thread Off to the airport I go...
A flying visit to Hammersmith.
permalink I'm off to Southampton tonight
wedding tomorrow. Someone else's. It's my birthday too. rubbish.

Also, say what you like about Halfords (well, bikehut), but their customer service has been excellent this week.
permalink Happy birthday!
I'm off to see skunk anansie tonight.
permalink birthday tomorrow, but thank you
I got a new bike and an xbox, it's what 13 year old me would want.
permalink I think I must have had the suckiest birthday ever this year
I got a plectrum cutter that makes plectrums out of credit cards. Thanks. Awesome. Shite. Then nobody could be arsed to come down the pub. I've decided not to bother with it any more. I'm going to find elaborate ways of avoiding everybody before they can even think about avoiding me
permalink Birthday's become less fun with every year.
I remember when it used to be important to go to someone's birthday thing, these days it's sort of "what? again, already? nah, next year"

I tend to have a bite to eat with the really important people, and that's about it.
permalink Awww, Man. That's a bit rubbish.
Probably the best to be on vacation next time. I know this picturesque German backwater town in Lower-Saxony. A complete insider's tip, I tell you.
permalink What's more, I hear people still enjoy the simple pleasure of going to a pub there.
permalink And you didn't suggests drinks?
permalink I'm not going to have time to do anything fun
won't get there til late tonight, wedding all day, getting out of Dodge as soon as we can.
permalink bah
permalink tell me about it
actually I don't think it actually is Southampton just near. But I don't know the place well enough. I don't want to go.
permalink I see what you did there.
Snow in Wigan, but it's only just snow so isn't really settling.

If it freezes tonight it'll be fun tomorrow. 12 slips on ice in one day is the current record.

edit: colleague has her headphones in and is going "shhhh shhh shhh shhh shh shhhhhhhhhhhhh" repeatedly. *cries*
permalink last I checked
the 'smiff didn't have an airport.
permalink Well, it's a flixing visit.
I imagine he's waving while they fly really low.
permalink Well, we had to do it via Heathrow.
Was at Rogers Stirk Harbour all afternoon. Lunch came over from the River Cafe. Happy Days.
permalink No Sleep
until Hammersmith!
permalink We are off to bruges today for a weekend of booze, chocolate, waffles and chips with mayonaise
... the mussels are apparently off season
permalink Watch out for embittered and slightly incompetent hitmen.
permalink just cancelled
a sailing regatta due to be held this weekend. This weekend last year? We went to Rutland, sailed, and had the first pints of Saturday sat on the balcony in t-shirts.
permalink Talking of travel
Anyone recommend a hotel in Brighton that doesn't cost a fortune?
permalink This place was nice enough, and right near the sea
permalink Al can probably get you
15% off at the Holiday Inn.
permalink That would be wonderful
It's the 6th - loads of places seem to be fully booked
permalink the holiday inn isnt great.
But on the seafront.... I'll facebook you the code
thread I just saw
James Herbert has died . . . :o(
permalink CowJam's thought process:
James Herbert wasn't already dead? He must've been well old!
No, wait, that's Frank Herbert.
permalink I thought he meant
James Herriot

edit: And a quick Google has led me to discover he was a real person! Gosh.
permalink i read them as a kid
much more interesting for a 9yro than harry potter i'm sure
permalink I used to read James Herriot books when I was a kid too.
Some of it used to make me giggle like a lunatic.
permalink My train of thought exactly.
permalink yeah
A copy of the Rats was passed around on a school skiing trip when I was 14 I'd guess. Blimey. Also a copy of some shit french nudey magazine someone bought off the ferry.
permalink didn't know who he was
but had to laugh ' director of an advertising agency. He is a full-time writer who also designs his own book covers'
permalink Some of his stuff was really good
and he definitely laid the ground for writers like Clive Barker (and Shaun Hutson unfortunately)
permalink that whole genre urks me
it's more storytelling than writing.. if you get my drift
permalink this is an appropriate article for me today
permalink Our paper supply changed from decent 80gsm
to "economy" stuff. Feels about 60gsm and the copy/printer hates it. Plus some fuckwit keeps changing loading different orientation paper into one of the trays without letting the printer know, then spends about three hours turning it off and back on again and getting upset because it's still not working.

Then when nobody's looking I go and fix it.
permalink Oh bollocks!
permalink I was "meh"
then I remembered he wrote Fluke.
permalink I was aware of him more from the shite
films made of his books...don't think I'd ever read any. Horror really isn't my thing.

In other news, first single of the new Banco de Gaia album anyone? (plus remixes):

I especially like the Eat Static a crazy klezmer thang going on
permalink bloody hell
Banco de Gaia are still going. Next you'll be telling me Drum Club have got a new album out.
permalink well, old Toby never really went away
although it is his first album since 2007, so it has been a while

and whilst nothing he has released has ever been bad, he has never quite refound the heights of the Magical Sounds Of... from 1999
permalink You should know by now
They All Come Back.
permalink I liked his stuff when I was about 14 for a few years
but moved on to sci-fi.

