thread *looks at time*

Ozric tentacles - Pteranodon (Hallucinogen remix)
permalink Noice!
Merv & Joie-era Ozrics, remixed by Posford?

What more could you possibly want?
permalink Ozrics, madness
permalink hey manley i think i have your splitter problem sorted
permalink Morning! The NHS is being awesome:
Last week the out-of-hours telephone service transferred from locally run to a new 111 phone number (at least in the north west) and NHS Direct won the contract.

So, our call handlers were made redundant. Only NHS Direct can't take over for another month. Our call handlers can't apply for the temporary positions because (a) they've been made redundant so can't work for the trust for a month and (b) the jobs are for internal candidates only.
permalink m(
time for the faceplam emoticon.
permalink This time last year
I was sitting in my mate Nerdy Pauls back garden soaking up the sun and quaffing ale :o(
permalink You still have
electricity then?
permalink Yeah
All the snow was in the north/east coast, we just had the gales and a windchill of -10
permalink Aye, we had gales. One of the fence panels died a death
which is a tad annoying, and the TV antenna on the back of the house is really rattly and annoying now we're sleeping in the attic.

/first world problems
permalink Are you hiding
from someone?
permalink He want's to be
Anne Frank
permalink Nope. We had the attic converted into a room
but we can't put kids in it (when we get some) as it doesn't have a door and so doesn't count as anything but storage.
permalink have some
raw, unadulterated, clickbait
permalink I like that.
permalink TJ
If you're a non British national in the UK and paying income tax and NI contributions are you eligible for an NHS card ?
permalink Yes

permalink Tah !
If you're a non British national outside the UK and neither paying income tax nor NI contributions are you eligible for an NHS card ?
permalink No

permalink if you're a British national, currently outside the UK
but visiting soon, can you still use the NHS?

not currently paying tax/NI, but paid enough over the years!
permalink not if Cameron gets his way and you're shoved in a rotten B&B
until you die of drug-resistant TB.

[edit] but if you're asking for you, we're not doing your sex change for free.
permalink yes
it says, "Get Well Soon"
permalink audible laughter was produced.
thread Assuming my clock is accurate
and I haven't dreamt the last 24 hours, it is no longer new_matt's birthday. So Happy Sunday everyone.

I also have a question... If a friend wanted to have some episodes from a televisual entertainment programme from the US which don't seem to be available for purchase, where might one obtain such things these days? My friend would pay if the option were there...

EDIT: Thanks everyone. My friend has found the programming he was after!
permalink maybe he forgot he had backup copy stored at a cyberlocker? is a good way to look where exctly you forgot you put it.
permalink Happy sunday
The boiler has just about managed to put enough heat into the flat to keep me comfortable after being on constantly since 10:00 this morning. Its pretty white out there still!
permalink have you bled the rads?
permalink Yes, they are all fully functioning,
We are suffering from a combination of 1987 build quality and an empty flat above us at the moment. The latter has made a real difference this year.

[edit] could be worse though, I'd imagine that this would cause quite the draft http://www.sudburymerc...
permalink cripes and
permalink The question is
how much above the 30 limit was the turd going down a street in a residential area on an icy night?
permalink 20 year old in an audi TT
permalink clearly some kind
of massive cunt, and reinforces my opinion of people who drive those things. Glad that nobody was killed.
permalink the hole in the hedge is impressive, little bank of earth
must have launched it into the air
permalink street
view of the approach.
permalink I see someone else has been playing amateur
crash investigator too...
permalink yeah
sorry about that...
permalink with 3 children you have to :)
permalink i'm going to say he clipped the kerb on the inside
permalink I think he completely missed the corner
notice the accident investigation marks on the kerb, rear wheels only slightly out from front wheels. last ditch attempt to try and steer but too much speed...
permalink vastly too much speed
even if the road was dry
permalink I'm just going to suggest
he was a complete cunt
permalink This may well be the conclusion
of the police report.
permalink this.
permalink Well, it IS an Audi...
permalink This^^
permalink the likes of lovefilm etc steam most stuff for monies
However, if you you're after a certain Swedish site, this illustrates the futility of blocking ISP-based blocking of mirror sites
permalink personally
some people i heard about hunt ISO from some site or other
permalink Use a proxy
It's easy when you know how
permalink those who are both cycling and F1 fans
Froome/Porte in the CI today versus the Red Bull and Merc shennanigans in Malaysia- interesting contrast?
permalink I think some people find it easy to get tv from an italian site
permalink like thirdy says
its eezz tv
thread assuming bacefook is accurate
happy birthday new_matt
permalink I am singing 'Wigan Los Vegas' to the tune of Viva Los Vegas
I am unsure as to why.
permalink it is
yes, thank you. I am in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere near Southampton. It is raining. I am going to a wedding.
permalink i dont know that one...

I'm in quite a nice crowne plaza in Bruges....
permalink habby new year fella
hope you got off with some cakey goodness
permalink Morning. I saw Skunk Anansie last night,
who were a bit good. What was less good was that I watched most of it through smart phone screens. Fuckers.

