thread Home, Sweet Home
right, I'm off to the Pub, Sweet Pub.

In other news: today for the first time in my life I got a bonus that was worth more than 0.2% of salary. It was a bit less than i thought it might be (most of that is me forgetting about tax) but still rather nice to have one.
permalink evening
collapsed on sofa with beers from bottles. riley on 6music just played shipbuilding which:
A - Is a bkt older than I am
B- always makes me a bit melacholic for a while
permalink which version?
permalink oh
i guess worklife is trending
thread Woooooo!
I think we are the only people still awake in central Utrecht... and we have the keys to the clocktower and a case of beer.

Unfortunately, we still have a couple of hours of show programming to do...
permalink you'd better be wiring up the clocktower
and driving your DeLorean at it at 88mph
permalink Hmm... No Delorean. Only a small shed-type thing on wheels. No engine.
We are putting strobe sequences up the tower though...
permalink great Scott!
knackered after driving solo to Auckland today

now in shit pub, but with ok beer...better than being stuck in traffic on the southern motorway, that's for sure
permalink I have a trip from leeds to wetherbry (taxi)
then a meeting in leeds and a train to THAT london, what could possibly go wrong ... it's not like it's easter this weekend.

permalink I couldn't help but notice
that your job seems to be considerably more interesting than mine.
permalink there are some great jobs on here
he mends lightbulbs, thebear is some sort of amateur photographer, manley is one of those itinerant village idiots who shouts at traffic...
permalink Al sniffs glue
Scoff makes pet rocks
permalink more or less true
currently trying to make this computer cry with the image processing I'm making it do. It has a pair of Quardo NVS 295 graphics cards, 12GB of system RAM.

And a pair of 22" monitors
permalink my work involves running some hefty linear solvers
yet I still have to suffer with the default Dell with 4gb of RAM. I pleaded to get an upgrade to 8gb but you can imagine the response that got from university IT support.

I'm seriously considering building my own work PC
permalink where are you doing
your pissing?
permalink The pissoir
Or the nice toilet in the tower if one of us hasn't gone up it with the keys.
permalink those that are British Sea Power fans here
tickets for the album launch (in London on Wednesday) on sale at 10am this morning
permalink aaaand sold out
I got the second last ticket
permalink I've confirmed that I leave this job at the end of April
and start my new one in the first full week of May, so I'll get about a week off.

So many people are leaving at the same time that there's a cake mountain here.
permalink you found a new job already?
That was quick.... Is it more cash
permalink I had the other job before I quit
permalink nice one
permalink Yay, congrats!
Maybe you mentioned it already and I missed it,
but what's your new job about?
permalink I'm moving to the company who makes the software I use,
so basically it's very similar to what I do now but I'll be going round different hospitals to do training, see if we can help them use the software better, etc.

It's quite a bit more money and I'll get a car too, and when I'm not out and about I'll be working from home.
permalink go you
I hope this brings you less misery than the grinding frustration of your current job.
permalink Thank you very much.
permalink nice one
are you allowed to say what the software is?
permalink grindr
permalink ha....
permalink coolbeans
but where does that leave your local nh service?
permalink I looked at the website for the event
couldn't work out where the naked blokes carrying ladders fitted into it
permalink No connection...
That was to do with the university.
permalink is there any explanation
why they were running around in the scud on what i'm guessing was a freezing night in the scud?
permalink it was a special anniversary day of the university
Apparently this is a traditional thing that some students do this. It was however insanely and unusually cold. I had fleece trousers, trousers, t-shirt, fleece jumper, zip-up fleece, massive emergency services spec jacket, scarf, hat, two pairs of socks and big boots on, and I was trying not to spend more than about five minutes at a time outside...
permalink You probably were the only people still awake in utrecht at 11:00
They all seem to go to bed really early. I only managed to find one pub open late. The clock tower is gorgeous
permalink Aye... they roll up the pavements about 9pm.
Beautiful place though.

We're doing a permanent light show on the tower to sync with the bells, and with a specially composed piece for the Carillon. There's a medieval 50 bell Carillon up there... it's the most awesome musical instrument I've ever seen.
permalink I like the sound of show programming
"and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Great Compilio will attempt to debug an uncommented legacy Fortran script....using only a windows command line...which is ON FIRE"
permalink Oh dear, the Germans have incurred a 10 megabyte penalty there for a malformed expression
permalink We've got legacy stuff sorted.
I know Fortran. My boss knows Cobol.

