thread I quite liked DJ Avicii.
There. I said it.
permalink Also, Oi! Riggers!
This is fucking brilliant:-
permalink Ooh
I like that

I mean, I wasn't sure at first, but now I am well Inuit
permalink Speaking of throat singing
We enjoyed this bunch of weirdos at a festival recently
permalink I like this!
Good for me.
permalink My main reaction
On seeing all the headlines, was whoooooooo?
permalink Well yes.
Pretty niche. If you're 54.
permalink Yeah.
That. Still, 28 is a shit age to depart.
permalink yeah, just overshot the true rock and roll age
permalink I have
no strong feelings on the matter
thread Arse.
My laptop is dead.

Hopefully we can get a DELL doctor early next week.
permalink And now the big NAS has fallen over
The IT is clearly telling me to go to the pub.

So I have.
permalink Have you tried
Turning them off and on again?
permalink IT or the pub?
I've just reluctantly come back from the local yeloose (see FB pic yesterday) where it was ALL the lovely.
permalink It's gorgeous out.
I sat in the sun, just inside the pub, had two pints of Punk, a huge burger, and a nice chat/stroke with my friend Phyllis the pub dog.
permalink of course!
well... laptop anyway. The big stuff in the server cupboard isn't my problem.

I even went to IT support Level 2 - "take it out and put it back", since the flash code was indicating a RAM issue.


A DELL doctor is coming on Monday to replace motherboard and RAM.

So it'll be fixed by the time I get back from the stag do in Berlin...
permalink I merely was checking you'd made a desultory attempt to fix it
Before chucking it in and heading to the pub
permalink hah
one of the secret links lets me in. get fucked IT.

they've ramped up the web blockers. oddly, H&M and Debenhams are blocked, but Next and Top Man aren't. At least I know where the computer boffins buy their keks from.
permalink However...
I've just won a £50 pizza express voucher for taking a photo of some spilt beer.
permalink I went to the doctor this morning
she stuck her finger up my bum and assured me I'm not dying
permalink this is the first time that anyone
has ever stuck anything up there
permalink but not the last eh!
permalink I am still awaiting my neurologists appointment
Which should have been organised by now.... I have chased up the GP etc but expect slow progress.

However I would expect there will be minimal anal fingering when I do get my appointment
permalink If you ask nicely, I’m sure they’ll oblige!
permalink The last time I went to a neurologist
They repeatedly electrocuted me.

No fingers up the bum though
permalink You know they can do a blood test for that now?
permalink I've had two fingers and an
endoscope up my fundament this year. Last year too, come to think of it.
thread Blimey Tabz, Dale Winton?
That was a name I hadn't considered in many a year

In other news, not much really. Looking forward to Mrs C returning from Straya tomorrow, although less so to her 00:30 arrival on Sat morning. Trying to work, but branes fuzzy. About to get a flu shot. Exciting times.

And how are we all? Did you do something new with your hair?
permalink *yawwwwwwnnnnn*
Have been at my desk for 20 minutes. Will probably be here for the next 12 hours.
permalink I take back my previous comments
what with a gang shooting round the corner from my flat

love the quote above the last picture
permalink There's bin a murrderrrr
permalink Were your previous comments about a local ice cream van turf war
permalink *yawwwwwwnnnnn*
Have been at my desk for 10 minutes. Will probably be here for the next 12 hours
permalink I went to a wedding yesterday so I'm a bit hungover
in a Travelodge by the A1.
permalink Getting wed on a Wednesday?
permalink I'm going to a wedding next Thursday.
I have the Friday off.
permalink My hair's sticking out
but I didn't do it on purpose.
permalink You were very fast with the. Hair drier this morning
If that makes a difference.

permalink That's because it's warm so my hair was more dry before I started.
It might have made a difference though.
permalink Ok here
The sun’s out so everyone is a little happier.

Had a classic meeting this morning with people who wanted to show me their “unique”, “game-changing” thing.

