thread Chi Cheng is dead.
This sounds awful, but it is probably for the best.
permalink who? oh.
I thought it was a chinese dissident
permalink Hu?
No, Hu's on third.
permalink me too
I thought he might have been a mate of Al Weiwei (sp?)...not the comatose bassist of a dodgy bunch of Californian rockers...

Still, shame
thread Afternoon all...
to keep a theme about a TOTA, also fairly approproate forRiggers:

Einstürzende Neubauten and a charming cover of Sand (original by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood)

anything exciting for the weekend?

Nothing much here...drizzly day, got out for a long(ish) run of 15 km this morning. Am now stiff and sore, especially my arse. Make of that what you will...
permalink I will go to a small club festival tonight
and see We Will Promised Jetpacks and a German band called Laing.
permalink dunno
bits of DIY, might try a bike ride, I really need to go buy some clothes. nothing exciting.
permalink sweet!
loaded with nostalgia that track as it was the theme song
for my DS (who was also called Sand after the shark)

he sings it in a film i watched years ago.. possibly this one Nihil oder Alle Zeit der Welt clip
edit: nope it was this (and hagan & lovich were sitting behind us in the scala cinema KX)

there are a few parties/aktions going on today (as you can imagine) so this weekend should be a blast
permalink Have been swimming with ickleuminator... Now pizza.
After a week of long night shifts, last night I had a friend staying... Whisky at 4am.

I am fucked.
permalink I'm enjoying a weekend off the booze
after a gig on tuesday which accidentally turned into a night out (the perils of teacher other half)
followed by a networking event which accidentally turned into 8 pints and a glass of wine.
My insides still feel tender. Takeaway curry should be here soon to help things further...
permalink I am mostly having
an absolute monster of a hangover.
permalink I went shopping in the market and bumped into someone who fancied a pint.
then a mate came over and I made inda goulashy stuff for tea.

now i'm deabating staying near leeds tomorrow night to save me driving all the way to darlington tomorrow then all the way back...
permalink after an epic row about thatchbitch at 4am
we woke up at 4pm, I hit the pub for a quality quiche'n'chips (all home made, kids) followed by a monkey bath and packing for next week's course in HP networking that I don't need to know but the company needs me to have the qualification. This follows me passing a Server exam yesterday, go me.

I've decided the theme for the course will be Cardiacs so it's a tshirt a day :)
permalink well... go you indeed!
permalink what is a monkey bath?

is that like a glasgow shower
permalink it's so hot, when you sit in it, you go
ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah ah!
permalink he he
permalink I am tiring of being shouted at about Thatcher.
If my position is that she was divisive and that if some people want not to have celebration of her death then perhaps it should not happen, than surely I am, when shouted at that I am wrong and she was pure evil, logically correct, just because I feel that way?

Very upset by a lot of friends behaviour over this.
thread TOTN for Rigby:
XhohX - Blaxbox -

TOTN for the rest of you:

Knifeworld- The Wretched Fathoms -
permalink TOTM has to be this

I defy you to stick with it much past a minute
permalink I made it to 1:10
and then my ears fell off
permalink it truly is wonderous
I mean, what on earth possessed them to post it online?

I don't think it is ironic, it'd be quite hard to be that bad deliberately, right?
permalink I'll stick with
permalink as soon as I've listened to Ton Ravenscroft from last night, I'm going to dig out a Talking HEads CD
and go for that.

In other questions: I often do a 20mile loop on my bike after work. say last week I did it in 1h30m and my average HR was 162bpm, and this week I did it in 1h25m with an average HR of 154bpm, is that better?

also, this computer is lagging and I'm typing faster than it can think. it's like being in 1996 again. In which case I'm off to the freemasons after work to get pissed.
permalink yes
a lower heart rate indicates that i you are fitter (within certain limits)

permalink that's what I assumed
doesn't feel like it
permalink it's too small a sample
yes as your CV efficiency improves over time your bpm will reduce, but an 8bpm difference in one week is unlikely to be an accurate measurement of that
permalink I plan to do that route as often as possible this year
so we'll see. I also plan to work out how to beat the hill that's arseholing me every time...
permalink the problem is that there are a few factors that make a difference
whether the wind is behind you or in your face being a massive one.
permalink My wife bought me the hobbit film on bluray yesterday
which was lovely of her.
permalink here's a thing
is Blurray that much better than DVD? Say, for the casual viewer, not for someone that watches a film every night.
permalink if you have a capable telly
then its nice. but i wouldnt go out of my way to spend more.
permalink it can be much better
but often isn't, depends on the source

on stuff that's been made at very high resolution (like t'hobbit) the difference will be massive, but I wouldn't say there's much difference if you're watching, say, a telly series that's just been upscaled for the Bluray version.
permalink But some telly is much better.
The recent series of Silent Witness was much better in HD.

