thread Norman Collier has died

I guess that microphone finally cut out
permalink I don't know who any
of these people are.. ever :(

In other news, I got new broadband because Sky bought Bethere: http://www.speedtest.n...
permalink Nice upspeed.
permalink I've got 40odd down
and 9 up, which isn't bad considering I can't be arsed to plug into the box
permalink I have to get off
giffgaff for the same reason. Funnily enough I was with Be till may last year.
permalink Has someone bought giffgaff?
I thought it was all part of telefonica, i.e. o2.
permalink telefonica have sold Be and O2 broadband
to Sky, both will be rebranded as Sky.
permalink I knew that.
But I didn't know anything about giffgaff.

Tico confirms I was right not to have heard.
permalink great!
even less competition :(
permalink giffgaff aren't going anywhere.
Telephonica only sold off their broadbands. All the mobile stuff stays with them.
permalink I know this now,
did some research on the giffgaff forums :)
permalink Oh, come on!
permalink I'm thinking of moving too
Currently on BT at £15.45 a month for line rental and evening/weekend calls plus Be at about £19 a month for unlimited broadband.

We probably could do better, yes. Who's recommended? We're in an area where can get BT Infinity, and the house has previously had Cable (Virgin). Currently got freeview, no interest in TV packages more extensive than that. Preferebly uncapped broadband.
permalink As you can see from my linespeed doodad
I decided to go with plusnet on their unlimited package. It was the cheapest non-scummy fibre I could get.

I got 6 months half price, and £30 cashback by going through quidco.

If they don't do that still, give me a shout and I can refer you, which I think gets us both something.
permalink ooh, that would cover the first payment tidily
I'll look into it. Consulting with the rest of the household.
permalink hmm
Plusnet looks a go-er
permalink I've always had a very good service from Plusnet
although I couldn't tell you about line speed or capping. But I was paying £15 a month including the BT line, which was at least £20 cheaper than Virgin.
permalink blimey that is cheap
permalink last chance for the F1 fantasy game
(not as complicated as the cycling one)

permalink Fred & Jack.

Do any of the scotchers hereabouts know anywhere convenient yet very very cheap to stay in Inverness?
The Travelodge meets the very very cheap requirement (£80 for two nights for a double room) but seems to be a bit of a distance from the centre, so might make beering difficult.

Secondly, any recommendations for place to beer in Inverness? Disappointingly, I had it in my mind there was a Brewdog, but there isn't.
permalink I used to live in Inverness
moved away when I was 6 1/2

/really fucking unhelpful
permalink My uncle lives near Drumnadrochit
which is virtually next door as far as most Scots are concerned. He is not a boozer type though.

/similarly unhelpful
permalink not that its any help
really but my mate lives in the old lock keepers cottage just down the road in forst augustus (loch ness). well i spose it could be i could ask him if he'd answer his phone.
permalink Ooooh!
If you have any luck getting hold of him, any advice would be appreciated!
permalink Loch Keepers Cottage
permalink only if you are talking about a large body of water rather than a canal boat-raising device
permalink Running south west from Fort Augustus
is a big run of locks linking Lochness with the fantastically named Loch Lochy, so I think Lock Keeper's Cottage is correct.
permalink although technically in this case
the cottage was built before the locks so this one is a loch. lovely place but i'd struggle to live there as you literally walk out of his front door and could piss into the loch. i'd ha e fallen in a dozen time by now
permalink though the keeper arrived with the locks
permalink How many lochs
Does a loch lock-keeper lock when loch lock-keeper locks lochs?
permalink She was only the lock keepers daughter
But she had green slimy piles poor girl
permalink I can get you a 15% discount on this place

but it looks miles away... taxis wil be cheap i expect though. they include breakfast as well

though our booking system has been down all day.. somthing has gone very very wrong.

permalink I need three double rooms,
so I wasn't that confident about asking for your discount ;-)

I'll check the prices when it comes back up, but I think it was more than 50% more than the Travelodge, although the breakfast levels that up a bit.
permalink there is no worry about the friends and family discount
it's actively encouraged to dish it around as the saving is still less than the fee agencies like take.
permalink Sent you a facebook

I'm dreading to think how much money our company is losing today.. the booking site has been down since at least 11am... so that's 649000 guestrooms that nobody can book on any channels right now.

even the bill for the resevations staff who are sitting having a very quiet day must be in the 10s of thousands.
permalink Taxi's include breakfast?
permalink yes.. it's not the fucking dark ages you know
permalink Inverness is a bit of a hole.
Some great country near it, but the town ain't great.

