thread Monday NingBo!

How are we all? Exciting week ahead?
permalink Off to That London on Thursday.
Other than that, no.
permalink I'm there on Wednesday
flying visit though.
permalink Same here
Visiting ExCeL for some construction based excitement
permalink Ecobuild?
My mailbox has been full of ecobuild-related spam for weeks.

I'm not going though. Morning in our London office and then the afternoon at Rogers Stirk Harbour.
permalink Yes
Has become a bit of a tradition for me as it's a handy excuse to get down to London to catch up with folks.

Working on anything fun with RSH?
permalink A new pier at Geneva Airport.
Proper job with proper architects. Cool.
permalink Proper job!
/Narfalk accent
permalink oi, careful
boi, we gort joined fingrs.
permalink six of them I hope
*strums banjo*
permalink Are they feeding you at the River Cafe?
permalink unlikely...
I've been taken there before by Rogers folk though.
permalink /jealous
permalink :)
That was a few years ago...

permalink think my housemate is off to that
to man a stand- he works for this lot
permalink do they have an unusal level
of murders?
permalink /coat?
permalink no
permalink Do they have any decent freebies on their stand?
otherwise its a long trek into the world of heating/micro generation without reward, other than the occasional glance at the Samsung ladies
permalink dunno
I'll ask him tonight
permalink I've been thinking about getting solar panels
all the council houses round us have got them now. god, what happened to me.
permalink Hard to say at the moment
but I'm hoping to be able to hand in my notice very soon. Just need to check some stuff for the new job I've been offered. I don't think it'll go down very well here, but heyho.
permalink Edinburgh Weds/thursday
other than that pretty average
permalink not particularly
I'd like people to stop organising events I'd like to do on the 23rd of March. Clearly it's part of the 23 conspiracy
permalink that's my birthday
unfortunately I've got to go to a wedding...
permalink did you finish the xword?
permalink from saturday?
no, i got distracted and never got round to it, halfway through I reckon.
permalink This week I will mainly be sanitizing the staff database.
permalink things learnt this morning
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, aka where the atomic bomb was developed, think that Comic Sans is an acceptable typeface for address labels.
permalink Its laugh a minute
at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
permalink Would you mind telling me why it isn't?
permalink not very proffesional looking
that's basically it. Jokey/cartoony fonts don't give a good impression to my mind. Helps reinforce the impression we've been getting that they're a bunch of clowns. Most organisations would specify a typeface for labels- very few are likely to specify Comic Sans.
permalink It's only an address label.
And you said "where the atomic bomb was developed" which makes me think they're the British equivalent of DARPA, and are therefore insane.
permalink It's in america
permalink Oh.
Well, there you go then.
permalink it is unlikely to to be the default font
of whoever printed the label. I'd hope. Which means that a concious descion would have been made to use that, rather than (say) Ariel. Or Verdana. Or the current MS Office default, Calibri.
permalink as with the LHC
physics loves the comic sans

physicists and aesthetics don't go together much
permalink Much?
. .
permalink with a frequency
well within the sample standard error, and hence more likely to be noise than signal
permalink Heard this on Radio 4 yesterday, very moving
especially Paddy Connelly at the very end, obviously it move him too

Its a poem by the lover of Remi Ochlik - the photographer killed in Syria last year..
permalink typical week
doing some game theory today, going round a nuclear plant in wednesday, hopefully an accident and super powers thursday

I like research
permalink couple of 4am
starts in Ilford/Romford.

So no.
permalink This week I will be trying to work out
how to get rid of 12 days leave by the end of the month
permalink I suggest you take 12 days leave
starting no later than the 14th
permalink Have you seen
my deadlines?
permalink I never look at deadlines
just listen out for the wooshing as they go by
permalink If you can't take all your leave and meet deadlines
then one of you isn't enough. It's not your problem.
permalink i love the smell of
the public sector in the morning!
permalink It smells of
permalink Its got fuck all to do with public sector
you are entitled to your leave, in fact, you've already been paid to not work on those days

Mind you, how anyone manages to have too much leave, I'll never know!
permalink you are indeed
the fact that the miscreant is unable to manage his time sufficiently is HIS problem not that of somebody else.

i get 35 days (ex bank holidays) and run up about another 38 in toil in the last year and i manage to take them!
permalink Looks like steam for linux is out of beta.
permalink they're releasing on time
I wonder if they celebrated with delicious and moist cake?
permalink all it does
is generate lots of X errors
for me
permalink Anyone any idea what happens to old USB memory sticks
or SD cards?

