thread Everyone is being fairly upbeat here.
Anyone in the shit?

I know a few people who are self employed and are not getting anything (especially a couple who were cash-in-hand types, who now get literally fuck all).

Are people all still working or on the 80% furlough thing?

If you do not care: AQ: Is it weird that countries have their own theme tunes?
permalink I'm self employed and fairly quiet
And who know as the hotel industry is going to be a bit uncertain.... But am fairly well sorted with low overheads,,, and a couple of projects that will rumble on and whennthings pick up I will be busy on early stuff.

Know a few people furloughed or full on unemployed... And one mate who is working in a posh offy who is rushed off her feet... And someone who works in Aldi that would rather be further away from humanity.

However we have a 70 year old friend of friend who is in hospital in a bad way who is rather higher in the sypathy list at the moment...

Mind you it's the people with lots of kids who live in flats who are really suffering right now.
permalink You seem to be the worst hit here,
which is good news, I would say?

[Edit: for clarity, not that I want *you* to be the worst hit, but if that is as bad as it has got here then that is positive, right? Oh, i feel like I fucked this interaction up.]
permalink yeah, and i'm not worried
It'll depend a lot on how things bounce back.. and if i have to take a sabaitical for a while it's not the end of the world.

probably more worried about house prices, but even then we've got a lot less to be worried about than other people
permalink Hmmm.
A big project went on hold today. Almost everything is on hold on site, obviously, but projects that aren't even on site yet are starting to put design work on hold. The attitude of "crack on as far as we can so we're ready afterwards" seems to be giving way to "stop spending money right now"...
permalink yeah i can forsee a bit of that coming
permalink Working from home
We gave enough on to keep everyone busy for the moment.

We’re not as efficient, but we’re doing our best.
permalink The Spaniard changed jobs at the beginning of the year... she now works for Hugo Boss
They have a big London office. She's working from home, and had to spend a lot of time last week helping to get 1,500 people onto furlough... obviously all the shops are closed, and they've furloughed a lot of the back office too.
permalink On the plus side
I can see a line in those snazzy uniforms they used to make making a big come back!
permalink Funnily enough, they don't mention those...
... although she'd get a great staff discount on them.
permalink On the contrary, it's weird that more things don't have a theme tune.
I'm furloughed from today. I get 80% of an average of my wage over the last 12 months, or I get 80% of the wage I got this month last year, whichever is higher.

This is pretty decent and I'm likely to end up on more than if I was on 100% of my contracted hours.

There's talk about changing the bonus structure at work to be more sales led rather than all the extras like warranty, credit, broadband, etc. This would suit me very well, I'd have got an extra £350 for the last four weeks.
permalink Do we have a board theme tune?
permalink working from home
which means doing some deep spring cleaning on the spreadsheet templates.

Company is having a good time of it, our customers are mainly either food/drink/pharma/cleaning products manufacturers or companies that supply them with labels. Factory and warehouse facilities are having to hire temps to cover staff who can't be in. Bit of an issue on airfreight capacity.

Although I'm of the opinion that patriotism is just nationalism and racism that's polished its shoes and ironed its suit there are anthems I like (obviously not God Save the Queen, and Flower of Scotland isn't wonderful either)
permalink Indeed on most of that re: anthems
Although La Marseillaise kicks arse pretty well.

I don't mind singing the te reo (Maori) verse of the NZ anthem, but it definitely gets cringe when the English verse starts.
permalink well yeah
La Marseillaise is top tier. Fond of "Il Canto degli Italiani" too.

and I've got "Государственный гимн Советского Союза" as my ring tone which I think started sort of ironically but also it is pretty damn rousing
permalink the yanky doodle downer one has to be the most vilified internationally
closely followed by this cuntry though i quite like the laibach version
permalink most people I know are ok so far
but that's pretty time limited and they'll start to get laid off in a month.

We're still working our way through the backlog of work we've got, apparently this is solid for 6 months or so, but lockdown will start affecting drug trials sooner rather than later.

