thread John Noakes!
permalink Sadface.
He was lovely.
permalink *sadface* indeed.
Not much of my childhood left now. At least he's off to join all the Sheps and Petras now.
permalink They've all gone to live
on the same farm.
thread Everyone ok?
Just checking.

permalink aye
just not the Chelsea fans...
permalink I think so
bit sunburned
permalink just feeling a bit odd tonight.
At my mum's with miniluminator.

Non-specific weird feeling.
permalink Im slightly hungover
But less so than yesterday. Coffee and bacon sarnies applied
permalink I've had the fried egg to end all hangovers.
Let's hope it works.
permalink Hopefully!
permalink Corn cachapas for brekkie this morning,
with lashings of Her Indoors' weapons grade chipotle sauce. Fucking lethal it is, it's cleared the very mild dose of drink flu that was lurking. Later, a trip to Wing Yip for prawns, mayo, noodles, saké etc, followed by an hour in the gym and an hour in the spa. Going to try a new dish tonight, another monkfish one, cooking a big fuck-off tail whole in a sherry and tomato and chickpea stew kind of thing.
permalink That monkfish sounds amazing.
It's been around 30ºC here since Friday and I had a real hankering for some kind of pasta with nice fresh prawns last night, but since all the shops are closed on a Sunday I ended up with bacon and mushroom risotto because that's what I had available.
permalink Nope
Come down with a stinking cold after day 1 of the Tour of the Highlands and can't go on. Gutted.
permalink Sorry to hear that, Al...
permalink fresh air and exercise
is obviously bad for you
permalink It's a bugger
Thankfully my parents have done a rescue mission. Upsettingly my legs feel fine but my head is producing prodigious amounts of snot and phlegm and speaking hurts
permalink bummer
better safe than sorry though
permalink Aye
Had a report in from the rest of the crew, took them about nine hours today. Vicious headwind for much of it.

I guess next year it is
permalink Ta
So annoyed
permalink This was
A reply to c_i
permalink So yeah
Advice time:
I'd been fairly goal fixated on this weekend for about six months. Help on coping with the disappointment and finding direction? What to do when something you'd been really looking forward to ends without the full payoff?
permalink I think even when it does
You feel pretty low again afterwards. That's how I feel at the moment
permalink all good at
Witchy Towers. Was at the first of many 50th parties last night with the old Pub crew which was made of win and beef.

Next one's today, wheeeee.

But first though, I must trim my bush. *points at buddleia*
permalink note to self:
trim bush tomorrow, you wastrel.
permalink Massive snotfest coming to an end,
with hoiking down to a minimum. Went down to Shoreham in Kent earlier, very pretty little town with an excellent vineyard where we bought some rather nice wine. Bro-in-law coming over for tea later (fish tacos), much will be the beer, wine and saké comsumed...
permalink Love fish tacos,
it's just a shame my husband is a veggie. They are no fun alone.
permalink mmmm
fish tacos.
permalink They are ALL teh lovely.
We did the monkfish and prawn version last night, the right hand pic:-
permalink Having a tired day
Got up, did a couple of chores then passed out on the sofa. Went to the supermarket and spent too much on food & booze.
Just made herby* cookies and wondering if I should seek out friends this evening or get well stuck in to my new bottle of gin and end up crying alone
permalink Drunk with friends.
You'll need someone to hold your hair while you are throwing your guts up.
permalink you can always head
Witchywards for an eve, the only problem might be my spare bed is your old one and I don't know how much of an issue that might be :/
permalink that would
not be an issue, leaving the kitties is more of an issue.
permalink they'd be fine overnight?
I discovered yesterday my not my cat is a bit of a cat burglar when she magically appeared by my legs despite none of the doors being open. Nearly shat.
permalink Drunk.
Very drunk.
permalink Excellent work.
Carry on.
permalink Is this what you meant by 'out out'?
permalink I came back, back.
I put it down to wine.
permalink good, good.
*ticks box*
permalink I say!
That's a bit forward, what!
permalink *monocle*
It's all above board good sir. Just ask my butler.
permalink Who doesn't enjoy
a good buttle when all's said and done?
permalink Fine though seem to be slightly allergy-y which is aggravating as I don't usually get hayfever
Quiet day, very domestic; vacuumed, cleaned, mopped, washed, ironed, backed up my pc, that kinda thing. Watched Despicable Me on the telly as it was on. Drinking gin and contemplating bed soon.