Sadly, none of our stuff is in either. But you'll never know.
thread I'm on the Edinburgh to leeds train.. with pretty nifty wiffy
there is a rather jolly lady with a can of K cider and not enough teeth sitting opposite me. My fellow passengers are no doubt delighted to hear that she's going all the way to Bristol.

actually I'm perhaps being a bit mean, she seems nice enough..

the weather down the east coast has looked like a car advert, all dramatic clouds and occasional snows. edinburgh was lovely this morning.

ooo yay, she uses hands free headset on her phone QUITE LOUDLY
permalink You are allowed
to ask her to quieten down a bit...
permalink i've just done the british thing
...turned up my headphones and complained to the internet.

permalink if you're
on twitter, you might try @SoVeryBritish for Very British Problems.
permalink /r/britishproblems on reddit
is the appropriate place for such concerns
permalink depends on the music
surely, I am a grumpy old bastard most of the time but I like hearing music I love very loud :)
permalink I thought she was on the phone?
Anyway it's never, ever music you like.
permalink This
People who wear headphones on the tube are a fucking menace. They ALL think they are nice and quiet, but they are ALL pricks. And they walk out in front of bikes.

I never really understood iPods for walking - the world is fucking ace, why hide from it? When moving, take the bloody thing out of your ears and try to be a human for a bit.

You will all hate this position, I am sure.
permalink Well, I don't think you're right
not least because I've worn headphones on the tube and I haven't been a prick all the time. And I'm reasonably sure mine can't be heard, because I can't hear the music when I take them out.

But, some people are unwittingly pricks. And some people are wittingly pricks.
permalink Everyone thinks that they cannot be heard, but I can always hear them.
more importantly, they are no longer aware - they think they are, but making yourself voluntarily deaf in a situation where you need to interact with others is just odd.
permalink Well, that's London for you most of the time
headphones or no.
permalink I left for that reason.
If you do not interact then why live at all?
permalink She has a hands free headset?
And too few front teeth?
I didnt imagine that those two went together...
permalink she is my stapler
permalink well i think its one of the plug in ones you get with your phone
permalink Ah, ok. I had pictured the toothless drunk with a Jawbone device or similar
talking to her financial advisor asking him to capitalise some of her portfolio for her
permalink *plays Jawbone and the Air Rifle
by teh Fall*
permalink you can still get K?
I had some bad nights on that at university.
permalink You certainly can
oh you mean cider.
thread Quiet in here innit
CI finally killed it?
permalink Shhhhh!
We're hunting wabbits.
permalink but it's duck season.
permalink I'm busy doing the stuff I've meant to get done for while
but not previously got round to. Having a month left is quite the motivator.
permalink I'm trying to turn a normalised database
into a denormalised reporting cube without an entity–relationship model.
permalink I've not heard it
called that before!
permalink QV is rubbish at handling complicated data models
I'm having to unlearn everything I know about relational DBs
permalink I have finally sent you
a bacefook message wrt ovens and Sundays.
permalink Facebook is being wanky, I'll have to wait til I get home to check it
permalink Talking of wanky
Skype have removed the "share screen" function from the Win8 version.
permalink well... they're Microsoft now, so they'll be assuming the culture...
fuck up the good stuff, keep the wank.
permalink I remember when they bought hotmail
and removed the pop3 functionality.
permalink I merged my skype and messenger accounts
I now have some cam-girl contantly spamming me with messages I can't fucking block.
permalink you merged your actual talking to people account with your wanking account?
schoolboy error.
permalink I doubt you are running Windows RT
So install the desktop version and stop crying
permalink This is my developer in Colombia, he used his new laptop for the first time
just before a conference call.

I'm running Win 8, but with a shed-load of third-party stuff on top to turn it back into something vaguely resembling a proper UI. Took a while to cleanse all the shitty Start Screen stuff with fire, but I got there.
permalink i think that might be n3
We don't block fb but I have trouble getting to it at work.
Have you got another job or are you looking?
permalink I'm off work,
so I'm not spamming this 'board to the usual degree.

I am off on an absurd trip round Scotland tomorrow though.
We're planning to drive about 1300 miles in three days.
permalink that is an absurd trip
there isn't 1300 miles of scotland
permalink Well we're not starting in Scotland, as that would be tricky, what with us all being in England,
so I guess I was slightly inaccurate - it's a trip of 1300 miles, mostly in Scotland.

The route is approximately:
Chesterfield - Tebay Services (where I meet my comrades in true Top Gear road trip style) - Tain - sleep - John O'Groats - Ullapool (via devious route to be decided) - Fort Augustus - sleep - devious route west, returning to motorways via Lock Lomond sort of way - Chesterfield.

