thread The big question
Halloween: can you be at all fucked with it?
permalink Nope.
Not at all, never have done.
permalink Normally I would
Think I've overdone the booze though recently and out tomorrow night. I do love faux scary imagery though.
permalink I just typed pint instead of ping
I think it's time to knock off
permalink I'm going to turn my lights green
because I can, and that's about it.
permalink it's my sister's birthday, and
I have a turnip/swede to carve to briefly amuse a toddler. Beyond that, not really.
permalink Luckily not much of a thing in Germany
It's used as a thme for sesonal candy and decoration, and maybe, maybe one of your annoyingly social friend has the idea of hosting a Halloween party, but I had never anybody ringing on my door.
Might be different in Hip Berlin, i wouldn't know.
permalink I thought C_I might try this with Illuminette

permalink Ohmergod.
If you could knock one up* this afternoon we could go to my brother's Halloween party after all. Plus that child totally looks like Roisin.

thread shut up
permalink Fuck me, It worked for a change
Oh shit, now I've gone and fucking ruined it
permalink Fuck
permalink Mong Off, Dino-chops.
I'm off for a 4 day tour of lovely bits of Scotland with the Sexy Spaniard. Yay.
permalink I did of course quickly scan read that
and read "lovely bits" as "lady bits"

I blame all you lot for the parlous state of my brain you know!
permalink I miss the BA, if I am honest.
I hoped you were going to be a thing.
permalink She's great and I am hugely fond of her
But we never really managed to be a thing. Too much vegetarianism for starters. We're great at being friends.
permalink .


TJ: this new gopro image stabiliation thing is pretty cool
permalink Blimey
Very impressive
permalink I am just teasing my wife
For fucking old people.
thread I'm going for a curry tonight with my old football chums
is anyone else doing things?
permalink Choir practice.
Wondering how much the builders have broken the house.
permalink ALL OF IT
like i mean it's gone

well just the old extension / conservatory thing.
permalink No
permalink you're often doing things though
permalink Going on a tour of an art collection
in a bunker under Berlin

permalink It doesn't get much more Berlin than this.
permalink Needs banging techno, surely.
permalink I shall play some DJ Hetz Hudson
from my phone speaker, to complete the experience
permalink Do German youths still wear
brightly coloured rucksacks and tuck baggy stonewashed jeans into their socks, or am I making all of this up?
permalink People started wearing flat caps this year.
Usually guys that already look older than they are and the caps aren't helping.
permalink it's a way of
permalink He's no longer anywhere to be found on the internet
I can't really remember if he was a wind up, if not he probably lived fast and died young and vanished with myspace
permalink Buzzcocks are playing
the Junction tonight, that's quite tempting if it's not sold out,

BUT! I just know I'll get home and go 'meh' which is foolish.
permalink I was going to do that, but double booked
looks like there's still tickets.
permalink fuck my hat,
permalink yeah
I'm going to spend it on balti and lager instead.
permalink lager, lager, lager
and shouting?
permalink blimey
three lagers, I'll not be able to walk
permalink I know the feeling,
I had 3 on sunday and was a tad squiffy.
permalink I had a dansak
did you go?
permalink no, I had a last minute panic
about clearing the south side of the garage for the window people to come early doors and replace the knackered frames so spent a few hours doing that instead.

This morning at half 7 they rang going 'fitter's called in sick, soz'

permalink trying not to drown
in my own mucus
permalink Watched Bridget Jones' Baby
It's of course the same story all over again, yet I'm left feeling that it's one of the better movies of 2016.
thread No new threads since yesterday
That must mean I get to call you all benders in an ironic and definitely un-homophobic way. Morning Benders
permalink Morning
permalink Cor, this is like How Its Made got a moody hollywood prequel

permalink Afternoon
permalink oo lunchtime.

permalink I'm stuffed full
of tuna now. And Marmite crisps.
permalink to the tune of Sometimes, by Erasure
permalink fucker
That's me earwormed.
permalink Oooooooooh, lunchtime...
I'm seeking food to fill a hole insiiiide...
permalink the past is a different country
Bolivia? I don't know, I'm not a philosopher.
permalink no she went of her own accord
permalink I gave a presentation at a planning meeting
At the city council (to a committee comprising Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire District and Cambridgeshire County councillors) and managed to, y'know, not swear or break down in tears or run out of the room in terror. Unfortunately it has been recorded and will be on the internet.
permalink I'm waiting for the novelization, filming
and basically until it is located in a bargain bucket of a petrol station next to those little plastic pine scents before I view it and pass judgement.

Spoiler: I'll probably tell you that you suck
permalink I'm going to rename you
Wolfie Storer. Power to the pedal!
thread I've just realised today is my 5th aniversary with my company
that went pretty fast.

I've ever worked anywhere for more than 5 and a half years, so we shall see how that works out.

I think i might get some sort of present out of that.

permalink it's almost 6 months exactly from our anniversary
well one of our anniversaries.

you think they'll get you a present? On my 9th anniversary here I got an email from the MD. On the 10th I think he forgot.
permalink I think i get an amazon voucher or something
and a badge
permalink saying
'I am 5'?
permalink most likely
permalink On our 10th anniversary, I believe we get an extra 10 days leave
only for that year, mind you, not from thereafter
permalink there's a flexible non-cash bit to my salary package
various txable and non taxable benefits it can be spent on- health insurance (I do fine on the NHS for now with my Asthma and that's taxable), life assurance (I'm single with no kids), pension top ups (yeah OK) and, ideal for me, up to five days extra holiday.
permalink We get 13 weeks
long service leave after staying somewhere 10 years!
permalink what! 13 weeks off in the year?
permalink No,
13 weeks off all at once on top of your usual 4-6 weeks.
permalink I try to leave a company before I get a carriage clock
I've done 6 months here...
permalink my dad
has been employed by the same organisation since he left university. Proper job for life stuff.
permalink my dad was to
NHS from 16 until he retired, massive pension the lot. Bastards.
permalink Prison Service
Which was officially Civil Service when he started, he was a Fast Track-er. Obviously 38 years of management level when he hit the mandatory 60 retirement age has given him the very definition of a gold-plated pension.

Of course, he's not even fully retired. He now does 2.5 days average as a consultant (thus not subject to the maximum age rule) as the internal auditor (which he'd been doing full time for several years before "retirement"). So he's basically making the same (pension plus salary) per month and doing the same thing but in half the days as he was before. Git.
permalink And thus we see how that generation
is stealing all the money from our generation and those that follow...