thread so over 150m£ will be betted today on whether a
pack animal will jump and break its neck..
greatest day in english sport i'm sure.. but it'll be sunny so who gives a fuck

but those nags are on a benefit system so they should be added to the lasagne like the poor/disabled
permalink well, I've always hated
permalink i was scarred by a childhood
Where there were only 4 TV channels and 2 of them would show horse racing at the same time.
permalink we're all nags
just waiting for which flavouring we'll end up in..
permalink We talked about a sweepstake at work
for the first to make it to Tesco
/done before
permalink why is horse racing
traditionally bet on?

/doesn't understand all the fuss
permalink To add an element of excitement to something
otherwise relatively dull?
permalink i was in melbourne on their 'big day' (which they were convinced was the biggest worldwide)
there's a weird excitement about imagining the rest of the world gives a shit about a third/fourth city of a nation organising animals to run for your entertainment
permalink because British people
will bet on anything. I've had the remnants of my ladbrokes account on Seabass, if it comes in, I stand to win upwards of £11.

In other news, the new ladbrokes website is fucking awful.
permalink wait till they start doing it in bejing (vicks vapour rub under their snouts obviously)
though the soup of air could restrict camera action.. the betting will be off the scale
send horses called 'shark fin' or '8' and you'll make a mint
permalink there's a much closer relationship between
horse racing (and greyhound racing for that matter) and betting than with other sports.

Meanwhile: the betting adds on Eurosport, which I'm now able to stream legally, really fucking annoy me. betvictor can fucking burn in hell.
permalink fucking hell
the Spanish were just excelling themselves with the worlds worst helicopter camera shot.
permalink not betting the house
on Cancellera for tommorow's race?
permalink I had a feeling for Boonen
until the silly twat fell off last week.
permalink Fabien's been down twice this week
once in a race, once on a reconnaissance ride.

I'm thinking Stannard might finally come good, but not confident enough to put money on it
permalink it makes me laugh how the commentaors
gloss over how the owners killed a horse.. collateral damage.. real shame etc

i hope the pretty things in their uppers get to taste at least one steak of it.. unless it's bute loaded then two at the very least
permalink I was talking cycling
what with being unable to give a shit either way about the geegees
permalink haha whoops.. speaking of cycling what is the very best/designed in keeping warm
while cycling clothes and they don't still put newspapers up their jumpers do they?
permalink on cold descents from the top of very high mountains they often put papers down their shirts
because they can be 10s of kilometres down at 70/80 kph so there's quite a lot of windchill.

for normal cycling, people swear by merino wool baselayers, I'm not convinced, a wicking inner and a decent winter jersey should be enough.

can anyone explain to me why ladbrokes website won't let me bet? fucking awful.
permalink I have this completely irrational
feeling that if I don't watch, more of them will die. So I watch it feeling slightly sick. I also like looking at the horses because they're beautiful.

Still if Seabass and Katie Walsh won it that would be cool but there's been way too much hype.

edit: heh, as unpredictable as ever.

edit: the magic worked - the horses came back safely
permalink i wasn't sure if it was hype or just normal as i've just re-started listening
to a bunch of talkback shows to get an idea of what people think/feel
and besides this race it was lunatic presenters explaining how the welfare system is corrupt (without mentioning their own births/doctors/schooling/fire service/rubbish collection/A&E/pension/hospices which they've paid into)
it was bad before but now i see the poison infomercials like FOX really do

permalink The horses and dogs or Britain and Ireland
have been sought after since Roman times so there's always been a strong connection between them and the people in these islands - not necessarily a particularly sentimental connection - they've always been an important export and work animal.

But yeah talk radio is enough to turn the world insane. There's a constant roar in the media that corrupts people's minds with the myths they peddle.
permalink at least we're good for something
i suppose..
thread I am in a stunningly cool hotel in Oslo.

Sitting in the world's fluffiest bathrobe (feels like wearing sleeping kittens), streaming spotify from my ipad into the sound system, having decided not to watch a movie on the 42 inch plasma controlled from an android tablet. Drinking a Norwegian craft-brewed IPA and boggling at the "shopping drawer"... kinda like a mini-bar for stuff. make-up, toiletries, a shirt, tie, cufflinks, underwear, condoms, umbrella, god knows what else... hugely expensive obviously, but cool nonetheless. Got in from dinner and there's a cup with a special sleepy time teabag and a flask of hot water by the bed, and most of the 14 cushions and pillows have been taken off. Only 6 left on there now, I think. Unless there are some little ones hiding behind big ones.

