thread Is she still dead?

TOTN - Ott - Owl Stretching Time -
permalink Oooh.... there's a brilliantly titled track I haven't heard in a long time!
And yes. I think so.
permalink yay for his wibbly wobbly Ottness
top tune, top bloke!
permalink *coughs*
I DO believe it's one certain Mr Dury and his Blockheads:
permalink I'm also liking this
permalink just flicking through the channels to avoid news
Primeval is very exciting isn't it?
permalink I've given up for a couple of days
I'm sick of the sight of Gerry Adams being more of a gloaty cunt than usual
permalink same here.. her voice revolts me to my very core
and some of the creeping apologists for her actions are gobsmacking.. anyway had a bit of a laugh in brixton last night
permalink Tabz!!!

Neil Smith has snuffed it :(
permalink :o(
. .
permalink is she? from mr moynes
permalink Broadsheet ?
Jesus Riggers
permalink what? just looks like a blog to me
anyway moynes is an old b3tan4rthurian.. what's the problem funny innit?
permalink It's supposed to be a legitimate news source
but all it seems to do is regurgitate reddit
permalink legitimate on the level of buzzfeed or something?
it looks pretty amateurish to me.. i think i'd look other places for news
and this is A POEM!
permalink You mean
it's a song with no music
permalink how an obiturary for Thatcher
that suits everyone

very, very clever work.
permalink hehe.. nice one
permalink I'd like to hear the balanced view
on her post-government work on promoting tobacco in the 3rd world, or her support of Pinochet and Suharto

I'm not convinced there's a 'controversial' spin on everything the murderous psychopath got up to
permalink i'm quite suprised the pinochet/suharto support
and her calling mandela a terrorist (which even her third bastard child cameron says was wrong) hasn't come up more
permalink arf!
permalink that witch is dead song
is really tearing up the charts
permalink I've decided that I should be capable of knitting.
permalink I used to be able to do that
I should try again

Scarf knit off?
permalink Yeah, you're on.
Now all I need is some needles and some wool. And some instructions.

*wanders off to google*
permalink you want to look up Jiva
permalink She always installs
the Ask toolbar though :(
permalink I have made a couple of jumpers and cardigans and stuff
for adults who wore them non-ironically.
thread So, Monkeys then
funny eh?

What did you have for lunch?
permalink I had cheese and pickle sandwiches
because we're not going to Tesco until tomorrow and there's nothing else in the fridge.
permalink You have cheese, pickle and bread
and you think you're in need of a shop?!
permalink apart from that though
the cupboard is pretty bare. admittedly by some standards I am positively rolling in food, but by ours, we need to go.
permalink Noodles.
permalink ?
permalink no wonder you're such a fine figure of a man
permalink ^ stick
. .
permalink I had some pasta with tomatoes and brokkoli.
Because fuck you, weather, I want spring and if it has to be carried here from Spain.
permalink salmon
.. bok choi, potatoes carrot and brocolli
permalink A couple of packets of crisps
and a Boost
permalink Three of us went to the Mosque Kitchen
Huge plate of chickpea rice, chicken curry and dall. £4.50.

permalink This is amusing

permalink Young co-worker next to me had no clue either...
permalink At least he has the excuse
of being in another country
permalink lunch?
it only 8am...I just had some toast though, for breakfast
permalink I might go and get some coffee
as I am about to be stuck in a 3 hour review meeting...deep joy!
thread Thatcher's dead.
edit: For fuck's sake, I'm sure I refreshed first.

permalink Do keep up
permalink I hope
they waterproof her grave
permalink TOTA
permalink as a public sector worker
I hope you get a free day off.
permalink Oh dear.
The first person to make a dancy re-mix of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead will earn millions.
permalink Try to keep up
permalink So you are saying there are remixes already?
I don't have video at work.

I like this tweet though:

Lots of confusion with the hashtag #nowthatchersdead - people thinking Cher is dead
permalink Capitalisation. More important now than ever.
permalink elton john is doing a cover
permalink Some of the sanctimonious callers for respect on twitter
are using the argument that she was someone's mother.

