thread I'm in Newcastle this evening as i have a 9am meeting tomorrow
appropriately I've left my jacket at home and so will be wandering around in a shirt.

I might have to stop off in a shop tomorrow or my day in edinbrugh will be a bit chilly.

permalink there are a shitload or teenagers
All wearing shorts and with dayglow make-up. I've no idea if this is normal or there is an 80s revival rave somewhere nearby
permalink Shorts: Yes
Dayglo - not so much.
permalink you appear to have arrived at the Bigg Market.
do you turn left or right?

left (p87) right(p32)
permalink i merely walked past the blinky bridge
.. And if any regular Newcastle visitors are reading, I recommend the broad chare pub, very nice ploughman's. They obviously looked at the budget and decided the salad budget was better spent on moar pork pie and cheese.. Who can argue.
permalink you're in tha Toon.
"salad" is the wheat in the pastry of your pie.
permalink The Blinky Bridge?
I do hope this is an homage to the three eyed fish from the Simpsons
permalink i can only hope
but there is only one 'eye'
permalink I can see that bridge right now
from my office window.
permalink we lit that
although the colour-change programming has been changed and it's a bit gaudy now.
permalink ...
Well I was in the broad chare, we should have organised a pint
permalink I'm enjoying some rock from Newcastle as we speak, actually.
It's Irn Bru flavour.
permalink It's given me tummy ache.
Bloody girders.
permalink oh, the iron-y
permalink rust you to make a gag like that.

Move along now, nothing to see here
permalink You'd better steel yourself,
this pun thread is going to test your metal, and it won't just be cast aside.
There's no need to get over-wrought though.
permalink *girders loins*
permalink joist a minute...
thread Mrs HP and I have had one of our half-awake conversations
You know the ones, the type where she's not yet able to distinguish between the dream she's just had before waking up, and reality:

Mrs HP: "Where's Narky?"
Me: "What?"
Mrs HP: "Where is he? He said he was going for a walk around the block. Is he back yet? I don't want him to get run over."
Me: "Who is he?"
Mrs HP: "He's a giraffe. He lives under the floorboards, but only on Saturdays and Sundays."
Me: "Maybe he went to get breakfast?"
Mrs HP: "What do you think he got?"
Me: "Eggs benedict?"
Mrs HP: "No! He's a giraffe. Giraffes don't eat eggs; he only eats spinach. Maybe he went to Wetherspoons. I'm thirsty, can you make me a drink?"
Me: "Shall I send it up with Narky?"
Mrs HP: "No, he's not good at holding glasses, he'll spill it. When he comes back, make sure he doesn't dribble on the stairs - he's got a terrible dribbling habit. I'm not going to let him into bed, because he'll get dribble on the sheets. How does he get under the floorboards?"
permalink that is amazing
We have very random sleepy conversations but nothing on that scale, complexity and quality.
I can see the kids books now "Narky the weekend giraffe". although the episode where he goes to wetherspoons and gets drunk might be contraversial.
permalink "ciraffe"
permalink "grrrav"

permalink yes, well
my missus is enjoying the second (third/fourth) hand exposure to these. She is worried you're making it up though. Quite how/why anyone would make it up...
permalink I'd love to claim credit
but I'm afraid my imagination is nowhere near that good.

I have no idea how much my input steers the conversation, whether that causes Mrs HP to develop new details as we're talking, or what. But it would be a shame to not milk every detail, wouldn't it?
permalink Milk that bitch.
permalink those pesky underfloor even-toed ungulates
just been for my very first cycle ride since knackering myself 10 months ago. Just a half-mile or so alongside the Clyde, but it felt really good
permalink Ah Mrs HP!
Always useful when I try to explain my dreams to Mrs C, and have Mrs HP as a useful example to point out that my dreams really aren't THAT weird.

Although why I was being fingerprinted by Dublin airport security this morning when the alarm went off, I have no idea.
permalink i had an odd dream this morning
Where the social worker turned up with a load of kids for us to pick from. we picked a girl called Aiiiiiiniii (pronounced Roshine).

I was annoyed with the wife as she'd gone for a bath just before the social worker arrived and was wearing a parka in the bath.
permalink we're planning to make a dent in our pile of cheese later on
I will report back on any dreams.
permalink You need to blog these
add a twitter feed and reap the whirlwind
thread Right, I am in a bad way.
I have started shouting at strangers and being generally unpleasant to live with, but this time, having been through it before, I can foresee that I am about 2 or 3 weeks from a proper meltdown again and I cannot afford one.

