thread I've placed in an event in the easocks group on fb
for my visit to that London.

Anyone want to come? I need a venue. Saturday 21st October.
permalink oh Christ
I've said I'll decorate that weekend. This isn't your fault, I'd blanked it from my memory. I hate wallpapering.
permalink I'm now going to be in Scotland that weekend...

How long are you in town for?
permalink Until lunch on Wednesday
we have plans Tuesday from 5 till 8 other than that its still very fluid
permalink I won;t make Saturday but would love to see you for a drink on the Monday evening?
permalink That sounds ideal
I will add it to the itinerary. Let me know where we should meet you. :)

depending on who's turning up on Saturday night might mean we cancel. If its just Vulga I might have to cancel, fear of giving him yet another telling off about his cats.
I stopped following him because I couldn't watch the mess.
permalink Is there a Scoff bash date thereabouts as well?
I'm very confused
permalink I am perpetually confused!
And tired.
permalink I think he's
a week or so earlier... we couldn't quite make the same dates.
permalink Yus
But will probably be the preceeding Wednesday
permalink Details to follow
permalink I'm not in that group any more
so shan't see any arrangements..

In other news, it's my birthday today and I've been out to the local gastropub with friends including C_I and Sexy Spaniard. I know this is only fleeting, but I've had a good day, I love my job, I am thoroughly over-excited about going to Cambodia (yes, really) and Vietnam at the end of the week for work and on the way to the pub I just felt invincible. I know it won't last but fucking hurrah for now.
The service in the pub was terrible as they had a new cook in the kitchen, but we came third in the pub quiz despite knowing nothing about sport and I had a great time.
thread Guess the station?
Clue... changing trains, and it's very close to one of our esteemed board member's residence...
permalink Wigan North Western?
Better than changing at Crewe™
permalink It was!
On the way from Liverpool to Edinburgh!

I waved.
permalink I am at Taunton railway station
en route to Watford Junction.
permalink Ely?
permalink Stratford
permalink Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?
permalink transcentral?

in other news uber have been turned down YES!
permalink where's the fun in having a 'sort of licenced' dodgy minicab?
Just argue with a bloke in a knackered Nissan outside the Centrepoint tower like the rest of us.
permalink first time i went out in London
we met a guy outside the camden underworld, my mate talked to a dodgy cab bloke then we all three walked off together.. i had no clue what was going on and said "so are you coming with us?" to the driver.

permalink the number of poor blokes who dragged five of us to Winchmore Hill for £20...
Best part of the night.
permalink while their corporate culture seems a bit shit and eventually they will undoubtedly screw everyone
they do run the best system of cabs by far. and the cut they take is not significantly different from what any mini-cab firm would have traditionally taken

The LTDA can fuck right off for a start.
permalink I've used them 4 times,
and they've got us lost 3 times. Once, in New York, the driver refused to use his phone to find the way because he didn't want to use up his data; I had to buy data for my phone to get us there. I complained, he told me to fuck off. In London, I had to guide an Uber pretty much all the way from Streatham Hill to Crystal Palace, the same from Forest Row to East Grinstead, which is pretty much a straight line. Mate of mine made a plane at Gatwick by the skin of his teeth because an Uber got him lost.

Not to mention their dodgy safety record and the hoohaa caused by their fucking about with passenger data.

I use Hailo/Mytaxi and Gett. They do involve black cabs, which are more expensive, but you know you'll get there safely and on time. (And don't give me that 'South of the river this time of night guv? You're having a laugh!' bullshit, that's never happened to me in 30 years of getting cabs in London).
permalink By anecdotal contract
I've only been lost in an Uber once, and that was when they'd just changed the layout of a roundabout.
permalink and of course you were rather left in the lurch once by a pre booked black cab
.... /left waiting at the alter
permalink Yes that's very true.
/arrived at the same time you did
permalink /left waiting in the pub.
permalink /didn't even tell you there was a problem
until afterwards
permalink I've never had one get lost, i've never had one that doesn't use waze
and the uber app. worst i've had was one who just drove around not picking me up, obviously wanting me to cancel

their safety record seems pretty in-line with the bad old days of mincabs with the obvious plus that drivers and passengers are tracked and registered so if there is a problem you know which cab you got into.

My main issue with black cabs was the years of them ignoring me as i waved at them from the side of the road as they drove into the city looking for people with fatter wallets, the blatant rip off one who took is from kings cross to brick lane via bank because i had a Scottish accent and they figured i didn't know which way it was, and the total lack of black cabs where I live, despite them telling everyone it's a universal service.. it's only a universal service if you travel between park lane and Liverpool street.

and the kerfuffle about being made to take cards makes it pretty clear which century they live in.

permalink Cards?
What kerfuffle is that?
permalink there were protests over being made to accept credit cards
...i think they sued tfl
permalink Not according to a quick search.
The only hard fact I can find is that when it was first announced that card machines would be mandatory within 2 years in July 2014, 88% of cabbies were behind it. And 40% of them already had card machines.

