thread For fuck's sake... more snow?
It's 10 days off the official first day of spring and there's an inch of snow here.
permalink Similar weather here.
I don't mind, it's just a 15 min ride to work.
It would have been more fun to have some spring, though.
permalink fucking brisk in Cambridge (south)
no snow yet.

More importantly, it must be about that time of year that thebear makes us (sorry, our bookies) rich.
permalink aye
rather chilling riding in. And one "oh shit" ice sheet with just enough of a narrow bit to negotiate it on the Genome path.
permalink Clear blue skies in Wigan
(amazingly that was an autocomplete)

It's sub-zero out there though.

My boss is away for three weeks, and his boss is away this week. I think I'll be playing a lot of Dune II (once I've got my work done, obviously).

Edit: My mint condition Rogue Leader for gamecube sold on ebay for £1.15. I'm rather disappointed.
permalink Right, I've finished everything on my job description for today.
permalink minor work niggle
my head of department (bosses' boss) keeps spelling my name "Alastair". The version my parents used, and hence the one that I use, is, like the other one on here, "Alistair". He gets it wrong even when replying to a short email. It annoys me. What's the best way of dealing with this?
permalink Ignore any emails addresss thusly
claiming you thought they were for someone else.
permalink Next time you get a group email
reply to all with "It's Alistair not Alastair"

If it doesn't change then you can claim abuse. Name is key to identity, and by using the wrong name he's bullying you.
permalink I'm pretty sure it is old dufferism
rather than bullying.
permalink Indeed, but that kind of comment tends to make a difference
rather than repeatedly going "It's Alistair not Alastair".

I gave up correcting people when they got my name wrong when I was in my teens. It really doesn't bother me what I'm called and one colleague called me Wayne for six months. I'm probably not the best person to offer advice.
permalink Change your name
to Jean
permalink I find caring about something like this stupid
people call me Christopher all the time. This is not actually my name. I just answer. For years one of my teachers called me Colin. I answered to that just for shits and giggles and often signed my work Colin.
permalink Very few people
ever get my name right . . . I have given up correcting them
permalink but colin doesn't even rhymn with MRBONGO
permalink yeh, people always write my name as
edd, which it isnt, but i can't imagine any situation where i could legitimately give a fuck about it
permalink If it is just a person, that is fine,
and there are individuals who call me Richard, because they cannot cope - I just accept it.

School consistently spell y youngest daughter's name wrong though, that drives me insane, as she is crap at writing her name and really could do without the added confusion.

I am always slightly annoyed by people (almost always men) who correct my wife's name - she is called Simone and rhymes it with 'moan' but the French say is see-mon. We have lots of friends and one of Simone's relatives who refuse to say it how she does and I regularly have people correct her when she introduces herself. Makes me livid.
permalink I think this might be a sticky wicket,
unless you always pronounce Paris the same way as the french do.
permalink It's pronounced bouquet
permalink How a person's name is pronounced is entirely up to them.
It's never appropriate to correct someone on the pronunciation of their own name.
permalink Indeed, you are quite correct,
yet we uniformly as a choose to pronounce Paris and many other european cities in our own perculiar way.
I just think we all adopt a hypocritical position, myself included. I'd refer to Paris as "Paree", Prague as "Praha" and Munich as "Munchen" if it didn't make me sound entirely pretentious.
Not that the French do any better, having alternative names for various cities. It's a weird situation that I've never really understood.
permalink Country names have always bothered me more,
but then we come from a nation that procured most of them so it doesn't really surprise me that we have names for countries that differ from what they call themselves.
permalink Just call them all "ABROAD"
Speak slowly and loudly.
permalink In spain they translate first names
so they refer to Prince Charles as 'Principe Carlos'
permalink Paris is spelled the same in different languages, but is different pronunciations,
just as France is.

To compare, Allemand, Deutchland and Germany are all correct.

When in France I am always called 'Ree-shar', but I do not call my French friend 'David', because his name is pronounced 'Dav-eed' - names are personal and we can choose - place names are not personal, they are just the name a group gives to a place.
permalink It's a common name in Germany
We pronounce it Thee-mon-eh. Just in case you need a third option.
permalink .
permalink Hehe, I know a Simone.
Let's see if she appreciates it if I start call her The-Money.
permalink Now I think about it, mrsjam doesn't like it when people shorten her name without checking
and I object to "sammy". Not only do I dislike it but I'm beginning to fail to respond to it as it's the cat's name and it annoys mrsjam when I respond to it.