Having two of us working from home at the same time and trying to child wrangle has been "fun".
permalink How old are your kids?
permalink just the one, she's 6 tomorrow
she's doing pretty well all things considered, but definitely misses school and her friends
permalink Happy birthday for tomorrow.

permalink At least she's ok on her own for a bit.
We donated a telly and xbox 360 to a family with four kids and no tv. No idea how they'd coped so far!
permalink blimey 6 already!
permalink No real change for me, other
than being at home so I miss the office chats. The work police are constantly watching our status on skype but then they do that in the office too. 90% of my work these days is remote and/or cloud so it can be done from anywhere, and the nature of what I support means it's pretty much human virus-proof.
permalink Still going to the office daily.
I go alone. There’s nobody else there.

Someone has to keep the computers whirring, and I’m slowly getting workstations out of the door to improve “the home working experience”
permalink wfh
we're busier than ever but then we're providing advice to people who have problems at work and CV19 is fucking up people's working lives. All the staff who would have been running training courses are now providing advice to companies who want to be decent to their staff over this and there are a lot of them.

Me I'm just getting on with data protection work which carries on regardless.
permalink any news on the hoi polloi being asked to track themselves
for the gov?
permalink tbh
we only know what everyone knows. All our calls are from people being furloughed or people wanting to do furloughing
permalink I'm still going to work every day.
My shift has changed so I'm working much later.

I'm also doing the supermarket shop as I'm already going to be more exposed that Marwood who is working from home.
permalink I'm an academic and she's a developer
so not really a problem for use to work from home, apart from the teaching students bit

we're in a top floor 1 bed flat with no balcony/garden, though, so if London folk cause us to lose our right to exercise I'll be mighty pissed, was meant to be doing the Manchester Marathon today

I'm playing No Man's Sky and she's playing Animal Crossing, basically his n' hers versions of the same game
permalink I got Sims4 for Christmas,
I don’t remember it all being such a grind. I used to love Sims 3.
permalink My company has programmers* doing home office all around the world
turns out they could rather easily switch to local guys doing home office as well. I can't beleve I've not been in the office for three weeks, my virtual social life still needs to get to speed. I started to videocall people who have bithdays.

*Have heard of C, Python and SQL and Linux before? Need a Job? Wanna earn more then me? www(dot)greenbone(dot)net
permalink I'm working from home
and the mortgage industry is still going for now with a lot of remortgages, so we're alright.

Partner is a teaching assistant so is off on full pay which is good with the kids being off as well.

Only thing that's hit me personally so far is I was halfway through selling my flat & the solicitors have downed tools.
permalink Last week there was loads of spare food
So the only difficult thing about feeding hungry people was knowing who they were.

The excess was from restaurants and cafes. Ppl are going to be hungry this week.

Support your local food bank.
permalink Two other links
Nationwide https://www.trusselltr...
London https://thefelixprojec...
permalink Depends how you cut the custard.
I’m mentally really fucking struggling.
We have money in the bank but it’s all there to buy a new house which is all still going for now but is super on edge due to everything else.
My days have barely changed as I’m still at home with Finn. Dave is working from home but we get nothing from the government so he has to keep working and trying to earn something.
permalink if you are in the process of buying a house without one to sell
I'd be asking for a nice chunky discount at the moment.

permalink A friend has been collecting resources
There's quite a bit to absorb here, but perhaps some bits might help.

thread It is fucking lovely out there.
A run in the Olympic Park will just have to suffice, whereas clearly we should be in the pub garden.

permalink It'll be fucking heaving
I'm going to stroll up to the nice greengrocer on Roman Road but not sure I'm likely to join the inevitable hoards taking the air by going further afield.

