thread here's a ToTN for c_i while he plays with torches in the cold

in a desert island discs style question 'what are your 3 favourite acts/bands of all time*
i think i know my bands (virgin prunes / e.n. / j.d.)
but watching john lennon getting shot repeatedly would really cheer me up
and i could watch fat elvis for ever.. tough decision

*this will allow you to time travel to any specific gig/record launch/band practise/breakup/death that has occurred
permalink I am assuming that
EN = Einsturzende Neubauten?
JD = Joy Division?

pretty fucking difficult to choose top three bands/acts...too many to think of...but, if I had to choose three

The Fall - assuming you could guarantee one of their good gigs...also pre '86 line up
Cardiacs - obviously to be in the crowd for the Maresnest gig, with the classic line up
Talking Heads - around Stop Making Sense, but earlier would be fine

permalink assuming correct.. but it's the TT that makes it interesting
would i rather be there with neubauten practising in that tiny concrete bunker or throw my panties at elvis?

hanging out with talking heads at that film gig besides byrne means bumping into blondie..
the fall i love to pieces but dealing with him in person is a real pain in the arse
(actually time travel you'd know which was a good gig)
cardiacs.. would the best moment be seeing that gig or watching them invent a song or creating their name or driving their nan to the bingo?
permalink hey it was difficult enough
coming up with 3 bands/approximate gig eras!
permalink okay i've changed my mind
blondie meeting warhol for the first time

vliet realising the desert was his home and fuel

brian jones and gysin lisetening to the master musicians of Joujouka
permalink nah drop the last one
i still want to witness/go through ian curtis' death again
permalink I hear The Fall as being musically cretinous
I will never get them. They just sound like they don't know what they are doing. They play horrible notes which don't go together. This is of course why people like them. I however, like things to be polished and well played. It just sounds like a fire in a pet shop to me
permalink I think the atonality
in Fall songs is very deliberate
permalink Yeah but it's wrong
atonality can be right, it takes skill which they don't have
permalink Besides none of their tunes are truely atonal
They are just incorrect. The tonal centre is always obvious as they aren't exactly good composers. They are just playing wrong. Bits of bitches brew are atonal. To even play atonally you need to understand how to not create any harmonic grounding. This can be in itself difficult. if you were to play whole tone or diminished you are technically atonal.
permalink i've always seen 'the fall' as a backdrop
to mark E smiths lyrics.. i like anti-music so that sits well with me
you and tabz are the technical musical ones here so you can argue the point
are sonic youth atonal?
permalink I have no idea, not really remembering anything about them other than the fact they use drills
primus are at times if that helps.
permalink you either love or hate the Fall
what I like most is that the first time you hear a Fall song, it is quite obviously them, even if it sounds completely different to everything else they've done.

Tabz is right probably, they can also do really polished pop songs when they want to.
permalink In other news

and relax...

*this may have something to do with cricket
permalink We did not deserve that
Monty did right to get off point though.
permalink bollocks we didn't
a fine battling draw, that was

they have done it to us before...
permalink cook... I thought we were dead !
permalink It was fantastic, but lucky.
Only the third time it has been done, ever.
permalink That is to say that
it is only the third time in Test cricket that a team has gone into the final day of a match with four wickets down and avoided defeat.
permalink top 3? crikey
pixies and talking heads I listen to pretty consistently, then half man half biscuit might sound twee but they'd be up there, Fall or the Wedding Present would be in the mix, but British Sea POwer would be making a late charge on the rails, don't know. leave it with me.
permalink Hard one to call
Killing Joke, Cardiacs, and either Oceansize or Porcupine Tree I'd guess

This list would change on a daily basis though
permalink it's just as much about the 'event' as the band
c'mon you have to have one involving JAZ!
permalink Killing Joke
& Cardiacs would always be on the list
permalink for fear of making you all laugh too much and therefore
not get enough work done today I will resist from listing mine
permalink i'm pretty sure i'd like yours the best
(i don't know that much about 20's flapper music)

permalink ok, these are the ones that influenced me greatly and I still listen to them
Jackson Browne - The Pretender
Elton John - Goodbye yellow Brick Road
King Crimson - In The Court of the Crimson King

