thread Hump Day... how are we coping?
I got an exciting phishing scam email today saying, "you've been watching porn and we took over your webcam and we've got a video of you wanking and we'll send it to all your contacts unless you send us £4K in bitcoin"

I paraphrase, but not by much.

At least it's a change from Nigerians.
permalink I've seen ones like that in my spam
there's other claim that you've been on porn sites and they've installed malware through that will brick your computer.

As if I'd look at porn without strong antivirus protection and without the webcam taped over. Pfft. The very thought.
permalink Everything get gets more expensive these days
Just a few years ago chatroulette was offering this service for free.
permalink haha!
permalink Just presented at a conference
I think I've got the hang of it now, got a really good response

also, Telford is weird.
permalink On the plus side you're
only 5 or 10 mins from Ironbridge Gorge so there's that. The Iron Bridge is all of the excellent and well worth a visit if you have time.
permalink Sadly not
But the station boozer in Wolverhampton is one of the best I've ever been in
permalink a friend of mine was anchored up in Wolverhampton
and he said it was full of excellent old boozers
permalink Telford is indeed bloody awful
My former in-laws (brother's ex-wife's family) lived there*, and I never quite liked the feel of the place

*hey, it was a step up from Dudley
permalink very odd, are you staying at the holiday inn or the "international"
or that weird grays place that is litterally a former student hall?
permalink conference was at the international
but all hotels were booked out so I commuted from Shrewsbury
permalink hopefully not at the holiday inn express.

I'd forgotten about that one
permalink nah just some cheap knackered coach party place in the centre
it was weird, the bathroom was brand new, and bigger than the bedroom with its peeling wallpaper and mould - considered pushing the bed through
permalink I love places like that,
used to stay above a pub in Hull where one of the rooms had a bathroom that was just 'space left after conversion' and it was better lit and heated than the actual bedroom.
Also the pub used to have 'info sheets' in each room that told guests of someone hanging themselves in room 11.
permalink I stayed in one in Elgin from the 1950s
which combined the largest room I have ever had with the smallest bed - meant for a child

and apart from the tiny bed pushed up against one wall, a small bedside table and a lamp, the room was entirely empty

I asked for a second pillow and my profligate southern attitude was met with a flat, "No."
permalink meanwhile
glass walled bathrooms are a real test for pro cyclists
permalink Don't get me started on the people who put glass bathrooms
On twin rooms.

I'm. Or a fan generally but the are pretty much standard in the far East.
permalink Glass bathrooms in twin rooms
with motion sensor lights. The fucking cunts.
permalink well this is exactly the problem.
pro cyclists spend a huge amount of time in twin rooms at races and training camps (potentially over half the year) with a team-mate.

And so then they end up in China (at a World Tour race with very small crowds and no TV coverage).
permalink Ha!
I haven't had that one, though just today I got 'I saw your profile on LinkedIn and thought you'd want to make a huge amount of money', though I'm not on LinkedIn, and this cracker:-

'Dear Nigle,

I am please to tell you have won $5,000,000,000,000 in comeptition lottery you enter in 2004. Please enter details to cliam winings.


Spain Lottery Co'

I mean, could they not make just a bit more of an effort?

Edit:- Wow, I've just looked a little more closely at the LinkedIn one, the email it came from is, which I *love*
permalink i think i've met lily
permalink Did it hurt?
permalink Only if
you asked nicely
permalink I've got several old email addresses
on a spam list, so I get multiple spam emails through at the same time to different addresses, which helps.

These include old email addresses with passwords I used to use, telling me I use that password to log in to porn sites and they've got video of it.

My mum fell for a phone scam recently. She got a call from someone saying they were talktalk and they'd seen suspicious activity, so needed to do loads of stuff. She was on the phone on-and-off for a couple of hours, including connecting via remote desktop while she logged on to her bank, and they got nothing. They shifted £20k out of her ISA into her main account, that was it.

I don't understand how you'd do something like that involving several different people and not actually be able to steal some money?
permalink They do it in stages now
Incrementally building up trust so they can take everything in one go
permalink during this do you think she asked enough questions
to be able to answer security questions in the future?
permalink how many bitcoins is £4000 these days?
is the value still plummeting?

I've had a weird day, all the stuff I had crashing together has kind of eased off / been delayed to crash together later.

I can't now do the end of year sportive I've done the past couple of years, so I'm looking for a different one. Not sure about signing up for a 100km one, although I know it's all in my head and I can do it.
permalink i owe the cooptive bank £2.03
apparently and need to call some number

which is a rather accidentally good typo on their part
permalink if you ever get bored of what you're doing
you'd make a great spam copywriter ;)
permalink so it turns out this was completely genuine
and related to the fact that i used to have a credit card at smile, and they cancelled the Direct debit when i closed the account but still honoured payments (and old recurring paypal one) against the card.

and they had my first name recorded as Alistari

I couldn't pay over the phone as their payment system wasn't working.

