thread Right Monday, you fuck.
Get it up you.
permalink I'm sitting quietly
and waiting for payday. Same as.
permalink We've been paid
which is always a bonus. Trouble is all my on call and overtime isn't going to hit until the end of oct so bah to that, the extra few hundred beans in my wallet this month would've been nice. Hey ho.
permalink what sort of day is the 26th to get paid?
We get get paid on the 28th and that's stupid enough.
permalink 28th is the actual
day but c***a always post payslips out early.
permalink c***a adhering to the law?
how strange
permalink I have always been paid on the last Friday before the 28th.
Everywhere I have ever worked, I think.
permalink my first proper job was the 15th
which I realise makes little sense.
permalink I've kinda gotten used to getting paid fortnightly
on every second Wednesday...although Mrs C still only gets paid monthly
permalink The yanks do it fortnightly or weekly.
It is handy but also makes you feel like you work in a shop
permalink We get paid monthly,
but the Yanks wanted to pay us fortnightly.
permalink Why didn't you take them up on it?
They are offering you a more favorable cash flow position.
permalink I was not fussed
and I was already invoicing them monthly before I became full time.

My MD did care and wanted it to be monthly because his direct debit come out then.

He fears change.

We gave him a lot of shit for it, but since I did not care and he did . . .
permalink we've got some rule like 28th at the latest,
so if 28th is a wednesday, it's the 28th, if it's a sunday then you get paid on the friday
permalink We had something similar
and convoluted back when I was in Cambridge
permalink Ours is the last Thursday of the month.
This means some months are 4 weeks and some are 5 weeks, but other than that it's pretty easy to get clued up to.
Also, mysteriously, September is bonus month :-)
permalink we get bonuses in April
based on january-january figures
permalink Well, at least you get bonuses...
None of that here (unless you are very very senior)

Still, got a pay rise today, so I shouldn't complain really
permalink Bonuses are not a good thing, per se
My income is largely bonus driven, so without it I am screwed.
permalink Ours is just an additional percentage of salary,
assuming the company meets its financial projections, and assuming you've not been materially delinquent.
It's "discretionary" but I've never heard of anyone not getting what their stated percentage is supposed to be.
However, you don't get part of it if you leave part way during the year, so it's kind of a discretionary salary retention, I suppose.
Different bonus structures exist for people in roles in the company which can be more directly linked to profits performance, I believe.
permalink I get paid based on the performance of the UK in terms of booking numbers
Which means that, for Laura Ashley I got paid a bonus which was eventually more than the revenue we raised, but for Argos I got about a 20th of what it should have been.

I am at the whim of those who write projections.
permalink mine is similare 50% on company performance
25% on tream metrics
25% on personal KPO

i'm not expecting a huge monus this year, the numbers are not looking good.
permalink Bonuses only work if they really are bonuses
If they are needed, then they're like tips in US restaurants

I do quite like knowing what pay I am receiving.
permalink Ours works quite well.
I think most people get 5 or 10%, so you know what you might get, can make a plan for what to spend it on, but know that it's not totally in the bag, so it still feels like a bonus.
That's how I treat it anyway.
permalink That's kinda
how it should work

Plus, bonuses should be for doing good work, not just for cruising along
permalink Mine is
3 working days before the end of the month. Which is just weird.
permalink Actually,
that may be what the Army did.

We also got paid at midnight, so there would be queues of annoyingly sober squaddies lined up at cash machines, waiting for midnight (because we really could draw our money out exactly then).
permalink I have
Database and spreadsheet blindness.

Also I've been an idiot and signed up for a Sportive at the end of May. 3 days. About 100 miles a day. Day two is Pitlochry to Aviemore. Via Fleisher, The Lecht and finishing in the car park at Cairngorm Mountain.

This is going to be a world of pain
permalink also a world of pain

Too many arguments apparently
permalink Now why
Did I sign in from that account?
permalink So
What this is trying to do:
Check that there's a value on this sheet in column D on this row
If so, we're looking at sheet Overview. Columns I, K, N and Q are dates. I want to count where that date matches column C on this sheet. If so, check if the description in Overview column A matches either B17 or B18 on this sheet. Count the matches.

It was working when it just had to match B17. So I tried to basically duplicate the function and add them together.

There's lots of columns with similar formulas.
permalink Don't do that.
Use lots of input columns to hold intermediate variables. It's ok: excel won't run out of them
permalink Christ, that's going to hurt.
Beautiful but hard!
permalink this is
the route.

Yes, at the end of Day 3 the finish is "climb all the way to Glencoe ski area"
permalink I would offer to join you... but
i am afraid of hills
permalink I seem to have
Several from the club plus possibly some other friends joining me.