Surely they can't sell them all and there's piles of old sub-256MB cards around somewhere? I want some.
permalink They all seem to congregate in
the draw in my mothers computer desk
permalink I think I have a 1MB card somewhere.
Not SD, but something really thin and whippy, before XD even.
permalink SmartMedia
permalink Ah, smartmedia. I've got some 32mb cards.
I was greatly disappointed that by the time I finally had a smartmedia card my MP-Man didn't actually accept it. An mp3 playr with 64MB! Imagine it! I wouldn't have to downsample everything to a terrible level just to get a whole album's worth on it!
permalink I do have some old sd cards
64MB at least 3 I think. If you want them, I'd ship them over.
permalink Ta for the offer, but I think I need about 30.
permalink Are you making a very fast but not very capacious RAID array for an Arduino
based project which involves an aquarium?
permalink I just took delivery of my replacement phone from eBay
after i lost mine the other week.

It seems they didn't resest to factory settings and helpfully didn't remove the password protection on the phone so I can't do that either.

I don't suppose anyone knows a cunning way around this in case they dont send me it?

I'd guess it was nicked but it came with the boxes and all of that gubbins.
permalink a reset?
iphones can do a factory reset without the number, presumably android the same
permalink yup
I justfuckinggoogledit and then lots of funny key pressing later it's reset.

it seems to have a rather irritating colour shift on the edge of the screen but never mind....
permalink Found the hard reset option
permalink I prefer
the easy reset myself

permalink HTC One V
basically the best small-ish android handset i could find. I had one but lost it, replacement was £85 so not too shabby.

I might change again as we are getting iphones from work.

permalink I dun bought a guitar
It's replaced the one I've been playing on for 18 years. It is lovely. There is a picture of me spacking out at the bottom of the board which freaked me out a treat
permalink I thought you meant on the bottom of the fret board
which had me confused for a moment.
permalink What have you got?

I have almost finished building my latest frankenstrat . . . that'll be number 15 I think?
permalink I got a faith nepture tembresi
It's the most I've ever spent on an instrument. It is special though
permalink Nice Guitar
designed by Patrick Eggle I think?

I had a fiddle with one of their 12 strings a while ago, if I wasn't under strict orders not to bring any more guitars into the house I would've been very tempted
permalink that's the baby
perfect. I tried 3 of the same. It was a bit of a pain because one had a better preamp but the other two i tired weren't anywhere as nice to play. The thing is the action is lower than any of my previous guitars and I've almost always hated all the neck catching and the like on low action guitars and don't usually like uneven string heights and both the others had those problems. This plays better. It was £100 more than one guy on denmark street offered it for. But that one felt like it had been set up by the chuckle brothers
permalink i've got a lot on stop nagging
permalink Yes indeed
this evening, we fly down to Dunedin to watch the first test.

*enlists in the Territorial Barmy Army*
permalink London on Wednesday,
day off on Thursday
Bacon on friday morning

all seems pretty good!
permalink This week just got slightly worse after finding out
it will cost £1500 to get the data back from other half's dropped hard drive.
permalink Crikey
what did she drop it in? Gold?
permalink According to the IT dept at her work
its about the going rate
permalink hmmm
*strokes beard, also skepitcally*

Not that I know how much it should cost, but that does seem bleeding steep
permalink You're telling me!
It is going to take a sizeable chunk out of our 'savings'
permalink it's about the going rate, sadly,
most places charge per MB so I'm guessing it's a +250gb drive?
permalink I've applied for a different job,
Working as a dismantler in a breaker's yard, if I can match my current pay I'm going for it all guns blazing.
permalink In a breakers' yard?
With Lisa Rogers and Robert Llewellyn
permalink sadly not...
But the thought of counting down to retirement where I an now is soul crushing.
thread TOTN Joe Brown on Uke Ace of Spades
permalink nah
permalink That is dire!
TOTD today is not especially good, but is, nonetheless, Cypress Hill - Insane in the membrane:
permalink TUUUUUNE!
Tonight we won the pub quiz, go us. I await plaudits.
permalink *plauds it*
*plauds it hard*
permalink 18 pints won
fair and square. I think it may be time for foods, yes.
permalink Jim and I saw them
on the third day of our relationship.

