thread Mornin' all
an hour of photoshop done already. Today I will mostly be photoshopping.

permalink Mostly answering customer calls
while despairing.
permalink TJ
Looking for ebooks in pdf or ePub suitable for a 6 year old. Not a link to a list - actual advice.
permalink What kind of advice?
Like recommendations?
permalink Yes, I think so - maybe a link to good downloadable books would be good
but mostly recommendations.
permalink Free? Paid for?
permalink Free
It depends how illicit.
permalink How about
Lady Chatterly's Lover?

That's pretty dodgy, so I hear
permalink try
i'm sure some of these are ebooks
permalink I do not want
permalink get a PSP,
then you have an excellent MP3 player too.
permalink Struggling to stay awake after insomnia decided to made a reappearance
while trying to get my head round Qlikview's interesting syntax.
permalink I'm sorting out bitty messes for a report
that wouldn't be a problem if certain people (and not me for a change) had done their jobs properly six months ago; I want to get the sodding thing signed off before I finally leave this shambles and go to a slightly bigger shambles.
permalink morning!
At the vet with a poorly rat and reading about the new xbox. The fuss seems to be twofold; it's not compatible with xbox360 games and games you buy are locked to your account.

I don't see either of these as problematic or particularly unexpected.
permalink having only just got a 360
I'm looking forward to getting one of the new ones in 2023.
permalink It also will spy on you
with an HD cam.
permalink And worst offences of them all:
look like windows 8.
permalink did you watch the reveal?
it lasted an hour, and they didn't even mention games until 30 minutes in. And today's PR firefighting includes references to Office 365.

Basically it's a continuation of the Windows 8 debacle - every MS department has got stuck in to 'diversifying' the platform, so the end result is what may well be a good gaming machine, but is so covered in shovelware that nobody wants or asked for, that they've clearly forgotten it's meant to be a
games console.

It was an awful launch, even by MS' standards.
permalink my mate
used to be head of european PR for xbox, I'll ask him tonight what he thought.
permalink market widening
i guess the market for the "hardcore" gamers isnt wide enough. The presentation could have been better but i can see what they were trying to do and how it could drag more users into the environment
permalink I imagine there's only so much cash in people who want to play Call of Duty 8
there is a lot more money in people that like the idea of having a thing that let's them play the occasional game, but also plays DVDs and goes on the internet and all that stuff, from the comfort of their sofa.
permalink There's loads of cash in hardcore gamers.
I went to Scan's shop, they had some awesome gaming rigs set up. A decent gaming rig will have a series of components each costing more than an xbox.
permalink but that cash
goes on hardware not specifically games. You couldnt have a console the same price as a good gaming PC and still have it sell with the same profile as is needed for a console type business model.

thus why DLC has become so "popular", that there is more of a steady income stream beyond the first big bang of a months sales where it drops off as people buy secondhand games. Which neatly brings us back to the position "we" can see xbox/consoles going.
1) expanding its use further into homes so none gamers could pick it up and strike at "smart TVs", freeview, small device lounge streaming or indeed PCs out of lounge
2) extending the trail of income beyond the big bang with licensed games (cash from 2nd hand tackle) and more DLC
3) integration with web side stuff so subs can be setup for fantasy teams and content provider content that can either be provided by MS or bought in.

and of course all your netflix, home media streaming and social media integration
permalink So, you mean a PC with a TV out?
permalink Well that's what an xbox is anyway, right?
If you know a good OS or UI overlay for a PC that enables "laid back" operation of all of the above from a remote control and isn't a complete and utter nightmare, then please, for God's sake, tell me.
Also, ideally, control of DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners.
permalink XBMC?
and you can run it on a £30 raspberry pi, whereas the Xbox One will be something like £300 PLUS hefty Xbox Live subscription fees to access these services

I really doubt it's going to dominate the non-gamer market
permalink I don't believe XBMC supports TV tuners.
I use Windows Media Centre at present, as it's the only thing I've found that does a "one box" solution, but MS have given up on it, as, quite rightly, there is no money in something which enables people to record and watch their own TV, and allows the viewing of any sort of file without any DRM.

