thread Today I will be flying to Amsterdam.
There is no "guess the airport" but points will be awarded for guessing where I will be traveling via.

The company booking system yesterday suggested flying to Aberdeen via Dubai and amsterdam, for £1100 and 15 hours... but it's not that.

permalink Norwich
permalink I wish
As a clue I have arrived at my waypoint now.

permalink Frankfurt?
permalink Botswana?
permalink Edinburgh
permalink I did get a train that headed to eniburgh
permalink Beer bay!
Work done.
permalink good innit.
very odd.
permalink Slightly spoiled by a (very) amateur opera singer busking nearby
Got taken out for lunchtime dim sum by the class I was teaching (a tradition in teaching here apparently) - one of the best meals of my life

Only narrowly beating the barbecue goose for dinner
permalink Dim sum can be fantastic if you find the right place
We've found 2 very good places in my wife's hometown and try to get to at least one of them every trip back.
permalink yeah, I've had plenty of good dim sum
but this was something special
permalink Tim Ho Wan,
the Michellin star dim sum restaurant?

permalink not sure what it was called
I'm up in Sha Tin, and it was a brand new place next to Shek Mun station - google is no help as according to them the whole area is an undeveloped lorry park. Guess it could have been one of their new franchises
permalink That's a rather nice tradition
Shows proper respect for someone imparting their knowledge to others
permalink ...and me.
I've filed for residency
permalink That'll be fine ...
... until they have a referendum on leaving the People's Republic of China
permalink I did my chinese cookery class today
it was about 25% cooking, 25% terrifyingly blasé handling of large quantities of boiling oil, and 50% a lengthy lesson in local government corruption, organised crime and systemic food contamination. 5* would recommend

on the way out the market we were shown an (incredibly busy) local grocer, which seemed strange as their stuff looked really mouldy. Our guide explained it takes all the expired/spoiled produce from the local regulated/inspected sellers inside the market and then sells it at reduced prices to the local maids/helpers of the british expats (who can then pocket the difference from the housekeeping money), and uses a proportion of the proceeds to buy off the police, market inspectors and triads
permalink Seems like an incredibly slick and efficient system.
Full marks.

I've recently been given a fryer, and spent last night tempura'ing everything I could find, including fun size Milky Ways (12/10 would def fry again).
Tonight I will be cleaning everything in the kitchen, and throwing away everything that caught fire.
permalink I find that the trouble with having a fryer
is that you want to fry everything all the time.

I can't have one because of that. I'd live on fish fingers and garlic mushrooms.
permalink same as a panini maker
Every sandwich in our house was toasted for a long time.
permalink Yep, when I had a sandwich toaster I'd get it out every six months
and eat nothing but toasted sandwiches for two weeks, then put it away again when I got tired of cleaning the fucker.
permalink I got it Tuesday,
and everything's been fried ever since, so the oil doesn't go to waste.
The oil is full of tempura batter and mars bar now though, so I'm going to clean it out tonight and put it away for a bit though.
permalink I've got one of those stainless
'profeshnul' fryers which is great but I haven't used it for over a year. No doubt soon I'll buy new Spry for it and clean it all out then use it for 3 weeks and leave it again.
permalink This says it's professional,
but I suspect Heston would laugh until the end of the weekend at that idea.
Looks easy enough to clean though, except for the basket, which is basically now made of batter.

edit: also, Spry? How old are you again?
permalink I'm 'isn't spry crisp'n'dry excellent' years old.
With the basket I usually just put it in water hot enough to melt steel beams, but then again I only ever use the fryer for chips after learning my lesson many years ago when I used to do a lot of fish fingers.
permalink cor!
i'm tempted to get one just to do fishfingers YUM!
i wonder what tempura battered fishfingers would be like.. or is that sacrilegious?
permalink It's fine.
Just cut the fingers off your fish, batter them, and game on.
permalink All wrong
The right answer is "Wigan"

Which is a pretty rare sentence.
permalink WTF?
Flying to Amsterdam? I guess from Manc?

Couldn't you just hop over from City?
permalink To Be fair I had a meeting in wigan
Just about to get a train to Manchester airport
permalink Ah.

