thread Must be time for a new thread . . . .
How many of us wear pyjamas?

Also: TOTN - Savage Republic - Spice Fields -

(I don't own any myself)
permalink Right
so another good band I have never even heard of!

Bloody hell!

Also, "Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage" is a great name for an album

[edit] I likes this one:
permalink Bugger
Spotify only have their new stuff, none of the 80s
permalink Here you go: (Ceremonial is there anyway . . the rest seem to be dead links)
permalink Why, thank you sir!
*bats eyelashes*
permalink they mostly seem to work
Just Jamihiriya that is broken, alas
permalink wow a blast from the past.. but try this for best cheap-as-chips video (and a pretty good tune to go with)

and witchy i saw them recently in and honest to goodness sweaty venue (old blue last) so there are still some around

permalink Good tune
and unexpected pale ginger nakedness at the end
permalink it's the best video (besides the knife)
since that fella bumped into people with a rolling stones backdrop
permalink yay for sweaty
venues! I'm disappoint that the Bull&Gate is to become a swanky restaurant :(

also I have that Francobolla tune in my head now.
permalink the mayor of camden* who's quite into music said he wanted to stop places
like the B&G closing

this is an article my mate keith wrote about the B&G.. pretty funny

*yeah i didn't know they had one either
permalink I remember
Bastard Kestrel :)
permalink wow.. your remember that!
oh and sorry about the francobollo tune it's pretty infectious.. i've had it in my head all day and nearly jumped a bin as i sauntered down the street
permalink I sometimes wear pyjamas for sitting about in, watching TV or somesuch
but I rarely wear them in bed.

Off to Heathrow, then a frantic hunt around Hammersmith for a copyshop* to get stuff printed for a meeting, since a twat colleague used the last yellow toner cartridge and didn't bother telling anyone... it ran out when I was still at work at 9 last night trying to print the stuff for this morning. What a selfish cunt, whoever it was.

*not that frantic... I know where it is. Just hope they're not too busy...
permalink Ah... a nice young man called Craig printed my stuff on the spot.
Thankfully a national chain that we have an account with.

Phew. I'm sure you'll all be relieved.
permalink indeed
should have emailed it to them yesterday
permalink That occured to me this morning...
Still... nailed it this morning. Great meeting. Graham Stirk was very complimentary about my sketches. He's one of the guys with his name over the door, so that'll do me. Especially since this sort of sketching is not my strong point.
permalink The future of lighting is saved!

permalink Well, the future of my arse is saved
for the moment.
permalink I was so intent on the tune
that I didn't see the pyjama comment...Riggers clip from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid now makes MUCH more sense!

And no, I do not wear pyjamas...I'd mostly sleep nekkid. Maybe with some pants & a t-shirt if it is really cold
permalink Don't worry about my pyjamas!
permalink se senor
permalink sometimes
but not often, mostly for lounging around on a Sunday morning.
permalink I own a nightshirt, but I sleep naked or in boxers at most.
permalink That is a rather coy look . . . .
. .
permalink Surely that's NSFW
Pass the mindbleach.
permalink I was at work
when it was taken.
permalink jebus
meep can we have a mindbleach button too?
permalink Sometimes I wear pyjama bottoms, never a top.
I'll tend to wear them if we have guests, but they irritate me as soon as they go twisty.

permalink The guests
or the pyjamas?
permalink Both.
permalink similarly I find that if I try to sleep naked
I'll have a rude awakening at 3am when I've rolled over and caught a spud under my thigh
permalink that's a terrible mental picture to leave us with.
I'm going to have flappy knackersack nightmares.
permalink tartan flannel pj trousers
are the proud birthright of the British
permalink also, in nominative determinism news
I've just been invited to take part in this
permalink You have to go

it is pre-determined
permalink i have a winston set based on 1984
very shabby chic
permalink When I rule the world
any printer claiming to be for office/professional use will have a tray capacity of one ream.

permalink *reams*
permalink get a shed
permalink We've got one that takes about five reams in its highest capacity tray
yet, whenever someone puts more paper in, they take about half a ream, and put it in.
permalink At my last job people would do that with the ream sized trays
but now I work from home I wouldn't have that problem.