I've considered MythTV, but by all descriptions it's an utter ballache to get to work.

edit: it looks as if XBMC might now have TV tuner support. Interesting.
permalink your average man about touwn
isn't going to be able to buy a computer box (let alone a Pi), set it up and plug it in. They can spend £300 on a machine that does it all though.
permalink I wasn't suggesting they did
more that if you want clever telly, spending a wodge on a gaming console (I really want to reiterate those XBox Live fees) is totally unnecessary, and if this really was a big potential market then someone could come in and provide a £100 off-the-shelf solution for the average man
permalink They do:
Roku, for example, will do most of the non gaming functions of the xbox.
permalink it gets better

you'll need a separate receiver device (so it isn't really all in one after all) and it'll only work in the US.
permalink or an internet-ready TV
which are pretty common now
permalink yeah
saw quite a few comments that the non-gaming stuff is almost all done, already, by smart TVs. And Smart TVs are rapidly becoming "all new TVs". There's actually a good arguement right there that a plug-in console for the next generation should therefore be a stripped back, gaming focused, device- why duplicate the functions of the TV you plug it into?
permalink Have you used a smart TV?
If not, then go and use one, and you'll understand why there's a market for the non-gaming functions of the xbox or a Roku.
permalink my old mans
smart tv is slow and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability.
permalink is that the updated version
of My Old Mans a dustman?

if so, it doesn't really rhyme
permalink +1
permalink you're thinking skiffle though
try doing it over a krunking dubstep wibble and it works much better
permalink I assume it requires the application of a good solid donk?
permalink I'd like to see the MS share price in the same time frame
permalink not great
but less of a clear signal
permalink No I didn't.
I'm pretty sure we all felt the same about the ps3. It did all that fancy non-gaming stuff that we thought we'd never want on a games console and it did rather well.

permalink Similarly, the PS4 has the same legacy game limitation.
Do you reckon it's possible that they think they've got gaming nailed, and just adding better graphics and power is expected, and thus they need to do something else.

Also, I always try and keep a part of my mind open to the possibility that these companies might have a better idea of how to develop the games console market than I do.

I mean, if there were lots of people thought Microsoft was being run by swivel eyed loons when they decided to build a console in the first place, right?
permalink The legacy limitation isn't new.
Not all xbox games run on the 360, and (IIRC) only early ps3s play ps2 games.

I also don't think it's particularly trying to add value or find the unique selling point. I think they know the market and actually, most people want a box that'll do all sorts and not just game. My ps3 gets used almost exclusively for iplayer these days, with gaming and blu-ray secondary.
permalink the non-gaming stuff that was shown

i.e. nothing whatsoever available or relevant outside the US

for gaming, they showed a total of 1 new IP (Quantum Break) and only about 5 mediocre seconds of that. They seemed hilariously fixated on the new call of duty dog.
permalink good summary
permalink SQL Hell . . .
. .
permalink I'm trying to finish off inking the layout
that I've been inking for months (two 1/2 days), after which I'll be scanning it and applying limes in potatoshop as well.

Then someone will ask me to change it and I'll throw a spectacular hissy fit.
permalink And here we go!
I've just been sent an e-mail stating what is to appear on the masterplan (which I'm designing and drawing).
It's three weeks old, and I wasn't included in the original circulation, and this is the first time anyone's thought to send it to me.
permalink I just got one of those.
Feedback on a presentation we gave nearly a month ago, which wasn't actually sent to us at the time.

I intend to largely ignore it.
permalink I can't get away with that sadly.
Depending on which Land Manager I'm working with, the consultant in question will find themselves in a debate about the amount on their invoice which is fairly satisfying.

