thread I completed that myers briggs test that i was moaning about the other week
after being told it was voluntary but i had to consider how I would present that to my boss as the whole team would be organised according the results... but the detailed results would not be given to HR.

Anyway... It turns out i have a very similar personality to my cat. I thought about each question as if he was answering it and it i was.. the difference was minimal.

This is pretty worrying if i'm honest
permalink Just did it again. ESTP this time.
Apparently, "ESTPs succeed as salespeople, crime and fraud investigators, sailors, racing drivers, athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, rescue operation staff, and sometimes politicians and special combat forces." If you'll excuse me, I'm just off to run a marathon - I'm sure my 17st lazy body will cope with that just fine.
permalink I'm, not sure I follow
permalink basically
it means that Myers-Briggs is an unmitigated crock of unscientific shite
permalink The World is administered by delusional social scientists
and moneyed by psychopaths.
permalink I'm a fraud investigator and not an extrovert.
Luckily I have existential qualms about this sort of thing.
permalink I'm an INTJ
Which, from reading the description, makes me seem an enormous nerd.

Fair one.
permalink I'm an INTJ too.
I am an enormous nerd.
permalink ENTJ
permalink snap
(if that makes you feel any better)
permalink INTP here
Which annoyingly is probably about right.
permalink Pseudofucking claptrap.
Used as a bullying tool under the pretence of rationality.
permalink of course it is
but alistair's problem is telling the obvious to his 'boss'
thread Right. It's tomorrow now, so that thread is boring.
However, I don't have anything to say.

So this thread is equally boring.
permalink this reply is fairly tedious too.
I'm tired and I can't be bothered working.
permalink I feel today might be mostly tedious in its entirety
until tonight when I am attending a friend's birthday, for which she has chosen a Dalston bar whose website suggests it is full of people for whom Nathan Barley was an aspirational documentary rather than a satire.
permalink cunt them all
in the murray
permalink I just had to roll a PC back
to IE7 . . . I feel dirty
permalink I still have to use IE6 here for some stuff.
Which also means I'm on winxp.

Although I mainly use a RHEL box anyway, so it's not the end of the world.

Wow, the tediousness of this thread continues.
permalink i know what'll liven this place up,
pictures of my dog
permalink Poser
. .
permalink which one?
permalink Is your dog
called Punch?
permalink In that hyperbole post about depression
I thought her dog looked like your dog :)
permalink her dog reminded me exactly of
my dog
permalink that whole situation
permalink Bloody bastard
permalink when will they
permalink When we teach them!
I'll ready my dog punching fist.
permalink that's the spirit!
permalink I am off to the Oval.
Otherwise knaxkered. I like that typo.
permalink fucking surrey
permalink boring, eh? Well hold onto your hats
I just got into an argument with my favourite sandwich shop, because an extra filling costs 80p, yet if you have a sandwich with two fillings, they always add 80p to the price of the most expensive base sandwich.

e.g. for my ham and brie sandwich they wanted a brie sandwich (£1.95) + 80p rather than a ham sandwich (£1.60) +80p.

I didn't win the battle but I'm in it for the long war against their many and varied ridiculous sandwich pricing methods.
permalink Ham & Brie?
What madness is this?
permalink what's wrong with that?
although I do have to ask them not to put the cranberry sauce on. It doesn't go with the mustard.
permalink You should introcude the idea
of playing rock, scissors, paper or a similar game to decide which is the base sandwich price.