edit - just ordered 3 Weekend Boxes from Paxtons, one for me, one for my sister and one for my parents. Mmmm cheese lottery for Ch-easter.
permalink I think I'm going to be ordering one today too.
Hmmm.... the park will be busy, comparatively speaking. It's been lovely and quiet in the afternoons during the week. I just don't particularly like pounding the streets.
permalink Cheese ordered.
I bunged some port in too, having finished the bottle I had making an absolutely banging sauce a couple of weeks ago...
permalink Excellent
I need to amend the order going to my parents to chuck in some pecorino sardo for my father. If I can't amend the order online and have to phone them on Monday I may accidentally-on-purpose let them know which cheeses I particularly like, should they be hanging around for weekend eating.
permalink i've never seen so many people in my local park as i did today
it was crazy.. hopefully it won't get closed down due to thoughtless runners..
everyone doing their best to keep the 2m radius thing going intercut by mouth wheezing runner shooting right through the middle.. self obsessed wankers
permalink Twats.
I’ve generally found runners to be fairly self-distancing, but your mileage clearly varies.
permalink As a runner, I agree
When I meet walkers, it's always me that runs out into to road to keep the distance up.
permalink To be fair
you're going faster so I imagine you're also reacting faster. I've also encountered some twatty runners but I've reasoned we're 50/50, it's just more noticeable because they're huffing everywhere.
permalink Oh I don't mind doing so at all
It is probably easier for the walker to side step, but I figure sail before steam and all that, as the faster moving person, I am happy to be the one who takes evasive manoeuvres. It's funny at the moment, as although everyone is doing the exaggerated making plenty of space thing, most people are much friendlier than usual, so generally a cheery wave or hello
permalink I saw three go past in a row earlier
literally a row, they were one behind the other separated by about 3-4 meters each, with the last one also off to one side so far he was in the road instead of on the pavement
permalink Mr brother's supposed
to be getting married today. Beautiful day for it.
permalink ouch!
permalink It's a nice day
for a Zoom wedding!
permalink fortunately the park near us (Ruchill)
seems to still be permanently empty, even though the Kelvin/canal paths right next to it are absolutely heaving

this seems to be because the park is up a small hill, and people aren't resorting to those extremes yet
permalink Maryhillers don't do hills. Ironically.
It looked as though Emma was right - From the end of the Greenway, which is the way into the Olympic Park from our side, I could see a LOT of people. So I pounded the streets around Fish Island and Hackney Wick instead. Nice and quiet, except for people sitting outside their front doors in the sun.
permalink I've been avoiding the easy trail up our hill
The steep as hell firebreak is busier than I've seen it since they built the easy trail, but is mostly at least 5 m wide, so self isolating is fine. It's still a bastard climb though (just over 300 m in less than 1.5 km)
thread the lockdown is really bringing out the loons

people have set fire to a 5g mast in birmingham

And i take it we've all seen the nutter who tried to attack a ship with a train
I bet the police we're slightly surprised to find out that train wrecking was still a crime
permalink I like the quote in second paragraph
it sounds like a bot wrote it.
permalink Watched Hook this evening.
Robin Williams looks so young! He was about my age.
permalink Cocaine is a hell of a drug
permalink Just remember
These people have the vote!
permalink and 5G phones
permalink there's another
been set light in Liverpool
permalink Colossal fucking arseholes.
Absolute twats.
permalink I always believed
you had to be pretty clever to be a train driver, yet the more drivers I get to know the more I find this is bollocks and you just have to be good at following rules.
permalink clever is the last thing you want to be
it is a mind numbingly tedious job, requiring all your attention to be focused on absolutely fuck all happening.
permalink Whilst simultaneously
worrying you might accidentally kill 400 people, I guess. Maybe that bit of the brain gets shut off.
permalink You don't have time to worry about petty details
It is remarkably difficult to focus your attention on nothing; you're basically permanently looking into the distance ready to react to anything that shouldn't be there, but as there's almost never anything there to react to all you're looking at is nothing

permalink zen and the platform jumpers
permalink No electronics int he cab at all - you just sit holding a lever.
You have to stop for stations and that is the entire job. You do not even have a 'phone there, only a button that triggers an announcement for the train manager to call the driver.

Dull as shit.

The way that the railways work means that promotions go from crew to driver, too, so if you love being crew then you either sit there or give it all up and sit on your own for huge amounts of time with zero input apart from tracks.
permalink I don't understand why it isn't automated
If self driving cars are a thing then a self driving train should be half a day of coding.
permalink it’s those unexpected things
on the DLR or tube, it’s easy to assume that there’s unlikely to be anything unexpected on the track between stations. however out in the wilds, the times when rapid decision making and threat analysis are required are greater than zero, but the tech is just not there yet, so we still get to traumatise humans with the task instead
permalink Unions.

permalink The Victoria Line was
designed as self driving from day 1 in 1969 but there's still wetware at the front for emergencies and to open the doors. All trains these days are capable of some self-running and won't let you do something stupid unless you deliberately override the automation which raises all sorts of flags and requires Form Filling.
permalink I can see you
haven't seen the cab of a train since around 1954.
permalink Only GWR trains, I guess.
thread lunchmeat, hummus, and dijon sandwiches;
black boxers
YouTube videos from food bloggers

I just had a boiled egg with two yolks; it's rare enough to find a double-yolked egg, but that's the first one I've ever boiled! And it was a duck's egg too. Very tasty :D
permalink Home-baked sourdough, cambert, pickled egg, freshly baked cookies.
black trunks, 6 music.

