thread I'm going to a gig
I like a gig. But to be honest, having a quiet 45 minutes and a couple of pints in the pub next door is almost as good.

In other news, I saw a curlew today, that was nice.

Oh, and this morning I had to make a washing machine for toys' clothes out of an old box, some gaffer tape and a bit of tin foil. It's been a busy day.
permalink Who doesn't like a. Quiet couple of pints
permalink wronguns
permalink What's b and c?
permalink b. a couple of pints with middling ambient noise
c. a really loud couple of pints
permalink I'm always happy to see
Bush stone curlews for some reason.
Noisy fuckers they are though.
permalink I'm going to the Glades in Bromley to buy the winter kit today,
having excavated various cold weather trousers and shirts from the back of the wardrobe and found them wanting. I have indentified the location of hats and scarves and gloves, and I have put all my linen trousers, shorts and Hawaiian shirts away in a big Ikea bag under the bed. Phew, rock and indeed roll.
permalink I have put away my summer oilskins
and got out the drysuit
permalink reminds me, I need to find the new merino inner gloves I bought for bike commuting
permalink This,
except for standing on a windswept Platform 6 at Crystal Palace Station at 7am of a winter morning.

Not that it's wintery yet, but it looks like it will be tomorrow morning.
permalink We're getting the usual spring mix here
Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, sunny, about 20°, got slightly sunburnt running and gardening. But got flipping freezing later, and yesterday, though fine, was chilly as hell with a cold wind. So not time to break the shorts out, just yet...

As illustrated by this:
permalink MrsJam made a cooker in a similar fashion.
I was impressed.
thread Meep!
i am in glasgow tomorrow, and having a meeting above the blackfriars, about 4 years to the week after the accidental overdose of meat products we had there.

and in a related note, would you know the best place between queen st, the merchant city and the airport where I could buy the very best* square sausage and some tattie scones in bulk?

*not gormet versions.. still the ones with proper gristle and stuff.

And in case amy is raising her eyebrows at this.. my meeting and flight have been moved to glasgow as Ross missed his flight.
permalink your best bet would be the Aldi on High St, just uphill from the pub
the Scottish Aldis sell a few varieties, including low fat (I know) and premium steak ones

there's also a terrifying-looking local butcher just a bit further up High St, with grilles on the windows and a big sign saying QUALITY MEATS but I've never had the courage to go in. The sort of place that probably does amazing Lorne containing minimum 5% disappeared East End gangster
permalink They've got the special stuff
*taps nose*

Under the counter
permalink it turns out they secretly sell tofu and avodaco to
the hard men who are too ashamed to ask for it in public.

permalink maybe i'll buy a broad selection and test them
on amy

or do a parody of the pengest munch with some glasgow scaly trying all forms of square sausage
permalink Good name for a short story that
Amy vs. the square sausage
permalink "the pair sausage didnae staun a chance.. by the way"
permalink A Glasgow scaly?
Like a Scottish lizard?
permalink how would you rate gregs
tattie scones?

I may have to go to macdonalds balery by central station

EDIT: a new option presents itself.

get the clockwork orange to govan, where there is a suitably half decent looking butchers and bakers (watsons) in close proximity, and it is sort of closer to the airport.
permalink I don't think greggs don't make their own, not sure who they use
the near-universal brand is McGhees, you'll find them in every supermarket and newsagent in the land, and they're the business

McDonalds bakery is also your go-to place for a hot roll or greasy fry up, don't think they sell much in the way of raw ingredients though
permalink noted.
I'll see how much time I have and how adventurous i am feeling.
permalink As the actress said
to the bishop
permalink I do have questions
1. Ross missed his fucking flight from fucking where! You went to the airport twice on Tuesday
2. What's the clockwork orange?
3. More of a statement, we had Iceland square sausage, can Aldi really be better?
4. Scally has two ells. No eels.

