permalink That's the internet complete then.
permalink Tis ^ ^
Last one out turn the computer off
permalink I wonder where one would get
one of those cat hoodies from
permalink TJ: nice pad, at least you'd know what the time is
permalink Wrong side of the river . .
which probably explains why it hasn't sold
permalink a little...gauche
permalink the joys of more comapct clock mechanisms
allowing that to actually work

permalink But where
are the clock workings?
permalink Look at the images where you see the faces from the side
Those chunky hubs will have an electric mechanism and a gearbox in.

Pretty tidy, but a bit lacking in massive gears, weights, pendulums, etc...
permalink Otherwise known as
the interesting bits
permalink Very true.
YOu should see the clock and 50 bell carillon in the tower in Utrecht I was working on. Mental.

Must get some pics online.
permalink I've been strangely watching that all day today
thread Not Rolf!
permalink :(
He may be a bit odd, but I didn't have him down as a Savile.

It may be a month late, but Spring has finally arrived here!
permalink Can ya tell what it is yet?
. .
permalink Is it a didgeridoo?
permalink Give it a blow

(something about playing in A minor)
permalink I'll pass thanks!
permalink yes Rolf
permalink Boston :\
permalink indeed
did you see there was a chap who'd run the Marathon was from West, Texas? he apprarently got home just in time. Uninjured by both events, thankfully.
permalink Jaysus him and those
people who were at the marathon from the Connecticut school shooting must feel cursed atm.
permalink It seems they were russians that did it.
that's a bit left-field for the conspiracy theorist, i mean they've not been hating the ruskies for years.
permalink It's OK
they're Muslims from Chechnya - time for Fox to stoke up the islamaphobia
permalink Chechens
which makes sense, given that the western world basically abandoned them to russian human rights abuses years ago in the name of anti-islamism

from their age they'd have grown up right in the middle of it, too
permalink That is a lot scarier
permalink innit
permalink It was almost as big a surprise
as when he stuck his finger up my bum when I was 12.

Reddit is under DDOS attack at the moment.
permalink that's ok
you can wait here until you can rejoin your new and better friends
permalink If you chaps were as interesting as my job is dull
I wouldn't need to spend my time deleting posts in askreddit.
permalink hang on a sec
I'll just don my smoking jacket, get out my cigarette holder and brush up on my repartee

sirs, I am momentarily removed to an occasion whereupon an Abyssinian, a Hindoo and an Unreformed Man of Ulster were all contemporaneously incident upon a teahouse...
permalink Do tell...
permalink I shall spare the tender emotions of the ladies here present
but suffice it to say they have all now been liberated from their latent savagery by the flag of Empire. HUZZAH!

permalink Huzzah!
God Save the King!
permalink Where's the Karma?
. .
permalink I'd be happy to
institute downvoting only
permalink +1
permalink *likes*
. .
permalink is it?
the chinese governement finally had enough of all those pictures of cats
permalink something about chairman Meow
permalink this

permalink he was well known in the 60s for having
A penchant for young ladies who were legally allowed to have sex with him but still had an irate father or two threatening to punch his gob
thread Who wants a TOTN?
for those not watching Top of the Pops from 1978 on BBC4 (and why not? in conjunction with Pete Paphides on twitter, a fine half hour's entertainment), this is amazing.
permalink sweet jesus
robot disco bottom of barrell scraping tastic!
permalink Last night's episode
was particularly refined torture. I even hated that crap when I was 6.

And yet I still watch, just like then.
permalink just heard
Storm Thorgerson has died . .

TOTN - Steven Wilson - The Watchmaker (live) - (he has put one fuck of a band together for this tour!)
permalink awww
that's a shame...some top walbum covers that man produced
permalink must be about time for the
'Pink Floyd are the best band ever/Pink Floyd are overblown prog nonsense' argument, where is pxyxyxyxy why you need him?
permalink Pink Floyd were a blues band
permalink in terms of prog
i wouldnt consider them overblown and while certainly they have some big sellers i would have them in a top 20 somewhere
permalink I'm a big fan,
but I understand why many aren't.
Sure a large part of Prgo's appeal is that it's overblown and somewhat pretentious?
permalink there's 3 Pink Floyds
the mental psychedelic band of the 60s
the innovative experimental synth rock band of the 70s
and the tedious middle aged wankfest of the 80s and 90s
permalink I like the one that sounded a bit like
the Inspiral Carpets, the first one.
permalink I like the
Live at Pompeii middle one
permalink Echoes in Love at Pompeii
is my favourite thing of theirs ever
thread Everyone loves being woken up at 4.30 by a fire alarm in a hotel

permalink Morning. I thought "I'll post that to the bo" on my way to work
and have now forgotten what it was.

