thread quick question for you all
does anyone else find that this place freezes up on a mobile browser? Was wondering if fixing this bug might help our dwindled numbers, seeing as everyone and their stabslab is surfing from new-fangled wifi-enabled skiffle bars these days.
permalink I haven't had it freeze for me
I'm using Dolphin for Android if that helps?
permalink Always been fine for me
on iPad, in Chrome.

Although keeping the read-post counter server side would be really nice so that it stays in sync between my work desktop and my fondleslab.
permalink I like this!
. .
permalink The page at says:
Good for you.
permalink I think you'll find that it's "The p...says:"
permalink I find three (approximately) things happen when I use
Chrome for Android:

1. text input is a nightmare. I'm not sure if this is the board or my keyboard (Swype), but I don't encounter it on any other sites. The behaviour in the lower input box (body) is very unpredictable, and it frequently doubles words, and so forth.
2. Following the nightmare of getting what you want actually written, the submit button offers only about a 50% chance of actually submitting the post. It typically either fails, and drops me to the edit page, as if I'd left a box blank, and blanks the body box, or it seems to log me out completely.
3. Turns out I don't have a number 3.

As a result, I tend to only peruse this place when I'm at work, or have the desktop turned on at home, so I agree, if these are in fact 'board problems, were they fixed, I'd probably post more.

AQ: I'm in Edinburgh on the evening of 20th July for a few ales. You anywhere nearby on that date by any chance?
permalink I think the javascript used here
belongs to a simpler time (i.e. it had to be complex and cutting-edge to be able to do these things) and probably could do with replacing with something a bit more compliant now there's a billion different devices and browsers out there

I shall tinker at some point, maybe make a second posts page in html5 people can test and elect to use instead. Not intending on changing the design or layout in any way though, just clean it up behind the scenes
permalink Sounds cool to me, good man!
I'm happy to test it as much as required.
permalink as for edinburgler
I shall probably be down in Galloway that day, but nudge me again nearer the time in case I'm not, as ales are good
permalink Roger
permalink I'm there on the 22nd
if you hang around for 3 days
permalink Despite the ludicrous cheapness of the accommodation,
I can't do this. Sorry.
permalink yes, i was going to say earlier, but I didn't
only on my phone.

[edit] heh, I've just seen something abbreviated as "BLERM", which is a rather nice word.
permalink Don't have freezing problems in Dolphin/Android
but I do have the text issue that JoS mentions in #1
permalink I'm glad.
At least I'm not imagining it then.
permalink I use Chrome on the iPhone
and I have no problems at all, except that sometimes the box moves around.
permalink Fuuuuuuuuuu.......
permalink what is it Skippy?
permalink Works perfectly.
Thanks for making your coding compliant with accelerometer inversion in the Southern Hemisphere. Much appreciated.
permalink Default Android browser stopped working after an o/s update
I couldn't click on any links at all, so I switch to opera which works almost flawlessly.

Occasionally the first work I type in the Body box will be replaced by the second word I type, but that's presumably a swype problem.
permalink This is much better description of the problem I experience
in Chrome on android, also with Swype (problem 1 above).
thread Allow me to post the first thread of the week.
Excellent night on sat with sir Scoff of Cruddle fame, much arfs, then Aquafest on sunday with perfect weather for sitting on warm grass eating burgers and drinking cold-ish aspalls.

Unfortunately this rendered me incapable of quizzing as by the time Mrs W had gone home and I'd been into town for ale I was spectacularly wankered. Wheeeee.

Good weekends all?
permalink Excellent.
A nice walk then beer in the sun on Saturday afternoon, then a splendid poetry book launch with sweary poetry and great musical guests and more beer, followed by food and wine. Yesterday, beers whilst watching young Mr Murray stick it up the Serb, followed by wine outdoors in the evening until the late mist came rolling in...
permalink Yep
Bit of vintage shopping first thing Sat, went to the pub to watch the Lions win, then lunch followed by the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park. Stayed over in north London, we lazed in bed until lunchtime Sunday, then brunch at the local Turkish cafe and an afternoon walk & some shopping.
permalink it was very good.
a bit of pottering and roof-rack buying on saturday then a barbecue and booxe on sunday with the tennis and a bunch of Walthamstowaways.