Given that the doctors were bloody useless and when I stopped attending the shrink they never chased it up at all, what should I do?

I lost my job last time, I cannot really afford to do that again.
permalink Go back to the doctors, take the drugs
and this time don't stop going to the shrink. I don't think you can blame them for that.
permalink and to add
if you've got enough money, go to a private shrink instead.
permalink Also
permalink And talk to Jim.
permalink I have, today.
The shrink was just rubbish - she was like something off the telly. She immediately blamed everything on boarding school and the army and was unwilling to accept that I actually chose to do those things and wanted to. I missed the appointments because I was too low to go.
permalink Different shrinks are different though.
So don't write them all off because you had one shit one.
permalink It was the only one available.
I shall go get pills, but they mess with my bedroom activities (I already last at least 20 minutes or so, with the pills it was literal hours) and I do not like messing with my bedroom activities.
permalink well stop playing solitaire in the bedroom

/ deliberate missunderstanding to keep my mind pure
permalink I absolutely read that as a euphemism.
permalink However, if you are impossible to be around and don't fix it,
you'll eventually have no opportunity for bedroom activities (except solitaire).
permalink It is known, it is on the side effects (which Jim read, I never do).
When you know you need to set a couple of hours aside it is daft and you mostly do not bother and, to be honest, whilst 2 hour sex is fun for a change, it really is just tiring and sore.
permalink I feel sorry for your cock.
permalink You could ask for different pills,
I am of the understanding that not all of them have the same effect. Although no one's specifically mentioned bedroom activities to me.
permalink And if you ask for a shrink again
ask for a different one. If they say there isn't anyone else, contact Mind and see what they can offer.
permalink i chose and wanted to be a chef
but it is also the reason i had a breakdown
dunno if this helps
i hope you get the right help
permalink I agree with Amy,
but I'd suggest you also recreationally roll a cheese down a hill.
Careful though!
permalink Caerphilly?
permalink After considerable thought,
the problem is that I work on my own and have no real interaction with others. I clearly need to be with a team or at the least to have interaction with those who have similar aims.

Not sure what to do about it really - I just need camaraderie, but that is not available here.
permalink do you work in an office or are you remote based?
if you work in a office-share type set up it might be better
permalink Or get inmto the habit of going to one particular place for lunch,
in the hope of building up some camaraderie.
permalink I work at home
and mostly in the evenings.
permalink see if there are any shared workplace type things
there are a few in london... or work in a caff
permalink searching shows

permalink I live in Dawlish.
It is rather different from Exeter.
permalink Thank you though.
permalink I appreciate that
your previous job involved you cycling or getting the train to Exeter, no? Even the commute might be good for you, especially given that if the trains or weather are rubbish you can work from home anyway- you get to set your rhythm.
permalink 26.2 mile cycle.
I would just never do it.

Well., hardly ever. I just want to have people to talk to really.
permalink with respect to the cameraderie side of things
are there any football/cricket/cycling/rugby/golf/tiddlywinks/yu-gi-oh/dungeons and dragons clubs you could join. It doesn't need to be work that gives you interaction and meet with people who have similar interests.
i don't know if it's different for me having been in the RN but i like isolation and loved being at sea, I like the thought of me and my partner sailing a yacht round the world. She would go crazy though as she needs interaction with other people whereas I could happily go for days without talking to anyone except my cat.
permalink shouting at strangers and being unpleasant?
My suggestion is get some special brew and find a park bench or just spend all day traveling on public transport.If nothing else you will blend in.
Seriously though, what all that lot said, drugs and a shrink. It's OK your old shrink blaming things on boarding school and being a pongo but that's not going to help you get better. have you tried the British legion website?
I went on there and found this
They are more likely to have someone who can relate to what you are going through rather than some NHS shrink whose idea of combat comes from movies and watching their kids play call of duty.

This is from their website and seems to tick all your boxes.

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity that specialises in the treatment and support of British Armed Forces Veterans who have mental health problems.
Mental ill-health affects ex-Service men and women of all ages. Right now, we're supporting over 5,000 Veterans aged from 20 to 101. We're a vital lifeline for these men and women, and their families.
Our treatment and support services are always free of charge, and are proven to work.
permalink that ooks really good,
although the nearest one is London.