A chap a bit in front of me got a brilliant shot of someone else taking a photo of Skin crowdsurfing whilst still singing. I don't think he did it intentionally but it pretty much summed up my experience.

I understand wanting to take a photo, but a lot of them were taking photos the whole way through. Why not just get the DVD? It's like taking photos only it's done by someone who is really good at it and is in a better position and it's cheaper than the ticket.
permalink i fucking hate that.. nearly as bad as people fb'ing their activitises
while doing them.. live the moment fucktard

anyway seems you witnessed a perfect element of baudrillard's fourth stage
permalink ..
permalink however
in Japan
permalink count me in.
Should I get to Tokyo, I'm so there.
permalink I think what you really need to do
is get a version set up in Edinburgh. Could you make the lighting any more mental/seizure inducing?
thread Two in a row!
Heathrow. Friday night. Delayed. Arse.

Free wine and food. Ah well. Not quite so bad then.
permalink Arsefuckwankbuggery
Flight cancelled, no chance of getting on the last one as already full. Took ages to get out of airside T5, but managed to get us rebooked onto the 8am tomorrow, and checked into the sofitel at T5.

A couple of hours in the bar with my colleague.

Pleasant enough, but not the place or company either of us would have chosen.

permalink yeah it's a bit messy up here transport wise
should be alright the morrow though
permalink I fucking hope so
Or I'm in trouble.

Supposed to be picking up ickleuminator at 10...
permalink snow's all stopped now
I'm pretty sure it'll be fine tomorrow
permalink well, were at the gate and there is a plane out there
permalink Good luck
permalink hope you managed it,
it's snowing like a cunt here on the flatlands, and a steamy 0 degrees of heat. I'm sat in the house with my coat on!
permalink We did.
Blizzardy at Heathrow, 2 hours late. Cold but dry up here.
permalink Oh no...
permalink a neighbour of mine cut his wrists and let the blood into snow
the blood is still there
permalink Um, OK...
permalink just pointing out things
could be worse..
thread Off to the airport I go...
A flying visit to Hammersmith.
permalink I'm off to Southampton tonight
wedding tomorrow. Someone else's. It's my birthday too. rubbish.

Also, say what you like about Halfords (well, bikehut), but their customer service has been excellent this week.
permalink Happy birthday!
I'm off to see skunk anansie tonight.
permalink birthday tomorrow, but thank you
I got a new bike and an xbox, it's what 13 year old me would want.
permalink I think I must have had the suckiest birthday ever this year
I got a plectrum cutter that makes plectrums out of credit cards. Thanks. Awesome. Shite. Then nobody could be arsed to come down the pub. I've decided not to bother with it any more. I'm going to find elaborate ways of avoiding everybody before they can even think about avoiding me
permalink Birthday's become less fun with every year.
I remember when it used to be important to go to someone's birthday thing, these days it's sort of "what? again, already? nah, next year"

I tend to have a bite to eat with the really important people, and that's about it.
permalink Awww, Man. That's a bit rubbish.
Probably the best to be on vacation next time. I know this picturesque German backwater town in Lower-Saxony. A complete insider's tip, I tell you.
permalink What's more, I hear people still enjoy the simple pleasure of going to a pub there.
permalink And you didn't suggests drinks?
permalink I'm not going to have time to do anything fun
won't get there til late tonight, wedding all day, getting out of Dodge as soon as we can.
permalink bah
permalink tell me about it
actually I don't think it actually is Southampton just near. But I don't know the place well enough. I don't want to go.
permalink I see what you did there.
Snow in Wigan, but it's only just snow so isn't really settling.

If it freezes tonight it'll be fun tomorrow. 12 slips on ice in one day is the current record.

edit: colleague has her headphones in and is going "shhhh shhh shhh shhh shh shhhhhhhhhhhhh" repeatedly. *cries*
permalink last I checked
the 'smiff didn't have an airport.
permalink Well, it's a flixing visit.
I imagine he's waving while they fly really low.
permalink Well, we had to do it via Heathrow.
Was at Rogers Stirk Harbour all afternoon. Lunch came over from the River Cafe. Happy Days.
permalink No Sleep
until Hammersmith!
permalink We are off to bruges today for a weekend of booze, chocolate, waffles and chips with mayonaise
... the mussels are apparently off season
permalink Watch out for embittered and slightly incompetent hitmen.
permalink just cancelled
a sailing regatta due to be held this weekend. This weekend last year? We went to Rutland, sailed, and had the first pints of Saturday sat on the balcony in t-shirts.
permalink Talking of travel
Anyone recommend a hotel in Brighton that doesn't cost a fortune?
permalink This place was nice enough, and right near the sea
permalink Al can probably get you
15% off at the Holiday Inn.
permalink That would be wonderful
It's the 6th - loads of places seem to be fully booked
permalink the holiday inn isnt great.
But on the seafront.... I'll facebook you the code