I haven't been there for years.
permalink I've stayed in that travel lodge.
permalink i just remembered that i've ben to inverness
I went to a really good adventure playground and stayed in a 1984 ERF or possibly a Foden.

it was green.

thread TOTN
new single from British Sea Power

Video has a bike in it. And a lady riding it.
permalink Actually . . .
TOTN is Stereolab - Ping Pong -
permalink it's good, but that and youtube have really jammed my computer up
what the fuck has happened to youtube? It's so shit and bloated now...

Anyway, having only recently being turned on to him, TOTD is Kevin Ayers 'Fake Mexican Tourist Blues' which I just heard on last night's Gideon Coe
permalink The Youtube app on Android appears to have no volume control
which is kind of a fundamental bug
permalink There should be two buttons
In the side of your 'phone.

Amusingly, I detest the fact that these do not work with the iPhone YouTube app and that I have to mess around with on screen controls. If my 'phone is on silent then it should not make a damned noise.
permalink There are
Not sure how that'll help with using Youtube on my Acer tablet, but I'll give it a go.
permalink I know I don't know about making internet and apps
but when did everything become so shit and bloated and loaded with other crap? In the olden days (2005) people were really keen on things working quickly on everything, loading, doing their shit, then fucking off. Now the Facebook app (say) opens, takes an age, works in the background until you force it to shut down and weights 40meg.

youtube on the internet is so full of javascript and god knows what else, that you need a Cray to run it smoothly.

Manley, sort this shit out.
permalink Not my bag any more,
but I agree.

There is not need for clever shit - just put info up for us to get.
permalink passing the buck, there's the problem!
permalink My acer tablet has buttons on the side for volume
AND the app has a volume control within the video.
permalink Wowee!
This is decadent luxury!
thread Today I am going to share my horse tips.
These are based completely on which ones have silly names and pretty colours on. Therefore, they probably will not win. However, if they do win and you were insane enough to bet on my choices, you have to buy something from http://www.thehandmade... so I can justify spending money on hosses and not on the shop.

Here goes:
1:30 - Captain Conan
2:05 - Shutthefrontdoor
2:40 - For Non Stop
3:20 - Peddlers Cross (oh, is he ever!)
4:00 - Vino Griego

Edit: thebear does better hoss tips, he won me about £300 back in my university days, which I sadly spent on animation equipment. And look where I am now, the best anim- oh. :(

Edit2: And I'd do these EW as I doubt any are likely to actually win. Ever.

Edit3: Huh, well I seem to be up! The system works! Lucky 31, 31 bets * £0.10 EW. I will do it again tomorrow!
permalink subtle as fuck
hope it's going well though.. the window displays look pretty
permalink In times of such economic peril, I must be!
And thank you ;)
permalink funny names/colours always works for mrs witchy.
in other animal news, Devin Townsend reworks 'badger badger badger':
permalink I like Captain Conan best
Go Team Coco!
permalink you know what?
I'll give it a go, and if I win the £20000 I'm in line to I'll buy you new animation gear.
permalink It's fire alarm test time.
Only it went off three times, so we all stood up and had a conversation about whether we shoudl go outside or not.
permalink Much like that
only we couldn't smell burning.
permalink Stick a screen
over it
thread Tech asky:
I am going to a show where Internet is only available via Ethernet. None of us have Ethernet ports. I can get 1MB wifi so:

I have a PC running Windows7. Can I use an Apple USB to Ethernet adapter? Can I use an apple thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter?

Can I just plug something in to the Ethernet to supply wifi at my stand?

AQ: cheese with fruit?
permalink you can get an access point
for £30 that plugs into ethernet to provide wifi, but you need an ethernet connection to set it up. Oh the ironing.
What machine have you got?
permalink He can set up the wifi at home/office though
and then just plug it in when he gets there.
permalink trooo
permalink So, I plug the Ethernet cable into it and BINGO!?
Link me up, baby!
permalink Would this work?
permalink Probably, but I'd go with a known brand.
A broadband/ADSL router would also work - plug the ethernet into one of the four normal (NOT internet) ports.

For example, you could take your router from home and use that.
permalink My wife would kill me in the

Is there qa known brand one of those (I know no brands).
permalink I've installed a few of
these in local shops:

Easy to set up - SSID, authentication - then take to site and plug'n'go.
permalink So, I get it home, set it up and take it with me -
am I going to be able to? I am a bit of an idiot.
permalink Also, it says it cannot guarantee delivery -
have you got another one I could try?

