Don't fancy scrumming down on the peak hour trains out of Kings Cross. Anyone around for a week night beer or two?
permalink A "seminar"?
How old skool!

permalink I have the day off tomorrow
so shall be in sunny Hertfordshire
permalink I'm being taken to a fancy restaurant for a slap
up meal.

but there is a chance i'll be early and she might be delayed by work... so maybe.. if it's near eauston or marylebone
permalink slap your meal up?
Where are you going?
permalink a spanish place in Marylebone
my soial secretary has the details.
permalink Oooh.... I've been there!
It was lovely. Some really nice unusual Spanish wines too.
permalink Excellent
it's also conveniently .2 of a mile from my office door.
permalink that looks good
might havve to add it to the list for next time I'm in that london
permalink Hang on,
I never suggested I was footing the bill!
permalink :)
is it fancy?

FYI, I'm in the BA exec lounge at T5 (kinda my spiritual home), sitting opposite Max Clifford. Who is managing to be an irritating cunt even without opening his mouth.

He's making odd noises.
permalink maybe it's like Speed
except where he has to be ittitating at ALL times or his puppy gets stabbed by a kidnapper.

When he gets horrible cleb on the front page of the sun they give him an hour off and feed the dog
permalink he's gone now.
The cunt.

Either he isn't well, or he's sliding into madness. Strange noises that he seemed to be unaware of.
permalink I take it cunting him in the murray
would be frowned upon?
permalink I was very tempted,
but would probably have risked my airline status, and in fact, been thrown out of the airport.

On the other hand, maybe I would have been awarded a first class round-the-world ticket and a gold card for life.
permalink They have people to do that for you
in the BA Concorde Lounge.
permalink they're too busy giving me a blowjob, shoving coke up my nose, and filling my bag with diamonds.
permalink eh?
You sent me the invite?

We can split the bill.. but you're only allowed a salad and tap water.
permalink I'll just sit
at a different table.
permalink if he's going to be eating another pork platter
this may be a wise idea
permalink He'll just sleep
in a different room... ;)
permalink I was thinking about that earlier
as i saw some people in my loca weatherspoon-esque pub order half price mixed grills

permalink Have a nice glass of fizzy Bellend.
permalink mmm...something about the combination
of the words bellend and spumante
permalink Ooh... I missed that due to being on the road for the last 48 hours.
I met Rick Mather a couple of times. Nice bloke and a genuine, old-school proper architect, I thought.
permalink Goodness.
I had no idea how old he was.
He's done some good work. (I'm talking about Rick Mather, I didn't know who Rich Havens was until this morning).
permalink I guess it's the worrying thing
that people who were in their 50s when I started Uni are now nearing 'good innings' territory
permalink are you going to be to architecture what Tabz is to music?
permalink If so,
let's get the rule of threes going and get Foster in the ground.
Maybe Rogers too?

I saw Nick Grimshaw (no, not the DJ) on a BBC thing last week, he looks massively old as well, although I don't have anything particular against him.
permalink I like Rogers
Foster can mostly fuck off.
Grimshaw I like too.

I want Quinlan Terry in the archideadpool. The twat will probably keep going for ages, but we can wish.
permalink OK,
Foster and Terry it is.

Get on it Tabalistair!
permalink zaha?
I know she's too young, but she's the size of a fucking (opera) house... can't be healthy...
permalink God, yes,
I'd cheerfully watch her being mown down by a runnaway bus.

Actually, she'd look identical, just thinner.
permalink I think farrell needs a decade in obscurity
I don't think i could stomach any glowing eulogies
permalink I'll have a tenner on
Owen Luder
permalink grimshaw is properly old
i think he's a bit older than foster
permalink it's really starting to urk that
i come here for the daily obituaries
thread Brilliant "no news today" story...

"crowds of up to 25 people" and a seal watching some sailors for half an hour then swimming away.

permalink That is like
a total news vacuum . .