It was a whirlwind romance.
permalink you def know
how to entertain the laydeez.
permalink 4 months later she was preggers -
So yes.
permalink Reading?
I was there too.

So was my husband, but we didn't know each other then.
permalink I don't really like the uke.
I'm just seeing if I've got hotlink protection in my image gallery...

edit: deleted
permalink no
no you haven't
permalink Good, thanks.
It'll make ebaying stuff easier.
permalink hmmm
not terrible (also somewhat unsure about ukes...probably mostly as they're overexposed these days), but didn't set my world on fire

My TOTM would still be Talking Heads
permalink I have very little to say.
But I have spent an enjoyable day trolling around the peak district in my new motor, which is proving to be quite a fun little thing.
I also took in the "coppice day" which the national trust hold, it's a kind of open day where you're encouraged to go and chop trees down. They had a man operating a wood turning lathe made from a bendy pole and bits of string. They also had a man with a beard who knew all about making brooms out of twigs and heather.
permalink as a man with a beard I'm well
versed on doing things as a man with a beard.
permalink Yay for beard-skills
permalink Beardies
permalink beards
permalink A beard is generally the sign of a man who knows practical things
except in certain east London postcodes
permalink In fact TOTN is
Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel:
permalink top tune
and for once, I could say that without clicking on the link

But would also offer up Clipper as probably my favourite Autechre track
thread Well, that was a tough few days.
Office moved. Internet up, email up, VPN to london office up, remote vpn up, file serving up, image database up, printing up, phones up. My desk stuff unpacked, all workstations up.

Most importantly, coffee machine fully commissioned.

One server has dead psu, but it's not critical. New one on the way.

Fucking knackered.

Took our lot and some of our new office-mates to the pub and flopped out the credit card for £150 worth of beers.
permalink I'm glad you added credit card there
I wasn't sure quite where that was going for a minute!
permalink crikey
i'm not going to complain about having todo some actual work this week now...
permalink Back to my proper job tomorrow
which I am now a week behind in...
permalink Hopefully
We will have a full compliment of working radiators tomorrow, or at least a plan to obtain said desirable status
permalink might have some coffee and bacon
if thats
permalink I'm bored at work, but am looking forward to
go with friends to an Tarte flambée all-you-can-eat buffet tonight. No idea if this is a thing in England so to spare you the google it's this stuff: http://en.wikipedia.or...
permalink oo that looks good.
permalink That looks good
In contrast to that, I have just wolfed down some all you can eat world buffet in Nottingham in a restaurant the size of a small village.
permalink Nice
I had my first bowl of porridge in 25years this morning. Ratio of porridge to maple syrup was around 2:1 so tasted alright.

Then I've been attacking the garden.. Converting the veg patch to raised beds and paths... so basically it's half raised beds and half sunken paths.. should be ready to plant by this time tomorrow.
permalink I've been out in the garden too, dug a load out, planted some bits
I was going to go for a bike ride, but couldn't be arsed.
permalink trying to get enthusiasm to go ride right now
failing so far
permalink I was back in the garden
but the hangover kicked in and now i'm having a little sit down.
permalink at the very least
both bikes need a good clean. I'll do that
permalink I did this
exciting in no way
thread TOTN?
Oceansize: Drag the 'Nal /Dead Dogs an' All Sorts/As the Smoke Clears

Three for the price of one, it all merges into one track though
permalink need a better singer NEXT!