Life could be worse right now.
permalink I shudder to think
given that the last time I was in Norway a little rural travelodge-type place cost me £140 a night
permalink just the standard Radisson in Stavanger was pretty eyewatering too
and that was with a Statoil discount too...
permalink not too terrifying actually, booked ahead.
Not much more than the airport Radisson was last night.
permalink made me giggle in the Norwegian Airlines in-flight mag last night:
permalink Ha!
(Also, *follows*)
permalink ditto.
permalink Ah-ha,
that's you, that is...
(also, ha!)
permalink Nice.
I just had to check whether it was a bank holiday. Nobody else is in and usually someone else arrives by about 8am.
permalink Sitting on the dining chair
making myself gradually late for work reading twitter. The chair is uncomfortable.
permalink I am sat rather precariously
as my office chair seems to be broken and is rather wobbly. I'm trying to avoid falling off it and braining myself on my bookcase.
permalink Wow, recursive cushions

I guess we now know who is cauing the world cushion shortage.
permalink cushions:
one of the pillows of Norwegian economy.
permalink HA! Very good.
permalink Yeah, but do you know in which direction the economy is heading?
permalink If you are making a funny on the dual meaning of the word "down"
then I applaud you and your efficient German punning.
permalink all hail the Feather-land
permalink Oh my!
This board is on fire today!
permalink Sheeeet
Did i catch you off Valance
permalink I do but
permalink that deservers a ticking off
... ..
permalink Amy was asking about lay in grid light fittings in her office
they aren't Cat 2 it seems, how feasible would it be to swap out the reflectors for something less glarey?
permalink This post was brought to you by a wireless keyboard
and this new tablet thing... weirdly for a tablet there doesn't seem to be any way to zoom a webpage..
permalink Have you tried ctrl+pgup?
permalink I'd have thought pinch to zoom was more likely.
Although as it's a windows tablet, ctrl&pgup might work, as might ctrl&plus.
On windows 8 gesture mice and touchpads it's a three finger swipe up or down to zoom in or out.
permalink JUST KEEP
oops. just keep shouting "computer, page up!" until someone invents voice control.
permalink I believe the command we'll all be using is
"OK Glass, page up"
permalink What's a gesture mouse?
permalink It's like Fingermouse, but upgraded to v2.0
permalink thirty drachmas a week!
no, wait, that's not right...
permalink It's a mouse with a single large button
with a multitouch surface to it. This means it detects left/right clicks and scrolls using the touch surface, and it also enables various multi finger gestures on the surface as well. For example, two fingers swipe left brings up the windows 8 "charm" bar.
The main disadvantage is it requires a hack to get a middle mouse button.
permalink Is that what your mouse is?
I thought it was just arty.
permalink It is, but it is
also a limited edition artist series touch mouse.
I got it cos it was on special like.
permalink Logitech does a couple of those.
I'm not tempted. Especially as I already use mouse gestures with my browser. The kind where you gesture _with_ your mouse. Gesturing _on top_ of my mouse at the same time breaks my brain.
permalink I got one with my
iMac, don't like it because of the inadvertent gestures I do with it, particularly in angry birds :)
permalink I was about to say that I might consider investing in one
but I might be able to get one with the new job.
permalink I actually have two.
The second one is yours for £20.
permalink Yes please!
permalink Very well.
I'll drop you an e-mail at soome point and we'll sort it out.
permalink That does work, but only when you have the keyboard attached
which is when you need it less
permalink I was tinking about this,
and pikey as it sounds, what about a sheet of trace or detail paper over the fitting?
permalink I suggested the same thing
permalink And I'm still reasonably sure
it would count as a fire risk to a fire marshall. If we had one.
permalink flourescent tubes are pretty cool
i doubt it would be an actual risk, though i'm sure somone would think so
permalink Even if it ASPLODED?
but yeah, h&s gone mad etc.
permalink You could use drafting film,
which isn't flammable, it would just melt into a large drops of liquid plastic. No problem there.
permalink Definitely
permalink Theatrical lighting filter
Comes in big sheets, flame retardant.

