thread Hola Chicos!
i've set up a league for the Vuelta A Espana cycling thingy which is upon us from this weekend.

League Code:

free to enter and no 'upkeep' needed.
thread Urgh
Back to work is tough after a brilliant 10 days off...
permalink On the other side of the same coin,
work is blissfully peaceful after 10 days off with the small_jimbobs!
permalink Fair enough!
It's a bit stressy in here!
permalink Been in Japan a week now,
and still have another two. Bliss.

Just been out for excellent sushi.

/huge fishy buuuuurrrrrppppp
permalink Lovely.
Where are you now?
permalink Takamatsu.
Two nights in a bog standard business hotel in a beautiful city, then 3 nights in an Airbnb in Matsuyama, 3 in another in Nagasaki, then one in Osaka, 3 in Kanazawa before heading back to Tokyo for our BUSINESS CLASS flight home. Oh yes.

Went to possibly the greatest ever standard neighbourhood eatery tonight and had miso soup and octopus and noodles and salmon and beer and it was so lovely I had tears in my eyes as we left. And only £20 or so for the two of us and a magical walk home through sone temples.

I *heart* this country
permalink It's bloody awesome.
We thought Matsuyama was more fun than expected - originally scheduled out of conveninece but we liked it.

Get the chairlift up to the castle.
permalink I hope your hotel is called
Standard Business Hotel Takamatsu!
permalink It is now!
permalink lovely
i'd say you lucky sod.. but i believe you deserve every tasty minute of it
permalink my holiday is next week
but its a mash of FUCK - how am I going to deal with all this all over again - scatter scotty's ashes and WOO - dad's birthday and all that.

In other news - hotel booked for October. I will be in THAT LONDON (kensington) 21st to 25th October. Who's around to really fuck with the new beau's head? ( you probably won't he's not run away yet...)
permalink I am in That London right now
I shall be in That Ireland next week, staying in my ex girlfriend's castle.
permalink I will be in that London 15-19th of October
We'll be in Hong Kong by the time you London it

However, we will attempt an attack on Naaarch afore then
permalink Gah I shall be on my usual US conference trip then
Bloody Huntingdon Beach this time rather than visiting-cousins-friendly San Francisco.
permalink But at least it isn't in
the actual Huntingdon!
permalink This is true
Looks fucking expensive though. I shall NOT be staying in the convention hotel.
permalink this is why I never cross the atlantic any more
the hotels eat up my conferencing budget

having said that, someone else might be paying for me to go to Denver in December. I might need to invest in a good coat.
permalink aaaaargh
fucking Huntingdon
permalink Aaaargh,
I shall be in Das Berlin then.
permalink I should be around at some point, I'm sure!
permalink good luck with the holiday
if this city hasn't destroyed me by then i'll be in some parts of it
permalink Mike Godwin just tweeted at me
but nobody in the office is old enough to know who he is, so . . .
permalink he of the law?
permalink Indeed.
Wasted on 25 year olds though.
permalink You never know, some of them may be prodigies
He's the law and you can't beat the law...
permalink I tried,
but it won
permalink "how many times do l have to tell you... not contact me again or I will call the police"
permalink I feel you pain.
I perticularly like this 8 tweet of him, but nobody in the office new who he is. Those who aren't horribly young, weren't online in the 90's.
permalink But show us
We are in the know
permalink meh
is he relevant?
permalink I am no poppy snob, ordinarily,
But August?
permalink sure it's not one of those people
who still have it on from last year? Like red noses on their cars from 2007.
permalink Maybe - but still, why?
I mean, I am a real conservative guy, mine goes on my lapel on the 1st November and comes off after remembrance Sunday, whenever that is, but I have no problem with people wearing theirs for longer, so long as they are not nazis about it, but in August?
permalink To be clear, I am more concerned with how this makes me realise I am a snob
than upset that they wear it.
permalink Paging Jiva
How did the date go?
He stayed over last night. We are still holding back a bit because stuff but it was so nice to have company to hold and be held. Pyjamas on and cats in the room. Still, there are things you can still do without making any noise and not going all the way. Some minor frustration sated.
He left his pyjamas here in case he wanted to come back some time.
So yeah, good.
thread So who wants to come to Norwich and
Help me sort out the ever confusing mac situation in my house? Free food, booze and sofa to sleep on.

:( fed up of not knowing what's important, unable to back it up properly and completely wound up by the mess.
permalink I want to go to the seaside.
I was thinking of going to Cromwell or Sheringham (so via Norwich by train) on Saturday.

I know sweet fuck all about macs though
permalink Cromer even
Anyone else fancy a day out?
permalink Cromer's a dump
I'm afraid I have nothing else to add though!
permalink Sheringham
permalink I've never been to Sheringham so have no opinions
and I can't go this weekend anyway, but yeah, avoid Cromer.
permalink my dad lives in sherringham
its quite nice, The pier is nice in cromer but thats all it really has going for it.

permalink No need to
get so crabby!
permalink I imagine witchy might be your man?
permalink I can serpently help!