MrsJam is Jes or Jessica, rather than Jess or Jessie. She doesn't particularly mind what people call her but she finds it rude for people to call her anything other than what she was introduced as without checking with her first.
permalink get someone else to make the same mistake then cc all apologising for their error
permalink or have the correct spelling tatoo'd on his forehead in reverse
permalink i've spelt my name paul/porl/pall over the years
and depending on when they met me people still use those spellings
then i have AFK people calling me rigby so i just ignore everyone.. much easier on the constitution
permalink hardly anyone spells my name right
and some people continue to get it wrong after being pointed out, I think some people are just a bit name dyslexic*

*thick as pigshit
permalink I get Manly a lot
whish is fine, but a bit odd from people I have known for a long time.
permalink Icy blast of wind
down the Euston Road when I got off the tube this morning . . .
permalink I saw them on the Peel Stage at Glasto '05
permalink Also: I left my phone
at home today :(
permalink I think mrsjam is going to get a new phone
then I'll get hers as a hand-me-down, and we'll get a tablet for the house. is my new work time waste.
permalink Can the house
use a tablet?
permalink Oh yes. It's a very clever house.
permalink A clever house,
with opposable thumbs.
permalink You don't need opposable thumbs to use a tablet.
permalink Under certain circumstances, no.
But in most situations, you need to hold it with one hand, and prod it with the other.
The Little Cat finds that it tends to move about on the table too much, so she has to use it in a dock or something of that sort of nature.

edit: my point is, that if the tablet is going to be in a fixed position so the house can use it, you might as well get a desktop PC. The beauty of a tablet is that it's somewhat portable, and can be used on the sofa or in bed. I suppose the house doesn't use the sofa or lie down much, however.
permalink Indeed, but £120 wouldn't get much of a desktop
whereas a £120 tablet is fine for its needs.

I don't know why we're discussing this. I blame you and your pedantry. It's a tablet for use in the house, rather than being specifically mine or MrsJam's.
permalink Blame me all you like, and you're right to do so.
It looks like I'm back on the Saturday, so Sunday night should work. Will confirm shortly.
permalink Cool beans.
permalink you need some sort of fingers/appendages
or a head dobber.
permalink That's what
chimneys are for.
permalink One of those Archigram walking buildings might work
permalink I think the main problem with the Walking City
is that it almost certainly wouldn't work.
permalink well, yes.
But I don't think that much mattered.
permalink I always thought Peter Cook's work
was better with Dudley Moore than with Ron Herron anyway.
permalink Plug-In City? Caaaaant.
permalink *applause*
permalink It works fine on Mars
/Quantum Thief reference
permalink TOTD
call off your dogs - droogs

with one of those 'cool' alternate videos
permalink One would expect it to be Winter before the start of Spring,
permalink I blame the government
if anyone is going to lead us aimlessly into a new ice age it's those dolts.
permalink my fingers nearly fell off
it's days like this that remind me giving up cigs is good for my circulation

for the chair enthusiasts
permalink one month until the cricket season starts
fucks sake
permalink i met a guy (footy guy) yesterday who couldn't understand
why they wouldn't play cricket in the rain

we created a new version.. wider bats / balls that are honeycombed concrete / shorter bounderies.. it could be fun
permalink you could always just play indoors cricket
i dunno im no expert
permalink Did you
fuck each other afterwards ?
thread What a horrible grey wet yucky day.
Time to find something indoors to entertain ickleuminator... and I'll not get to watch Scotland-Wales until later. Ah well.
permalink Make some biscuits
then built a fort to eat them in.

That's what I'm gonna do.
permalink cool
permalink You'll enjoy eating biscuits in a fort.
Make sure there's a window pointing towards the tv so you can watch the rugby.
permalink the whole
"pipers on top of the stadium, cannon fire, giant flames, massed flag wavers on the pitch" thing that the SRU do for Scotland running on makes me cringe a bit.
permalink I thought that was just a typical Saturday afternoon
up there.
permalink just put the Ireland France match on
looks a tad damp in Dublin
permalink France 0 points in the league so far then...
permalink they managed to get some today
pity. Despite Scotland not being very good, I was rather hoping they'd at least be able to take a tin of white wash to Paris next weekend
permalink Yes....
One point at the end gives me enough ammo to rip le piss out off colleagues though
permalink The Italians looked a bit too close
to shutting you up...
permalink as a welshman?
permalink you'll have to be more specific on the type of biscuit
garibaldi or jammy dodgers?
permalink ginger snap
and the fort looks just like a sofa
permalink tasty
permalink Am I allowed to sell a modded xbox on ebay?
permalink i won't
stop you
permalink me
permalink I'm phoning
the rozzers
permalink I'm phoning
the pizzas
permalink Yesterday, my pizza order took nearly an hour to arrive.
Can you do something about this please?
permalink I see what you did there
permalink Also, they were a bit cold.
Please send vouchers.
permalink i went to london
to see a chum I've not seen in years, before he flew back to Australia. I'm on the train home now. I'm a bit drunk.
permalink I read this as if it were one of those brainteaser puzzle things
permalink i linked this on fb but i'm guessing if you haven't friended the_pope (geoff)
then you can't read the instructions for

F1 fantasy game

a) join the hilton (yawn) honours club.. if you're not already a member ;)
b) register team here
c) pick drivers/engines/tracks etc then league : "Bit League" / password : "NotAlonso13"
permalink I am a hhhhonors member
I have about 7 points from a stay in a Doubletree in Durham, North Carolina 5 years ago. Fucked if I can remember the password though. If I can, I'm in.