I finished a project a few weeks back where I'm sure the engineer ended up owing us money, but in this case I'm working for a very weak Land Manager, who just chortles and sighs about the grimness of the world and carries on regardless.
permalink Can you do it when the incompetence is in-house?
I am ready to scream on my current project.
permalink hosting a seminar this morning
then probably poking around with lots of numbers this afternoon
permalink Despairing.
I appear to be crashing again, which is unfortunate.
permalink I bought a van with a broken engine....
Am I you, or you me?
permalink I too currently have a van with a broken everything.
She goes in to the garage tomorrow.

I also have lost electricity to two rooms, but am too ashamed of my home to let a sparky in, so am working from extension leads.
permalink just two rooms?
have the bulbs just gone?
permalink Just two rooms and no, the lights still work, it is the ring main.
I lost power in the end two bedrooms for a day, then it came back for a night, then went off and has been gone for 4 days now.

I am tidying, but it just is not something I am willing to show people - I work hard for this home and my family make it something I am ashamed of.
permalink Sounds like you've got a short in there somewhere

A bit of mess is nothing to be ashamed of . . it means you're living in a real house and not a show home
permalink You should try living alone:
I work hard for it, and then I make it something I'm ashamed of all by myself.

What's worse is everyone who visits offers some "advice" which is really a judgement about how much time I spend on gardening and housework. I found the time to cut the lawn the other day, and all my chum could say is it would look better and be healthier if I cut it more regularly.
You know what? If there's two people living in a house, you can get twice as much gardening and housework done...

/rant ends, I hope C_I reads this post ;-)
permalink I think that two people living in a house means that you can leave it for the other person.
My jobs (lawn mowing, strimming, log chopping, cooking etc) get done. Her jobs (washing up, packed lunches, washing) get done. Shared jobs (putting things away, clearing tables, putting clothes away) never get done.

Also, I am miserable for no good reason, which helps little.
permalink I thought the shared jobs
were for children to do?
permalink Perhaps that is it.
They do not.
permalink my friends had their kids so well trained at 6ish
they'd set the table get us drinks take out the empties to the recycle bin
it was like having monkey butlers
their room was their own domain though and looked like a lego factory had exploded into a disney cartoon
permalink Are you trying to warn me that I'll be cutting your grass on Saturday?
permalink As on every other day this week,
I'm determined to do it tonight, if only it'll not rain today...
permalink definite
euphemism alert
permalink Your family make it a home.
Any house with kids is messy. And many houses without kids.
permalink For example:
permalink we don't have kids
and our gaff is spotless*

*may contain lies
permalink They have seen worse
. .
permalink weighing stuff out
putt 70% nitiric acid in a microwave for a few hours, normal sort of stuff
permalink That sounds like the beginning
of an episode of Breaking Bad.
permalink How Clean Is My House: Extreme
. ,.
permalink DO SCIENCE!
My noodle-based lunch will only spend a couple of minutes in the microwave but will probably be about as corrosive.
permalink PIZZA! lovely choriz a spicey pizza
thread Evening All
TOTN - Will Haven - Carpe Diem -
permalink I have WHVN back
there in my CD racks but never really got into it. Might have another go this week.
permalink They bridged that gap
between hardcore and post metal . . . I hear their influence in bands like Isis etc
thread morning all
headline of the day
permalink I really can't get on with this American sentence structure
that lobs something at the end after a comma, makes it all seem lazy.

good headline though.
permalink US newspapers
are very fond of putting a comma in headlines like hat.
permalink I can't work out why I don't like it
it just seems lazy, like they can't be bothered to think of another word.
permalink Reads reddit for years,
writes like this now.

permalink I reckon Reddit
has poicked it up from the "quality" end of the US press.
permalink it just reads wrong
and also gets confusing when conflated with placenames, or when they place a subclause first. And then they have to capitalise it all.

e.g. Seeking Survivors, Moore, Oklahoma Police Find Wreckage, Bodies

(not a real example, just trying to put them all in one hideous grammatical chimaera)
permalink Good morning you swivel-eyed loons!
permalink I am a
Swivel Chaired Loon if you don't mind!

