thread I'm on holiday, have I mentioned this before?
In other news the new CD from massive 80s gofficks the March Violets landed on my doorstep this morning. Not only am I chuffed to fuck but they're also good mates of mine now, which strikes me as odd :)

Also, I'm on holiday. Wheeeeeee
permalink Are you on holiday?
You really should have mentioned this before!

2 weeks to go...
permalink I was genuinely unaware that you were on holiday.
permalink I was on holiday last week
did i miss anything here?
permalink did someone say holiday?
work until Thursday and then off until the 1st of July wohoo.
permalink work until Friday week
then holiday until July 30th

permalink Mind you
I've got about 3 weeks of work to do in the next week and little I really shouldn't sound so smug
permalink When you say they're "massive 80s gothics"
do you mean they are from the 1980s, or that they are in their 80s?
And are they physically massive, or simply popular or influential in the sphere of gothicism?
permalink Or . .
This lot - http://fatgoth.bandcam...
permalink they were the only other band
to be on Merciful Release, seriously influential particularly Tom Ashton's guitar playing. They surprised the living shit out of me a few years ago by forgetting to tell me they'd got my gawjus mate Jo on bass. Biggest dancefloor hit is 'Snakedance' which is still epic to this day.
permalink So, what's going on, on your holiday?
permalink I'm in Bromsgrove.
permalink One of my colleagues is selling
a house in Bromsgrove.
Go and view it, she'll get all excited and then her hopes will be dashed again.
permalink i would
but that'd involve being on Bromsgrove longer than necessary.
permalink Some of us have been on holiday
for 4 years
permalink :o(
. .
permalink I usually keep 80s Gothic types as far away from me as possible
I hate the smell of Rosary oil for starters. Or is it patchouli? What ever it is it's usually best practice to avoid hanging about with goths. They are all cunts after all
permalink It's patchouli
and it smells of Masters of the Universe figurines.
permalink You mean that plastic smell?
My new floor smelled like that before it was laid. Sadly it doesn't smell like that any more.
permalink Well, it's not just plastic.
It's this Stinkor smell.
permalink had a minor
"oh, where's that smell of smoke coming from" incident today. Put a heat proof-but-not-to-500°C-glove down on a bit of steel that was at around 500°C.
permalink after that subject i was
quite re-leaved to discover the body
permalink next time pay for a garderner and sit on the room sipping beer
and throwing the empties at them
thread What is the longest single syllable word you can think of?
I have stalled at 6 letters.

Woolfardisworthy is two syllables.
permalink miiiiiiiiinge.
permalink Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
as in the castle
permalink Fetch the holy hand grenade of
permalink through
for 7
permalink Straights
Which was not my own.
permalink thrones

theyr'e both 7, erm, leave it with me...
permalink scratched?
permalink strengths
as well.
permalink stretched
permalink I am.
permalink Also 9 letters - schlepped, schmoozed
A bit Woody Allen, but ... [shrugs, adjusts glasses].
permalink schmoozed
permalink What you've missed there, of course,
is that "stalled" is 7 letters.
permalink You see I simply assumed
that he had found a 6 letter example, got stuck, and wasn't telling us what it was...
permalink You were right.
It was drawers.
thread TOTM* would have to be some early Delerium (Morphology from Spheres II)
as if nothing else, this is what the inside of my head feels like today

*TOTN for you lot

How are we all? AQ: What would be your one, indispensable, cheese?
permalink You can't beat
a good mature cheddar . . . it is truly the cheese for all circumstances
permalink This is true
and we have some very nice really mature cheddars over here...along with most other things

but what I have failed to replace, is a good really nasty stilton...of the Stinking Bishop variety
permalink Roquefort.
permalink have you tried making your own?
as long as you stick it in a cool cave like crevice and you've wrapped it in a ewe's placenta
by the time you get back it should be proper minging (in a good way)
the portuguese do it
thread Photo of the day!
permalink Bounce you facist Bounce!
. .

I'll throw TOTN in here:

Isis - Streetcleaner (Godflesh cover) -
permalink "All I know (BOING!) is that to see (BOING!)...
... and not to speak (BOING! OOF!), would be the great (BOING! SCRANG! ARGH!) betrayal. "

I think it lends gravitas.
permalink i think the news should explain this religious tension in football terms.
Muslim extremists and the EDL are hooligans. We shouldn't really mind when they kick the shit out of each other because that's what they want to do, so long as they keep clear of the normal fans.

The rise in islamaphobic acts is the same as hooligans attacking fans of an opposing team rather than targeting opposing hooligans.

Hooligans still exist, but they're all banned from football grounds and they don't bother regular supporters. we need to shunt extremist fucknuts (whether Edl or any other kind of violent extremist) to the UN-newsworthy sidelines of society a we have with football hooligans.
permalink problem is
that EDL want to kick the shit out of/burn/stab/kill law abiding muslims/anyone that's not white whilst islamic extremists will also happily bomb innocent people.

