thread Well, John Hurt was a surprise

permalink I thought you meant that he was a paedo
so I googled John Hurt. Now I'm full of Dr Who spoilers.
permalink ^this
I've been cooking things for a picnic tomorrow. Parmesan rolls, felafel, potato salad, tzatziki, greek salad. Nom. Very difficult to not eat it all now.
permalink This too.
"I'm John, and I'm going to hurt you."
permalink TOTD?
permalink I see what you did
but TOTN is John Grant "GMF"

Which is stuck in my head, and I keep almost singing the chorus out loud.
permalink It's pretty annoying, that song.
For one thing, what the fuck is it about?
permalink being awesome
despite being persecuted.
permalink Yeah, you see,
permalink I rather like that.
permalink since when have you been
permalink I do like that
but then I already was a big fan of Mr Grant...and was sorry to hear about his medical misfortunes
permalink just because you can do something doesn't mean you should

permalink What's mad is that clocktowers were built there as a symbol of Ottoman power and imperial control
It's like they're oppressing themselves.
permalink No, that is victim thinking.
That is absurd.
permalink presumably
CI will be doing the bulbs on that.
permalink Certainly will not.
I don't work in countries where you can't get a beer.
permalink it is quite imposing
everyone likes to show off don't they
permalink even better
is all the very old things they demolished to build it
permalink for some reason
the resemblance this has to the Elizabeth Tower (barring of course the size) really annoys lunkheads such as the EDL. Which is about the only good thing about it.
permalink well done England
and Stuart and Jimmy in particular...

would have been nice to have done it here, where I could have watched it live with a beer in my hand, oh, do I wear an England cricket shirt into work this morning?
permalink is this a eurovision thread?
thread Ning
Haha -

And if you could keep the noise down today, that'd be nice...
permalink DID YOU HAVE

(I'm feeling rather better this Friday, though I'm at work. Last Friday I had the hangover from hell at Whiststable YC)
permalink The pints were fine
it was the shots that did it...

Well I never - if you can't trust an axe-wielding hitch-hiker, who can you trust? http://www.nbcnewyork....

permalink For those who may or may not have been concerned,
I have fixed my highest post count issue.
permalink and I've fixed
my Little Camera by discovering the factory reset feature, woooo.
permalink does it have a
luxurious mane? is it it pink and sparkly?
permalink In better news:
IT have agreed to install Chrome for me! Yay!
permalink while I am attempting to feign a lack of concern
I would like to know what the issue was
permalink I do not know,
the clicky link you supplied didn't work, but this morning I deleted the two cookies I could find, logged back in and all was well.
permalink want to call Vodafone for me?
yet again they've failed to do what they said they were going to do. useless tax-dodging fuckwits.
permalink I have no great affection for Vodafone
but sadly, there's only one network that works here.
permalink they're useless, always fucking up
but they are the only one that I've ever had a solid signal and service from. bastards.
permalink If you go to an empty folder in outlook 2013
it says "We didn't find anything here to show you".

I can't help but find the use of "we" rather ominous.
permalink architects and other associated people
why isn't it mandatory for toilet doors to open outwards? Why must I always deal with pissy doorhandles after washing my hands?
permalink It is mandatory for disabled toilet doors to open outwards,
so that a fallen dibdob (sorry, trade terminology) can be rescued.

However, normally ordinary WCs open out into a corridor, and outward opening doors into a corridor is a very bad idea, particularly for people with trays of tea.
You can overcome this with a vision panel in the door, so you can see it's clear, but a vision panel in a toilet door is also quite a bad idea...
permalink who the fuck carries a tray of tea in a toilet?
just asking...
permalink I hope you're being deliberately obstructive.
The person with the tray of tea is in the corridor, outside the toilet. Meepmeep is exiting the toilet into the corridor.
permalink OK. Thank you for the clarification.
My fault - I've been immersed in airport drawings today - different scale of toilet.
permalink I'm talking about toilets in an office, museum or airport really,
rather than a bathroom or WC in a house. I guess restrooms is a better term to differentiate from bathrooms.

In a flat, the main bathroom door will have to open outwards by law in order to comply with part M of the building regs. In a house it will be one of the bathrooms or WCs on the ground floor.

In a non-resi building, disabled WCs will have to have outward opening doors, ordinary restrooms won't, and normally don't, because of other regs/common sense which tells you not to have doors opening outwards into corridors.