Given that it is something they probably do not want us to do, I fancied that little one I linked to, to hide it - would that work?
permalink how about
this then:

Instant ethernet!
permalink I shall try that one.
Thank you!
permalink No I won't, eBuyer cannot deliver
Anywhere else or just Amazon?
permalink Maplin or PC World/whatever
should stock it or somethign similar, though you'll pay a bit more.
permalink you can get this one
by tomorrow:
permalink No.
Cheese with bread. Then some more cheese.
permalink How do you feel about cheese with fruit in
and bread?
permalink That's wrong.
Except olive bread and tomato bread. They are very right.
permalink That is all wrong.
Bread should not have bits in - we took millennia working out how to get the bits out of bread and now the damned middle classy hippies are chucking grit back in there. Fuck them trustafarians.!
permalink You're accusing others of being a middle-class hippy?
permalink I am not a hippy.
I am politically liberal, but culturally conservative.
permalink olive bread is very nice
has to be the right sort of bread mind.
permalink Yes.
Hate soggy olive bread.
permalink I don't like cheese with fruit in.
I don't actually like cheese all that much, but I do enjoy crumbly white stuff (cheshire, usually), smoked cheese or cheese with chillis in.
permalink oo ello!
nice to have you back around these parts :)
permalink Ello gawwwjus!
Thought I'd pop in. :)
permalink *tickles Milliecat*
*gets mauled again*
permalink She's on my desk at the moment.
Making life tricky, as usual.
permalink ooh... hello!
How goes it?
permalink Ello lovely!
It's rolling along. Just spending all the money I scrimped and saved throughout the years on trying to make my shop successful, as well as a Mega Holiday (first holiday for 6 years!!) which I am really excited about. Recent family stuff has made me realise sitting on money is all well and good, but I may just grow old and die without enjoying it. *thumbs up*

How about you?
permalink I'm goog, ta.
stupidly busy as ever.
permalink *googs*
oo, you posted that at 1337 o'clock :)
permalink And I am posting this at
gin o'clock.
permalink GIN! GIN! GIN!
permalink ooh... so I did!
Then vanished.
permalink To the last
yes. Although I also agree with Ocarina's principle.
permalink Bread, butter, cheese, apple chutney.
permalink Mmm!
permalink This checks out.
permalink I'd have thought the Apple jobbies wouldn't work, especially the Thunderbolt one.
However, a quick google* for "usb ethernet adapter" produces lots of very solid looking results, and it looks like you can walk into a decetn sized Maplins and you'll be laughing.

*Google is a well known "search engine" which enables you to find information on the internet. You should become familiar with it in your line of work.

Cheese with bits actually in it (be they fruit, ginger, whathaveyou) is wrong. However, a piece of cheese and some fruit eaten side by side is fine.
permalink How about a bit of cheese and a bit of pineapple
on a stick?
permalink essential for any good party
permalink we had a home engagement bash
last year and "ironically" did cheese & pineapple on sticks as i told MrsChops about them and she'd never had them. People actually commented on how nice it was to see them again and every single one was eaten.. pretty odd
permalink I favour the silverskin pickled onion/cheese combination
but whack a few of those on the table and Bob's your uncle.
permalink I like to ask people I know for advice I trust.
It works better than reading shit on t'web, I find.

Why would the Thunderbolt not work? The Thunderbolt / VGA works okay.
permalink I thought that Thunderbolt was some
sort of proprietary Apple implementation, but it is in fact an Intel standard. However, it uses a physically very similar connector to mini-displayport.

I would check that your laptop does in fact have a Thunderbolt port, not just a mini displayport. I fit's the latter, the VGA adapter will obviously work fine, but ethernet probably wouldn't as the port won't have the connection to the PCIe interface that Thunderbolt does.

If it were me, I'd buy a very cheap USB to ethernet dongle, unless you can test the Thunderbolt connector before you travel.
permalink as part of a Ploughman's
I reckon a grape or bit of apple goes with a decent cheese, I'd probably not go out of my way to put banana on a cheese sandwich though.
permalink Apple is a must!
permalink pleaseplease
try toasted cheese with banana.. it's like a pacific welsh rarebit
but better
permalink quince jelly and a few grapes
no more than that though

also, do not rely on wifi at a show.
permalink What?
I want to make my own wifi from the ethernet, not use theirs.

I like quince.
permalink you've got interference from thousands of fluorescent lamps
you've got thousands of people's mobiles continuously scanning and polling for routers, you've got hundreds of those making connection requests to your router, you've got loads of people trying to maintain connections between devices and routers on the same channels. You might even find your wifi is blocked by the conference facilities to make you use theirs.