permalink I'm not, not today.
We're getting a new floor downstairs so I've been relegated to a spare room. I'm sat on a dining chair.
permalink A new floor as in a new walking/standing surface,
or a new floor as in an additional storey?
permalink new storey
it's cheaper to lift the whole house up and just insert it underneath.
permalink This is Wigan.
I'm having a staircase put in to take me into the pit underneath my house. My very own batcave.
permalink I now have a mental image
of you dressed as a Spartan shouting "THIS IS WIGAN!"

permalink *kicks you into disused colliery*
permalink i can't believe it hasn't
been potatoshopped yet
permalink Is this going to be referred to as
the WRP or WRD? (where P=Pit and D=Dungeon)
permalink I think Pit,
to keep the local link
permalink WRP the younger
permalink A new surface, not an entirely new storey.
Today it's being screeded, tomorrow they're putting down karndean flooring.

It's vinyl pretending to be wood. It's a lot like laminate flooring but it won't fuck up should the kitchen flood again, and it looks better than laminate.
permalink that set of words
is a sight to behold and always makes me smile
permalink who you calling a Tory?
that be fighting talk round these parts
permalink swivel eyed lunacy
is not exlcusively the preserve of "the right"
permalink certainly
but recent media reports of the phrasing have been in reference to Call Me Dave's lot
permalink when someone said that (before now)
you'd imagine someone in the mold of 'Major Misunderstanding' out of Viz, which is pretty much bang on for a local tory campaigner, so I can't see what they're complaining about.
permalink I think swivel-eyed-loongate
is my favourite political scandal of living memory.

Particularly when you consider that "Loon" is the american term for the group of birds known here as divers, so you can have a Great Northern Loon.

These are particularly appropriate in my neck of the woods, as you'd have to be very special type of crazy to choose to become a Tory activist in former coal mining country.
permalink I liked the downing street cycling one
as it was gate-gate
permalink Annoyingly, they called it pleb-gate,
the swivel-eyed loons.
permalink are they jammin'?
jammin' in the name of the lord?
permalink my beloved
MS Intellimouse explorer 4 is dying. recommendations for a 5 button mouse nerds?
permalink I'm trying a touch mouse
but if I wasn't I'd be getting the Logitech Performance Mouse MX, and if I had any inclination to game on a PC any more (or the necessary hardware) I'd go straight for the Razer Mamba.

I can get 50% off the logitech mouse, let me know if you're interested. I have the original version but have lost the plug for its charging cradle. They no longer make that plug, so gave me 50% off a new one instead.
permalink mmm that looks nice
and rather similar to what i am used to. I might take you up on that in the next month or so
permalink You've got about 25 days til the offer expires
though I'm likely to order one and sell it on anyway, so will keep hold of it for a bit if i do.
permalink ahhh ok
i'll see how it goes when i crack this open and look at the microswitches. I'm rather attached to this lil beastie as ive had it a number of years
permalink I know what you mean,
I'll be finding a 13v power supply to keep mine alive too.
permalink Yes, the touch mouse is unsatisfactory if you need multiple buttons.
The back and forward buttons are handled by gestures, which is great, there's obviously a scroll zone, and there are various other gestures which make life wonderful.
However, my problem is proving to be the middle button, which I use constantly in AutoCAD and SketchUp for pan and orbit respectively.
There is a little widgetty bit of code available that will replicate it by setting up a zone for the middle button, but it's not perfect.
permalink I never use the middle button so I should be ok.
It arrived this morning, thank you very much.

I've just installed the software, then it asked which hand the mouse was in. I got confused between "mouse" and "sandwich" and told it the wrong one.
permalink Bonza,
hope it works out!
permalink don't say that out loud at home
your pigs may have a heartattack
permalink for a gaming mouse
I'd recommend Sharkoon mice (I've got the Fireglider)
they're basically Razers but without the ridiculous price tag, and they don't break quite so easily
thread there's a Huw Pritchard on Only Connect
is that our Huw Pritchard?
permalink We have a Huw Pritchard?
EDIT: aaaa HP

TJ: Is C_I around? could he recommend a decent dimmer single switch to go with an E27 Lamp for a bedroom pendant.

preferably one i can get in homebase or somewhere similar
permalink just lob a towel over it?
permalink we do. HP.
I didn't see the show though, so I don't know whether that was him!