Mac geeking and teh booze is definitely a weekend thing though :)
permalink you shout when
and I will make time/food/booze for you
permalink I have a cable with a make thunderbolt
At either end, if that helps?
permalink Food, booxe and sofas sound good
But wouldn't know my way round a mac these days
permalink I do have a brand new double mattress
that can go in the lounge so if you and Lou want to visit free for a night, its doable
permalink I'm trying to sing that to the tune of
"I've got a brand new combine harvester"
permalink I think you will find it is to the tune of
I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates.

permalink Not the version I was singing it to.
permalink #whereismymind
permalink In the
thread Things I've seen today:-
A deer that bowed to me

A man jacking up in a park

A woman reading a porn mag on a train

The biggest penis EVAR*

*on a human

permalink welcome to Japan!
permalink When we kitted my new shed out
I put a four core wire from the shed into the house so I could link into the hifi, and wired in speakers.

The wire was disconnected at the house end for a while. Now I come to put it back I'm not sure which colour wires should go where. I'm currently looking through swathes of old photos hoping I've got one of the wiring somewhere. :(
permalink Oh
permalink Cut the blue wire!!!
Wait, no, the red!
permalink Splendid
permalink something something, and I'm not even in Japan something something
I've just seen the biggest bloody duck I've ever seen, just a mallard but absolutely fucking enormous, like an ostrich it was.
permalink bigger than
the muscovy ducks in Ely?
permalink yeah, enormous
forget swans breaking your arm, this one would have had your leg off.
permalink jacking up really.. was he gaijin?
permalink No, a local.
Speaking to a friend who's lived here a while, it seems he was probably homeless and diabetic; he will have been given free drugs by the state
permalink How big? And why did you see it?
We need to know.
permalink About 8" on the slack, and *very* fat.
I was in an onsen. The locals, who tend to be underhung, couldn't stop looking.

His missus was in the women's bit, apparently, and had a shaved minge
permalink Ah yes. Onsen.
All the cocks I saw in there were tiny and hiuuigely hairy. Apparrently wome's section boasted a similar surfeit of hair.

So Mr Big Cock and Mrs Shaven Minge would definitely be unusual.
permalink I hope you muttered "Hi Cockalorum"
under your breath
permalink Not to mention
Blimmy Hyraki. Which has, by the way, become one of the catchphrases of this trip, along with the Cheesecake Song from the Muppet Show. I also know how to say vegetarian, folding knife, milky tea, men's underwear, trainer liners and 'thank you, that was delicious' in Japanese
thread A lancashire and hummus sandwich, black trunks.
Email related question - I use eM Client, and uses the favicon from the domain as an icon:

Only sometimes it puts a picture of a person:

Any idea how it picks up that image?
permalink I had a hummus salad at lunch, must be the day for it
I'm currently in a private hospital, it's terrifically posh, they even gave me a biscuit. I feel I should be ill or something to make use of it.
permalink There was hummus in my
mezze box from the food van at lunchtime, as it happens.
permalink I am in Berlin.
I just saw a man with long hair on a recumbent.

permalink I've been back for ten days
so no. But it's a great look, No wonder it catches on.
permalink Hear,
permalink How long for?
I can recommend... things.
permalink Another 2 hours.
or so.
permalink Ah.
Then I recommend remembering to validate your ticket for the bus/U-/S-bahn.
permalink Hi jinx
permalink I was in wigan today
and now i'm in lancaster,

BTW if you know anyone looking for a job, the Holiday Inn Express will be hiring soonish.
permalink I'll soon be based in Lancaster
because apparently living furthest away means I should get the gig. I think I'm being punished.
permalink Glasson Dock is nice, and very convenient.
Are you married? Is that your surname?
permalink it would be if I had changed it,
but I think we can all appreciate why that would make it look like I was taking the piss.
permalink You lost me
permalink I can heartily recommend the 3 mariners pub
lovely food / beer and peoples .

I actually liked lancaster, some nice cycle paths allong the river.
permalink It is nice, but I don't live there,
at the moment I live about a 30min drive from work and now I'll be looking at 40 to an hour depending on traffic.
permalink Thanks. Do ppl apply through their website or do
they use an agency?
permalink not sure, do you have an email address you can ping me and i'll
find out or get you an emial address to send them to
permalink cowjam hat please,
I definite know people who are interested.
permalink Are they using a phone app
which (as apps usually do) hoovers up all their personal data?
permalink But how would my email client get that pic?
Is it embedded or is it looking for it on the sender's domain?
permalink Google e-mail?
It may be pulling it from Google+
permalink This
permalink That makes sense.
permalink I had always assumed
it was some form of dark magic