I let them patronise me for a couple of minutes then suggested that they should assume that I know what I’m talking about.

Then I challenged some of their dubious interpretations of real science research.

Then they wheeled out the old “IoT” buzzword, andI explained that having an app and a wireless router isn’t IoT.

Then I went into the workshop and pulled out a product that does exactly what they claim to have invented, that I first saw in confidential preview about 10 years ago, that hit the market about 9 years ago, that is now on its third generation design, and that has shipped a few hundred thousand units...

Then, mercifully for them, the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the building...
permalink "I've got this fantastic idea
for a product, game changing stuff, never been done before!"

"Should we have a quick search first just to check there isn't one already established?"

permalink They'll probably pivot to Blockchain
next week
permalink That's not all
They can go pivot on
permalink oh god
every conference I go to these days has someone talking about how blockchain is going to revolutionise the energy retail sector

without fail, that person never has any understanding of blockchain or is able to give any further detail on exactly how it's going to do that
permalink if I had a bitcoin for every half-baked idea engineering students come to me with
that have either already been done, already patented, or (more often) are just plain bad ideas

I'd have a million - no, a thousand - no, wait, 10 million quid
permalink Also I don't know if you follow #internetofshit
but this is a cracker:
permalink I do indeed
I've given him a few thigs...
permalink right
so there's a new series of Legion, and I can't find on the pirate bay-ish sites torrents for it. It's on Fox UK, which is no use to me.

What are people doing for their minimal set up/cost/hassle pirating these days?
permalink Dunno
I can't be arsed. I never get around to watching most of the stuff that is already available through normal TV/watch again/Netflix/Amazon as it is
permalink I saw an excellent tweet the other
day which summed things up nicely for me:

Fire up netflix.
Scroll through 500 movies
Give up, watch an ep of a box set you've already got.
Do something else.
permalink Ha ha
permalink Kodi (new name for xbmc)
and video addons, although I'm not sure which add-ons are recommended any more. will have instructions for installing them though.

permalink Yeah I did actually.
MrsJam decided the hair loss was now at the point where I drop to a grade 1 all over :(
permalink Welcome to the club
Ended up there years ago, although my choice
permalink The three most important women in my life,
My sister, mother and wife, will not allow me to shave my head. This is on the grounds that I will look like either “…that cuntish ex husband of mine…” (my sister, with the agreement of my Mum), or “…some sort of cross between a Bond villain and a Column 18 thug….” (Her Indoors). So for the moment I have a luxuriant grey head of hair except for the growing pink patch at the back. I don’t see it that often, but I *know* it’s there. I can feel it, the pink bastard.
permalink Well, no doubt if it gets too obvious
You will be allowed to take more drastic measures
permalink Column 18?
Combat 18 shirley? The curse of autobelm strikes again!
permalink My old UK driving licence
I really did look like something out of Combat 18
permalink Oops.
thread Another day, another pass through schipol airport
Apart from the early hour my 7am flight from Stansted was ridiculously clockwork... And these Dutch fellows do run a good train system.

permalink 7am at Stansted, a lovely way to start the day
also, anyone got any secret links to this place? Our netnanny has been getting excited and you're classed as "entertainment" now and blocked.
permalink To be fair
We do have all the entertaining ball shaving chat you could ever need
permalink it's the only place I've found that's blocked as entertainment so far
which suggests the definitions might need work.
permalink As a Kiwi who we're more than happy to let the Aussies claim once said
Are you not entertained?
permalink well, I'll admit I enjoy "Travel Chat" as much as anybody...
permalink Round these parts
You have to take the rough with the smooth!
permalink ha!
when i saw the multi-millionaire was selling off nicked film equipment to pay for 'his divorce'
had to chuckle.. what a twat
permalink Indeed
permalink there's a few

though I think webnanny mostly filters on content...we shall have to try and be even less entertaining
permalink ta
permalink FFS,
we have a bunch of annoying Harvard students embedded with us at the moment, and two of them are like, sitting? Behind me? And, they're, like, talking about some, like, party? That one of them, like, went to? And, like, every cunting sentence? Is like, broken? Into 4 or 5 sections? By, like, rising interrogatives?

