thread 2 days at Light and Building in Frankfurt done. Half a day to go.
Ouch. I am approaching broken.
permalink Is Broken
the second to last stop on the S-Bahn before your hotel?
permalink I am in Newcastle
I have never been to Newcastle before

it's smaller in person
permalink bah, I missed
you by a week. I was back up there last week to see the lovely Mrs Witchy.
permalink I have a spare evening / most of a day after this conference
any recommendations for things to eat/see/do?

I have my sketchbook, so items of interesting industrial heritage are good
permalink Bealim House
(Gallowgate, just down from your hotel) for eats, it's Mrs Witchy and me's current favourite eatery; also the Town Wall (Pink Lane) does good food. Discovery Museum (Blandford Square, free) for Turbinia and historical/industrial gubbins, also the Hancock Museum (Claremont Rd), Laing Art Gallery (New Bridge St). Northern Goldsmiths (Pilgrim St, just because it's an excellent building), Central Arcade+ Grey's Monument, Grainger Market, Dean St/Sandgate (leading naturally to the Crown Posada for pint/ham stottie/crisps for just over a fiver. Trillians Rock Bar. I'll ask Mrs W if she can think of more heritage.
permalink thanks! that's a pretty comprehensive list
just back from dinner at the Baltic, they tipped the bridge for us, which was very exciting

makes me wonder what the ratio is of bridge tippings for conferences/esteemed guests vs actual boats
permalink Tipping the bridge takes the same amount
of energy as lighting a 100W bulb so they're quite keen on doing it particularly when I'm one side and my car's the other just as it pisses down.

I didn't deliberately forget the Baltic/Sage btw :) Also you need to walk across the High Level Bridge just for ace views.
permalink Done my speech, conference over
Now in the Crown Posada for a celebratory frothy one, which you're right, is a mighty fine pub
permalink ah, over, I read 'conference pear' the first three times.
permalink weirdly so did i
thankfully i don't do proofreading as a job ;)
permalink One of my favourites
in the Toon, and it's nice that in the 90s I used to work alongside the lad who now runs the Wylam Brewery, creators of the mighty Jakehead.
permalink AND NEXT TIME
gizza shout out! I need MOAR SNOGS!
permalink *SNOGS MOAR*
permalink *TONGUES*
permalink *walks around a bit*
permalink I should
hope so too.
permalink One of my favourite things about newcastle
is that it has all the facilities of a city yet is small enough to be mostly walkable.

Now I'm older, less fit and have a car I may have changed my definition of 'walkable', but at the time I didn't feel the need for a car.
permalink my hotel room has great big pictures of St James Park on the wall
which seems unnecessary seeing as its right outside the window
permalink oh you're in the Sandgate?
should've said and I might've been able to get you a room discount!
permalink I used to live in the student flats the other side of it.
The day I moved in, which was my first day in newcastle, they won 8-0 and the noise was incredible.
permalink Put your coat back on.
Bloody cultural appropriation.
permalink +1
permalink I've only been once, it seemed nice
lots of places are nice when you actually go to them.
permalink I met a really miserable vicar who did nothing but complain last night
and I so wasn't expecting it I was really thrown.
permalink I bought a GSM kit from ali express for under £2
with the plan of using it to send and receive text messages. [link]

I didn't have high hopes, but I soldered it yesterday and got it working today. I can send and receive messages via telnet, which is pretty cool.

Next step is to team it up with an ESP-12 so it'll work over wifi instead of being chained to a PC, and I'll have made myself an SMS gateway for about a fiver.
permalink I like the ESP-12
not only because it uses old Hayes AT commands but because with zimodem firmware it becomes an instant RS232 modem for all my old 8-bits. Or at least it will once the all-signal UART adapter arrives from the US.
permalink I bought a £12 gopro knockoff from aliexpress
when it works it's pretty good, but I can never actually tell if it's on.
permalink I like it a lot.
I spent a couple of quid a time on little bits of electronics to play with.