pinch and a PUNCH for the rest of the month
no returns

have we all e-voted on the nhs bill? http://www.38degrees.o...
permalink 38 degrees petitions
merely result in you getting emails for more 38 degrees petitions.
permalink yeah?
permalink A: that's not a 38 Degrees petition
B: the government are legally entitled to ignore the outcome of the debates the petitions result in. And will. Because they're arseholes. They set up the petitions site to give people this weird idea that the government actually gives a fuck.
permalink Indeed, I thought it rather remiss of the Today programme
to say that it now _had_ to be debated.
permalink that's another good point
the backbench business comittee doesn't even have to put it on the programme. But even if it does get debated, it'll be as meaningful as a high school debate.
permalink And rightlo
20,000 people bitching are nothing compared to the few million who are happy and thus do not complain.
permalink just because they don't sign a pointless internet petition
doesn't mean they're happy about what is happening.
permalink No, but it does not mean that they are unhappy either.
Petitions are only useful fr determining whether something is worthy of debate.
permalink I was at uni with the boss
he was a bit of a knob, and the whole thing is just a self-marketing exercise
permalink This
Also, they are generally dim fucks.
permalink What's the point? The government is happy to ignore
everyone else on this, a few more voices aren't going to result in a change.
permalink 10yo schoolgirl on the underground this morning:
"my mum gave me coke zero instead of coke at breakfast and now I feel sick because I've got no sugar in me"
permalink fuck me
Not even sure what else to day
permalink fuck me
Not even sure what else to day
permalink she still had frosties and a mars bar though
permalink Evening all
Friday night...home far too early...gah
Can we have reddit style formatting in posts? italics bold, etc
permalink Lazy
just use html.
permalink If I wasn't lazy I'd be busy doing stuff
instead of hanging round here all day
permalink Pffft
lazy is, doing it anyway, expecting the reader to imagine the formatting.
permalink point taken
permalink Can't we
already do that?
permalink Not using formatting shortcuts, no
permalink I was just about to ask if we'd killed Marquee
then turned off SFW.
permalink Glad to be of service.
Doesn't seem to be working properly in chrome though, he's meant to be bouncing up and down and left to right and in this browser he's just kinda wobbling at the top left.
permalink Oh Boy.
permalink must
be boner friday
permalink I had to switch to SFW
as my arousal was too much for the office
permalink Well I've got a boner
Does anyone have the image of me dancing in the crown and goose that we my favourite. It's kind of like a cross between dancing and spacking but even more sexy than either
permalink if there was the general preference
I could change out the html filter for e.g. Markdown

I suspect people would prefer html. I am trying to fix the tag closing bug though.
permalink If it's one or the other then stick with html
I think tino's right, I'll just stay lazy and expect everyone to understand what I'm typing.
permalink when I fix the html
I should be able to add italics and bold shortcuts, as they're a simple search/replace.
permalink ooo b3ta
style 'small' and 'strikethrough' too 'cos they were hilarious
permalink WE WANT
permalink avatars
and life-affirming signature quotes too, I hope
permalink At least
800px deep
permalink Usenet's thata way *points*
permalink I actually rather enjoyed

permalink I prefer strikthrough to marquee
permalink Have we got

edit: obviously not
permalink "strikethrough testicles"?
permalink They're all the rage
in the west country
permalink Fred & Jack.
I've never driven a Polo G40, by this spanking new Polo GT I've just been given goes exceedingly nicely (well it does for the 6 miles I have driven it so far).
permalink Is it as good as a MK1 1.6 Golf GTi ?
There was a G40 came up in my BaceFook feed the other day, a mint one, £6500
permalink I've not driven one of those either.
Almost certainly not, I guess. It's heavier, but has more power, so it's quicker. I'm sure it's not as well balanced, but on the other hand it's super comfy - there's probably more room than a Mk1 Golf - and super refined at speed.
I ordered the flappy paddle DSG gearbox as well, so that doesn't really lend itself to comparison. The gearbox is an extremely impressive bit of kit, I'll say that much - it remains to be seen if I still like it after 3 years.
permalink You've ordered and auto ?
*runs off*
permalink You know very well I haven't, you scamp ;-)
I've chosen to learn to left foot brake, and to try out a clever gearbox, while someone else is paying for the maintenance.