Struggling to concentrate on work today.

God, I miss the pub.
permalink I am imagining Dumbarton Rd the day after this is over
it's going to be somewhere between Hogarth and Bosch
permalink When I lived in Partick 30 years ago... was like that most of the time anyway.
permalink we had left over paella
less sweaty cycling shorts and 6music

I had planned to take this morning off... as it was i had a call and have done a couple of emials... so this afternoon i may take to the sofa.
permalink ham salad, cheesy coleslaw thick white sarnies
chicken crisps, becks blue. Black calvins.

Work is still crazy but with moar meetings.

Given up on linux for my bedroom telly setup because the bluetooth support is fucking woeful.
permalink quiche
a succession of podcasts (good god many have decided to go long during this) , first day I've had dressing failure so still in pjs
permalink oh quiche
I've not had that in yonks... may have to knock one out. and then make a quiche!
permalink wash your hands in between
For 20 seconds, obviously.
permalink Waiter
This quiche is a little salty
permalink I had tuna sandwiches and went back to bed
because I feel rubbish. Don't know if it's the lurgy, or just a lurgy, but I'd have had the day off sick if I was in the office, do I'm bloody well doing it at home.
permalink So to summarise your lunch
Duck, duck, go
permalink Homemade muesli with yoghurt. Coffee.
Stripey Heidi Klum trunks.

Looking forward (not) to the inevitable trip to the supermarket in the next few days. Also finding it hard to concentrate on work.
permalink I went today,
it was awful. But, I now have a lot of crisps, so that makes up for it...
permalink I am largely managing to avoid, and using small shops.
Plenty of them around here.

May have to give in soon though for a few things.
permalink half a scotch pie, beans and sourdough bread
clean pants

I just go off zwift, I overtook keny ellisonde, the pro rider.... OK so he was at the side of the road not pedalling, but i totally flew past him.
permalink Ooooh. I want a pie now.
Wasn't hungry... just had some cheese and biscuits.

Pizza dough is resting for later though.
permalink nice.. we've gone sausage and leek casserole for simplicity
friday nights schedule of booze-conferences are getting busy.

New Phrase of the week : Conference-crawling

permalink We've got pizza and beer arranged with Emma and Mike
permalink say hello, we are with the E17 crew
permalink put a laptop and a few drinks in each room
and go for a pub crawl
thread For those not on bacefook
“ Hi everyone, Edwina here again. I've set up a Flickr account of Nik's life. I guess that it is a virtual funeral given that there can't be a gathering. If you have any photos that you like to share of Nik, please email me ( as I don't use Facebook. Hope they put a smile on your face in these very difficult times. I probably won't post again after this until I have a date for the celebration of his life. He wanted to be launched as a firework, and as he has a novel coming out, his launch will coincide will coincide with the book launch. Take care of yourselves, Edwina”
permalink I saw that and her post on Instagram
And have to admit I had a little sniff
permalink Likewise
permalink I'm reminded of when he told us
about his oriental adventures, including having the largest cock in the bath house

Edit: my hands have started to crack and I look like I've been punching things :(
permalink Hah! Yes,
seems like only yesterday.
permalink I can't be bothered scrolling through and finding the relevant post,
so here's some pics of the guestbook door

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
permalink Same pic 3 times
permalink Oh right yeah
forgot to edit the html when I copy pasted.
permalink Those pictures remind me that you have children.
I have been reading books for my niece, if you want a distraction. None of it is inappropriate, to forestall any concerns my reputation may foster.
permalink Nice.
permalink The most recent one is a poem by Mike:
permalink Haha!
Splendid :D
permalink Re: Edit
Urea hand balm.
permalink are you suggesting
he should piss on his hands?
permalink well somebody should
permalink and rub it in.
permalink that sounds like a fantastic idea
i'll give the pics a miss for now but look forward to seeing some of you lot at the gathering