Don't like modern horror at all. It's way more explicit. I read something recently that was marketed as a police procedural (and those bits were really good) but had these really horrible chapters involving really intense torture. Looked the author up and found he was more famous for his horror novels. Bleh.
permalink You were 14
for a few years?
permalink she got
held back
permalink Gah
Grammar fail.
thread Time for a new 'Morning type thread is it not?
Given that a whole day had transpired since the last one.

I'm taking part in this tonight anyone done it before? Should I go to the effort of collating some sort of costume, possibly Shaun of the dead related?

Anyone else got any fun plans for thursday night?
permalink yes....
though obviously, don't dress as a zombie.

or dress like someone not playing the game so that the zombies don't attack
permalink You get an armband to wear, but I suppose
it would be cheating to take it off...
permalink put a nazi armband over it
that'll fox 'em
permalink Dress as royalty you mean?
permalink Dress for the job you want
Not for the job you have
permalink HR object to Batman costumes at work
permalink no
quiet night. Went to see Public Service Broadcasting last night. Which was fun.
permalink Ooh, I'm off to see them on 17th may
very much looking forward to it.
permalink bit of an odd moment at the end of
"If War Should Come". Just silence. No applause, no cheering. Reverential quiet and reflection instead.
permalink that's quite something
in these days of everyone being so seal clap happy.. it's almost as tough a reaction to gain as a dadaesque audience stomp out

i'd go as i quite like the samples.. but the music sounds like an intro to a magazine program
permalink you would of course have to be quite a dick to cheer/clap
thanks to the final line
permalink eh? besides the obvious class war that is occuring at the moment which makes it relevant.
you are applauding the performance as a whole.. of the invention and artifice employed to excite you..
i may applaud a song which has a subject matter of murder.. doesn't mean i'm cheering on murderers.

permalink *jealouses*
they are rather ace...although wonder how they do it live?

do they keep some of the films up as projections as well?
permalink the films
are an integral part of the show. One of them drums, the other ones plays guitar/banjo/synth/sequencer/thermin/laptop
permalink ah, OK, only 2 in the band?
assumed there'd be a bass player, and someone on keyboards/samples as well as guitar
permalink I'd love to see them.
Must keep an eye out.
permalink it'll get chilly,
-2 next week. Best keep it in.
permalink My eldest did one last year
And they had a great time, costumes and fake blood are definitely the order of the day...
permalink meanwhile
Robbie Williams doesn't like Suede

(He does make some good points in there though)
permalink I don't like Suede or Take That
It's like watching Chelsea play Manchester United, you hope they both lose.
permalink I'm entirely with you on this
both are rubbish
permalink You'll get no disagreement from me
permalink Eventually he was . .

permalink Oh, Mike!
permalink I'm going to this tonight

with a lovely redhead
permalink tongight, no, not really
although you have just reminded me to check the prawns are still ok for tea.

I saw Tim Wonnacott off of Bargain Hunt in the street last night (outside Hotel du Vin on Trumpington Street for the east Angulans out there). I didn't have a pen, so I couldn't get his autograph.
permalink Morning! I went to see Side Effects last night,
it's really good.

I also got offered a job.

edit: that looks awesome!
permalink ooh
something more suited to you?
permalink Yes. Hopefully it's a distillation of the bits I enjoy in this job
with more money and a car. And working from home when I'm not visiting hospitals.
permalink Sounds awesome.
Don't forget to check that the company car tax doesn't outweigh the salary increase. Also find out what the score with fuel is - do you pay and get reimbursed for business mileage, or is private fuel included like mine? If it's the latter, there's a tax implication.

There's a good calculator at when you get further down the line, but you need to know what your P11D (list price of the car with options) value is first.
permalink but he already has a car
what he needs is a driver..
permalink My car is getting a bit old
and the breaks are going to cost a lot next MOT.
permalink Don't know so have emailed them.
I've just had a look at the calculator. It's a lot less than my wage increase presuming I don't get something silly (a rolls-royce phantom drophead coupe, for example, would be very nearly my entire wage, but a BMW 3 series would be ok).

They pick my first car though, then after two year I get to pick my own.
permalink I'm pretty sure there'll be a P11D value associated with the offer,
plus a list of acceptable manufacturers.
We have to have 4 doors, and there's a 160g/km co2 limit, by way of an example of the sort of limitations there might be.