permalink oh and we ate the first cucumber from our plant
permalink I shall rename you
both Tom and Barbara.
permalink my cucumbers haven't really worked
permalink moar water
it's the answer.
permalink not bad, spent the day in the sun boozing at a mate's on saturday
then sunday did some cycling, bit of digging in the garden and arsing about. can't complain.
permalink rah.
I MUST get my arse in gear and buy a new bike... these next 2 weeks are calling out for some biking.
permalink Excellent weekend, thank you.
I had Friday off, and spent it foraging, gardening then barbecuing with mojitos.
Then a chum came to stay, and the rest of the weekend was taken up with various rock climbing and eating type activities.
After he left on Sunday afternoon, I did sitting and watching of tennis and motor racing.
permalink I'm surprised you
got much heat out of a mojito.
permalink I was wondering who
was going to pick me up on that one.
permalink They could have been particularly strong mojitos, I suppose.
permalink You could "cook" something with
a mojito I guess (in the same way as you can cook fish with lemon juice)
permalink True.
Or if you make it very very very strong, you might manage to flambe...

VERY strong.
permalink While nothing that is being said is really untrue,
I feel I should clarify that I barbecued in the traditional way, while consuming mojitos.

Having said that, I quite like the idea of marinating some meat in mojito prior to barbecuing it.
permalink I endorse this message
All the ingredients are good marinaty things... got to be worth a try.

I'm thinking lamb.
permalink As it happens,
I had a shoulder of lamb on the barbecue as I was drinking them on Friday, although I had used the standard "Uncle Monty" seasoning rub.
permalink Uncle Montys man fat?
. .
permalink cracking Peel
session, etc.
permalink They lost it
after that first EP
permalink It's a Withnail reference, obviously.
Uncle Monty professes his inability to handle raw meat, and asks Marwood to prepare it, using "garlic, rosemary and salt"
permalink "As a youth, I used to weep in butchers' shops..."
permalink Indeed.
Despite the silliness, I find these three ingredients are always a very satisfactory accompaniment to almost all meats.
permalink it is a classic combo
because it works.
permalink strips of beef steak
marinaded and barbequed, would be quite like a brazilian churrasco
permalink Mojito marinades are best with light meats
Mahi-mahi, chicken or pork tenderloin (or prawns, if you eat them).
permalink your liver?
permalink or someone else's?
Nice Chianti, etc
permalink was on holiday last week
which was in retrospect a bad choice of week

but managed to spend a night away at a hotel on the west coast to eat our own weight in langoustines and cycle around the lovely isle of Lismore

then back to Glasgow in time for a weekend conjunction of orange marches and weather which renders the natives especially restless. Working from home today while the front door of the tenement is replaced.
permalink nice.
permalink of course it may be purely coincidental
that the only trouble I've seen in this area in a year happened to fall on the same day as the bowler-hatted wife-beating twats with their atonal bigotwhistles and their retinue of neanderthal bucky-swilling thugs came through
permalink +1 just
for that description alone :)
permalink Did we see this?
permalink I did, I'm off up there to
see him on friday. It was going to be tonight but he's recovered early from surgery so they went home today.
permalink It is cocking arse, frankly.
Not much else to say.
permalink come on Scotty!
permalink Yeah,
there is that ;)
permalink FUCK YEAH!
permalink You are correct, but he understands
And will be thoroughly making sure he has the best of times as soon as he can. Right now, he's only really ill because of the surgery. He's fit and strong in all other aspects of his being. Plus it was done to buy him some extra time. He knows there are bad therapies to come but we've got some quality time to have yet. Party season!
permalink And he's way ahead of programme on recovery from the surgery...
so partying sooner rather than later, hopefully.

Apply a lime gently from us.
permalink Gently?
permalink give the chap time to recuperate
before getting rough with the citrus!
permalink And there is the benefit that he can eat drink and smoke anything
and not feel guilty about it.
permalink Given that we were both big spleef
Smokers until a year ago, gave tat up in April 12. We both quit smoking since Monday. He's fine about it, I think cos of the tramadol. I'm trying not to chew my own arm off or stab family.
permalink have some tramadol then...
permalink I fucking hate Tramadol
everyone else seems to love it.

I am actually a contrary bastard, I am not just acting.
permalink :)
So nice to have him home. Kept rolling over in the night to check he was there.
permalink :)
. .
permalink I didn't poke him
That would have been grounds for devorce.
permalink ;)
thread I've just put a nail through a water pipe.
I did this for comedy value, not because I'm utterly incompetent at diy. All I was doing was stop ping a floorboard from wobbling.
permalink You see, this wouldn't have happend if you't used
Gaffa Tape
permalink true!
And if I'd used gaffer tape yesterday I wouldn't have hit my finger with a hammer!

