thread I see Brian Forbes has died

TOTN: I.E.M - We Are Not Alone -
permalink whooooo?
oh, Mr Nanette Newman
permalink I wonder if she still has
soft hands?
permalink possibly
although perhaps a tad wrinkly
permalink True
he was also Emma Forbes dad
permalink *googles*
oh her...vague memories of kids' TV

Quite Newmanesque*, now I know the connection

*Nanette, not Rob
permalink Or Gary
. .
permalink or for that matter
permalink or Alfred E
permalink I'm in Birmingham
I need a tie pin. These things aren't related.
permalink Need is a relative term
nobody really "needs" a tie pin :)
permalink i have a flappy tie,
Ergo I need a tie pin.
permalink Tuck it in your belt
permalink why don't i just paint a stripe down
the front of my shirt?
permalink Tie pins are for cravats
You need a tie clip or bar, I'd have thought
permalink yes, i meant a bar.
MrsJam referred to them as tie pin and I presumed it was a middle class term for tie pins, clips and bars.
permalink tie clip do?
use an alligator clip
permalink I'm in Kent
I have no need for formal wear. I'm the drunk Scot on this train. every train should have one
permalink but only one
That way I never have to sit next to one.
permalink tune : kid congo
Rare as the Yeti
permalink look here
i don't want to start anything
ok never mind
thread A 3D printer for £850?
Now, I don't technically need one but...
permalink we should save this thread for
when they come free with a pair of glasses
permalink Yay!
Guns for everyone!
permalink technically
£850 for your first one
permalink I'm desperately looking for en excuse to get one in the studio here...
I fancy one a bit grungier than that though.
permalink "Because I want one"
should be all the excuse you need
permalink unfortunately, this doesn't seem to wash with the directors
permalink Send them
your link below
permalink or get the chocolate kind
no-one will disagree to that
permalink You filthy bastard
permalink I'd love one, but can't justify it.
In other news my new car doesn't play oggs. Looks like I'll be re-ripping to mp3 :(
permalink :read as
My new car doesn't play eggs

Most don't do ogg or flac, mp3/wma only normally
permalink when i ripped to ogg
I didn't consider that i would ever have a car with an sd slot
permalink that's because it's a car
it converts chemical to kinetic energy
permalink get some proper boots
permalink Mine would probably print
Wax cylinders
permalink and summon alistair crowley..
permalink printers or more hassle tha they worth and i'm guessing the 3d kind
are just the same.. you can always send off for it to be printed
thread Tabz?
permalink awww
mind you, I didn't realise he was still alive (until he wasn't)

awesome gig last night...feeling a tad deaf this morning...amazed myself by staking out a place right down the front, which did mean I caught Jello right in the face at one point, when he went on one of his little crowd surfs. Sweaty man!
permalink jealousness!
permalink I'm with scoff on that one.
My car has arrived., as has a laptop and satnav.
permalink It's OK
they'll stick a wireframe in him and stop frame animate the rest

Also dead - Steve Martland -
permalink I was moved
Then I was moved a bit further. And a bit further. And then a bit further...

(yes... I did steal this joke)
thread I knew there was summat I was going to ask you lot.
On fri my venerable Canon Ixus died, typically just before a gig I'd waited 20-odd years for. Thankfully it still did video so not a total loss.

So, new point-and-shoot time. Any recommendations? The one thing that bothers me is that anything I buy will be much better than my Lumix bridge camera, bah.
permalink How much
would you want to spend?

permalink not bothered really,
but less than the Lumix would be good, that was £249 a few years ago.
permalink have to say
the Lumix we picked up a couple of years ago, is all the awesome, and I can't see a good reason not to stick with it
permalink just use the one on your phone
permalink iphone 4? Nah,
shoite camera.
permalink Canon PowerShot A800
is ridiculously cheap (I paid £36 for a brand new one from staples) and a great point and shoot. It took me over a week to get round to trying anything other than full-auto it was that good.
permalink *makes notes*
that IS cheap, kinnell.
permalink aw, it's an updated version of
my Ixus, very wee. And cheap, woo!

*edit* hmm, lumix at 14mp for not much more, bugger...
permalink blah blah techy noise blah
14mp too much for non-SLRs, light intensity blah
permalink our stupidly powerful optical microscope
has a 1 megapixel camera because there's no point in it having more pixels
permalink But more is better!
. .
permalink MOAR PIXELS!!!!
permalink MOAR MEGA PIXELS!!!!!
. .
permalink it very much isn't
more is slower. And with microscopes, the optics limit the resolution, not the ccd.
permalink actually, now you mention it
I remember a lot of people saying that when I was researching my Lumix. Also isn't there a limit to what the human eye can see anyway?
permalink I fecking love my Lumix LX5
there is an LX7 now... but an LX5 on ebay would be a good buy.

mine has been bullet proof and does great photos
permalink yow!
expensive, that.
permalink I have a £120ish panasonic
and it is useless in comparison.
permalink I've got an LX3
and it's feckin awesome, great cameras
thread morning all. Good weekend?
had a rather slower cycle to Reach and back yesterday. had a flag on the back of my bike
permalink thats no 'coon tail!
Mrs Chops was away so i reverted back to my old ways until she returned hungover and ill.
permalink i dont spose
anyone has acess to a toshiba "restore disk" for an a100?
permalink not bad, I guess.
Weather mostly OK... Glorious here today.

Slightly fed up though.

permalink all hail and ale,
plus epic quiz winnage. As mentioned below I'm a bit lobsterish...
permalink this was cute
she did the entire 25 mile (with a break for the fair) ride
permalink Link
doesn't work.
permalink fixxored?
permalink Yarp.
permalink gonna take the dog for a walk
maybe get some sunburn
permalink Can you get me some
permalink whoah easy get your own
permalink you can
have all of mine.