Thank you.
permalink Stop finding reasons why not to do things
Get off your arse and do them
permalink you are very welcome
I really hope they can help.
Have you fallen into the westcountry mindset of a big trip out being the yearly visit to Exeter to do xmas shopping?
When you think about it London was only your normal commute for your last job so it's not that big a journey. Having suffered from depression, although not to the extent that you seem to, I do realise even the smallest thing can seem too much effort, but give them a call and see what they can offer.
permalink The Exeter Mutual Masturbation Circle
is taking members.

Wear glasses.
thread Album of the day
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - Black Pudding

permalink Album of the day
Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer - (no Spotify here)

permalink Yeah
That's kinda cool

*adds to Spotify*
permalink this just in.
Today I'm supposed to be setting up a cluster of unix boxes for A Large Gaming Company. Only problems are a) the servers haven't been delivered ('lost' since tuesday) and the core network switches don't have power supplies because - get this - they're OPTIONAL. Fucksake.
permalink The circuit boards iside are probably optional too
Maybe you've just got some tin boxes with RJ45 sockets in.
permalink RJ45 sockets?
Sorry, they weren't specified . . .
permalink not RJ45s either,
they're 10gb SFP+ ports
permalink technically, since there's nothing inside there...
they're "holes".
permalink any port
in a storm. Just been told the servers will arrive on tues. yeah right.
permalink hahaha
there not Cisco Nexus switches are they?
They usually come with 1, although that is often in another box, not with the switch. If you want dual power supplies you need to get the second seperately.
We have them and they are great for throughput butcan be complex to set up and conf sync is currently being a twat.
permalink no, HP 5820s,
also known as H3C kit, or Huawei. Bloody things.
permalink Huawei?
So they're making a copy of all data passing across them and sending it to the China for intelligence analysis?
permalink fear of that is what
got them hoofed out of the US. Of course here they're in bed with all the ISPs so it does make me wonder.

They copied Cisco's IOS and got massively sued for it. This now means all the commands are *slightly* different to the degree of making me stabby since I'm a cisco kid.
permalink I think it's the 3G kit in particular
that makes people worried.
I imagine it would be something of a drama to extract meaningful data from a switch, and you'd end up with so much of it it'd be an intelligence nightmare to sift through.
permalink troodat,
but even the merkins are doing it with a massive facility in iowa.
permalink I thought the new monster one was Utah?
permalink I knew it was somewhere
who's name was 4 letters :)
permalink Not Ohio then, as that only has three letters in it's name.
Mississippi has four letters though.
permalink ??
permalink It's not 48v kit, is it?
permalink I heart Mark Lanegan's voice.
I am enjoying this. Might buy it.

Since when has Spotify had a web player? It's miles better than downloading an application.
permalink Thought for the day
thread Sign on teh back of a landscape gardeners van on the north circular this morning:
"no pansies are left in this vehicle overnight"

It brighened my rainy and snotty morning
permalink looks like Mark Cavendish will be happy
one less day of riding in the mountains
"Due to adverse weather conditions and, in particular, snow on the stage route in its entirety, stage 19 has been cancelled"

Reckon Nibali isn't going to be upset either
permalink that's going to ruim the rest of my fantasy league
[edit] also Danilo diLuca has failed an out of competition EPO test

[edit2] also available in English
permalink Hasn't he
just got back from a ban?
permalink yeah, I think so, I can't work out whether this relates to the same thing
anyone speak Italian?
permalink this is a new test
it's his third positive. Lifetime ban is the B-sample confirms - though he's 37. Not many riders older than that. Not everyone is Jens Voight.
permalink He'll still be lucky to get the points though
permalink if tommorow is cancelled as well (which it may be)
then Cav is basically home and dry, though he might go for the inters on the last stage to be sure.
permalink at the moment it's just shortened
permalink "Landscape gardeners,
and murderers of homosexuals since 1973"
permalink in town we have
the 'Lady Gardener' service. Presumably on call for all your brazilian problems.
permalink The big house
on the road into my village is called Ladygrove, I always refer to it as Ladygarden
permalink series of pictures from someone
travelling to Oslo this morning
dull dull dull
holy shitballs
wheee! Slides!
permalink crickey
was that what messed up heathrow
permalink aye
seems to be birdstrike
permalink Lazy, ungrateful birds, thinking the world owes them a lviing.
Still, the plane shouldn't have attempted to cross the picket line.
permalink or possibly not
the forensic analysis team (ie avitaion geeks on twitter) reckon that damage is inconsitant with a birdstrike
permalink this is what that cowling should
look like
this video shows the rest of the engine looking rather undamaged, not consistant with birdstrike

Somewhere at heathrow there's a technician in trouble. I'd imagine also that after the "well done for landing it safely" the pilot may be getting a roasting for the quality of his walkround...