I've got a 2.5"PATA to USB thing coming, a 128X64 OLED screen, a cassette to headphone jack thing, and a wifi RGB controller all on the slow boat from China.
permalink Ah
They've replicated that feature from the hero 5 session accurately then
permalink for £12 the picture quality is really good when it works
but obviously the instructions are all in chinese/english/nonsense.

you press the on button until the light goes blue, then press the on button again quickly to start recording (possibly), at which point the light goes off to show it's recording, which makes perfect sense.

it also doesn't stop recording when you fill the memory card, it just starts wiping old bits at random. I'm experimenting with a 32gb one now to see what happens.
permalink Glad it's not just me.
I had a go on a go-pro on holiday, it took some really nice pictures but I was sure I was in video mode and shooting video.

I was surprised by how good the quality is, which led to me looking at knock-offs but I can't decide whether it's worth the risk.
permalink I bought the cheapo equivalent to see if it was worth getting a proper one
I'm yet to be convinced. It's fun, but I'm just not sure...
permalink I wanted my nose piercing back
so I made it work again, used a ring yesterday and that hurt. Found a post stud that fitted without being bent, wore that overnight. Was great.

Except I went to free the inside of it and it pulled the whole thing through my nose and in to my head cavity. I think I swallowed it :(
permalink o_O
permalink I feel wrong
violated even.
permalink piercings have a
way of doing that..

I discovered that when trying to put my philtrum back in.
permalink Nope
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
permalink Um

Made me think of this
permalink A friend of mine had a PA done yesterday.
I hope the same doesn't happen to him...
permalink when setting lines out
you're the type that HAS to go last
permalink I never ever want to snort
anything. nope no nada. my nose is exit only except for air.
permalink God,
snorting is the best way to take anything.
permalink I'd go so far as to say second best,
after intravenous. Mind you, I've never injected myself with anything, so it's just theory based on the whack of morphine I had a few weeks ago. It got working in seconds, and it was ALL teh lovely.
permalink intra anal then nostril
you can't kill yourself snorting port* but baz it and it's quite likely

* a retarded exercise performed by chinless inbreds
permalink Yeah,
I've stuffed Es up my arse when my stomach was too fucked to take any more, and that worked a treat. Burned a bit initially.

Snorting port is for cunts*

*I mean, it's for chinless inbred cunts, not for stuffing up your cunt**

**Unless you want to
permalink I once had 2 lemsip max
Within 4 hours
permalink Good lord!
permalink Hello?
permalink I think snorting gives you real control.
You know what you are taking and it does not creep up on you, but you cannot get far too much in one go unless you are an idiot ;)
permalink I really need a poo, but the queue in the airport loos was enormous.
Now I am unsure I will make the flight home without visiting the chicken coop they call a lavatory on Bombardiers.
permalink are you going birch sap collecting
this weekend?
thread A classic communication from Aconex:-
Good mornings all

For those of you who are experiencing issues within the 3d BIM 3d area and the processing of your 3d models please see about the below instructions from Aconex Engineering:

Can you please supersedes the 3s model and add them back to BIM 3d models IFCs and RVTs. Because the team have previously identified an issue that stopping the 3d models from processing in BIM 3d, by doing this it will restart the BIm processing on the new versions of the 3d models.

Thanks you’

I *think* what they mean is ‘The BIM 3d viewer is fucked again. De-fuck it by re-uploading your 3d models”
permalink WTAF?
I work with a team of 12, of whom 10 are not native English speakers (even if I count the American), and they could all do better than that.
permalink yeah, but what do they know about BIM modelling?
nothing, that's what.

does the M in BIM stand for model? BIM model modelling.
permalink Yep,
like PIN number.
permalink well it'll be Building Information Modelling Model.
permalink This is a native English speaker.
Allegedly. I actually met her recently. She talks like that in the office too, it's slightly disconcerting. I hope she gives it a rest in the pub.