Was it with cowjam?
permalink If it was, he didn't turn up
permalink bastard
permalink I'm like that.
permalink and that's the
way it is.
permalink I also posted this yesterday
But the board ate it
permalink Bloody Manchester airport
Really feels like everything has been built 3/4 the size it needs to be

All the corridors and loos and everything is just a bit tight and claustrophobic, maybe it's to make the planes feel bigger
permalink It makes it feel like a very busy place
permalink i thought it was quite cute
caught a plane from there to paris.. it had PROPELLERS!
permalink of course,
this was in 1934 on the way to try and find the Holy Grail.
permalink I can confirm from observed subjects
that being still absolutely battered or coming down does not improve the ability of the average british tourist to navigate airport security.

/no need to guess.

permalink dine in style, so genteel

permalink can anyone recommend a decent free word processor
apparently people have had problems with libre & openOffice and .docx files
anyone tried WPS Office Writer?
permalink Google
permalink Manley
did you try to take a train from London to Cambridge (three hours late and got cancelled at a station it wasn't supposed to even stop at) or London to Manchester (SIX HOURS LATE) today?
permalink He got a speeding ticket, which suggests he was driving an car.
permalink With an actual
engine in it?
thread A day off today - three day weekend with ickleuminator
Mario Kart, Nando's, Climbing, Cake.

Just (and only just) made it to the train and now London-bound.

Everyone ok?
permalink Was the Nando's cheeky?
I am all right, frigging knackered, and overall body tired. And the summer eventually turned up, it was 27° and muggy as hell yesterday, very un-Wellington weather.
permalink I wouldn't go as far as cheeky.
More insouciant.
permalink Fancy!
thread Edit
Too late.I have done it.
permalink This, I feel,
would make a good epitaph.
permalink I missed what *it* was
but there's no reports of killing sprees yet so fear it was rather dull. Erm, dry cleaning recommendations in London?
permalink To be clear, my message was submitted
permalink I don't know what the "it" was
but I assumed you wouldn't have made such a comment if there was any risk of it being considered an actual epitaph.
permalink Has anyone checked his Facebook?
I can't find him. I don't think anyone saw what he wrote.
permalink he came off FB a few weeks ago
so you can only hound him via @manley on titter now.
permalink Oh yes. I only just read it that way now, for which I blame my hangover.
It was asking for hotel recommendations.
permalink He was asking for hotel
Recommendations when I saw it as his usual place was fully booked. Unless there's something else going on there's nothing to see here
permalink Goodo :)
thread Yay Monday!
Oh no, hang on, that's not right. ARGHHHH, Monday!

Trust all had a good weekend?

Me, did too much work for my liking, and ran one of the local half marathons, in a moderately satisfactory time, given the circumstances.
permalink trying to do two 60+ mile rides
after having two weekends where I'd done bugger all due to recovery from flu, was a bad idea. Especially with the pace we were doing for the 40 miles before the café stop this morning.

Legs went on the way home. Saw the group vanish up the road. They eventually noticed I wasn't there and stopped. When I got to them they did, bless, try to help. But it was no good. Next junction, they were going straight on, I bailed towards the nearest railway station. Which was over 5 miles into a headwind on my own (versus 18 miles trying and failing to stay with the group).

Final score for today 89.1km, 25km/h average and 785m elevation gain. A fuckoff big slice of Victoria Sponge at the Blue Egg (beloved stop of Alex Dowsett and Mark Cavendish on their training rides) and a Double Decker at the railway station.
permalink 25 kmh is nothing to be too ashamed about
i've not been on the bike for a month, which is about to change.. painfully i suspect
permalink Where the hell do you find 785 m of elevation
in that part of the world?? I realise it's multilple smaller hills, but still!
permalink Some of it is made up of hundreds of 100mm speed bumps?
permalink If the sensor is on handlebars, maybe he's pulling a lot of wheelies?
permalink Ha!
I like this
permalink North west essex
May have nothing tall, but at the same time, has nowhere flat
permalink yay Monday!
I like this GMT+n lark, it gets the week over more quickly

more custard buns for breakfast
permalink where n=13?
It does get the week over faster, but alas, also the weekend
permalink just had lunch in a Hong Kong call centre canteen
3 dishes plus two soups and rice and tea for 40p.

that experience.
permalink It's still Sunday here
AND tomorrow's a bank holiday
permalink is it?
excellent, that'll give me another day free of the bloody Americans.
permalink I have
permalink Too few
to mention?
permalink Well, based on how much I spent,
and the cost of beer here (and the fact I remember at least two free shots of Jäger), I think my regrets number around 10.
permalink I helped score some sheep and bathe their feet,
and accidentally went to Wales, where I saw an ex jellyfish.
All in all a rather good weekend, really.
permalink I have a day off today because I drove 800 miles in a week
So far I've had a deacons meeting, mopped the kitchen floor and dropped the kids off at the pool.

