thread Time for a bit of experimental
French prog-metal I think.

Cardiacs folks may love this, I do:


Go for either the soundcloud (~9m) or the video, both awesome. Both WEIRD. *wooooo*
permalink I heard a bit of that on my phone Facebook. Odd. Will listen properly later
in dead musician news: Alan Myers from Devo
permalink I came here to report this death.
Bloody Tabz.
permalink Wasn't me!
I like Devo
permalink I shall have a listen later
. .
thread blooming 'eck
federer seems to be out.

all 4 sets went to tie break.

permalink Lummy!
permalink bet you Murray
still doesn't win.
permalink this is almost certainly true
permalink If he goes out next round
he'll simply point in the direction of Federer and Nadal and go "upsets happen".
permalink How much?
permalink million pounds
permalink ok,send me the million
and I'll give you odds of 1/1,000,000
permalink Watched it...damn good
IF Murray wins it the press will say he was lucky....
permalink 'course they will
i dont follow tennis much, but it seems that all the biggies have now gone so its one of those years for an "underdog". i bet his odds have dropped like a brides nightie
permalink he's 5/4
from 7/2
permalink its beena while
but thats a fair drop
thread *draws back curtains*

whoa... its all still here! I should put some clothes on....
*scarpers to get dressed*
permalink well that was easy.
glacial....but still lovely. maybe see you all again some other time.
permalink *Burps*
So.. what's for lunch?
permalink (Sorry we've let ourselves go a bit around here)
permalink pshaw, a mere 20 minutes before a reply?
that's positively chatty!
permalink I were outdoing myself
and directly went for a short stroll to the shops after replying.
I now have chocolate yoghurt.
permalink best
answer ever.
permalink blimey, they're all coming out of the woodwork
morning there.
permalink *picks out splinters from teeth*
well you know a good piece of timber when its crunchy.
permalink I've only just realised
all the other remaining ladies have stopped coming here regularly. It's just me.

How are the kitties?
permalink and we love you for it.
permalink isn't DC a lady?
permalink Once, twice,
three times...
permalink Not to forget Staticgirl.
permalink Ahhh fair points both
I'd forgotten :)
permalink I have my doubts
about Cowjam as well . . .
permalink You doubt he's a woman?
He's certainly quite flat chested.
permalink Harumph

permalink you cow!
*sobs hysterically*
permalink There's a clue
in the name.
permalink I can confirm that I am female
although I'm not very good at it.
permalink Sadly we no longer have Otis
as of August last year. But in December we got Charlie.
Jasper and Charlie are good, they get on well considering they're not related.
permalink *waves*
Sorry . . only just got back in the office
permalink *waves too*
Yup... just out of a meeting, ran across Newcastle and just made the train that I have to be on so as to pick up ickleuminator.

permalink Hi Jiva!
I hope you and your family (furry and less furry) are well!
permalink Helleau!
Hope you are well too. Kitties are good, the rest we'll see. Waiting on other party to allow me to spill beans, cos its not my buisness to say if you know what I mean. Otherwise still happily married and still love my family.
permalink and here goes....
this is Munkt0n's twitter account:
permalink Hugs to both.
permalink thanks honey
I'm squeezing him every chance I get before surgery on Monday.
permalink Crikey, they're not messing about then.
Best of luck, keep us all posted if you can.
permalink tell him
we're all thinking about his pancreas, and to apply limes topically.

permalink we were hoping the eurostar was not stuck in his tunnel
but it looks like it has... bastard trains.
permalink makes a change from thinking about all his other internal organs I guess
permalink Oh my... the I like this button
did make me laugh.
permalink bloody hell!
hope it goes well.. will be crossing all my bits on monday.. give him a squeeze from me x
permalink oh shit, I didn't see that
well, fuck.
permalink we're going to cunt it in the murray
oh yes.
permalink You cunt it

permalink I drove down a road in Edinburgh the other day that I'd never been down before
And found this address:

We should buy the whole damn place up.
permalink Eesh.
Best of luck with the surgery and everything after.
permalink thanks.
I do appreciate all the support, here, fb, twitter. we both do.
permalink I hope medicine gives it a good twatting.
Good luck you guys. *hugs*
permalink oh no, that's terrible
Hugs to both.
permalink sorry hun,
I'm site engineer this week and spent all day running around like a blue-arsed fly. This pleased me, particularly that it gave me the chance for a couple of ales afterwards with the lovely Ocarina :)
permalink Just the man...
need to know if you're around Cambs next week at all.. working or not. May be spending some time in and near adenbrookes.
permalink I'm sure something
can be organised. Daytime or night? Def in town a week tonight for the HMHB gig.
permalink visiting hours are 3 till 8
but may be better week after rather than this week coming. send you a dm in twitter... see if that works.
permalink I sent a puzzled reply :)
Not at lapdog much today, running round 3 datacentres like a blue arsed fly. Week after is definitely doable.
permalink "site" engineer?
permalink Yes. It's "sit" engineer
As in "on his arse".
permalink bollocks to that, I've
been all over the place these last few days. Yesterday I was installing servers right at the top of 7' racks (all hail the Genie Lift) and today I've been performing acts of voodoo on a mardy Blade Server which HP have already replaced once...
permalink I know you're a grafter.
Just too good a gag to miss.

I love all Genie products, especially when I get to drive one of the 20 or 30m booms. Although I did run over my mobile phone with one once.
permalink one of the servers was right in the POC*
and I could see people sitting watching what I was doing. Multimillion pound installation so no pressure :)

*point of contact, aka a big glass wall for people to gawp through
permalink You really should
stop working in the nude though
permalink i pictured him topless
drinking a diet coke.. pass the bleach
permalink where's the fun
in that? Particularly when I'm 7' up.
permalink HP* in swapping in duff hardware shock!
I've had it up to here with their sodding tape drives.

* No, no. The other HP.
thread never mind TOTN
how about a game of the night: BROFORCE- the BROest game you'll ever play. BROSPLOSIONS. RAMBRO. ROBROCOP. You get the idea. SHOOT STUFF TO WIN
permalink Drunk.
permalink it wants me to install something I don't really want
so I don't want to.

We've apparently got men coming to fit our new front door today. I will again feel weedy and pathetic for doing a girl's job, while these manly men do manly things. I will have to try and engage in "banter" with them about boobs and rugby.
permalink Don't forget the
casual racism
permalink Always better than
formal racism
permalink smart casual racism is a good compromise
permalink it's alright
we briefly chatted about the construction methods of new build houses versus older houses, then he told me about sealant. I think we got on ok. I also made him coffee in the most macho way I could.
permalink While wearing
leather chaps?
permalink brokebackdoor
permalink i'm fucking tired
because I'e had fuck all sleep due to hayfever.
permalink and typing to yourself
that new glue you're cooking up must be GREAT!
permalink I'm on the train to Newcastle
where I will go to a meeting for a couple of hours then come hme.
permalink I get to go to
Wood Green at lunchtime . . lucky me
permalink I used to live in Wood Green.
/100% of FACT
permalink I have often been through Wood Green on the bus
and have occasionally been to a pub there. I forget the pub's name. it had a back room and did a shit goth night sometimes. This was many years ago.
permalink As indeed was my period residing there - '98-'00 IIRC.
There was a nearly bankrupt pub in the middle of a council estate that had the most fantastic Victorian woodwork I've ever seen.
Other than that it was unremarkable.

edit: yep, pub no longer there.
edit2: http://www.closedpubs....
permalink I had a look at that site
to see if it had anything about the closed pub near my house, but it refuses to acknowledge the existence of Greater Manchester and I refuse to admit that I live in Lancashire.
permalink Are you thinking of
The Catacombs at Manor House?
permalink Was that round the back of that big pub on the corner?
That place was a dive.

edit: also apparently not a pub any longer.
permalink The pub has many a claim to fame:
permalink i try to never think of Catacombs if I can help it...
but possibly.