And I wonder why i left.
thread Oi! C_i!
Go to Ella Canta restaurant, and *love* the high end Mexican loveliness on offer there. It is extraordinary cooking, and suprisingly good value.

Go during the week though, because the DJ isn't on then, and you can eat without banging EDM making it almost impossible to talk to your fellow dininers.
permalink In the Park Lane Intercon?

Fuck DJs in restaurants though. That would be enough for me to not even consider it. Somewhere that can't tell the fucking difference in experience between a club and a restaurant doesn't deserve the custom.

Because I trust your recommendations, we'll give it a try midweeek sometime though.
permalink It is amazing.
The duck in chocolate molé is to die for.

It started well, music-wise, with some mambo and salsa playing quietly in the background for the first 45 mins we were there (although even that I'd lose, because the food was more than sexy enough to make it a superb experience without needing music to make it better), but then some cunt with huge cans on decided it was time to start blasting the place with generic fucking techno. We asked the maitre de why it was so loud, and he said that's the way the customers liked it, which I very much doubt, considering there were a fair few old gits there.

I hate music in *all* restaurants.
permalink I agree
I don't mind something in the background as long as it is genuinely in the background, but a fucking techno DJ??? I do not believe that a single customer ever has actually enjoyed that.

Shit... I'm now in a difficult position... the food sounds great but the management sound like utter arseholes who I wouldn't want to give money to.
permalink Try a low-key lunch first,
they do a good brunch apparently.
permalink We like a weekend brunch
Promise me they don't put a fucking twat on the decks, in da house, putting a fucking donk on it, etc, etc at lunchtime though?
permalink I always think when I'm eating great Mexican food
Is what it could really do with, is a banging donk put on it
permalink thems cray mexicans
would probably put a banging donkey IN it.
permalink Mmmmmmmm, donkey.
In a taco, with some nice tomato salsa.
permalink at 140BPM
permalink Bites Per Minute?
permalink I was thinking Beans
permalink Mmmmmmmm, the little black bean tostadas.
God they were good. With crispy fried slivers of chervil root, a kind of feta-ish cheese salsa and little peppery microleaves. Just divine.

And I've never liked churros before, but the ones we had for dessert, with bitter chocolate and salted caramel sauces, they were fucking *superb*. And an extraordinary 15 year old tequila to finish.
permalink Proper churros, with a proper bitter choc sauce... are a fine, fine thing.
Oh yes.
permalink I have had donkey
But in Beijing, so no Mexican involvement, AFAIK
permalink I might have had it in China
I've had lots of things that I still can't identify over there. Not sure I want to, TBH.
permalink Yeah
sometimes ignorance is bliss
permalink there's a michelin starred* restaurant along the same road that does
an all you can eat sushi sunday brunch with unlimited preseco.. we thought of going after some speakers corner fun

seems the old sunday roast is passe for some people

*though it still will probably be shit
permalink Apparently it is losing a load of cash
But I didn't tell you that
permalink if only there was some superfluous cost element
they could eliminate
permalink Not enough punters?
Or fucked up business?
permalink i heard that it's just not doing the buisness they exepcted
and given they spent a small fortune fitting it out and setting it up.

but maybe it's found its feet now. mexican food on park lane isn't a natural fit.
permalink It wasn't as full as it should have been,
given it was Saturday night. There were empty tables scattered throughout all night, and they were doing that thing where punters were being put by the windows to make the place look full.
permalink This from the restaurant,
who saw me mention how much the music annoyed me on Facebook:- ‘Dear Nik,

Thank you very much for your compliments in our food and service.

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the music in the restaurant, kindly note the DJ only plays on Friday and Saturday evening form 20.00 and on Sunday from noon until 16.00.’
permalink 'stop moaning grandad, you should be in bed by 8 anyway'
permalink With my wallet.
permalink They can go fuck themselves for Sunday Brunch as well then.
Who on earth wants banging techno with Sunday Brunch???
permalink hipster cunts
probably. Who can obvs get in the sea.
permalink This.
Which is a pity, because the food was magnificent.
permalink hipsters dont eat brunch in 5 star hotels on park lane
permalink Exactly.
This place bemuses me.

Can we kidnap the chef and set her up in Hackney Wick or somewhere?

This doesn;t sound like a situation that a good chef can possibly be happy with...
permalink God knows what the deal is
But I suspect the chef will be doing ok out of it.

I suspect they may try to do a high street type version of the concept and roll it out to the cooler kimpton / hotel indigo properties.
permalink I was just thinking it's bang on trend
for that kind of level, what with the Rick Stein series, the recent resurgence of Kahlo-mania, and aged tequila being the thing to drink now
permalink oh no not aged tequila
they could fuck with my gin but leave my tequila alone!
permalink ah, I didn't
realise it was THERE. Rich wankery cunts with their mistresses then :)
permalink and Nik...
permalink Oi, I -
- well yes.