Perhaps the other HP made the tray precisely that "fist full of paper" sized that plebs use.
permalink Two things: anyone in Basildon?
Looks like I'll be spending a bit of time there next month.

Anyone got an audio copy of Feersum Endjinn they could send my way? I bought it through audible, burned it to CD then ripped to mp3 only it turns out that I've got half a book and I can't be arsed going through the rigbyroll again.
thread Bigger weeeee

This is Ossum like a Possum.
permalink The back of my knees are really itchy
and have been for days.

edit: That was ossum.
permalink It is phenomenal that
isn't it?

Shame we'll not see them do that again
permalink maybe they should have concentrated on the job in hand
rather than sticking dozens of cameras on their old stock.
permalink I suspect making some ossum fillums of the later launches
may well have been a fuck you to the budgetary authorities from a few NASAites
permalink That is fucking brilliant
Sound is bonkers and strangely beautiful.
permalink yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
i'm totally happy that spaceships are a thing
permalink what's not to love?
permalink we can't go anywhere useful
and everything out there is trying to kill us.
permalink But enough
about Australia
permalink or indeed Swansea.
permalink this afternoon i will mostly be pretending
that i know what I'm talking about. I've got to talk a lot. I'm not looking forward to this.

Edit: it's not as bad as i thought, I've remembered what the third point on my for point agenda is so i won't have to gloss over it!
permalink well that went well
I'm now stationary on the m5 near j2
permalink Google says you'll be unhappy for some time yet.
bad traffic all round Brum, clears properly about J5

Actually, are you heading south or north? If it's north it's bad from you until J1, then the M6 looks clear enough at the moment.
permalink It eased up shortly after that
and was moving freely by keltruck, then was clear after that. Am now home.
permalink pullover to the side of the road
and sunbathe.. much better for your constitution
permalink but i really do like this
and some of these pics are gobsmacking
permalink Some of those are awesome
but more to the point, I've been to number 98

It's my favourite, WTF is THAT doing there volcano, Waw aw Namus*. They don't even mention it's a volcano FFS! Which is why the sand is dark, as it's actually ash
[edit] OK, they do if you click through. As you were.

*sounds good, but actually means Swamp of the Mosquitos

permalink cool
I've even been to a few of those.
permalink well, I can see no. 82 from the end of my road, albeit from the other side...
Some stunning pics in that lot.
permalink How does one download iplayer audio?
I need the latest episode of down the line for the "what is point pontypine?" call.
permalink One does not simply download iplayer audio!*

*in other words, I have no idea
permalink ;)
permalink there is also that option
permalink you don't want to know
how many of those I've got.
permalink oh witchy.. have they had you on that
hoarding tv show yet?
permalink I need spares
for when they break ;)
permalink didn't audacity used to be able to do that
/been ages since i tried that stuff
permalink On a Mac
you can use SoundFlower to record it.
permalink what is point point?
what is point what is point?

never mind, we'll get them all round the joanna and make it cockney!
thread weee

permalink Eeep
permalink Urk!
permalink Oook?
permalink UNGA MUNGA
permalink and
permalink the puma picked the preservatives
the coconut weevil the high-fructose corn syrup
permalink Feck!
I dare say they'll be picking bits of 2x4 out of their face for a while
permalink blimey. I'm in Bristol again,
off to Worcester tomorrow so opted to come here so I'm at least the right side of Birmingham tomorrow.

I got 650 miles out of a £60 tank of diesel, which I'm quite pleased with.
permalink Very good.
Now try using the pedal on the right ;-)

Seriously, I'd usually get 550 miles out £60 in that Audi I had, and my right foot is made of granite (weighted down with lead). Modern diesels are truly incredible.
permalink yes. it is.
permalink I think I even got the best part of 40mpg
on the trip you're thinking of!
permalink which is fairly good going, to say the least.
Mind you, speeds were fairly constant... not a lot of power used in acceleration or wasted by such ridiculous activity as braking.
permalink Also, you always get better fuel economy driving south,
because it's downhill.
permalink good point
Would have been even better without all the beer in the back.
permalink i only go fast on country roads where it's fun.
Going fast on a motorway is largely pointless and i find it less stressful to go at 65 than 75 or faster unless the road is clear. Given i tend to be somewhere from half nine till half for i save my fast driving for when I'm on my own and in the lake district.
permalink If you go fast on motorways you get places faster.