[edit] no, wasn't that. I can picture it in my mind, maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else.
permalink come with me to darlington
I'll be passing you on a train in a bit I guess
permalink Just left Newcastle heading North!
permalink Just past Berwick
permalink I think you just past me
permalink Ah! maybe. That might have been you!
permalink Well.... Berwick here and haven't passed another train, so I guess that was you.
Funny to think that we were within a few metres of each other for a fraction of a second there...
permalink You could've high fived
through the window . . .
permalink hard to spot each other at a combined speed of about 200mph...
permalink According to Einstein
your hands would only have met at 100mph though ;)
permalink and our twin brothers who went to Mars are still 12?
something like that?
permalink indeed most odd
permalink oooh... I guess we'll pass soon at a great combined speed
Somewhere around Alnmouth.
permalink install gubbins
no thanks.

so did we manage to raise enough money to nuke glastonbury this year? the world will be such a better place
permalink Unity is fine
seriously. Far better for web games than Flash (or Silverlight, but then that's an abomination unto man)
permalink I read yesterday
that silverlight had been canned. Grinned.
permalink I hope Eurosport take note
pretty sure 50% of why eurosportplayer is a bit shit is because it uses Silverlight.
permalink one of my cow-orkers
was trying to get eurosport to play on 64-bit Win7. Silverlight said no. I shrugged my shoulders.
permalink Silverlight
So good, even Microsoft have gone "Meh. Fuck it."
permalink ooh goody
it's about 2 years since I had an argument with one of my developers where I said flex/air and silverlight would be extinct in 2 years. (he was in denial after years as a Flex developer)

nostradamus I aint, but it's still satisfying.
thread Is this the work of Sir C_I? if so, colour me impressed.
permalink you see that tip of light.. that's where he rubbed his bum a lot
all those other squiggly patterns you see are pretty much his urani-spunk (too much time in libya.. shhh!)
permalink the tower
most certainly is, yus. Good innit.
permalink fella i'm just starting on the gin
whatch you talkin bout willis?
permalink obvs that was a
reply to ruffgeezer, gin-boy.
permalink gin SOAKED boy
but thankyou for asking

edit: HA! i can't believe i've never seen this before but vbloke almost looks happy (maybe the trains were working)
permalink pffft :)
permalink Mick Aston has died
permalink He should be buried in a field in Somerset
with a load of archaeological finds from different eras just to mess with future archaeologists.
permalink And a massive golden codpiece.
permalink He was a naturist
so he would probably want to go "au naturel"
permalink :(
A 92 year old friend of mine died this week too. :(
permalink Some of it, aye...
The tower exterior is actually flashy strobes, but they look like lines of light in the long exposure. A load of the public realm around the development was us too, but not all of it...

I'll try to find some video of the strobes doing their things for you...

permalink OI
are you around for a pint later on? in Edinburgher

(also meepmeep if his passport for the easct coast is still valid)

/short notice as always
permalink Urk!
I can't do tonight, I'm afraid... sorry! :(
permalink no worries
I had not thought ahead as I was on holibobs last week

permalink afraid not
seeing a man about a wedding beef
permalink mooo
permalink How does Mrs Meep
feel about you marrying a cow?
permalink She's got no
beef with it.
permalink That pun's an udder disgrace
permalink How cud you!
. .
permalink it's all bull.
You have to steak your claim, you know.
permalink I knew you guys would milk the cow puns.
I've herd them all before.
permalink Moove along now...
permalink I'm just off
to the back ruminate minutes.
permalink Any more like that and
I'm friesian you out of the conversation.
permalink outside now let's settle this
like Veal men
permalink my calf
is itchy.

(it is, FACT)
permalink ooh.
I get that sometimes. It must be a sign of being a sexy bastard.
permalink Nah
I've never suffered from it
permalink +1
for tortuous ingenuity
permalink my mother would like to know three named of this plant
permalink Looks like a native geranium
or a wild daisy of some sort?
permalink Susan.
permalink Red Campion
some alternates here
permalink Aha . . that's the one
if you break the roots it bleeds orange goo
permalink don't we all
permalink thank you.
My mother is happy she had an answer but worried about her terrible reputation now that the internet is away that she didn'tt know it.
permalink as she should
the dolt