Quite apart from the fact that she's complaining that there was no vegan milk for the latte (Latte! At a party!), it just sounds so fucking ignorant.
permalink embed a fucking rising interrogative in their murrays
permalink This
So much
permalink But don't
Ask them to admire the smoothness of your sack
permalink Too late.
permalink Paddington Bear Hard Stare
permalink Embedded?
Are they fucking BBC reporters in Desert Storm?
permalink Radio4 interviewed a millennial who lived with her parents
in an article about grown-up children living with their parents and whether they should pay rent. She sounded about 12 and spoke badly - no rising interrogatives but lots of broken sentences and every third word was 'like'.

I figured I was just getting old.
permalink That at least could be explained by nerves
Of talking to the radio....

permalink I talk to the radio all the time
without nerves?
permalink OMG! we're going senile
i don't just talk to it i argue with it ;)
permalink She seemed confident enough
permalink I've got a french friend over for the week
so we've been busy doing Stuff.

Yesterday we went to see The Greatest Showman at the cinema, which was good. Some really nice touches in it, like the painted backdrops.

The day before that we went up Billinge Beacon, which is what passes for a hill round here. You can see as far as Blackpool Tower, into Wales and across the whole of Manchester. It's pretty cool, and next time I'll take a tripod and get some decent photos.

On Sunday we went to Trencherfield Mill and saw their steam engine running. It's incredible! Then walked into town and went and sat in a park for a while.
permalink I like a steam engine
If anyone is searching for good things to listen to, all the old desert island discs are getting me along well at the moment
Sandy toksvig's is very good as is Mel brooks' there are a lot of good old one in there

Brian blessed's Richard herring Leicester Square theatre podcast is also predictably madness.
permalink I also like a steam engine
We're going on the Flying Scotsman over the Forth Bridge in a few weeks' time!
permalink Kettle-tastic!
permalink Might see if that's something Dave wants to do
and he agreed that going up the Nevis would be fabulous... and you taking us both there.

p.s. are you still paying me back? cos I wants my money.
let me know what payments you've made so I can check it off and make sure you're not over charged.
thread I have actually got 5 days in the office this week
It's been weeks since I did that. It's going to be a shock!
permalink can you imagine most people do that every day every week
no let up.. i know you guys complain about travel but at least you get out
permalink shudder
permalink i think it's been proven that people do 3hrs actual work in an 8hr day
in front of a screen
i know i could do monday half day wednesday then full on friday
it's not that computers have sped things up.. people are just sloooow
permalink Fuck's sake no,
it's the other way around here. I generally do seven or eight 7.5hr days worth of work per week, Monday to Friday. The other Associate in my team and I sat down this morning and did some maths, and we reckon that between the two of us we have eight CAD Technician days to get 26 days worth of CAD done by end of play Wednesday next week, with no borrowing of techs from other teams.
permalink Other ways to earn a living are available
permalink Ones that don’t pay as well,
permalink i do believe there is a gene in java 'developers'
to be the laziest sods on earth
permalink I am zipping off ot amsterdam again, then Gibraltar next week.
i've gone and bought myself an easyjet plus card... speedy boarding all the way.

in more depressing news, i clicked on a link to an old comedy blog i used to read a lot, not seen it in ages and it's turned into an ongoing account of the poor chaps losing battle with cancer.

permalink blimey I remember that
...and I don't think it's ongoing, I'm afraid
permalink Yeah that post
is more than a year old :(
permalink oh yeah.. confused my dates.
I must have seen this before and forgot about it.

permalink Oh :-(
Weren't they a b3tan? Bugger.
permalink I think he was.
permalink fucking hell
that's brightened up my morning...