Being afraid of hills would be a problem for this
permalink Glasgow bank holiday
permalink Mine's going great,
I used the phrase "vertically integrated solution" and kept a straight face.
permalink You
permalink That is not a good thing
Although I just met with contractors who seem to understand that "value" and "cheap" are not the same concept. I am, of course, deeply suspicious...
permalink is it
a lift shaft?
permalink I thought perhaps a ladder
or a fireman's pole (fnarr)
permalink greasy
fireman's pole at that. Obvs.
permalink A fireman's pole isn't a vertically integrated solution.
It's merely a mechanism enabling transition between two vertically discrete states.
permalink Block of flats?
permalink No, we were actually talking about
design workflow and how it could work better with other business processes. More interesting than it sounds, we're trying to see if we can connect our design data with our commercial and sales data by using GIS mapping.
Essentially you'll be able to see all of our sites on a map and drill down to specific houses to see what type of house it is, where it is in the build process, associated costs, sales information etc.
permalink Who's the vertically integrated solution
That all the chicks dig?
permalink *snort*
permalink Which always make me think of this...
permalink You are buying the building firm?
Or maybe a manufacturer?
permalink they are a building fimr
they hired an architect, and got him to stand upright
permalink I'm in Norwich today
Cambridge tomorrow.

Then Cambridge most Mondays and Fridays for October If any of you are interested in chasing me around christ's pieces on a bike. I'll be attempting to strava a cock.
permalink well, I'm trying
to have every friday off from 1st week in oct for the rest of the year thanks to holiday accumulation so I may just take you up on that :)
permalink that would be lovely.
text me sometime.
Calendar shows Cambridge days are:
(fridays) 7th, 14th and 28th
(mondays) 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
and the odd Thursday: 20th
permalink *makes notes*
My november week was approved today so I'm just going to block book fridays until someone stops me.
permalink Only if Yakkety Sax is playing
over the top!
permalink something played today 7pb's!
and I had no idea where I was :) and it was down hill to start which is probably why.
permalink Saw the mad woman today
I have a diagnosis and a course of treatment.

This makes me unreasonably maudlin.
permalink have they just given you
3 metres of strong rope?
permalink No,
I said I could supply my own.

Would you like it, afterwards, as a souvenir?
permalink I do need something to fix my bike to the bike rack
permalink I was hoping for a round of
'guess the diagnosis', but instead I am going to go and make a cup of tea.

Decaffeinated tea.
permalink Well, we were assuming that the diagnosis
was that yer maaaad!!
permalink You win
have a cigarillo.
permalink Go on then,
tell us? I assume not PTSD as you haven't complained.
permalink Complained about what?
I complain about everything.
permalink About how
you don't think it's PTSD.
permalink It is
permalink Boom!
I think I had that in the sweepstake.

The clue is that it's almost always what the patient spends years vigorously protesting that it's not.
permalink Don't make loud banging noises!
you'll set him off again
permalink Well then well done for not whinging.
What's the course of treatment?
permalink 16 weeks of weird eye movement shit
the alternative is CBT, but this casts a bit of a wider net and I know not what the root cause is (although we have ideas).
permalink What's
weird eye movement shit?
permalink It is called
permalink Huh! I'll be interested to see how you find it
I've never heard of it before.
permalink I am sceptical
make no mistake.
permalink Try not to be too sceptical
otherwise you'll definitely get nothing out of it.
permalink This is a theme which runs through a lot of conversations.
Basically it is like saying 'If you were not so fucked up then it would be easier to be less fucked up, so it is your fault'. which, when I am asking for help for being fucked up, is a tough one.

I do things like miss appointments, which if it were dentistry would be reasonable to berate me for, but I am terrified of talking about things, so then it is the symptoms themselves which make me bad at it.

You wouldn't tell a man with a wheelchair that he was to blame for not going to his second floor learning-to-walk lessons.

This is not aimed at you, but when the thing that I am asking to have sorted is literally my inability to cope with life, not being the best at coping with life is kind of par for the course, no?
permalink But the man with a wheelchair could probably
get a friend or family member to help him up the stairs, and if he couldn't the NHS would probably make arrangements to make sure he could get there.
I'm sure Jim could bundle you into a car and force you through the door, if you asked her to. You are, after all, doing it as much for her and the kids well-being as for yours, aren't you?
permalink She cannot, and she does not help
I sort of prefer it that way.

Jim cannot get me to the doctor, she cannot drive or whatever. She certainly cannot stop me being cynical.

permalink I call bullshit on this rant
specifically in response to my comment. Yes, what you're saying is true, you are fighting directly against yourself and your illness.