And, to the west of London, there's a couple of big lumps of metal cowling somewhere
permalink Sounds like he walkedround/walkrounded just fine,
but he was busy tweeting at the same time.
"Just about to fly big plane, lols"
permalink egads!
permalink fucking hell
fuck flying.
permalink remember
even if you live nowhere near an airport you're not safe from planes falling out of the sky.
permalink However, you can protect yourself
by wearing a hat made from tin foil.
permalink whenever there's an airshow
I expect to come home to burning lumps of Sopwith Camel in the garden
permalink meh
I've taken that flight a few times and I've never been killed to death once
permalink "No pies are left in this vehicle overnight"
is common round these parts
permalink Police warn cheese maker about cheese rolling
I give up...
permalink That's not news - it's not silly and it's not "H&S gone mad" either.
Obviously if she organises a public event in which someone could be injured, she needs public liability insurance, and she should take measures to mitigate any danger. That's only reasonable, surely?
The news is that it sounds as if she organises the event without insurance or reasonable H&S measures, which is reckless and speaks of irresponsibility. It's not so much about the cheese rolling as the risk of fire in the tea tent or something like that.

However, one has to take a realistic attitude, are the people who attend the sort who are likely to sue?
How serious could any injuries be and what would the liability be for them?
Lastly, in the worst case, she has no insurance and someone dies, she's sued to hell and back - she's 86, what's she really got to lose? Different story if she had dependent children obviously.

/sorry, the caff messed up my bacon sandwich order, and I am irreconcilably grumpy as a result.
permalink She makes cheese which other people decide to use to chase down a steep hill
It's like blaming a football manufacturer for the local kids kicking it through your window.
permalink The article clearly states that she would be
considered the "de facto organiser" so I assume that either she is supplying the cheese FOC to the event for promotional or charitable purposes, or its on her land, or both. She's also supplying the cheese specifically for use in a rolling competition, which means she has a duty of care to ensure it's fit for that purpose, which includes safety.
In the case of the football; the ball was sold to the kids for playing football, who then assume all responsibilities for its reasonable use. If the football manufacturer gave or sold the football to the kids for the express purpose of kicking through your window, they'd be liable.
It may seem harsh, but the law is entirely clear. It's extremely important that manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are fit for the purpose they are sold for and not dangerous. Just because it may seem unfair in this particular circumstance, doesn't mean it's wrong.
permalink Considering someone something
doesn't make it so. The police have huge track record of making warnings that the CPS would never back up.
permalink Irrelevant.
She is supplying cheese for rolling purposes, so she has a duty of care to ensure that it's safe to use it in such a way.

In this case, I believe the police were genuinely trying to be helpful and warning her of a potential if slight risk.
permalink It actually says that
anyone involved could be considered a de facto organiser. Not just her.
permalink Indeed it does,
but she's running a business, so I think she should have a little bit more of an eye on her potential liability than others, and perhaps she should be less quick to phone the newspapers and more proactive about being a responsible business person.

I'd assume all she needs to do is print a statement on the cheeses that says she doesn't accept responsibility for injury caused by using the cheese for purposes other than eating.

It just gets my goat that the first thing everyone thinks is that it's "Health & Safety gone mad" when invariably it's "press gone mad about Health & Safety"
permalink she should just sell it in wedges
then it's clearly not fit for purpose, but if someone wants to buy six and stick them together with mozzarella...
permalink I think it's also a case
where the injury rate and number of participants got to the point where the authorities have rightly said, "that's enough now."

A risky event is one thing, an event which requires the entire local ambulance service to attend because of the number of serious injuries is another

It's not "H&S gone mad" it's "H&S being quite reasonable really"
permalink Indeed, this is what I meant when I
was talking about reasonableness.
When there's 8 mates rolling cheeses, it's not a big drama, and the likelihood of legal ramifications for the cheeselady are slim.
When there's 80 rollers and 800 spectators it needs to start being properly organised, with public liability insurance, the St John's Ambulance on hand, and some sort of risk assessment. The likelihood of someone suing go through the roof, and she'd be wise to take heed.
permalink I'm guessing that the liability insurance
will be impossible to get now as well
permalink It's never impossible to get insurance,
it's just impossible to afford it.