I'm certainly going to think twice about using a hammer again.
permalink oh man
schoolboy error. Water off!
permalink As soon as I heard the water I said
"Shit! Turn the water off!" Then I went next door to ask our neighbour to fix it, which he did. He's probably still chuckling about it.
permalink can you just glue it? I've no idea
the only reason I bothered to find out how to fix a floorboard properly was because I remember my dad nailing through a water pipe when we were kids.
permalink Glue it?
permalink see
I've not got a clue, that's why I read in the Readers Digest big book of DIY how to mend a floorboard.
permalink My brother was an electrician. A really quite good electrician, at that.
He wasn't a plumber, but didn't seem to realise this.

On one occasion, I caught him installing his own washing machine. It was leaking everywhere. Rather than using PTFE tape, he'd tried to use insulating tape.

On another, he'd been sent to swap out a pump in a public toilet in the middle of the Brecon Beacons. Not having mains sewerage, the entire thing was one big chemical toilet, and the pump that moved the (clean!) blue water/enzyme stuff around had broken. They swapped it out, applied power and... he came home looking like a smurf.
permalink Electricity and plumbing are very, very similar jobs
except that with electricity you need some of it to get through and with plumbing you need all of it to get through.
permalink But with water,
it doesn't matter in the long run if you get covered in it.
permalink yep. the water pipe I hit
had a gas pipe on one side and an electrical cable on the other. I'm rather grateful I hit the water.
permalink Electricity is not that bad
I spent last weekend rewiring a consumer unit to add new meters and a new unit and I did not turn it off, just used an insulated screwdriver and was mildly careful.

Of course, touch the bus bar and it's all over.
permalink jim must feel liie she's in one of those
destination films with your antics
permalink I have no idea what that means,
but yes, sometimes I think she does - I knocked a 5'X7' hole in the back wall of the house last week too.
permalink You could think about minimising risk of death by being sensible
But in your case, I think your family might be better off without you.
permalink obviously the right thing to do
is hammer the board down and carry on with your life wilfully ignoring the problem
permalink I like this.
permalink I would, but having paid quite a lot of money to have the ceiling replaced
last time there was a flood in that location I didn't want to.

MrsJam turned the kitchen lights on this morning - all working despite being a tad damp yesterday.
permalink I assume that you hadn't installed the pipe though...
I once put a nail through a pipe that I had installed myself an hour previously. That was a very sweary moment.
permalink That really takes
a special sort of skill.
permalink I was fucking livid with myself.
Put the pipework in, tested it, framed out the wall for boarding and tiling, then nailed the fucking pipe when I was fixing the boards on.

permalink The important question is,
following the error, the leak, the panic, the neighbour fixing, and the embarrassed posting about it all on the internet...

...does the floorboard still wobble?
permalink Nope, neighbour kindly screwed it down.
permalink have you checked that all the hamsters/cats/wallets/phones
are on the right side of the floorboards
permalink yes, because the area was mopped using towels
thread just cos you're all so lovely, have an update from us.
Scotty is happy right now, he's recovering well from surgery and we will hopefully have him home next week. He does have something that can never be put right, but we're going to fight to give him as much lovely time as possible. That time line cannot be foretold right now. Times will be hard in the future but right now things are good. He could not be fighting harder to get better and make the best of what we have.
permalink Good to hear
don't forget we're always here (in one way or another) if you feel a need to unload shit
permalink God it's been quiet in here today.
Great to here Scott's feeling chipper, I bet you'll be glad to have him home again :
permalink Rah for goodness.
I'll see the pair of you on monday :D
permalink so glad to hear that things are about as good as they could be under the circs...
huge love to you both.
permalink good to hear
well as good as it could be, and as the others say, we'e here to help in whatever way a bunch of spacky internet people can help
permalink other:
slightly hungover. Guess it could be worse.

HMHB did a storming cover of "Holiday in c4mbodia" in the encore.
permalink Excellent stuff.
And never underestimate how much help this bunch of internet spacktards can be...
permalink Emma came back from the bar with two pissed up scouse punks
who were thoroughly enjoying that. They may or may not have been a 'couple' of pissed up scouse punks, they'd dived to the front before we found out.
permalink The bit I liked was that we all thought it was
a typical Nigel-ism and that they'd stop any second, but the second the drums hit everyone went mental :)
permalink also just listening to GC from last night
I am unnamed correspondent getting first review read out, I see that Albert gets his full name recorded. Tsk. Young people.
permalink yoof of
today eh. Tsk.
permalink ha!
permalink good, well not good, but you know what I mean
keep us up to date and keep plugging away.
permalink Thats a good place to build on
permalink Well, I came to complain about my 'plane breaking down
But now I feel lucky.