However, being cynical is part of your personality at least as much as part of your illness. All of us here would agree that being cynical is a wonderful thing. But in this particular instance there has to be a certain amount of wanting help (which you are obviously already working on because here we are with a diagnosis and a treatment) and therefore a certain amount of preparing to be open-minded about something which you otherwise might think was nonsense.
permalink It was not a rant, it was a musing
but I think you underestimate how much my illness can completely derail my plans.
permalink You're readiness to accept your illness as an excuse
is what derails your plans.
Many people in your wheelchair example would have accepted the problem and found a solution to it, rather than musing about the existential difficulties it presents.

Sure, you're depressed, and now have a diagnosis for it and a plan for treatment. This is a positive thing, and you need to find a way to accept this, and work towards getting better, rather than listing the reasons it won't work.
This is fairly hard to do, but I reckon if you try, you'll do half of the getting better all by yourself.
permalink This is upsetting me
so i am going to go somewhere else.
permalink I'm genuinely sorry if my comments have contributed,
but avoiding upsetting things doesn't particularly help, I would suggest.
permalink I think your first sentence fundamentally misunderstands depression
but then I've never had it.
permalink That may be the case, as neither have I particularly*
It was based on the observation that amongst those I know who've overcome severe depression, the common factor is a conscious and determined decision to not accept being depressed anymore.
Whether this is achieved through CBT, talking therapy, or simply a decision taken on their own behalf, it is something I've noticed with a number of people.

* but you may recall that my partner spent several years in and out of mental hospitals fighting depression and other conditions.
It wasn't anything anyone else did that cured her, it was simply a decision to not let herself be ill anymore, and a massive amount of iron will to get to a place where she wasn't. Not easy though.
permalink You have been hugely helpful in getting me to where I am today as an individual
That is you the individual, not me.

You are largely responsible for me seeking help and I am mindful of and grateful for that.

That said, this post is pretty much a textbook example of the wrong thing to say.
permalink Haha! Sorry,
thought you'd gone ;-)
permalink In the middle of a conversation about him?
permalink the placebo effect and it's reverse sides would say that actually
that someoe with a physical ailment would also be well advised to remain in a positive optimistic mindest, or at least try and tell yourself it will work.

permalink Well yes, of course they would
but if I have a broken leg then positive mindset is good for my healing.

When not being in a positive mindset is the actual problem I am trying to address, assuming a positive mindset is not so much helpful as the entire desired end result.

It's like saying that having a broken leg when trying to get your broken leg mended is just not trying hard enough.
permalink All the more reason to assume a positive mindset, then!
Forget about that, just try and tell yourself that you are now on the road towards having one, rather than going round in circles.
permalink Indeed
What would Brian Molko do?
permalink release another
empty, whiny, song?
permalink as a fellow skeptic, I think a pragmatic approach (which I guess you're taking)
is to ask, if the basis of EMDR were utter hogwash, would the treatment still be of benefit?

As there is a substantial knowledge gap between neuroscience and cognition, there is no fully sound mechanism that can be proposed. But if having a woolly mechanism allows a practicable and useful treatment to proceed, then that is better than saying, "we don't fully understand this, so we cannot treat it.", so long as the patient is protected from any ill effects of assumptions made.

So on this basis the treatment is assisting in investigating cause and effect behind your symptoms, which is a positive development within whatever framework it is being conducted.
permalink This is where the phrase
'money for old rope' comes from.

permalink Not a good fact though,
nor is the idea that it is more to do with picking apart rope fibres for caulking - that smacks of a CANOE invention.

It is too new a phrase to really be either of those - I think it is new money for old rope, suggesting that you are selling something you already sold, a second time (like making a template for a website and selling it many times).
permalink My monday spending
Train to work £14.50
Lunch £3.75
Car repair £2100 (after warranty pay their part)

I might still have to go to tesco as well
permalink yeowch,
but praise FSM you didn't have tiptronic. Last time I had to replace one of them it was £2.5K for the gearbox alone. I think I got the fitting done for next to nowt 'cos they fucked it up a few times.
permalink oof.
permalink I was £208.15 out :(
Or £170.22 if I had not specified that it included VAT.
thread Place your bets, place your bets
4.5 year old vw golf.

"The clutch failed and has ripped out a whole in the gearbox". They are pricing it up for me

How much is it going to be? Winner gets a sweety
permalink £1,891.85
That is including VAT
permalink £2000.
Clutch and flywheel, £750
Gearbox, £1250.
However, if it's average mileage and there's no evidence of misuse, I'd have thought VW would offer to contribute?
permalink I suggested that to the guy
He didn't them ink there would be any chance
permalink Petrol or Diesel?
If it's a diesel...

Flywheel £800
Clutch kit £120
Gearbox £300 S/H, £1500 - 2000 new
7 hours labour at least, you are in the South I think so probably £70 an hour?