On a similar note to your alarm, a long time ago I was at RAF Cranwell for a selection weekend. Their "Get the fuck out of bed" alarm, which was like a fire alarm only louder, was set to GMT and it'd just rolled over to BST so it went off ridiculously early instead of just stupidly early.

Edit: Oh yeah, my new boss phoned yesterday. I'm getting a Seat Leon.
permalink New Seat Leon or old Seat Leon?
They've just introduced a new model, which seems somewhat harder wearing than the last one.
IIRC you'll be quite happy about a bit of Leonism.
permalink Er... depends how "just" just is.
He's in the process of getting it but it'll be in a showroom at the moment.

MrsJam loves the new cooker by the way, thank you.
permalink Could go either way then,
as he may find a good deal on one of the old ones, albeit brand new but pre-registered, or he could order one new, which probably wouldn't be ready for when you start. On the third hand, he might find a deal on a demonstrator which might be a new one. Who knows, depends how much new stock any particular dealer keeps in.

Glad the cooker works at least. Tried the rotisserie yet?
permalink Not yet. I might try sausages on it.
permalink *inserts joke*
*about sausages and spit roasts*
permalink do you get a complimentary
12 year old Natalie Portman, and a big gun?
permalink i've never heard of a coder
getting a car as part of the package
permalink I'm not a coder.
I'm going to be working with NHS trusts predominantly in the north to improve their use of the software the company I'll be working for makes.

I happen to have done some coding at my current place but it's never been in my job description. It's just been something I've done with the 20 or so hours a week I have spare since automating most of my role.
permalink *waves*
permalink I've said it before, I'll say it again
I'm in the wrong job
permalink Good to see you last night
permalink I forgot to say,
I was a big fan of the toilet/bathroom door int he Holiday Inn Express in Inverness.
When "open" it closed off the toilet into its own cubicle, and when "closed" it closed off the whole bathroom from the room. Which meant one's partner could wash while one performed ones toilet, and you could leave the bathroom open with any lingering odours shut off.
Sadly, this punter was without a partner, so it was moot, but I did enjoy the philosophical question of whether the door was "shut" or not.
permalink ALthough presumably
you would be very close to where your fictional partner would be taking a dump, which can be a precarious position to be in...
permalink My fictional partner's faeces don't stink at all.
That's one of the few benefits of having a fictional partner.
permalink I met the woman of my dreams last night
I wouldn't be seen in public with that slut
permalink Huzzah!
I'm going to e-mail you to see if you're around next weekend, but I might forget, so this is here in case I do.
permalink Schrödinger's loo door
. .
permalink i'm sure if it involves FF
everyone is dead
permalink it is very popular that
We discontinued it 3 years ago as its actually pretty inneficient and the new one has a nice huge shower.

permalink I guessed it was pretty inefficient, as it was a big old bathroom,
but it was a sofabed room, not a standard double.
The shower wasn't small either, at least 900 square, and one side of it was the glazed wall of the toilet "cubicle"

I resisited the urge count the light switches, after our discussion of the matter.
permalink yeah, its our standard second gen room, there are about 5000 rooms like that
In the uk. New shower is 800x1400.

All express rooms with a double bed can fit a sofa bed, in practice a lot are broken and not replaced
permalink you wanna see the shower of the
novotel near heathrow, even the bath's comfy!
permalink yeah they are nice sometimes
.. damned frenchies.

permalink looks like it was built
by frenchies too.
permalink Dirty dirty
permalink architect types
I know you lot don't do streets, but maybe you can help me with this:
why, especially on really terrible street design proposals, are the cars, bikes and pedestrians in "artists impresions" always so tiny out of scale? Is it carlessness or active evil?
permalink Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence
permalink there's one I saw this morning
that had full size merc exec-mobiles in the "before" photo and an undersized Smart in the "after" rendering.
Given this is Westminster borough council, I lean towards malice.
permalink look
how small the double decker bus on the first page is
permalink Looks like
they got the work experience kid in to do that one
permalink That's simply badly done.
For example, the pavement on the right is significantly wider than along side the nearest building than it is on the next one down.

In reality the buildings front along the same line.
permalink of course
the rendering aren't half as bad as what they're proposing.
permalink It is a pretty awful rendering, I must admit.
They'd have done better to model the street in detail, and use CGI vehicles and people, then montage that into the photo.
They'd have done better to do anything but what they did actually.
permalink Like taking a photo, printing it out,
then taking a massive dump on it.