Lee 129 would do the job, I reckon.
permalink volunteer to be the floor fire warden
then do whatever the fuck you want.
permalink I'm the fire warden for our office
but we're in a leased office in a shared building so I doubt I'm the only person who has a say.
permalink nah.
600sq layins are cheap as fuck. built with every last bit of cost engineered out because the margin per unit is literally Pennies.

so not usually any replaceable parts other than lamps. it's all rivets and glue in there.

as you say they run fairly cool. no inherent danger in diffusing them. air gap between lamps and diffusers anyway. diffusing may just create a bigger hotspot as a veiling reflection though.
permalink I could suggest modifications if they were actually yours...
Like take the lamps out, spray the reflectors with matt varnish, then put the lamps back in...
permalink This is cool:
permalink yes it is
good spot
permalink I just got back from Africa again
I am broken and not allowed to drink.
permalink on a completely unrelated note
what torrent sites aren't blocked now?
permalink would you hunting for an ISO?
permalink he could check the reactor
permalink OK, so just proxy it
I didn't know, I've barely been in front of a computer for 3 months
permalink if in doubt,
just google for "pirate bay proxy" and it'll give you a variety of results, I don't think google can keep up with blocking them. always works fine for me.
permalink I don't want to download much, just
a few games/shows that I missed and aren't on catch up any more
permalink there's a few around still
whatever the rights and wrongs, it's always going to be too late when they're up there.
permalink plus if I want music I have spotify and
permalink I keep buying CDs and LPs
I am the last consumer
permalink I still buy books
and films but music is streamed
permalink The italians find tv easy
or EZ as our colonial cousins would say
permalink `
permalink or
you need some sort of PIRATE bay, available by PROXY on the NET

edit: for TV, try E Z T V dot I T
permalink thank you
permalink on this subject
permalink Perhaps this means that
Fox will disappear in a puff of circular logic.
permalink all of them
the attempts top block the pirate bay are irrititating but futile.
permalink thief is a great name for that
kind of thing
thread Wake up!

Heavy snow in that London today . . luckily nothing settled
permalink hm, what? eh?
it's been doing it in south cambridgshire too.
permalink there's been no heavy snow
there's been a few pissy little flakes. Fucking shit attempt at snow. It can fuck off if it is going to be like that.
permalink it was lobbing it down when I went to the optician
either that or my contacts really are busted.

[edit] much like my office chair it seems. anyone know where I can get a decent one for cheap?
permalink It's not been snowing here,
it's not quite as sunny as it has been lately, but it's not precipitated at all.

Despite this, I have just frozen a site layout. Go me.
permalink Beautifully sunny here in Manchester, with top temperatures of 7ºC,
but a strong Easterly wind meaning it feels quite warm in the sun - but you still need a jacket.
permalink And now over to Cowjam
for the sport
permalink 9.1 here
according to my outside thermometer.
permalink Is "outside thermometer"
some sort of euphemism?
permalink No. It's a thermometer
which is outside
permalink pervert
permalink It was fecking 5° outside first thing this morning
so that'll be autumn finally showing up then...

going to be a pleasant enough 17° later on, but with a cold/wet southerly change later on (how very Wellington on a Friday night)
permalink has now stopped in Walthamstow
making me wonder about venturing out for a haircut.
permalink Surely the weather is the least of the reasons
not to be going outside in Walthamstow?
permalink i'll have you know it's all up and coming
There is up and coming all over the place
permalink Sorry, who's up
and coming oll over the place?
permalink I assume that
Wake up!

was followed by a heavy blast of RATM?
permalink I was hearing the Boo Radleys, I'm afraid.
But then again they've been my ear worm for about 72 hours now, on and off.
I guess it's because the last three mornings have been particularly beautiful outside.
permalink This should be capable
of Radley removal
permalink PWEI
permalink good point well made
although I would prefer to be Touched by the Hand of Cicciolina instead :-)
thread so windows 8
Its fucking irritating

I can't tell if it is this tablet thing or the os
i am not ruling out 'both' as the answer
permalink it is indeed
a bit of a mess
permalink this only makes me glad
that I have so far, totally avoided it
permalink Have a TOTN
this is lovely

North Sea Radio Orchestra - Berliner Luft -
permalink I'm sure someone here recently said
"it has full windows 8 on it.. seems pretty good actually... a lot better than I expected."

Hello from Oslo, by the way.
permalink I seem to remember that
if only the statement was still visible . . we could mock it :)

Hello to the Olso jury, can we have your votes please
permalink Royaume-Uni
null points
permalink yeah, then i tried acrually getting something to work
permalink several cow-orkers have to use it,
and because they don't do owt old on it they quite like it despite it being PROGMAN.EXE in a new coat. Well, old coat. OK then, it's still PROGMAN.EXE.

Today I built a 1996 NT4 machine. From scratch. Using FLOPPIES and SWEARING. I love my customers.