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen.

Edit: not that it will be any conselation, but MrsR's Berlingo was written off earlier this week by the Number 6 bus, it clipped the rear quarter whilst it was parked.

We have a creased up car and £1800 to find it's replacement with, which ain't gonna be easy.
permalink Diesel 2.0 6speed blumotion
permalink if it finds itself in a canal
then you might be quids in
permalink you could say
de mooi punched it.
thread Who had the Yota phone?
permalink JoS
But it kept calling the cops on him.
permalink it was russian
maybe it was just outraged by his metrosexual lifestyle
permalink It would do it every time
I fired up Grindr
permalink I suspect that may be overpriced.
permalink Would you buy one if you were me?
Actually, let me rephrase that - would you buy that if you were in my situation but not a fucking idiot?
permalink I continually fail to understand your situation, so I'll attempt to summarise as follows:
If you want a single phone for use as a personal and business phone, this has a number of advantages from the eInk screen:
- discrete notifications in meetings
- stick information ont he second screen for continual reference without using battery
- use eInk screen for reading etc, conserving battery while travelling
- Android 5, so 2 versions behind
- having two screens makes it next to impossible to keep the phone locked in your pocket, hence the perpetual pocket dialling
- the software is written by Russians, so is buggy, slow to update, occasionally badly translated, and is probably copying all your e-mails to the FSB.

So, at that price, buy one for occasional use as an amusing bit of obscure tech, but don't buy one anticipating a satisfactory experience or for use as your sole phone.
permalink Tldr;
permalink Thank you.
I shall leave it unbought.
permalink Oh, and my situation is that I get paid a lot,
but have no interest in fashion or toys and live like I am poor.
permalink spoil yourself with some
red jeans and a fedora
permalink I still want one
though the pics on the above link make the eink screen look far less seamlessly integrated than the yota site does.
permalink Poor build quality it has.
permalink No.
Excellent build quality it has.
Fundamental design flaw and/or poor software it has.
permalink From experience you speak.
Merely citing a random review I was.
permalink Only to the one that I have was I referring.
Having said that, it did break and got repaired, but very pukka the build quality feels.
thread Premier Inn have admitted that they took £64 in error
and are refunding the money. No gesture of good will or anything, just a straight refund of my money.

I'm not very impressed.
permalink I blame
Lenny Henry
permalink I'm quite impressed:
there is an album out today by a band called Giraffe Tongue Orchestra.
permalink it was probably the fee for all those bed bugs
that you took away in your clothes and hair.

/professional rivalry
permalink Lenny Henry is pretty much
entirely made up of a fungal infection by this point.
permalink I missed this
double credit card or similar? You never get a gesture of Goodwill from anyone corporate, just wee on the carpet next time you're there.
permalink Charged £64 for no reason,
which looks like it was one of the three nights I spent. Took bloody ages to get sorted too, with me being told to call several different numbers.
permalink melonfarmers
permalink I
like this
thread I was in a meeting today about a hotel in Aberdeen
In the manchester office the designer was talking about the Bu-shan meeting room.... it took a bit of squinting at the drawing to see what she was refering to.

It was the Buchan room.... I set her on the correct course.
permalink It was a lost weekend
In a hotel in Aberdeen...

hang on...
permalink Talking of lost weekends
did JoS survive his?
permalink *waves*
Yep, cracking time, not sure the bank account is entirely comfortable with the course of events, but otherwise, all good.
permalink double pneumonia
in a single room?
permalink I will also leave this advert i saw there for informatiion and without comment

permalink i forget is it best to book a hotel months in advance
or last minute (it's for my parents so i imagine they'd prefer the former)?

with planes it was always wednesday afternoon 3 weeks before
permalink 3 weeks for flights isn't true any more, it's 6
at least for budget airlines.
permalink cheers
i'm guessing longflight would even more than 6 weeks then

oh i miss the days you could rollup buy a cheap ticket sit down the back and smoke yourself silly with a whole row to yourself
permalink not last minute for hotels uless you know the town will be very quiet
There is no hard and fast rule, but gerally if people are bookign hotels in less than a week they are buisness travellers so are not looking for bargains.
permalink everything's months in advance these days
or bollocks like Expedia and last-minute.
permalink don't use them if you can avoid. especially if it's an independent place
book direct.
permalink butbutbut
cashback! I got £2.50 from my last hotel booking. KERCHING.
permalink I'm not necessarily recommending them
Obviously I only ever book though and independent, organically-sourced travel agent.
permalink It's so hard
to find gluten-free travel agents though
permalink Is the correct course
north across the border on a steam train, then helter skelter across the highlands, evading mysterious early 20th century villains?
permalink yes
. unless there is a rail replacement bus service