thread I got one of these
Very impressed indeed

Beautiful day here on t' and cranberry and a warm fire pit for when sun goes down
permalink Lovely in Wigan too.
I've got a square fire pit and the remains of the wrs to burn
permalink the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn. Burn motherfucker, burn.

A Coal Chamber gig was the one and only time I was sent crowdsurfing. Unfortunately the crowd fucked off and I ended up dropping 6' onto my shoulder. There may have been swears.

Still, worth it just to be that close to Rayna Foss (bass) :)
permalink i spent the day
watching cricket
drinking beer
permalink this
I can believe
permalink we won and all
this never happens
permalink that is exactly
how I would have preferred to have spent Monday
permalink some outdoorsness at Mrs Witchy's
unoverlooked garden may have resulted in some ow ow ow that I'm currently avoiding with ale. Tomorrow will be interesting. #lobster
permalink apply ALL the aloe vera!
permalink I don't think there's
enough :)
permalink try swarfega instead
it's a green cool gel...should work the same, no?
permalink +1
permalink what.. a dustbin with a few holes at the bottom
not good enough for you? bloody snobs
thread my mum once punched a beagle square in the face
permalink you lie
why would you lie about that?
permalink that's ridiculous
why would anyone lie?
permalink but what are
you having for your tea?
permalink bit personal
permalink pics or it didn't happen.
permalink why?
also whose beagle was it?
permalink Charlie Brown.
permalink It would explain
why Snoopy was an arsehole
permalink pow, poor beagle
anyone order one of those cheap nooks? looks like they couldn't cope with the demand

I got an excitingly illiterate email:

"Thank you for writing to us. We do apologised for the inconvenience.
Upon checking the order status on our system, the item that you purchased is already confirmed, you will be receiving an email notification if the item will be shipped out to your home address, just check your inbox time to time.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Hoping for your kind and consideration. "

oh dear...

oh, and has everyone else given up on the fantasy cycling?
permalink no
it is more that I was a moron and didn't include Cavendish in my team. Or sprinters.
permalink I made three separate orders,
all three failed.

permalink don't think
it went as planned, I paid extra for next day delivery too, can't imagine I'll ever see it.
permalink I did one
got a confirmation email & nothing since
permalink so, totn
permalink that is fucking mentally awesome
how the shitting fuck did they not win?

that would have been the best Eurovision entry ever
permalink pretty sure Eurovision
you're not allowed to mime (thus the out-of-tune British entry a few years back). Surely the drummers aren't actually playing at that angle? Or the rest of the band when they're hoiked up by the ankle?
permalink yeah, but who cares!
its a lot more interesting than most of the shoite available
permalink My mum once covered a beagle in cream cheese and ate it

FFS my spelling is getting worse.
permalink ver good
permalink I did wonder whether you had to get someone else
to type it out
permalink +1
permalink I am visiting my cousins
The grandmother who disowned my mother when I was 8 is here. I have clearly been set up.

I do not mind, but it is awkward.
permalink interesting too
permalink did she ever punch
a beagle
in the face?
permalink She was a beagle.
permalink did she often
punch herself in the face?
permalink Until the white man came along,
The beagle had not learned to make a fist.
permalink you mean
white mam?
permalink *polite applause*
permalink god bless america
permalink just back from a wedding near Leeds, much was et
my thanks go out to the twat in a 4x4 who jack-knifed his caravan and caused a 10-mile tailback on the A1
permalink I punched a wasp
in the face. Twice.
permalink was it pinching her silk cuts?
thread Morning all
all date-related sci-fi puns will be met with the frying pan of spanging.
permalink now this is an intresting life synopsis
Jeffrey Allen "Jeff Skunk" Baxter (born December 13, 1948) is an American guitarist, known for his stints in the rock bands Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers during the 1970s. More recently, he has been working as a defense consultant and chairs a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense.

permalink As the only board member
With a Steely Dan derived username, I'd like to pipe up and say that I agree.
permalink more from "Al's slightly dodgy music recomendations"
Much of the time 6 Mix is poorly used. Many weeks it isn't even a "mix" as such. Often it's a load of pretentious twaddle. Grandmaster Flash, on the other hand, has picked up a theme and run with it. It only stops for trailers. I wish they'd not done that- two hours straight through would have been even better.
And yes, there are some choices on that track list that have never been played on 6music, and likely will never again...

