thread spamming buggers
In my quietish last few weeks i've been doing some silly drawings for mate's kids.. I realised you can do a timelapse video of them.

So I've revived some B3ta-era creativity and stuck them on youtube with my droning voice over them. so if anyone you have eyeballs, or children with eyeballs, or friends with children with eyeballs ... you are contractually obliged to like and subscribe.

my aim for the next videos is to make the voicey stuff less boring.
permalink I like them
Oddly therapeutic.
permalink there is something about the timelapse that is slightly hypnotic
i just have to get the subliminal messaging sorted out
permalink Not until
you start producing merchandise
permalink I could get pencils made that say
"I can't draw either"
permalink you should set up
a sponsorship page so people can send you money
permalink send me money you say....
i like this idea.
permalink even if you make £20
it is still more than you had.

Incidentally my management fees are very reasonable.

permalink get the children to send you their pocket money
& you'll do a bespoke piece for them..
permalink Like taking candy from a baby
permalink I rather like this.
Good for me.
permalink feel free to seo the whole shit out of it and make me a millionaire
permalink It has been over a decade since I did any SEO work.
I am a pointy haired boss.

Well, I was, now I am an unemployed vagabond.
permalink Living the dream
permalink I am actually utterly terrified,
but if there is one thing I learned back when i was 40 it is that being glum about it is a full time job, so I am just going to go build an engine bay for my outboards instead.
permalink the single-line highlight on dax's hat
I find particularly pleasing
permalink it is the details that usually please me
particularly when i draw them and they surprise me, like i didn't know what i was doing....... umm

I look at ones i drew a month ago and it feels like someone else drew them.

permalink I'm the same
with code I write. Soon I'll have to add features to the light detecting code on the Pi that controls my nightlights and I've not looked at it since 2016.
permalink it's also sort of an ankylosaurus
which any sane person knows is the best dinosaur
permalink I've been also trying to resurrect creativity
so I grabbed a paintbrush for the first time in a few years and done a toucan
permalink Toucan play at that game!
Actually, no I can't. That's rather lovely
permalink nomnomnom
permalink that makes me want a guiness
is that a bad thing?
permalink I actually had a Guinness after looking at that
but did not make the association.
permalink I've just jogged for 25 minutes without stopping
I know this is hardly ultramarathon distance, but it's the furthest I've ever run, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.
permalink I haven't tried again after my 1 mile run made me feel about 75
... the cycling is going well still though
permalink I've been out for 4-6 miles every evening this week
but not today. Too knacked after DIY indoors. Mind, one of those tasks was putting a blind up at the office window which is cooling the room enormously.
permalink after my first drain (losing 18kg of fluid) i felt soooo light
while walking home i thought i'd run a bit.. turns out my legs moved slower than my torso's memory of what's entailed in running
i landed flat on my face
haven't attempted it since :)
permalink I'm impressed you could even walk home!
half the time I could barely stand up again
permalink that's chuffing brilliant! i only wish i knew children age to pass it on to (i did thumbs up though)
i've just resurfaced from my weekly tar dive into established politics.. who knew cummings would bring the nation together!?

permalink Al, are you feeling a need for more anger?

Chaotic can ignore my suggestions of using these bikes, they were great to ride

permalink apparently the UK operation
isn't affected?
not sure if that story mentions it (not a subscriber), but one of the issues is that they had taken over various "community" schemes in the US, which they're also nuking as part of this.

permalink Looks like they are de-branding the UK ones
But they are still here
permalink I've tried a couple of times but there wasn't one anywhere close...
Don;t see many around here.
permalink It's Eve's fourth birthday tomorrow.
Well it's Monday but me and her mum are both busy so we're doing it tomorrow.