I know I've been using cards in cabs for a good 6 - 8 years.
permalink they raised £140k in a kickstarter to try to sue them

permalink Twats.
permalink Is this "dodgy safety record" any worse than normal taxis?
permalink it is worse than black cabs
not easy to compare with normal minicabs,

plus they will do more late night driving where stupid stuff happens
permalink I disagree
if a company can compete on price with a 25% margin, then the local market is broken

up here we have a pretty good set of competing private hire firms who all offer good service. Uber has completely failed to take off here because they are actually more expensive and far less reliable. About the only effect they've had is that all those firms now have a decent app.

Uber is a symptom rather than a disruption.
permalink Yes
I honestly don't think uber would have been invented in London but I can see why it happened in San Francisco. Taxis here are the winning combination of a) unreliable, b) insanely expensive ($40 for five miles) and c) have no idea what they're doing. Every actual taxi I've taken here, I've had to guide, even though half the point of taking a taxi was because I didn't know how to get there.

At least we have an alternative in Lyft, which is basically the same thing but not run by cunts.
permalink And you get a nice pink moustache
On the vehicle.
permalink there was a good article about them starting up
basically they were saying that if addison lee had dropped some cash on a decent app then they would have completely won the game and there would have been almost no room for uber.
permalink a bit shit? a rape or serious sexual assault every 10 days (which they attempt to cover up)
but yeah really you should have just left it at your first sentence
permalink They represent great value for the same reason that word laugh at your jokes
If the cost of your slightly easier lift is human suffering then the cost is too high.

As with any minicab, they had to meet specified regulation, they were told top and they refused. What were TFL supposed to do?
permalink Cambridge North. Cooeee!
permalink Peterborough
Though if you were going to Liverpool

Probably crewe
permalink Osnabrück
World famous two level interchange station.
permalink Got a holiday coming up
That involves the tricky manoeuvre of "getting to Gatwick before 7am on a Sunday morning"
permalink A taxi leaving walthamstow at 4:47am works out perfecty for a 7 am flight.
getting to gatwick for 7 is pretty easy... (from london)

doesn't the thameslink run all night, can you get over to bedford or similar
permalink There's also the "not spending vast amounts of money doing so"
permalink hmmm
coach from stansted
permalink I'm as well getting one
Straight from Cambridge and accepting a whole load of #nosleep. When I say "by 7am" bag drop (taking luggage) closes 0705
permalink I hope that wasn't mine!

well, hope it wasn't mine when I was actually here to say hi :)
thread Well well well
This is a blast from the past. I was doing some internet reminiscing, pleasantly surprised to find this place is still going :)
permalink I see you forgot your login
Are you birthday girl DMQOB by any chance?
EDIT: noo wait, she's down there.I have no clue who you are.
permalink Nope, I've always been deedee
I used to hang out in 4rthur way back when....
permalink hello!
permalink Hello!
Pull up a kitten, shop a chair, etc
permalink Thanks :)
permalink Yay! Welcome
Back to the nerdcore.

My Dad is away with his girlfriend in Germany so I’m borrowing his house for the weekend. :)
Seaside adventures.
permalink Oh come with me to the rolling sea
where the weather's calm and still,
And we'll have some fun and laughter with
the adventures of portland bill jiva.

edit: Strikethrough doesn't work.
permalink I have to read a poem about the sea.
I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails
to the morning breeze and starts
for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch until at last she hangs
like a speck of white cloud
just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other.
then someone at my side says,
‘There she goes!’
Gone where?
Gone from my sight... that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the place of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.
And just at the moment
when someone at my side says,
‘There she goes!’
there are other eyes watching her coming...
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout...
‘Here she comes!’
And that is dying
permalink His brother asked me to carry him, his father asked me to read a poem and I am sad.
I feel over involved and yet removed all at the same time. In the woods, on a walk with a load of people I did not know, I felt like an anachronism. Like the bride's brother at a stag do.
permalink The pain of being loved and loving
but not being the most important. Its a fine line and still valid for you to feel all of it.
permalink Don't forget the drugs may be having an impact on that as well.
Also you've just described half my social life, maybe you're just an introvert.
permalink I am unquestionably an introvert
although nobody I have met would agree.
permalink Well feeling isolated in a group of people who seem to be feeling connected
is pretty standard introvert stuff, I believe.
permalink jonas explicitly banned strikethrough tags
on the basis that it's the lowest form of wit