Re the dimmer, just don't go cheap. in B&Q/Homebase/etc, MK would be a sensible bet. Expect to pay the best part of £20. It will work, it will dim low properly, and it will work with a good quality LED replacement lamp in due course.
permalink decent online supplier?
permalink amazon...
or RS.
permalink Bedroom pedant?

"I wouldn't do it like that . . . ."
permalink Having just checked on iPlayer, it's not.
Our HP is significantly younger!
permalink ah
I don't know what he looks like, the name just leapt out.
permalink Ray Manzarek has died

(or maybe not . . . hoax reports coming in)
permalink Awww
great keyboard player, even if I never really warmed to the Doors
permalink I was going to say
the Doors never really did anything for me, I tried, but...
permalink the doors always jammed
me the wrong way too
permalink I seem to recall that there's a joke about Michael Caine,
The Doors and a prostitute, but I can't be bothered to piece it all together.
The ingredients are all there, mix them up and see if you come up with anything.
permalink They could have been good, without Morrison's pretentious posturing
and so-called poetry.
They were incredibly tedious live. I saw them at the Roundhouse (all-nighter, with Jefferson Airplane).
Whenever the Doors started to rock, everything ground to a halt so that Morrison could recite some twaddle.
permalink have you been to his grave (not as a pilgrimage more of as oh-he's-here-too)?
what an embarrassment
thread TOTN is rather extreme
Kong - Gwan T Beech -

Also - http://www.rightmove.c... (Picture 4)
permalink hrmmm
I think I'd describe that as "I can see what they're doing, and they are doing it very well, but it is not quite for me..."

But hey, I went to see They Might Be Giants play live last Friday*, so I clearly have no cool points left

*who were really, really good...surprisingly so. And a bit of light relief, sandwiched as they were in my gig schedule, between Jello Biafra and Killing Joke
permalink I like the Malcom in the Middle track
A lot.
permalink solution to this civil partnership/marriage thing
take all legal powers to conduct marriages away from anyone but registrars. Allow religious groups, humanists, whatever the right to conduct entirely ceremonial services for whoever they want (and to exclude whoever they want).
permalink i think any kind of logic or common sense is not going to help
permalink No, you're nearly right:
The civil aspects of marriage should be handled by the government, and registrars and other licensed people can carry out a marriage between two human beings of any nature, and all legal rights are equal irrespective of sex, gender, or what have you.
The church would be one of the licensed bodies who are allowed to carry out these weddings. This means you can have a single ceremony in a church, which carries full legal weight as it is now, rather than it just being a sort of blessing after the main ceremony at the registry office. However, any individual who is licensed is allowed to determine who they will marry, and who they won't.
It is then the responsibility of the people, the courts and the various religious institutions to argue about whether discriminatory practices are acceptable and on what grounds. There's surely enough legislation around this subject to enable the courts to resolve it, and I don't see why other people's religious beliefs should affect my ability to marry whomsoever I want.
If you divorce (apologies for the pun) the religious and the civil aspects, and let the nutjobs get on with it, I don't see who suffers.