And further down, what's 3 phase harmonic dampening?
permalink so the bar was free then.
1. It was a connecting flight, his first flight was late, so is stuck in brussels, not sure where he was coming from
2. the glasgow underground, it's bright orange, tiny and rattles.
3. I suspect aldi will be better, just as the palettes here are more discerning... ahem.
4. I probably should have said "ned"

3 phase power fecks with my head and i can only briefly grasp what it is.. but dampening it sounds like you might risk an electric shock.
permalink Not free
so much as paid for by the guy whose last day is tomorrow.

You can get the train from Brussels.

My issue with Iceland was the lack of meat product, I suppose we can try Aldi and see.
permalink the Aldi stuff is Aberdeen Angus from nearby Ayrshire mooers
but tbh it's all just mince stuffed in a loaf tin, all that matters is how long since you cleaned the grill it's cooked on
permalink Also I realised as I was falling asleep
that the train from Brussels is no use if your trying to get to Glasgow. Al could've stayed in London and they could've meet there.
permalink It's the other guys from weegie land we are trying to meet as well
permalink we're getting fancy new driverless trains soon

still tiny and orange
permalink would have been a bit of an issue
if they'd made them bigger.

And not properly driverless until all the old trains are withdrawn and the platform edge doors installed.
permalink I'm mostly worried about the open carriages
promoting the possibility of accordions
permalink Is there a big
Accordion problem in Glasgae?
permalink like many UK cities we have our own share
of Roma musicians of questionable talent

and plenty of home-grown awful accordion playing too
permalink from my limited experience
it hasn't worsened the situation on London Underground, Overground or Thameslink
permalink on the youtubes
there's a show of the last week of running of the original clockwork orange before it was modernised in 1977, the wee cable run service. It looks gloriously shit and excellent.
permalink there's a simulator in the transport museum
I love the improbable Victorian engineering - I know, lets just plonk a continuously moving 10km loop of cable underground on a massive pulley system and fit each train with a grabby thing
permalink A great way of knowing
exactly where all the trains are at any given time.
permalink no no no
the spacing between trains wasn't fixed. The trains ran out of the stations using gravity, accelerated, then the operator used the grab mechanism to engage with the cable, which hauled it up the next slope to the next station, at which point they would disengage and brake to stop.
permalink hah, really? The documentary
didn't say that.
permalink same system as
eg the San Franciso street cable cars, more or less. But with the line engineered so that every station (as originally built- a couple have been moved since electrification) is at the top of a hump
permalink nah
the electrification was done in the 30s. The 70s work was purely because it was all falling apart
thread Hello from Ibiza!
The quiet beaches and excellent restaurants bits, not the swamp of foam parties and venereal disease.

Had one of the best dinners I’ve had in years last night. Seriously impressive stuff that would be twice the price and in the running for a star if it was in London...

It’s lovely here at the end of the season.
permalink Oy oy!!!
Not that sort of Eye-beeeetz-ah?
permalink I was there for a weekend 21 years ago.
It was the foam party/venereal disease end of the island, though while I did indeed do the former, I escaped without catching the latter. Spent £750+ on Class As, drinks, club entry, cabs and airfare, and about £10 on food.

Quite good, it was, but I'd never do it again, even if I wasn't a card carrying old git.
permalink Nah, couldn't eat a thing
Me stomach's like a walnut
permalink /has FUCKIN MOOD SWING
permalink tee hee
*dances at traffic lights*
permalink *waves 8 glowsticks*
permalink I just saw that
Several things, (a) great headline and (b) I'd love to see their grant proposal
permalink And in other news, it's clearly give drugs to sea creatures week
permalink if there's one thing I know it's that
in the EU it's very difficult to get approval for studies on octopuses

I know this because a few years ago every single employee in our university (6,000 odd) got sent a briefing email, marked high priority, with about 15mb of legal attachments about the new EU restrictions on experimenting on octopuses

I replied to our central admin to point out that maybe they could have taken a moment to try and filter the mailing list down to the departments and research groups likely to be experimenting on octopuses, and that in doing so they might have realised we don't even have a biology or veterinary department. I did, however, advise that if I spotted anyone in my dept trying to make use of octopuses in their high voltage network studies I would let them know immediately.