I have to say there's a clear smell of clutch at certain times. I am assuming this is it just bedding in or something like that, it's supposed to run 140,000 km on the original clutches.
permalink I probably should have gone for the DSG semi-automatic one
given the amount of time i spend on the north circular at an almost stanstill

I'm not sure i'd go for a polo, the back of the golf is a little tight when transporting bikes and crap. I've got 3 years or 58k miles left on this one though.
permalink even with a DSG
you still use a lot of energy keeping it stopped so it's swings/roundabouts. I discovered this when I had a tiptronic for 2 years. Right leg like popeye.
permalink I wrote
permalink Haha!
I see.
permalink I just got £30 for my dead kindle.
I'm pleased with the amount but can't help but think there's something I could've done to fix it.

I've made £135 on selling games I'll never play again and a broken kindle. I think I might be spending most of the weekend listing more shit.
permalink do you have to disown it from your amazon accoutn
so they cant buy books if they fix it?
permalink I have done, yes.
` `
permalink Can android tablets be multi-user?
My android phone was set up for me and my emails, are tablets the same or can I have it set for different user accounts?
permalink I don't know.
I live a solitary existence, devoid of love and attention.
That's not actually true, but The Little Cat doesn't use the tablet at all.
permalink My cat's decided that it likes sleeping in my bed.
It'll get on my pillow then headbutt me in the face until I lift the duvet so he can get in.
permalink where did we get to on what's a good android tablet?
I'm considering one more and more.
permalink This is the best budget tablet:
permalink Buy either a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.
That's my opinion and that's the end of it.
permalink A nexus ten is at least £300 though
permalink They can
but only in 4.2
permalink Right. Given I nearly bricked mrsjam's phone when I flashed hers
how easy is it going to be to get the tablet you recommended on 4.2?
permalink Not very
As you'll have to wait for someone to get the sources and compile it, or wait for the manufacturer to release it, but that was never mentioned in your original wish list ;o)

If you're rooted then you can install this, it's not as elegant as the native app, but does the job
permalink Actually mrsjam uses webmail
so it'd probably be ok without multiple users.
permalink you can always use Gmail for one
and Email for the other, but you need to have however is going to be buying/downloading apps as the Gmail personage
permalink I have my work Gmal and my home gmail on the same tablet
and it handles it really well you can flip between then neatly and there is no accidental cross over of 'from' addresses
permalink Does that
keep separate address books ?

It's not something I've really looked into TBH as it's only recently Mrs Flan has got all tech'ed up and sharing the tablet, but that was post me flashing 4.2
permalink the Gmail app handles separate accounts pretty well though
permalink |Explain?
I would like to do this.
permalink I appear to be starting a breakdown again
Do I just take the tablets from last time?
permalink no, go to the doctor
thread Must be time for a new thread
A little something for the haggis eaters

I'm running out of TV series to watch, the last couple I've watched and enjoyed are Braking Bad, Grimm and Love Hate, any suggestions on something else, preferably nothing American cop, never been a fan of those.
permalink Have you 'done'
Mad Men?
permalink Hmmm
might give that a go
permalink It took a while for us to get into it
but was great when we did
permalink Evening all.
Midway through moving our Edinburgh office. Have spent the day in IT madness world... Me and a guy from the IT support company rebuilt the whole rack in record time. I've unpacked my own stuff, patched everyone's data sockets, reinstalled the printers, sworn a lot and had my first shit in the new office. In the toilet, i might add, not on the floor.

13 hour shift. Knackered.
permalink I'm off back to work in half an hour
to presumably get grief for stuff I've not done. I did get offered another job elsewhere, so fuck 'em.
permalink 3rd post attempt
time zone?
permalink me or CI
me, yes, Australians at one end, Yanks at the other.
permalink me, no.
It's all Scotland this week.
permalink Stanstead?
permalink STED

/pet peev
permalink isn't Stanstead (Abbots)
around about where Tabz lives?
permalink quite possibly
but the airport is most definitely Stansted (STN/EGSS) as is nearby Stansted Mountfitchet, for which it was presumably named
permalink yes
though I'd rather suspect that until the OS came along it was a bit like the (still never resolved) difference between "Lee Valley" and "Lea Valley"
permalink eggs?
permalink Stanstead Abbotts is close
I'm in Hunsdon . .