I'm really sad that it's during lockdown. She should be with her friends, not just her parents.
permalink we did 6th at the start of April
we had to cancel her party with her friends and the painful one with the family and just sat in, I've got no photos at all from that day, it was grim. There's supposed to be a but here, I'm not sure what it is. You've got a long time to make it up though.
thread those of you what enjoy vidya games
but don't enjoy paying for 'em, Epic is giving away Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel for one week, starting today.
permalink i do like games, but i really don't like
stopping playing games... hence why i have to not start playing them.. for the benefit of my health and marriedness

that said, someone has linked an indoor cycle training to GTA which is tempting... and if i new i was able to stop, i'd love to have a couple of games of setllers or starcraft circa 2004

Also this new unreal engine stuff looks amazing..

permalink I'll add them to my library
but my laptop hasn't the graphics for gaming, and it's 7 or 8 years old.

It's starting to creak a bit, but if I'm getting a new laptop then I want a decent one and I can't afford it.
permalink it's definitely worth clicking on them
even if you can't run them now, there's always the future - I was reminded in time this week that I'd got a game free from them that I've just become very interested in and was even considering buying on Steam because it was half-price...
permalink ok i downloaded one (for the future)
even though i'm terrible at games i'll give it a bash sometime.. cheers for the link
permalink I really want a new pc.
I only really play farming simulator, but my machine keeps lagging every once in a while now. Got a laptop recently, but that's ended up as the kids, but it can't run Epic.
thread I bought a pint in a pub yesterday...
was out for a cycle and a pub in camden (The Lock Tavern appropriately enough) was doign pints for take-away... we stood and drank them on the street.

The beer was piss, and it was a plastic glass, but it made me very happy. The looks we were getting from passers by were fun...
permalink I got sunburn on my arms
where my tee-shirt rides up from pushing a pram.

I now have Neapolitan arms - tan, red, white.

permalink Quite a few pubs are doing that now.
We discovered that the Eleanor Arms near us is doing takeaway 4pm-7pm. We realised this when we saw a couple giggling along the street holding 3 pints each.
permalink noted.......
this information may become useful later in the week if miz emma gets organised....
permalink It's not the greatest pub beer-wise... mostly Shepherd Neame
Old School cask.

I haven't yet shared this information with Emma, but can see a little socially distanced pintage coming on soon.
permalink i've said i'll nip down to hers and have a look at her old bike for her
these things could be combined.. perhaps we would venture to howling hops / park combo
permalink Well yes...
Howling Hops have the tank bar open for offsales now, although not draft pints.

I've just ordered for collection and intend to see how I can balance a case of beer on a TfL bike.

(I must bring my bike back to life too... shouldn't take more than WD40, a good clean and two new inner tubes.)
permalink I'll say it before Al does
remember WD40 isn't a lubricant, especially on bike chains.

Get an uber jump bike.. bigger baskets and they are a lot of fun to ride... you just need the uber app.

though take a rucksack for back-up.... or drink half of it before you set off.

I'd heard they were doing flagons / growlers.. which sounds like a good "sitting in the park" volume, if they are chilled.
permalink It's OK... I have proper lubricant. I had the WD40 in mind for unsticking duties if required.
Good though - I'll see if there's one nearby.

They are doing Flagons and Mini-kegs as well as cases of cans.
permalink And who doesn't enjoy a nice growler
in the park?
permalink because they love confusion
WD40 do sell a bike chain lubricant
permalink My WD40 does contain
permalink Peculiar Tiny French Enemas?
permalink Please titty fuck Etonians.
permalink Pull tab, free eagles
permalink Punch Tories,
feel excellent
permalink WINNAR!!!
permalink *applause*
Have the rest of the day off.
permalink I flew a kite at the weekend
haven't done it for years, it was quite relaxing. The child for bored after 2 minutes but I enjoyed it.
permalink i have one in the attic, maybe i shoud look it out
.. haven't flown one in years either but used to do it loads when i was a kd
permalink pub over the road
has been having a mini beer festival, with casks out the garden. Serving in plastic pints with lids, or bring-your-own containers. Milton brewery, the brewer has had a couple of interesting ones that has been planned for the Cambridge Beer Festival.
permalink nice...
i wonder if i could cycle back after sampling them all....
permalink no indication they're doing it this week sadly
also, the hours have been 3 or 5 till 7, but usually only four or five beers.