"I'm going to now approach the bar area drinks area for drinks would anyone like me to purchase on their behalf a beverage alcoholic beverage drink and some fried potato snack?"
permalink Imposter syndrome,
she's covering.
permalink And doesn't
believe in punctuation.
permalink I'm working on a website.
I've got the html sat locally and I open it in chrome and it looks glorious.
I upload it to my server and the submit button vanishes. No code change, it just goes.

permalink I'd take a bet on it being one of Chrome's myriad ways of telling you you've violated
a security policy somehow. Any clues in the console or inspector?
permalink I switched the style
from being a class to being specific to the element for the class, which is cleaner anyway.
permalink Today's problem was figuring out why social media icons weren't showing in Chrome.
It's because I've got adblock running.
permalink When I travel, my poo timetable always gets shot to shit.
Pun unintended.

I normally poo once in the morning, but whenever I am abroad, even one hour out, I start pooing three times a day.

Anyone else have similar fecal body clock confusions?
permalink yep
when I'm happy and in a routine once in the morning.

Any time I'm travelling I tend to almost completely stop until at least a day at destination

Anything stressful and I have zero control of when I go, can be up to 5 times a day and more explosive.

This post was brought to you by TMI are us.
permalink If you insist on misspelling faecal in the Septic way
Then I have nothing further to say to you. Good day sir!
permalink Fucking autocorrect, I swear it!

permalink Oddly, my guts adjust to changing time zones
just fine when I travel East - India, Sri Lanka, Japan - but travelling West, either to the US or back from the East, and they get very upset indeed, necessitating all sorts of random visits to the bog, rather than my usual 06:30, 14:30 and 19:30 dumps. Takes me longer to get over the poo thing than it does the sleep thing.
permalink Hotels are a bugger
I'm always rushed out of the door because Al gets ready quicker than me, but my guts need some time to, er, get their shit together.
permalink Have you tried
Shiving them in the face?
permalink Yes.
Didn't help.
permalink Shivingthem?
A pictureskew village on the north Nofolk coast
permalink nah thats sherringham
where they have a notiff.

not nottingham where they have a sheriff.
permalink I went to Sheringham once.
In the space of a couple of hours:-

- I was in a fight in a pub toilets (The Crown Inn)

- I had some of the best amphetamines I've ever had

- I drank some some very nice homemade vodka made by a mad bloke who called himself something like Zankweasel the 14th

- I had another fight, this time in a car park

- I got a blow job in a *very* small car
permalink Epic night out!
We should hire a coach.
permalink I’d give it 4 CDCs out of 5 on Tripadvisor.
It loses one because he didn’t swallow.
permalink This sounds like the sort of night which other folk have.
It certainly does not sound like any fun at all.
permalink It was and it wasn't.
permalink I would not have gone anywhere after the Crown.
That would have marked the end of the evening for me.

Fighting or puking and I am out.

Fights either end up in hospital or a cell, in my experience. I don't really get going very often, but at the point where I do it ain't stopping for anything.
permalink I won the first fight,
by dint of kneeing his balls hard enough to make him collapse, and then swiftly leaving the pub. The second fight, which was unconnected, was more of a multi person brawl, and was a score draw. Play was abandoned when blue flashing lights started to appear.

It is, I hasten to add, the only time I've ever been in two fights in one night. I too am not the fighty type, but I do have a couple of unpleasant tricks up my sleeve when I do.
permalink Dangerous getting into a fist fight in Norfolk
They tend to have an advantage, due to the extra finger
permalink I got a kicking in The Unthank Arms
in Norwich. Once again it was a brawl but we definitely came second in that one
permalink and who said
'you can't take the irish anywhere' ;)
permalink Crikey
thread Happy birthday
I am looking at 7" of snow and at the airport news that says the flight at one is still on, and at the BBC news that there are people sleeping in their cars I the A30.
permalink Obviously you don't go.
You can't control the weather, it's perfectly reasonable to stay home.
permalink If I do not go and they do not cancel the flight then I just lose the flight money
and the meeting.