I'm also having 50p each way on Raikkonen for the title.

[edit] I'm in, no idea what I've done, but I've picked some things.
permalink coolcool (and he's in my team)
i really didn't think anyone would be a hiltonhonors member but i forgot some of you lot go on work jollies

i just put in a load of bollocks and some guy in texas will get some bumf mailed to joseph stalin on the glories of hiltons golden showers
permalink oh, I have no points any more
permalink win that championship medal
win it and SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES the tight bastards
thread Meanwhile, in Manchester
permalink classy... and presumably fake

permalink real
but got taken down quite quickly
permalink Are you talking about
the punter's trousers?
permalink "this image is no longer available" :)
permalink blimmy
permalink swanky
permalink looks like someone's lost a drill bit
on the Moorgate branch line
permalink World's worst dentist drills shock horror
permalink ooops
i expect someone might be getting a bit of a talking to.
permalink But who?
the operator of the piling drill? The bloke that told him to drill there? Or could it be the plans that were wrong? PLACE YOUR BETS!
permalink but whose plans?
Maybe TfL's information supplied to the construction project was wrong. Maybe the engineer's drawings had a typo. Maybe the contractor's instructions to the piling subcontractor were wrong.

It's Chinese Whispers stuff.

Some lawyers will make a bomb out of it though.
permalink Usually there is a large clearance zone from tunnels and they are pretty accurate.
It's probably the piling contractors.

permalink I encountered an incident
Last year whereby the engineers technician had rotated the survey a bit, and they gave pile cap coordinates that went some 6 metres out of the site.
Why the technician thought this might be ok is a mystery to us all.
permalink double denim AND a leather jacket?
I'm not surprised google's removed that image.
permalink Liam Gallagher
will do anything for a bit of publicity.
permalink Well I'm not convinced
If that is his latest release!
thread Did someone say "lunchtime thread"?
No? Oh well.

Nothing, black Champion boxers, Outstanding by The GAP Band.
(eccentric link, due to youtube being blocked at work)
permalink Beef brisket rice from the kosher Chinese take away
blue & black boxers, Hang Loose by the Alabama Shakes (via 6 music)
permalink Ham sandwich in front of Bargain hunt
black Calvin Klein pants, I had the radio on, could be anything, now on a phone call so interesting discussion of MedDRA PT/SOCs [specifically menopause being in Social Circumstances SOC which it didn't use to be (we think)].
permalink I alwasy avoid the subject of menopause
in social circumstances.
permalink interestingly, Social Circumstances is an example of an SOC that...
nah, fuck it, that's not interesting.
permalink warm buckwheat noodle salad,
black M&S, don't know becayse the radio's too quiet and the rain's too loud.
permalink pastrami and salad on garlic and coriander wrap
just winding down till the 3pm triage conference call for an hour then down to 5pm.
permalink I have two packets of these:

I missed 'fat free' on the label - they gop.
permalink some microwaved veggy curry
with pitta bread.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)
Just found that music video by some New Zealand band, and was much amused by it.
permalink ham and cheese sandwich
followed by a tub of humous with crusty baps and wotsits
permalink Still caning the hummus, then?
permalink Chicken and mushroom pie in the pub
On the way to pick up ickleuminator.

Black calvin klein trunks, whatever shite they're playing in the pub.
permalink I had a pulled pork sandwich from exmouth market
bread was a bit dissapointing though.

and it was raining.
permalink Spending time in the solitary cell of my mind...
Where I thought we had got things as we wanted them for a while, once again the potless hippy bitch who owns the house next door has tipped everything on it's arse.
thread It's that TOTN time again
Nomeansno - The Day Everything Became Nothing -
permalink fuck no, it's 1977 Ultravox:
permalink Blimey
I haven't heard them for ages.
permalink 2nd best
Canadian band ever
permalink Arrogant Worms?
permalink Rush!
. .
permalink In that case
permalink Remember Dune II?
It's available online:
permalink Quiet today
permalink Indeed it is.
That's why I cobbled together a half-arsed newfred.
Sorry I couldn't do better.
permalink yeah, sorry, actually having to do some work
all very disagreeable