Disclaimer: Scottish Buildign Regs could say anything, frankly, maybe you have to allow for people to wear tom o'shanters, and it should be possible to urinate while using a sex swing in the corridor, I just don't know.
permalink I was being dumb... and thinking about cubicle doors in a several-shitter public bog.
permalink we can put a bemused dog in orbit
we can sure as hell solve pissy doorhandles

permalink Whenever I designed buildings other than houses or flats,
I would put the toilet doors in a recess off the corridor, so the door could open outwards without causing an obstruction.
If you're putting a lobby on the toilet (which is good practice) then you can put a vision panel into the outer door only, and problem solved.
permalink Good old piss.
Will harden your immune system and add flavour to your sandwich.
permalink read this :)
permalink I remember years ago,
I worked in a pub and we were having a drink after we'd closed it for the last time before a refit.
We had a long discussion about how much knob cheese had been worked into the fabric of the armchairs over the years as a result of blokes not washing their hands.
permalink oh I'm no germophobe
I just don't like pissy doorhandles, and working in a university the toilets can be fairly grim during term-time
permalink fortunately toilet cubicles come with an antidote to pissy doorhandles
it's called toilet paper

and if they don't have paper towels to dry your hands you'll be carrying another wad for that purpose too (hand dryers are gross)
permalink I don't mean the cubicles
I mean the door into/out of the bogs

I see a lot of (most) students don't bother washing their hands, the fetid rankmongers
permalink you'd still have to touch the handle either way
it'd just be a pissy push-plate
permalink also
just think of the amount of piss on taps
permalink but even opening out you'd still need to
touch the handles

also cubicle doors are usually set to swing open so you know it's empty, that doesn't work on outward doors.

permalink You live in Glasgow
toilet door handles must be the least of your problems.
thread Go on the Scots
permalink whilst I appreciate the sntiment
when you're supposedly anti-racist, trying to chase someone out for being English is a bit, um, well...
permalink Per the guardian, only some chased him for being English.
I never ran into anti-English problems in six years in Edinburgh.
I think they are more anti-twat.
permalink people usually assume I'm english as I don't have a scottish accent
but in 32 years here I've never had any issues with it. You can get some such sentiments in inbred parts of the borders, but that's about it

there's been a long history of attempts to paint independence groups as anti-english bigots
permalink I am well aware
If I still lived up there, I would very seriously consider voting for independence. I come from Surrey. This confused people no end.
permalink I simply cannot understand separatism
Speaking as someone who doesn't think Ireland should have left in 1922, I certainly don't think the Scots should leave

Aren't we supposed to be moving towards larger blocks? Not more and more small countries, à la Balkans
permalink although it's a scottish independence issue
I think it's England that is effectively leaving - by becoming more isolationist and aligning politically with the US, while here in Scotland we're not doing anything weird, in fact we're politically aligned with the progressive countries of Europe - Germany, Spain, Denmark, Norway....

I don't have any nationalist sentiment, but separation is the only way I see of not having to follow the path that both parties in Westminister seem set upon, and that almost nobody north of the border supports

Whether this is a transient phase which may be resolved, and hence not worth redefining national boundaries over, is another question

It's moot though, I highly doubt independence will happen. If it were postponed til after the EU referendum is another matter
permalink as we all know by now,
politicians here are lining their own pockets at the expense of the rest of the country who can go to fuck.
permalink Fair enough
But we* need the voters in Scotland to stop it getting even worse!

*I say we, of course, but then I did fuck off to New Zealand!
permalink but there's no-one to vote for
I think the SNPs success is pretty much down to them being the only party left on these isles who actually seem to have a genuine desire to run a successful country, whether you agree or not with their chosen methods

in fact you could almost say the same about UKIP - they might be a bunch blethering bigots, but at least they have a policy
permalink hmm
is Farage being paid by Salmond?
permalink hmm indeed
*strokes beard*
permalink possibly
the only alternative is that he seriously thought it a good idea to host a press conference in the nearest (non-dodgy) pub to a parliament he is sworn to close down.
permalink The Scottish can just about run offlicences and heroin dens by themselves.
permalink ahhahahha
"Then finally the harassed and ill-prepared handful of officers were forced to push him back into the Canon Gait, slamming its front doors shut, as the demonstrators chanted: "Nigel, you're a bawbag, Nigel you're a bawbag, na, na, na, hey!" with gusto."
permalink to be fair
he is a bawbag
permalink and now
the twat is comparing the protest to facism and linking it to mainstream nationalism.
permalink English isn't a race
it's a geography
permalink "English" isn't a race`
but persecuting someone for being English is racist. Or, at least, "racist" is the best short word we have to describe what it is.
permalink "xenophobic"
isn't that much longer
permalink harder to
permalink TOTN?
Opeth - Hessian Peel -
permalink i just did a poo into a sock
permalink oh bugger.. I missed that!
I could get to the Canon Gait in less than 10 minutes from here.
permalink listen to the twat
permalink listen to the end
true class is a political leader who actually hangs up to end a phone interview
permalink Racist twats.
I went to Uni in Dundee. I have not had problems on Edinburgh, but further North I got plenty of abuse for being English.

