thread Perhaps some levity is required...
...which does not in any way detract from important stuff.

My colleague has a mug with "My Fucking Mug" written on it. Which just led to him coming out with the awesome sentence,

"where's my fucking my fucking mug mug?"
permalink Nice!
I got harrassed for using an Arsenal mug this morning (everything else is in the dishwasher). I made it quite clear I did not give a fucking fuck.
permalink were you using it as a makeshift toilet?
permalink No, it's just
that people feel strongly about football.
permalink So very very
Strongly. Eejits
permalink It's got
Arse written on it.
permalink It has
A(rate)balance written on. So rude
permalink Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
permalink Bison
ᗷiƽoո bιƽоп bιѕσn Ꮟıson bιѕon bisοп bis൦n biƽօn Ьiѕoռ bɪƽoп bisօn bͺѕ๐ᴨ bisoπ Ꮟis౦ո bison bᎥƽon Ꮟis૦n bіsoո bis໐ո Ꮟıson
permalink That has nothing on Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den
permalink I am on my way to Manchester
followed by a return journey then for some ungodly reason to someone's leaving drinks in Tiger Tiger.
permalink Is Tiger Tiger still a thing?
God, it was cheesy beyond belief in the 90s.
permalink i think i went in about 2001
it felt a bit old hat then.

"fortunately" i seem to comply with the dress code... (no sportswear or timberlands)
permalink I got appallingly drunk in the Leicester Square one a couple of times in the early 2000s
how being in work trousers and shoes meant I was less trouble I don't understand...

Actually, possibly late 90s, man I'm old.
permalink I once went to a legendary bender in Tiger Tiger Manchester when it was new.
It was the design and construction team party the night before the public opening of the Printworks (which TT is in).

The client had put £40K behind the bar. We drank it all.
permalink In Devon we call wood by its size (this may be universal, but just for clarity for the following)
This means, for example, that a length of wood with is 4" by 2" is referred to as 'four be two' and so on.

This leads to overhearing someone use the following term on a building site: "Where's the fucking two be two be to?"
permalink Strangers in the night... exchanging glances...
do be do be dooooo .. doo be de do bee
permalink I like this
Thread. Good for me

Better news, occupational health have visited and a hospital bed is coming tomorrow. Plus 3 times a day nurse visits starting. I help but I have help.
permalink Glad you have practical support.
For emotional, anger-venting, lime-application and pedantry-orientated support, you've got us bunch of Internet spacktards.
permalink And we are, of course, the very best bunch of Internet Spacktards
Gloriously fucked-up but loyal as hell.
permalink I like this
I tend to confuse people with my "more tea vicar?" mug...
permalink Excellent
More tea required! Stat!
thread We did Tim Farron and homosexuals yesterday (turns out he's in favour of LGBT rights),
How about we take a peek at all the times May voted against LGBT rights?

Boris is really good at pandering to the lowest common denominator, isn't he?
permalink She is a wrong 'un
And no mistake.
permalink Deep breath
Love you lot.
Sorry but I do believe we are now in to the real decline of the end. He can't get himself out of bed now. Sitting upright makes him exhausted for 10 minutes and lunch and dinner were the same half can of tomato soup.
We've both had a chat and a cry, we're both scared. Nobody can help enough now. Still could be weeks but that is hellish optimistic. I wouldn't want that much pain for anyone.
permalink Oh no. I'm so sorry.
permalink Oh, Jiva!
There is really nothing suitable one can say in these situations, lord I know. Just know we're here for you, to help in what little way we can, and thinking of you both xx
permalink I'm sorry, I'm sure we all are
Try and be strong for both of you and we'll be here if you need us.
permalink Well
Fuck everything.
permalink Sorry
He's sorry I'm sorry but fuck all that helps. I'll be here no matter what. I want to be.
permalink I still could be wrong but the
Bets on that are so far out.
permalink You have everyone's support
You know both of you do.
permalink Yes, thanks
But no idea how to use most of it except keep chatting, keep drinking and fuck it all.
permalink Pretty much
I've no idea how to help but will
permalink **hhhhuuuuggggggggsssssssss**
permalink Someone I know
is going to a wake this weekend, for someone in a position similar to Scott's (except he was diagnosed recently). A party to celebrate him - with him there.
permalink That sounds nice
But he's always been a very private soul. His parents drove down from crew today and back after staying about 2 hrs. His mum offered to come and care to give me a break but we've held her off for now.
permalink That's... Not close.
Bless em.
permalink That's the exact phrase
She's been using recently. I nearly ripped her throats out at the 17th bless em today. But we don't. We're English and just seethe.
permalink Who's she blessing?
I hope they helped with the ginger cake at least .
permalink They had some cake
And almost anyone she was talking about.
permalink maybe they were all sneezing
permalink Shit, this is horrid
I know I don't know either of you that well, but I want to give you big massive hugs anyway. Let us all know if there's anything we can do besides write *hugs* on a message board.
permalink Love you both.
Anything you need, just shout.