It also depends on your equipment. My dad got sky HD and then got rid of it because he couldn't tell the difference, but that's because the sky box and/or his telly upscaled so well the HD wasn't all that much better.
permalink Yes. For the extras as much as the HD.
For example, the blu-ray of twelve monkeys includes an hour and a half long documentary about it.

permalink so
no, maybe, yes then? excellent.
permalink As meep says, some stuff isn't better on blu-ray.
Some stuff is stunningly good though. I'd get a blu-ray played just for Attenborough wildlife stuff.
permalink You shoul've got a PS3 instead of an xbox
permalink I've never held with Playstation
just like a C64, they're not right...
permalink I much prefer xbox too
though am currently playing bioshock 2 on the ps3.
permalink I bought a blu-ray player that does surround sound too,
and it has an optical input. This means I can plug my xbox into it and have surround sound, and it's the same brand as my telly so they talk to each other.
permalink Why is there no
www dot HasNorthKoreaAttackedYet dot com ?
permalink There is now . . .
. .
permalink Have fun putting google ads on there
permalink Wasn't me
permalink Damn.
Then again, it would probably be too much trouble updating.
permalink if it's still up
then the answer is no. its like the world service.
permalink Explain?
permalink I think he is refering the nuclear holocaust
that is surely to follow the Glorious Leader's attack on the imperialistic enemy.

I wouldn't hold my breath.
permalink it's 'Today' on Radio 4
half way down here
permalink ?
I am still confused.
permalink apocryphally
during a nuclear standoff, submarine captains were supposed to tune into R4 LW in the morning. if Today wasn't on two days in a row, it was to be assumed that nuclear war had happened, so they were to open their standing orders and fire at preassigned targets.

so, no R4, nuclear war. similarly, no internet left to tell you that North Korea haven't started a war, global nuclear holocaust.

it loses something in the explaining.
permalink Not at all,
That is superb, thank you.
permalink I can't believe you didn't know that.
permalink It seems like the sort of thing I know, yes
but I did not.
permalink One for the architects
I seem to have enraged a butjob on Reddit Architecture
permalink WOW.
"Corbusier, Kahn, Mies and others are all terrible architects who produced nothing but shit.

If an architecture isn't based on the traditional and/or the classical, or isn't vernacular, then it is shit and shouldn't be allowed."

is probably my favourite bit.

This arse is like a Kansas Prince Charles.
permalink exacerly
permalink crickey
what a nutjob
permalink you know which one I am in that conversation right.
.. i mena i agree with you.. I'm just not used to it.
permalink hehe
yes mister
permalink I didn't read it, but similarly didn't read the reddiquette
So I just down voted everything he said for lulz.

permalink haha
cheers much preferred to knifeworld ;)
thread Waiting around...
for the Queen of the Netherlands. As you do.

After the VIP classical concert, there will be some faffing around and then there will be a drummer and a stiltwalker and trumpeters, and then the queen will light a lantern and I'll press a big red button from where I'll be skulking in the shadows halfway up the Utrecht Dom Tower. The light show will then run for the first official time, the clarion bells will play along, the Clarioneuse will play live for a few minutes, then we switch it into Automatic, de-rig our start button, pack up our laptops, network, etc and get to the pub by 11.

Just a 10 hour day today then, unlike yesterday's 18 hours...
permalink whatever, today I sent an email to a man in America
wait, hang on, you get flown all that way to press a button? cool.

[edit] thinking about it, imagine 30 years ago if you told someone that they could send a letter to a man in North Carolina in, essentially, an instant. Mental.
permalink pressing the button is the slightly tedious bit at the end.
It's all the programming and so on that's really earned my worth. This is annoying civic showbiz. If this wasn't happening we'd have it in the can and be in the pub by now.

And yeah. email is pretty bonkers really.
permalink none of us are jealous of your exciting lifestyle you know...
permalink I am. I want a new job where I get to travel *and* do something I enjoy,
I don't even mind long hours. F, as I believe the kids say, ML.
permalink I'm not sure I could be arsed with the travelling any more
permalink I'm 30, I've got no kids, partner, dog or even particularly erudite dust bunnies
to tie me down, and I love travelling - preferably internationally. Right now, I'm feeling bored, lonely, stuck in my job and somewhat depressed about it. Not that I'm even near a 10 on the Manley scale, but still.

But meh. I'm drunk, and this is not my blog...
permalink for some reason I wanted that to continue
"I only went with your mother cos she's dirty"

God 30, oh to be 30 again!*

*will be 40 in a month, and feeling somewhat old
permalink I think I'm going to end
all my long sentences like that tomorrow.
permalink just make sure you
make your 40th last a month, also excellent weather and you get to meet the gawjus Hannah. Which you already know, obvs. Also some pissed twat will ring you while you're sunbathing and say 'come to strawberry fair' :P
permalink I do hope that drunk bloke wasn't me!
It does sound plausible, though
permalink hehehehehehe!
permalink 10 on the Manley scale
is screaming at the walls and cutting isn't it?
permalink Yep,
and I haven't even got to the stage of buying an engineless van.
permalink *likes*
permalink I saw an engineless ford capri on ebay the other day
permalink that's only 7
10 is going on a killing spree, then blowing your head off after setting fire to the barn
permalink I have never blown my own head off.
I did burn down a barn once though.

I also fired so many tracer rounds into a house that the paint on the walls caught fire.