It's now time for Xbox till the wife and child get home
permalink I drive 800 miles every week,
pretty much, anyway.
permalink I don't have a commute, this was all as part of my job
and mostly in my own time.
permalink awesome, back at work with a bump
only to be sent to Thetford. Lazy saturday with Mrs W then into londinium yesterday for some kultcha and a wander round the National Gallery, then riverside walk and a couple of lazy beers before heading home and falling asleep on the sofa :)
thread Yay early shift!
This means I get to go home at half 3 after a pub lunch, and tomorrow Mrs W comes to play for a couple of days so it's ALL good.

Weekend plans, nutters?
permalink My niece is visiting
Other than that I'm not sure.
permalink UPDATE
1 minute 38 into our second episode of the Furchester Hotel and Eve is asleep on me.
permalink Sarah and Duck, Peppa Pig, Twirliwoos
these are the staples. I still quite like Teletubbies.
permalink Yay for Mrs W visiting
Sadly need to work over the weekend. Half marathon on Sunday. Sadly not properly fit, so won't be fast
permalink I am very jealous.
I haven't had a proper pub lunch in ages. It's all Vietnamese and fancy burgers around here.

EDIT: And our CTO sent round an email the other day complaining that he walked round the office at 18.30 and saw most desks were empty, which displeased him, so a half three finish sounds heavenly.
permalink What are your contracted hours?
He can fuck off, in my opinion (lucky he doesn't know me...)
permalink this ^^
How long does he expect people to stay until?
permalink 40 hours a week,
and most people here start at 10 so with around half an hour for lunch, 18.30 seems like a reasonable time for people to be leaving.
permalink Now it sounds more reasonable. Would he care if you came in 3 hours early?
If not, there's your half three finish ;)
permalink Hmm,
that does not sound like heaven to me
permalink how about a half 3 start
permalink As long as I can finish at 5
permalink ah, that's ok then.
lazy arses starting at 10 :)
permalink Managed to find some eisbein and mashed peas yet,
you tourist?
permalink Well of course :)
Zur Rippe in the Nikolaiviertel was much appreciated by mother
permalink There is hope then!
permalink Yay!
Scotty's birthday Monday. Inlaws visiting tomorrow and Sunday pub lunch. Baking today an new Pokemon are out so I must go hunting. Also overhang from pub yesterday
permalink excellent work but
at least you're on hols, hair of the dog by 12.
permalink WFH today, going to the flat for the electrician to change the radiator.
DIY tomorrow, someone's leaving London drinks in the evening. Sunday Dr Phil arrives and we'll potter.
permalink WFH....WFH....WFH....
ah! Working From Home! Go me with TLA resolving :)

You've made me realise that though I chat to Tomsk on the twitters I've not seen either of them since the Kittenwars launch in, urk, 2008? Egads.
permalink They're not in the South much at all,
so it's not surprising. I introduced someone at work to PITA recently, very surprised they didn't already know it!
permalink SNAFU is still one
of the best acronyms I think, also FUBAR.
permalink BTW IIRC TLA's R a PITA
permalink you missed off IANAL
and these days TBQHWY :)
permalink Fuck TLAs
I'm all about the ETLAs
permalink Tomorrow we're going to check the sheeps
and run them through a dip of some description.
This will probably involve me falling on my arse in the mud, for the second weekend in a row.

On Sunday I'll be doing less
permalink Bluegrass pixies cover
permalink Yay, late shift!
We'll have the little one over for the weekend.
Weather doesn't look good, so we'll probably just go to the farmers market, some cooking, lego. Indoor stuff.
permalink jfc, what a week
Off to that London for a show and dinner for the wife's birthday tomorrow. Party for a 3 year old Sunday morning, so better not get too pissed.
permalink Hong Kong!
It is warm and sunny and the wrong time
permalink did you manage to type
that without spelling Honk Kong like I always do?
permalink I do normally call it Honk Ong
also, steamed egg custard buns. Nom.
permalink we all make mistakes at work
some are more public than others
permalink The MFCs are on me!
This was a general comment, hope you've not been naughty again
permalink wait threre was supposed to be a link there
of someone fucking up today in a bike race
permalink here
we go

permalink to be fair
there's no way of knowing that's the wrong way, barriers chaps!

/Edit, by the way, those mudguards are great, thank you
permalink nobody else gets it wrong
which given the herd mentality of a peloton at speed is pretty fucking amazing, especially as he's on the front.

And yes, I know