thread It's that TOTN time again
Nomeansno - The Day Everything Became Nothing -
permalink fuck no, it's 1977 Ultravox:
permalink Blimey
I haven't heard them for ages.
permalink 2nd best
Canadian band ever
permalink Arrogant Worms?
permalink Rush!
. .
permalink In that case
permalink Remember Dune II?
It's available online:
permalink Quiet today
permalink Indeed it is.
That's why I cobbled together a half-arsed newfred.
Sorry I couldn't do better.
permalink yeah, sorry, actually having to do some work
all very disagreeable
I decided not to spend £63 to change the ticket to an earlier train so have been hanging around now for a while, should leave in 10 mins for a 9.45 arrival in that London. I also seem to be on the train that stops everywhere.

There was a horse on the tracks on the way up, ,right be a find us crispy pancake delay on the way back.
permalink This post is quite literally
the most exciting thing to happen to me all day.
permalink I'm going for a pint shortly.
permalink And C_I moves into second place
in the JoS interesting things sweepstakes.
permalink I saw a dog
permalink I spilled a small bag of sugar
in the cupboard because it was balanced on something else and fell over when I moved the salt.
permalink I avoided a telling off/fine
by leaping off my bike just as the police car came round the corner. They clearly had their suspicions as they drove past me twice as I walked through my usual shortcut through the park
permalink Mine were great :)
Haven't even looked at the crossword yet
permalink I am not. Ecobuild swiftly degenerated into
Ecobeer or some other booze based name.
permalink I'm off for a 0.4l in a moment.
Well, it doesn't have the same ring to it, has it?

Anyway, they've Newcastle Brown Ale where I'm going, this is as British as it gets here.
permalink you know what to drink
then, it's a given.
permalink Anything but Brown Ale?
permalink me too oddly
permalink I appear to have lost my NAS box
and it may be on another subnet.

Any suggestions on how I discover what it's IP is, even if it's on another subnet?

edit: Found it.
permalink is it behond the sofa?
permalink I could see it, I just couldn't ping it.
Which is the far more boring opposite of the comment where someone could ping it but couldn't find the physical box.
permalink yes, "behond"
permalink doesnt your nas
come with a tool that "searches" for it and reports back it's IP? pc side that is
permalink is it linked to the outside world and can you connect?
check firewall logs?
permalink do you have any idea what subnet it might be?
If you do give your PC a static IP in the same subnet and do a ping sweep to find what IP the nas is on, then go to start-run and type \\ip address
If you don't know the subnet can you reset it to factory default and connect that way?
permalink I'm on linux, which is limiting me.
I don't know how to ping sweep on this.
permalink I used a contact form on the Jewson website
to let them know spamming Reddit was untoward and counter productive. They didn't reply but did sign me up to their mailing list.
permalink Mr D is
in hysterics re: Findus Crispy Pancake thing. Hysterics.
permalink Someone should change Longbenton
to Longface
thread Tabs? Alvin lee has plucked it
permalink Sad news
great guitar player
permalink who?
*clicks link*

permalink ^
permalink the fella with the Chipmunks
permalink Dave Seville?
permalink now then
now then
permalink ^
permalink This guy:
permalink soup herb
permalink I had no idea that Tabz dabbled in the trad jazz field too.
Kenny Ball has shuffled off. I saw him perform about 20 years ago, and he looked pretty much ready to go then.
permalink I'm a busy boy

*sharpens scythe*
permalink For god's sake, can't you do something about Status Quo then?
Think of the children.
permalink I like
The Quo . . . .
permalink That single they had out last summer
made me want to stab people. Lots and lots of people.

