thread Crikey, you lot haven't been wasting the threads I see
. I guess I'll have to do it.

I've got a day running around a hotel in Edinburgh then a late train to London. I got a 'executive pack' ticket which prints out a standard ticket and a complimentary first class upgrade.. I thought this was innefficein but now realise it gives you a standard ticket to put in your expenses in case the accounts dept get shirty about you booking the first class tickets.
permalink morning
I've got very little to do, working out my notice innit. so I'm dropping people in the shit and looing at the crossword.

I've also discovered you can pick up xbox games really fucking cheap on ebay if you just search by finishing soonest.
permalink I realised that when I sold a load
though I haven't bought any yet.

I want the new bioshock and the new tomb raider, so I'll wait a few months for the price to drop
permalink I got Halo 3 and Gears of War
for £6.50 in total, which seemed ludicrous really.

Thinking about it, do original xbox games work on a 360? I've still got a bag of those in the loft.
permalink The majority do
I think
permalink I've so out of touch with computer games
mind you, i lost touch just after the ST, so it's hardly surprising.
permalink I still have my
last ST in the loft . . 1 meg of RAM and a floppy drive, it was like the future!
permalink *says nowt*
permalink it's not as good
as the Amiga 500 in my loft
permalink *cough*
MIDI port

permalink you could get a Midi Master with 4 ports
for about £15 if I remember rightly

aside from that, sound is probably the last place you want to take on the Amiga :)
permalink I'm currently at Lvl 4 of Titan's Legacy
The scenery disk of Battle Isle II from 1993.

It's bloody hard.
permalink some do
some dont. there is a list of those that do work
permalink I might just shove the old discs in
and see what happens.
permalink you will need
an online update first for most games.

permalink of the above
you need

black, burnout3 takedown (though there is a 360 version that will be just as cheap), conker live and reloaded, gta3/vice city, grabbed by the ghoulies, jet set radio future (better than the dlc version due to soundtrack), ninja gaiden/NJ black, oddworld, munche's oddysee, OUTRUN2, panzer dragoon orta, psychonauts, star wars battlefront 2, super monkeyball deluxe.
permalink ta.
I'll look into all this.

[ed] excellent, both KOTOR games are on there, good games.
permalink even i enjoyed the kotor
permalink takes a while
but it's always fun being a baddie
permalink I sent my xbox games to tino,
might be worth asking if he's finished with any of them yet.
permalink morning
I too am working my notice. My work laptop got some bad sectors recently, IT have fixed it and are currently re-installing a load of software for me.

Edit: Some staff here took early retirement entirely because they were told that they were going to be based 15 miles down the road instead of here. We have just been told that due to the number of staff who have recently left there is no need to move to Warrington.

Is that constructive dismissal?
permalink would depend how the compromise agreement is worded I suspect
but I wouldn't be surprised. mind you, do you get a compromise agreement for early retirement? one person would need to speak to a proper solicitor about it.
permalink If it is a compromise
then they have no hope.
permalink do you think?
if the reason they've been given is the move, and then the move doesn't happen, surely the reason has gone then?

anyway, I'd ask a solicitor, not some knobheads on the internet.
permalink +1 from Manley

permalink But who can you trust
if you can't trust random internet weirdos?
permalink so the executive pack is fraud?
seems to have a familiar ring about it..
permalink it would make an intersting FOI request to
see how many MPs use it
permalink My wife has a load of old coins
are there any charities that would take them and deal with them properly rather than putting them in their shop for a couple of quid?
permalink old rare coins
or just a pile of old coins?

if the latter, they're not really worth anything to anyone, maybe a copper merchant
permalink I haven't looked. I suspect there are some rare ones
permalink unlikely unless they were bought as rare
but may have metal value
good article here

suggests Oxfam and Age UK will make use of them
permalink Ta.
MrsJam's mother was involved in archaeology.
permalink sorry, force of habit
I used to work in a 2nd hand bookshop and lost track of the amount of times I had to explain to people that very few things appreciate in value purely due to age
permalink I do
. .
permalink quantity != quality
permalink no worries :)
permalink still at panic stations
here. Fuck knows why. Panic project is for a niche, low volume, low margin, product.
permalink just start pronouncing niche
as 'nitch' and see how long it is before they take you off the project just to stop you saying it.
permalink or even
permalink we aint no
philosophers here
permalink Then misquote nietzsche
permalink The worst thing about working with the yanks
permalink I pronounce it "neesh".
I haven't checked it and just went with slightly altering the German pronunciation. It's probably bullshit.
permalink That is correct.
permalink I am apparently an English language genius.
permalink There is really no excuse for that.
thread adverts that currently cause me anger
that one for the Cider that Carlsberg are jumping on the bandwagon with. Has people going into a pubbed based on Apple stores. Lots of heavy handed smartphone metaphors. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY'VE DONE THERE? FUCK OFF WITH THAT SHITE