I'd assume that participants could sign a waiver, and that would help to bring the premium down, as you'd only be insuring the public.
How dangerous can it actually be? Keep the public away from the bottom where the cheeses are going fastest and I'd have thought you'd be OK.

When I was a Scout Leader, we had to carry out a risk assessment for every activity or the insurance was invalidated. However, the was no paperwork, no stipulation about mitigating the risk, or choosing not to proceed, so we would just assess the risk, agree it was risky, and crack on.
permalink Tosser.
permalink No, it's cheese rolling,
not tossing.
permalink There's a lot of slightly dangerous but interesting things
that can be done in groups which make the homogenous dullness of life more bearable. In the old days, if someone tried to sue, a magistrate would just call them a silly twat and they'd think about whether they wanted to do it next year.

Now we have a population cowering in front of the TV waiting to be told which overpriced corporate shitfest they are allowed to attend, while they drink Coke or shit lager and pretend to be enjoying themselves.
permalink I couldn't agree more,
but we're not talking about 20 mates in a field anymore, it's a big event, with lots of people whose level of idiocy cannot be reasonably assessed by the organisers.
Once it gets to a certain point, I think it's reasonable that someone should be responsible for making sure the event is not recklessly dangerous.
No-one's saying it is in the least bit dangerous inherently, just that someone needs to be in charge enough to ensure it doesn't become dangerous as a result of the increasing number of attendees. Some sort of reasonable organisation, and some sort of insurance is all that's called for.
The cheeselady is clearly happy to have the publicity one way or the other, so maybe she's the one who should step up and sort it out, rather than bitching about it.
It's not a problem that isn't overcome by village fetes and suchlike all the time, my original point (for which you called me a tosser) was simply that it's not news, and not completely unreasonable either.
It's sensible that in a civilised society we have measures in place to protect people who are not blessed with the common sense to get out of the way of a fast moving cheese.
permalink If it is not organised and she sells the cheese as a cheese and not for any purpose
then frankly the police can sod off.

If people want to take a risk then that is their shout, or should we ban driving now and arrest car manufacturers?
permalink indeed if that were the case
but it isn't, you've just made that up.
permalink This is a bizarrely logic free argument,
based on a spectacular misinterpretation of the facts.

She knows the cheese is going to be rolled, and therefore she is providing it for rolling purposes.
If someone buys something off you and doesn't say what they're going to do with it, it's their look out, but once they explain their intentions, you should provide them with a reasonable explanation of the product's suitability for that purpose. If you suggest that it's fine then you accept some liability.
If I drive a car over the speed limit and have a mechanical failure that causes an accident, that's my fault. However if I drive the car in line with all applicable laws, and in a reasonable manner and I have a mechanical failure then it's the car manufacturer's fault. If I expressly discuss high speed usage with the manufacturer and he doesn't warn me that it will fail at a certain speed, or worse tells me that it'll be fine if he knows there's a risk, he accepts some liability.
The key word of course being "some".
permalink really we could do without this idea of liability, it's just overly bureaucratic
Michael Eavis should just say, "Glastonbury is off this year. I mean, we'll happen to be having some bands staying over who might do some songs in one of our fields, but there's no festival or anything, anyone who turns up has nothing to do with me."

Then when 100,000 people turn up to 'Not Glastonbury Oh No', 300 get trampled to death because of zero crowd management, 20,000 end up in hospital because of the lack of sanitation, and the entire police and emergency services of the south-west have to deal with the fallout, it doesn't matter because Glastonbury wasn't on, you see, nobody was organising it, so they can't be held responsible.

Much better than that pesky council getting in the way of fun.
permalink This messageboard needs a "like" button.

I do love it when people get all het up about regulation restricting their liberties and making everything rubbish, yet don't' think about the alternative, and would be the first to complain in that event.

See also The Tea Party movement.
permalink I agree with the sentiment,
but a paid event on private land is somewhat different to a group of people on a public hill with a piece of cheese.
permalink which is again different
to hundreds of people, with thousands of spectators, all turning up in the expectation of a big event which nobody wants to take responsibility for.

She's making a specific cheese for a specific day in the year, to facilitate a specific event. That's not the same as some people randomly getting together to roll cheese.

To me (and, I believe, to licencing and liability insurance) the difference is mostly about the scale.
permalink The scale is that she makes one cheese, so that is no scale at all.
Making a cheese and giving it to them to roll down the hill is not organising an event.