Plus, most songs they do sound similar, so there's a correlation to be drawn from this.
permalink Their 70's output
makes anything else they do null & void

permalink .....
permalink this is the ONLY possible response to that.
tabz go stand in the corner and think about what you have done
permalink That's as maybe.
I just wish they'd call it a day and leave us all alone.
permalink I was just coming over to say that
permalink Sorry.
I was clearly too quick off the mark.
permalink i bet you say that
to all the guys
permalink Just shown a colleague how to change font size.
"You know you're a clever little bod you aren't you!"

permalink I have been amazing people today
by showing them how to re-set their NHS.Net passwords and security questions
permalink I'm finding it difficult to cope with the unending stream of questions from this particular person.
She asks me the same things repeatedly, and it's stuff she should know because it's her job.
permalink "little bod"
permalink I think that a comment like that is
well outside the realm of acceptable phrases to use with a cow-orker without risk of causing offence.
Not as far up the scale as MFC, but still registering solidly in the "verbal warning" zone.
permalink is the opposite of a clever little bod...
...a stupid fat fuck?
permalink I couldn't possibly comment.
Especially not through the office firewall.
permalink This is one of the few who know
and has been very tempted to start calling people various offensive things in the hopes of winning a three month paid holiday.
permalink Excellent Sim City review

(explanation: the new Sim City, despite being basically a single player game, requires you to be online at all times. Reviewers, even before the game has been properly released, have complained of hour and half waits in quese to join servers where their city is. it uses 40MB/hour of bandwidth. For a single player game. They could have made the "regions" and "friends cities" an optional feature to avoid this. They didn't, in what is clearly an anti-piracy move (that will fail as the pirates will crack and produce a fake-server system, obviously) that just fucks off paying customers. Want to play the game you've paid for? NO, WAIT FOR OVER AN HOUR FIRST.
permalink *fast forward five years*
Want to play the game you bought a few years ago? Tough titties, they shut the servers down.
permalink This is very depressing.
I was basically prepared to buy the new Sim City, it being one of the very few games I've ever enjoyed playing.
permalink aye
and the gameplay videos of it make it look fucking fantastic.
permalink it's been pointed out
that you have to look back quite a long way to find an online EA game that didn't have crippling server problems at launch
permalink What I do.
Is to make little towns from sticks and pebbles, in the back garden. I use grass heads to represent little people.

Apparently my town is worth $30000M, but I rent a little space under the railway bridge for $900 a week. From a fat tattooed man called Tyson, who has 15 IO mortgages and jetskis for his entire fat fucking family.

I've just smashed the town. Die town. Die. Die. Die......
thread Alistair / JoS / Goosewing...
I now have a project with Rogers Stirk Harbour where all deliverables have to be in French and the modelling/drawing will be in Revit aiming for Level 2/3 BIM.

Thank fuck two of my guys are on Revit training this week, but I am a little scared by this!

AQ for those of you lucky enough not to know what I'm banging on about... what do you consider the correct drink on a plane? I'm always torn between wine and G+T.
permalink how's your french

i am rather glad I won't be drawing in reddit any time soon

EDIT: My mate I met was telling me the Dick Vet has turned into an arty /hippy micro brewery place. Also a boyfriend of a former colleague of mine still works for Bennetts... I only know she is called kate though, don't know his. Though I think I interviewed for his job in 2001

so get stalking
permalink I can read OKish... but writing and speaking is a car-crash to be honest.
I have a French guy on my team thank goodness. The BIM is scarier!
permalink it's all codes and legends so translation would be pretty cheap you'd think
revit 'should' be so much easier... but you only think that if you've never actually drawn a building
permalink aye... the devil will, as always, be in the detail
permalink good luck on the as-builts
permalink the final as-bulit model will be owned by the engineers... not my problem.
I hope.
permalink The Dick Vet is now "Summerhall"
There is a regular monthly event there called "Neu Reekie" that I attend if I can, but much interestingness happens. Good bar too, brewery on site. Gigs, events, exhibitions, tech startup space (Edinburgh Hackspace are there now)... interesting place.

Hmmm... guys at Bennets... Andy, Alasdair, Iain, James, Greig, Daniel. Ring any bells? Nice bunch.
permalink Plus two Hannahs and a Claire
just to complete the squad.
permalink andy.. i think

I'm next up on the 26th / 27th but me and the mrs will be in town on the 18th of april

i shall check the dates
permalink Excellent.
I will be in Holland on 26/27 but 18 april looks good.
permalink That doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs to be honest.
Revit is a very steep learning curve, one I've never managed to ascend. I reluctantly conceeded that one actually needed training in it.