The Doritos advert with the Mariachi band doing East 17.
permalink Yes.
That is all.
permalink I thought the
cider one was quite funny, at least 2 snorts were heard from me during my viewing of it 10 mins ago.
permalink when you're watching a lengthy sports event
that has it in EVERY FUCKING AD BREAK then it loses it's fucking humour fucking quickly.
permalink ah, I've
only seen it once and that's how it'll stay. At home with the virgins I just whizz through the ads :)
permalink virgins?
in Ely?
permalink yup, there's no
holes in the cable box outside my house.
permalink truly
a miracle!
permalink also
I want to punch everyone in it.
permalink I feel like that about actual Apple stores
permalink I think
it might also be because it is Carlsberg jumping on the bandwagon that Stella leapt aboard with what will no doubt be some near flavourless sweet overly piss piss water.
permalink sold!
I'm off to get myself case.
permalink yes, and who holds a pint like that?
'docking' my fucking arse.

the woman whose mother had a fall and now she knows all about calcium and vitamin d. HAS LOADS OF MILK ALREADY, WHY IS SHE BUYING MORE? LOOK HOW FUCKING FULL OF MILK HER FRIDGE IS! Also, it's not about you you cow it's about your sick old mother.
permalink Tour of Azerbigian
or however the fuck it spelled.

This may be a rather specialist one.
permalink that's only a continental (or whatever it's called these days) race isn't it?
there won't be any names in it, especialy if it's soon and clashes the early season races.
permalink endless fucking ads for it
and not europsort ones, from the organisers, during Paris--Roubaix.
permalink ah
I've got it taped, still not watched it.
permalink ah ha
found the advert

It's a 2.2, so third tier stage race.
permalink according to the site

there is a Dukla Prague cycling team!
permalink is all you want for christmas
now a dukla prague cycling kit?
permalink Czech czech
Czech it out!
permalink Azerbaijan, perchance?
and that'll be nice...cycling through the nodding donkey fields outside Baku
permalink I don't want to know
about docking your arse thanks
permalink that does sound pretty terrible
the only ads i get to watch are ones between overs and they're usually indian based
which is cute and interesting for maybe the first hour then aaaaarrrggghh!

in other news i made a dahl type thing last night and didn't cook the lentils long enough.. not comfortable
permalink my touchscreen code is causing me anger.

Cold again in Utrecht.
permalink I really like the new
Southern Comfort advert, but I like SC anyways
permalink eww
weirdo ;)
permalink I don't watch live telly, I only watch iPlayer stuff.
*goes and sits in the Manley corner*
permalink conical hat with an "m"
on it?

I like this idea
permalink Ha!
permalink I thought it was funny.
wait, that's not helping at all is it?
permalink is thatcher still dead
permalink She rose
on the third day . . not too sure what that means for the world though?

TOTN - Turing Machine - On Form & Growth -
permalink didn't you get your invite?
de klerk, mahathir mohammed and jeremy clarkson got theres
thread Sue Perkins just tweeted me. *melts*
For context, this is like Flan and anyone ginger.
permalink who?
permalink She is English.
I was going to mention a famous Welsh lesbian entertainer, but I really cannot think of one.
permalink Raquel Welch
permalink cerys matthews?
permalink Is Steve Abbott
a woman?
permalink probably
permalink what's she done thats good
permalink Some QI, Mel and Sue
but predominantly Heading Out, which is superb.
permalink oh cool well done you then
permalink That thing
with Giles Coren
permalink a bit like Victoria Coren
but with all the desparate middle-aged letching taken away?
permalink mmmm
permalink something about
permalink The News Quiz
I'm a fan as well
permalink Cor!
When I turn the bathroom lights on the extractor fan comes on.

Can I add a dimmer? Or not because of the fan?
permalink is the light switch
inside the bathroom? probably not if so.
permalink No, it's outside.
I know I could use a dimmer if it was just the lights, but i don't know whether the fan would get upset if i dimmed it.

i suspect I can cos it's just a fan, but I thought I'd ask.
permalink Nope
It will be taking the switched live feed off the lights feed, also don't dimmers use some sort of pulse malarkey instead of just reducing the voltage ?
permalink Most dimmers chop the waveform by triggering a triac at a varying point in the cycle
Usually on the leading edge in the UK, and the trailing edge in most of Europe.

