thread TOTD?
Mr Bungle - Retrovertigo -

Even if you hate my musical taste watch this video as it really is something else
permalink an interesting one
i was flogging some books on amazon, got bored and sold them en masse on ebay. there are some ridiculously priced ones so i thought i'd check out the prices before i sent them off at a 10/th of the price they are worth and noticed that in many instances where i was previously the only seller that a new seller had popped up offering the books at a hugely inflated price over what they had been.

so i looked and then found loads more books at this place, which i then thought to be a concidence but they also seemingly have any random bits and bobs i throw at them... seems curious.. any any ideas?

permalink ahhh who cares
if they are the ones i was flogging they are either placeholders or they'll never sell at that ridic price. fuckem
permalink i don't understand why you're selling those books you have a mighty collection
on the seller i'm guessing he researched print number use in academia and thought he could bullshit it

most expensive book i've bought was a first edition signed Lays of Maldoror £125
permalink that's about 1/20th
of the collection. there is no space and i require the money
permalink terrible shame
i'd help but all the ones i like i've already got.. so you're a blanchot fan?

edit: actually if you do a fb 'note' on what you have and what price you want i think i know a few people that would buy a bunch at a time
permalink i guess he's
a good looking guy, but not my type.

[edit] i'll be sticking another 2-300 up in the next week or so. will let you know when they go up
permalink you make me cry
or you didn't buy/read them in which case.. i still feel sad
permalink dont feel sad
if i didnt have them they would have been "recycled". Before i took on looking after the rejects about 3000 had been taken to the tip for shredding
permalink there are plenty of companies
that provide services for locating rare/out-of-print books, and charge a substantial premium for doing so

my guess is that they're basically doing that, but advertising themselves through amazon. They can't just list every book ever, so they just have an automated system whereby if someone is selling a rare book then it must exist in the world, and hence they'd have a reasonable chance of being able to procure it. If yours sells then they are the remaining vendor of a book for which they know there is a market.

It will probably pay off the few sales they make, and a reasonably good chance at those prices that they'll be able to make good on sales. If they don't then I guess they just relist themselves as a new vendor.
permalink but there are
much better places to do that than amazon and i'd be suprised if amazon allowed essentially bots of that nature.. dunno im baffled
permalink the fact they're a new listing
suggests that amazon don't allow it

I guess it's like all spam, it's worth it for the one in a billion times someone actually parts with money
permalink charging £2.80 delivery on that seems a tad petty.
permalink i don't get it.. that is musical and visual vomit
and if mr bungle is the poor chap with the beard i haven't seen such crap facial hair since vbloke posted another bunch of vanity pics
permalink It is Mike Pattons band
(well one of them anyway)
permalink i care a lot about disasters fires floods and killer bees but
patton can go fuck himself

btw saw wire play outside sister rays at the weekend record shop day thing.. fucking brilliant
permalink well this
is just humliatingly bad
permalink and before anyone comments
I'm not pushing bits of paper through doors in an attempt to be elected. I don't need to appear to be credible.
permalink That's good to hear,
because you don't ;-)
permalink Fabulous.
I take it adult education is in their manifesto somewhere?

What utter twatmangling fuckmodules.
permalink I'd imagine
that cutting it is.
permalink They're obviously intending to make savings on proofreading.
nearly 3 hours to kill in Geneva airport. Thank fuck for lounge access.
permalink Permission to lounge
permalink Oh, I'm lounging.
I'm very good at the lounge-life.

Wine or gin next? And perhaps a small pastry.
No-one gets out of Switzerland until the lemon slices are replenished!

For the love of gin, this is just inhumane!
permalink alistair is a tory flyer designer? it's probably some boris-blunder-aren't-we-cute bollocks
while they fist the working class
permalink "Look, proles! We're ignorant, just like you! Love us!"