Edit: mind you, the latter half of the 70's was spent in a smoke fuelled haze
permalink It's ok, I've listed mine.
permalink ta
permalink I really don't know. Garbage definitely,
possibly Sheryl Crow and Skunk Anansie for the other two. But then I might end up really miserable, maybe I should swap Crow out for something a bit more cheery like B*Witched or the original S Club.
permalink crow vs s. club
no contest i thought their tv show was great
permalink can't think who the third one would be
But if I go back to my teens when I was really nerdy about making lists of top 10 bands and then see which ones I still like that would be: Early A-ha and the Neffs for the top two.
permalink ooh ooh I know this
1. Tom Waits
2. Alabama 3




bugger that last one is hard to pin down, i've got a thing at the moment for Imelda May but I think that might be a passing fad. i like them crooked vultures but they've only done one album.
wait, that's it

the queens of the stone age.
permalink but at what point? tom waits realising he sounded like
a bad rip-off of billy joel and started to chug cigars like a diesel or the time he was in a flooded basement recording Bone Machine?
permalink my favoirite tracks are
MR Siegal, when the money runs out, make it rain and heart attack and vine so it looks like early 80s.
permalink we supported Alabama 3 a couple of years back
in Brixton
permalink nice one
i must have seen them five or six times but all oop north, their weakest tour for me was a few years back when they did a load of remixes.
permalink it was quite an afternoon/night/morning
I can tell you
permalink I'd fucking love to see Queen
when they were at their imperial peak.
permalink i saw them early 80's
my dad took me.. it was awesome
permalink lucky fucking bastard
permalink Well, the top of the top always be bands singing in my mother tongue
So, not that it's of any use for you guys but here are my top 3:

- Tom Liwa (Singer/Songwirter I had a major boy-crush in around the 00's)
- Dendemann (Rapper with German language skills beyond the human domain)
- Element of Crime (This band is about sadness. In a cheeky way.)
permalink the last one are disgustingly polite
music wise.. i imagine you'd want to be in their green room while they dissed merkel or something
permalink EoC are the closest thing to chansons Germany has.
It's not about fucking the system, it's about lost love.
permalink Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Led Zepellin 2 - erm led zeppelin
Stevie Wonder - Inner Visions
permalink time travel and you come up with that?!
no LZ private plane frollicks or wonder hair gags?
permalink If I had a plane what would I be doing stuck on a desert island?
permalink probably giving yourself etc
permalink Kind of blue is great.
Maybe Blue Monk too (TM)
thread Right... I'm off to Utrecht to go nocturnal...
night shifts programming a mental lighting installation, back on Friday.

I hope to have internet in the small wheeled shed I'll be working from, so I will bore you all in the middle of the night.

permalink Have fun! I'm writing my resignation.
permalink Using the words
"monkey", "faced" and "cunt" ?
permalink HA! Tempting, but no.
We've been told that we're moving to Warrington. I figure that if I resign and state the reason as being the move to Warrington then if they don't go (which is rumoured) then I can bitch about me having left because of a move that didn't take place. Not that I'd actually do anything about it, but there we go.
permalink how far is warrington?
can you just say that you cant go and they would have to make you redundant?
permalink 15 miles, and I missed the boat with voluntary redundancy
which is annoying but it did say you're not meant to go straight into another job.
permalink Straight into another job is OK
just not straight into another NHS job

We had managers made redundant in the last round of job cuts who came straight back in but avoided having to pay the cash back by going through an agency, not fair but within the scope of the rules
permalink Ah well. I wouldn't have got very much anyway,
unlike the lass who sits behind me who has been here for 27 years, came in straight from school, took MARS because of the proposed move to warrington. 2 1/4 years pay in a lump sum is pretty good.
permalink 15 Miles
isn't too far though is it?
permalink Doing a job I no longer enjoy is one thing
but I sure as fuck aren't commuting to it.

The M6 has a habit of entirely stopping. It's taken me nearly two hours to do those 15 miles before.
permalink 10 minutes by train apparently*
I agree though, there is no point in going for something you're not enjoying

*and they would have to pay your travel
permalink It's half an hour walk to the station
and the station I actually want (birchwood) is two changes away and takes up to 1h10.