Banyan Vines anyone?
permalink Windows 7 seems alright
permalink morning all
British Sea Power were superb. Had to leave immediately after though and missed the mystery support, who turned out to be Bo Ningen. Bit gutted I missed them
permalink were you mentioned on 6music this morning?
or was that someone else missing the support to get to cambridge
permalink me
I'd assume
permalink reverse order of support?
How does that work?
Better for people who have to leave early to get the last train to Cambridge, I guess.
permalink I think it was an exclsive press / promo / special fans
they often put main act on early as journalists / industry types want to go home occasionally
permalink I've found that Windows 8 doesn't work too badly on a touchscreen device,
but takes a *long* while to get used to.
It's still going to be problemattic on a touchscreen only device if you're using desktop apps, which I assume you are.
Can you get hold of an AutoCAD 2014 license? There are some new touch features in there that I've been unable to try out, might be interesting.
HP haven't made a decent fist of building anything that ordinary people interact with for many many years, is my opinion.
I had to print out, sign and scan a direct debit mandate the other day, and the whole exercise took me an hour with my HP device (and not a cheap one either).
permalink we are on LT 2008
but that will have to change when we go to win7 anyway.

the 'metro' bit does seem to work better, but there isn't much in the store etc.

I've not been able to load a DWG viewer of any description...
permalink I am lucky enough to have 2013 at work,
but I've been using 2014 at home for a while (I can't possibly confirm in any way that I'm an AutoCAD beta tester, because if I did it might be in contravention of any non disclosure agreements that I may or may not have signed).

I like the metro start menu. It's not great to navigate with a mouse, but the type to search works brilliantly, just press the start button and start typing, you can then carry out a search for anything, apps, web, whatever. I tend to use that method to launch apps, without touching the mouse at all. Actually, it's like the universal search in webOS used to be...

I also got a touch mouse that supports windows 8 gestures. This makes desktop win8 usage much better, but annoyingly CAD and SketchUp use much much worse.
permalink I suspect my vague dislike of ubuntu
is entirely down to it not being XP. I love XP, it's like a favourite jumper - comfortable despite it being old, smelly and if you're seen in public with it you'll be mocked.
permalink I hear you, Bro.
permalink Took me a few days to get it working like a real OS
with the help of a few third-party add-ons.
permalink I'm pretty sure that that is almost exactly
how an OS shouldn't work...

try telling MS that though...
thread So... Iain Banks then
.... I only ever read one of his.

EDIT: on a brighter note, work have given me an HP ElitePad to play with for a week to see how it goes, it has full windows 8 on it.. seems pretty good actually... a lot better than I expected.
permalink Read the rest

(which one have you read?)
permalink espedair street.
permalink I read that
in a day I think

Start at The Wasp Factory and work your way forward, there is a definite progression in his work
permalink Exactly this.
Plenty there to go at.
permalink sad sad stuff.
I think I've read pretty much all of them.
permalink Is it cynical to think he might have announced his impending death,
to get sales up before he dies, so that a chunk of income arrives before probate begins? Most people would rather keep it to themselves I'd have thought.
I can't immediately see a tax advantage, but then I'm too lower class to understand tax avoidance, apparently.
permalink It would probably be advantageous that his estate received it
after he died.. as that wouldn't get inheritance tax.
permalink That was my initial thought,
and in retrospect I wish I'd kept the idea to myself.
permalink It only helps with tax if you know at least two years ahead that you're going to die.
Even then, you have infinitely more important things to think about.
permalink I've not read any
I'm told I really should.
permalink You have less chance
of falling behind now
permalink I don't really like the normal fiction ones
just never got on with them. the sciffy is brilliant in places. still. shame.
permalink is my signed copy of Look or Windward going to be worth anything now?
permalink I think the only signed one I have is Feersum Endjinn
permalink I have Excession
Signed by Skaffen Amtiskaw
permalink I have Consider Phlebas
signed by GSV Irregular Apocalypse
permalink These are all made up,
permalink Nope . .
permalink Goodness.
I will have to get into these.
However, given my current seeming inability to pick up a book, it seems unlikely.
permalink They're characters
And all names are made up.
permalink Definitely read some more.
His early stuff is particularly good.
permalink Oh :(
I'm currently listening to Feersum Endjinn, then I'll have finished the sci-fi lot. I'll have to start on his non-sci-fi.

edit: It's just taken over half an hour to reboot my work PC.
permalink I'm thinking of
nuking Austria.
permalink there are still a couple of his non-sci fi ones I haven't read yet
but all the others are fantastic, and the M stuff has always been my favourite sci-fi.

Am really saddened to hear the more Culture
permalink Maybe someone else
will take up the baton?