Anyone who votes for them if they can't be bothered to do better than those leaflets should clearly be shot. If that's the most effort they're prepared to put into trying to get the job, how shit are they going to be once they're actually in it?
thread Odd question
Sometimes we have to go to hotels and get a look-round as if we were prospective punters, but we aren't allowed to say we are from a hotel company. So I need a beleivable buisness card with my details on it for a generic insurance or IT firm or something. Does anyone own a domain that I could have an address from.. it'll likely never be used.

Alternatively, sugest a name for my aliases place of work and i'll buy the domain.
permalink Universal Exports.
permalink Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net

permalink GeneroCorp
permalink Weyland-Yutani
permalink actually if i did a japanese firm
it'd save me trying to sort out a fake website
permalink Nakatomi Trading Corp
permalink happy holiday home for pets pie ltd
permalink Oceanic Airlines
permalink Just tell them you work for googlemail.
permalink ...
permalink shame
initech isn't in there.
permalink I was just about to suggest
permalink A2M trading
I'd hate to think of what the card would look like though

edit: http://www.peter-file.... is available
permalink Hurr Hurr!
permalink I own and

You're welcome to an address at either...
permalink I could give you an address @sedberghofficeservices
permalink You're welcome to one on mine if you like. or (less likely)
permalink Surdigital would be perfect.
Can you give me alistairball@

can you redirect to alistairtwiname+secret@ the google electronic mail place.

permalink I'll try and have a bash tonight,
but if I don't manage it, it'll be Wednesday night.
Are you in a massive rush?
That's your usual e-mail addy right?
permalink no rush at all
Yeah, you can add + anything in google it makes t easy to filter later
permalink Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow
is my favourite fictional organisation for online use.
permalink ooo tempting
thread Geneva
Not exactly a happening place on a Sunday night.
permalink Reminds me of this
permalink There's an excellent pub across from the station

I wasted a good few hours there a while ago. I seem to recall there was rugby on, too.

Edit: I retract my statement about wasting time. I was drinking excellent, locally produced beer. I was not wasting time.
permalink I walked past that on the way to my hotel.
Weirdly, i was in a branch of that last summer in Toronto.

Hotel bar is actually fairly interesting.
permalink Checked. Not the same outfit, but very very very similar.
Possible rip-off ahoy.
permalink This sounds like a most excellent use of time to me.
permalink Nice morning here though.
Now to spend the entire day in the airport. Looking at the airport and talking about the airport. Then flying out again.
permalink Yes, Android...
When I typed the letters t,h,e,r, and e, obviously I might have meant "Run DMC"...


permalink It's like that
and that's the way it is.
permalink +1
permalink I fail to see the difference between the first two options either.
Mine has now perfected the ability to select the wrong option out of "there" "they're" and "their" and "it's" and "its" every single time.
thread I get the latest videos from "High as a Koit" in my facebook feed.
That Koit. Exactly.
They are all rather shitty, but he only has 187 "likes" on his FB-site, and I don't have the heart to un-like him.

Any other more interesting updates on old skool b3tans?
permalink I've just cleaned the house
now I'm about to eat a sausage sandwich and go to Tesco.
permalink Have you made any gif about it?
permalink Not really, but I came across (hurr, hurr) some Koit on my hard drive last week.
In other news I have had the shittiest day...
Garage has been burgled because the shitty management company can't get the door gear fixed in a reasonable timeframe.
Old bike taken (complete with D-Lock securing the back wheel) Shiney new bike stripped to fuckery and left hanging forlornly from its D-lock.
Little fuckers.
Laptop power supply has died, just get back from town with a new one when the smoke alarm battery decides it is flat.
thanks a flipping bunch shitty weekend, what next?