So yes, but it would be a late departure for your wobble back the 60 or so miles...
permalink update
today tomorrow they are.
permalink To be fair
We sat inside a pub and had a few pints and some very nice food on Saturday night! It were lovely.
permalink Grrrrr
This is not a helpful comment
permalink That is fair
To be honest things are currently playing out just ever so slightly differently down here

As of Friday, still in level 2, but outdoor gatherings back up to a max of 100 from 10. Which will make going for runs with people easier
thread So as I see it Dominic Cummings has some questions to answer
1. Does he always wear a beany hat when it's really warm or has he just been avoiding the press since winter....
2. Does he always have something on his head , like a hood or headphones, or are journalists and picture editors doing some subtle trolling to highlight his baldness.
3. Why, oh why oh why?
permalink Did he deliberately drive up to Durham
to infect his parents when he was told he had the plague.
permalink how else
is one supposed to collect on life insurance/inheritance nowadays?
permalink Good point.
Still, uninfected doctos can travel for a shag and they get forced to resign and pilloried in the press. Plague-boy here goes to his family and everyone seems to be fine with it.
permalink And you just know
that nothing will happen to him. He'll get away with it.
permalink Scientists resign
Politicians brazen it out shamelessly.
permalink that's fine
because then he becomes another bat for the opposition to smack the government around with, and this one's great because all across the land people of all political persuasions are firmly agreed that lockdown sucks and this was wrong

let him stay in post, now we're in a post-Corbyn world with an effective opposition, as it's proof that Cummings is more powerful than Johnson. The reason the govt is standing in line behind Cummings is because he has ordered them to.
permalink Still,
that unelected EU eh! Glad we've got rid of them. *eyeroll*
permalink I admire your optimism
I share absolutely none of it
permalink it depends on the end
I'm still resigned to a shower of Tory bastards until 2025, even though I doubt Johnson will be heading them for very long

obviously I want the end to be a Labour victory in 2025, which is wholly achievable if the govt persist in destroying their standing with the middle english swing voter, but if this extremist lot can go further and remove their party from contention for decades, that would be good too

I'm also pro-Indy so this is all helping Sturgeon too
permalink The only guaranteed thing that will come from Boris and brexit
Is the end of the union.
permalink I'm a bit drunk
but still self-aware enough not to post my 4000 word diatribe about Scotland being the 5th Nordic State

I promise it's slightly interesting in parts
permalink There are already
permalink I said I'm a bit drunk
which made me forget Denmark is Nordic

(it's an important distinction though - Scotland is definitely diverging towards Nordic, but not necessarily Germanic, and definitely not Scandinavian)
permalink haha
permalink The voting record of this country for the past decade
has proved the intelligence and compassion of the electorate to be found wanting.
permalink but we're fucking clapping and everything
every fucking week, that woman from the end of the road has got a fucking rainbow!
permalink i'm an satanic anarchist
and i'm quite liking the 'lockdown'
so neeer!

*juggles comedic footie shaped bomb*

helloooooooo NSA ECHELON
permalink Oh, he is the very model of a
modern satanic anarchist...
permalink bastard.. i had to do that opera in high school
n e v e r
going to get it out of my head now
permalink Nice to read this morning that none
of plague-boy's trips were childcare-plague related, one was for his mum's birthday and retirement party and the 2nd was his wife's birthday. What a nice man* he is. There's now a graph of Durham covid cases show a distinct spike after his visit. Could be coincidence of course.

permalink the problem with you mainstream media fake news left wing campaigners
is that you don't love your families enough to do exactly something perfectly legal but the opposite of what you're telling everyone else to do.
permalink where the hell is scoff?
a 5.9 went off right under my mates feet a few miles up from his manor

last nights pubbage probably.. speaking of which quite a few breweries had opened their taps today
& a few pubs (plastic cup take-out) along with pizzerias selling g/v&t 's to those waiting for pies
permalink He's mentioned it on Facebook
so he definitely felt it.
permalink *waves*
Yes, was a good rumble this morning. Took a while to build up to, so we were a bit twitchy it was going to be bigger. Damage: an almost empty bottle of moisturiser fell off a set of drawers.

