thread I'm going for a walk and popping into Sainsbury's.
Anyone need anything?
permalink Some scones would be good.
And jam - I have cream.
permalink Tabs?
Michael Nyqvist?
permalink The contents of the till.
Don't forget your balaclava.
permalink Pork pies
I do so miss pork pies... *wistful face*
permalink Some large letter stamps
permalink EDIT: Oh, I forgot emoji breaks the board
I was implying "BURN" through judicious use of invalid utf8 character string: 'F09F94'.
permalink I was looking for a larger slot.
But they weren't in the meal deal.
permalink today, valium and some sort of cold remedy
and a new jumper please
permalink Umbrella?
permalink Could you get us some porn?
permalink See jimbob below.
permalink Hannah Montana DVD,
Vaseline, box of Kleenex man size please.
permalink Sounds like a good night in...
To be followed by crying and rocking backwards and forwards in the corner?
thread sorry about all that
a bit inconveniently timed by the host there, and more fiddly behind the scenes than I was expecting

should all be happy now, let me know if you get any bugs
permalink Mostly good,
although I'm getting a 404 for the permalink icon

EDIT: Fixed, ta :)
permalink Evening all
*walks away whistling like nothing had happened*
permalink I'm getting a 404 on the permalink.png image
but other than that it seems to all be working.

Nice work!
permalink if I've learned one thing
it's to use virtualenv properly to make these things easier

unfortunately I've learned nothing
permalink You're a better man than I,
for keeping this awful codebase running.
permalink between your code and my bodging
we are unstoppable

(well, unmaintainable)
permalink Dear God, I have missed you all.
I have a broken image before each person's subject, incidentally.
permalink FIXED!
permalink I forget about 'default' mode
permalink phew
did we all get our badges from 'insufficient postage' Ruxton in the end?
permalink Yes!
permalink I have mine.

permalink What a tightwad!
Woohoo, oh so glad to see you all.

And shall we plan a Cambridge mini bash?
My calendar seems might free most weekends after Next week. I've no got in to much forward planning yet.
permalink sorry, yes, I saw that on Twitter and didn't reply
I'm up to my ears in snot and can barely focus. I'm a bit all over the shop at the moment, but if we can get witchy and Al in the same place we can go from there.
permalink yes
the man at the post office took great effort to illustrate, repeatedly, the inability of the package to fit through the 'small letter' slot of his post template, as though it were my fault
permalink And charged an extra pound for the luxury.
Mine did the same and then said 'Oh, fuck it' and let me off my £1.50.

Woo for rural living.
permalink Yep!
We've not only raised a lot of money for the hospice, we've raised a good wedge for the postal service as well.
Civic duty and all that...
permalink yep
There's no way that badge was over 100g.

edit: oh it was the thickness of the envelope...?
permalink Yup
"small letter" has to be able to pass through a narrow slot. Fnarr
permalink oo-err
permalink I think it must be some form of misogyny on my part,
but I found that entirely mild when Al said it, but now am unable to stop thinking about vaginas.
permalink Hello all!
Sorry about that. I did weigh them, but I didn't realise about the slot.

Back last week from EPIC Japanese trip... so I'll get back onto sending out badges to others. I have a couple of expats to deal with, and I'll chase up anyone else who showed interest.

I still have some left, so feel free to push people my way if they want one.
permalink If I had a pound for every time I didn't realise about a slot...
permalink *something about pounding*
Also, yay for being an "expat" to be "dealt with" :)
permalink This is also
Teresa May's attitude
permalink I'll pack one up tonight for you and pop to the post office tomorrow lunchtime
Bananaman's also.
permalink Nice one.
Let me know the postage and I'll send over the monies.
permalink *assumes the position*
permalink no problem
I assume they change the rules weekly to keep us on our toes. It's a lovely thing and the hospital will get some money.
permalink Yep, I still want to get one from you.
Wanna do lunch some time next week? I'm still up at KX...
permalink No. But he said he'd sort me out once he got back from holiday.
permalink Iwill have a badge admin session this week...
and get them to those who've paid, contact those who haven't but were interested, and put another call out.
permalink Well done!
Was about time i got some work done anyway
permalink Hurray!
How was Twatt? It looked picturesque, as is only right and proper.
permalink obligatory shot