Whatever it is (within the limits of reality), one or more of us lot should be able to help. You have phone numbers for a lot of us if you need to deploy them.
thread In a leadership 5 Dynamics work preferences workshop all day.
It has been about an hour so far and I am really close to rage quitting - why do they make us do this shit?

Asky: What would you do, if laws all went away? I may also accept 'if morals were not a thing' (so, to use the parlance of a teenager, you would not give a love drug to your crush, because it is immoral, but maybe you would like not to care and be able to just do it). I would prefer to just stick to laws though. I hate everything right now.
permalink Anyone been to St Petersburg?
In December?
permalink That sounds...
permalink I like this
Assuming it was a pun?
permalink Indeed I suspect so.
But that's why god invented windproof coats and thermal underwear.
permalink some days I'd prefer
thermal coats and windproof underwear.
permalink Are you trying to stop wind getting in, or out?
permalink after last weekend,
out, for the benefit of my fellow wetware.
permalink Nice but as they say cold.
I went in February 15 years or so ago on my trip over to Australia. There were kids playing ice hockey on the frozen canals, and about 50m away there were oldies going for a swim pretty much in the middle of the city.
Lots to see and do for a long weekend - a week, even more so now I imagine.
If you've got brittle bones - you will fall over.
Liked the place far more than I did Moscow.
permalink I'll wear proper shoes,
I'd rather not fall over.
permalink Coffee break
Was asked hours I was getting on. Raised concerns. MD threw a strop and said 'just fucking go'.

Now drinking coffee and deciding whether to just fucking go.
permalink Probably best not to?
Only you know what sort of strop it was, and whether it was a "don't bother with the workshop" or a "get your coat and don't come back again at all"...
permalink I got a huge apology
which makes me feel bad.
permalink I got it before I sent a shitty email too
which would be cool, except that I did not notice it and I did send the shitty email.
permalink Oh M̶i̶k̶e̶!̶
um, Manley!
permalink I guess the burning question
is did said shitty email include the phrase MFC?
permalink a quick google suggests
that is even more of a pile of hoary codswallop than it sounds

aq: I'd wear armour in parliament, possibly while also drunk in charge of cattle
permalink In this mindset,
I would urinate throughout The City of London without let or hindrance, having herded my sheep across London Bridge.
permalink I hate urinating with lets and hindrances
permalink It is.
In particular it is about people all learns differently, but if you want the teaching to be different then you are just being a pain (it was not me).

Additionally, critical thinking is seen as a negative trait, which makes me sad.
permalink Critical thinking is crucial to not being an idiot, I find.
How can you be good at doing something, without understanding why you do it?

Everything is endlessly interesting if you just try to understand why it is the way it is. You can't improve or change something successfully without understanding it.

Most of my life is based on critical thinking and rationalism, which, come to think of it, is probably why my relationships are such a clusterfuck. I have previously been accused of being unable to enjoy something without analysing the joy out of it...
permalink I am a contrary cunt,
but I really do not get what is going on today and I was roundly lambasted for asking.

I did send a good email though and I got a bit of a grovelling response.
permalink Well, I thought it was good.
I am terrible at judging these things, mind.
permalink which is silly, because you're not thick.
I am also not thick and so on occasion where I've been concentrating and still don't know what's going on I really don't know if I've missed something or if everyone else is pretending. Maybe they don't know they're pretending because they're pretending to understand nearly all the time?

Then I realise I've stopped listening and I wasn't enjoying it anyway so I just fade off into a world of my own and will pretend I understand because that what I always do.