Have a friend up in Palmy who said it was pretty strong up there. Ironically, we've just booked to go away to Waiterere Beach this weekend, which is probably the closest settlement to the epicentre (which is just offshore).
permalink it'll be fine
it's been pre-disastered!
permalink To be fair
most of the country is pre-disastered!
permalink I'm sorry for your loss
permalink Thanks, much appreciated
permalink ah she lives in waikanae
sounded like quite a start to the day
permalink Yeah, I expect it was rather stronger
in Kapiti.
permalink we were actually talking when the 2nd one hit (not afterShock) 5.4 i think
"hang on..
oh yes"
"another quake not a big one.. hang on.."
"mum did you feel that one? need anything?"
"nah she's alright.. yeah so.. what were we talking about.."
permalink I don't understand why
he hasn't resigned/been fired
permalink the line i liked is
"asking Boris to fire cummings is like asking emu to fire Rod Hull"

then there were witty remarks about him falling off a roof.
permalink Has the "rogue" civil servant
that tweeted this been fired?
permalink Thing is, he's a spad so not accountable to us.
He's accountable to Johnson. He's an unelected bureaucrat in a role created for him.

Johnson has resigned twice following being caught lying. And yet he's PM. Resignation means nothing, you just shuffle into another position.

So I reckon if Cummings actually resigned Johnson would find him another £100k a year role and he'd carry on doing exactly what he's doing now because that's Johnson's experience of resignation.

We shouldn't be demanding Cumming's resignation, nor should we be giving him any air time whatsoever. We should be ignoring him entirely and demanding that Johnson resign (and Cummings will go when he goes).
permalink You should perhaps be aware
that scummings is The Central Spad. He's managed to create a role where all the other hand-picked (by him) spads report to him. This blew up after he had The Saj's spad frogmarched offsite by armed police, which is obvs SLIGHTLY beyond his remit. Spaffer then made it his remit. So that's ok then.
permalink my favourite bit today
was when the Prime Minister, who supposedly answers to nobody in Government, holder of the highest office in the land, said he has been "forbidden from giving any more targets or guidelines."
permalink I do believe that,
when I read that he'd said those words, I shouted 'WHO FUCKING OWNS YOU?' and probably startled my neighbours.
permalink tenner says Cummings leaves on Jan 1st after GBD
to go and become a director of his ARPA project, from whence he will wield his dark army of data scientists
thread I have to download some chunky BIM files from an ftp site.
Yeah. An actual ftp site. Old skool.

It's currently managing about 35-40KB/s. The first file is going to take about 5 hours.

What fucking planet are these people on? Is the server on someone's fucking 3G phone or something?
permalink Our internet's all to shit today
so maybe everyone's streaming porn today.
permalink It's a bit windy
Maybe everyone has stayed in for a wank rather than going out to play barbecue golf with only 35 of their friends and family.
permalink i think 'they' were fixing it last night.. it was down 6-9ish then 3-6
on this side of the Lee
permalink i blame 5G radiation
permalink last week of homeschool potentially
I've got my project: https://www.quirkbooks...
permalink They're just making sure you're
committed to the cause.
permalink I'll have to be committed to something after this...
The whole lot totals about a Gb... it's going to take all weekend!

(Oooh... I just checked and it's got up to a blistering 89KB/s)
permalink sounds like my upload speed
it's less than a tenth of my download speed...
permalink oh noes
looks like you might have to crack the beers early this weekend..
permalink that sounds like fun, do the modem noise and then pull the plug out at 78% downloaded
for the real 90s experience.
permalink I have been doing a bit of hobby video editing for fun and education
and my work laptop.. which is 2 years old and was never top spec... is really being pushed to its limits... I can't quite justify a new one...

but doesn't stop me looking at curry's website.
permalink So, what you're saying is
You're upset at having a slow grind on a chunky bim?
permalink Living the dream