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TOTN - Lights Out Asia - Radars Over The Ghosts of Chernobyl -
permalink Would this be related to the Huffpo article?
permalink no
that HufPo article is related to that post.
permalink also
this high class journalism is excatly what CP Scott had in mind.
permalink and
permalink and obviously
permalink what happens
when you realise a joke is old before it's happened?
permalink nothing
at all, clearly
thread Is everyone having a weekend or something?
Off out for more rollerblading with ickleuminator shortly...
permalink Crossword tea snooker in bed
Shitty out so bed till pub time
permalink taking the kids to sunday school in a bit
then off down the pub with the lads for the football
permalink i've been running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly
gardening and bike repairing while amy is in cambridge overdosing on tea and cake.

I was going to go for a cycle but I'm cream crackered.
permalink I went for a bike ride
thoroughly miserable experience.
permalink Lunch with redheaded friend no 1
and her flatmate, discussing nipple-tassles, the Big Lebowski and the differences between American & English penises.
permalink HYFHY?
permalink Just an ipod
plugged into the Bose
permalink TEH BOSE
permalink so which of you was wearing
the tassles?
permalink The English penis
Of course.
permalink RHF1 is taking burlesque lessons
this week was nipple-tassles. Her flatmate was the one sharing that she's only ever had American penises inside her.
permalink well, that's...pardon the pun...
an obvious opening
permalink didn't go sailing
after replacing a couple of badly bent stainless steel fittings (ones that connect the high tension standing rigging to the sides of the boat) we discovered that third load bearing point was also fucked, and that's a custom fitting that we couldn't get at the on-site chandlery. Thought about going out for a ride (went for a short one yesterday. need more miles) but it looks a bit grey and windy. saw quite a few people riding yesterday with legs pink with cold, not sunburn. morons.
permalink if you're in Cambridge
it was bloody miserable out there, you didn't miss anything.
permalink I need a new boat
Small enough to self recover and big enough for kids.
permalink A Wanderer
or a Miracle. Possibly a Graduate.

All reasonably roomy but not too big, not too powerful, easy enough for an adult to sail single handed, easy to set up for reefing etc.

A Wanderer is a mini Wayfarer. A Miracle is a big Mirror. A Gruate is something else entirely and only has two sails.
permalink I did google them,
I just did not reply because my brain did not engage.

I guess I want something small but stable.
permalink the Wanderer
would probably be best. Gets used a lot by dinghy cruisers
permalink as distinct from dingy cruisers
which just sounds like the low end of dogging
permalink in the darkest corner
of the dark car parks. With only one working windscreen wiper.
permalink in a clapped out
1984 Ford Escort
permalink in your baggy grey decade-old supermarket y-fronts.
permalink goddamnit
*turns off webcam*
permalink Expensive though.
permalink be realistic
if you want something that's in good enough condition to safely sail with the kids and you don't want to spend ages doing up a near wreck (which always ends up expensive on parts anyway) I reckon you'll be looking at a two grand boat this for £1850
permalink he could buy one without an engine...
permalink bit unclear from the description
but that might actually have an outboard included...
permalink I took my girls to see a friend
and he took the elder two gliding.
permalink Well,
I thought that was noteworthy anyway.
permalink So did I
I used to love gliding
permalink I've been in Chichester
all day doing upgrades. Forgot there were 2 7:30's on a sunday, got down there pronto only to sit for 2 hours while backups finished. Bah. Back up here in time for charidee quiz which we motherfucking WON quite considerably, woo. Made quizmaster corpse when he read our joke/team name so job done!
thread I have to say
The bear's plumbing is making some extremely strange noises.
permalink possible
euphemism alert?
permalink Perhaps
it's time to tweak his 'bleed valve'.
permalink Nothing less than a full system purge, i suspect.
permalink I just have
permalink fixed with a coat
permalink did you have to
work out out with a pencil first?
permalink TJ: audiogeeks
i'm a simple man... all i want is an amplifier with spdif input and a volume control to drive 2 speakers

I'm finding it almost impossible,..... anyone with better google fu or inside knowledge be able to suggest something?

EDIT: Ha! if i get a little microsystem thing with a couple of additional inputs like this one:
thread School sports day.
The children are divided into 'countries' to compete. None of mine are in Cambodia, but I am cheering for it anyway.
permalink It transpires that my youngest is nominally Cambodian.
I am vindicated!
permalink Is the C4mbodian child
brother no. 1 or 2?
permalink What now?
permalink khmer rouge
Pol Pot was Brother no. 1...that other dude they tried to get a few years ago was bro no. 2
permalink Aha!
permalink just like to wish doomcube and marwood all the best
on their hitching day

just think some of you had a hand in pushing them together..
permalink crikey!
good luck to them both (pass it on, as I am no longer in touch with either)
permalink wow, that's come round quickly
she's on that twitter (@Ginesy) at the very least, can't remember if were facebook friends.
permalink unsurprisingly,
Marwood is @Marwood.
permalink yes, indeed
permalink Yay! All the best to them both
permalink i couldnt go cos i was ill
but typically im not ill on the actual day,
rotten luck
hope they have a lovely wedding despite me not being there
permalink It's probably the best wedding present they got
permalink the best wedding present they could have got was seeing me
in a suit
with my nob out
permalink this
I hope they weren't planning on it having any outdoors component
permalink Why? It's lovely in Wigan, I'm presuming it's the same in Preston
permalink same here
glorious day, warm with a light breeze. I hope my wedding day is as nice
permalink Mine was
cloudy but humid . . . serves me right for getting married in August I guess
permalink we're even later
sept 7. last of the season at the church i am now told!