I, however, think it's hilarious but am too lazy to fix it
permalink j̵u̵s̵t̵ ̵a̵ ̵t̵e̵s̵t̵
j̷u̷s̷t̷ ̷a̷ ̷t̷e̷s̷t̷
permalink icle
permalink do your balls hang low
can you tie them in a bow..
permalink I get a funny feeling when they
smash against the ceiling, if that helps at all?
permalink I want to get
lobster... not sure how I'm getting lobster but I wants it.
permalink I suggest
some kind of restaurant.
permalink I have found the place
permalink Certainly seems
to fit the bill
permalink looks scrummy
and reasonably priced too!
permalink it was
very nice indeed. Tasty, fresh and reasonable. So good it was fresh of the boat that day.
permalink aldi
permalink +1 for this
Their frozen in the saline langoustine is superb.
permalink .
Woke up this morning, the sea was still there, and so was the sky. The sea. The sky. The sea. The sky

/Grampy Rabbit
permalink hi
& pop in again :)
thread this might be the worlds easiest game of guess the airport
but i've been put on standby for the last flight from gibraltar to london. the guy at the front desk said not to worry as they have already had volunteers to stay back.

this does not stop me worrying.

I was just thinking that i should have bought an easyjet plus card a while ago i'm doing so many flights with them, it would have saved this kerfuffle
permalink Haaaaaaa
Oh dear. Fingers crossed.
permalink the people upstairs of course know nothing about this
best case scenario i'm thinking is i'm not getting my case on.

Worst case scenario, i'm spending the night here and not making it to edinburgh tomorrow..... oh hang on.
permalink Well I made it on, the took the bags but I got a front row seat
And the bags were relatively speedy and I seem to have made my shuttle bus

There is nothing quite like the feeling of going through an airport late at night in the knowledge that you will be back there at 6.20am the following morning
permalink Aaaaaaand we are back in the room.
I don't know why I always expect gatwick south to be less shit just because I'm flying with BA

permalink I once saw Gok Wan shouting into a mobile
in Gatwick South.
permalink Peel session?
(probably not, no)

Did everyone catch some of the regurgitated Peel on the radio at the weekend? Super bizarre to hear him effectively presenting a radio show in the present day, but great fun.
permalink I did, I think it was the weekend before as well
I like what he plays/ed.
permalink An anagram of Gok Wan
is Go Wank
permalink Don't mind if I do!
Back in a mo
permalink Another is
OK Wang
permalink Edinburgh thing:
Can anyone recommend a decent place for lunch. Requirements are as follows:

1. must serve good burgers
2. party of four, one of the party is 11 years old
3. tolerably easy parking - it's a day trip from Newcastle, so approach from the south, easy access, aim to do the whole lunch thing in less than 2 hours
4. ideally gives a good taster of Edinburgh, as at least two of us have never been - could be a drive through to see the sites and eat further north, or eat somewhere with "views" - All ideas considered.
5. good beer not a particular concern as half of us are driving, the 11 year old and the fourth person don't really drink

All notions considered, there are no bad ideas
permalink Obligatory
"driving into the middle of a congested city is an awful idea" post
permalink Obligatory
"meh, i don't really care" post
permalink As driving in city centres go,
I didn't think Edinburgh was that bad. I wasn't driving, mind.
permalink Red squirrel on Lothian road, big car park under the castel
Or cafe royals (park in the shoppingy place)... not sure about the burgers

Or anywhere on Victoria street,
permalink Either of those look boony
permalink High ho silver
Riding on down

Do do do do do dee

To rescue me!
permalink Walk through the gardens along Princes Street
Drive out to South Queensferry to marvel at the bridges.

If you had more time:
Walk up Arthur's Seat. As you're driving, you could drive round the road that goes up it
permalink I wanted to go over the new bridge,
but we're not blessed with masses of time, and Mr O'Speed is bridgophobic
permalink I did it today
permalink I felt the same way about the Øresund bridge.
I mean, it was nice as far as bridges go - and it's definitely long and impressive* - but at the end of the day, it's a bridge. One that you have to pay €50 to use.

permalink or have a picnic in he gardens
with some gourmet burger kitchen scoff*

*noes nuffink about burgers good or otherwise
permalink I can't help but think the 11 year old and the fourth person should be doing the driving.
permalink Probably safer.
At least, the 11 year old would be.
permalink I like Spoon on South Bridge St near the museum
but it fails on the burger requirement
permalink So the Ryanair pilots
Are contracted to a number of Irish registered companies, which are all contracted to a single British registered company which has a contract to supply pilots to (Irish registered) Ryanair.