Sometimes this will include a small crisis of confidence where I wonder whether I'm actually a bit thick but am just good at pretending otherwise. I probably am. I'll likely never know.
permalink This is the Dunning Kruger effect, I think
permalink are you saying I'm metacognitively incapacitated??!
permalink I think the implication of the theory
is that we all are...
permalink Fair enough.
I might print a copy of we are all competent idiots and put it on my desk next to Unskilled and Unaware of it.

edit: turns out reddit markup doesn't work here
permalink I think it falls into three camps:
1) People just take things at face value and just don't care why blue widgets are good and red widgets are bad, they just know that they 'are' and are happy with that.
2) People pretend to understand because they are embarrassed - generally they can be identified because they are the ones who ridicule you the loudest.
3) I think very differently to most people and things which are obvious to others are not to me.

Which makes me feel thick.
permalink I think I'm similar. I certainly used to be.
I realised I haven't done anything new for a long time, I think I'm going to take up coding again. I may change careers, depends if a friend can land me a job. I'm pretty sure stagnation will lead to metacognitive incapacity.
permalink as someone who teaches I think
that, for most people, learning and critical thinking are things of which they are entirely capable, but 'modes' which they have to switch into and which takes practice. Children spend most of their time at school and are used to being in that mode. Students flit in and out of that mode and it can take some time and effort just to get them into a state where teaching them is going to be productive, but generally they do it. People in full-time work have, broadly, forgotten that mode altogether and a huge amount of time and effort can just be spent trying to get them to remember what it means to learn and how to take in new information in a formalised manner, as well as all the distractions of being a proper grown-up. All of this has very little connection to intelligence. Learning is hard.

I think a lot of 'professional development' programs like Manley's shite today are really just the cargo cult version of learning. There are powerpoints, there are charts and bullet points, there is someone taking the role of an educator, there are people present and listening and earnestly taking notes. Everyone present can agree that, to all appearances, there is education occurring. But it's all displacement activity to avoid the actual - and acknowledgeably difficult - process of actually learning.
permalink It all ended most most amicably.
His response and my email crossed in the ether, so both of us were polite without prompting and all is well.
permalink literal or figurative
permalink Both.
It is JoS after all.
permalink I like this
Good for you.
thread *ʜǫiƨ*
feeling a bit of a slump at the moment

cheeᴦ me uρᎮ

ᶰᵒᵗ ˢᵘʳᵉ ᶦᵗ ᶦˢ ᶜʰᵉᵉʳᶦᶰᵍ ᵘᵖ ᴵ ᶰᵉᵉᵈ
permalink I cannot cheer you up
but I can say that it will get better later on.

permalink Aye
permalink People who are in their fifties keep telling me it gets better
and that it happened to them too.

I am deciding to approach this as if it were teenage angst.
permalink 0900, Tuesday
on a meeting call I don't want, or really need to be in. The people who are needed aren't here. "But the meeting is in the calendar!" they say, "we must have it!"
permalink I'm having lots of them at the moment
conducted on horrible teleconferencing software that barely works with a group of people who don't have a functionally common language, with the project lead an angry Italian lady who reacts to every comment as a direct personal criticism. As a result nothing productive happens and it takes ages to not happen.
permalink Don't feel I've vented enough about
J. corbz idiot "let's make the patron saints days bank holidays" idea.

Because it is fucking idiotic and hurts the low paid disproportionately.
permalink So
Under UK law enacting the European Working Time directive if you are a salaried you must take 28 days paid leave per year, based on a 5 day working week. The law allows public holidays to be included in that.

Most Professional occupations, as far as I can work out have a baseline allowance of 25 days plus public holidays. This seems to be a standard arrangement. It is likely that most employers working that arrangement would absorb the extra holidays.

But retail, service, etc, where the jobs are low paid and don't run Monday-Friday 9-5 (ish) either ignore public holidays or require that they are taken as part of annual leave. Part time workers on fixed days tend to really get screwed.

Spring has four public holidays- two fixed in May, two floating around late march and early April. The proposal would add one at the start of March, one mid march and one late April. Plus one late November. It would mean that in the first half of the year there would be 8 public holidays (including New Year), that's 28.5% of a low paid worker's holidays gone without any choice in when to take them
permalink I grant you it needs work
but everyone has spent ages moaning he doesn't do soundbites, now he's done some. What's worse, things that are potentially a good idea that need thinking about, or outright fucking lies?
permalink True
And it was well timed to get uncritical covrrage
permalink The big problem is the "if you are salaried" statement.
If you're on a zero hours contract, you're screwed basically.