1h40 is a little bit different from 5 minutes in the car or 15 minutes stroll.
permalink Anyway...
I'm leaving because I've been consistently lied to and ignored and someone's offered me a job I should really enjoy that will use my skills, rather than making my workload increasingly shitty and not what I want to do.
permalink That leaves the only option for me
is to leave home
permalink i need a maid
come live with me
permalink PF is on two weeks holiday
from think yourself luck !
permalink Have fun
and make sure to get some Indonesian fast food!
permalink will this be more
watertight than the small non-wheeled shed you had out in the arabs?
permalink I believe so.
we shall see. will post pics if it's funny enough.
permalink the shed you'rethinking of was one of four
the roof blew of f one of them.
permalink Am I the only one
who thinks that Utrecht sounds like a painful urinary tract infection?
permalink I does seem to be the sound
you make while having a piss while suffering from said complaint
permalink I just saw this:

I stood next to Clive Mantle on the tube once, he is rather tall so I can only assume the assailant used step ladders
permalink Either that or Harpski had only had 10 pies for lunch
instead of the usual 15.

edit: forwarded that to mrsjam who said "We regularly used to sit next to him at the Theatre Royal Bath !"
permalink Arrrf !
Is he still alive ?
permalink He pops up here now and again
permalink he was on the twitters
on fri, so yarp.
permalink I reckon by the time they finish book 5
british actors will be noted if they've not been in Game of Thrones, rather than if they have.
permalink UK Actor Bingo
The Bill
Game Of Thrones
permalink didn't he have a cameo in the Vicar of Dibley
and shagged the vicar?
permalink I believe so.
permalink Hollyoaks
is beginning to join that list as well.
permalink Hello from said shed.
permalink is it all decked out like a Police undercover van, loads of monitors
etc? or just a kettle and a laptop? :)
permalink It's a little shed on wheels.
It's got a table, two chairs, two laptops, two monitors, some network kit, a heater, two lighting lunatics and a crate of beer.
permalink sounds like heaven
permalink it's not bad, as these things go.
I'll take pictures tomorrow.

Slightly annoyed that we are finding mistakes in the installation and things that aren't finished yet or aren't working properly. It was all supposed to be finished, tested and ready for us arriving and as usual, it bloody isn't.
permalink People saying hello from a shed
always makes me panic a little.
permalink I didn't see
Werthers mentioned in the list above, you're safe. *hugs*
permalink in that it means
they've undone the ropes, and have removed the ball-gag?
permalink indeed
permalink for some reason I am thinking of a Swede Mason style
get in...get in...get in the shed...
permalink It's taking longer to burn a CD than it did to download the ISO
buy quite a margin.
permalink "buy"
How ironic ;o)
permalink Sounds more exciting than my trip
to learn about contract administration...
permalink I feel I can only pronounce Utrecht
properly when I have a nasty phlegmy cough

Feel free to wibble through the night though, I'll more than likely be here!
thread *looks at time*

Ozric tentacles - Pteranodon (Hallucinogen remix)
permalink Noice!
Merv & Joie-era Ozrics, remixed by Posford?

What more could you possibly want?
permalink Ozrics, madness
permalink hey manley i think i have your splitter problem sorted
permalink Morning! The NHS is being awesome:
Last week the out-of-hours telephone service transferred from locally run to a new 111 phone number (at least in the north west) and NHS Direct won the contract.

So, our call handlers were made redundant. Only NHS Direct can't take over for another month. Our call handlers can't apply for the temporary positions because (a) they've been made redundant so can't work for the trust for a month and (b) the jobs are for internal candidates only.
permalink m(
time for the faceplam emoticon.
permalink This time last year
I was sitting in my mate Nerdy Pauls back garden soaking up the sun and quaffing ale :o(
permalink You still have
electricity then?
permalink Yeah
All the snow was in the north/east coast, we just had the gales and a windchill of -10
permalink Aye, we had gales. One of the fence panels died a death
which is a tad annoying, and the TV antenna on the back of the house is really rattly and annoying now we're sleeping in the attic.

/first world problems
permalink Are you hiding
from someone?
permalink He want's to be
Anne Frank
permalink Nope. We had the attic converted into a room
but we can't put kids in it (when we get some) as it doesn't have a door and so doesn't count as anything but storage.
permalink have some
raw, unadulterated, clickbait
permalink I like that.
permalink TJ
If you're a non British national in the UK and paying income tax and NI contributions are you eligible for an NHS card ?
permalink Yes

permalink Tah !
If you're a non British national outside the UK and neither paying income tax nor NI contributions are you eligible for an NHS card ?
permalink No

permalink if you're a British national, currently outside the UK
but visiting soon, can you still use the NHS?

not currently paying tax/NI, but paid enough over the years!
permalink not if Cameron gets his way and you're shoved in a rotten B&B
until you die of drug-resistant TB.