and sticking a flag in it.
permalink Ah, so you remember my
morning routine, then?
permalink it explains some of those funny shaped housing estates.
permalink No, that's all a part of my
context-led design approach, responding to both physical and ephermeral site constraints.
permalink who needs nurbs modelling?
Zaha just needs to lay some cable.
permalink the street propsals
will be sort of OK for pedestroians, awful for cyclists, pretty poor buses.
permalink won't even be that good for motorists
which is odd, as Westminster usually favour them
permalink As long as they keep moving.
They hate it when they park.
permalink fucking hell
that looks like a magazine, scissors and pritt stick job. I wouldn't be surprised if Teh Fear or the quo were peering round a corner somewhere.
permalink I checked
for a CDC but couldn't find one
permalink I found myself look for those
when I opened it up
permalink Not to mention the fact that it's not even a proper London bus.
You can tell because it's in full Stagecoach branding and has an LED panel for the route number on the back. /geekery
permalink There's a lot of dreadful rendering out there
The ridiculously wide-angle virtual lens is another rendering sin that annoys me.
permalink It is usually a combination of incompetence and malice, or at least cheekiness.
You canchoose to use entirely 6ft+ people in your renderings to make the building look smaller, or you can use 5ft6inch people to make the street look bigger.
We are generally pretty careful though, it would be horrific to end up in a public inquiry and have someone have a bash at your renderings on that score.
Always check for the child holding a balloon.
permalink we got some renders from an architect recently
with the most peculiar people in. One bloke had a definite kiddie-fiddler look about him. Also a guy with definite trouser bulge.
permalink I used to have a facebook group dedicated to people waving even though they are in grave danger
It featured pictures like this http://upload.wikimedi...
permalink places I'd rather not live
#2346: next door to a fertiliser factory :(
permalink Or even down the road from one
or several streets across from one...
bad times indeed for America
permalink so what's the protocol
are you allowed to run around the place half naked or does everyone suit up grab their bag and meet at the safe area?
permalink I suited up
as it was going to be cold and I didn't know how long we'd be out there (after checking corridor wasn't full of smoke)

there were some people in bathrobes though...
thread I just scared the willies out of myself
I went downstairs to make a cuppa and suddenly heard loud voices in the lounge. I didn't know what to do, and was just going for a big knife when I realised it was the dulcet tones of David Harmon; I'd left the telly on after watching the end of the Giro del Trentino, and Eurosport are showing Fleche Wallon. Tsk.
permalink Ha! Well done.
permalink you or anyone else ebay-ey
where can I buy a load (50) of DVD postal envelopes/jiffy bags cheaply? Physically, not off internets
permalink Local
post office?
permalink Or Rymans?
permalink post office
staples, rymans etc.

but they are dirt cheap on the interwebs and mine were delivered next day (50 g6 i think)
permalink I've tried both post office and rymans
and they want something like £1.50 each

and interwebs means waiting in for a parcel, which I can't do for a while (don't get on with my neighbours and can't get things delivered to work)
permalink no friends nearby?
i think i paid like 11.95 for 50
permalink only friends
with jobs
permalink arent you close to me?
or is that some other northern type?
permalink emotionally perhaps
but no, Glasgow
permalink Restrict your ebay search to local types?
They may be happy for you to collect at a suitable time.
permalink you could pick it up at your local PO
permalink but they'll try and deliver it first
and one of my neighbours will accept it and then huff about it
permalink ah i didn't read the page properly.. i thought i remembered them
starting a service similar to what thirdy mentioned

you could always poste restante it http://www.postoffice....
permalink Got an Amazon Locker or Collection shop near you?
permalink products not eligible
permalink These are

Any good?
permalink need ones for the cases to fit in
planning on ebaying loads of old games, the margin is going to be slim so need to do P&P as low as possible
permalink I've used ByBox a lot
Very good service, similar to Amazon Lockers but in more places, but downside is that it adds an extra day to the delivery time:
permalink ooh that would be useful
but none anywhere near me sadly
permalink Physically? Not really, no. Asda probably.
I pack DVDs in a C5 envelope, then put that in another C5. Not had any complaints yet and C5s are easily procured from the office.
permalink good call
permalink I have 50 you can have
Email me
permalink appreciated
but as above, the problem is I can't really get parcels delivered at the moment :)
permalink you not allowed receive mail at work?
that's a bit shitty
permalink well I work at a university
and the process for incoming parcels is somewhat byzantine
permalink fairly muff
I don't remember it ever being a problem in Reading...maybe we just had accommodating secretaries*

*no, not like that
permalink bah,
I'm all of a dissapoint.

*cancels trip to dreading*
permalink you never saw the secretaries in question
*shudders at the very thought*
permalink I could sell you the ones out of my cupboard
but that might not be any quicker
permalink How many willies did you have in you?
permalink I am taking his silence
to mean more than four
permalink I imagine the willies being scared out of new matt
looked very much like that wang rendering video down there
permalink pfft
you're the second person I know that's done that to themselves recently.

In other news, shiny Jellybeans for all!
permalink yes
I've not found how to change my lock screen wallpaper. O2 have changed it to a picture of the dome.

permalink Hold the screen with a digit
And a menu shows with set that then you have a lock screen change...presume you are using the sii?