As Al says, we are cock all use, but should that in some odd way prove erroneous, we all hope you will just ask.
permalink where you going?
what sort of plane have you broken?
permalink Was this you?
permalink that would take a lot of concentration
permalink yeah. I'm kinda impressed!
. . . . .
permalink the headline makes it sound like it was the bike riding
that was the problem
permalink the anti-bike lobby are strong
permalink I see me randomly adding daryl impey to my fantasy team the other day
paid off yesterday.

permalink been forgetting to update mine
just ditched Cav to bring in Voeckler for a few stages...
permalink curses
permalink wrong time
wouldn't put it past him on Sunday though
permalink he's lost vast amounts of time
so the GC lot won't be worried if heads off on an attack
permalink I have just landed in SFO
my 747 had borked de-icers, so we had to go back to Heathrow terminal 1 and sit there for hours with no air-con.

As I say, not really a problem, just mildly annoying.

Also, I got to sit next to a fat kid.
permalink could've been worse
could've been a fat adult.
permalink Oh, he was full-grown,
but slept with his head on his (tiny) mother's breast. It was uncomfortable - he was one of those ones who sticks out 8" under the armrest.
permalink the mother was tiny
or her breasts were?

these are the sort of details that matter
permalink both?
permalink well I'd hope they'd both be the same size
she'd look silly with one enormous breast and one small one
permalink You want her to be the same size as her breasts?
permalink His (tiny) mother's breasts,
not his mother's (tiny) breasts.
permalink Well, humbled yet again.
After my airline problems coming into SFO yesterday, the 777 crash brings home how I need to make the most of time I do have with my family.
permalink *hugs*
permalink Thanks for the update, I second everything everyone else has said,
And add my own internet hugs.
permalink MrsJam's mum had it. These are MrsJam's top tips:
Discomfort due to positioning is as much of a problem as anything else. Make sure you've got a seat where he can lean back and that kind of thing.

Peppermint teas and ginger teas were as good as any of the meds for nausea and general stomach discomfort.

When energy levels are low consider using a wheelchair, not because he can't walk but so that he'll get the most out of where you're going. Also, get a shooting stick.

If he's given a meal replacement drink then remember that there's the other one - there's ensure and FortiJuice. Ensure is like milkshake, fortijuice is like neat squash. If he doesn't like one then try another.

She'll let me know if she remembers anything else, or I can pass on her email address if you want.
permalink If it doesn't cause offence,
I could see about rescuing a wheelchair from the horsepickle that my father in law works at, they seem regularly to dispose of stuff that cannot meet cleanliness standards, but is still perfectly usable.
permalink thanks for the hugs.
thanks for the help
The hints at help are scaring the shit out of me.
The thought that my big strong man may be a mess sooner rather than later is turning me in to a big wet mess. I understand you're trying to help. I'm too scared to think that far ahead yet. I will probably want that help, just not yet. I've got to get him back from Addenbrookes... and fully fit for any further treatment yet. IF he wants any of it, or we'll just jet off to the other side of the planet to try and do something scary instead. I've no idea, and that is the scary part. I wish I could predict even a week in the future and I cant. We live in a 3 storey town house, and sooner or later he wont be able to live here. Seriously I can only distract myself for so long and it feels like someone keeps kicking me deep in the gut, reminding me I've got a mountain to climb soon whilst watching the love of my life deteriorate before my eyes. Jesus. So sorry to offload.. I've got family and they understand and are trying to help, I've got friends and they're being great but I'm still so lost. I'll be happier tomorrow when I see him again. Every moment gets more precious.
permalink the doc has signed me off work for a month.
this helps too. I cant say that anywhere else either. Today I've managed to have a friend over for several hours, bake two loaves of bread, empty and fill the dishwasher, do a full shop at the supermarket and completely empty and clean the fridge. I think I need more sleep. Anyone got any good drugs?
permalink You can always offload on us lot. More huge interhugs.
This little group of geeks, weirdos and idiots is a fucking strong support, believe it or not. This messageboard probably saved my life when I was at the lowest point I've ever been.