It is strange typing that - it seemed almost fun at the time, but ow just sounds incredibly sad.
permalink Oddly
It gets easier as you get older...
permalink ...look
for a new job?
permalink this with bells on

life's too short to be bored
permalink I used to be, until my wish came true.
It sucks - I had a breakdown and thankfully managed to hold onto my wife, but it is hard being away for weeks or months at a time while the kids are growing up.
permalink nice
I've just done the up to edinburgh, meeting, sleep, meeeeeeting, train thing. not too bad this time.. Next week will be rougher.

I love this, slow build but i like it.
thread Crikey, you lot haven't been wasting the threads I see
. I guess I'll have to do it.

I've got a day running around a hotel in Edinburgh then a late train to London. I got a 'executive pack' ticket which prints out a standard ticket and a complimentary first class upgrade.. I thought this was innefficein but now realise it gives you a standard ticket to put in your expenses in case the accounts dept get shirty about you booking the first class tickets.
permalink morning
I've got very little to do, working out my notice innit. so I'm dropping people in the shit and looing at the crossword.

I've also discovered you can pick up xbox games really fucking cheap on ebay if you just search by finishing soonest.
permalink I realised that when I sold a load
though I haven't bought any yet.

I want the new bioshock and the new tomb raider, so I'll wait a few months for the price to drop
permalink I got Halo 3 and Gears of War
for £6.50 in total, which seemed ludicrous really.

Thinking about it, do original xbox games work on a 360? I've still got a bag of those in the loft.
permalink The majority do
I think
permalink I've so out of touch with computer games
mind you, i lost touch just after the ST, so it's hardly surprising.
permalink I still have my
last ST in the loft . . 1 meg of RAM and a floppy drive, it was like the future!
permalink *says nowt*
permalink it's not as good
as the Amiga 500 in my loft
permalink *cough*
MIDI port

permalink you could get a Midi Master with 4 ports
for about £15 if I remember rightly

aside from that, sound is probably the last place you want to take on the Amiga :)
permalink I'm currently at Lvl 4 of Titan's Legacy
The scenery disk of Battle Isle II from 1993.

It's bloody hard.
permalink some do
some dont. there is a list of those that do work
permalink I might just shove the old discs in
and see what happens.
permalink you will need
an online update first for most games.

permalink of the above
you need

black, burnout3 takedown (though there is a 360 version that will be just as cheap), conker live and reloaded, gta3/vice city, grabbed by the ghoulies, jet set radio future (better than the dlc version due to soundtrack), ninja gaiden/NJ black, oddworld, munche's oddysee, OUTRUN2, panzer dragoon orta, psychonauts, star wars battlefront 2, super monkeyball deluxe.
permalink ta.
I'll look into all this.

[ed] excellent, both KOTOR games are on there, good games.
permalink even i enjoyed the kotor
permalink takes a while
but it's always fun being a baddie
permalink I sent my xbox games to tino,
might be worth asking if he's finished with any of them yet.
permalink morning
I too am working my notice. My work laptop got some bad sectors recently, IT have fixed it and are currently re-installing a load of software for me.

Edit: Some staff here took early retirement entirely because they were told that they were going to be based 15 miles down the road instead of here. We have just been told that due to the number of staff who have recently left there is no need to move to Warrington.

Is that constructive dismissal?
permalink would depend how the compromise agreement is worded I suspect
but I wouldn't be surprised. mind you, do you get a compromise agreement for early retirement? one person would need to speak to a proper solicitor about it.
permalink If it is a compromise
then they have no hope.
permalink do you think?
if the reason they've been given is the move, and then the move doesn't happen, surely the reason has gone then?

anyway, I'd ask a solicitor, not some knobheads on the internet.
permalink +1 from Manley

permalink But who can you trust
if you can't trust random internet weirdos?
permalink so the executive pack is fraud?
seems to have a familiar ring about it..
permalink it would make an intersting FOI request to
see how many MPs use it
permalink My wife has a load of old coins
are there any charities that would take them and deal with them properly rather than putting them in their shop for a couple of quid?
permalink old rare coins
or just a pile of old coins?

if the latter, they're not really worth anything to anyone, maybe a copper merchant
permalink I haven't looked. I suspect there are some rare ones
permalink unlikely unless they were bought as rare
but may have metal value
good article here

suggests Oxfam and Age UK will make use of them
permalink Ta.
MrsJam's mother was involved in archaeology.
permalink sorry, force of habit
I used to work in a 2nd hand bookshop and lost track of the amount of times I had to explain to people that very few things appreciate in value purely due to age
permalink I do
. .
permalink quantity != quality
permalink no worries :)
permalink still at panic stations
here. Fuck knows why. Panic project is for a niche, low volume, low margin, product.
permalink just start pronouncing niche
as 'nitch' and see how long it is before they take you off the project just to stop you saying it.
permalink or even
permalink we aint no
philosophers here
permalink Then misquote nietzsche
permalink The worst thing about working with the yanks
permalink I pronounce it "neesh".
I haven't checked it and just went with slightly altering the German pronunciation. It's probably bullshit.
permalink That is correct.
permalink I am apparently an English language genius.
permalink There is really no excuse for that.