Surprised that no one has questioned Tabz about Gregg Allman.
permalink Indeed. I've felt the pollen this weekend.
Still in Scotland... training it down tomorrow morning to be reunited with the Sexy Spaniard.

permalink Stood on something sharp
Limping like a mother fucker.
permalink Limp Mother Fucker
less successful Limp Bizkit spinoff project
permalink Yep
thread I have just managed to get City of London and TfL to both agree some street-lighting
With a solution that keeps my client and architect happy, and involves three separate contractors and 4 buildings, 2 of which don't belong to my client.

This has taken about a year.

I feel entitled to consider myself pretty awesome and to have a lunchtime pint on the way back to the office.

Go me.
permalink I went to a funeral.
We had a minute's silence at the start for Manchester and, whilst that could have been awful in a 'this is meant to be about Ray' way, it was rather lovely.
permalink Still it is
a shame
permalink One of my best friends in uni when that came out
was called Ray

oh the hilarity that ensued...
permalink Sue Toon?
permalink She put her name
in the names post. Can't remember now.
permalink Oh
permalink Makes me think of Gareth Cheeseman;_
permalink That's your answer to everything

Not that I am suggesting it is the wrong answer...
permalink *wanks*
*wanks it HARD*
permalink It's a way of life!
permalink I think you'll find that was "the nearly way of life"
permalink Go you!
It's a holiday here in Germany today ("Christi Himmelfahrt", pfft) so I got up at 12 and have just walked down the road to post a letter before getting some lunch. I feel this is a big achievement.

EDIT: And I've just mopped the floor of the whole apartment. I think I deserve to go back to bed now.
permalink more importantly is it pretty pretty?
permalink of COURSE it's pretty, chaotic did it.
permalink It's street lighting.
It won't be particularly pretty or ugly, but it does mean I don;t need to let the City stick an ugly streetlight on the front of my client's building.
permalink That is cool
as I get excited when I do something as minor as getting the council to sort out some fly-tipping.
permalink I'm off on holidays for a few days
when I get back next week I'll revert the site to the normal look, but see if I can get this working as a style option to the top right (which is currently a bit broken)

if you have any other feature requests please respond to this post, so by the time I get back they'll have disappeared off the bottom of the page and I can ignore them
permalink How about sticking with this
Until after the wake next Friday?
permalink yup
sounds appropriate
permalink I think it should officially be referred to
as the w4ke
permalink A tip:-
If ever some cunt fly tips a car outside your house, and the council refuses to do anything about it, pull off its number plates and slash its tyres and report it to the police. They will then call the council and it'll be taken away that day. A lesson it took me several months to learn
permalink ...don't forget to admit to criminal damage on the internet
permalink Me? Nah, never.
permalink I mean
what sort of MFC do you take him for? ;-)
permalink I've managed to scare a developer into designing in
Better than required cycle parking by pointing out that their Design and Access study references the standard for South Cambridgeshire District when they want to build in Cambridge City. It really does help if you can at least demonstrate you know which planning authority is relevant.
thread fuck sake
anyone know their way around probate and all that shit?

can I avoid it?
At this rate it will cost me more in solicitors than he has left in the bank. The funeral alone has ran me £50 shy of 4 grand today. Plus the wake...
permalink I've got no clue,
but unless there are significant assets which are not jointly held, I don't believe you need a Grant of Probate.

There will be better people than I can advise - I seem to recall thebear being an executor at some fairly recent point, but I may be making that up.

edit: and *hugs*
permalink yeah I'm executor
but its not entirely clear. Also depends on the "estate value" too which includes his cameras and shit like that.
then they suggest even though I know he's got no debt, placing an add in the gazette to ask people to come forward to claim debts. Otherwise I need to pay for it later.
It really all does feel like picking on the bereaved and skimming off every single point they can.
permalink and fucking this!

he died less than a month too late for me to get 2 grand from the government.
permalink Instead
you can get two and a half grand, I think:
permalink That is bloody brilliant.
It seems a bit off that people in prison do not get it, because it feels like they might be the ones most in need of help with the funeral.

25 weeks is nothing, I am a fan of this.
permalink oh my!
well that will help with the funeral
permalink In my experience the solicitors do cock all too,
but I still think it is worth using them, because otherwise you might miss something.

I would never suggest that the vast majority of what he left, watches etc., Were actually yours all along and do not need to be considered. I doubt you'll get into Death Duty territory, but I would not tell you that it might cut down on admin.

This is an awkward question, but do you have enough liquid money to sort everything out?