I have a Land Rover - I can get there, I just do not believe that the flight will happen. It is snowing again.
permalink in better news
I have a box, it has your address on it and I'm taking it to the post office at lunchtime today.
permalink YAY!
Does it contain something transparent as well?

I am genuinely excited - I have plans for a boys' night (with David from the basement).
permalink It does
at least 2 of them... with keys. Plus a set of picks in a pack. It will come 2nd post. So expect it in the next month.
permalink p.s. I left the boyfriend to post the box
he's made sure you will know where it came from. I will leave you to see the box when it arrives.
permalink That seems a little harsh.
I mean, I am grateful for the box, but I thought you liked him?

/comedy misunderstanding.

My 'plane has just announced a 2 hour delay. Woohoo! Internet is limited to an hour too.
permalink woohoo!
permalink Every silver lining
and all that.
permalink go and claim your £6 refreshment voucher
and log into wifi with a different address.
permalink It is mac address run
The swine.
permalink Aren't you like super gold elite with FlyBe
at this stage? I assumed you were in the lounge, with coke, hookers and all the wi-fi you can eat
permalink There is literally nothing.
They have 2 vibrating chairs, if you want to waste £2.
permalink I like Exeter airport
its odd way of pushing you round and back on yourself to leave the building.
permalink It is bizarre.
permalink they kick you out onto the runway?
sounds like gibraltar
permalink So your curse
Doesn't just apply to trains?
permalink Slim possibility I might be cruising through Wigan later on this week.
Do you still work from home, and do you provide tea to wastrels?
permalink Hullo!
I appear to be not-blocked today, which is inexplicable and remarkable.
So, HB Alistair.
permalink I am singing "Not-blocked-JoS" to the tune of . . .
actually, I may have just made the tune up.
permalink I think it must be a live analysis thing
because page 2 is blocked, but the main page currently isn't.
Presumably there's be no swearing whatsoever for a couple of threads.
permalink Do you use
permalink No.
I use
However, it's content based, not domain based.
permalink So you're just
Horsin' Around?
permalink This clever pun did not revive the recognition it deserved.
permalink this place is one of the few that our firewall lets me look at
unless I drop off the wired network and use the wireless. I'm beginning to think our IT don't know what they're doing.

happy birthday if he gets this far into the thread.
permalink Thank you
If the flight is from Exeter I'd try it... It's not far.

LHR will be fine
permalink I am somewhat fucked.
Frankfurt. Light and Building show.

Superb dinner at Villa Kennedy.

permalink Nigel's new place
Great food, but that bugger with a fiddle gets annoying after a while
thread In Other News,
I've just found an old iPhone 3G in a drawer and plugged it in to the laptop and got it going and found a whole shedload of photos that never made it onto new phones and clouds 'nat. Nostalgia for 8 years ago.

Also, there's way more apps on it than I have on its successor. Like pages of them.
permalink get in
Virgin Trains have just given me £180 refund for a journey where I arrived 30 minutes early
permalink Nice
I got a few quid the other day as well.

Though my train was actually late
permalink my train was cancelled, hence the refund
but I was at the station early enough to jump on the previous one with about 10 seconds to spare
permalink In Other Other News,
fucking nom:-
permalink Yesterday we had a category 2 cyclone right over the top of us.
Not particularly scary but as it was at the end of the wet season, the ground was already sodden so it didn't take much to start blowing things over.
We lost 10 palm trees, 1/2 dozen bananas, 5 papayas, and a mango.

Just took the dogs for a walk to the local park, and it is destroyed! I reckon 80% of the trees are down.
permalink Did you call it um bongo?
permalink Recently my boss popped his head round the corner
and said "We can have Canon Andrew White, vicar of Baghdad, come and speak but it's in March and [other vicar] and I aren't sure because March is really busy. Whatever you decide we'll do."