I find the Lake District just about the worst place in the world to drive fast, given all the Sunday drivers, caravans, merkins, and so forth.

Now north of Inverness, that's a different story.
I am desperate to go back.
permalink I'd like to go
but would probably take the camper.

But fast on a motorway doesn't get you there very much faster because of fairly short distances and traffic. Fast on an empty road is fine but you'll have to slow down when slow people hot the outside lane
permalink It obviously depends on how far and how fast you're going (ask C_I)
It's true that I often find that loads of people I've passed pull up immediately behind me at the end of the exit slip road, but at other times (particularly on two lane dual carriageways), it's the difference between being stuck behind an overtaking truck for 5 minutes, and not being.
Also, in rush hour, when traffic is moving in queues, dawdling can equate to backwards progress, whereas being a bit quick off the mark and trying to be in the fastest moving lane (without cutting people up, it always pays to be polite) at any given time can win you huge gains.
Each to his own, however. I prefer to feel like I'm exercising some agency, rather than just moving with the flow, even if it's of negligible (or no) benefit.
permalink I'm the opposite - I prefer going slightly slower than the flow and enjoying the view.
I'm in the minority. Guess I'm a hipster.
permalink I have to say...
...that JoS and I made some pretty awesome time on motorway between about Moffat and Wigan.

Having said that, by far the most fun bit of that journey was Edinburgh to Moffat on the A702/A701.
permalink That road is most definetely
exceedingly good fun.
permalink I did the Biggar road last week
it's a bit more traffic but still has some fun bits, the moffat road is certainly a good one.
permalink not very interesting fact of the day:
the A702 runs 83.5 miles from Tolcross in central Edinburgh to the front door of my old local.
permalink Carronbridge somewhere?
permalink St John's Town of Dalry
it carries on after the A76 but becomes all little and exciting
permalink I get about the same
with a 2.0 litre bluemotion golf deisel.. which is a bit of a stupid combination until you think that my company works out mileage costs based on engine size, but I pay fuel based on consumption.
permalink my company pays it's share.
I record how much fuel i put in and how many miles i do for business and for me, and they pay the business miles.
permalink mine does just pay for the miles
but there is a mad system where you* put in the postcodes and it takes your car engine size etc.

I guess they think they are being fair and discouraging people from just buying all their fuel at motorway service station prices... but they could easily look up the MPG rating of the car and add a bit of slack.

I am not about to point this out to them
thread New Track

What do you think?
permalink I think that the plastic bottles I recycle in Dawlish
Get taken to Wigan.
permalink to be made into sheds.
permalink We need an
'I like this' button.
permalink I'm loving the responsive nature
of the coding on this 'board.

What we need is a "cock" button that pops up a CDC when you click on it.
permalink I'm afraid
all the dev team hours for 2013 have just been used up
permalink I see we got an upgrade on dev hours of about 300% this year though!
still... no cock for JoS until 2014.
permalink Sad
permalink Totally worth it.
Thank you.
permalink I have to say
that I really like the "I like this button"

I think you could sell that to Facebook for meeeelions
permalink I'm going through and clicking I like this! on everything
made my morning, you have
permalink likes
permalink it's very SFW though
next year, perhaps we could have a different pop-up for the default CSS... with the CDC.
permalink by the way...
are you still involved with the Edinburgh Hacklab?

I moved office and I'm now just around the corner from Summerhall... I come across a lot of stuff that might be of interest, and I really should get involved... might get me to actually try some of the projects I think about...
permalink i am!
we're open tonight if you're around
permalink oooh... depends when I finish here
I'm on a big deadline for tomorrow.

If I don't make it tonight, I'll drop by another open night.