We on the other hand have decided that Wine Friday should be Beer Friday this week. Chinese colleague went to Tescos to buy snacks to go with the beer, including pork scratchings. She came back with everything but those. When asked if they didn't have any - she admitted she'd misheard and asked the woman in the shop if they sold "ball scratchers"...
permalink I should try to institute
Beer Friday here . . . I can't see it happening though
permalink So they didn't have ball scratchers either
permalink You have to go to Sainsburys for them.
permalink For a better class of ball scratchers
you go to Waitrose

I hear M&S employ staff to scratch your balls for you (these aren't just any ball scratchers . . . )
permalink if they could employ
Dervla Kirwan to scratch my ball, I'd be straight there

In other news, it iz too early to be at the airport
permalink Fantastic.
We have beer Friday here... well, a quick one about 4.30 anyway.
permalink unless you get half a wheel of brie that seems a ripoff*
i can't imagine a shop being my favourite if they treated me like that

*london prices
permalink today I've mostly been using win 8
and what I like most about it is the way the cursor moves. That and the entirely ludicrous start up speed.
permalink Give it a couple of months
and the start speed will be the same as any Windows install
permalink it boots in under teen seconds,
I don't think it'll ever get to the point where I can make a brew and still have to wait.
permalink at least you can still have
a wank during start up....

How's tricks?
permalink Good ta.
The new job is home based with frequent jaunts, but I'm going anywhere til June.

Are you home or back in SA?
permalink Back in the UK
lots of jaunts for me too but they are local type jaunts
permalink yesterday I set up my new quad core
lapdog and have no excuse for sluggish work any more. Fucksocks. The old one was a centrino duo (ie not even core 2) with 2gb RAM running Win7. After waking it from hibernation the hard drive light stayed on for a full 15-20 mins.

Wake my iMac at home and it's ready in the time its 2nd screen takes to initialise :)
thread live from the holiday inn edinbor-o


I nearly nodded off while having dinner earlier so retired to my semi-out of town hotel, turns out I have a view of the castle... If you squint.

I've summoned enough strength to make it to the bar, tomorrow promises cooked breakfasts, tricky meeting and a train ride back at busy o'clock. And next week boredom and chaos in equal measure,

What has everyone else got lines up in the medium term
permalink an emotional roller coaster
and learning about rocks in the UK

How's tricks?
permalink O RLY?
you turning your hand to geologising?
permalink not through choice
just through a supplier crisis. I am even back in the UK until it is all sorted...

Academics are rude and snotty cunts as well

Emotional rollercoaster has been avoided, she accepted the fact I never want to see her again.
permalink they can be (in any discipline)
I guess as a semi academic, I can be rude half the time...

what you up to then?
permalink Drilling/mining
but these rocks are just test rocks for tooling

I still break stuff and characterise failure, not actual feeding pipes into a hole
permalink fair enough
and I didn't read it well enough, to realise that your emotional rollercoaster wasn't geological in nature!
permalink It is not my emotions
or my problem now
permalink also rocks are
quite dull after heavy machinery
permalink good, garden is looking good
Domestic bliss reigns
Beer flows
Holidays beckon

A bit more sanity at work would be nice
permalink The probability of more shit work.
They really need to hire another fucking developer.
permalink personally i get onfine with one fucking developer
permalink Wakka
permalink i had a breakfast at a holiday inn recently,
it's just scrambled egg and sausages, ok for free i guess
permalink you see, what happened there
Is that you mistook a Holiday Inn Express, for a Holiday Inn

Along with the rest of the world,

But there should also have been beans.

I'll be enjoying a mandatory supply of bacon and a possible hash brown.
permalink ho shit maybe i did,
what a mistake
permalink i also woke up a bit late so maybe the beans
were all gone by then
permalink maybe you blanked them out
.. personally i usually avoid the eggs at all costs.
permalink yeh the eggs were kind of terrible
oh there was coffee too which was if anything worse than the eggs
permalink my breakfast was pretty good
though it was described as a full english, yet contained haggis.

also the egg tray was empty, I shall see if we have a brand-wide shortage.
permalink don't scare me like that
permalink Great Peel session
back in '84
permalink madatory bacon?
permalink I preferred them before they shortened the name
and were known as "a mandatory supply of bacon"
permalink "the" surely.
Back in the day, all band names began with "The".
permalink apart from The The, of course
who should really have been called The The The
permalink tomorrow morning
at totally stupid o'clock* we are off to Melbourne for 5 days, to mark to occasion of me entering my fifth decade (on Sunday)

today it is just one of those Friday's where I really don't feel in the mood for work. Some office tidying may be in order