We're good at being here without being there, if you see what I mean... and that is a very useful resource to have. And sometimes we manage to help each other out a great deal on more practical fronts too. Between us we know an awful lot of things, and an awful lot of people.

I'm a bit short of drugs right now, but I'm sure we can find some incredibly boring bits of the internet to knock you out...

permalink aw
you're lovely you are.
permalink Agreed.
On two occasions, 4rthur and c4mbodia helped me out after I'd received some very bad news; I remember on the first occasion, most people in the real world were tiptoeing around me. I got a message from one member of the board who'd taken a bit of a gamble and thought that I might be fed up with that, and decided to call me an 'utter cunt'.

It was the first laugh I'd had all day.
permalink anyway, now I've had a good blart.
cried my eyes out, and spoke to Scotty, he's made me happier again. A friend has invited me out to her house for the evening. I'm going to consume booze.
permalink Hurrah
Its good to cry, it does help :)
permalink what Iain says :)
I have a really nice shooting stick - well old but works fine, if you need one it can be sent very easily...
permalink if the Doc has signed you off
then they will I guess be able to help with drugs if you really need them to sleep.

On weird timing, found out this week that my head of department is facing a similar situation, his wife found out last week that she has inoperable cancer and is on a probability of months. They have teenagers.
permalink if there's one thing a lot of
us are good at it's being unloaded onto.

All praise B3ta for bringing us together in the first place!
permalink I've not said anything, either here or on Facebook
because, frankly, I don't know what to say.

Suffice to say that I share everyone's sentiments, and I've been thinking about you and Scott.
permalink very much this
Really don't know quite what to say, despite having been through similar before wuth my sister (not that cunt cancer though)

I'll just reiterate teh hugz and say we're thinking of you both...offload all you need hon xxx
permalink ^
permalink This entirely
I know there's not much any of us can actually do other than offer a virtual shoulder but that's always here if and when you need us.
permalink someone must have amazing thoughts.
or the cumulation has done something. He's recovered enough from surgery to come home tomorrow. That's just one week in hospital. I'm so happy he's coming home.
He also managed to curl one out at the same time Murray won wimbledon. First shit since surgery, and such good timing. He's a good man.
permalink Well, inappropriate as it may seem
I laughed out loud at that.

Great news (given the situation).
permalink Excellent!
Well shat, sir!
permalink hahaha,
indeed :)
thread TOTD?
Soundgarden - 4th of July -
permalink For the architects:
I shared a lift with Eva Jricna this morning after our fire drill.
permalink Cool.
Did she challenge any assumptions or shift any paradigms during the ascent?
permalink no, she left off a silent one as she exited
permalink That's what all the accents on her last name mean.
(the ones that Amy very carelessly omitted to from her post)
permalink Nobody needs that much ornamentation
on their name!

That is just greedy
permalink Also, she is generally very keen on stairs.
I think taking a lift shows a lack of principle.
permalink This is true.
It's possible that she sees the stair as something she creates for the "ordinary people" while she uses the lift.
permalink Ah... the sociopolitics of vertical circulation.
permalink I guarantee you that
The Bartlett is running a PhD programme on exactly that subject.

Actually it's probably "The sociopolitics and phenomenology of vertical circulation in Icelandic fishing villages"
permalink "...1947-1998."
permalink ". . . Volume 2"
. .
permalink "A-J"
permalink "Limited Edition"
permalink "Signed"
. .
permalink " in blood"
. . .
permalink "* blood not authors own"
permalink "no animals were harmed during the signing of this book,
but the author now has one fewer unpaid part 1 student working in her office"
permalink BTW... I saw this year's serpentine pavilion yesterday (Sou Fujimoto)
A friend pointed out that it's like the things the Doozers used to build in Fraggle Rock.

He's bloody spot-on.
permalink "...but guaranteed human."
. . . . .
permalink At least she only used it
after the fire drill . . nobody should use it during
permalink I think she's keen on building them, not walking up them.
Also, she's 74 according to that wiki link.

I nearly asked her if she was who I thought she was, but I thought it might be rude since it was just me and three people from her company in the lift (none of whom the person I actually know who works there). Also, what do you call her, Eva, Miss/Mrs/Ms Jiricna, that architect lady with the stairs...
permalink I can only assume that your office stairs aren't cool enough for her to use
permalink You should have punched her in the throat
For her contribution to Brighton Marina
permalink I can admit right here and now
that I know nothing about who designed Brighton Marina.
permalink Brighton Marina
sounds like a dodgy transvestite