Orkney is awesome, we shall be back. Many neolithic tombs were clambered through and I now know everything there is to know about brochs.
permalink Huzzah!
permalink Huzzah!
permalink Centos7 appears to be settling in ok!
Nice work.
permalink it should now be a slicker UX
as well as having a greater contrast ratio, a split differential, and free gin dispensed with every millionth post

our projection is to overtake reddit in pagehits by Q4
permalink I'm in.
*Invests everything*
permalink *posts eleventy billion times*
permalink I've had to
re-register. Not been here in YEARS!!
permalink YEARS!
permalink YEARS, I SAY!
permalink huzzah!
I forgot to check that still works, ta
permalink fuck me sideways
through C-I's undersized postage slot
permalink Now
there's an offer you don't get every day
permalink Me too, in bith contexts.
I even had to add an extra underscore, because it seems to have half remembered me.
permalink Did you forget your password?
I think you forgot your password.
permalink I tried my best guesses,
having not logged in for years, and they were all denied. The "I forgot my password" thingy told me my email address was invalid so I tried to reregister, but my email address and username were already in use. I figured an extra underscore was easier than farting about trying to recover something which seems partially lost, or something.
permalink it looks like you registered in July 2015
but the address was never verified

(which may be my fault, as I think for a while the outgoing registration emails weren't working and I didn't know as nobody affected could post here to tell me - although further investigation shows that this had the positive effect of preventing a few comedy accounts)

I've manually activated sunny_jimbob so if you can remember the password it should work now

permalink Cool, ta.
I'll give it a try. I think I also registered in around 2008/2009, or something of that ilk. If I remember correctly, I was sat at fassit's PC trying to focus through a haze of Riggwelter and absinthe.

edit: nope, none of my standard 2015-era passwords. Not to worry :)
permalink i took the site over in 2013
and we didn't port the database over (for various reasons), so nothing from before then survives including user accounts
permalink Fair enough :)
I tried a password reset on my single underscore account, but it didn't actually give me a temporary password. The email was thus:

Your username is: sunny_jimbob
Your new password is:

(sorry for being high maintenance!)
permalink how odd, i'll add it to the list of known features
in the meantime, I've removed that user entry so you should be able to just re-register with that email address and username again
permalink MUST
permalink I blame
Jeremy Corbyn.
permalink I'm off to re-register
You, me, Al. #TeamDoubleUnderscore.
permalink There you are again!
permalink Thank fuck for that
especially as you miserable fucks wouldn't let me in to the emergency facebook page!
permalink that's because
we didn't know who you are IRL ;) If you chuck us a message with your real name we can oblige.
thread Hamster Retirement Alert
Tomorrow afternoon we will be getting a new hamster (apparently her name is Centos 7, which is a strange name for a hamster but heyho), and I've been told we can expect the site to be down between 1pm and 4pm while they clean out the cage.

There is a not insignificant chance, however, that due to Centos 7 being a particularly picky rodent I may need to replace the type of sawdust we use to get the site back up again, but I'm travelling tomorrow so won't be able to do anything about it until Sunday morn.

I'll post on facebook if there's problems.
permalink I for one welcome our new hamster.
permalink Godspeed, little Nibbles.
permalink there will be a retirement ceremony soon
permalink Poor Nibbles, go well young thing
And welcome to Centos 7. Sounds more like a planet from Dr Who than a hamster, but there you go. What a world we live in today...
permalink This is terrifying.
I am terrified.
permalink Hello Terrified
I'm Dad
permalink If I ever told my mother that I was thirsty, she would always reply
'Hello Thursday, I'm Friday"

I cannot remember ever finding it amusing.
permalink That's because
you haven't got a sense of humour.
permalink Fuck, fuckety fuck!
My builder just updated my wrote and it was £25k higher than projected.

I just told him no.

Really pissed off.
permalink I had really severe chest pains yesterday when I was driving
All across the left side of my chest and my upper left arm. Bad enough that I stopped and pulled into a house where a friend who is a nurse lives, because I could not drive on.

She was out, so I came home and thought no more of it.

Now I am wondering if that was a mistake.
permalink The thing is,
I think i fear looking daft more than dying.
permalink You fear looking daft?
Come on. That must be a joke Shirley.
permalink I knew what I was saying
as I wrote it.
permalink Good chance it's
stress induced and possibly phantom.
However, ti could be a reaction to the meds, or something else, so best pop along and get it checked.
Better to "waste" a GP appointment than need emergency care of some sort.
permalink I have an appointment on the 27th July,
Unless anything else happens, I'll wait for that one.
permalink Update:
CBT referral.

I feel like I am on a long run and there is no chance of it ending soon.

Worth noting that I detest running.
thread I hadn't heard about this
Inspired by Jo Cox

There are none by where we'll be (I'm pretty sure that bit of Yorkshire is Tory country) but we'll be missing iftar held in Walthamstow town square.
permalink This did not receive the appreciation which it deserved.
thread Due to somekind of Catholic holiday
half of Germany has a day off.
I haven't but there is fuck all to do on my hotline. Boooooring.
permalink Berlin really needs to catch up
with Bavaria when it comes to public holidays :(
permalink I'd join in as Lower-Saxony only jas 9 public holidays a year as well,
but Britain gets 5 so I guess I shut it.
permalink 8 is the norm I think
I get 11 thanks to the Glasgow fair weekend and Hogmanay
permalink My research faied me, I see.
permalink England and Wales get 8, same as Berlin,
but at least the British ones get moved if they're on a weekend.