Not on the same scale as in Wales though.
permalink You're a bawbag.
thread This is rather . . diverting
permalink 9734 points

I like that.
permalink I was getting good at that the other day
8895 on first go this time, I confused New Zealand with Finland...
permalink 11115!
11115 MOFO!
permalink 16000 odd
but that needed some moving around, no googling though
permalink cool 20669

amd that was with a random aussie one
permalink 15989
I'm getting better, but my my ability to guess New Zealand is poor
permalink I play with no googling
and no moving from the original spot
permalink old skool!
10000 or so, but I'm going to be playing that all evening now...
permalink I went with no outside sources
but moving till I got bored/found useful signs
permalink got 9400
on that method, frustratingly got it on a 'welcome to chetwynd' sign and a canadian flag but couldn't find it.
permalink playing through
1. Wrong end of Menorca.
2. Somewhere in Finland. Got within 1km. Road signs are useful
3. Dumped on a dirt road. Figured it was the US. Guess New Mexico. It was Utah. 900km out
4, 700km out in Aus
5. Damn. Nebraska is not Washington state. 2200km out.
15273 overall
permalink better
permalink doesn't work so well on a phone
I want even on earth
permalink 9929
it was only mistaking Brazil for Kenya that fucked me up

I guessed the correct province in NZ, but was a whole 100 km wrong!
permalink Hang on a fucking minute!!!
I just got one that's fucking underwater! With a turtle!
permalink Although I then got a really easy one...
middle of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House to the left. I got that within 40m and got about 7k points for it...
permalink I got one right at the bottom of the Sears tower in Chicago
which was nice
permalink I got one which was taken from a 4x4
in a total white-out

I just guessed somewhere random in north canada and got it within 100km
permalink also
when you go, "oh, that looks familiar" that's because it is...
permalink Ah, that's the great barrier reef.
I think that's the only underwater photography google have in street view.
permalink That was my guess.
I got within 100km I think.
permalink First go I saw 'pare' on the road, went with Portugal
And it was Brazil. Arse.
permalink having played it many many times now
my main lesson has been that I really want to go to Portugal, as it seems to be full of locations I think are in more exotic countries
permalink 19459 incidentally.
permalink is it...
the number of times you've been wrong on this board?
permalink My main lessons are that
many more places are in scandinavia than you think, and that I ought to learn which countires have street view and which don't.
permalink is it just me?
or is it very fond of Brazil, Australia and Canada?
permalink as it repeats itself
I guess the locations have been picked rather than being random
permalink I hope Bongo is playing then,
as eventually he'll get the massive fibreglass dinosaur.

permalink That's right, blame Canada...
I spent about ten minutes determining one was Canada, carried out a daylight assessment in relation to the sea front, and worked out it was the east coast. It turned out to be west coast, and I was over 4000km out. Epic fail.
permalink I keep doing stuff like that
and then finding that what I thought was Sweden was Canada or vice versa.

I'm fed up with dirt roads in the middle of nowhere with scrubby fields either side. They're usually Australia, Canada, South Africa or the US midwest, but that's a fuckload of planet to choose from!
permalink for the first time in my life
my studying ecology and geology has come in useful - you can tell them all apart from trees and soil
permalink Trees look very similar
in SA and Australia . . I keep getting them confused
permalink if you see a lot of eucalypts then almost certainly australia
unless they're in a plantation, in which case SA
permalink 20611
I can get back to work now I've broken 20K
permalink I got 25000 or so
by being given three in a row right by town signs. handy.
permalink Russia is a bitch.
Fucking Russia.
thread My new office has a wee chinese supermarket round the corner.
We're gradually exploring all the instant lunch options they have - lots of mad noodle things like Pot Noodle only much better. Usually with no english labelling, so it's a bit of a lottery.

The one I got today had three sachets of random gloop. I don't think I should have put all of the bright red one in.