Two hours. Potentially genius.
permalink Ironman 3
with the cubs, good film, slightly introspective but good nevertheless
permalink we rather enjoyed that
though quite why the bad guy died that time and not the other times is a bit odd.

oops, spoiler alert.
permalink I thought it was good
But then I am totally gay for RDJ...

and the total lack of AC/DC was most welcome this time round
permalink Star Trek 12 looks good
IMAX in Liverpool looks fav
permalink note that apparently it wasn't filmed
in 3D.
permalink see here
permalink we saw Iron Man in 2D
I suspect it would have been awful in 3D, fake or not
permalink Interesting
thread so, the new Daft punk album
is apprently a bit bobbins. That single certainly is, despite a superb groove. Pharell fucks it over. Anyway, all this is a convulted way of getting you to click this
permalink OK, what's going on here?
Yesterday you are all for Emile Sande, today you're criticising the new Daft Punk tune?
I agree that Pharell's lyrics are sub-optimal, but Nile Rodgers did the guitars and all that shizzle! I think it's quite good, and I'm keen to listen to the album.
Also, there's a great mondegreen in it - the lyrics appear to go "she stayed up all night to get bummed"
permalink Also, as a sub-reply,
this is a great example of how the new music licensing model is great.

Let's say the new Daft Punk album is bobbins.
In the old days you'd buy it listen a couple of times and then never again. Daft Punk would make the same amount of money as if it were the best album of the decade.
Nowadays, you set up a playlist on Spotify, and if you listen to it twice, they get paid for that, if you listen several times, or continually, they get more.
It's fundamentally fairer, although I accept that some balancing needs ot occur, I don't think Spotify pays enough per play. If the scale of fees was right, it would be better for consumers and artists at the end of the day.
permalink Yes, but...

permalink I saw that,
and rejected it as it was:
a. not rubber
b. silly
c. a waste of time and money
d. not art (according to my own extremely wide and imprecise definition of art)
permalink I concur, but I place value on b) regardless
permalink I concur
purely on a

Art is often silly and a waste of time and money. I like that about it.
permalink Where is Godzilla
when you need him?
permalink the Nile Rodgers guitar
is superb. But the song as a whole is a bit dull. And seems to have avoided having Daft Punk involved at all.

As for Emile Sande, you seem to have mistaken my linking to that as an endorsement.
permalink though again
I like what Ferry has done with the tune, the Sande vocals detract.
permalink You're just not one the 'boarders I usually associated with posting music.
And you've done it twice in less than 24 hours, and I've had issues with the choice on both occasions.
I have to admit I haven't listened to yesterday's on the basis that it's got Emile Sande in it.
It could be brilliant, she's certainly got some talent, but one of my failings is that I am predetermined to hate things that lots of people like, which very much includes Emile Sande.
I was extremeley upset to find out that I actually quite liked Jake Bugg's album, for example.
permalink Predisposed.
Predetermined makes it sound like it's in your genetic code, rather than just being awkward ;)
permalink i dunno who emile sande is
but the new daft punk tune is shocking
permalink imagine the lovechild
of Grace Jones and Max Headroom
permalink +1
permalink worse than that
it isn't shcoking. It's bland.
permalink i was in a caff and looked up to the screen to see who were the bastards fouling the air
quite shocked to see the helmets and the 'DP dance'.. fucking horrendous

(also found out one direction have done a cover of blondie.. i don't know what the rest of their music is like but they should be shot for that alone)
permalink What
No UKIP circlejerk ?
permalink Farage and his smug face
all over the TV :(
permalink I'm not sure what's worse
his moosh or the faces of a load of blubbing LibDems
permalink Lib Dems losing their deposits
is quite satisfying . . . maybe they will turn on Clegg now
permalink I've actually just cheered a Lib Dem victory
mainly because it involve absloute arsehole Cambridgeshire County Council leader Nick Clarke being booted out. Seems much of his vote share went purple.
permalink except this turns out to be untrue
none of his vote went to UKIP. At all. The lib Dems beat him fair and square.
permalink he looks like someone shit in a sock
permalink I'm borrowing this
permalink credit
permalink if you check the T&As
you'll see that I have de facto rights to all content posted on this site, as well as any financial benefits therefrom, and your hair.
permalink my pubes are in the post
permalink what?
both of them?
permalink Not both,
He'll keep one for pissing out of.
permalink you leave my tiny willy out of this
permalink Also, I almost never do this on here,
but my album of the moment is Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors.
It needs a couple of listens to get into, but it's pure genius throughout.
permalink Something for the friday club ?
permalink We've generally been quite happoy with the flexibility and convenience offered by
light switches, but I like the thinking.