Effectively I'm proposing equal civil marriage, and the disestablishment of the church/state, at least in respect of marriage. If someone can explain to me a good reason why the bizarre beliefs of one particular group of people should affect legislation in this country in anything other than a proportional way, I'd be glad to hear it.
permalink *awaits Manley response*
Also, what alistair said
permalink Yes, obviously alistair is more right than me.
And national legislative policy is not decided by Manley, which is probably something for which we can be thankful.
permalink The obvious answer is
if you don't like gay marriage don't get married to a gay person
permalink It does seem to be the simple solution
permalink Tabz?
Paul Shane, one of yours?
permalink Yep
Hi De Bye . . . .
permalink "half naked"
is an odd way to describe someone wearing naught but boxer shorts
permalink surely
that's about 7/8ths, if not more
permalink exactly
I've lost the link to the story that prompted this pondering
permalink depends how big
his dick is
permalink ugh
I've just been to the dentist. my new one is nowhere near as nice as my old one. what a way to start the week.
permalink Morning!
Google should differentiate between me getting rid of an ad because it's irrelevant and me getting rid of an ad because it's so relevant I already own the product.
permalink I appreciate that this will be controversial, given earlier views expressed on this 'board, but
I like the new Daft Punk album a lot.
permalink It doesn't sound
like they were trying
permalink I disagree, the production quality alone shows they were trying exceedingly hard.
I think they were just trying to do something different, that interested them, rather than produce something that meets everybody's expectations of what a Daft Punk record sounds like.
permalink I've not heard it yet
I'm not really a massive fan anyway so I didn't rush out and get it. What I've heard is ok.
permalink I've heard so many conflicting accounts
is there a stream available, or am I going to have to resort to the 'arr jimlad method of previewing before I buy? I heard something about a stream on itunes, but as far as I'm concerend that means there's not a stream.
permalink It's released today, so it's on Spotify now.
Having said that, Spotify seems to be missing a couple of tracks.

If you don't like the single, you won't like the album, is my guess.
permalink oh, it also seems to be album of the day
on 6music, so I'll report back later
permalink listening to it on Spotify
large add pops up to inform me that I can, erm, listen to it on Spotify. Surely their system can be a little more clever than that?
permalink going "ooh" quite a bit
permalink meanwhile
I'm listening to the new album by The National. It is lush. Gloomy. Comforting, yet unsettling.
permalink Really rather good
I have to say
permalink it's a bit
eccentric and would be difficult to pidgeonhole.
I do however on the whole like it, good effort
permalink The main thought I've had is that
it's the album Nile Rodgers should have recorded ten years ago.
I'm loving the idea that it's effectively electronic dance music, but to a large degree played with real instruments.
Rather than using "found sounds" like they have done in the past, they've got a top notch musician in to play each little bit for them.

It's also a bit of a concept album, which many people find off-putting.
permalink that's the great thing about opinions
yours is wrong.. it's rank bullshit and frances tenuous grasp on pop music has disappeared again

in other popular news having jimmy savile pop up in Game of Thrones was a nice touch
permalink I've not seen this week's yet
so I'm going to go "eh?" (spoilers aren't a problem, I've read the books)
permalink speaking of which
I've given up on F1, so knock yourself out
permalink It starts off complete bobbins
But somewhere around the last 1/4 of the third track, good things happen.
permalink I actually think the first track is one of the best on the album,
but that's opinions for you.
The third track (Georgio) is utterly fab, I want them to release a full album with the whole interview as one single track, which I'm almost certain they've got in the masters somewhere (they apparently edited this album down from a potential 4 CD set), and as you say the last quarter of it is pure mentalism, like Mike Oldfield on acid.
permalink something that annoyed me yesterday
the second leg of the Scottish Football league 1st/2nd division playoff between Alloa and Dunfemline (Alloa took a 3-0 lead from the first leg into it) was televised by the BBC, and streamed online. As an Alloa fan, this was a rare opportunity to see them in action living as I do in Cambridge.

Howver, they did this on BBC Alba.

This meant the commentary was in gaelic, a language few in Alloa and Dunfermline speak. They have enough difficulty with English. Ahem. Seriously, it is as good as non-existant in Clackmannanshire and Fife

Apparently there was English-languiage comentary. On BBC Radio Scotland Medium Wave. Only the FM version of BBC Radio Scotland is streamed.
permalink I guess that's because
it was decided that x number of games would get a gaelic commentary, and they allotted the matches and programming well in advance i.e. before they knew who would actually be playing

I fully agree with the remit of Alba, but I do think stuff like this shows it's done a bit cack-handedly

also, shinty should be on a lot more. It's brilliant.
permalink showing any football
with exlcusively Gaelic commentary is a tad daft, given the Gàidhealtachd basically has no football teams.