I still await a response
permalink Hmm, I'm not sure I believe you
I'm betting there is diabolical use of cephalopods somewhere in the electricity network!
permalink to be fair the more I learn the more
of a miracle it seems that all this stuff works and keeps the light on, so finding out a magical octopus is involved would make more sense than when someone tries to explain 3-phase harmonic damping to me again
permalink Tomorrow,
I'm going to buy two octopuses at the fishmonger. Nyom.
permalink got any veras?
permalink Sorted.
permalink Naughty
permalink Chrome has changed.
I don't like it.
permalink Indeed.
Nor do I like the new Gmail interface
permalink Ditto to both
permalink This.
permalink I fourth this
Why they got to fuck about with stuff that was fine?
permalink Guess the airport bus service!
thread I mentioned a door thing recently.
Pics are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I couldn't be bothered editing them so they're 7 to 10MB each.

It's a photodoor which I've had for nearly my whole life. I finally got round to putting it on a door, which was actually quick and easy. Putting the door back on its hinges less so.

I spoke to my step-mum about it, and she told me the story. Her brother, a military policeman, was stationed in Germany and he bought it there, and gave it to her as a present. My step-mother isn't really one for actually making use of stuff, nor is she one for getting rid of anything, so it sat in her house for a few years.

Along comes a very small cowjam who thinks its the best thing since sliced bread and convinces her to part with it. Small cowjam is also not one for actually making use of stuff, nor one for getting rid of anything. Small cowjam gets bigger, becomes and adult and makes his own way in the world.

I made my own way in the word with a trusty sidekick that was Photodoor #16, which moved house with me a lot and finally came to reside in Wigan.

The observant ones amongst you may have spotted that that's not a full sized door. You're right, it's the door for the attic and the attic isn't really for anyone over 5'8.
permalink that's quite cool
and reminded me of a thing I've not thought about for years and years. I had a Magpie Annual when I was a kid, loved it, read it over and over, I reckon it was 1978 but that wouldn't make sense, so early 80s.

Anyway, in it there was a thing to do a DIY version of that. You put wall paper on a door and drew a picture on it a bit like that. Never did it obviously, not likely to do it now, just a pleasant memory so thank you. Oooph, Jenny Hanley.

Imagine having an attic door, how continental!
permalink It's a bedroom
permalink not to get all brexity
but I got very depressed by a thing on the BBC yesterday where they did a pop vox in Chester to see if random people understood what the different Brexit options meant (e.g. Chequers Plan, No Deal, etc)

and most people thought 'No Deal' means 'we stay in the EU'

oh dear god help us
permalink Cool
For some reason that woodland picture is making me think of the inside cover of an old ABBA album (Greatest Hits Vol. 1, perhaps). Obviously something 70s and Scandewegian about it
thread Well I seem to have won the Velogames league
Amy's earlier sparkling form took a beating in the last week

Meep managed to beat of Al by a tiny margin..

only 180 days until the Giro starts...
permalink Well
You beating off Al is certainly an image for a Tuesday morning!

In other news, we await with bated breath the suggested form of our science restructure today sometime. Deep fucking joy.
permalink science restructure?
can you keep gravity the same please, i'm just getting the hang of it.

if you could make the sound a bit louder though.
permalink slightly less gravity would be good.
It might offset my slight weight gain and lack of fitness.
permalink i really can't picture you
permalink I don't really look porky
but I'm fatter than I used to be.
permalink I'm not sure I can deal with the sound of gravity
Thank you very much.
permalink That's taking
synaethesia to a whole new level!
permalink oh dear
permalink 4rf!
permalink very good.
permalink I was 16884 of 16919
so not bad
permalink that is exceptionally close to the bottom.
I think you'd have come close to winning the r/peloton losers league.

I was in the top 14%

permalink without fucking Izagirre
I'd have had basically no points. Although, who would have put money on Oscar Rodriguez or Michael Woods winning stages. Twats.
permalink Worlds from Sunday
only 165 days till Omloop
permalink but did meep get paid?
working the docks is getting harder all the time