*flight leaves at 06:00, don't want to think about what time that means we have to get up
permalink i'd like to go to melbourne
But then I'd like to go to quite a few places that are easier to get to.... One off them is usually 'the pub'
permalink You can buy a lot of beer
for £700-1500.
permalink yeah, rather easier for us to get to MEL
only a 4 hour flight from here, and one of the few international places we can get to direct from Wellington, without having to change in Auckland (or more rarely Christchurch)
permalink The problem with MEL
is that it's probably further away from Melbourne's CBD than New Zealand is.
permalink no further than LHR from London
or for that matter, AKL from Auckland
permalink I'm contemplating whether Dyson spheres
Could account for dark matter.
permalink only if there was a tax loophole
permalink no because we'd still be able to detect them
but they could account for MACHOs
permalink Sinitta?
permalink argh!!!
get that song out of my head
permalink I get to fiddle with
my new lapdog whilst also wandering around large datacentres looking for orange lights. Natch I do this with the main room lights off because it's PURTY. Note: check for other residents before you do this. *stumbles down a hole*
permalink I'm in Whitstable
fir a sailing championship. Much shock among those gathered here at the news late last night about Andrew Simpson (british multiple olympic medal winner) being killed in a huge traing accident.
thread I see Brian Forbes has died

TOTN: I.E.M - We Are Not Alone -
permalink whooooo?
oh, Mr Nanette Newman
permalink I wonder if she still has
soft hands?
permalink possibly
although perhaps a tad wrinkly
permalink True
he was also Emma Forbes dad
permalink *googles*
oh her...vague memories of kids' TV

Quite Newmanesque*, now I know the connection

*Nanette, not Rob
permalink Or Gary
. .
permalink or for that matter
permalink or Alfred E
permalink I'm in Birmingham
I need a tie pin. These things aren't related.
permalink Need is a relative term
nobody really "needs" a tie pin :)
permalink i have a flappy tie,
Ergo I need a tie pin.
permalink Tuck it in your belt
permalink why don't i just paint a stripe down
the front of my shirt?
permalink Tie pins are for cravats
You need a tie clip or bar, I'd have thought
permalink yes, i meant a bar.
MrsJam referred to them as tie pin and I presumed it was a middle class term for tie pins, clips and bars.
permalink tie clip do?
use an alligator clip
permalink I'm in Kent
I have no need for formal wear. I'm the drunk Scot on this train. every train should have one
permalink but only one
That way I never have to sit next to one.
permalink tune : kid congo
Rare as the Yeti
permalink look here
i don't want to start anything
ok never mind
thread A 3D printer for £850?
Now, I don't technically need one but...
permalink we should save this thread for
when they come free with a pair of glasses
permalink Yay!
Guns for everyone!
permalink technically
£850 for your first one
permalink I'm desperately looking for en excuse to get one in the studio here...
I fancy one a bit grungier than that though.
permalink "Because I want one"
should be all the excuse you need
permalink unfortunately, this doesn't seem to wash with the directors
permalink Send them
your link below
permalink or get the chocolate kind
no-one will disagree to that
permalink You filthy bastard
permalink I'd love one, but can't justify it.
In other news my new car doesn't play oggs. Looks like I'll be re-ripping to mp3 :(
permalink :read as
My new car doesn't play eggs

Most don't do ogg or flac, mp3/wma only normally
permalink when i ripped to ogg
I didn't consider that i would ever have a car with an sd slot
permalink that's because it's a car
it converts chemical to kinetic energy
permalink get some proper boots
permalink Mine would probably print
Wax cylinders
permalink and summon alistair crowley..
permalink printers or more hassle tha they worth and i'm guessing the 3d kind
are just the same.. you can always send off for it to be printed