The big shock about zero hours contracts is bizarre to me, because afaik most retail, hospitality, warehouse and care staff are effectively on zero hours contracts and have been for as long as I can think back.
Obviously it's good that people are now concerned about them, but why were they never a problem before?
permalink I did jobs that were effectively zero hour jobs 20-odd years ago
I think it's more that in those days there was usually a way out, they were in the minority and the dole people weren't such bastards so you weren't completely fucked if you had no work.
permalink Yes, I suppose that's right.
I remember Blair increasingly fondly, which is a bit of an indictment of today's politics
permalink They've become normal, they didn't used to be.
I can't see care staff as being anything but a massive problem. We pay them bugger all and treat them badly and then get upset when there are failings in care. If we pay them properly then care becomes much more expensive.

Part of the trouble is that old people don't consider it their responsibility to pay for their care, so avoid doing so and it is socially acceptable for them to do that.

I suggest that since you can't take it with you all material wealth passes to the state on your death. In return care staff are properly paid, care is paid for by the state, and everyone gets a second hand car and the deposit for their first house paid for by the state.
permalink Commie scum!

More seriously, universal income ftw?
permalink why the fuck
aren't the robots doing all our jobs so we can just piss about all day?
permalink Because the money would all go to the megacorps who own and maintain the robots
and we'd all be jobless.
permalink bastard robots
coming here, from the future, taking all our jobs
permalink I'm not sure universal income is good,
but a high minimum income might be good.
permalink As far as Universal Income goes
The big social-political barrier is the concept that being employed is a good thing fundamentally and that being unemployed is a moral failure..

With increased automation/increased population/longer lifespans there's a very real issue that there will be, worldwide, simply not enough jobs. Which is OK, but we need a support system
permalink Surely jobs create themselves?
There was someone on the radio recently who was complaining that the recession had hit her hard and she still hadn't recovered. She made stained glass windows for peoples homes.

If the economy is good there's money to spare for pointless stuff, so there can be no end to jobs.
permalink There's a lot of tech stuff
That's genuinely on the cusp of automation. We need plans for if jobs don't spontaneously happen- and, as i say, get away from the idea that not having a job means you are a failure who must be punished with penury.
permalink This sounds like an argument in favour of universal income?
It seems like the sound and fundamental basis for an excellent modern socialism to me, give everyone enough to live, let them decide whether to work and how much, and reduce cost of administering benefits into the bargain.

The catch is you have to tax people and companies to pay for it, which is why the media here would never let it happen.
permalink "The law allows public holidays to be included in that."
I'd forgotten that. I will whinge slightly less about my current employer.
permalink it's a stinker
that I reckon most people in decent jobs don't know about/forget about.
permalink It's almost like you're being given a choice of 3 people
None of whom are even fit to govern.
permalink I like Tim Farron, I'd happily have him run the country.
permalink Well, except he may have an unshakeable secret belief that
I am sinful.

(I am, but not for the reasons he thinks)
permalink I think the reason he refused to answer is to stop this kind of thing.
"As a Liberal, I’m passionate about equality, about equal marriage and about equal rights for LGBT people, for fighting for LGBT rights, not just in this country but overseas."

He doesn't think you're any more or any less sinful than anybody else.
permalink I kind of read it the entirely opposite way, actually.
If he said "my faith, which is extremely important to me, teaches that gay sex is a sin, but I'm a liberal, I'm passionate about equality etc" then I would feel that he is honestly weighing his own beliefs and religious teachings alongside the philosophy his party stands for.

I think it's fine for his personal beliefs and the policies of his party to be in a degree of conflict, and it would be laudable in my mind for him to express that tension - it's the avoiding the fact that annoys me. I couldn't give a damn to what degree he believes I'm sinful, his personal religious beliefs are of no concern to me, I simply want him to be honest and forthright. It's similar to disclosing MP's financial interests, they're entitled to have them, we should just know about them and have them disclosed as a matter of course in a transparent manner.

I agree that the media can't handle it rationally either way, which is a problem, but an entirely separate one.
permalink Here's the soundbite a decent section of the media would use:
"my faith, which is extremely important to me, teaches that gay sex is a sin"

I don't see the purpose of him saying that when the question is divisive and highlighting one particular sin, rather than sin being the default way of life for everyone.