It's so spicy I can't feel my face.
permalink I mixed up my jars of smoked paprika and extra hot chilli powder last night
resulting in potato wedges that even I, a lover of all things hot, couldn't handle
permalink I've had several ramen-type noodles
from Tesco and Asda that are like that. Bugger all English on the packet, thermonuclear soup
permalink Thermonuclear soup?
Good Peel session?
permalink nah
bit rubbish. All noise, no art.
permalink imported
far eastern noodle pots make pot noodle look like vesta curry.
permalink I am moving the Knob thread up here
as it is in danger of falling off the bottom:

Saving all my knob for you
permalink The things we do for knob
permalink I understand there's a recent Manilow album called
The Greatest Knob Songs of All Time.
permalink George Benson did a 'Knob Songs' as well
have we had Cud's 1992 single 'Purple Knob Balloon'? And indeed 'Strange Kind of Knob'.
permalink and I've just thought of another indie pop classic
The Family Cat's 'Remember what it is that you knob'
permalink Anything by
Arthur Lee & Knob?
permalink Knobbing you
is easy 'cause your beautiful . . .

(Orb version - TOTD)
permalink Fleetwood Mac is a rich vein:
Big knob
You make knobbing fun
Say you knob me
Bleed to knob her
Knob in store
Need your knob so bad
permalink Justify my knob . .
(something to do with making sure it is in the center I think)

That first Mac track is a classic:

"I'm looking out for knob
Big, big knob!"
permalink 24 hours late!

My knob is like a red, red rose
permalink And I responded!

Ah well . . . Knob will keep us together
permalink Knob is in the air
Everywhere I look around
permalink one for bongo..
a groovy kind of knob
permalink Have I told you lately that I knob you?
permalink I think I Knob You
The Partridge Family at their greatest
permalink Because the night
belongs to knobbers
permalink ouch!
knob will tear us apart

as opposed to knob me tender
permalink Oh, Alice Cooper did an album called
Knob it to Death.
permalink Didn't Leona Lewis do
Bleeding Knob?
permalink The National have an album called
Sad Songs for Dirty Knobbers, apparently.
permalink I had everyone
in the pub in tears last night reading these threads out :)
permalink When I first played on facebook,
I lost most of a weekend to it, either giggling uncontrollably when I thought of one, or frantically googling for fresh ideas.
It also makes me collapse into fits of laughter when listening to the radio, to the confusion and consternation of my colleagues.
permalink yup, big Robin said that,
I changed the way he's going to listen to songs. He also branched out into Shakespear - 'it's better to have knobbed and lost than never to have knobbed at all'
permalink Ah, yes,
the old matter of the star-crossed knobbers.

Which reminds me: Sade - Knobbers' Rock
permalink Mr Knobber Knobber!
. .
permalink Sea of Knob!
permalink Have we done
Lay all your knob on me?
permalink I don't know, but
Is your knob in vain?
permalink Knob on a farmboys wages?
. .
permalink Knob Comes Quickly!
permalink "You've got Knob
Knob on your side . . "
permalink Knob me,
knob my dog.
permalink Winner!
Ruby, don't take your knob to town
permalink When the rain is blowin' in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my knob.
permalink Knob her madly

Knob removal machine
permalink I'm just a knob machine,
and I won't knob anybody but you wooohoooooyeah!
permalink Friday,
I'm in knob.
permalink And they call it
puppy knob . . .
permalink my knob is your knob*

*it isn't, obviously.
permalink ahem

I heard your heart say knob, knob, knob
woah, woah, knob, knob, knob
permalink I'm guilty, guilty...
of knob in the first degree
permalink I did say Orb Version . . . .
To know him is to knob him
permalink Have we got anything by Jonathan Richman
and the Modern Knobbers?
permalink Radio 2 is currently playing
Crazy Little Thing Called Knob

I've lost track of whether we're duplicating now we've split the threads. Can't we create a separate database driven website that checks for duplicate entries and compiles a permanent database?

edit: also, my new post thing has gone all spangy, does anyoen have the fixing linkie?
permalink here
permalink Ta!
However it didn't work.
I hate Internet Explorer.
As I've now worked here a year, I sent an e-mail to IT asking if I could have Chrome. They've not replied.
permalink You could possibly run
Firefox portable from a USB stick . . .

I always make sure I have full admin rights on my work computer
permalink I like firefox very little as well.
I love Chrome like a little brother.

Full admin rights are hard to justify when you have no admin or IT responsibilities whatsoever...
permalink that slightly scary moment
where you see that a product you developed will be used for every single product that a customer makes.
permalink (skis, but
I can't say which brand)
permalink I thought you did glue
not yoghurt?
permalink It is glue he works with,
he doesn't understand enough about culture to do yoghurt.

/here all week, try the fish, tip your waitress.
permalink The Vietnamese supermarket near me will happily sell you
Frozen pig uterus. And lots of it.
permalink cracking Peel
session, etc.