thread Time for a quick

Isis - In Fiction -
permalink as opposed to a slow TOTN? try it you might like it..
permalink Reminds me of
Explosions In The Sky

Try this -
permalink that's rather awesome
reminds me a bit of Biosphere
permalink it;s pretty much every sun00000)))) track
you've ever heard

in fact i'm singing 'Waterloo' while gargling lead.. it sounds just like that
permalink Heard the Sunn0)))
tracks sped up?
permalink yeah i played some to stephen at a theatre gig they were doing
he wasn't impressd but boris pissed himself laughing
permalink A wild cockup appears!
There's a surprise.

edit: I'm going to rant because I can.

1/4 of our trust is now owned by another trust as of yesterday. So this morning I removed them from the system I manage.

Two hours later I had to put them all back under the instruction of a director. No explanation has been given but apparently it's fine for staff who don't work for us to have sysadmin access to my systems. I'm in a really bad mood now.
permalink Give it a month and
permalink I know, but it's bothering me today
and hinders my plan to leave them a smoothly running and accurate system. Mainly so that I know that when I get called back here as part of my new job every fuck-up is theirs.
permalink In my experience,
it matters not whether the system is smooth running and accurate, any problems will be blamed on you anyway.
Plus with your new gig, you'll have to fix it anyway.
permalink Aye, but _I'll_ know.
permalink Better give everybody admin rights
just to be sure.
permalink if you just let everyone
have access to everyone else's medical records it would be a lot easier.
permalink And you call yourself a sysadmin?
"I am afraid it is quite impossible for users who are not part of our trust to have access - it is a breach of security and DPA - my hands are tied".
permalink I call myself a Risk Team Administrator and Data Officer
because that's my job title. DPA is an interesting one.
permalink I call myself a Solutions Consultant
because it is meaningless.
permalink You don't provide solutions,
you can merely be consulted about them.
permalink Basically yes.
They need a solution, I look at their available solutions and say "hmm . . . That one".
permalink http://www.generatorla...
permalink Dr Who Tube map
permalink Cor.
That's great.
permalink "he's dead!"

RIP Jesús
permalink Have you checked
the cave?
permalink Lina Romay is dead.
She died last year.

Is that from The erotic rites of Frankenstein?
thread this post
contains no lies
permalink neither does this one
(a) because it is 20:51 already
(b) because April's fool are almost all* a complete load of bollocks

*spaghetti trees aside, possibly
permalink I'm almost ashamed to say
I quite like this from Metro

The Buzzfeed one especially
permalink the new BMW P.R.A.M
in the torygraph today was inspired.
permalink i see manley is moonlighting as an actor now
quite convincing as a village idiot In the Flesh
permalink anyone got any ideas for April fools pranks I can play on Mr & Mrs Jam?
I was thinking of cooking them breakfast and giving them a knackered old cooker, but it seems like the scheme needs more finesse and focus somehow.
permalink I'm glad nobody replied.
permalink They all PM'd me.
You've not found the turd in the oven then?
permalink Ah, I presumed it was parkin
that'd overspilled the tin. Cos that looks so like shit that you can really freak people out when you eat it.
permalink so, um
the new Dr Who assistant. I've somehow discovered a picture of her. One for the saddo middle aged leering brigade and no mistake.
permalink wasn't she on Emmerdale
or something? So, saucy shots in Loaded?
permalink I'm undecided.
She's new. Don't like change.
permalink I was like that
with Matt Smith.

(I still am)
permalink I was at first because he didn't look like Dr Who
But I soon grew to love Matt Smith
permalink I think she is
going to be alright . . .
permalink Link me up
permalink if you
permalink is it just me
or does she have very very thin arms?
permalink And a big ole boobymole
to boot
permalink perspective
is a cruel and unpredictable mistress
permalink She does
I don't think it is just perspective.
permalink she also reminds me of a doctor's assistant
from many years ago...possibly Davidson/Baker era
permalink Nicola Bryant?
permalink bollocks to middle-aged
leering, she's older than me! *rubs thighs*

Peri was always my favourite assistant, even if she WAS from that Canadia.
permalink nothing wrong with Canadian girls
I mean, look at Justin Bieber

permalink possibly, although I think there was another one
and crikey, Peri got her boobs* out more that I remember

*even her side-boobs
/Peter Griffin
permalink you'll be thinking of
Sophie Aldred (Ace)
permalink She used to like
flashing her gusset I seem to remember
permalink She was on Pointless celebrities the other day.
Most disappointing.
permalink yes
yes I was...
permalink blimey a kids program
that has a bit of eye candy for the dads.. when did that start happening
permalink I'm just going to bang this here

so I remember in the morning. ps, the spin website is bloated and shit.
permalink cor
that looks quite tasty
permalink yeah, looks interesting
need to work out when it's released/how much it costs.
permalink Mid-June
*chomps on knuckles*

edit: clearly you heathens have never seen War of the Worlds.
permalink hello?
permalink MATRON!
permalink I have, (rev. Collins)
But uncle Matt is from Fraggle Rock.
permalink Attention there
permalink went cycling
still chilly:
permalink I hate to tell you but
permalink snow makes for a handy stand
whilst you take a piss in a hedge
permalink albeit
your love hammer will get cold...
permalink aye
permalink cor!
you must get some wolf whistles riding that baby around
(and not for the size of your arse crack)
permalink crikey
this is pretty amazing.. octopus fits through tiny hole
permalink who is Tom Cu*t**?
..... he seems to know some of you bastards

(I've edited your name to protect the innocent)
permalink Me
permalink ahh
well i hope you don't expect much form my twittering.
thread this is very cute.. or downright sinister
i'm not sure
thread So, I have adopted a seated position in the Lock Inn at Fort Augustus.
I'm quietly trying to identify mosschops' mate by appearance.
So far, we've driven about nine hundred miles in two days. Top craic.
permalink SITTING
/pet hate
permalink I love this board
Thirty minutes and all you get is a single pedantic grammar criticism
permalink "All one gets"
permalink Why are you talking like the Queen, Tino?
Well, I've learned English on a message board full of grammar pedants.
permalink This is, whilst correct,
intended as parody.
permalink Actually, I'd say seated is probably acceptable in Scotland.
Your post didn't need posted.
permalink I might have done a
Stealthy edit after manley's comment.
permalink sat
is fine, it's regionally idiomatic, as is 'all you get', just depends where you're from.
permalink All you get?
Sat is the past tense of the action of moving from a reclined or standing position into a seated position. The past tense of being in a seated position is sitting.

They are different words and, just because they are homonyms does not mean we can just interchange them.
permalink yep.
"you" is a normal alternative for "one" or "I" in many places. Most of the old Ridings of Yorkshire for instance.
permalink Or, in fact,
permalink apart from his mind
it would seem
permalink No, your mind
I am quite happy with 'all you get'. Sat, however, is wrong in this instance.
permalink I've roasted beef
and made the planet's best yorkshire puddings. there has never been such fine yorkshires.
permalink has or have?
permalink Have
I think . .
permalink this is too
damn cute- ex 18ftr champ Trev Barnabas sailing with his son (and more recent champ) Trent and his kids 9 and 11 yr old kids. They actually raced. That's a damn hardcore boat for kids to be sailing.
permalink Morning. I'm at my mum's fixing her computers.
We went to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet at the cinema the other day, it was a live showing of a Royal Opera House production and was rather good.