Can you use a lighting geek?
permalink i totally didn't make it last night due to working late and also pasta
we can use all sorts of geeks! we like anyone who might potentially make something fun or dangerous :)
permalink Cool.
I have some high voltage madness projects I've wanted to do for a while...

permalink haha
meep that made me snort
permalink I think I've better things to do than be on hold
to virgin.
permalink i think
I'm much better suited to dicking about in the garden than working, week off before I start my new job, so pottering about and tidying up the place, thoroughly preferable to work.
permalink I know this feeling.
permalink I find quite the opposite:
I feel competent and in control at work,
but give me a lawnmower or some other sort of garden implement and I become an incompetent, anxious wreck.
permalink I appear to have managed to kill a good 75% of my lawn
simply by mowing it the weekend before last
permalink my lawn is so hopeless
there's very little I could do to make it worse.
permalink you guys have seen the penn & teller thing on lawns right?
if i had the luxury of a 'lawn' i'd just seed it with wild flowers and rotten logs
permalink I haven't seen the penn and teller thing on lawns,
I will google it later though.

If I hand't found someone to landshare my veg plot, I was about ready to scrap it all and go the wildflower meadow route.
permalink Not the mouldy mattress, rusty washig machine, and ford escort up on bricks route?
permalink Nope,
This isn't Wigan ;-)
permalink My garden is full of wildflowers
It's when my friend got her ankle caught in the 3ft grass that I thought I'd better make an effort before I have a BBQ.
permalink This morning I laid a concrete corner along the edge f the house
to try and prevent water ingress.

This is not a joke.
permalink I am hoping that water
is not one of the myriad problems with this house.
permalink I have replaced both roofs (which really should be spelt 'rooves')
and now have to get some electricity in the upstairs rooms.
permalink very Killing Joke
I like the break at around 3:30

I find that hi hat at the start is very harsh, kind of too perfect, if you know what I mean?

also needs a good sing-a-long chorus.
permalink fucking LOVE it
not a great fan of symbals but i really like the beginning.. though after the 40 sec mark lose them.. they did their job
now all you need is a norse 18yr old to growl shit over it
permalink apparently bjork is looking for a project
could you play that live (with the drumming backup automated)? i know a guy who could sing/spit/recite over it.. a good match
permalink sounds great
like a grown-up version of the shouty song by lemon jelly
permalink That's rather good
as always
thread I guess we've all been out in the sun?
5 hours today building huge and complex sandcastles with ickleuminator. We changed beach half way through to try a different quality of sand.


What's everyone else been up to?
permalink sleep, lovely lovely sleep.
Burger in the garden of my local while a band played, last week's grass up to the tip, ale and Private Eye. Now quiz, rah.
permalink praising the mysterious sky orb
along with my fellow translucent troglodytes
permalink I went out for a thoroughly unenjoyable bike ride
turned back early and missed the last 10 miles. Al would be disappointed. I have just noticed I'm slightly burned though, so the cyclist tan should be on its way.
permalink I've got the merest hint of a glove line tan
the top of the arm tan is pretty distinctive
permalink the top of the arm is pretty good
and the top of my leg is going. I might be shit, but I look the part. where did you go? I did a suggestion of the top of Essex.
permalink harlow, matching green, bishops stortford, much haddam harlow
pretty good roads, especially the much haddam to ware road.
permalink You were near me . .
you could've helped me pump my tyres up

I now have legs like popeye
permalink ah
I only got down to Saffron Walden, the Essex roads are nice, nicely bumpy and windy.
permalink I went for a 40 mile cycle
from harlow around north essex, then came back for a rather tasty roast chicken, then we went for a walk and a pint.

next: tellybox.
permalink so hungover
not too hungover for cider now though

weekends are too short
permalink substitute 40 mile bike ride
for doing the washing and watching ER and my day is the same as Alistair's.
permalink Had a cracking weekend in Bristol.
Went to a distant relative's of mrsjam's for lunch which was lovely.
permalink I fell
down stairs last night.

(and I'm not getting enough sympathy on fb)

edit: fanks, guys xxx
permalink awww
permalink oof
permalink you fecking pisshead
next you'll be telling us you fell on a dild.. i mean lightbul.. i mean lamp

permalink silly moo.
permalink Keeping out of the sun to avoid melanoma
permalink what skin disease would you
rather die from?
permalink mycosis fungoides
The naughty little faux ami.
permalink i ended up at the intrepid fox with american friends
the girl who is 18 but looks twelve.. walks over to the dj.. i'm 13 and from kansas this shit is lame (NiN good call).. play slayer or i'll cut your balls off
he did,, she got a free drink and we emptied the place of absinthe