I was amazed at how expensive new cars are, and how the P11D value can be restrictive, as it's the list price, not the price actually being paid for it.
My little Polo's P11D is nearly £21k, FFS!
You usually are faced with the choice of "big, but cheap" or "small, but quick and well equipped". I went for the latter, I think alistair went somewhere in between the two extremes.
permalink They're next door to the place they get them from
so they usually get a great price. He mentioned a BMW 3 series, VW CC and a people carrier if that was the kind of thing I wanted. I've no idea if a CC and a 3-series are in the same price band.
permalink Yep, that's a pretty good selection, probably about a £27k P11D at a guess.
My boss previously had a VW Passat CC which was a lovely car, he replaced it with a 3-series, which is nicer in some respects, but not in others.
In people carriers I have no interest.
permalink MrsJam's idea of a people carrier
is a long wheelbase Defender stationwagon, and I think I agree.
permalink i'm pretty sure we all do
permalink No sensible person wouldn't,
unless that person had to travel a reasonable distance in the vehicle on a motorway, in which case the correct answer is a Discovery.

People carriers are for people who have no understanding of modern methods of contraception, and no imagination or authenticity.
permalink Yes but then you're someone who drives a discovery.
How about a multipla? I thought they were popular with your sort.
permalink Meh. I'm sworn off FIATs.
Honda FRV is OK.
permalink ekranoplan
is where it's at.
permalink Indeed,
and an ekranoplan also seats at least three abreast.
permalink I'm not sure I could get over the pennines in one
permalink You could probably go through them.
permalink The Defender is the only Land Rover worth the badge
Anything else is for poseurs
permalink I can tell that you and I disagree very very deeply about cars.
The Disco is very able off-road,seats seven, and is capable of comfortable fast on road cruising.
It's possilbe that many people that drive them are poseurs, but if you want the above combination, what else are you going to buy?

I have the same point of view about BMWs - they're the best ordinary cars for the enthusiastic driver, the fact that many estate agents drive them is irrelevant.

If your judgement of a product is predicated on who else owns or uses it, then that seems like a very wierd way of thinking about things to me.
permalink yeah, but he thinks flat caps are appropriate for a man of his age
who lives/works in London, so you know, pinch of salt...
permalink If only there was some sort of social network
which allowed you to "like" a comment.
permalink dress as gideon
i'm sure you'll make i out ALIVE
thread morning all
gloomy here. Dank even.
permalink S'nice in London
TJ, metal! - http://www.independent...
permalink They would've done better
to get Mick "ex-Napalm Death" Harris' alter ego Scorn in, his bass is deep enough to loosen the bowels
permalink Must be time for a

Anathema - Thin Air -

Also - First day of Spring?
permalink Apparently it is the equinox
equinox shmequinox.

I've been listening to Devo a lot recently, so pick a song.
permalink whip it,
permalink I Am Jocko Homo please
. .
permalink can I have some
Mongoloid please?
permalink pfeh, not
round here it ain't - see Al's description up there ^^^

also it's only Shiela Ferguson and pals.
permalink It's fucking freezing here in the Toon...
Fault-finding a temporary lighting demo on the swing bridge. Something went pop in the rain last night...
permalink I wondered if that
might happen owing to the temporaryness of it all. Swing bridge is awesome though. One of the finer water powered bridges.
permalink It was no problem once it had all dried out.
We took everything down in super-quick time last night, and I exercised my right as a man wearing a high-viz jacket to stop a vehicle anywhere I like, and loaded the car right in the middle of the bridge, pissing off a few random drivers, but only for 45 seconds or so....
permalink I go with the Met Office
who say Meteorological Spring starts on the 1st March.
permalink I say the Met Office can get to fuck
seasons change on the equinoxes/solstices

which is fine, as today is the equinox, innit. And it feels like the first day of autumn is only 8° out there. Brrrrr.
permalink like fuck they do
freako. How in shitting hell is midsummer the start of summer?
permalink in exactly the same way
that mid-winter is the start of winter

In reality, neither is perfect. More rational perhaps, would be 4 month long winters and summers, and 2 month long transitional springs and autumns
permalink exactly
midwinter is not the middle of winter either
permalink The Irish follow your methods and day that Spring starts at the quarter
And they are wrong. 21st March is about right for the start of spring,

Autumn does become winter in December.
permalink as I say
the Met Office's definitions (so the ones used when talking about "the wetest summer ever" or "the coldest spring" etc) are rigidly defined with each season starting on the 1st- March, June, September, December.

In reality, "spring" as such of course starts in a very wooly fashion. Whilst it was horrible and gloomy here yesterday, with sleet, today it is gloriously sunny, but we may have sleet again by Saturday. The transition from spring to summer, and summer into autumn, is if anything even harder to define. It's all arbitary. Which means no-one is right.
permalink giving 4 months to summer (when in reality its maybe 4 days)
seems excessive.. 5 months of spring a fortnight of indian summer the rest is winter
cold cold miserable bloody winter
permalink Frederick McJackersson:
Who was it had a mate in Fort Augustus?
Does he have any beer recommendations?
It seems like there is more than one hostelry.
permalink me
he's indisposed but there are a couple of good pubs in the village on the left hand side of the locks. Also the thelovat is ok for a hotel bar.

we frequented the Lock inn, good food and a nice fire.