: and now I am off to brave the Victoria Line . . wish me luck
permalink Luck
Pretend you're playing Bananaman's game.
permalink To be fair,
that's approximately half the population of Ullapool.
permalink fair point.
The other half would probably be in an alcoholic coma.
permalink I had some absolutely stunning local mussels
when I stopped in Ullapool for lunch over Easter.
There's a decent pub/cafe that doesn't immediately make you hear banjos in your head when you first walk in.
permalink Right. I'm bored now
I wish I'd booked the earlier flight, but I couldn't be sure that I'd be finished before 6. I could usefully take some pics around the airport once it gets dark, I suppose, but BORED!
permalink even if you're not a fall fan (is that possible?)
this will crack you up..
permalink only an intrinsically evil person would not be a fall fan
100% FACT
permalink truedat
permalink Ha, awesome!
"I'm taking these microphones to pay for the damage to my axe"

permalink also, I'd love to know what the original footage is from
some very angsty Krautrock conflab, I take it?
permalink Seen this?

This makes me very happy
permalink I hadn't no
Yes indeed...come on Tim!
permalink He
(or his helper imps) is friending everybody at the moment :)
permalink even me :D
It's his mates doing the page, but doesn't he look fantastic!
permalink He looks great
I have put in a friend request, so we'll see how low their standards are!
permalink I think you score more highly than
me seeing it was you that gave me the mp3s that changed my life. 'Course they won't know that ;)
permalink well, this is all basically Tabz's fault
he started it all!

permalink If you didn't know the situation
you'd just think he'd lost a bit of weight
permalink and gained
some hair.
permalink Tabz?
This one of yours?

oh dear, 53 is very young
permalink See
THAT is what happens if you touch yourself too much
permalink pfft
I shouldn't have giggled at that, but I did
permalink Oh for fuck's sake.
Got to Heathrow from Geneva, got on Picadilly line. Staying near Hammersmith tonight for meeting tomorrow morning, then back to Edinburgh.

Quiet train, me and another guy in my carriage got off at Hammersmith. Wall of twats obviously come out of a gig at the Apollo. We had to elbow, shove, punch and get sworn at just to get out of the train, let alone get up the stairs. Absolute bile and hatred directed at us again and again.

Who was playing?

Fucking Counting Crows. Music for people who don't really like music. What a bunch of nasty arseholes their bland cunt fans are.
permalink you'll be delighted to hear
that they pulled their Wellington show about a month ago, due to lack of ticket sales
permalink excellent work
good effort NZ
permalink this.
permalink it's not that stealthy if loads of people can see it
permalink Why is speed on the water measured in Knots?
Is it so you don't realise just how slow it actually is?

permalink not sure how that works
given a knot is faster than a mph (1.15 apparently) and about 1.85 kph
permalink A nautical mile is a minute of arc of longitude at the equator,
and so kinda makes sense.

A statute mile seems largely plucked from the air but is loosely 1,000 paces. You can't really measure 1,000 paces in water.
permalink tradition
permalink seriously, that's it
everything else in nautical world is done officially in metric these days (apart from maybe if it involves the yanks). New boat classes tend to be split between those with metric names and those with imperial, but the actual sales brochure/class rule dimesions will be in metric.
permalink Now that _is_ so you don't realise how slow it actually is
thread TOTD?
Mr Bungle - Retrovertigo -

Even if you hate my musical taste watch this video as it really is something else
permalink an interesting one
i was flogging some books on amazon, got bored and sold them en masse on ebay. there are some ridiculously priced ones so i thought i'd check out the prices before i sent them off at a 10/th of the price they are worth and noticed that in many instances where i was previously the only seller that a new seller had popped up offering the books at a hugely inflated price over what they had been.

so i looked and then found loads more books at this place, which i then thought to be a concidence but they also seemingly have any random bits and bobs i throw at them... seems curious.. any any ideas?

permalink ahhh who cares
if they are the ones i was flogging they are either placeholders or they'll never sell at that ridic price. fuckem
permalink i don't understand why you're selling those books you have a mighty collection
on the seller i'm guessing he researched print number use in academia and thought he could bullshit it

most expensive book i've bought was a first edition signed Lays of Maldoror £125
permalink that's about 1/20th
of the collection. there is no space and i require the money
permalink terrible shame
i'd help but all the ones i like i've already got.. so you're a blanchot fan?

edit: actually if you do a fb 'note' on what you have and what price you want i think i know a few people that would buy a bunch at a time
permalink i guess he's
a good looking guy, but not my type.