Whether respect is due or not, holding up the two junior Thatcher twats as a reason to respect anyone isn't the strongest argument...
permalink It is true.
Mark, in particular, is a cunt.
permalink why the hell would she want a nationalised funeral
have it funded by private enterprise
maybe charge people to piss on her grave if they need to raise funds
permalink And...
Why is Cameron cutting short his trip? In what way does Thatcher's death change his duties?
permalink He has to come back
to remove her head . . . just in case
permalink +1
permalink I'm sure I saw somewhere reputable
saying she's being cremated? Nothing quite like making sure.
permalink Irrespective of one's views on Thatcher and her policies,
she was a human being, and I want no part of people rejoicing at the death of a human being.
As a result I will be avoiding this 'board, facebook and probably most of the rest of the internet for at least a week.
permalink i however will be masturbating over thoughts of her final hours
before going out and getting smashed
permalink can we have an hour of talking about it
then just go back to pants and terrible music?
permalink Seems like the right place
for TOTD then

William D. Drake - Homesweet Homestead Hideaway -
permalink I've put 80s pop internet radio on
it's currently Duran Duran. I might just go sit quietly in the shed.
permalink I have Elvis Costello & Billy Bragg on Spotify
Mixed-in with some ska
permalink pretty sure everyone will run out of steam long before the end of the day,
then on her funeral day it'll start again then everyone will forget/have hangovers
permalink My sentiments exactly

permalink Well said
that man.
permalink she thought very highly of nelson mandela
and considered pinochet a terrorist.

hang on, that's the wrong way round isn't it.
permalink To be fair,
Mandela was a terrorist at the time.
permalink as was Pinochet
permalink Yeah, yeah, and I bet people will be feeling rather ashamed
afterwards being so excited over someone having a stroke.
Nonetheless, is there a webcam with sound picturing the inner city of Glasgow? I'd imagine there might be some hell of a party.

Also: Argentina.
permalink there was a crowd in George Square
but most of them were already there for a bedroom tax protest
permalink Come to askreddit. We had three thatcer posts almost instantly
so I'll be removing the rest.
permalink The novelty will wear off quite quickly, I suspect

Unless she gets posthumously linked to Yewtree.
permalink CNN are using a very good picture
permalink haha
permalink Christ. How many levels of wrong are there in that image?
The big NSPCC badges really finish it off.
permalink great now we'll get lady di-esque bleeding heart hysteria
and the tories loving every fucking minute

she's not dead she's being a cunt as ever
permalink my prediction:
the daily mail publishes something about some prick doing something horrendous like i dunno pissing through her letterbox or sending abusing letters to her kids,
then it turns out the mail was sort of half-lying
and twitter goes nuts
permalink the mails's will have filed
the sanctimonious "look at these digusting people partying" story alongside the pre-written obituary
permalink lollers
permalink BREAKING NEWS!
Thatcher found fit for work by ATOS.
thread Thatcher's dead
this post sponsered by the committee to upset Manley
permalink someone just said that accross the office
there was an odd silence as people didn't really want to se cheering.
permalink Much the same here...
The next 24 hours should be fun.
permalink Bit of a piss-up in Scotland tonight then?
permalink send her raddled corpse up here.
We'll deep fry it in batter.
permalink unfortunately I was in Yorkshire and just got home
I would have like to have been at work when that news broke
permalink i shall remember to cheer
when your parents die / dance on their graves now
permalink I've not met Al's parents
I bet they don't have such a polarising effect on people though.
permalink so what?
permalink so, some people despise
her for beginning the destruction of the welfare state and destroying swathes of the north of the country. some don't.
permalink it says much of the people themselves
and the state of politics imho
permalink unfortunately
we do not live in a utopia where everyone agrees with everyone else.
permalink And nor should we.
Living in a civilised land where no man glorifies the demise of another should be attainable though, no?
permalink I very much doubt it.
permalink seems unlikely
if someone despised her in life, why change just because she's met her inevitable end? Death comes to us all, why should that alter your opinion of someone?
permalink Unless David Cameron is Thatcer in a gimp costume
her being dead changes nothing, and there is no benefit or purpose to celebrating her death even if you hate her.
permalink If i despise someone
it does not mean I wish them dead or glorify in their suffering.
permalink she died peacefully apparently
and no, neither do I necessarily, but I can't stand the woman, what she stood for or what she did. she's dead now. I still can't stand her.
permalink You can not like her,
it is the revelling which I object to.
permalink don't worry
I'll do the same when someone left wing dies as well to even it out.
permalink Top hole!
permalink I'd be fucking delighted
if George Galloway was in a position where he could no longer say anything ever again. Permanently or mute or dead.
permalink To be fair,
whilst I will not celebrate the death of anyone, Al's parents didn't destroy dozens of communities across the country, cause thousands of people to suffer unnecessarily, sell off national assets to the highest briber and rig things to ensure that the working class would never get a fair shake in this country again.
permalink well... they covered it up well, I'll give you that.
permalink I went to an independent school thanks to the tory government paying my fees.
Labour scrapped that scheme as it was elitist, preferring to put the money in to reducing nursery class sizes.