[edit] it really should be noted there is fuck all there beyond italian and japanese tourists, a spar, "tourist center" and a couple of B&B's
permalink in fat go and knock on his house
he wont be pleased to see you like the rest of the tourists
permalink Wow, what an awesome place to live!
I clocked the Lock Inn, and figured that was probably the place.
We're staying on the right hand side of the lock (assuming you look with the loch behind you and the locks in front), just up the high street.
permalink it is
Its also amazingly dark at night bar some lights from a damn over some hill miles away. id love to live somewhere like that but itd drive mrschops mental
permalink I thought the country was skint
Why am I getting a £200 tax break for the third year in a row? I earn more than the median wage. This is madness.
permalink I'm £80 better off
due mostly to reduced beer tax and national insurance.

but I take your point.
permalink That's a lot of beer
£80 / 1p per pint = 8,000 pints
8,000 pints / 365 days = 21.9 pints every day of the year
permalink I'd imagine
about £78 of that is NI
permalink it's £9 per year for the beer
I said 20 pints per week...

that does mean my total tax contribubution for beer in a year is £850... but I like to do my bit.
permalink Sounds like
about what Flan puts away . .
permalink I think you inadvertantly hit the nail on the head
You earn more than the median wage...ergo, in Dave&Gideon Land, you do not need to punished.
permalink +1
thread My missus is on strike today
I told her to get up and go stand by a burning oil drum outside the Home Office, but she's still in bed. Lazy cow.

In other questions, so of you lot are home owners/DIYers. If I want to lay a row of bricks round the edge of the lawn to edge it, do I need to cement it down, or will a layer of sand do?

[edit] it is also my 11th b3ta birthday today. Fucking hell.
permalink Use drymix
/had a similar conversation with wife recently
permalink I see, I didn't know that was a thing
I am not very handy.
permalink mix sharp sand with dry cement, lay the bricks on that, level them up, then sprinkle with water
(or just let it rain) and the cement will eventually go off and hold the bricks in place. This is standard proceedure for laying brick paving.

To Alistair's point, he's right, but you're unlikely to load them up that heavily (unless you're edging a drive). You could dig a deeper and wider trench, and put some larger aggregate/hardcore in there to form a solid base.

I wouldn't mortar between the bricks myself, as any movement will be a greater problem. You seldom see bricks laid with mortar between them, even on a proper road surface, they just tend to put the drymix in between the bricks.
permalink ta, it's just to edge the lawn to make mowing easier
it's on the Easter DIY list
permalink In whihc case,
mortaring between them may be a good idea, to prevent the grass growing between them.
Again, you could do this with drymix, rather than worrying about proper mortar, but it depends whether you are going to dig them into the ground so they're flush, or whether they're going to stick up like a little wall. If the latter, it'd be worth mortaring, I expect.

I should point out that I'm useless at this sort of thing, I just draw it.
permalink no, flush, that's the ticket
I'm just going to buy some bricks and see what happens.
permalink I'd be tempted to mortar between the bricks as well
single layers of bricks are not very strong.
permalink He's edging a lawn with bricks,
I don't think structural integrity is high on the list.
permalink apologies
in strike news, do remeber that if a journalist makes any comment about there not being many on the picket line that they should be smacked with a baseball bat in the face, with the baseball bat carved with the laws governing the size of picket lines (six, maximum)
permalink no worries
is that right? otherwise it's an illegal rave I'd imagine.
permalink It's not actually a law, just a suggestion in the code of practice for picketing
There's a rule about "mass picketing" being able to be stopped by the police but no-one has defined what that is. Though the police do have the power to break up a picket of any size for any reason anyway.
permalink There was one bloke standing outside the National Gallery this morning
he looked exactly like a person on a picket line should. No burning oil drum though.
permalink donkey jacket?
permalink Yep and a flat cap
permalink fucking hipsters
permalink *waves*
I was wearing both of said items as I passed him...

(Technically, it's a country cap but most people can't tell the difference)
permalink you are Quin
from 'it's grim up north london' AICMFP.
permalink How very dare you?!
North London is so last century...
permalink *pukes a little*
permalink They were grouping
by Warren Street station this morning
permalink one out
all out
permalink *gets 'em out*
permalink My friend M. was probably one of them...
She usually pickets Euston Tower. I find it physically impossible to be awake early enough to show up on time. It's much earlier than my usual start time.
permalink I'm on strike too.
*waves from bed*
permalink I have to say
being on strike looks an awful lot like sitting on the sofa watching Buffy DVDs...
permalink lazy sod!
we shall fight them from underneath a heap of pillows is it now?