thread Conversation between my dad and neice as we were about to sit down for dinner the other day
N: Where am I sat?
D: You aren't 'sat' anywhere
N: ok, where am i 'sitting'?
D: That's better. See, we'll get you learnt yet.
much face palming
D: What?

in other news, we've been made to have an email signature with a linked image in it, it's huge as well. I fecking hate that... the only upside is that anyone with any sense will have switched off automatically load images.
permalink Nonsense
She is talking Standard Scottish English and doesn't need fixed.
permalink except she lives in cumbria
permalink Close enough
permalink morning
Off to gatwick after a fair bit of booze, dancing and about four hours sleep. Farting like a trooper, which will be nice for those sat near me
permalink I'm not doing a noo fred for this
because it lacks the enormity and grandeur of Narky the Weekend Giraffe.

Mrs HP's sole words to me so far this morning have been "Thomas the Tank Engine. Potato salad."
permalink i'm guessing it's the new way of saying
pinch and a punch for the rest of the month
permalink is your dad a b3tan?
permalink Email signatures are annoying
I was asked why my email address wasn't on mine. It still isn't to be fair.

Also I am supposed to put Mr in front of my name so as to make all the Dr's look less needy when they put Dr in their signature.

Ah well. Is life good otherwise?
permalink I'm supposed to have my job title in mine
I try not to use it, because I have the world's wankiest job title.
permalink is it that bad?
permalink Complex Team Manager
permalink Solutions
permalink better than
Simple Team Manager
permalink I find that handy as sometimes i get forwarded stuff that has the headers
stripped out and no way to contact the person who sent the original email.

permalink I just got a letter from your sister
permalink reference request?
is she well?
permalink She sent me a book
About swords, sandals and sex.
permalink anyone got any experience
with banking for clubs & societies?

I'm thinking Co-op?
permalink co-op not a wise choice at the moment I think?
main thing to consider is that you'll have several signatories on the account (e.g. treasurer, chairman, secretary), and they'll all have to prove their identity to open the account, and any changes in signatories will involve the same

so I'd say make the choice based on which branch is likely to be most convenient for people to drop in

we used HBOS for this reason, never had any hassle with them
permalink TJ:
has anyone tried one of these really cheap android tablets. I was thinking about getting one for my neices birthday.

permalink Flan recommended one that was about £120
Can't remember which though.
permalink I have an Acer iconia tab
I like it.
permalink i had a couple and wouldn't bother with another
we had an archos one and a scroll excel. I have since had a samsung galaxy tab from work and we now have an ipad and a blackberry playbook and I wouldn't buy another cheap one. The playbook is OK, the quality is good. and its 64gb but you are limited as to the apps you can use. in hindsight I should have got a google nexus or a kindle fire.
permalink I'd forgotten how nice decent kit is
Till i got my work laptop.
permalink Yeah,
But there are good cheaper ones.

Nexus is okay, but the Acer is better than the iPad I had.

Laptops are better (& cheaper) than tablets. They are good for kids, but I would not buy one for myself.
permalink She's already had a laptop.
thread TOTN: Skull of A German,
Jesus Lizard.
permalink Very good...
but TOTM is in fact, some Bo posted by someone who just posted after seeing them in the Portland Arms no less*

*obviously this would have been more useful for the Cambs posse, had I known beforehand
permalink should've gone to that
gig, weather put us off, bah.
permalink morning
how fast would you have had to be going to flip like this?
looks like he's sped up here, during the middle of the day
permalink i was in dumfries yesterday, didn't roll the car
it's not that steep a road and a pretty wide turn, must have been accelerating to get the lights or something and fucked it up
permalink that's also
nearly always gridlocked

you do get twatty boy racers meeting up in the Whitesands car park though
permalink what an arse.
permalink pun testic
permalink I saw Jesus Lizard in the 90's
David Yow was a stage diving, crowd surfing nutter

He probably still is
permalink nope, he's
a mild mannered graphic designer and artist now. See also Michael Gerald of Killdozer fame is now an attourney at law!
permalink Killdozer were always an odd band though
I remember hearing that they could only tour in the school holidays as either the guitarist or the drummer was a school teacher?
permalink That was Michael
again, he worked in a school. I had some top nights in very sweaty venues in Newcastle watching Killdozer back in Gerald/Hobson bros days, nice chatty blokes too.

That's just made me realise that every single sweaty venue has now gone :(
permalink I'd say 90% of my favourite venues
have either closed or changed beyond all recognition :(
permalink Goddamn those
ridiculous fire, cleanliness and ventilation regulations.

edit: this is not me attempting to start another Friday H&S debate.
permalink I'm faced with the ever so mildly annoying situation
of not being able to use a keyboard shortcut to switch between PCs using my KVM.

I need to either install the software (which is windows only) or press scroll lock twice. I can't press scroll lock because the software for my keyboard is also windows only and so I can't change the F mode and there's no Fn button, just the F Mode button.