New Years Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Early May holiday
Whit Monday ("Late May")
Summer bank holiday (August)
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
permalink The weekend move thing is rather neat indeed.
permalink You have worked hard all year and earned that holiday
Can't let the bastards take it off you
permalink We've only just managed to get
Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day Mondayised over here...there was immense resistance from the National Party. The cunts.
permalink Honestly
Who doesn't like bank holidays?
permalink Americans is the answer
I am yet to find out but I am told that if they fall on a weekend you lose it. Bastards
permalink My American colleagues make fun of us a lot for all the holidays we have (8 of them)
but when you add in MLK Day, Labour Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving and all that jazz, they are actually off more than I am.

I am lucky if I manage 10 days in a year and I think I have had no calls for about 2 days in the last 5 years, including Christmas day.
permalink The EU working time directive
Mandates a minimum of 28 days paid leave per year (including public holidays) based on a 5 day working week; pro rata for more or less days
permalink this is just part of the deal of working for a US company, no?
you forgo your rights to uninterrupted evening, weekends and holidays, and in return you get paid 50-100% more than the equivalent position at a UK firm.

If you don't need all that money, then why not find a job at a european company that will pay you less but (mostly) respect the working time directive?

I used to have to deal with US colleagues who expected me to be omnipresent and would regularly try and phone me at the weekend, I simply told them that for me to even consider picking up, the company would need to pay me in line with their wages. I also refused to sign a WTD waiver and strangely didn't lose my job for doing so. You have rights, but no-one is going to enforce them for you.
permalink Pretty much, yes
except the person who gets shitty is generally mu MD who takes at least one 2 week holiday every year, plus many more.

I like him, but he us blind to his egocentricity. He regularly arrives in the office for one of his 2 or 3 days a week that he attends and complains if a single other person is not there.

He is fine with me telling him though.
permalink he's clearly not fine
or you would be taking proper fucking holidays where your work phone was switched off
permalink seriously
we may have diagnosed a reason why Jim get's pissed off with you here.
permalink I went for my assessment today.
It was shit.

I was asked a series of basic questions like 'how old are you', 'what medication are you on', 'have you suffered abuse as a child' and underwent no testing at all, then I was told I was fine.
permalink Got the results of the assessment
With one exception (there was a suggestion that I might have grandiose feelings of being able to second-guess the assessor - but she was utterly dim, Dotmund could have outwitted her, so I do not really count those as grandiose) the entire thing was just a transcript of the things I said in response to the questions as above.

Oh, and the outcome is that I report bouts of depression so I probably am suffering from bouts of depression.

It's like going into the doctor with a chest pain and being to ld you have a pain in your chest.
permalink They have more holidays
But most companies don't give you a day off for half of them.
permalink so for MLK day.. do you black up or
dress as a cloud?
permalink Noodles, Jockeys,
Sunn O))):-
permalink Sainsbury's meal deal, which no longer includes BLT so I've got cheese and ham.
Black trunks that are slightly too small for comfort.
permalink I've just filled in the IHT200 form
and basically guessed at what the assets are in the house if all was completely replaced 2nd hand.
then halved it for Scotty's share.
15 grand will do? That didn't include anything directly his... but I really don't know if that is a sensible answer. I think it is.
permalink Then go with it.
Just make sure it is lower than the cut off and you are grand.
permalink Coming in way under half
So it's all good. Even if they came in and itemised everything we both own we'd never have that much.
permalink Yay today's meeting finished early
Meaning time for a couple at the Euston Tap afore the sweaty train of sweaties heading home
permalink Is that the pub formerly known as The Head of Steam?
I have spent many many hours in there, typically instead of being in tutorials across the road in the days when i was obliged to do such things.
permalink nah , it's one of the old gate-house things out front
it's rather good actually.

permalink Oh, yes, right oh
The Head of Steam is called The Doric Arch now, which i should have remembered.
permalink It was quite full
I squeezed past a guy to get to the bar, he called me a typical London cunt in a Scottish accent, I took offence at being called a Londoner, we had a couple of pints together. Top pub.

Originally a water pumphouse I think?
permalink I had dinner in the blackfriar in glasgow on tuesday
but sadly there was no meat-feast on so i had a steal 'pie' and rather nice it was too.

permalink Do gizza shout next time
Are you up because of that new fancy tall hotel that's going up in the Merchant City?
permalink nope, low rent licence renewal of the holiday inn express theatreland
... Not sure when i'll be up next
permalink my day was quiet, Frankfurt were off
I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so in advance, paella, San Miguel, Speedos.
permalink So yesterday we finally got around to applying for Kiwi citizenship
Which should all come through in a few months. I then had a couple of celebratory light ales, and now feel a little squiff