if its sunny we will have grief with the singer and if it rains.. well its anyone guess!
permalink Mine was sept 8 last year and the weather was perfect.
Sunny but not too hot or bright. We've had great septembers for the last couple of years, I hope it's great again this year for you.
permalink yeah, im banking on the later summer
stuff and thanks :)
permalink we've given up on having ours this year
as everything seems to be undergoing renovations and we don't fancy an October/November date in Glasgow

so going to try and book for next spring
permalink always worth looking well at the dates
as prices seem to change from month to month in terms of when to hold it, not to book
permalink it's even lush out in
permalink It's my last day today.
So this is my TOTD:
permalink Not this?
permalink Britpop girl group who had minor success vs. huge american punk band?
Did you not spot my username?
permalink True . . .

Have you tied the kippers behind the radiators yet?
permalink No. I don't feel any mallace.
permalink Hepburn
fucking hell, I think you've outdone yourself there.
permalink Thank you.
permalink can I just say I am quite excited
to be seeing Jello Biafra (and the Guantanamo School of Medicine) in a couple of weeks
permalink I need a chair. One for sitting at a desk.
Any recommendations?
permalink this is a dangerous thing to ask
on a board full of architecture/design types
permalink My new boss said "Obviously don’t a cheap one as you will be using it quite a lot !!!"
so I thought I'd be ok asking here
permalink I like mine
permalink That's an Aeron/Mirra lookalike
The Herman Miller Mirra or Aeron mesh backed chairs are probably my third choice, but they became somewhat ubiquitous during the late 90s internet boom, and they're a bit infra dig these days I think ;-)
permalink All I know is
it's comfy and I don't get a sweaty arse :)
permalink I have a gyroflex g35
It's the most comfortable office chair ever, and is available in a variety of configurations (high back, low back, arms, no arms, leather, etc). It also has interchangeable pads, so if the foam goes saggy or you damage the fabric, you can easily replace it, or change the colour if you move offices or something.
It is not exactly a beautiful thing, but it is extremly comfortable. My standard office chair was ruining my back, and a couple of months on this fixed it completely.

If you're tempted to buy a replica Eames softpad office chair, which would otherwise be the correct choice, get a decent one, not a really cheap replica. It should be over £250 I think, the John Lewis ones are £100 or so and they are complete shiite.

edit: Try this:
It doesn't include the gyroflex, but I'm guessing everything on there is proper expensive, whereas you'll get a gyroflex on ebay for well under £250.
permalink Got a link? The only gyroflex I can find is a shaver
permalink Sorry, I always get the spelling wrong.
It's Giroflex. and the one I have a 64, so I was nearly right.
permalink *googles some of those*
*jaw drops*

I might confirm with my boss what "don't get a cheap one" actually means.
permalink those excercise balls are supposed to be good for your core
either that or a lazy boy with a fridge in the armrest
permalink One of these?
permalink um...
permalink boffin help please
a friend can't log into his fasthost account (reset password page isn't working)
he needs to renew a domain name that runs out tomorrow.. so if he can't get it renewed how much of a hassle is it to buy the name again from somewhere else and link it up (hosted by heliohosts)?
permalink not much as far as i understand it
though there might be a DNS update period

the bigger risk is squatters buying it at 1min past midnight and ransoming it.
thread What ho,
I'm on my third tablet in 3 weeks, gave back the Samsung note* today and have an iPad to try.

Seems alright but I'm kinda used to android so the lack of a back button is a bit odd.

So never having had an iOS device, what apps have I been missing in android? The main difference seems that iplayer let's you download on ios
permalink we have various tablets and ipad in the cave
its getting used to it I suppose

At last Spidercat allowed me film her getting into the house
permalink Aaaah
She's a cutie
permalink Awwwww
She clever!
permalink the download function on android iplayer
is coming soon apparently. It must be true, they've been saying it for a year.

permalink well indeed

iplayer ios still doesn't let you download radio though.... which i guess might be a rights issue.. it's really annoying as I want to record radcliffe and maconie to listen to instead of steve lamaq

permalink getiplayer?
permalink Yes,
Super Hexagon!

Osmose is good too
permalink some germermans are trying to create a less bloody phone (similar to adbuster shoes)
i doubt anyone will give a fuck

since tabz is off for the night the tune is from the amazing banks
permalink nonono,
it's 'nature thing' by Close Lobsters, some Glesga nutters from the late 80s:
permalink wow that is pretty bad
just heard this for the first time annie anxiety doing her best porridge/balance impersonation

brilliant and one for malaria/matador fans maybe
permalink that is a little odd
but very awesome...and new to me