Stanstead itself is a fair distance
permalink did you take a last shit in the old office
not in the toilet?
permalink We have access for a week yet...

Stuff to clear into a skip, decorators in, etc.

permalink I'm enjoying Death in Paradise,
a lighthearted BBC crime drama. The cast list this series has been good, I guess people like the location. This week's episode featured Sean Pertwee for a few minutes.
permalink I've been watching that
she has a splendid arse, bit of a garroty old moosh on her though
permalink House of Cards
limey or merkin both good (limey is better really and a series longer)
permalink Given I just watch telly when it is on...I'm never a good one to ask
but have been enjoying
New Girl (takes a little while, but I could watch Zooey Deschanel all day)
30 Rock (obviously...but you may not have seen)

Elementary (yes, American cop, but with a Sherlock Holmes twist, and Sick Boy and Lucy Liu quite watchable)

and if you want Kiwi flashbacks...try Outrageous Fortune. There were 6 series with a fantastic ensemble cast of bogans. I believe they tried to remake it in the UK (why?).
permalink TL;DR
Zooey Deschanel

That's enufffffformeeee !
permalink it can be a bit soppy
but I like it
permalink Absolutely
can be mushy, but I do actually like the characters...

and to Flan: you like Ms Deschanel, wait till you see CeeCee
permalink sick boys attire has gone from casual slacker to uber geek
and now hovers in the middle of both.
making a tv show in america must be pure butthurt when it comes to the audience weekly figures
permalink 2 broke girls is pretty thrilling moving stuff
permalink i'd like to see a mash-up of that and Girls
but only if lena gets to spread her hairy tits all over the cooks toes
permalink I may be living up to my stereotype
but The Killing (danish original) is great
permalink I love a bit of Inspector Norse!
Not really. I've never seen any of that stuff but MrsJam came up with "inspector norse" when we were trying to think up new names for that genre.
permalink I'm assuming of course
that you've seen Spartacus: Blood and Sand
permalink I'm Spartacus!
permalink He's Spartacus!

permalink I'm obvious!

permalink I've lost the linky
to resetting the new post count, it worked for a while honest.
permalink I believe it's here...

Ooooh... can I pick your brains with a Linux question?
permalink nearly
permalink that's better, ta.
Going back to the c4mbodia domain fuxxored my browser-arouser.
permalink time stamp seems to be out of synch
*twiddles thumbs*
permalink course you can sah.
Assuming you're still there.
permalink Ah! I just popped back.
I have a specialist image database that runs on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux box.

The guys have got a new version of the thing and want to upgrade us (and I want the upgrade), but they need the Red Hat updating. It's on RHEL 4 and it needs to be on RHEL 6 for their new version.

How painful is this? Could I do it?
permalink if it's the only thing that runs on the
box and isn't dependent on LDAP/AD usernames or strict security then just fuck it off and build a new RHEL6 box. up2date (package updater) might be able to do it but it's a massive leap from 4 to 6, 4 years of code changes. Building a new RHEL6 server is a piece of piss, it's almost down to the 'NNF' windows install (next - next - finish)

Also up2date requires a redhat support contract which I assume you have ;)
permalink Hmmm.
It does integrate with AD but maybe I just do a new os build and let the devs rebuild...

Thank you!
permalink have you seen Weeds ?
another drug themed program where you are actively encouraged to dislike everyone but the retarded kid

Laverne & Shirley : like Psych but with less comedy cop in the shenanigans
Nash Bridges : like Laverne & Shirley but with so-bad-it's-good cop shenanigans
Psych : i know you know fake copper shenanigans
permalink OK, my current recommendations are as follows:
Fringe - essentially an X-Files style mystery of the week show by JJ Abrams, complete with mad scientist, hot aussie, and a remarkably compelling long form story arc once you get into it. Not finished, but there's 4 or 5 seasons to chew on.
Boardwalk Empire - The Wire in 19th century US gangland, with Steve Buscemi and That lass from Stella does Tricks and Trainspotting. Really good, 3 seasons, making for 39 hours of top notch Scorsese created fabulousness.
House of Cards US - Quite different to the UK version, this is a cross between The West Wing and something far far darker.