[edit] i'll be sticking another 2-300 up in the next week or so. will let you know when they go up
permalink you make me cry
or you didn't buy/read them in which case.. i still feel sad
permalink dont feel sad
if i didnt have them they would have been "recycled". Before i took on looking after the rejects about 3000 had been taken to the tip for shredding
permalink there are plenty of companies
that provide services for locating rare/out-of-print books, and charge a substantial premium for doing so

my guess is that they're basically doing that, but advertising themselves through amazon. They can't just list every book ever, so they just have an automated system whereby if someone is selling a rare book then it must exist in the world, and hence they'd have a reasonable chance of being able to procure it. If yours sells then they are the remaining vendor of a book for which they know there is a market.

It will probably pay off the few sales they make, and a reasonably good chance at those prices that they'll be able to make good on sales. If they don't then I guess they just relist themselves as a new vendor.
permalink but there are
much better places to do that than amazon and i'd be suprised if amazon allowed essentially bots of that nature.. dunno im baffled
permalink the fact they're a new listing
suggests that amazon don't allow it

I guess it's like all spam, it's worth it for the one in a billion times someone actually parts with money
permalink charging £2.80 delivery on that seems a tad petty.
permalink i don't get it.. that is musical and visual vomit
and if mr bungle is the poor chap with the beard i haven't seen such crap facial hair since vbloke posted another bunch of vanity pics
permalink It is Mike Pattons band
(well one of them anyway)
permalink i care a lot about disasters fires floods and killer bees but
patton can go fuck himself

btw saw wire play outside sister rays at the weekend record shop day thing.. fucking brilliant
permalink well this
is just humliatingly bad
permalink and before anyone comments
I'm not pushing bits of paper through doors in an attempt to be elected. I don't need to appear to be credible.
permalink That's good to hear,
because you don't ;-)
permalink Fabulous.
I take it adult education is in their manifesto somewhere?

What utter twatmangling fuckmodules.
permalink I'd imagine
that cutting it is.
permalink They're obviously intending to make savings on proofreading.
nearly 3 hours to kill in Geneva airport. Thank fuck for lounge access.
permalink Permission to lounge
permalink Oh, I'm lounging.
I'm very good at the lounge-life.

Wine or gin next? And perhaps a small pastry.
No-one gets out of Switzerland until the lemon slices are replenished!

For the love of gin, this is just inhumane!
permalink alistair is a tory flyer designer? it's probably some boris-blunder-aren't-we-cute bollocks
while they fist the working class
permalink "Look, proles! We're ignorant, just like you! Love us!"

Anyone who votes for them if they can't be bothered to do better than those leaflets should clearly be shot. If that's the most effort they're prepared to put into trying to get the job, how shit are they going to be once they're actually in it?
thread Odd question
Sometimes we have to go to hotels and get a look-round as if we were prospective punters, but we aren't allowed to say we are from a hotel company. So I need a beleivable buisness card with my details on it for a generic insurance or IT firm or something. Does anyone own a domain that I could have an address from.. it'll likely never be used.

Alternatively, sugest a name for my aliases place of work and i'll buy the domain.
permalink Universal Exports.
permalink Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net

permalink GeneroCorp
permalink Weyland-Yutani
permalink actually if i did a japanese firm
it'd save me trying to sort out a fake website
permalink Nakatomi Trading Corp
permalink happy holiday home for pets pie ltd
permalink Oceanic Airlines
permalink Just tell them you work for googlemail.
permalink ...
permalink shame
initech isn't in there.
permalink I was just about to suggest
permalink A2M trading
I'd hate to think of what the card would look like though

edit: http://www.peter-file.... is available
permalink Hurr Hurr!
permalink I own and

You're welcome to an address at either...
permalink I could give you an address @sedberghofficeservices
permalink You're welcome to one on mine if you like. or (less likely)
permalink Surdigital would be perfect.
Can you give me alistairball@

can you redirect to alistairtwiname+secret@ the google electronic mail place.

permalink I'll try and have a bash tonight,
but if I don't manage it, it'll be Wednesday night.
Are you in a massive rush?
That's your usual e-mail addy right?
permalink no rush at all
Yeah, you can add + anything in google it makes t easy to filter later
permalink Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow
is my favourite fictional organisation for online use.
permalink ooo tempting