I have to actually bend over a little and open a cupboard door in order to switch back to my work PC.
permalink The micro exercise is good for you.
permalink Tiny crunches

he'll have a three-pack in no time
permalink You failed to provide me with the opportunity
for a Tupac joke. Shame on you.
permalink Just got an email from my boss.
He's not in the office today because he's doing the round the island race tomorrow.
permalink good good
that almost certainly means he's getting up at about three in the morning.

Any idea what boat he's on?
permalink if they;'ve registered a device
you can track them here. First start at 5am, last boats are off at 0640
permalink Not a clue, sadly
thread THIS is important.

who'd have thought it.
permalink nice
thread phew
920miles later my road trip is over... tomorrow i shall be nipping down to Camden then working from home.

I have that odd feeling when sitting still that the world should be moving past me at about 70mph.

and now : the pub, see that you have written something interesting below here by the time i get back.
permalink I did about 150 miles today
including a stretch on my favourite bit of country road in my new car. And almost instantly got stuck behind an old woman doing 30mph.
permalink nah
yer alright
permalink Caught up with a friend/colleague hadn't seen in ages* last night in the pub
which was nice, although I was alas driving, so minimal beerage

this morning, managed to cycle to pool, swim a couple of km, and cycle to work. Now scoffing breakfast and contemplating all the shite I have to do today

*same company, different office
permalink We have ants in the kitchen
which is odd as I don't remember buying any at Sainsburys this week
permalink we just have ants everywhere...little bastards
thread TOTN?
Mono - Pure As Snow -
permalink that is very nice
but I can't help but feel it won't end well for the small girl and the bear
permalink Thebear?
You rang
permalink Headline of the day
man dies in beaver attack
permalink I've just been working with some Belarussians
best thing that can happen to them.
permalink Did it go for his throat?
. .
permalink we seem to have somehow booked
a wedding ceremony venue, a registrar, a meal, a ceilidh venue and a band, all for the same day

hmmm something must be going on
permalink It is either
A - A Wedding


B - A very confusing birthday party
permalink or
C - A very elaborate murder mystery party
permalink or
D - A remaking of the Scottish bit in Four Weddings And A Funeral
permalink that was an A, wasn't it?
I'll admit to having seen the film
permalink It was a dramatic interpretation
of an A (with added dying Simon Callow)
permalink it's
E - a ceilidh with an excuse
permalink Is that where
you can't eat gluten but you can play a fiddle?
permalink Is this a subtly worded invitation for us all to come?
Oh, yes please... we'd love to!
permalink Subtlety? On this board?
Most of us can barely spell it!
permalink indeed
scottish 'bodians will be expected, sassenachs welcomed

it's April next year, details to follow
permalink oooh... really?
I was joking!

We'll bring limes, frogs and car doors.
permalink But no WRS,
due to portability issues.
permalink anyone got a camper van?
permalink We could just strap the WRS
to the back of a pick up.
permalink Yep.
permalink I always wondered what RV stood for...
permalink I have a split screen VW

It even has an engine and an MOT
permalink any van with a load of us in it
would be camper than fuck
permalink Nothing camp about a WRV.
Far from it.
permalink really really
we will also have the best named band ever
permalink Are they any good,
or did you just pick them for the name?

I heard of a tribute act called Amy Housewine the other day, which I enjoyed.
permalink they are good, usually play on BBC Scotland at Hogmanay
also have an optional horn section (not sure if I can afford that though)

if I was just going by name I'd probably get these guys
permalink moo moo
permalink Who is 'we'?
You and SSG?
permalink she does have long luxuriant locks
but I imagine looks rather better in a dress
permalink Well done.
permalink you'd be suprised

permalink there's only one way to find out
permalink I, for one,
have no wish to know.
permalink You know you do
permalink I have enough of a mental image already
to keep me drinking heavily for a decade at least.
permalink I'm reading wind energy trade rags
there's an article about this chancer, that seems to be trying to change the laws of physics
permalink I love the phrase
"It does not suck birds in"
permalink Yep,
those birds are difficult to convince.
permalink ooh wow
just found the bit on Betz' limit
permalink meanwhile
the raging bellend who sprayed "ISLAM" on the Bomber Command memorial in london would appear to be a bald, beardless, white bloke.

Not impossible that he's a moronic muslim, but balance of probablities points to a shit-stirring EDL-type.
permalink I've got a printer arriving tomorrow.
For work I VPN in to their network. Does this mean I'll have to wire the printer in to my PC rather than use its wifi? Or is there a way to connect to a printer on my local, non-VPN network when I'm VPNd in?
permalink should be OK, unless it's some mad VPN client
I can VPN to work and still access local resources... I use a different kind of VPN to access some control systems on projects all over the place too. Using one of those doesn't stop me using my LAN
permalink depends what VPN client
it is
permalink *blank face*
It's in the networking bar of win8, I click to connect. It looks like it routes all my networking through that connection, and my local connection drops to "limited".

Edit: Wait, I can get to my NAS box whilst connected so a printer should be ok
permalink That's the native windows VPN connection then
and yes, that should treat it as a second additional network connection, so you can still access local network resources.
permalink some vpn clients
route all traffic out to the remote network, also depends on how your local and remote network are configured in terms of IP address