[edit] but if you're asking for you, we're not doing your sex change for free.
permalink yes
it says, "Get Well Soon"
permalink audible laughter was produced.
thread Assuming my clock is accurate
and I haven't dreamt the last 24 hours, it is no longer new_matt's birthday. So Happy Sunday everyone.

I also have a question... If a friend wanted to have some episodes from a televisual entertainment programme from the US which don't seem to be available for purchase, where might one obtain such things these days? My friend would pay if the option were there...

EDIT: Thanks everyone. My friend has found the programming he was after!
permalink maybe he forgot he had backup copy stored at a cyberlocker? is a good way to look where exctly you forgot you put it.
permalink Happy sunday
The boiler has just about managed to put enough heat into the flat to keep me comfortable after being on constantly since 10:00 this morning. Its pretty white out there still!
permalink have you bled the rads?
permalink Yes, they are all fully functioning,
We are suffering from a combination of 1987 build quality and an empty flat above us at the moment. The latter has made a real difference this year.

[edit] could be worse though, I'd imagine that this would cause quite the draft http://www.sudburymerc...
permalink cripes and
permalink The question is
how much above the 30 limit was the turd going down a street in a residential area on an icy night?
permalink 20 year old in an audi TT
permalink clearly some kind
of massive cunt, and reinforces my opinion of people who drive those things. Glad that nobody was killed.
permalink the hole in the hedge is impressive, little bank of earth
must have launched it into the air
permalink street
view of the approach.
permalink I see someone else has been playing amateur
crash investigator too...
permalink yeah
sorry about that...
permalink with 3 children you have to :)
permalink i'm going to say he clipped the kerb on the inside
permalink I think he completely missed the corner
notice the accident investigation marks on the kerb, rear wheels only slightly out from front wheels. last ditch attempt to try and steer but too much speed...
permalink vastly too much speed
even if the road was dry
permalink I'm just going to suggest
he was a complete cunt
permalink This may well be the conclusion
of the police report.
permalink this.
permalink Well, it IS an Audi...
permalink This^^
permalink the likes of lovefilm etc steam most stuff for monies
However, if you you're after a certain Swedish site, this illustrates the futility of blocking ISP-based blocking of mirror sites
permalink personally
some people i heard about hunt ISO from some site or other
permalink Use a proxy
It's easy when you know how
permalink those who are both cycling and F1 fans
Froome/Porte in the CI today versus the Red Bull and Merc shennanigans in Malaysia- interesting contrast?
permalink I think some people find it easy to get tv from an italian site
permalink like thirdy says
its eezz tv
thread assuming bacefook is accurate
happy birthday new_matt
permalink I am singing 'Wigan Los Vegas' to the tune of Viva Los Vegas
I am unsure as to why.
permalink it is
yes, thank you. I am in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere near Southampton. It is raining. I am going to a wedding.
permalink i dont know that one...

I'm in quite a nice crowne plaza in Bruges....
permalink habby new year fella
hope you got off with some cakey goodness
permalink Morning. I saw Skunk Anansie last night,
who were a bit good. What was less good was that I watched most of it through smart phone screens. Fuckers.

A chap a bit in front of me got a brilliant shot of someone else taking a photo of Skin crowdsurfing whilst still singing. I don't think he did it intentionally but it pretty much summed up my experience.

I understand wanting to take a photo, but a lot of them were taking photos the whole way through. Why not just get the DVD? It's like taking photos only it's done by someone who is really good at it and is in a better position and it's cheaper than the ticket.
permalink i fucking hate that.. nearly as bad as people fb'ing their activitises
while doing them.. live the moment fucktard

anyway seems you witnessed a perfect element of baudrillard's fourth stage
permalink ..
permalink however
in Japan
permalink count me in.
Should I get to Tokyo, I'm so there.
permalink I think what you really need to do
is get a version set up in Edinburgh. Could you make the lighting any more mental/seizure inducing?