I have to say, the food was some of the best I've had in a restaurant for years.
permalink You're making this hard for me!
The food sounds ace, the place sounds hateful!
permalink I dare you rock up,
say 'Fuck this music. Do you do takeaways?'
permalink i'm sure they'll do room service
thread Heading North...
...into the jaws of Storm Callum.

Although he's mostly bothering the West, I believe. I hope meep has lashed himself down securely.
permalink What mrs meep and I get up to on a damp Friday
is a private matter

but yes, it is a bit gusty up the gorbals
permalink It's certainly grey and wet heading into the midlands change there.
permalink In the glamour of academic conferences
I'm going to be in Wolverhampton next week
permalink Living the dream
permalink things are looking up
I found a hotel in Shrewsbury instead
permalink Rock, and indeed, Roll.
permalink I've just switched to open Dyslexie font on my kindle
and holy shit I can READ!

I wasn't aware of any particular problem,I just thought I read slowly because I hadn't learned how to speed read but this... I've just read a whole chapter quickly, without stopping, without having to re-read any sentences (or paragraphs).

Does this mean I'm a bit dyslexic?
permalink I don't know
but maybe yes, no? I'll try it and see, but I don't think I read slowly.
permalink I just tried it
I found it less readable than the normal font.
permalink sounds like it!
I never knew that was there! Just looked... interesting. I don't think I gain from it, but I kinda see the point of it...
permalink hmm
permalink Works for me.
I still don't know whether it means I'm dyslexic, or whether there's any point in finding out.
permalink I'm not dyslexic
but I find it really hard to read kindles / ebooks for some reason, there's just something about e-ink my brain struggles with, and maybe this font mitigates that
permalink happy birthday!
permalink Thank you.
permalink Happy birthday, lad!
permalink ta
permalink on belated happy new year
permalink thank
permalink It's raining today so, just spend the whole day looking at this flickr pool

Of control panels.. it's marvelous

permalink That is rather ace
permalink cor! much likey
permalink I have that open
as a semi-permanent tab on Safari these days. If you want to see a real massive control panel in action there's a documentary on the youtubes about the refitting of the west coast mainline in the early 70s for the TOPS system and the amount of wire knitting going on is incredible.

Now obviously the whole thing is replaced by a raspberry pi and some wet string.
permalink My desk looks a bit like that sometimes.
thread I know some idiots doing this
sign up is today for any of you bicycle nerds.

I'll be sunning it up by the pool* whilst my brother and his mates go round, and maybe the boyfriend too.

Might be able to get you a spot on an airbed in a nice house if you want to join them.

*if I can get there especially if boyfriend is doing it.
permalink a slightly better link

That is considerably more lumpy and longer than I'd brave.

plus i'll have just finished cycling back from barcelona (if all goes to plan) so would struggle to justifiy it....

EDIT: oh i see there is a shorter version.. still not easy.
permalink there's 3 distances
the FUCKING HELL (different start point) 312
the OOF but I'll push for it but might not make it 225
and the final, oops I got cut off by the passing car to divert us on the short route. 167
permalink I'll come for the
AAAaahhh short pedal to the mercado then sangria by the pool plz
permalink perfect
might have to have a party over there some day... :D
permalink I don't currently have the certainty
to think of that sort of thing. It does look amazing/mental
permalink I bet that would be fun
but I am absolutely never doing that sort of distance again.

I do need a holiday though.
permalink That looks pretty cool
Not that I've been on a bike in years...
permalink Are win10 keys in the bios now?
permalink EFI BIOS yes.
Have been for years. The distinction between BIOS as 'separate entity that sets up the bones of the machine to let you run an OS' and 'actually part of the OS' got blurred a long while back.
permalink So I can download win10 and stick it on a clean

I've got a 120GB SSD in this laptop and want a bigger one without having to faff on moving my install over.
permalink Most SSDs come with
tools to let you copy old to new with little faff apart from the time it takes, assuming you have a USB-SATA adapter kicking around. I use drive cloning on a separate box so I've never had to think about licencing.
permalink I know this one
google it, there's a way to find it out, I have to do it!

Or that might have been office and something else. so, yes or possibly no.
permalink what if i just want to watch
and throw sharp things on the road ;)
thread I rarely have strong urges to own things
But this is different

permalink That is rather swish
permalink Nah, french
But quite close to the border
permalink Badum
permalink Capitalist pigdog.
permalink I ordered a xiami redmi 6a for MrsJam
on Tino's advice. It's excellent. £75 from aliexpress, which included a case and screen protector, and then I was stung £12 on import duty (£8 of which was the post office charge for charging me £4).

The screen protector included this gem in the instructions:

permalink I do like it when
someone halds me lirmly
permalink hurray, let the instagramming begin!
( at least, that's what my gf does with her phone).
permalink peak
permalink Nah, maaaaate
This is peak Straya
permalink In my experience
permalink Ha ha
Holy fuck
permalink This.
permalink Meth
Hell of a drug
permalink There was something like that
in one of our local antiques emporium; cost £700
permalink Yeah they paid €900