I am drinking beer in the sun, which I imagine is the polar opposite of a consolation.
permalink I have all the money
I was the saver, he had nothing. I paid all the bills and he paid me rent until he wasn't working
permalink That is good.
I mean, it is good now.

Admin is a shit, you feel like someone else should be doing this for you.
permalink I sort of want to do it
its keeping me busy but it is all rather a bit shit.
they should have ways of pre-filling most of this in for everyone before death. Like an ongoing living will
permalink Surely things like cameras etc count as joint property?
Certainly stuff like that bought since you married anyway?
permalink yeah,
they're yours, aren't they Jiva?
permalink you do if there's property.
Clare do you still have my email? username at gmail dot com -

I did this when my mother died, also when Mr DC's dad died last year. If there's anything I can help with, give me a shout.
permalink Not if it's joint
according to my links.
permalink Lacking input data
but if there's no property involved, it would appear not.
permalink the house is joint owned
which automatically passes to me. I can also leave him on the deeds
permalink I'm asking my dad
but it sounds like CAB will also be able to help you.

permalink good plan
I also have a whole year to sort this out but you know, I don't like it hanging around.
permalink I think the first question is
Did Scott leave a will? If so, that trumps everything, even you being married.

I agree, CAB are very good, but bear in mind they can only let you know what the options are so you can make an informed decision /worked for them for 3 yrs
permalink we did wills
and power of attorney which should all clear it. issue being I might still have to do all the probate crap even though he's worth almost nothing.
permalink My dad's expert says:
The property passes automatically [being joint]. Death certificate will be enough to change the register.

Bank [for Scott's personal account] will probably act on the death certificate being provided as well, so if no other asset then it seems likely there's no need for more.
permalink And he just sent this as well, from his expert (he runs a law firm)
I am assuming that she held the property as a beneficial joint tenant (not as tenant in common) in which case no problem. She will, of course need to notify her lender, the local council (for rates – they should go down) etc. etc.

If he had life (or mortgage protection) cover she should be able to collect that also.

permalink well as it goes I contacted his work today
he has got life insurance, and shares at work so I will have to do probate but it will be worth it.

I will keep the shares because that company have been totally brilliant.
permalink That's good news
Jolly good show :)
permalink maybe.
permalink thank you
looks like everyone has to, then they say if estate is under 5 grand you don't but you do to prove it.
permalink oh yuck
all that stuff is horrible.. goodluck with it and *hugs*
permalink all looking better now
death in service insurance has paid out at his work. I am in shock.
permalink great news
considering the circumstances, obviously
thread So does this groups have any purpose other than sharing pictures of children?

Or is this too meta
permalink I meta
bloke once
permalink I liked how that cunt was dealt with,
without actually being called a cunt
permalink I haven't caught up on that
thread yet, do we know who it was?
permalink A bell end
permalink Can you be any more specific?
We have quite a few.
permalink A bell end called Rob Leese Jones.
Never heard of him.
permalink ?
permalink Facebook
permalink ah
I don't really bother with facebook, on account of dramas
permalink OMG WTF LOL
permalink Currently lying in a hospital bed, double hernia.
Codeine has just worn off....."Nurse...more drugs!"

Chicken Caesar Salad, paper underpants*

* I thought it was a hair net thing, glad I didn't have it on my head when the nurse came in
permalink yay double hernia club
here's to having the correct number of testicles!
permalink Haha, yes!! Most confusing.
My underpants always looked ' well packed', though. Silver linings and all that
permalink Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside that trunk
permalink I've had to read an interesting paper this week about how codeine behaves in the body
and how it works. Basically, it gets metabolised to morphine and that's what is the pain killer. But, not all people metabolise it the same, and codeine doesn't work for everyone​. 'poor metabolisers' they're called. I've got loads of this shit.
permalink I've still got a few pills stashed at home
From the time I didn't swerve enough around a parked car.
permalink ouchie!
BTW did you start your own electrical company?
permalink I am in Merthyr Tydfil.
That is all that I have to say about that.
permalink One of the welsh place names which is
right on the border of the Tolkien/not-Tolkien divide
permalink that's not a real place is it, like Shoeburyness
it's just a name made up to confuse foreigners.
permalink I had three of my wisdom teeth taken out in Merthyr
permalink rough on Thursday night...
permalink They were very nice about it though
arranging the hospital and general anesthetic beforehand
permalink I am at Euston
But in the morning I'll be in Edinburgh, briefly