As to your fan situation, it depends what the fan will accept as indicating that the lights are on. The permanent live will be undimmed anyway. Give it a try. Can't see that you'll harm anything.
permalink "Can't see that you'll harm anything"
we shall recall this statement, once the emergency services have left the building, or what is left of it...
permalink admittedly, i didn't allow for a cowjam factor
permalink I've now got power to the shed*

*the recovery shed, not the other one
permalink Awesome.
permalink It didn't work.
When I turned it down the fan hummed loudly on anythign but full and the lights stayed at the same brightness until a certain point when they went off (GU10 LEDs).

I've put the old switch back on and will return the dimmer.
permalink Worth a try.
Most consumer LED GU10s are shite, and don't dim well with or without fans involved...
permalink I thought they didn't
dim at all unless they were specifically designed to?
permalink exactly.
Most of the consumer ones are non-dim, the ones which claim to dim will probably dim very badly.
permalink bad dim!
bad dim!

Back in yer box!
permalink do you want
to speed up or slow down the fan as well?

I can't imagine it would too hard to wire it up.

Also hello, how're you? Did you make it to SA?
permalink hello! Good ta. Yes, made it to SA.
Stayed in Nordhoek just south of Cape Town for a week, then went east as far as Knysna/Addo, then back up the west coast as far as Doringbaae.

It was all utterly phenomenal.
permalink I haven't made it down there yet
I am still mostly full of mine dust and black label. I am hitting CT in Nov/Dec as a tourist type

What was your favourite bit?
permalink difficult to say, but about an hour outside of cape town
is Hermanus. There's a backpacker's place called Zoete Inval, which is more like a B&B than a backpackers, and it's run by a fantastic couple. The man, Jan, is a font of knowledge and gave us some excellent advice about what to see and how to get there.

We were heading up to Oodsthorn for Cango Caves (which were good, but all cave systems look alike to me), and he suggested taking the Swartberg Pass over to Prins Albert.

What he didn't tell us, probably because it wasn't unusual to him, is that the tarmac on that road runs out before it stops being flat. We were in a fairly low powered sedan, so it was interesting.

We then had lunch in Prins Albert and drove to Plet Bay via De Rust and Uniondale - a lot of which was done on winding passes and unmettled roads.

We stayed in Zoete Inval three different times we loved it so much, and that was entirely down to the staff.
permalink you clearly had a very different SA experience to me
Where I was based tarmac was normally reserved for heavy vehicles from the mines, or in built up areas.

The gun range, the wakeboarding, the lion and tiger creche all required off roading.

They still won't give me a hilux either so I was in small compacts saloons and getting a new one each month
permalink Never tried it.
Is the fan on a timer? If it is I wouldn't imagine it would be a problem as the permanent live is constant anyway, the switch just tells it to go. If not I'm not sure it would work until the dimmer was switched right up or even vary the fan speed.
permalink you might be able to
separate them and add a dimmer, and a switch for the fan... which is better for nightime usage
permalink For an entirely windowless bathroom,
which CJ's is, this would be contrary to building regs, I think.
Which is obviously fine, but you may want to swap it back if you put it on the market or someone will ask for a Part P cert for the electrical work and he'll be into difficulties.
permalink Response to which is
"It was like that when we moved in".
permalink You will have to test, but I would imagine that the light turning on
hits a transistor switch and the fan has a separate live feed.

This is normally the case as fans tend to have timers and stay on after the light is off.
permalink right, thank you all for your replies.
The fan used to have a timer but i had presumed it used a cap since you don't really need much juice to run a fan.

I will give it a go. I have a spare dimmer somewhere.
permalink anyone got Asda corned 'beef'?
now with added horse/dog
permalink horse is the new beef
permalink That's not news.
That the Asda Price Corned Beef was 50% horse broke a week or two ago. The news is that it definitely contains bute.

So, Asda has changed from saying "You can bring it back if you want, and we'll give you a refund, but really horse is very tasty" to issuing a recall.
permalink or you could handily explain away a positive test
in a major cycling race...
permalink Despite currently working my notice I can't stop this job bothering me.
My boss is back after a month in New Zealand. I tell him that I'm very concerned about staff who now work for a different organisation still having access to our systems, and that one of them added another user who doesn't work for us.

My boss said "it's ok, I trust her" as a response. No risk assessment, nothing written, no liaison with the information governance lead, nothing.