Working with the french I imagine will be difficult as well. Besides the language, there's the constant philandering, the potential for body odour, and the endless summer holidays. /casual xenophobia

On long haul flights, it's G&T, then wine, then whisky. I've never been on a shorthaul flight where booxe was complimnetary, but I can't imagine a G&T being inappropriate in the least.
Importantly, they give you a plastic swizzle stick thing, whihc I find useful to fiddle with throughout the length of the flight. You can even make believe it's a funny cigarette.
permalink oh it's even better than that...
The engineers are French, but the project is in Switzerland. The Swiss are a right pain in the arse.

permalink Incidentally,
You must critically interrogate your diary, and e-mail me some suitable dates for a Kinder mission in April/May, so that I can co-ordinate it with my cohorts here, who have become extremely enthusiastic about the endeavour.
Looks like, diaries permitting, there should be four of us, plus one ferocious hound.
permalink Excellent. Are we talking a weekend?
April might be messy, but May looks good.
permalink I'm thinking May is more realistic, and yes a weekend.
The second bank holiday might be ideal.
permalink French engineers & Swiss project managers?!
Have fun...
permalink and Swiss client
It's going to be a romp.
permalink It's only about 25,000 square metres...
How wrong can it go?
permalink around here
we know not to bother calling the French or Spanish production sites, labs etc during August. At all.
permalink Ditto
permalink Of course.
Italy ditto.
permalink well duh
(lucky bastards)
permalink as I understand it
they get fuck all in the way of holiday that they can take when they want to
permalink so what is the easiest 3d package to learn?
i tried the google one but that was a bit odd..this is for designig cups or chairs
not houses or large scale stuff
permalink Rhino
it's powerful but doesn't bog you down with endless options

It gets used a lot in smaller scale design
permalink Seconded.
It's also solids based, rather than surface based, whihc makes it much easier for 3D printing origination.
permalink It is great
a Boolean stuff as well
not to be outdone by Ferrari's blitheringly idioticly named "LaFerrari", this not-unattractive thing is the Kia Pro_cee'd GT.

Yes, not just with the apostrophe of the Cee'd, they've stuck a fucking underscore in there as well.
permalink aye, saw that on top gear, tis quite nice!
It's in direct comparison with the new Golf GTI and is around 4k cheaper or summat.
permalink It looks like an angry Seat Leon
permalink The new Leon
looks rather nice and not entirely unlike an Alfa
permalink Yes,
I think someone here has one on order, but he may have plumped for a Focus in the end, now that I think about it.
He's in the same grade as me but has chosen to go bigger but slower.
permalink I quite like it,
but as a company car driver, I could never get one.
The office mockery for not having a BMW/Audi/VW would be fairly considerable.
permalink Where as I freely mock drivers of those marques
permalink I don't particularly sign up to the car park envy/mockery aspects of it,
but if you look at the 3-year old cars in our car park, the german ones have all worn significantly better than the others.
There are no french cars on our lists, so it's German, Ford, Vauxhall or Mazda, and they don't stand high mileage as well as the Germans.
The smart folk tend to be in Seat's, and I nearly went for a Skoda, both of which are stealth German cars.
permalink :o(
. .
permalink I've got a car full of stuff I'd like to donate to a charity shop,
only all the ones I've tried are too short staffed to accept that much stuff or closed. Grrrr.
permalink drop a little at each shop
or get a smaller car
permalink Drive up North a bit until you find people dressed in rags
hanging around in the street, smoking and drinking away their benefits, then chuck your bags of tatt at them with a cheery, "Here's a bit of help, chuck!"

They'll probably make you their God, dressing you up in a robe of feral catskins with a crown made of an old BMW hubcap they stole when someone accidentally drove the wrong way up the M6 in a decent car once. Or they'll eviscerate you.
permalink I'm not going all the way to Scotland.
permalink pfft!
have you tried a food bank.. they take 'stuff' as well
permalink To give away to well-coiffeured managers of Feng-Shui Consultancies
who can't quite manage to buy food after paying for their new car and the mortgage on their Ikea furniture.
permalink I'm getting a bit worried about Kia and Hyundai
They both seem to be turning out some nice looking cars lately
permalink have you been snorting bromide again?
permalink Heathrow!
Return leg of my Edinburgh-East London-West End-West London-Edinburgh circuit for today.

I have two hours to fuck about online and cane the free wine.
permalink well i'll be in the cloisters
If you want one when you land