Edit: and as Jesus said, "it's not what goes into a man that makes him a sinner but what comes out"
permalink (flippancy alert)
and in and out and in and in and out etc
permalink I like this!
permalink but how far does that go?
should a candidate have to register their dislike for sprouts so that the brassica farmers of Anglia can be wary of voting for them?

If he's not professing his beliefs then I don't think there's any need for them to be a subject of discussion full stop. That gets into thought police territory. All that matters is his political stance on LGBT issues. If he appears to be restraining his treatment of those issues, then react to that, rather than whatever the root cause may be.

Christ, imagine if May had to declare all her private prejudices.
permalink Looks like Tim heard jos and agrees with you.
permalink I don't know what I think about anything
permalink I'm on a Ryanair flight
Well, just boarding.

The priority boarding turned out to be worth it as we were slow through passport control and I got to get the hand luggage on, the guy in with couldn't
permalink It'll become a bit less worth it
In the new planes, as the latest 737 interior has bigger overhead bins designed to take 4 bags per row of 6 seats
permalink I'm in the Havant office this week.
I like spending time here, but I've got two small screens, if I want a cuppa I need to make eight, and time really drags.
permalink your unicode is borky

£234 for a new tooth overlay to replace the bit I smashed off with some cinnamon cereal, £370 for a porcelain one or £20 to file the rough edges of what's left.

Answers on a postcard beginning with 'you have private healtcare at work hmmmm' to me, STAT.
permalink Serves you right with your decadent capitalist cereal
The proletariat have to survive of a watery gruel, not sugary things augmented with the products of the tyranical East India Company
permalink I replied with somethign about Moby but the board vetod it.
permalink people keep on mentioning messages being munched lately
but it doesn't seem to happen to me

anyone any insight or details of when/why so I can investigate?
permalink I just presume
I've hit the Never mind button by mistake.
permalink File edges.
permalink that's what
she did. It's not perfect but I can eat without further tongue molarstation.
permalink I've got to go back to work this morning
after a very pleasant 12 days off over Easter/ANZAC hollibobs. Where it was lovely to catch up with Jeffna, amongst other things

But at least it's a 3 day week, and a 4 day next week*

*next week, as we drive up to Rotovegas on Friday for some silly running thing
permalink I'm entering the redundancy / gardening leave slump
TV boxsets and sitting in my pants
permalink Try sitting in someone else's?
Could break up the ennui?
permalink bah, at the last bash
you were excited at this new job, pisser that it's gone south this quickly.
permalink I've been signed off work for two weeks
Because fuck concentrating on that malarkey when I'm trying to keep my husband alive.
He's eating again and about twice as much each day than the last but it's hard going. He got so low I was expecting him to be dead by the end of the week.
Still though he's one hell of a fighter and working so hard to eat again and build up.
permalink His Granny Weatherwax
quote was most pleasing earlier...

And as ever, *HUGGSSS*
permalink Good idea
and good!
permalink Here,
have some (quite motiveless) hugs, because life is being a bit of a cunt lately, and you are being remarkably smashing about it all.
thread So... I was supposed to be getting on a plane to Dubai tomorrow morning
And they've just decided that I should go next week instead.

This is something of a pain in the ass at 24 hours' notice.
permalink They have cancelled all the direct flights in the daytime from Exeter to Amsterdam.
I am going to have to change in fucking Manchester - this is balls.
permalink We all change
when we're forced to go to Manchester
permalink It's a pain.
Both BA and FlyBe have cut Sunday evening flights from Edinburgh to LCY, so I have to get the train these days and don;t get home until 00.30.
permalink This surprises me-
Thought there would be plenty of demand there
permalink I know!
The Last FlyBe on Sunday, which I used to get every fortnight, was always quite busy. Not the usual business crowd you get on the LCY flights, but weekend-away-ers.

The last flight now is about 5pm.
permalink I can only go to Amsterdam in the evening now - all of my meetings will now involve a night away.
Which reminds me of how cool that would have sounded to me a decade ago.
permalink The first flights LCY-EDI are now after 8am...
The old 6.40 has long gone.

permalink How busy
Were the flights?
permalink Sorry, to clarify:
The flights were not cancelled, the service has been.
permalink I rather enjoyed the southend to Barcelona
Flight, but I guess that really isn't helpful for you
permalink He keeps moaning about living in Cornwall
Southend isn't that bad
permalink TJ: Should I be worried about using this iron?