I pointed out that we could limit her access so she'd still be able to deal with the bits that she needs to deal with, but he said no. Fucker.
permalink maybe he's leaving
permalink Where as
I have taken over responsibility for the Contracts team and cannot get access to their shared folders for love or money!
permalink presumably
because he thinks it'l take so long to get that done that he's "taken a management decision". Whether it will come back to bite him if your staying or not is SEP
permalink I'm pretty sure it's because he doesn't consider it any kind of risk
that people from a different organisation have root access to a major system full of patient details. He's right - the main staff member with access is trustworthy, but that doesn't mean it's not a risk or wrong in terms of Data Protection.
permalink Who is your
named data protection officer now?
permalink you could ask your new boss if it'd be ok to whistleblow
if you think it's that important (i think it is as
i don't believe people aware of how things are already being broken up)
permalink If you haven't already,
you should email someone more senior than you saying the same thing - that way if they try and point the finger at you after you've left you've got proof you tried.
permalink feeling old #427
just explained to my colleagues that my physio regime now includes a treadmill with a moving hydraulic jack at one end "like out of Rocky IV".

They all looked at me blankly.
permalink *looks blankly*
i'v never seen Rocky IV
permalink I've never seen
any of them. Fact.
permalink what?
thread Is she still dead?

TOTN - Ott - Owl Stretching Time -
permalink Oooh.... there's a brilliantly titled track I haven't heard in a long time!
And yes. I think so.
permalink yay for his wibbly wobbly Ottness
top tune, top bloke!
permalink *coughs*
I DO believe it's one certain Mr Dury and his Blockheads:
permalink I'm also liking this
permalink just flicking through the channels to avoid news
Primeval is very exciting isn't it?
permalink I've given up for a couple of days
I'm sick of the sight of Gerry Adams being more of a gloaty cunt than usual
permalink same here.. her voice revolts me to my very core
and some of the creeping apologists for her actions are gobsmacking.. anyway had a bit of a laugh in brixton last night
permalink Tabz!!!

Neil Smith has snuffed it :(
permalink :o(
. .
permalink is she? from mr moynes
permalink Broadsheet ?
Jesus Riggers
permalink what? just looks like a blog to me
anyway moynes is an old b3tan4rthurian.. what's the problem funny innit?
permalink It's supposed to be a legitimate news source
but all it seems to do is regurgitate reddit
permalink legitimate on the level of buzzfeed or something?
it looks pretty amateurish to me.. i think i'd look other places for news
and this is A POEM!
permalink You mean
it's a song with no music
permalink how an obiturary for Thatcher
that suits everyone

very, very clever work.
permalink hehe.. nice one
permalink I'd like to hear the balanced view
on her post-government work on promoting tobacco in the 3rd world, or her support of Pinochet and Suharto

I'm not convinced there's a 'controversial' spin on everything the murderous psychopath got up to
permalink i'm quite suprised the pinochet/suharto support
and her calling mandela a terrorist (which even her third bastard child cameron says was wrong) hasn't come up more
permalink arf!
permalink that witch is dead song
is really tearing up the charts
permalink I've decided that I should be capable of knitting.
permalink I used to be able to do that
I should try again

Scarf knit off?
permalink Yeah, you're on.
Now all I need is some needles and some wool. And some instructions.

*wanders off to google*
permalink you want to look up Jiva
permalink She always installs
the Ask toolbar though :(
permalink I have made a couple of jumpers and cardigans and stuff
for adults who wore them non-ironically.
thread So, Monkeys then
funny eh?

What did you have for lunch?
permalink I had cheese and pickle sandwiches
because we're not going to Tesco until tomorrow and there's nothing else in the fridge.
permalink You have cheese, pickle and bread
and you think you're in need of a shop?!
permalink apart from that though
the cupboard is pretty bare. admittedly by some standards I am positively rolling in food, but by ours, we need to go.
permalink Noodles.
permalink ?
permalink no wonder you're such a fine figure of a man
permalink ^ stick
. .
permalink I had some pasta with tomatoes and brokkoli.
Because fuck you, weather, I want spring and if it has to be carried here from Spain.
permalink salmon
.. bok choi, potatoes carrot and brocolli
permalink A couple of packets of crisps
and a Boost
permalink Three of us went to the Mosque Kitchen
Huge plate of chickpea rice, chicken curry and dall. £4.50.

permalink This is amusing

permalink Young co-worker next to me had no clue either...
permalink At least he has the excuse
of being in another country
permalink lunch?
it only 8am...I just had some toast though, for breakfast
permalink I might go and get some coffee
as I am about to be stuck in a 3 hour review meeting...deep joy!