It amazes me that these baroque structures, with all the contract lawyers that must be involved, end up somehow cheaper than just directly employing them.
permalink It amazes me that
you're amazed by that, actually.

Substitute "lightly taxed" for "Irish registered" in your first sentence, and the meaning is unchanged, and the explanation is self-evident
permalink I hadn't appreciated the structure would be so complex
I expected something simpler, eg all the pilots being direct contractors.
permalink I still keep breaking down and crying.
I know you all keep saying this is normal, but it cannot be normal, can it?

A grown adult with a lot of first hand experience of death and I am weeping over nothing because my chum died more than two weeks ago.
permalink I don't think there's any such thing as normal when it comes to death,
especially when it's someone you're close to. Are you still seeing your head doctor?
permalink I am waiting for a new appointment - it has only been 3 or 4 months.
It will be a while yet, I guess - I am less mad with my new pills.
permalink Who wants to be normal?
Random crying is definitely inconvenient, and it's definitely a sign that you're struggling with something, but you're working on it, ans that's the important thing.

Sounds to me like you've made great progress over the last year or so, so try to think about that more, and worry about not being over it all yet less.
permalink It is perfectly normal.
It was a major shock to you, and crying is the body's way of releasing what you are feeling.
permalink Happy birthday to DMQOB, incidentally.
permalink is it? indeed then
permalink ta!
permalink Indeed this, belated.
thread guess the united kingdom protectorate!

EDIT: seems it's a British Overseas Territory

in other news what the hell have i done to my laptop that means the c n b p s and space keys dont work?

the next 2 days will be a lot less productive than hoped

/saved by the on screen touch keyboard

permalink air spray under keyboard
see if you have a pin hard re-set, shut off fully, take out power and press pin in.
otherwise probably a short.
permalink how odd, it's working now
looking at a keyboard tester it looks like there was some sort of function key or setting pressed, it was making p into 'pause' and up arrow as page up.

one of the keys was in my password which was slightly confusing / worrying this morning on the flight

I've just finished my meeting here, only 7 hours until my flight leaves.
permalink An afternoon hanging out
in M&S beckons.
permalink I do need some new shoes.
I'm in the owners other hotel. then I'll nip allong for dinner somewhere in town.
permalink dribbled jam into it? but of cracker wedged on the nipple thing in the middle
While I'm here. Say I had a dvd rip, with separate subtitles, anyone know a free bit of software I could use to burn it to watchable dvd easily?
permalink DUnno about subtitles but I used to use freedvdburner
edit: talking of ripping dvds, if anyone buys films and doesn't bother with ultraviolet feel free to donate your code to me.
permalink SUPER might do it
permalink Erm . . .
permalink I don't have a numlock key
but i suspect some such shenanigans
permalink Has an ape
Spaffed in it?
permalink nah, that hit me on the back of the head
permalink It's the Falklands, isn't it?
permalink I'm going to go with
permalink You're not falling for his disinformation again, are you?
Meanwhile, it's back to the bridge for me.
permalink Depends on the lengths I went to
To avoid france
permalink I'm guessing it's not one in the carribbean
I'm not sure they'd appreciate you just at the moment.
permalink "why the fuck doesn't this sample room have a roof.. and who put this palm tree in the bathroom?"

permalink I'm guessing
a Holiday Inn Express would come in pretty damned useful right now though
permalink Ireland?
/doesn't know how these things work

Threadjack: just switched from the mobile world of 2007 (Nokia 3120 classic) to the mobile world of 2017 (Moto G5). What happened to ringtone profiles? What happend to using your own mp3s for alarms?
permalink Er... vibration alerts, and taste?
My phone makes no noise except for an alarm, and I simply set it to the most objectionable one on there, as it is far more likely to wake me up.
permalink "Rooster alarm" then
permalink Anyone ever carried a coffin.
Any tips?
permalink Height makes less difference than you'd expect.
Also, it's heavier than you think. Although I have never should-carried one.
permalink Other than
don't drop it, not really
a) Steps are difficult

b) No umbrella, wear a rain coat.

c) ask the funeral director for a dry run if nervous.
permalink do they give you a random coffin to try it with?
try not to get them mixed up
permalink try to avoid wearing roller skates
/frank spencer
permalink not usually
but you'll probably get a free drink
permalink * polite applause *
permalink Sark.
I am "enjoying" the glamour of the edge of Ipswich tonight. The A14 sounds particulary lovely tonight, on the other side of that bush *there*.