I'm not saying it won't work, but it shouldn't be relied upon, as it usually becomes difficult to maintain a stable connection when you have that many tech-enabled people in one space.

edit: slashdot recommends reconfiguring to use a non-regional channel http://ask.slashdot.or...
permalink Thank you!
permalink obviously apples grapes bananas olive dorian kiwi tomato cucumber pomegranite chilli
thread Fuck off Thursday
stop being a fucking arse
permalink ive just got details of
a stag do i am required to go on that i have no interest at all in (MrsChops' cousin) in stratford and its 3.5-4 on a train. i hate trains
permalink "required"
for a distant inlaw? Really?
permalink apaz so
even though i cant afford it and am meant to be saving for the wedding blah blah
permalink I have a plan
1) Travel to Stratford next week
2) Hang around outside schools
3) Receive ASBO* banning you from said town for life
4) Profit**

(* or whatever they're called now)
(** at least save money)

permalink How is you getting an asbo
going to help mosschops?
permalink I shall give a false name
permalink far be it from me to give relationship advice
but this seems well out of order
permalink I've got a free do tonight
in Liverpool. Meal, quiz and open bar.
permalink It looks like Jim Bowen has become pope.
permalink Thursdays are Ok
They are my Friday as I don't work on Fridays.

Today i am interviewing for new staff and going to a massive meeting about a really important project where I will turn up late and hopefully not get into too many arguments. the meeting starts at 9.30 and finishes at 2 pm, no lunch provided.
permalink I thought it was Saturday
when Alistair's alarm went off at 6.15. That was disappointing. Plus neither of us actually needed to get up at 6.15.
permalink this might sound like a stupid question
but Xboxes have 4 gb or 250 gb of memory. What's the difference between them? What are they used for?
permalink You can install games (but you still need the disc)
though not all run any quicker if installed.

It's also for save games and DLC, and any games you buy through the xbox market thing.
permalink oh, so you have Grand Theft Auto or whatever
and the 4gb runs off the disk, but the 250 you can stick it on the machine and run it from there?

Does it matter?
permalink I don't game enough to know, though I always install games
(except doom 3, because you gain nothing and it's a faff to run doom or doom 2).

Mosschops is probably the man to ask.
permalink I will lurk about here until he appears
it's been largely academic until now, I don't have an xbox, but it's my birthday soon, so I'm gong to treat myself.
permalink the memory is used for save games, arcade games, demos, game updates and to install full games to
installing full games to the hard disk ensure that a) your dvd drive lasts longer (though ive never had one go) b) the dvd doesnt spin when playing disk based games as it is hardly quiet.

demos regularly rock in at about 1GB and an install can take upto 3.x-4gb.

saved games, depending upon game can soon mount up if you play games where you keep more than one save like skyrim/oblivion and the like.

game updates and maps etc soon also mount up depending upon if you like thos things.

in short.

avoid 4gb unless you are intending to give it to a child you dont like.

i have an old 20gb which would do you, but it will only fit the older style xbox which the 4gb isnt i think
permalink there we go, thank you
I assumed the big one was better, but it's always best to check.
permalink depends on your habits
and if you could pick up a 2nd hand one cheaper on ebay.

probably though the price of a 250 pack (which i think if you get the right one will have a couple of games on it now) versus a 4gb and a smaller hdd wouldnt be enough to bother about really unless you are on a tight budget. in which case i'd probably go off and get a 2nd hand one. but bear in mind its shelf life will be short-ish. the new one will be out at christmas and the new games will dry up. though this will mean the old games (of which there are a metric fuckload which are required for a decent gamer) should be on ebay for a pittance
permalink well this is it
I'm unlikely to buy a new one (I'm only just seriously thinking about getting a 360 now), so I've got 10 years of old games to work through, and I'm hardly the most prolific gamer, it'll take me a year to get through all halo and GTA. budget isn't a massive issue, and I'd rather have a new one just in case, so probably the 250 with a couple of games lobbed in, then go to Game and see what's been traded in.

or I might buy the massively expensive bike I've had my eye on. decisions.
permalink this cheers me up
morons fall victim to opportunistic tea leafs
permalink I've checked google maps,
they all look like reasonably high traffic roads for streets of houses.
permalink potentially it was slightly more than opportunistic
decent chance it was a tad more organised.
permalink northern villages and the fens
I'm surprised they had the brains to open the car doors.
permalink They are not morons,
one should be able to leave a car like that without it being stolen. I often leave mine with the keys in and almost never lock it. Maybe I just live in a nice part of the world?

As a child we never locked our house and the Duke Of York in Iddesleigh did not even have a key.
permalink It is technically not permitted
to leave a car unattended with the engine running. (not sure whether it's highway code or some other statue).

I sometimes leave the car running in the street to defrost while I'm indoors making coffee, but I can see it at all times through the window. It's also an exceedingly quiet village.