She didn't fuck all of us and I'm with mosschops.
permalink typical socialists
doing something to benefit the majority
permalink I said that labour put the money in to reducing nursery class sizes.
I didn't say labour reduced nursery class sizes by diverting the money. I realised that looking in to it would turn out to pointless and no doubt make me exceedingly angry.
permalink which was a fucking rare
thing for Balir's lot to do
permalink they also didn't "pilot" a manifestly unfair tax regime
where they had little political support to start with, the effects of which included many jailed unessecarily, mass disenfranchisment and a census that was barely meaningful
permalink Well said.
permalink finally
now can we put the country back together?
permalink The tories are going to sell it all off
in her honour
permalink I felt we had to have this arguement
I've said all I'll say though
permalink well, sadly, it won't undo the damage done
but there is some joy in knowing that we don't have to share air with that evil old hag anymore

DING DONG indeed...

I just wish she could have waited till July, and I could have had a pint back in Blighty in her dishonour
permalink oh go on then
the Morning Star

For them, that IS holding back. I bet there was a discussion there about running a "ding dong" headline
permalink that is
REMARKABLY restrained

permalink the Mail on the other hand
has gone for beatification
permalink Jesus Fucking Christ
On a moped, pulling wheelies, John the Baptist balanced on the handlebars in a sequinned onesie.

I suppose it's what one should expect of the fucking mail.
permalink that's quite a picture
permalink the Telegraph
have used the same one. Full collection

Yes, that's Socialist Worker with the blood soaked tombstone and "REJOICE" headline/ But I wouldn't go near anything to do with the SWP.

Meanwhile the Independent appears to have used a picture of Tony Blair
thread Morning thread
Good weekends?

My Sunday was spent experiencing the first solid food & solid bowel movements in a week. The Noro virus is not a pleasant thing...

Celebrated this fact by going to a FOAF's pub for a roast where we were entertained by by a semi-naked Indian gentleman bhangra dancing to traditional Irish folk music in a bedroom window facing the pub.
permalink we made a rather awesome roast yesterday
though it was maybe a little under-done in the middle... it'd been in the fridge defrosting for 24 hours but may still have been a little frosty in there.
permalink Not bad ta. Went to Bristol to see some people
then drove a van that's older than me home.
permalink I have socks
that are older than you . . . .

permalink Yes, but I've not travelled 170 miles in your socks.
edit: It doesn't sound very far now I've typed it. It took quite a while and I've no idea how fast I was going as the speedometer isn't exactly a paragon of accuracy.
permalink I'll send you some
if you want?

The best way to travel long distances in a Transit is in the back wedged between a drum kit and an ancient Marshall stack that keeps threatening to topple over on you
permalink Yes, but it's tricky to drive from that position
permalink Will they walk there themselves ?
Morning wankers by the way
permalink Morning tosspot.
permalink They'd run!
If I don't nail them to the floor they attempt to make a break for the door
permalink *sighs*
Them was the days...
permalink good ta. cycling, gardening, eating, sleeping
this morning I note that gmail have stepped up their efforts to make the user experience even worse than hotmail and yahoo. Composer view. Christ.
permalink My gmail checks my hotmail for me
and as I use Chrome I believe my browser keeps my gmail account alive and so I don't have to check either of them other than once every few months when I delete everything.
permalink I use gmail as my main personal email, Yahoo is so awful these days`
if Al is about, that football team were named after General Haig because after WWI a group of Argentine rail workers wanted to form a team and needed their boss's permission. He said they could if they named it after Haig.
permalink What did we think
about this weeks Dr Who?

I found it rather poor myself
permalink SHUSH! I haven't seen it yet.
permalink It wasn't very good, no
Like they had a couple of things they needed to plant for the wider story-arc & forgot to put them in any proper episodes so just plonked them in a place holder.
permalink these first two do seem to be all set up for something
it better be the Master.
permalink poor
with one or two sort-of-OK moments. But mainly poor.