I said we'd be mad not to have him. So I was duly forwarded his contact details so I could arrange everything.

He's here on Tuesday and I'm a little concerned that I've missed something and it'll be a cock up.
permalink "the Canon is coming round
something, something
Tell him he's fired."
permalink Something something
Kicking bishop brenan up the arse
permalink On this occasion
I'm pretty sure that would be an ecumenical matter
permalink Graph returned an error: Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains.
It was working yesterday and I haven't changed anything. Thanks Facebook.

"I'll just use facebook login," thought I, "most people use facebook and it'll be easier than creating my own." Bah.
thread Flew to Aberdeen on Tuesday
Drove to Speyside. Got to site at 12.45. Apart from an hour or so off site to check into hotel and grab a bite, worked until 2am.

Back on site at 9am yesterday, worked until 2am again, with an hour or so off again.

Up at 6.45 today, breakfast, drive, fly... back in the office an hour ago.

Knackered. I’ve taken myself to the pub for a late lunch.

But.... oh my god, the project is looking fantastic. Can’t share any pics until the embargo lifts in late May, but it’s super-cool. Outrageous that they’ve actually built this thing...
permalink sounds fun
is it all glu-lam on the inside?

permalink The underside of the roof is a complex curve matrix of glu-lam box beams
The whole thing is outrageously good.
permalink Glulam gives me wood.
I see what I did there.
permalink is that the teletubbies one?
i guess it's a way to get the children interested in the angel's share
permalink Sounds like
you were Dyce-ing with death!
permalink sounds fun
it's rare for me to work late these days thankfully. however, tonight I am waiting for some intransigent Belgian woman to send me a bloody spreadsheet.

[edit] reader, she eventually sent half of it at 1115 this morning.
permalink I don't work thursdays.
Except today when I had a 7.30am meeting.
permalink Parklife
permalink +1
permalink This
Gives me an enormous sense of well-being
permalink I did quite literally
get rudely awakened by the dustman this morn.
permalink hehehe
permalink I couldn't share anywhere that I got a new job
and they're holding it open for me until I get my redundancy.

I also only got a confirmation of end date of consultation of 3rd April yesterday. So, I leave on 3rd and start new job on 9th.

Boyfriend also got a new job this week, handed in his notice so we both have holiday 26th to 30th
I booked us a week doing nothing in Tenerife before he starts his job :) ESCAPE!!
permalink well done
these things always work out. big pay off, bit of a jolly, new job. sorted.
permalink well that all sounds like it's all worked out nicely
get the redundancy cash into a nice stocks and shares isa with a vanguard ETF

but don't take investment advice from internet weirdos
permalink probably going to invest
in another property. Niece wants somewhere to rent. or abroad, so we have somewhere to stay and rent out.
or in a year or so, I rent the house I'm in and start a fresh with the beau.
permalink Watch the costs of owning abroad but seems sensible.
permalink You must have shared it somewhere
because I knew this.

I have no idea where from though.
permalink I kinda did
but I've been in limbo for some time, and you direct messaged me about stuff too.
Actual end date has been set now which means I can sort shit out here before moving on.
permalink Woohoo
permalink totally
I'm very happy right now.
permalink .
permalink a week away
for her might help.... from you and the kids.
permalink .
permalink .
permalink jesus mate
get some fucking mediation. tell her you're doing it too.
permalink .
permalink What the actual fuck
happened there?
permalink he had a rant about how shit his life is
fuck sake manley, get some help for you and your wife.
permalink Yeah,
I realised that minutes later. Sorry, blame the beer.

But yes.
permalink Abso-lutely
fucking splendid, that. w/y/h/p!
permalink Schplendid
permalink People of Cambridge and surrounds
this has tickets left, is tomorrow night and will be excellent.

permalink I'm glad that Helen Scales knows about fish
permalink it's a weighty subject.