[edit] wow, what a rant and a half...
permalink that sucks
permalink To top it all off my 1TB external hard drive
has decided I no longer have permission to write onto it

the weekend that just keeps on giving.
permalink go back to bed
and start again, this is clearly the wrong weekend
permalink wow. i must be having all your luck
I won the lottery but I won't be letting it change my life as it was £6.40. the brake bleed kit I ordered Friday arrived this morning so my mountain bike is back in action. tonight we went to an all you can eat Indian restaurant with friends and tomorrow is motogp.
permalink Fucking bike stealing wankers.
Fuck them!
permalink I'd quite like to do this
using the damaged front suspension forks
permalink +1
permalink I made a game about not staring at people on the tube
permalink I did not manage 7 seconds -
it is too hard.
permalink I could be bothered after one minute
to continuously hold the down arrow.
permalink And then you hit the bottom and bounce back up
You also can't be in a stable orbit of someone's face for more than five seconds
permalink Is that so?
Because when I hold the down button I hobble around at the bottom forever. Trust me. It got boring after a minute, but I could do it much longer. Is there a highscore?
permalink The trick seems to be to press down right from the start
permalink It was also reliant on you not wanting to spoil it
permalink If you look really hard
you can see even the passenger you drew are dissappointed.
permalink I'm going to call it added realism
Since the way not to look at the people is to look at your shoes
permalink That doesn't work for me
the bounce is unstable and eventually hits an eye
permalink I wonder if it's something to do
with me using Opera or the "autofire" speed of my keyboard. Best thing is probably to ban my ip in first place.
permalink 15.790 is my best so far
but it is fiendish.
[edit] 41.144s now
permalink Well done
My best go has been around 27 seconds
permalink I seem to be having almost zero effect
on the movement of the circle, it just goes straight to the first person's face
permalink It is quite a strong attraction
But it should still be possible to control. Do you need to click into the game canvas first?

It also works to hold one particular direction until you reach escape velocity.
permalink the only way I can survive more than 0.7s
is to spam up or down, and even then I usually die straight off

if it starts moving left, for example, then me hitting right does nothing, all I can do is up or down and hope it misses, and even then it's only moving by pixels per second

like you suggest, the control was so limited it took me at least 5 goes to confirm I was having any effect at all
permalink The arrow keys change velocity, not location
I figured that often losing quickly was ok because a) there's practically no cost to restarting and b) it's meant to be hard.

This month I have been mostly playing super hexagon, where surviving four seconds is normal and a minute means winning the game.
permalink it seems I can just about play it
if I tap the key really really fast

I love Super Hexagon. Currently on 25s on the third level (android)
permalink It should work if you hold it down, rather than tap
It's like a tug of war
permalink I think it's a runtime speed thing
I just tried it in 4 browsers, firefox and chrome it is as above
Opera it's about half the speed and almost playable
IE it runs at about 1/10th the speed of firefox and is playable, and seems like the way it was meant to be (i.e. I can actually control it a bit)
permalink Square

love it
permalink I know what you mean
I just have to restart a few times before it opens in a significant gap to get moving
permalink I can't get it to go down quickly enough
before it catches someone's eye

as it were...

otherwise nice though...
permalink That is insane
I can manage about 7 seconds.
permalink haha
after having a twinkie flat capped bow tied hipster jump on my back this weekend (who i helped into a bin) then
10 mins later sitting on the tube noticing another one was staring at me..
so i gave him the evil eye and he didn't look up again for the rest of his trip
i'm pretty good at this

1 second
thread Day 3 of my food poisoning.
So far I've lost 1.5 stone.

Anyway.. my fever got me thinking whether Superman prefers bums or boobs.

And if he prefers boobs, can his xray vision cause breast cancer?
permalink Do you get food poisoning for three days?
Maybe it's norovirus?
permalink The NHS site says up to 5
permalink I had it for 5 days once
was seriously unfun
permalink given his xray vision
works in defiance of physucs the answer to the cancer question is "fucked if I know"
permalink I'm on a train
it lacks a table to put my booze on. dammed German engineering.
permalink now somewhere in portsmouth
soon my journey will involve the shortest ferry journey possible from there
permalink TJ
does anyone have any good media player recomendations?

I bought a little wiffy android justop one but it's really frustrating as it's very slow. only stores on microsd.

I was thinking about one of these
permalink most remiss of me