If it didn't involve coloured lighting, which I am a bit suspicious of, I'd be very enthusiastic about Phillips Hue.

Also, Friday Club seems to be more or less dead since I moved, their motivation seems to have waned.
permalink Hue is stupidly expensive and a total gimmick.
I'm not convinced that people would actually like controlling their lights with a smartphone once the novelty had worn off.
permalink The sound control
on the lifx seems like a nice touch, certainly for smoking
permalink indeed.
permalink They're still not cheap though,
basically the same price as Hue.

Also, I would want mini screw fittings for lamps in my living room, which neither Hue nor LIFX seem to do.

My policy has typically been to keep the light levels as low as possible to mute the impression of untidiness. I also have an issue as a result of sitting with a lamp on my right, and nothing on my left, this means that after watching a movie or something, my left pupil is considerably more dilated than my left.

I expect my lighting will get sorted out in a few weeks anyway ;-)
permalink you do, do you?
permalink I wish I hadn't clicked that.
permalink Since we're on about music...
We went to see Nabucco the other day, and I enjoyed it so had a look in Oxfam to see if they had it on CD. They didn't, but they had Tosca for 80p so I bought that instead. Only disc 1 is missing, so I've only got the second half of Tosca.
permalink Which I assume is called "ca"
The person that donated the CD to Oxfam clearly couldn't give a "tos"
permalink Ha.
I've just ordered a variable temp kettle for £50. I think the one you were looking at is available without the toaster for £60: link.

There's no price difference between amazon and curries.
permalink Cool, I will look when I'm outside of the webnanny
Thank you very much!
permalink I'm having a Haim moment
permalink whatever happened?
permalink Could listen to Falling all morning...
Though Spotify has lead me on to this now -
permalink I've been avoiding them a bit,
until the album comes out, I didn't want to get all excited and then only have a couple of tracks to listen to.
What's the score though, they've been the next big thing for ages now, and the album's still not out...
permalink Due out in June
Playing all the festivals but no real UK tour
permalink I have a deep
hatred of Haim, stemming from the first single sounding like what Justin Bieber sounds like. I unfortunately have heard things by Bieber. I don't want to be remindeded of them.
permalink you're either turning into cowjam
or you need to up your hrt dose
permalink my pc speakers
have gone, so im having to use some crappy unpowered ones. this is displeasing me as i cant be arsed to power up my amp and proper speakers
permalink at least RE MIT will
be out soon
permalink that Partridge is loading like a jumpy bastard
*goes back to listening to Jello Biafra*

Actually managed to drag myself out for one of the free organised 5km runs this morning. Twas good fun. Shame they have to run them at 08:00 on a Saturday though
permalink I'm going for a bike ride at 9am tommorow
for some reason. Something along these lines
permalink that looks good
I really never did enough cycling around the place when I was in Cambs...

This was a short run this morning:
but good to run against other people...I should have started further up, as I assumed they were all going to be sub-20 min nutjobs, but in fact were a complete mix
permalink treat yourself to a cake at Teacake in Shepreth

it's the propr thing to do.
permalink must go there at some point
it was a bit early in the ride for a stop
thread Shit
Jeff Hannerman has died


TOTN - Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss -
permalink fuck fuck fuck fucking FUCK.
*epic sadface*

Aw man :(
permalink "Epic Sadface"
Great Peel Session, etc
permalink fuck.. fucking spider the little bastard
permalink Boo
In funnier news WI dress up as pirates for talk by man held captive by Somalian pirates haha
permalink there seem to be
a lot of dead people
permalink I can see them
permalink Morning. Just been to the dentist
so half my face is numb.
permalink top half or bottom half?
numb moustache, terrible.
permalink Top left.
I'm numb from my lip to my eye socket.
permalink Today my face is hurting
from all the injections I had in my jaw yesterday.