To my way of thinking, if they ask for a cheese and gives it to them to roll down a hill then that should be perfectly legitimate.

After all is said and done, rolling a cheese down a hill is not dangerous.
permalink There would appear to be two risks:
1. bystanders being hit by a fast-moving cheese
2. people following the cheese tripping and falling
If she takes steps to mitigate those two risks, then she'll be fine.
If she's just supplying the cheese, she needs to state those two risks and recommend that people take care.
The person organising the event needs to take reasonable measures to ensure bystanders are not gathered in the path of the cheese, and to have some degree of first aid support on hand to handle the occasional twisted ankle of a participant. The degree to which these need to be taken depends on the number of attendees.
It's not exactly the most onerous of requirements, and no-ones' saying they can't do it, just that they must do it in a reasonably responsible manner.
The point the police made was that if someone doesn't take responsibility for mitigating those risks it could be assumed that it should have been her.
permalink Bollocks it is cheese.
If I sell a ball I do not need to say 'it may be dangerous to chase this ball down a hill'. It is utter nonsense.

H&S at the event, fair enough - H&S for a piece of cheese? piffle. The misuse of the cheese is not her problem and, since it is cheese and not anything else, their decision to chuck it down a hill and chase it, even if she knows they will, is nothing to do with her.

If a bike was bought and it was not good enough to ride down a hill and broke ten that would be different, but the cheese is not what hurts people here, that is just them running down a hill.
permalink So, I am a bike salesman and the boy I am selling a bike to says 'I am going to ride it off a cliff'
If I say 'do not do that' but sell it to him is it suddenly my fault if he rides it off a cliff?

Is it bollocks - people are allowed to take risks, it is personal choice.

Your car example is excellent and I agree with all of it, but if the manufacturer says 'you are a bloody fool, the brakes could fail at that speed' then he has done what he needs to do - selling it to you is not a crime.
permalink That's exactly what I was saying,
If you warn the kid that he is likely to die if he rides it off a cliff, you have absolved yourself of your responsibility if he does so. (Unless you had reason to believe he was genuinely suicidal, in which case maybe you ought to have phoned social services!)

VW have no liability for anything that goes wrong with my car at 90mph on the motorway, but they may well do if I'm doing 65mph. However if I am doing 90mph on a private airstrip and there's a failure, liability will hinge on whether I told them I was going to do so, whether it was reasonable for them to foresee that to do so would result in a such a failure, and whether they advised me against it or not.

There's nothing to stop you taking risks, the law is simply intended to help prevent you from taking risks unknowingly.
permalink Ah, but if they were inhjured because the cheese failed that would be reasonable,
but they are injured because they run down a hill after a cheese which hurts them not at all.
permalink The bike didn't fail,
it was the purpose for which it was used which caused the kid to fall to his death.

I'd have thought all she needs to do is inform the cheese rollers that there is a risk involved, and that they should be careful both from the point of view of their own safety and those of others.
permalink To be honest, the manner in which the cheese is used is NOT dangerous.
What is dangerous is all the spectators watching is and running down the hill chasing it.

I do not believe she has any requirement to not sell this cheese.
permalink No-one's suggesting that she has!
Any suggestion that she not be involved is purely her or the press's invention.
permalink Massive, massive, Tantric tosser.
permalink Thank you,
if that was intended to make me less grumpy, it's worked.
permalink kittens fix misconfigured bacons
grumpiness. Fact.
permalink no, you can't frolic in the grass
not until you've filled out this form and put on suitable PPE
permalink COSHH Nightmare!
. .
permalink I'm all set, I've got a hard hat and hi vis jacket under my desk, and site boots in the car.
My firm buys full PPE kit for everyone, irrespective of whether they will ever go anywhere near a site. I think the post room boy has full PPE, as do the cleaners.
A chum of mine broke his ankle on a site visit once, because he was wearing sandals. That was generally considered to be nobody's fault but his own.
permalink PPE is not a solution
it is an acceptance that there is a problem
permalink You have to accept there's a problem to fix it,
and PPE helps a lot if you fail to fix it.
You're not wrong about hard hats and site boots, but a high vis vest is a part of a solution
I think on balance it's probably better to have it than not, though.
permalink The Chinese climb up home made bamboo scaffolds to build houses
and there are still 3 billion of them.

You HiVis tosser.