It will be interesting to see how much of the above is achievable in the current weather conditions. From what I can tell it's all mostly doable at the moment.
permalink the roads will be passable
but the further north you get, the less of them will be treated, which will make progress very slow, especially JoG - Ullapool. Definitely have a boot prepared for an overnight stay in a layby for anything north of Inverness
permalink my mate is cycling land's end to john o'groats over the next 10days
it's snowing and he's got cystic fibrosis.
permalink That is absurd.
John o'Groats was our original aim, as it seems like one has got to go there at some point.
However it's turned into a bit more of a thrash around some great roads.
There's three of us going, very eco-consiously in three cars.
permalink if you see a bloke wheezing along
it might be him, bung him a fiver for charidee.
permalink I if I bung every out of breath bloke on a bike a fiver,
it's going to be a very expensive trip.
permalink My colleague did some of the Yorkshire TdF route the other week
in the snow.
He was cursing is greatly.
permalink I can imagine
it's surprisingly hilly. I'm hoping to do Holme Moss before the end of the year, just need to shift a bit of spare weight. And get fit. And good at cycling.
permalink And a bike?
permalink I've got that
that's about all I have managed...
permalink He is good and fit and has no spare weight,
it was largely the snow that was the issue...
permalink I'm almost thinking of buying a turbo
though I reckon as long it is dry this weekend I'm going to ignore that it is cold and go for a couple of longer rides.
permalink i hate stationary bikes
though the only ones i've really used have been in the gym, i guess using a proper bike would be better.

permalink it looks like it's going to be lovely, just cold
I've got so much bloody decorating to do I'm not going to get out as much as I'd like, but I'm doing a long ride at least once.

I really like the turbo, once you get into the rhythm of using it as well as cycling I think it makes a real difference.
permalink do you have a turbo tyre?
and isn't it bit of a faf swapping tyre each time?
permalink coat the drum (probably wrong word) of the turbo in tarmac.
permalink me?
what have I done?

Back in the shed. Early start today, so I reckon it'll be about a 16 hour shift. Having gone somewhat mental at people here this morning and explained to them that they still haven't delivered us the system that we should have arrived to on Monday, and that if we have to come back next week they will personally be getting bill for about £5K, and that we're not the ones who are going to look stupid if it isn't finished when their queen comes to switch it on in two weeks... all of a sudden there are a lot of men in hi-viz running around.
permalink Two steps forward, one step back...
permalink are you lighting a waltz competition?
permalink A 112m medieval clock tower
permalink This: http://en.wikipedia.or...
As part of this: http://www.trajectumlu...

The last, most important part of it, to be switched on by the outgoing Queen of the Netherlands as her last official function in Utrecht in 10 days time. No pressure there then.
permalink I'm trying to deliver an improved version of an existing product
this is to be completed two weeks ago, I was given this project one week ago.
permalink everyone is busy manically laughing at http://animalsbeingdic...
I know I am
permalink Poor little kitty.
I enjoy animalsbeingdicks in general, but that little poppet is clearly disturbed and is in need of our help, not our mockery.

Perhaps it needs a big fuck off easter egg made out of different types of pork.
permalink Awesme.
thread Second night and the show is coming together...
We're sitting here in many layers of technical clothing with laptops and radios and all that, popping in and out of our shed depending what we need to see at the time.

Students are getting naked and running around the block.
permalink Pictures
or it didn't happen

edit: A TOTN for your little shed - Dead Voices On Air - The Durrow Book -
permalink I just cooked a steak
and some home made wedges. It was nice.
Nobody was naked.

[Edit] I found out that I have won a trip to Edam this summer from a competition I entered at Ecobuild.
permalink I always find
steak tastes boiled when I try to cook it at home . . what am I doing wrong? (apart from boiling it)
permalink ....
Turning /moving it too much or not using a pan that is hot enoughn
permalink most supermarket steak has water added
so you probably are boiling it
permalink it can be a good idea to take it out of the pack and leave between some kitchen
roll for a while before you cook it.

there are all sorts of salting techniques to help this drying out but i've never tired therm
permalink Hot pan, only turn it once, other than that leave it alone!
[edit] I used to find this, its almost certainly a lack of searing heat that is ruining the flavour.
permalink Don't use one of those grills where the fat dribbles away.
permalink those kerasy Dutchers!
well, if any of the better looking ones look a little too can always offer to "warm them up in the shed"
permalink i thought he was in Newcastle?
permalink that was last week, no?
I think he's in Utrecht...although it is hard to keep up with C_I's peripatetic wanderings
permalink oh yeah... i'm not being a very good stalker.
permalink no, no you're not
*revokes stalking card*
permalink correct.
5.30 finish last night, probably similar tonight...

Must take shed photos.
permalink they were all blokes.
For the second lap, they had to carry ladders.