In the bad days of football hooliganism, whilst trouble did spill out somewhat, it was generally confined to fighting between firms.
thread Wow, it is slow around here these days...
Well, there goes my Monday morning, upon checking t'interwebs to find out of the passing of Iain (M) Banks...

I haven't been this genuinely upset at the passing of a famous person since John Peel. To think we'll never see another Culture novel is so sad...

Also 10 working days till ZOMG holiday back in Yurp...yes, coming soon to a pub near you! How are we all doing this morning (or evening, if you want to be like that about it)?
permalink We were all just waiting for you.
I'm doing quite well, as far as procrastinating goes. I should be filling in a job application, but it's got one of those questions that's basically just "repeat the job description saying how you're wonderful at all of it" and I'm finding it hard to get started.

The other thing I should be doing is vacuuming, but frankly, fuck that for a Sunday evening activity.
permalink Vacuuming sucks...
we're here all week, folks. Try the veal
permalink aye, my wife said.
I don't feel any more sad then when i heard he was terminally ill.
permalink I think there's a certain finality to this
Someone being terminally ill does not preclude them from living for some considerable time. And a shame he couldn't have hung on for a couple of weeks until Quarry came out.
permalink he said at the time
that there would be no more culture books.

Today Sayyid that he'd received his own copy. Tabz is right though, how quick it was was a surprise.
permalink I'm off to evesham in the morning,
staying overnight then home again Tuesday evening.
permalink We knew it was coming
I wasn't expecting it to be this quick though

He was a truly fantastic writer (and, from what I have heard, a genuinely nice person)
permalink Aye
pretty much everything I had heard of him, suggests he was a really good person, on top of being my favourite author.

Sad to never have the opportunity to have a pint with him and tell him so. Unlike most successful authors, he was the sort of person that you felt you had a chance to actually do so.
permalink I met him briefly once.
He was charming and funny and tolerant of gushing praise.

Very very sad news even if we knew it was coming.

If any of you haven't read him, get on with it.
permalink Nice tribute from Neil Gaiman
permalink morning
I've been on holiday. Not liking getting up at this time. Only been a week.
permalink morning
I start my new job today, last week I emailed to ask the IT bloke what I was supposed to be working on they agreed to send me some stuff. they also connected a dedicated BT line for phone and internet. They didn't send me a phone or a router mind...

[edit] and the IT boffins are a useless bunch of cunts.
permalink You're supposed to wire it straight into your brain.
permalink might as well do
an 'internal database error' keeps occurring when I try to connect the sodding laptop to my home wireless. and the twat I've emailed isn't in or answering his phone. this isn't going well.

[also, the printer they've sent me doesn't seem to take A4...]
permalink IT helpdesk: universally useless
present company excepted of course.
permalink PC LOAD LETTER
permalink they are connected
the boffin that "set up" my computer at the head office left a music CD in the drrive. Tabz would appreciate it, it's "Beautiful Interntions" by Mel C
permalink That could be a prank.
In my last place the new person always got a top drawer full of helpful stationery and a less helpful 7" Bananarama picture disc.
permalink I'm hoping that the use of Lotus Notes
is a prank too...
permalink Notes.
Yeah, good luck with that.
permalink oh man, it's appalling
I never thought I'd yearn for Outlook.
permalink I've not used it since my contracting days in
tWatford (04-07) and it was awful then.
permalink I had no idea it was still a thing
it's really odd.
permalink I think we can safely assume it's still shite.
permalink yeah
it is
permalink Thanks.
Always good to have verification from empirical observations in the field.
permalink cracking Peel
session, etc.
permalink A bit proggy.
permalink possibly more left-field
than something very left-fieldy.
permalink I have a child at home
that seems to be emitting dark green ectoplasm from her arse
permalink FABLE 3 FREE

select the game and then select "pay with microsoft points" and you will be charged zero points.

permalink I don't know what that is
but if my xbox thingy will take it, I'll download it later.
permalink it's a decent rpg with a heavy focus on good and evil.
How good or evil you are changes how people interact with you, the plot, etc

If you do play it then don't be hurried through the plot, take your time with the side missions.
permalink I'm on holliberries all week,
must rustle up some motivation to get some kit on and get out into the garden for Maximum Weedocity as it's now beginning to get all jungleish. I also need to do Mrs W's gardens as I'm fairly sure I saw a giraffe in the back one yesterday. There was deffo a massive cat.
permalink you put what up her arse??
permalink What is the scoff pub plan by the way?
Ah, I realise now you'll be tucked up in bed.
permalink not sure of other details
4th July as far as I'm aware involves Half Man Half Biscuit at The Junction in Cambridge.
permalink And at my gaff on the 28th of this month
or it could be the 29th, I was a bit mashed when he told me
permalink Ha!
I bet you say that to all the girls!

Friday 28th at yours...

As Al said, 4th July in Cambs (possibly the Friday too).

London 13th-16th. Brissol and other places somewhere in the mix, times tbc
permalink I shall watch this space,
in case I can burn some of my employer's fuel and show my face.

Oooh, that rhymes a bit.